213 christmas text messages on 2008/1226

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,995 times that day including 3,378 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1226

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_26_17:00:11.131   064.005.015.xxx   HELLO WORLD
2008_12_26_17:00:33.344   075.185.235.xxx   HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
2008_12_26_17:00:36.820   190.148.009.xxx   Fui el primero el desinflarlos todos!!!!
2008_12_26_17:00:38.168   084.144.054.xxx   Hey superspermo ___-D
2008_12_26_17:01:05.719   071.206.137.xxx   Hope everyone had a great christmas
2008_12_26_17:01:06.611   084.061.230.xxx   h_________?
2008_12_26_17:01:29.365   074.083.064.xxx   hello!
2008_12_26_17:01:40.856   084.061.230.xxx   kleenercectfan2 la** es
2008_12_26_17:01:48.539   190.148.009.xxx   Chapines Feliz Navidad!!!!
2008_12_26_17:01:50.558   079.075.084.xxx   Merry xmas!
2008_12_26_17:02:20.051   074.083.064.xxx   hello rosie!___
2008_12_26_17:02:39.786   096.255.208.xxx   Hi snoopy!
2008_12_26_17:02:45.909   084.061.230.xxx   hello chniamobiles.org user
2008_12_26_17:03:04.413   079.075.084.xxx   Rules 1 and 2. NEVAR FORGET
2008_12_26_17:03:07.843   096.255.208.xxx   hi snoopy
2008_12_26_17:03:16.493   084.144.054.xxx   Hello LINK DELETED
2008_12_26_17:03:26.200   096.024.078.xxx   wheres the picture of the sweet basketball setup?
2008_12_26_17:03:53.124   084.144.054.xxx   HI CHINAMOBILES.ORG
2008_12_26_17:03:56.327   082.068.154.xxx   hello
2008_12_26_17:04:07.805   190.148.009.xxx   Send me some KFC to Guatemala!!!!
2008_12_26_17:04:25.354   071.206.137.xxx   Hi from Brittany!!
2008_12_26_17:04:25.557   074.083.088.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS WHITNEY AND KYLE
2008_12_26_17:04:41.713   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Haven't uploaded a picture of the giant basketball double hoop yet ***ALEK***
2008_12_26_17:04:49.828   190.148.009.xxx   we only have pollo campero here.....
2008_12_26_17:05:42.951   084.144.054.xxx   hoi kids
2008_12_26_17:06:17.943   084.144.054.xxx   hohoho from germany
2008_12_26_17:06:25.556   071.206.137.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tony!!
2008_12_26_17:06:32.856   084.061.230.xxx   lol i always press off and deflate
2008_12_26_17:06:39.288   074.083.064.xxx   Merry christmas everyone! :)
2008_12_26_17:07:05.968   084.192.113.xxx   sup b!
2008_12_26_17:07:18.228   071.206.137.xxx   Merry Christmas from Seth!
2008_12_26_17:07:41.616   067.086.140.xxx   lulz
2008_12_26_17:07:52.791   084.061.230.xxx   hey kleenercectfan2 from chinamobiles.org
2008_12_26_17:08:15.624   074.255.033.xxx   Alex is Jewish
2008_12_26_17:08:25.553   071.206.137.xxx   Hi buzz lightyear
2008_12_26_17:08:26.525   084.144.054.xxx   hi spermo from chinamobiles. org
2008_12_26_17:08:43.491   074.255.033.xxx   m********ion is fun
2008_12_26_17:09:04.730   084.061.230.xxx   kleenercectfn2 my name is spemo not spermo like sperma
2008_12_26_17:09:05.936   190.148.009.xxx   Hello Folks!!!
2008_12_26_17:09:16.614   074.255.033.xxx   The j*** will take over
2008_12_26_17:09:45.895   074.255.033.xxx   Hi n!gger
2008_12_26_17:09:55.401   084.061.230.xxx   kleenercectfan2 my name is spemo not spermo like sperma
2008_12_26_17:10:04.497   071.206.137.xxx   Hi alex!
2008_12_26_17:10:16.358   081.104.136.xxx   alek when do your decs come down thanks!!
2008_12_26_17:10:28.919   071.237.122.xxx   Merry Christams from BOBO
2008_12_26_17:10:33.579   071.206.137.xxx   Brittany is the bestest!
2008_12_26_17:10:35.953   074.255.033.xxx   f** ya
2008_12_26_17:10:42.339   067.086.140.xxx   loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
2008_12_26_17:10:54.995   074.083.064.xxx   hello world!
2008_12_26_17:10:55.234   081.104.136.xxx   alek when do they comedown?
2008_12_26_17:11:01.839   071.206.137.xxx   I love you Erin!
2008_12_26_17:11:10.454   074.255.033.xxx   Brittany is a garden utensil
2008_12_26_17:11:16.588   067.086.140.xxx   is dat sum facepalm, alex? lol
2008_12_26_17:11:28.901   071.206.137.xxx   No she is not
2008_12_26_17:11:38.475   074.255.033.xxx   Erin is a tool
2008_12_26_17:11:45.184   081.104.136.xxx   alek when do they comedown?
2008_12_26_17:11:48.937   084.061.230.xxx   wtf this is too slow all the time nothing is happening when i press something
2008_12_26_17:11:50.152   074.083.088.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS DEBI.!
2008_12_26_17:11:59.472   070.242.182.xxx   Who here has a PS3?
2008_12_26_17:12:10.323   081.104.136.xxx   alek when do they comedown?
2008_12_26_17:12:11.103   074.255.033.xxx   Debi's adds are in craigslist
2008_12_26_17:12:14.081   074.083.064.xxx   Merry Christmas Rosie and Debi!! -W
2008_12_26_17:12:24.133   071.206.137.xxx   You are a tool but Merry Christmas! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_17:12:25.939   082.042.104.xxx   i got an xbox360 and ps3 for crimbo coool
2008_12_26_17:12:31.123   067.086.140.xxx   you need to redesign your site
2008_12_26_17:12:36.051   070.242.182.xxx   Who here has a PS3?
2008_12_26_17:12:46.130   065.189.042.xxx   hi mom!!  love you!
2008_12_26_17:12:52.306   081.104.136.xxx   alek when do they comedown?
2008_12_26_17:13:00.316   071.237.122.xxx   Merry Christmas from BOBO
2008_12_26_17:13:05.097   071.206.137.xxx   ur mom is a tool (11)
2008_12_26_17:13:10.763   074.083.088.xxx   I LOVE THIS,TOO COOL
2008_12_26_17:13:13.056   067.086.140.xxx   sadly YAC has a better site than you
2008_12_26_17:13:18.007   082.042.104.xxx   i got a ps3 and xbox 360 for cimbo
2008_12_26_17:13:20.504   065.189.042.xxx   Merry Christmas Whitney!
2008_12_26_17:13:26.045   081.104.136.xxx   alek when do they comedown?
2008_12_26_17:14:10.164   081.104.136.xxx   alek when do they comedown? answer please
2008_12_26_17:14:24.395   082.042.104.xxx   no swearing p**ps is a family site
2008_12_26_17:14:28.138   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Per the main page, lights are up through New Years ... since Thanksgiving/**** ***ALEK***
2008_12_26_17:15:20.729   081.104.136.xxx   Thanks were is santa inflatable btw
2008_12_26_17:15:30.237   065.189.042.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!
2008_12_26_17:15:53.507   081.104.136.xxx   weres 13ft santa!!
2008_12_26_17:15:56.965   074.083.064.xxx   Lee says Merry Christmas, Rosie!
2008_12_26_17:16:02.738   067.086.140.xxx   move the ladder so we can see your computer screen, lol :P
2008_12_26_17:16:37.991   074.083.064.xxx   Lee says merry christmas, rosie!
2008_12_26_17:16:40.986   084.061.230.xxx   hey do you have too much money or what?you are wasting energy
2008_12_26_17:16:41.646   081.104.136.xxx   i wont to see more inflatable santa action (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_17:17:03.734   067.086.140.xxx   you freak
2008_12_26_17:17:22.781   082.042.104.xxx   what did santa give ya alek
2008_12_26_17:17:35.624   084.061.230.xxx   hey do not pick out my texts (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_17:17:48.440   071.037.101.xxx   wave alek
2008_12_26_17:17:51.474   074.083.064.xxx   lee says hi
2008_12_26_17:17:55.278   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Too Windy for Giant Santa ... going to fix Homer by garage ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_26_17:18:12.577   067.086.140.xxx   hey pick my nose
2008_12_26_17:18:23.072   071.037.101.xxx   wave bale plz
2008_12_26_17:18:24.387   084.061.230.xxx   too much wasted energy... (11)
2008_12_26_17:18:40.837   074.083.064.xxx   lee says hi
2008_12_26_17:19:05.713   065.189.042.xxx   Hi s***head!!
2008_12_26_17:19:06.339   084.061.230.xxx   too much wasted energy... (12)
2008_12_26_17:19:10.061   082.042.104.xxx   wow 31mph there alek. should have a santa kite up
2008_12_26_17:19:18.108   074.083.088.xxx   HOW YA LICKIN LEE
2008_12_26_17:19:58.067   074.083.064.xxx   haha -lee (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_17:20:29.603   067.086.140.xxx   TRIFOCE CANT NEWFAGS
2008_12_26_17:21:34.227   074.083.064.xxx   happy new years (11)
2008_12_26_17:21:39.076   024.008.156.xxx   Hi Avery
2008_12_26_17:21:49.953   067.086.140.xxx   MIULTI-TRACK DRIFTING?! (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_17:22:35.219   024.008.156.xxx   Hi Brooklyn!
2008_12_26_17:22:37.835   067.086.140.xxx   d(_______)b (11)
2008_12_26_17:23:33.928   024.008.156.xxx   hi brooklyn
2008_12_26_17:24:08.443   024.008.156.xxx   hi josh
2008_12_26_17:24:51.887   024.008.156.xxx   hi marni josh and avery
2008_12_26_17:33:00.149   067.082.129.xxx   someone didn't get a gift
2008_12_26_17:33:46.535   074.083.088.xxx   i agree with you
2008_12_26_17:37:00.844   074.083.088.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS,CAMPBELL CLAN!
2008_12_26_17:41:24.558   074.083.088.xxx   I AM GOING ON A DIET!  SOON
2008_12_26_17:41:41.581   156.034.196.xxx   hmmm i have some relatives named Campbell :)
2008_12_26_17:42:05.356   074.083.088.xxx   HEY AMMALYNNE
2008_12_26_17:42:43.179   074.083.088.xxx   ISNT THIS WHOLE THING COOL!
2008_12_26_17:43:09.644   156.034.196.xxx   anyone else having problems with webcam 3
2008_12_26_17:46:11.986   074.083.088.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_17:47:49.624   098.117.102.xxx   Hi Alek!!!!!   Hope you had a lovely Christmas!!
2008_12_26_17:49:43.961   098.117.102.xxx   Alek______did u hear about all the SNOW in western WA??
2008_12_26_17:51:44.346   071.211.213.xxx   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Littleton
2008_12_26_17:52:30.892   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My folks live near Seattle - the snow basically shut down the city! ***ALEK***
2008_12_26_17:53:59.907   098.117.102.xxx   Exactly Alek--ppl don't know how to drive in snow!
2008_12_26_17:54:40.126   098.117.102.xxx   plus we have so many hills in & around Seattle!
2008_12_26_17:55:18.355   068.038.130.xxx   this is awesome!!!
2008_12_26_17:57:22.284   069.066.231.xxx   Merry Christmas
2008_12_26_18:10:03.461   069.145.192.xxx   Hey from Gillette Wyoming!
2008_12_26_18:12:16.002   076.200.215.xxx   Hello from Manchester, CT
2008_12_26_18:12:44.421   074.083.088.xxx   HAMILTON OHIO SAYS HEY (11)
2008_12_26_18:18:27.093   076.019.120.xxx   Lancaster MA says Hey
2008_12_26_18:30:12.544   156.034.196.xxx   Canada leads Czech 1-0
2008_12_26_18:32:14.810   156.034.196.xxx   Team  Canada Scores  2-0
2008_12_26_18:36:32.438   096.245.045.xxx   FLYERS #1
2008_12_26_18:37:49.332   096.245.045.xxx   Phillies #1
2008_12_26_18:38:54.874   156.034.196.xxx   Crobsy Drinks Gaterade!
2008_12_26_18:39:04.408   096.245.045.xxx   Hello Me, Jenny
2008_12_26_18:40:11.711   096.245.045.xxx   Dude your house looks good
2008_12_26_18:40:49.817   098.125.233.xxx   LIVE
2008_12_26_18:41:09.934   096.245.045.xxx   is that LIVE or LIVE
2008_12_26_18:41:43.311   156.034.196.xxx   Esposito Scores Can 3 CZE 0
2008_12_26_18:42:01.652   096.245.045.xxx   oh soccer
2008_12_26_18:42:32.530   096.245.045.xxx   futball
2008_12_26_18:44:45.662   156.034.196.xxx   Ellis Scores Can 4 CZE 0 Hockey
2008_12_26_18:49:32.367   065.101.220.xxx   Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday, Cosimo!
2008_12_26_18:52:28.935   074.083.088.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS GILBERT (12)
2008_12_26_18:53:11.252   207.177.005.xxx   Go hawks!
2008_12_26_18:59:13.048   206.126.209.xxx   Go Badgers
2008_12_26_19:00:20.256   065.101.220.xxx   This just so cool!!!
2008_12_26_19:12:34.160   082.042.104.xxx   ive just had a christmas log
2008_12_26_19:20:50.723   069.125.012.xxx   hey hey hey
2008_12_26_19:25:48.954   072.092.187.xxx   Hi Billy - Love Veronica
2008_12_26_19:26:23.520   072.092.187.xxx   Hi Emma! Aunt Veronica Loves You!!!!
2008_12_26_19:29:33.361   156.034.196.xxx   Canada now leads CZE 6-O in the 3rd period
2008_12_26_19:29:59.791   209.242.009.xxx   jaed
2008_12_26_19:30:00.728   072.092.187.xxx   Happy Xmas from Catskill NY!
2008_12_26_19:30:26.026   099.151.130.xxx   Blackhawks 2 Flyers 1         end of 1
2008_12_26_19:33:25.373   156.034.196.xxx   Boychuck Scores CAN 7 CZE 0
2008_12_26_19:34:15.251   099.151.130.xxx   Flyers  served with whizz
2008_12_26_19:38:25.286   099.151.130.xxx   Romy says Stop controlling peoples lives
2008_12_26_19:39:59.879   156.034.196.xxx   Canada Scores Again ___-0 (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_19:41:05.881   156.034.196.xxx   CZE 0 CAN 8 3rd Period (11)
2008_12_26_19:44:36.888   067.185.238.xxx   Merry Christmas from MtnGoat50
2008_12_26_19:53:08.777   156.034.196.xxx   FINAL SCORE CZE 1  CANADA 8!!!! (12)
2008_12_26_19:55:27.147   065.093.073.xxx   Go Canada!!
2008_12_26_20:00:14.024   156.034.196.xxx   Goodnight from Quispamsis,NB (13)
2008_12_26_20:07:07.083   098.200.133.xxx   Catskills....u still here?
2008_12_26_20:18:08.782   072.092.187.xxx   Yes....
2008_12_26_20:18:53.291   098.200.133.xxx   Catskills game farm still there? i remember that as a kid
2008_12_26_20:21:37.014   072.092.187.xxx   Just closed last year....
2008_12_26_20:22:23.126   098.200.133.xxx   aaah so sad, sorry to hear that
2008_12_26_20:22:53.702   072.092.187.xxx   Yea...me 2.  I went there as a kid as well.....
2008_12_26_20:26:08.952   098.200.133.xxx   thanks for info Catskills, Happy New Yr
2008_12_26_20:26:51.520   072.092.187.xxx   You too.  Have a safe and happy new year as well.  Cheers!
2008_12_26_20:31:28.701   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the sports scores - this is like Baseball playoffs on the Halloween Cams!  ***ALEK***
2008_12_26_20:33:15.453   074.184.237.xxx   Sad tonight___ but this is uplifting.
2008_12_26_20:35:47.478   156.034.196.xxx   that was a very sad thing in LA :( (14)
2008_12_26_20:36:22.635   156.034.196.xxx   this place is like a Christmas sanctuary which is nice (15)
2008_12_26_20:38:21.629   156.034.196.xxx   what is that guy in the bottom left corner of webcam 2? (16)
2008_12_26_20:39:37.180   156.034.196.xxx   Snoopy? (17)
2008_12_26_20:40:03.195   156.034.196.xxx   gaaaa (18)
2008_12_26_20:43:23.364   173.020.053.xxx   Hi from NC!!!!!!
2008_12_26_20:52:32.848   065.184.192.xxx   cool im nc too
2008_12_26_21:00:34.053   074.215.196.xxx   hello Corey
2008_12_26_21:01:13.146   074.215.196.xxx   Corey P is a good little boy
2008_12_26_21:02:42.790   072.068.167.xxx   Wanda LOVES Dan
2008_12_26_21:04:53.631   074.215.196.xxx   What a kewl setup!!!!
2008_12_26_21:07:45.957   158.048.006.xxx   Kroger cmnd center says HEY! best site evar
2008_12_26_21:13:03.495   158.048.006.xxx   grow up MORAN
2008_12_26_21:18:26.399   198.060.229.xxx   Hi having fun reading your magazine?
2008_12_26_21:20:16.693   198.060.229.xxx   Bryan likes his ipod :) ha ha
2008_12_26_21:20:39.367   198.060.229.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again
2008_12_26_21:23:09.365   158.048.006.xxx   who you talkin' to Willis?
2008_12_26_21:26:02.228   099.151.130.xxx   Blackwawks win 8th straight       5 to1   Aflyers grounded
2008_12_26_21:29:45.133   158.048.006.xxx   I see wut you are doin'....muhahahahaha
2008_12_26_21:30:14.403   099.151.130.xxx   I dont like the OFF people very much
2008_12_26_21:31:50.214   076.118.207.xxx   Thanks this is aweome!
2008_12_26_21:31:57.960   069.177.094.xxx   oh well
2008_12_26_21:32:35.356   099.151.130.xxx   A Animated alek's head   awesome
2008_12_26_21:38:26.854   076.118.207.xxx   only 20 minutes left!!  :(
2008_12_26_21:39:39.374   099.151.130.xxx   anyone got the time ?????????????
2008_12_26_21:44:35.205   099.151.130.xxx   Im switching over to the dark side
2008_12_26_21:47:00.084   076.118.207.xxx   just a few more minutes left
2008_12_26_21:48:49.589   099.151.130.xxx   is the ball lowring in Time Square?
2008_12_26_21:49:18.441   156.034.196.xxx   yep someone is stealing it (19)
2008_12_26_21:49:29.248   099.151.130.xxx   i wanna see how Alek shuts it down (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_21:55:44.846   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Everything is on full-auto ... the Christmas Display shuts itself down! ***ALEK***
2008_12_26_21:55:53.811   156.034.196.xxx   gnight alek thanks again (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_26_21:56:42.580   099.151.130.xxx   darn i like analog , human controllers (11)
2008_12_26_21:58:08.706   208.107.182.xxx   Princessjms:  this is neat!
2008_12_26_21:59:34.326   099.151.130.xxx   Alek  YOU  rule have a good Night! (12)
2008_12_26_21:59:37.344   158.048.006.xxx   you tired Alek? get some sleep you genius
2008_12_26_21:59:48.811   156.034.196.xxx   g-night all!!!! (21)

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