180 christmas text messages on 2008/1227

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,932 times that day including 1,314 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1227

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2008_12_27_17:01:38.184   082.042.104.xxx   HELLO KEITH FROM JOHN
2008_12_27_17:02:10.689   208.188.199.xxx   wHAAAAA
2008_12_27_17:03:31.033   086.154.040.xxx   Good Morning World
2008_12_27_17:03:43.721   074.248.067.xxx   I like CORN FLAKES!
2008_12_27_17:04:04.486   086.154.040.xxx   OK
2008_12_27_17:04:37.338   066.233.101.xxx   cool stuff!!
2008_12_27_17:04:50.298   081.157.088.xxx   yeye
2008_12_27_17:05:08.081   074.248.067.xxx   Corn Flakes Rock!
2008_12_27_17:05:22.208   074.215.196.xxx   ty burkhart
2008_12_27_17:05:40.748   081.157.088.xxx   anybody like family guy? on bbc three now uk! woo!
2008_12_27_17:06:12.638   074.215.196.xxx   OSU Buckeyes!!!
2008_12_27_17:06:20.270   074.248.067.xxx   santa likes Corn Flakes!
2008_12_27_17:06:54.839   094.196.222.xxx   greetings from the UK
2008_12_27_17:07:20.519   074.248.067.xxx   OSU Buckeyes like CORN FLAKES
2008_12_27_17:07:34.169   205.188.116.xxx   hi all
2008_12_27_17:07:48.164   074.215.196.xxx   The UK likes corn flakes
2008_12_27_17:08:09.770   208.188.199.xxx   UK likes David Icke
2008_12_27_17:08:13.667   081.157.088.xxx   hope you all had a great xmas! :)
2008_12_27_17:08:25.118   074.248.067.xxx   Corn Flakes!  Corn Flakes!  Corn Flakes!
2008_12_27_17:08:44.559   094.196.222.xxx   Kelloggs
2008_12_27_17:08:54.861   081.157.088.xxx   whats with the corn flakes?
2008_12_27_17:08:55.885   074.215.196.xxx   You're corny and flaky :-)
2008_12_27_17:09:24.316   074.248.067.xxx   Corn Flakes are the official food of the North Pole!
2008_12_27_17:10:17.245   074.248.067.xxx   Everybody likes corn flakes!
2008_12_27_17:10:48.277   074.215.196.xxx   Merry Corn Flakes
2008_12_27_17:11:15.052   074.248.067.xxx   Corn flakes...it's not just for breakfast anymore
2008_12_27_17:11:18.240   074.215.196.xxx   Hey ... who is that?
2008_12_27_17:11:19.257   081.155.179.xxx   hello there !
2008_12_27_17:11:48.676   081.155.179.xxx   This is Sam Hale
2008_12_27_17:12:18.820   082.042.104.xxx   KEITH ARE YA THERE
2008_12_27_17:12:27.916   074.248.067.xxx   Sam Hales likes corn flakes, too!
2008_12_27_17:12:29.133   081.155.179.xxx   Happy New Year from Sam and Nick in England
2008_12_27_17:13:06.462   082.042.104.xxx   is alek in  kfc getting his free food
2008_12_27_17:13:29.287   074.248.067.xxx   Keith is busy eating his corn flakes' (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_27_17:13:42.962   082.042.104.xxx   merry crimbo sam and nick from uk
2008_12_27_17:14:43.083   074.248.067.xxx   Alek eats corn flakes at KFC....they're GREAT!!!! (11)
2008_12_27_17:14:45.514   156.034.196.xxx   do many people in the UK call it Crimbo ?
2008_12_27_17:15:31.305   081.155.179.xxx   Yes, In Liverpool, from Nick and Sam (UK)
2008_12_27_17:15:48.417   082.042.104.xxx   yes. we use all short words. like of ya ya name johnny. we call ya jay
2008_12_27_17:15:50.707   156.034.196.xxx   geeze guys Alek is working dont turn his lights off :)
2008_12_27_17:16:19.749   082.042.104.xxx   iam in liverpool 2
2008_12_27_17:16:37.212   066.233.101.xxx   it'll defate on him!!!
2008_12_27_17:16:38.076   156.034.196.xxx   ahh i c i figured it was a name for Christmas vacation since people are kinda i
2008_12_27_17:17:21.338   156.034.196.xxx   people are in Christmas limbo aka Crimbo :)
2008_12_27_17:18:08.376   074.248.067.xxx   why would you call Christ's birthday "crimbo"?    --- corn flakes (12)
2008_12_27_17:18:37.824   156.034.196.xxx   hey Alek, technical problems outside tonight ?
2008_12_27_17:18:48.951   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Fixed Elmo and Giant Santa by garage ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_17:19:17.317   156.034.196.xxx   ahh the joy of maintenance :)
2008_12_27_17:19:19.407   081.155.179.xxx   Hello there Alek- love your site
2008_12_27_17:19:55.742   156.034.196.xxx   wind has knocked my lights down 3 times this season :O
2008_12_27_17:21:20.486   081.155.179.xxx   I wish I had KFC for a year
2008_12_27_17:21:40.428   156.034.196.xxx   too greasy for me :(
2008_12_27_17:21:58.155   081.155.179.xxx   Who's been to subway?
2008_12_27_17:22:21.909   156.034.196.xxx   not recently
2008_12_27_17:22:59.969   066.233.101.xxx   power outage!
2008_12_27_17:23:09.663   156.034.196.xxx   why ? (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_27_17:23:51.965   081.155.179.xxx   ramicomedia.co.uk
2008_12_27_17:25:15.582   156.034.196.xxx   hmmm u beat the filter (11)
2008_12_27_17:25:22.086   081.155.179.xxx   Hello Uncle Mike!!
2008_12_27_17:28:29.678   156.034.196.xxx   Hey Alek do u miss the lights when they r gone ? (12)
2008_12_27_17:28:36.899   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** New LED Christmas Tree in Office between clocks - what 'ya think? ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_17:29:19.871   156.034.196.xxx   ah nice but hard to see in a bright room (13)
2008_12_27_17:30:16.870   156.034.196.xxx   ohhh it turns on & off now i c it better (14)
2008_12_27_17:30:52.751   156.034.196.xxx   sigh (15)
2008_12_27_17:30:59.311   088.076.117.xxx   I hope everybody had a great christmas time
2008_12_27_17:33:20.094   088.076.117.xxx   The only thing I misted at x-mas was snow and my best friend Amber from Tampa, 
2008_12_27_17:33:26.811   156.034.196.xxx   C'est crude! (16)
2008_12_27_17:35:50.385   081.155.179.xxx   I'm watching you Abby Willis (10 IM's so far today)
2008_12_27_17:37:31.565   081.155.179.xxx   blank (11)
2008_12_27_17:38:27.394   096.024.078.xxx   sad there were more disrespectful people this year on here.
2008_12_27_17:38:56.710   088.076.117.xxx   The pink Santa looks cute
2008_12_27_17:39:50.247   088.076.117.xxx   WEll good night everybody it is bedtime in germany
2008_12_27_17:40:15.011   156.034.196.xxx   Gutten NAcht (17)
2008_12_27_17:40:19.154   081.155.179.xxx   I'm watching you James Bristow (12)
2008_12_27_17:40:22.897   091.105.107.xxx   happy xmas
2008_12_27_17:40:33.252   088.076.117.xxx   :-) thanks
2008_12_27_17:40:49.997   081.155.179.xxx   I'm watching you James Bristow (13)
2008_12_27_17:46:07.021   081.155.179.xxx   Hello there Liz Whitehouse (14)
2008_12_27_17:47:02.127   086.040.218.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM IRELAND
2008_12_27_18:09:27.388   076.245.121.xxx   after christmas sales alec?
2008_12_27_18:10:43.200   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I DID pick up a few things at the post-Christmas Sales ... 50-70 percent off! ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_18:11:40.469   076.245.121.xxx   great!!! more stuff for next year
2008_12_27_18:15:02.213   173.019.036.xxx   is that a corn shoe
2008_12_27_18:17:34.016   024.235.077.xxx   hey everyone
2008_12_27_18:18:54.426   024.235.077.xxx   i hope everyone  had a nice chritsmas
2008_12_27_18:19:27.034   059.095.009.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2008_12_27_18:19:48.585   071.222.086.xxx   Hi Cheri
2008_12_27_18:20:13.597   059.095.009.xxx   Yikes!
2008_12_27_18:20:15.432   071.222.086.xxx   seeee!
2008_12_27_18:24:13.436   070.137.029.xxx   Hi Dev!
2008_12_27_18:24:49.983   072.200.200.xxx   Hi Lisa and Dev!
2008_12_27_18:25:54.199   070.137.029.xxx   Hey!
2008_12_27_18:27:07.468   072.200.200.xxx   Merry Christmas Mimi
2008_12_27_18:27:27.910   070.137.029.xxx   It's Brandon lol
2008_12_27_18:27:51.562   072.200.200.xxx   Brandon is the best nephew ever!
2008_12_27_18:28:03.945   070.137.029.xxx   bye elmo
2008_12_27_18:28:32.893   070.137.029.xxx   Hey Lori!
2008_12_27_18:29:19.299   072.200.200.xxx   Red Sox Rules!
2008_12_27_18:29:43.699   070.137.029.xxx   Yes they do!
2008_12_27_18:33:51.758   074.195.218.xxx   LIghts are wonderful
2008_12_27_18:34:32.760   074.195.218.xxx   Hi, I'm LT. This is a wonderful thing you do
2008_12_27_18:35:27.578   074.195.218.xxx   Is the house cam not working?
2008_12_27_18:36:15.309   071.236.117.xxx   Hi Sarah. I love you!
2008_12_27_18:42:02.800   074.195.218.xxx   Merry Christmas from Muskogee, OK
2008_12_27_18:43:43.221   156.034.196.xxx   uh oh i think the hulk spotlight is burnt out :( (18)
2008_12_27_18:44:11.933   156.034.196.xxx   naw its ok now (19)
2008_12_27_18:45:33.533   074.195.218.xxx   HI there
2008_12_27_18:45:57.113   074.195.218.xxx   Nice to see you
2008_12_27_18:49:09.941   074.083.088.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS CAMPBELL CLAN,OHIO
2008_12_27_18:52:22.039   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_27_18:53:01.747   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_27_18:53:44.128   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_27_18:54:14.779   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_27_18:55:01.998   202.161.075.xxx   hi
2008_12_27_18:56:22.728   072.051.242.xxx   I love  50 mph winds......
2008_12_27_18:58:11.489   074.195.218.xxx   Nice to see the real you
2008_12_27_18:58:30.606   072.051.242.xxx   Found Frosty about 100 yards away.
2008_12_27_18:59:13.373   074.195.218.xxx   Hey, give us a wave!
2008_12_27_19:02:24.643   071.236.030.xxx   Hope that evryone had a Merry Christmas
2008_12_27_19:05:18.158   156.034.196.xxx   sheesh i go away & the tree gets replaced with bells (20 IM's so far today)
2008_12_27_19:10:24.724   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Bells were a post-Christmas pickup - I think the tree looks better ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_19:11:30.378   156.034.196.xxx   whats under the reverse clock on the wall ??? (21)
2008_12_27_19:13:06.759   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Under clock is the top of a KFC Bucket - my son taped it there - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_19:13:41.052   156.034.196.xxx   hehehehe ok thanks :) (22)
2008_12_27_19:19:54.552   156.034.196.xxx   Scrooge Keeps turning OFF the lights! (23)
2008_12_27_19:32:14.204   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welllll ... you can turn 'em back on! ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_19:40:35.930   065.005.239.xxx   hello
2008_12_27_19:54:43.021   205.188.116.xxx   HeY
2008_12_27_20:00:19.041   076.248.155.xxx   Season's Greetings from Manchester, CT
2008_12_27_20:02:57.137   068.198.216.xxx   Happy Holidays From Stratford CT
2008_12_27_20:03:02.487   068.198.216.xxx   Happy Holidays From Stratford CT
2008_12_27_20:03:02.524   068.198.216.xxx   Happy Holidays From Stratford CT
2008_12_27_20:05:25.423   174.154.188.xxx   hello
2008_12_27_20:06:44.331   174.154.188.xxx   hello Alek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_27_20:10:15.573   071.190.001.xxx   whats upp alek?
2008_12_27_20:19:47.012   071.190.001.xxx   not too many people today 61
2008_12_27_20:21:51.106   068.032.197.xxx   Its not Happy Holidays its Merry Christmas
2008_12_27_20:23:59.694   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Waaazzzzzuppppp!!!! ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_20:23:59.714   076.200.214.xxx   dam right
2008_12_27_20:24:25.706   076.200.214.xxx   dial 911
2008_12_27_20:26:13.050   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No need for 911 - we have power - unlike Obama in Hawaii - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_20:29:24.246   074.078.253.xxx   52___ in ****5. ave temp 20___
2008_12_27_20:30:26.013   074.078.253.xxx   wellsville
2008_12_27_20:41:38.413   174.158.143.xxx   "hello"-mcclurgs. Alek? Dirk? Wendy? Kyle?!! ANYBODY HOME??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
2008_12_27_20:42:34.172   174.158.143.xxx   hello Alek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008_12_27_20:51:55.555   074.248.067.xxx   corn flakes are great
2008_12_27_20:52:59.017   074.248.067.xxx   everyone loves corn flakes
2008_12_27_20:53:43.630   074.248.067.xxx   corn flakes, its not just for breakfast anymore
2008_12_27_20:54:37.511   074.248.067.xxx   alex eats nothing but corn flakes
2008_12_27_20:55:24.548   074.248.067.xxx   can i get free corn flakes for a year from kfc?
2008_12_27_20:56:23.937   074.248.067.xxx   hulk eats only corn flakes
2008_12_27_20:59:46.412   074.248.067.xxx   anyone else here?
2008_12_27_21:01:23.844   074.083.088.xxx   hamilton ohio says hey!
2008_12_27_21:01:47.492   074.248.067.xxx   whats up, hamilton?
2008_12_27_21:06:26.704   074.083.088.xxx   61 dregrees and breezy here,NICE
2008_12_27_21:08:02.101   012.216.170.xxx   Well HELLO!!!!
2008_12_27_21:08:40.124   012.216.170.xxx   great this shows peoples i.p's lol nice!
2008_12_27_21:11:28.987   074.083.088.xxx   11 TEN HERE IN OHIO C U SUNDAY
2008_12_27_21:11:45.217   069.205.048.xxx   hey from ma
2008_12_27_21:12:49.733   074.083.088.xxx   HAVE YOU THAWED OUT FROM THE FREEZE,MA?
2008_12_27_21:13:49.469   069.205.048.xxx   the MTs havent yet but i live in the vally
2008_12_27_21:14:34.112   074.083.088.xxx   Good Nite All!
2008_12_27_21:15:17.201   065.093.073.xxx   Good Night!!
2008_12_27_21:21:17.078   072.200.200.xxx   Thanksfully  a few more nights of this cam
2008_12_27_21:21:45.004   072.200.200.xxx   I may have withdrawls!
2008_12_27_21:24:53.947   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry about the withdrawels for the Christmas Lights Addicts ... ;-) ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_21:33:53.077   156.034.196.xxx   i blame Google for finding this site for me not u :) (24)
2008_12_27_21:35:10.358   156.034.196.xxx   corn hat corn hat  corn hat! (25)
2008_12_27_21:36:05.654   074.047.120.xxx   hi alek
2008_12_27_21:36:35.195   074.047.120.xxx   wa**ssup?
2008_12_27_21:37:31.243   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Bedtimes for the kids ... back in a bit ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_21:37:41.489   074.047.120.xxx   wazzzzzzzup?
2008_12_27_21:41:01.424   074.047.120.xxx   alek is g**
2008_12_27_21:41:31.471   074.047.120.xxx   alek is g**!
2008_12_27_21:42:04.701   074.047.120.xxx   Alek is g_a_y
2008_12_27_21:45:47.538   074.047.120.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING ON!!!!
2008_12_27_21:49:10.545   123.243.223.xxx   Awesome effort Alek
2008_12_27_21:49:35.867   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I certainly am a very happy person 074 ... ***ALEK***
2008_12_27_21:50:17.584   156.034.196.xxx   wish I had a Father like u when i was a kid u rock (26)
2008_12_27_21:51:17.576   074.047.120.xxx   hi alek

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