222 christmas text messages on 2010/0101

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,905 times that day including 2,404 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 0101

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_01_01_17:00:31.418   068.009.089.xxx   Happy last day of lights! ... 
2010_01_01_17:02:36.260   068.009.089.xxx   hi ... 
2010_01_01_17:03:24.117   188.109.104.xxx   happy new year from kamp-lintfort , germany ... 
2010_01_01_17:03:50.784   088.105.209.xxx   Hi ... 
2010_01_01_17:03:58.791   070.092.170.xxx   Happy New Year Alek and family. Thanks for another great year! ... 
2010_01_01_17:04:29.525   067.159.045.xxx   happy last day of lights ... 
2010_01_01_17:05:21.111   188.109.104.xxx   to bad that today is the last day of lights ... 
2010_01_01_17:06:07.484   067.159.045.xxx   soooo long lights ... 
2010_01_01_17:06:46.239   088.105.209.xxx   Good job ... 
2010_01_01_17:07:17.421   071.098.076.xxx   Already looking forward to next year--Go Red Wings! ... 
2010_01_01_17:07:25.190   188.109.104.xxx   alek your site is perfekt ... 
2010_01_01_17:09:49.817   069.180.210.xxx   Yup, best website ever! ... 
2010_01_01_17:10:09.507   088.105.209.xxx   Do this next year please ... 
2010_01_01_17:11:49.008   188.109.104.xxx   I really gonna miss this ... 
2010_01_01_17:13:18.196   093.201.245.xxx   Yes i also miss this... cant wait until next christmas :( ... 
2010_01_01_17:14:31.787   188.109.104.xxx   we should have x-mas every day :-) ... 
2010_01_01_17:14:35.921   093.201.245.xxx   but let us try to make the last day the best :D ... 
2010_01_01_17:15:09.507   188.109.104.xxx   that's a great idea ... 
2010_01_01_17:16:21.219   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lets see if the IM works - software bug on year rollover  ... ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_17:16:42.632   093.201.245.xxx   Yes it works Alek :)
2010_01_01_17:17:22.190   093.201.245.xxx   Last Day Alek ... How do you feeling?
2010_01_01_17:18:44.698   088.105.209.xxx   Is this house in america?
2010_01_01_17:18:47.831   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Feeling a bit sad ... but ready to put everything away ... including the NEW st ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_17:19:36.801   088.105.209.xxx   Is this house in America?
2010_01_01_17:19:43.661   093.201.245.xxx   This will be much to do hm. You will has work for 2-3 days :D
2010_01_01_17:20:49.958   088.105.209.xxx   is this house in america?
2010_01_01_17:21:03.358   093.201.245.xxx   Yes it is
2010_01_01_17:21:10.332   081.137.209.xxx   When r u taking your lights down alec
2010_01_01_17:21:15.642   076.112.247.xxx   its in Colorado
2010_01_01_17:21:28.050   088.105.209.xxx   cool
2010_01_01_17:21:46.839   188.109.104.xxx   well, folks and alek I have to go to sleep it is already 1.30 am in germany. al
2010_01_01_17:21:48.799   081.137.209.xxx   fygvih
2010_01_01_17:22:11.624   088.105.209.xxx   where i am its 12 pm
2010_01_01_17:22:28.441   081.137.209.xxx   What time is it in ur land
2010_01_01_17:22:32.849   093.201.245.xxx   here it is 1:22 at night
2010_01_01_17:22:51.920   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Fixed software bug on year roll-over and recovered "lost" IM's ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_17:22:57.659   088.105.209.xxx   i live in england
2010_01_01_17:23:40.959   188.109.104.xxx   good night to everyone till in december 2010!!!!
2010_01_01_17:23:43.398   081.137.209.xxx   Same England is to cold chessington world of adventures is cool
2010_01_01_17:24:07.737   093.201.245.xxx   Great work alek.. Software buggy not good :(
2010_01_01_17:24:34.424   093.201.245.xxx   Great work alek.. Software buggy not good :(
2010_01_01_17:24:39.926   081.137.209.xxx   r u using a mac
2010_01_01_17:25:41.690   081.137.209.xxx   don't you think its silly to use halloween decor at christmas ???
2010_01_01_17:27:01.196   093.201.245.xxx   209: I also come from Germany but England especially London is great (10 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_17:28:44.162   093.201.245.xxx   Im wondering what is in the thing behind you Alek semms to be something to eat  (11)
2010_01_01_17:31:22.661   093.201.245.xxx   Sorry Means at youre right side ___) (12)
2010_01_01_17:31:24.681   089.243.077.xxx   hey Alec, what about a happy New Year Wave
2010_01_01_17:33:05.729   089.243.077.xxx   will be the last before the lights go out until next year!
2010_01_01_17:34:13.233   093.201.245.xxx   how i said before: Lets make it the best day today (13)
2010_01_01_17:36:27.001   067.060.129.xxx   whats up
2010_01_01_17:37:29.328   067.060.129.xxx   love the site
2010_01_01_17:38:10.564   067.060.129.xxx   look at me and wave for 5 seconds
2010_01_01_17:42:19.711   067.060.129.xxx   hey dude
2010_01_01_17:46:51.421   099.172.033.xxx   HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL
2010_01_01_17:48:08.893   156.034.207.xxx   would u be OK with a fanpage on Facebook Alek ? or no
2010_01_01_17:48:58.565   081.096.113.xxx   greetings for ireland
2010_01_01_17:50:42.215   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** While I'm not a Facebooker (or Tweeter), you are welcome to do whatever ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_17:51:27.775   156.034.207.xxx   ok thanks :)
2010_01_01_17:52:01.659   173.052.027.xxx   send me the link for that fanpafe of facebook
2010_01_01_17:52:06.554   067.060.129.xxx   this is so cool!
2010_01_01_17:54:48.893   093.201.245.xxx   Hmm i miss the Hulk... Dont see him often this year at Christmas (14)
2010_01_01_17:57:58.009   093.201.245.xxx   The things you posted seems to be verry cool in 2010 Christmas yeah (15)
2010_01_01_17:59:12.952   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, scored some cool stuff for 2010 - please see the blog for pics ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_17:59:48.945   156.034.207.xxx   ok Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights fan page now on Facebook :)
2010_01_01_17:59:56.721   089.243.077.xxx   Got to go Alec. Thanks for the lights 2009 :-)
2010_01_01_18:00:09.460   093.201.245.xxx   Great Pics.. That will be gigantic next year. :) (16)
2010_01_01_18:02:08.607   093.201.245.xxx   ill be looking forward to get some well priced things when i get home at monday (17)
2010_01_01_18:05:08.685   098.212.211.xxx   Great Lights!
2010_01_01_18:06:06.752   069.180.210.xxx   have a great year everyone!
2010_01_01_18:07:21.590   098.212.211.xxx   Go Big Ten!
2010_01_01_18:08:02.433   093.201.245.xxx   Alek you plan a streaming video feature ... A Wish comes true. Cant wait for ch (18)
2010_01_01_18:09:51.763   024.253.089.xxx   Please take some 3D pics before taking them down move over 6in take 2 plus
2010_01_01_18:11:32.505   156.034.207.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights - Facebook now :)
2010_01_01_18:11:49.947   024.253.089.xxx   A motion gif can be made with the pics, the more the better at 6in over each one
2010_01_01_18:12:31.581   156.034.207.xxx   Thank You Alek!
2010_01_01_18:13:16.808   093.201.245.xxx   The 3 Cams can stay but a fourth cam with a streaming hmm think abour over it (19)
2010_01_01_18:14:55.731   024.253.089.xxx   Search for 3D gif images to see examples
2010_01_01_18:16:15.623   024.253.089.xxx   3D gives us a chance to see what it would be like to stand out front
2010_01_01_18:17:00.570   093.201.245.xxx   So Alek time to say goodbye my time has come.. time to bed. Thank you verry muc (20 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_18:22:16.592   060.234.211.xxx   Happy New Year Everyone!!!
2010_01_01_18:22:47.302   069.248.105.xxx   hi
2010_01_01_18:25:05.497   069.248.105.xxx   hello
2010_01_01_18:27:13.864   072.081.081.xxx   Happy New Year's Everyone! May 2010  be kind!
2010_01_01_18:30:19.626   066.169.248.xxx   hope everyone has a good new year
2010_01_01_18:33:28.834   066.169.248.xxx   happy 2010
2010_01_01_18:37:27.785   089.243.077.xxx   bye until next year!!!!!!
2010_01_01_18:38:24.384   072.081.081.xxx   Will be peeking in on the grass cam. :)
2010_01_01_18:38:58.513   089.243.077.xxx   that's very sad :-)
2010_01_01_18:40:34.989   072.081.081.xxx   Hey don't knock it. The grass cam can be very exciting!
2010_01_01_18:41:00.149   072.081.081.xxx   Giggles.
2010_01_01_18:42:05.840   089.243.077.xxx   great for insomnia :-)
2010_01_01_18:42:50.082   089.243.077.xxx   but i must admit I have checked out 'watching grass grow'
2010_01_01_18:43:31.730   089.243.077.xxx   sad, or what !!! :-)
2010_01_01_18:44:07.095   072.081.081.xxx   Giggles!
2010_01_01_18:44:33.694   089.243.077.xxx   am a fan of the technology. Mod_Perl is great!
2010_01_01_18:44:54.325   072.081.081.xxx   Maybe the Hulk will run for mid term elections.
2010_01_01_18:45:22.866   089.243.077.xxx   the site is still Mod_Perl Alec? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_18:53:46.971   156.034.207.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights - Facebook now :)
2010_01_01_18:54:02.288   086.004.049.xxx   6:54
2010_01_01_18:55:11.078   072.129.069.xxx   6:55
2010_01_01_18:58:14.415   190.164.192.xxx   hello J
2010_01_01_18:58:19.648   086.004.049.xxx   cheese on toast time
2010_01_01_18:59:07.685   190.164.192.xxx   Hello Jtita
2010_01_01_19:03:38.326   086.004.049.xxx   cheese on toast was good
2010_01_01_19:05:58.601   156.034.207.xxx   mmmmm
2010_01_01_19:17:08.497   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays to one and all.!
2010_01_01_19:26:07.016   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just had my dinner - cheese on burgers - yumm. Yep, mod_perl still rocks! ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_19:26:07.442   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2010_01_01_19:32:34.999   156.034.207.xxx   new items look fun Alek looking forward to it
2010_01_01_19:34:17.616   068.200.235.xxx   GO GATORS
2010_01_01_19:34:44.549   174.116.094.xxx   Ty Alek!
2010_01_01_19:36:15.494   190.189.127.xxx   i cantbelive how fast pass the time
2010_01_01_19:37:41.773   156.034.207.xxx   hope 2010 goes well for you and your family Alek
2010_01_01_19:38:16.412   174.116.094.xxx   We love you Alek!
2010_01_01_19:38:22.019   068.200.235.xxx   BUBBA ARMY
2010_01_01_19:39:06.632   174.116.094.xxx   Prank U!
2010_01_01_19:39:36.642   068.200.235.xxx   BUBBA ARMY
2010_01_01_19:39:54.678   174.116.094.xxx   PRANKU
2010_01_01_19:40:10.150   068.200.235.xxx   BUBBA ARMY
2010_01_01_19:40:56.629   068.200.235.xxx   hi
2010_01_01_19:42:00.479   174.116.094.xxx   I see you
2010_01_01_19:43:13.123   174.116.094.xxx   Don't leave us Alek! :(
2010_01_01_19:48:47.569   156.034.207.xxx   he'll be back again one day like Frsot (10 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_19:49:29.227   156.034.207.xxx   he will be back again one day like Frosty (11)
2010_01_01_19:50:19.209   174.116.094.xxx   is he gonna melt?
2010_01_01_19:51:14.203   156.034.207.xxx   err not so much :) (12)
2010_01_01_19:52:00.069   174.116.094.xxx   lulz
2010_01_01_19:57:30.233   156.034.207.xxx   have a good year everyone, come back @ Halloween! (13)
2010_01_01_20:02:01.690   091.021.027.xxx   everything comes to an end :-(
2010_01_01_20:08:54.957   098.030.160.xxx   Are you doing this again next year, Alek
2010_01_01_20:09:29.970   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Allready bought some stuff at the post-holiday sales for next year - see the blog ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_20:12:41.154   098.127.082.xxx   Happy New Year from Billings, MT
2010_01_01_20:26:15.347   098.030.160.xxx   I did as you told me and checked out the blog.Cool inflatibles, candycanes, and
2010_01_01_20:27:32.115   098.202.196.xxx   I've got to say, this is just pure awesome.
2010_01_01_20:27:58.138   156.034.207.xxx   93 minutes left :( (14)
2010_01_01_20:34:47.110   098.127.082.xxx   See ya everyone in October!!!
2010_01_01_20:40:12.995   098.127.082.xxx   Only 272 days until we meet again!!!
2010_01_01_20:42:09.298   074.185.085.xxx   here is my IM
2010_01_01_20:42:17.766   074.103.012.xxx   Happy New Year
2010_01_01_20:42:46.728   072.081.081.xxx   Thanks for helping me fight my winter blues, Alek!
2010_01_01_20:45:24.022   076.020.090.xxx   Great job Alek, Happy New Year
2010_01_01_20:45:28.404   074.185.085.xxx   Oh the weather outside is frightful
2010_01_01_20:54:42.877   069.248.105.xxx   webcam 2 is down
2010_01_01_21:13:13.787   156.034.207.xxx   nooo someone ia outside stealing the inflatables :O (15)
2010_01_01_21:16:13.378   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Nah, just me tossing those big LED lights out there ... ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_21:17:17.569   156.034.207.xxx   oh the new ones neat (16)
2010_01_01_21:18:23.930   156.034.207.xxx   i wish true HD webcams existed so we could see even better (17)
2010_01_01_21:21:37.166   068.200.235.xxx   BUBBA ARMY
2010_01_01_21:23:20.611   076.234.129.xxx   Looking forward to Christmasn 2010!
2010_01_01_21:24:40.932   156.034.207.xxx   it's so far away though :( (18)
2010_01_01_21:26:23.547   068.200.235.xxx   GO GATORS
2010_01_01_21:26:47.497   156.034.207.xxx   giant lights nice (19)
2010_01_01_21:27:02.425   098.127.082.xxx   How much is your electric bill ?
2010_01_01_21:27:58.412   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scroll down the main page - electrical is a few dollars/day - YEP! ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_21:37:55.236   156.034.207.xxx   poor inflatables...they don't even suspect their fate :O (20 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_21:40:48.950   098.202.196.xxx   Anyone know where comments/suggestions can be submitted?
2010_01_01_21:41:34.332   207.200.116.xxx   go to the christmas blog
2010_01_01_21:41:45.748   098.202.196.xxx   Ah ok, thanks.
2010_01_01_21:42:48.877   207.200.116.xxx   wonder if he will come back and say goodby?
2010_01_01_21:43:48.153   156.034.207.xxx   i think so (21)
2010_01_01_21:43:50.074   099.172.033.xxx   Alek--HAPPY NEW YEAR//////////SEE U IN THE FALL///////
2010_01_01_21:44:01.910   068.200.235.xxx   BUBBA ARMY
2010_01_01_21:44:33.526   098.202.196.xxx   This is awesome
2010_01_01_21:44:57.219   207.200.116.xxx   what do you mean by Bobby army?
2010_01_01_21:45:37.372   207.200.116.xxx   I meant Bubba army
2010_01_01_21:46:17.417   156.034.207.xxx   Bubba Hotep ? (22)
2010_01_01_21:47:14.480   068.200.235.xxx   BUBBA ARMY (10 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_21:47:25.799   156.034.207.xxx   let's stay till the bitter end!!!! (23)
2010_01_01_21:47:54.321   207.200.116.xxx   yes, and maybe he won't shut it down
2010_01_01_21:48:45.479   098.127.082.xxx   Goodbye hulks
2010_01_01_21:48:50.839   072.081.081.xxx   Keep it lit! There are only moments to go!
2010_01_01_21:49:32.627   098.127.082.xxx   goodbye hulks
2010_01_01_21:49:52.768   156.034.207.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights Fan page on Facebook (24)
2010_01_01_21:50:40.998   072.081.081.xxx   Just the hardcores tonight
2010_01_01_21:51:02.416   156.034.207.xxx   naw there were 4291 people on Christmas Eve (25)
2010_01_01_21:51:13.090   068.200.235.xxx   BUBBA ARMY (11)
2010_01_01_21:51:33.439   207.200.116.xxx   but we are the faithful ones!
2010_01_01_21:51:33.611   072.081.081.xxx   they were seasonal! ha! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_21:51:41.084   024.253.089.xxx   BUBBA ARMY WE BEAT YOU!
2010_01_01_21:51:42.966   068.200.235.xxx   GO GATORS (12)
2010_01_01_21:51:49.710   156.034.207.xxx   oh ok (26)
2010_01_01_21:52:18.150   099.172.033.xxx   LUCAS BUCK IS BACK--CHRISTMAS AND NEW YR IS HERE////////HEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWW
2010_01_01_21:52:36.809   072.081.081.xxx   Keep it lit! Keep it lit! (11)
2010_01_01_21:52:52.599   024.184.233.xxx   hey
2010_01_01_21:52:55.562   068.200.235.xxx   GO GATORS (13)
2010_01_01_21:52:57.482   024.253.089.xxx   Make it dark!
2010_01_01_21:53:26.940   069.180.210.xxx   Happy New Year Ya'll from Tennessee   :)
2010_01_01_21:53:39.123   068.200.235.xxx   GO GATORS (14)
2010_01_01_21:53:59.831   098.202.196.xxx   GO UTES!
2010_01_01_21:54:02.624   024.184.233.xxx   lets go ohio state
2010_01_01_21:54:06.591   156.034.207.xxx   Happy New Year from Canada see you at Halloween :D (27)
2010_01_01_21:54:12.492   099.172.033.xxx   HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SPRING TEXAS
2010_01_01_21:54:12.794   207.200.116.xxx   happy new year from La Quinta CA
2010_01_01_21:54:23.851   098.127.082.xxx   Gators s****
2010_01_01_21:54:24.025   068.104.013.xxx   GO  CROCODILES
2010_01_01_21:54:53.298   024.184.233.xxx   hefhgfhg
2010_01_01_21:55:03.611   099.172.033.xxx   GO RED SOX--FROM SPRING TEXAS-GO JOSH BECKETT-HOMETOWN BOY///
2010_01_01_21:55:18.143   156.034.207.xxx   Thanks for X-mas 2009 Alek you rock as usual ! (28)
2010_01_01_21:55:22.271   098.127.082.xxx   Gators are no good
2010_01_01_21:55:34.111   068.200.235.xxx   go rays (15)
2010_01_01_21:55:34.949   207.200.116.xxx   Alek, one last wave please!
2010_01_01_21:55:41.245   068.104.013.xxx   CROCODILES  ARE GREAT
2010_01_01_21:55:50.878   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 5 more minutes ... and then lights out for good ... ***ALEK***
2010_01_01_21:55:51.224   156.034.207.xxx   Thanks for X-mas 2009 Alek you rock as usual ! (29)
2010_01_01_21:56:36.576   207.200.116.xxx   ditto
2010_01_01_21:56:40.648   098.202.196.xxx   what is he watching so intently?
2010_01_01_21:56:45.554   099.172.033.xxx   Alek KEEP UP THE HARD WORK-THANKS-
2010_01_01_21:57:04.843   074.197.023.xxx   Happy New Year, Alek and family!!!
2010_01_01_21:57:21.996   098.127.082.xxx   See ya next year, from Jim, Lori, Erin & Kyle
2010_01_01_21:57:39.024   099.172.033.xxx   OUR 3RD OR 4TH YR OF WATCHING---GRT SITE----
2010_01_01_21:57:40.080   156.034.207.xxx   I dont envy you putting all the styff away :) (30 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_21:57:46.009   069.180.210.xxx   Have a wonderful new year everyone! God bless!
2010_01_01_21:58:34.447   156.034.207.xxx   yay!!!! (31)
2010_01_01_21:58:47.447   207.200.116.xxx   thanks, you did a great job (10 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_21:59:04.070   098.127.082.xxx   Thanks for the wave (10 IM's so far today)
2010_01_01_21:59:12.740   156.034.207.xxx   more exciting than the ball dropping at Times Square :) (32)
2010_01_01_21:59:22.172   069.180.210.xxx   Thanks for all the hard work you put into this Alek!
2010_01_01_21:59:24.608   068.104.013.xxx   OUR LAST FEW CLICKS MAKE THEM COUNT
2010_01_01_21:59:26.375   098.202.196.xxx   goodbye till next year
2010_01_01_21:59:41.925   099.172.033.xxx   ARE U GOING TO EVER DO THE BACK YARD TOO???
2010_01_01_21:59:55.530   024.253.089.xxx   LAST POST FOR THE SEASON! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!

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