140 christmas text messages on 2009/1125

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,515 times that day including 909 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1125

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_11_25_16:47:26.430   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Allright ... Webcams and X10 Controls are ON - Christmas/2009 has started - WOOT!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_16:50:27.757   098.030.160.xxx   yay
2009_11_25_16:51:12.324   098.030.160.xxx   wave to us viewers alek
2009_11_25_16:51:48.338   156.034.244.xxx   Yes- almost time for Dinner
2009_11_25_16:52:15.283   070.238.134.xxx   showing real ip's -.-
2009_11_25_16:53:06.280   173.026.134.xxx   hi
2009_11_25_16:58:18.890   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 seems to be working well - will have to keep an eye on the Santa Balloon ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_16:58:45.144   075.093.033.xxx   i wouldnt let people control that balloon
2009_11_25_17:01:33.298   075.093.033.xxx   nothings working
2009_11_25_17:02:10.289   075.093.033.xxx   okay now it is
2009_11_25_17:02:57.750   075.093.033.xxx   r u going to put pictures up
2009_11_25_17:11:03.217   024.185.199.xxx   I Luv Ur Controllable lights
2009_11_25_17:15:10.206   024.185.199.xxx   ur lights r awesome
2009_11_25_17:26:06.263   208.084.171.xxx   Hi
2009_11_25_17:26:49.750   072.081.026.xxx   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
2009_11_25_17:27:01.229   208.084.171.xxx   I do the light show also at my home using Light-O-Rama
2009_11_25_17:27:36.912   072.081.026.xxx   I bought a Lava Lamp since Halloween! LOL!
2009_11_25_17:27:54.024   208.084.171.xxx   Happy thanksgiving
2009_11_25_17:28:08.784   072.081.026.xxx   I want to get one for my brother now.
2009_11_25_17:29:05.661   208.084.171.xxx   how many lights do you have?
2009_11_25_17:29:14.534   072.081.026.xxx   Is the Burrito Reindeer out yet?
2009_11_25_17:29:59.515   208.084.171.xxx   How many Channels?
2009_11_25_17:30:03.789   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Burrito Reindeer is just below the red "H" ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_17:30:52.408   072.081.026.xxx   Ok I see him! Yay!
2009_11_25_17:32:19.626   068.097.202.xxx   incredibly clever!!! i love it thanks so much!!!!
2009_11_25_17:32:45.401   208.084.171.xxx   This is awesome. i
2009_11_25_17:33:16.796   068.097.202.xxx   you could hold classes showing us techies how to do this LOL
2009_11_25_17:33:46.419   208.084.171.xxx   yah show us
2009_11_25_17:34:30.854   068.097.202.xxx   i've looked into x10 stuff didn't realize it had this capability
2009_11_25_17:35:00.192   208.084.171.xxx   I have Light-O-Rama to control my lights
2009_11_25_17:35:31.988   068.097.202.xxx   the possibilities are fantastic
2009_11_25_17:36:17.628   071.224.092.xxx   Can't wait to see the new display!
2009_11_25_17:36:22.574   068.097.202.xxx   i'd use this to freak the wife out from work
2009_11_25_17:36:34.078   208.084.171.xxx   what all can you do with X10?
2009_11_25_17:36:38.220   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** It's a pretty extreme use of X10 ... Light-O-Rama is good stuff! ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_17:37:05.978   068.097.202.xxx   could perform remote readings by mediums
2009_11_25_17:37:33.630   068.097.202.xxx   just a joke but would be funny
2009_11_25_17:38:28.835   208.084.171.xxx   how many people a day do you get on this site? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_25_17:38:29.312   071.142.249.xxx   What happened to cam 1?
2009_11_25_17:38:55.154   208.084.171.xxx   why is cam 1 offline? (11)
2009_11_25_17:40:57.959   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DONEDIN FLORIDA
2009_11_25_17:42:02.480   068.097.202.xxx   Hi from OKC, OK
2009_11_25_17:42:40.916   068.097.202.xxx   Santa RULES!
2009_11_25_17:44:17.826   068.097.202.xxx   is the box next to monitor controllable (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_25_17:44:23.079   075.093.033.xxx   balloon boy is going down
2009_11_25_18:02:00.693   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Balloon Boy was never "up" in the first place! ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_18:05:47.173   090.212.003.xxx   hi alex
2009_11_25_18:06:42.642   090.212.003.xxx   i love this
2009_11_25_18:10:43.283   012.232.109.xxx   i hate this
2009_11_25_18:11:12.301   012.232.109.xxx   where is this
2009_11_25_18:11:45.924   012.232.109.xxx   im in wisconsin
2009_11_25_18:12:06.904   012.232.109.xxx   i eat cheese
2009_11_25_18:14:07.516   012.232.109.xxx   my mother was a witch,she was burned alive
2009_11_25_18:17:55.556   068.021.074.xxx   It's almost the Christmas Season
2009_11_25_18:23:07.787   068.021.074.xxx   HOHOHO!
2009_11_25_18:25:53.949   075.065.195.xxx   happy thanksgiving! from madison, mississippi
2009_11_25_18:26:58.115   075.187.163.xxx   TURKEY!!
2009_11_25_18:27:32.608   068.021.074.xxx   Type where your from, Toledo Ohio
2009_11_25_18:28:10.403   075.187.163.xxx   Youngstown Ohio... FTW
2009_11_25_18:29:27.881   024.027.090.xxx   Hello Collin
2009_11_25_18:29:57.074   024.027.090.xxx   Merry Christmas Austin
2009_11_25_18:31:14.376   024.027.090.xxx   Happy Thanksgiving
2009_11_25_18:31:20.798   068.021.074.xxx   Thia thing is awesome!!!!
2009_11_25_18:31:43.566   024.027.090.xxx   Nice work!
2009_11_25_18:39:17.803   024.126.086.xxx   happy thankgiving
2009_11_25_19:15:23.148   075.166.221.xxx   Hi
2009_11_25_19:17:13.225   075.166.221.xxx   Awesome
2009_11_25_19:17:33.740   156.034.244.xxx   Greetings
2009_11_25_19:18:04.143   075.166.221.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!!!
2009_11_25_19:22:02.190   075.093.033.xxx   IM GOING OUT TOMMOROW TO GET THAT BALLOON
2009_11_25_19:30:46.127   063.201.025.xxx   what ballon?
2009_11_25_19:31:39.033   063.201.025.xxx   i dont see a ballon
2009_11_25_19:32:10.491   063.201.025.xxx   you all are seeing things
2009_11_25_19:33:31.810   063.201.025.xxx   oh there is a ballon sorry all
2009_11_25_19:33:59.163   063.201.025.xxx   thats very cool
2009_11_25_19:34:30.865   063.201.025.xxx   needs a bigger fan
2009_11_25_19:35:29.309   063.201.025.xxx   i dont think we are watching the grass grow on cam 2
2009_11_25_19:37:13.454   063.201.025.xxx   when ur watching just cam 2 its says watching grass grow
2009_11_25_19:40:12.184   070.222.124.xxx   hi
2009_11_25_19:40:20.831   063.201.025.xxx   hi from nevada
2009_11_25_19:40:39.246   070.222.124.xxx   moo
2009_11_25_19:40:55.277   063.201.025.xxx   happy thanks giving from nevada (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_25_19:41:23.736   070.222.124.xxx   wat up
2009_11_25_19:41:51.939   063.201.025.xxx   ___burp___ (11)
2009_11_25_19:42:09.729   070.222.124.xxx   hi
2009_11_25_19:42:21.606   063.201.025.xxx   om my god theres kids (12)
2009_11_25_19:42:56.289   063.201.025.xxx   there going to to over chrismas (13)
2009_11_25_19:43:02.637   070.222.124.xxx   hi
2009_11_25_19:45:44.504   067.149.165.xxx   hello
2009_11_25_19:45:58.932   068.021.074.xxx   Happiness, Arizona
2009_11_25_19:46:25.972   067.149.165.xxx   Michiagn
2009_11_25_19:46:37.671   070.222.124.xxx   :)
2009_11_25_19:47:12.127   067.149.165.xxx   hello all from michigan
2009_11_25_19:47:51.019   068.021.074.xxx   i love this site
2009_11_25_19:47:58.398   070.222.124.xxx   :)
2009_11_25_19:49:08.462   070.222.124.xxx   hello people
2009_11_25_19:50:48.377   068.021.074.xxx   is that a skeleton to the left of the big brown clock? Wrong holiday
2009_11_25_20:09:23.376   024.127.055.xxx   HAPPY TURKEY DAY SAYS COURTNEY
2009_11_25_20:11:39.690   024.127.055.xxx   WHY THE SKELETONS AND PUMPKINS??
2009_11_25_20:12:10.726   173.072.068.xxx   Uhh Hello
2009_11_25_20:12:40.457   173.072.068.xxx   d***
2009_11_25_20:13:20.842   173.072.068.xxx   uhhh helllloooo
2009_11_25_20:13:47.496   072.020.081.xxx   check out my cam
2009_11_25_20:14:17.101   072.093.015.xxx   Happy Thanksgiving!
2009_11_25_20:14:22.302   173.072.068.xxx   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
2009_11_25_20:14:23.117   072.020.081.xxx   h t t p ://
2009_11_25_20:14:50.392   173.072.068.xxx   : ))
2009_11_25_20:16:06.333   173.072.068.xxx   Yes it is
2009_11_25_20:18:37.747   173.072.068.xxx   Hello
2009_11_25_20:19:46.961   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, a few leftovers from Halloween - Pumpkin Jack is BACK! ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_20:23:18.967   173.072.068.xxx   This is amazing
2009_11_25_20:27:00.441   075.093.033.xxx   im getting that balloon tommorrow
2009_11_25_20:28:38.205   075.093.033.xxx   Alek PLEASE CHANGE THE MUSIC
2009_11_25_20:29:38.732   074.141.024.xxx   Happy Thanksgiving
2009_11_25_20:33:52.962   070.178.040.xxx   Happy Thanksgiving All!
2009_11_25_20:34:19.719   066.056.018.xxx   HO HO HO
2009_11_25_20:34:29.202   070.178.040.xxx   Yard's looking good Alek!
2009_11_25_20:35:11.698   075.093.033.xxx   a b****
2009_11_25_20:36:44.494   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the compliment on the yard .... ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_20:46:09.589   072.081.026.xxx   Ahhhh! Giant Hand!
2009_11_25_20:46:51.797   072.081.026.xxx   Eeeeek!
2009_11_25_20:57:23.406   068.229.138.xxx   Happy Thanksgiving
2009_11_25_21:14:11.870   098.030.160.xxx   ok
2009_11_25_21:14:48.678   098.030.160.xxx   wave to the camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_11_25_21:15:32.504   098.030.160.xxx   thank you
2009_11_25_21:16:29.190   098.030.160.xxx   hi alek
2009_11_25_21:19:31.613   072.213.025.xxx   hello patty
2009_11_25_21:27:01.003   207.119.180.xxx   Great to see you back!
2009_11_25_21:27:31.362   098.030.160.xxx   Im going to donate.
2009_11_25_21:28:37.699   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks in advance for donating to Celiac Disease Research ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_21:28:46.134   075.093.033.xxx   Im going to go get my Balloon tomorrow at home depot (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_25_21:29:44.929   075.093.033.xxx   Is the balloon worth the money alek (11)
2009_11_25_21:32:34.335   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The balloon is a lotta bucks at full price - wish I could get at 50-75 percent  ***ALEK***
2009_11_25_21:35:39.234   072.045.058.xxx   hi
2009_11_25_21:36:11.909   072.045.058.xxx   this site is the best
2009_11_25_21:36:33.070   075.093.033.xxx   Can u change the music (12)
2009_11_25_21:38:47.779   098.030.160.xxx   I like the music:)
2009_11_25_21:42:51.640   066.051.233.xxx   happy thanksgiving Hummel's!!!!!!
2009_11_25_21:43:44.588   070.105.120.xxx   dupont indiana
2009_11_25_21:58:06.953   098.030.160.xxx   Good night!

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