385 christmas text messages on 2009/1128

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,095 times that day including 5,836 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1128

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_11_28_17:00:18.987   074.075.235.xxx   hi barb from walter
2009_11_28_17:00:40.458   076.235.048.xxx   Happy Holidays from kettering, Ohio!
2009_11_28_17:00:42.846   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_11_28_17:00:53.187   071.098.020.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_11_28_17:00:58.912   074.075.235.xxx   santa komar!!!
2009_11_28_17:01:05.074   098.110.005.xxx   hi from nj
2009_11_28_17:01:07.660   083.145.207.xxx   Greetings from Tampere, Finland!
2009_11_28_17:01:34.391   074.075.235.xxx   cornish maine says HI !!!!
2009_11_28_17:01:35.272   098.110.005.xxx   hi from nj
2009_11_28_17:01:51.249   095.145.232.xxx   hey its me again from scotland/UK
2009_11_28_17:02:25.552   024.117.126.xxx   hello from idaho
2009_11_28_17:02:29.701   095.145.232.xxx   Nice Hat
2009_11_28_17:02:32.179   069.180.210.xxx   What time is it in the UK?
2009_11_28_17:02:50.073   076.104.123.xxx   Hello from Mechanicsville, "Vajenya"  (VA)
2009_11_28_17:03:01.056   095.145.232.xxx   Midnight 12PM
2009_11_28_17:03:10.143   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi Barb, Ohio, Tennessee,  NJ, Finland, Maine, Scotland, etc.! ***ALEK***
2009_11_28_17:03:13.467   074.075.235.xxx   we need a wave Mr K
2009_11_28_17:03:21.657   076.104.123.xxx   Wow, it's midnight there?  You're up late!!
2009_11_28_17:03:35.642   095.145.232.xxx   Yes as love display
2009_11_28_17:03:40.775   205.188.117.xxx   UK time about 12:05
2009_11_28_17:03:52.744   069.180.210.xxx   Wow....it's 6:02 here in Tennessee!
2009_11_28_17:04:08.538   081.104.140.xxx   alek could you look at the blog and answer My question Post 183#
2009_11_28_17:04:09.853   076.235.048.xxx   Anyone have any Zhu Zhu Hamsters to sell?? lol!!!
2009_11_28_17:04:10.038   076.104.123.xxx   It's 7:04, here, in VA
2009_11_28_17:04:24.501   095.145.232.xxx   As Playing Call Of Duty Modern Ware fare 2 any way on my ps3
2009_11_28_17:04:35.247   205.188.117.xxx   7:05 here in Indiana
2009_11_28_17:04:40.553   081.104.140.xxx   alek could you look at the blog and answer My question Post 183#
2009_11_28_17:04:48.881   076.104.123.xxx   We wondered for a while if my son had celiac
2009_11_28_17:04:58.410   083.145.207.xxx   ...2 AM in Finland
2009_11_28_17:05:00.887   071.098.020.xxx   correct me if im wron but*** not a like webcam feed but jpg updates every 3 or 
2009_11_28_17:05:15.059   081.104.140.xxx   how to fix a broke inflatable???
2009_11_28_17:05:42.793   071.098.020.xxx   wrong+
2009_11_28_17:06:00.371   074.075.235.xxx   buy a new inflatable
2009_11_28_17:06:00.562   082.023.064.xxx   It's nearly December!
2009_11_28_17:06:39.092   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_11_28_17:06:41.120   069.180.210.xxx   Finally! Waited all year for december!
2009_11_28_17:06:49.749   067.149.249.xxx   Hi from Canton, Michigan!
2009_11_28_17:06:55.791   076.104.123.xxx   It's so close, and I haven't even begun to shop!!
2009_11_28_17:07:22.259   076.235.048.xxx   Hope ur not looking for a zhu zhu hamster!
2009_11_28_17:07:40.640   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_11_28_17:07:48.090   076.104.123.xxx   I don't even know what a zhu zhu hamster IS!!
2009_11_28_17:07:53.328   067.149.249.xxx   12233344445555566666677777778888888899999999910101010101010101010
2009_11_28_17:08:02.424   069.180.210.xxx   Me either
2009_11_28_17:08:08.635   076.235.048.xxx   Condsider yourself lucky!
2009_11_28_17:08:35.014   071.098.020.xxx   do not go to wilderness resort (wi dells) bad magment!
2009_11_28_17:08:47.842   076.019.186.xxx   CQ CQ CQ   QRZ??
2009_11_28_17:09:04.090   074.078.247.xxx   hi
2009_11_28_17:09:40.964   069.180.210.xxx   My sister used to have a hamster
2009_11_28_17:10:09.534   071.098.020.xxx   ducktape fixes everything
2009_11_28_17:10:12.195   074.078.247.xxx   i love christmas
2009_11_28_17:10:32.658   076.019.186.xxx   GAH!  BIG MAN IN PICTURE!!
2009_11_28_17:10:33.826   071.098.020.xxx   ducktape fixes everything
2009_11_28_17:10:34.965   069.180.210.xxx   Me too!
2009_11_28_17:10:58.190   098.110.005.xxx   lol
2009_11_28_17:11:05.610   074.078.247.xxx   i's 7:10 here
2009_11_28_17:11:07.635   069.180.210.xxx   huh?
2009_11_28_17:11:38.360   069.180.210.xxx   Christmas is awesome!
2009_11_28_17:11:40.417   071.098.020.xxx   id doate but i dont have a job :(
2009_11_28_17:11:44.565   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Duct Tape is quite useful! ***ALEK***
2009_11_28_17:11:58.380   087.123.137.xxx   Hallo nelly :D
2009_11_28_17:12:09.142   076.104.123.xxx   I put a link to your site on FaceBook
2009_11_28_17:12:28.461   087.123.137.xxx   Hallo nelly :D
2009_11_28_17:12:30.117   067.080.253.xxx   hello from New Jersey
2009_11_28_17:12:43.106   076.104.123.xxx   along with a short description of what you do
2009_11_28_17:12:49.044   205.188.117.xxx   the pumpkin is staring at me
2009_11_28_17:12:50.299   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_11_28_17:13:10.158   076.104.123.xxx   Hope it generates some donations
2009_11_28_17:13:49.671   087.123.137.xxx   nelly du hund :D
2009_11_28_17:14:46.324   069.180.210.xxx   I'm making homemade crafts as presents this year. No long lines for me! :) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_17:15:19.808   087.161.245.xxx   :P hallo selber Hund
2009_11_28_17:15:32.673   205.188.117.xxx   HO HO HO______________________________HOE?
2009_11_28_17:16:54.064   205.188.117.xxx   Doctor Who
2009_11_28_17:17:12.846   094.171.144.xxx   Im from england looks great
2009_11_28_17:17:51.610   205.188.117.xxx   Hi England i have a mate from Hull
2009_11_28_17:19:00.313   094.171.144.xxx   hull is about 40 minutes away from me
2009_11_28_17:19:40.046   094.171.144.xxx   :) small world from ENGLAND
2009_11_28_17:19:45.184   069.180.210.xxx   Cam 2 went offline (11)
2009_11_28_17:20:04.682   087.161.245.xxx   saludo al nino que cree que soy un perro
2009_11_28_17:20:17.171   094.171.144.xxx   why is cam one offline?
2009_11_28_17:21:12.839   205.188.117.xxx   cam 1 is being used by NASA
2009_11_28_17:21:30.930   094.171.144.xxx   haha
2009_11_28_17:22:26.803   094.171.144.xxx   where abouts does this guy live??
2009_11_28_17:22:42.551   156.034.240.xxx   cool NASA they must pay well they are govt :P
2009_11_28_17:22:45.046   076.104.123.xxx   alaska??? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_17:23:01.421   094.171.144.xxx   he lives in alaska?
2009_11_28_17:23:50.807   094.171.144.xxx   ill donate something only if he gets cam one up and running
2009_11_28_17:24:03.132   076.104.123.xxx   beats me..... (11)
2009_11_28_17:24:36.237   094.171.144.xxx   we want cam1
2009_11_28_17:25:21.114   076.104.123.xxx   wherever he lives, it's in MST (12)
2009_11_28_17:26:02.419   094.171.144.xxx   He has some atlantice pictures (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_17:26:05.286   071.098.020.xxx   whats up with the cam at the nabours house
2009_11_28_17:26:37.179   094.171.144.xxx   wow he looks real behind this (11)
2009_11_28_17:27:04.852   076.104.123.xxx   haha!  he is real.. (13)
2009_11_28_17:27:14.263   094.171.144.xxx   haha (12)
2009_11_28_17:27:47.345   094.171.144.xxx   im pressing deflate nothing is happening to him (13)
2009_11_28_17:28:57.080   205.188.117.xxx   controls offline ..still in setup mode
2009_11_28_17:29:04.395   094.171.144.xxx   deflate little boy deflate!! (14)
2009_11_28_17:29:16.529   076.104.123.xxx   wave, little boy, wave!!  :-D (14)
2009_11_28_17:29:51.149   094.171.144.xxx   haha turn cam 1 on little boy (15)
2009_11_28_17:29:57.195   076.104.123.xxx   Hiya Alek's sons!!  Happy Thanksgiving!! :) (15)
2009_11_28_17:30:41.772   205.188.117.xxx   kids are attacking the office ..........call Godzilla
2009_11_28_17:30:47.213   094.171.144.xxx   A___el's soms RPCL now ______ease deflate little boys (16)
2009_11_28_17:30:53.938   071.098.020.xxx   i think someone made off with cam 1
2009_11_28_17:31:27.468   094.171.144.xxx   lol yeah copper was stolen by the travellers (17)
2009_11_28_17:31:57.207   071.098.020.xxx   the copper? its wifi (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_17:32:19.419   094.171.144.xxx   camera leads = copper wire (18)
2009_11_28_17:32:57.068   094.171.144.xxx   DOH! (19)
2009_11_28_17:33:05.470   071.098.020.xxx   no its at his nabors hose and uses a wifi connection back to his computer (11)
2009_11_28_17:33:52.197   094.171.144.xxx   OKAYYYYYYYYYYY (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_17:34:56.793   205.188.117.xxx   Homer need DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_17:34:59.776   071.098.020.xxx   maby someone took it for that resone keep an eye on ebay for a wifi cam lol (12)
2009_11_28_17:36:40.849   205.188.117.xxx   The REAL "Energizer Bunny"....ON YOUTUBE (11)
2009_11_28_17:40:34.298   071.098.020.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (13)
2009_11_28_17:41:57.544   090.218.176.xxx   Hello
2009_11_28_17:42:46.118   071.098.020.xxx   wheres waldo (14)
2009_11_28_17:42:57.618   205.188.117.xxx   Joy- Apollo 100- 1972..........ON YOUTUBE (12)
2009_11_28_17:43:53.887   071.098.020.xxx   let their be light (15)
2009_11_28_17:44:44.115   024.117.126.xxx   howdy from idaho
2009_11_28_17:44:53.371   071.098.020.xxx   tern on webcam 1 (16)
2009_11_28_17:46:44.483   205.188.117.xxx   webcam 1 is being used by the KGB (13)
2009_11_28_17:47:40.729   071.098.020.xxx   the kgb is ____________ (17)
2009_11_28_17:48:07.879   071.098.020.xxx   ___ (18)
2009_11_28_17:48:34.111   071.098.020.xxx   ___ (19)
2009_11_28_17:49:04.559   071.098.020.xxx   ___ (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_17:49:27.059   071.098.020.xxx   : (21)
2009_11_28_17:50:08.409   071.098.020.xxx   i dont know what u did last summer (22)
2009_11_28_17:52:49.765   082.042.109.xxx   HELLO FROM LIVERPOOL UK
2009_11_28_17:56:46.750   076.198.071.xxx   Cool!
2009_11_28_17:58:10.577   142.068.059.xxx   Christmas is coming fast!
2009_11_28_17:58:53.556   076.198.071.xxx   is time to go to bed?
2009_11_28_17:59:38.520   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_11_28_18:01:32.326   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE WAS HERE"
2009_11_28_18:03:36.412   086.160.091.xxx   hellooooooooooo
2009_11_28_18:03:38.867   076.198.071.xxx   im new here
2009_11_28_18:05:27.704   142.068.059.xxx   glad that the lights are on again
2009_11_28_18:06:15.130   076.198.071.xxx   im nice
2009_11_28_18:08:15.628   076.198.071.xxx   where are the elves?
2009_11_28_18:10:36.180   205.188.117.xxx   Elfes deported by INS (14)
2009_11_28_18:10:56.419   076.198.071.xxx   oh
2009_11_28_18:12:04.581   024.056.161.xxx   Ho,HO, HO
2009_11_28_18:12:05.697   071.072.039.xxx   86 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!
2009_11_28_18:13:23.476   024.056.161.xxx   D'ho, D'ho, D'ho
2009_11_28_18:15:18.774   076.198.071.xxx   who lives in Stockton CA?
2009_11_28_18:15:48.207   207.200.116.xxx   greetings from La Quinta CA
2009_11_28_18:16:06.863   069.180.210.xxx   Who lives in Tennessee? (12)
2009_11_28_18:16:37.977   076.198.071.xxx   Im aStockton girl
2009_11_28_18:16:39.222   207.200.116.xxx   Hi Martha, in Indio CA
2009_11_28_18:16:50.286   071.098.020.xxx   ur mom (23)
2009_11_28_18:17:23.050   068.041.078.xxx   you morons are rude...take your trolling somewhere else
2009_11_28_18:17:24.694   069.180.210.xxx   My mom doesn't live in California (13)
2009_11_28_18:18:28.132   069.180.210.xxx   I'm making paper snowflakes out of coffee filters (14)
2009_11_28_18:20:27.206   207.200.116.xxx   Hi Martha in Indio, CA
2009_11_28_18:22:24.810   072.171.000.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2009_11_28_18:22:49.998   069.180.210.xxx   Hello! (15)
2009_11_28_18:23:28.859   092.029.117.xxx   Hello from the UK
2009_11_28_18:25:37.273   092.029.117.xxx   Cyberwarez.info
2009_11_28_18:27:27.348   072.081.026.xxx   WOO Hoo! Get that Green Lava goin...
2009_11_28_18:27:55.771   208.096.148.xxx   hi adam
2009_11_28_18:28:32.806   072.081.026.xxx   Who has their lights up? Raise hands.
2009_11_28_18:30:09.974   069.180.210.xxx   Not yet.Putting them up this week.My family put me in charge of decorating (16)
2009_11_28_18:30:23.269   068.052.114.xxx   I love your Christmas Lights! =D
2009_11_28_18:31:22.209   076.004.039.xxx   hello
2009_11_28_18:32:27.295   069.180.210.xxx   My little brother loves the lights on here! :D (17)
2009_11_28_18:35:43.364   099.227.212.xxx   Hello from Canada
2009_11_28_18:36:29.933   069.180.210.xxx   Hello, person from Canada ! (18)
2009_11_28_18:36:34.060   082.042.109.xxx   goodnight from uk. i want 2 live in canada. it rocks
2009_11_28_18:36:51.815   076.004.039.xxx   Go US! haha
2009_11_28_18:39:20.735   205.188.117.xxx   GO COLTS (15)
2009_11_28_18:40:32.053   069.180.210.xxx   We just learned about Canada a few weeks ago in Geography. (19)
2009_11_28_18:41:06.511   069.180.210.xxx   Go Titans! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_18:42:05.441   205.188.117.xxx   Canadians look like Americans ....just thinner (16)
2009_11_28_18:42:11.889   090.210.204.xxx   Afternoon everyone!
2009_11_28_18:44:01.554   069.180.210.xxx   It's night here, but good afternoon to you too! (21)
2009_11_28_18:44:40.661   205.188.117.xxx   Talking Beaver on the Highway...........ON YOUTUBE (17)
2009_11_28_18:48:10.438   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_11_28_18:51:03.416   069.180.210.xxx   wonder when camera 1 will be on (22)
2009_11_28_18:58:48.740   069.180.210.xxx   Camera 2 is offline (23)
2009_11_28_18:59:33.994   068.041.078.xxx   You broke it! LOL
2009_11_28_19:01:04.299   069.180.210.xxx   who? me? (24)
2009_11_28_19:01:34.882   069.180.210.xxx   Well, now I wonder when cam # 2 will be on (25)
2009_11_28_19:01:48.250   068.041.078.xxx   Yeah! LOL You broke it!! :(
2009_11_28_19:02:20.449   068.041.078.xxx   YAY ITS UP!
2009_11_28_19:02:44.061   069.180.210.xxx   Well, I must have fixed it then! :D (26)
2009_11_28_19:04:00.448   068.041.078.xxx   Nah I called Alek and he reset it :-P
2009_11_28_19:04:06.895   071.072.039.xxx   GR8 to see them active again.!!
2009_11_28_19:05:47.758   069.180.210.xxx   I was kidding lol (27)
2009_11_28_19:06:34.258   068.041.078.xxx   LOL we probably blew the fuse again
2009_11_28_19:10:07.796   069.180.210.xxx   ha ha...poor fuse...  :D (28)
2009_11_28_19:12:06.295   068.041.078.xxx   none-the-less, I'm sure the power company just LOVES Alek come this time of the
2009_11_28_19:15:04.763   069.180.210.xxx   Yup, even though he uses them wind things to help the bill. (29)
2009_11_28_19:15:58.734   068.041.078.xxx   yeah i read that, hes cheating! LOL
2009_11_28_19:16:57.649   069.180.210.xxx   The electric company must be very sad about that (30 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_19:18:00.896   068.041.078.xxx   Well, when theres a blackout, no one can blame Alek LOL
2009_11_28_19:19:02.528   069.180.210.xxx   Yup, everyone's at his house because they've still got running water (31)
2009_11_28_19:19:36.298   071.072.039.xxx   71 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!
2009_11_28_19:19:39.235   067.162.060.xxx   feeling wonderful tonight!
2009_11_28_19:20:22.443   067.162.060.xxx   Hello fro nm Oslo, Norway
2009_11_28_19:21:03.438   069.180.210.xxx   Wow,that's real far away from Tennessee! (32)
2009_11_28_19:21:39.143   067.162.060.xxx   Tennesssee is in the USA?
2009_11_28_19:21:56.133   069.180.210.xxx   Yes (33)
2009_11_28_19:22:20.120   068.041.078.xxx   Yes it is, toward the mid-section of the eastern end (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_19:22:20.427   067.162.060.xxx   is it nice there?
2009_11_28_19:23:27.349   069.180.210.xxx   Yes, it's very nice (34)
2009_11_28_19:24:19.745   067.162.060.xxx   it is 9 celcius this morning with a wonderful snow
2009_11_28_19:24:29.646   069.180.210.xxx   I live in a rural part of it in a small town. Lots of farms & fields (35)
2009_11_28_19:24:53.663   098.110.005.xxx   stop turring the lights on and off keep them on
2009_11_28_19:25:00.291   069.180.210.xxx   it sure is cold up there (36)
2009_11_28_19:25:30.424   067.162.060.xxx   i live near Oslo (29 kilometers and we live in a valley near mountains
2009_11_28_19:25:33.252   069.180.210.xxx   What's it like up there? (37)
2009_11_28_19:26:00.229   024.162.140.xxx   I ate too much
2009_11_28_19:26:23.161   067.162.060.xxx   very pretty. with mountains and stream kids will play in
2009_11_28_19:26:34.547   098.110.005.xxx   keep every thing off
2009_11_28_19:27:17.157   067.162.060.xxx   we have goats and a lama with 5 pigs also
2009_11_28_19:27:39.891   069.180.210.xxx   wow! That's neat! (38)
2009_11_28_19:27:52.211   156.034.240.xxx   nope...all on
2009_11_28_19:28:16.431   067.162.060.xxx   what is it like there?
2009_11_28_19:28:40.714   098.110.005.xxx   wha time is it
2009_11_28_19:28:52.754   068.041.078.xxx   CCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDD !!!! (11)
2009_11_28_19:29:21.577   071.072.039.xxx   70 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!
2009_11_28_19:29:36.244   068.041.078.xxx   CCCCCCCCCC OOOOOOOOO LLLLLLLLLL DDDDDDDDD (12)
2009_11_28_19:29:49.094   098.110.005.xxx   keep every thing off alek
2009_11_28_19:29:54.412   069.180.210.xxx   It's warm & rural.It's also pretty, with a lot of farm land, well in the ar (39)
2009_11_28_19:29:56.880   067.162.060.xxx   it is 3:30 am in Norway (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_19:30:40.203   069.180.210.xxx   Wow, that's late! It's 8:30 here (40 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_19:31:02.639   067.162.060.xxx   we went to the market tonight and bought cheese so i have been eating (11)
2009_11_28_19:31:40.447   067.162.060.xxx   i have been eating cheese and sausage (12)
2009_11_28_19:32:42.382   069.180.210.xxx   I have been eating turkey & mashed potatoes here (41)
2009_11_28_19:32:59.617   067.162.060.xxx   my stoumac is not so good yet (13)
2009_11_28_19:33:02.026   156.034.240.xxx   yum
2009_11_28_19:34:10.610   067.162.060.xxx   was it good to eat?  i boil potato for bread (14)
2009_11_28_19:35:13.418   069.180.210.xxx   It was very good. (42)
2009_11_28_19:35:51.673   067.162.060.xxx   i would like to com to USA (15)
2009_11_28_19:36:22.384   065.005.246.xxx   FROM WHERE?
2009_11_28_19:36:39.563   067.162.060.xxx   do you live by neww yerk? (16)
2009_11_28_19:36:57.613   069.180.210.xxx   me? (43)
2009_11_28_19:37:08.422   067.215.128.xxx   Rawr
2009_11_28_19:37:20.589   067.162.060.xxx   tennnesee (17)
2009_11_28_19:37:21.575   065.005.246.xxx   Come to USA   FROM WHERE?
2009_11_28_19:37:22.576   071.072.039.xxx   72 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!
2009_11_28_19:37:35.729   067.215.128.xxx   ___3333333
2009_11_28_19:37:52.405   065.005.246.xxx   Come to USA   FROM WHERE?
2009_11_28_19:37:53.828   067.162.060.xxx   tennessssee___ (18)
2009_11_28_19:38:03.025   024.113.068.xxx   hello!
2009_11_28_19:38:04.707   069.180.210.xxx   No, new york is farther north than Tennessee (44)
2009_11_28_19:38:16.249   074.078.247.xxx   i's listing to holly xm
2009_11_28_19:38:21.077   067.215.128.xxx   Less than three :3
2009_11_28_19:38:34.734   067.162.060.xxx   i will look at a map now annd se (19)
2009_11_28_19:38:45.752   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_11_28_19:38:59.758   024.113.068.xxx   But wait... there's more!
2009_11_28_19:39:02.287   074.078.247.xxx   it's 9:43
2009_11_28_19:39:12.560   067.215.128.xxx   We don't need no education, wijfoiewjfoeijf
2009_11_28_19:39:33.279   024.113.068.xxx   ___3
2009_11_28_19:39:45.924   074.078.247.xxx   my name is collin and i am 10
2009_11_28_19:39:49.653   067.215.128.xxx   ___3333333
2009_11_28_19:39:59.436   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_19:40:08.802   069.180.210.xxx   Nice to meet you (45)
2009_11_28_19:40:17.892   074.078.247.xxx   jurzliodrfjfozdjljklfvjvcxjklvxzcjklvcxjklvcxjkilvcxjlkvcxzjlvxcjk___lvcxjklzvc
2009_11_28_19:40:30.311   067.162.060.xxx   ok, teennessee i know now (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_19:40:34.100   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE WAS HERE" (11)
2009_11_28_19:41:07.765   074.078.247.xxx   i love energizer batteries
2009_11_28_19:41:12.417   067.162.060.xxx   you are at the center of the USA (21)
2009_11_28_19:41:42.908   069.180.210.xxx   not exactly in the center (46)
2009_11_28_19:41:46.537   121.214.165.xxx   I am a mummy and I'm ummm....over 21 !
2009_11_28_19:42:31.800   098.200.133.xxx   is top left cam working or is that a pic
2009_11_28_19:42:59.870   098.200.133.xxx   never mind, i c
2009_11_28_19:43:01.109   069.180.210.xxx   cam #1 is not yet ready, won't be tonight (47)
2009_11_28_19:43:17.937   067.215.128.xxx   Aw :C
2009_11_28_19:43:30.159   067.162.060.xxx   this is nice tennessee i will talk soon i wish (22)
2009_11_28_19:43:55.406   121.214.165.xxx   it's sunday afternoon here 1.42pm
2009_11_28_19:44:46.711   069.180.210.xxx   You are way ahead of us (48)
2009_11_28_19:45:13.726   121.214.165.xxx   Melbourne, Australia
2009_11_28_19:45:44.459   069.180.210.xxx   Good night everyone! Got to get off.Got church tomorrow (49)
2009_11_28_19:46:17.896   098.200.133.xxx   where is the dude?
2009_11_28_19:47:10.784   098.200.133.xxx   nothing works------------this is boring
2009_11_28_19:48:14.316   071.072.039.xxx   !!  Is lookin good Alek..
2009_11_28_19:48:53.590   121.214.165.xxx   works for me, it's fantastic. Luvvvin it
2009_11_28_19:49:54.378   071.072.039.xxx   !!  Me too.. Good stuff..
2009_11_28_19:51:11.277   121.214.165.xxx   66 people
2009_11_28_19:52:11.198   071.072.039.xxx   66 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!!!
2009_11_28_19:53:13.998   071.098.020.xxx   whats going on?? (24)
2009_11_28_19:53:24.363   068.041.078.xxx   BORING !?! (13)
2009_11_28_19:53:27.119   121.214.165.xxx   great to see you both
2009_11_28_19:54:04.699   121.214.165.xxx   hi Alek.....Waving at you
2009_11_28_19:55:45.506   121.214.165.xxx   oooh it's exciting...what are they doing
2009_11_28_19:56:23.300   121.214.165.xxx   maybe more goodies for us
2009_11_28_19:57:17.241   121.214.165.xxx   I'm luvvvvvvvvin this. woooo hoooooo (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_19:58:16.541   121.214.165.xxx   father and son are up to something.....:) (11)
2009_11_28_19:59:28.648   121.214.165.xxx   thanks Alek for all of this (12)
2009_11_28_20:00:04.314   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - glad you enjoy the show! ***ALEK***
2009_11_28_20:00:42.238   069.180.210.xxx   yup, it's awesome (50 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_20:00:42.759   121.214.165.xxx   I look forward to this every year (13)
2009_11_28_20:02:23.913   071.072.039.xxx   Alek, as the kids get older are they still enthused to help?
2009_11_28_20:03:09.594   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kids help in the design/layout ... and setup when it is warm and sunny ... ***ALEK***
2009_11_28_20:04:34.212   071.072.039.xxx   That's really cool to hear.! Wonderful job.!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_20:04:43.283   069.180.210.xxx   You'd think kids would love to help out, with something like this, no matter th (51)
2009_11_28_20:05:14.086   069.180.210.xxx   no matter the age (52)
2009_11_28_20:05:45.000   121.214.165.xxx   wow, you have done a realy great job :) (14)
2009_11_28_20:06:28.816   121.214.165.xxx   Your such an inspiration :) (15)
2009_11_28_20:06:47.860   069.180.210.xxx   yup (53)
2009_11_28_20:06:51.377   069.149.121.xxx   ho ho ho I'm pimp claus
2009_11_28_20:07:07.312   071.072.039.xxx   Oh yes I fully agree.. Times change as do priorities.. (11)
2009_11_28_20:07:15.238   068.041.078.xxx   ITS DARK! (14)
2009_11_28_20:07:48.996   068.041.078.xxx   YOU GUYS KILLED THE POWER GRID !!!! LOL jk :-D (15)
2009_11_28_20:09:59.312   069.180.210.xxx   When the hulk popped up on the screen, it scared me & about fell out of my  (54)
2009_11_28_20:10:48.773   069.180.210.xxx   I about fell out of my chair (55)
2009_11_28_20:11:14.835   071.072.039.xxx   LOL  Ya know did same to me 1st time I saw it (12)
2009_11_28_20:11:15.013   068.108.088.xxx   Looking good as usual!!
2009_11_28_20:11:49.293   068.041.078.xxx   Why does this page constantly reload after a set amount of time? (16)
2009_11_28_20:12:37.473   069.180.210.xxx   To make people fall out of their chairs in fear of the Hulk (56)
2009_11_28_20:13:28.526   069.180.210.xxx   lol (57)
2009_11_28_20:14:36.389   069.180.210.xxx   Still making paper snowflakes out of coffee filters (58)
2009_11_28_20:14:59.409   098.238.122.xxx   Alek, whats up with Cam 1?
2009_11_28_20:15:58.974   074.195.111.xxx   hey alek did u get my donation? jamesandstormy@suddenlink.net
2009_11_28_20:17:31.612   074.195.111.xxx   wow i dont like the fact all IP addys show up
2009_11_28_20:18:38.448   069.180.210.xxx   yeah, can people find out where you live with them things? goodness..... (59)
2009_11_28_20:19:05.422   068.041.078.xxx   if people know what they are doing, you can (17)
2009_11_28_20:19:47.495   068.041.078.xxx   wow, theres a real lamer (18)
2009_11_28_20:20:11.364   069.180.210.xxx   now, let's not get mad at him (60 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_20:20:55.653   121.214.165.xxx   peace & love to all (16)
2009_11_28_20:21:00.271   069.180.210.xxx   Oh I hope you don't mean that..... (61)
2009_11_28_20:21:40.927   071.072.039.xxx   Are always a few in the crowd., sadly.. (13)
2009_11_28_20:22:15.647   098.227.068.xxx   cr
2009_11_28_20:22:41.702   069.180.210.xxx   They probably didn't mean it, Alek.... (62)
2009_11_28_20:23:06.628   098.227.068.xxx   fsdlkfjsdfsjd
2009_11_28_20:23:18.620   069.180.210.xxx   there are children on the site... (63)
2009_11_28_20:24:14.330   121.214.165.xxx   did you know that our isp address is displayed !!! so.... (17)
2009_11_28_20:24:48.829   121.214.165.xxx   best to be nice now.... (18)
2009_11_28_20:25:27.163   071.072.039.xxx   Are always a few in the crowd., sadly.. (14)
2009_11_28_20:25:56.487   121.214.165.xxx   luckily there are more of us than them !!!! (19)
2009_11_28_20:27:10.415   121.214.165.xxx   with no brain (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_20:28:17.780   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** James: Since the donation is direct to UofM, they have to tell me if someone donates ... but thanks! ***ALEK***
2009_11_28_20:32:07.433   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays to 1 and all.! (15)
2009_11_28_20:35:31.315   072.171.000.xxx   Pass the pie please!
2009_11_28_20:41:45.576   071.072.039.xxx   58 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!!!! (16)
2009_11_28_20:42:50.599   072.171.000.xxx   Galena Alaska is in the house
2009_11_28_20:54:50.473   024.117.126.xxx   hi all
2009_11_28_21:10:07.997   024.096.213.xxx   ARRRRRRR
2009_11_28_21:10:10.332   074.097.096.xxx   hey
2009_11_28_21:10:55.963   024.096.213.xxx   hello
2009_11_28_21:11:03.917   074.097.096.xxx   merry christmas to all
2009_11_28_21:11:29.186   024.096.213.xxx   where is everyone from?
2009_11_28_21:12:01.519   074.097.096.xxx   who likes nutcrackers
2009_11_28_21:14:25.280   068.041.078.xxx   HO! HO! HO! (19)
2009_11_28_21:14:31.945   067.215.128.xxx   Oh I like nutcrackers ___3
2009_11_28_21:15:59.890   067.215.128.xxx   Oh teehee x3
2009_11_28_21:16:36.633   098.163.074.xxx   Be good everyone
2009_11_28_21:16:59.623   067.215.128.xxx   Neber :C
2009_11_28_21:17:58.160   074.170.136.xxx   I really want your Ranier Beer Sign, Rick
2009_11_28_21:18:00.424   067.215.128.xxx   x3 (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_21:18:50.876   074.170.136.xxx   I want that Ranier Beer sign
2009_11_28_21:25:47.539   074.170.136.xxx   Merry Christmas from New Orleans
2009_11_28_21:26:32.250   072.131.049.xxx   Happy Holidays from Milwaukee,Wisconsin
2009_11_28_21:27:11.709   173.121.169.xxx   buckeyes rock
2009_11_28_21:28:05.825   173.121.169.xxx   so does xavier
2009_11_28_21:28:57.405   173.121.169.xxx   do h lexie wood
2009_11_28_21:29:16.116   024.127.055.xxx   kipp says this is coooool
2009_11_28_21:30:27.589   068.009.089.xxx   cool
2009_11_28_21:30:28.450   072.131.049.xxx   AWESOME!
2009_11_28_21:32:01.438   173.121.169.xxx   Buckeyes Rose Bowl Victory
2009_11_28_21:39:51.759   071.072.039.xxx   Oh ya., OSU all the way.! (17)
2009_11_28_21:40:40.748   082.004.038.xxx   hi
2009_11_28_21:41:28.107   082.004.038.xxx   hi
2009_11_28_21:41:41.793   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about those CU Buffs ... NOT! ***ALEK***
2009_11_28_21:43:50.290   082.004.038.xxx   Hi, we look at ur christmas stuff every year we live in northern ireland, hi!!!!
2009_11_28_21:45:52.981   068.041.078.xxx   I feel sorry for Alek's neighbors LOL (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_28_21:46:17.558   067.235.179.xxx   I'm in bed abt to fall asleep
2009_11_28_21:46:41.281   065.000.130.xxx   Merry Christmas All
2009_11_28_21:47:01.102   173.121.169.xxx   me 2
2009_11_28_21:47:29.131   082.004.038.xxx   me 3
2009_11_28_21:49:39.899   082.004.038.xxx   me 4
2009_11_28_21:50:24.768   067.237.092.xxx   HO HO HO!
2009_11_28_21:50:43.683   173.086.065.xxx   i cant wait until christmas
2009_11_28_21:51:02.368   082.004.038.xxx   night night from northern ireland as it is
2009_11_28_21:51:33.387   173.086.065.xxx   how are you ?
2009_11_28_21:51:52.169   082.004.038.xxx   i am fine
2009_11_28_21:53:02.188   173.086.065.xxx   go to LINK DELETED
2009_11_28_21:54:00.269   071.072.039.xxx   48 people viewing Christmas Lights - CRAZY!!!!! (18)
2009_11_28_21:54:04.105   173.086.065.xxx   CAN I SEE YOU ? PLEASE
2009_11_28_21:55:00.852   173.086.065.xxx   YES
2009_11_28_21:56:01.691   068.218.021.xxx   Happy Holiday's from Madison, Georgia
2009_11_28_21:56:03.464   173.086.065.xxx   WBRE EYEWITNESS NEWS WEATHER
2009_11_28_21:57:47.581   071.127.070.xxx   Hello from Fort Wayne,IN whoo hoo happy holidays
2009_11_28_21:58:43.171   173.121.169.xxx   2 minutes to midnight
2009_11_28_21:59:15.838   068.041.078.xxx   HURRY UP AND PLAY WITH THE LIGHTS WHILE WE CAN! (21)
2009_11_28_21:59:52.779   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings + good nite from Ohio.. (19)
2009_11_28_21:59.99.999   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY, there's is always tomorrow to turn the lights on and off - D'OH!   ;-) ***ALEK***

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