346 christmas text messages on 2009/1129

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,150 times that day including 1,902 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1129

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_11_29_16:51:49.526   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Taking a few pictures tonight - X10 controls on at about 5:10 ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_16:53:14.660   082.042.109.xxx   HELLO FROM THE UK
2009_11_29_16:53:49.377   082.042.109.xxx   YES I WAS FIRST YIp**EE
2009_11_29_16:55:09.636   067.149.165.xxx   hello all
2009_11_29_16:55:34.948   212.139.075.xxx   hello kayleigh
2009_11_29_16:55:46.967   067.149.165.xxx   hi loren
2009_11_29_16:56:04.395   098.194.250.xxx   hohoho
2009_11_29_16:56:30.432   212.139.075.xxx   iiiiiiiiitttttttttssssssssss xxxxxmmmmaaaaa**sss
2009_11_29_16:57:04.422   072.081.026.xxx   Got my lights up today! WHEW!
2009_11_29_16:57:23.976   212.139.075.xxx   had ours up for 3 weeks lol
2009_11_29_16:57:57.609   072.081.026.xxx   I can't put them up before Thanksgiving.
2009_11_29_16:58:15.613   212.139.075.xxx   lol we in uk so it all good
2009_11_29_16:58:19.671   075.147.047.xxx   ours are up too
2009_11_29_16:58:39.113   098.194.250.xxx   ours r up 2
2009_11_29_16:58:46.867   072.081.026.xxx   I'm first on my block tho! :?
2009_11_29_16:58:51.229   075.147.047.xxx   Hi Cida! I love you!
2009_11_29_16:59:02.184   024.011.038.xxx   hello..
2009_11_29_16:59:24.715   098.194.250.xxx   hi alex
2009_11_29_16:59:31.217   075.147.047.xxx   Hi baby!
2009_11_29_16:59:36.815   099.188.092.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_16:59:42.013   072.081.026.xxx   My neighbor will be scrambling tomorrow. LOL!
2009_11_29_16:59:51.551   024.011.038.xxx   happy holidays to your family
2009_11_29_17:00:30.187   069.015.192.xxx   pants
2009_11_29_17:00:46.084   072.081.026.xxx   british or american?
2009_11_29_17:00:51.217   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_11_29_17:01:00.609   024.011.038.xxx   Your house is Great!
2009_11_29_17:01:04.627   099.146.163.xxx   pants and gravy!
2009_11_29_17:01:52.759   075.147.047.xxx   Bill was here
2009_11_29_17:01:52.944   069.015.192.xxx   pants and gravy and holiday cheer
2009_11_29_17:01:57.674   072.081.026.xxx   must be a different kind of pants
2009_11_29_17:02:07.182   098.194.250.xxx   still full of turkey
2009_11_29_17:02:34.546   099.146.163.xxx   So, Linux is the real deal.
2009_11_29_17:02:46.273   024.210.062.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_17:03:09.456   068.200.235.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_17:03:13.638   099.146.163.xxx   Who is ready for fun?
2009_11_29_17:03:14.819   024.210.062.xxx   merry christ mas
2009_11_29_17:03:26.652   068.195.069.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_17:03:35.560   214.013.201.xxx   Merry Christmas from Iraq
2009_11_29_17:03:40.951   069.015.192.xxx   Rock the inflatable pumpkin!
2009_11_29_17:03:54.209   098.134.044.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_11_29_17:04:35.601   024.210.062.xxx   i hve all of my lights hooked up to light o rama and i have gemmy light show tr
2009_11_29_17:04:59.707   099.146.163.xxx   Christmas, snow, and spite ... a true Christmas.
2009_11_29_17:05:25.470   098.134.044.xxx   Hello!!
2009_11_29_17:05:39.221   099.146.163.xxx   OMG! It's Komar! WOO HOO!
2009_11_29_17:05:40.209   024.210.062.xxx   well hi ya
2009_11_29_17:05:50.357   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done taking pictures - X10 control returned back to you guys ... ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_17:06:18.327   099.146.163.xxx   Rock X10 and Linux and programming.
2009_11_29_17:06:55.120   099.146.163.xxx   No snow yet?!?
2009_11_29_17:07:01.753   098.194.250.xxx   x10 ready
2009_11_29_17:07:29.723   076.182.107.xxx   hello
2009_11_29_17:07:30.007   024.011.038.xxx   so cool..
2009_11_29_17:07:45.522   069.015.192.xxx   must be about 50 outside...how many blinks is that?
2009_11_29_17:08:02.055   212.139.075.xxx   grrr i cant get to control it :(
2009_11_29_17:08:38.781   099.146.163.xxx   All the computer nerds in the house say "Hey-O!"
2009_11_29_17:09:02.352   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey-O! ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_17:09:14.712   099.146.163.xxx   Me too!
2009_11_29_17:09:18.697   214.013.201.xxx   i love christmas lights
2009_11_29_17:09:20.093   024.210.062.xxx   sup
2009_11_29_17:09:22.564   075.250.049.xxx   hey oh
2009_11_29_17:09:25.377   098.134.044.xxx   Hello from Lyons GA
2009_11_29_17:09:43.400   069.015.192.xxx   AY, Sisk?
2009_11_29_17:09:43.626   212.139.075.xxx   alek wens the quietest time lol i cant get a chance to do anythin
2009_11_29_17:09:50.640   024.210.062.xxx   look a kid'
2009_11_29_17:09:59.823   075.250.049.xxx   hey from cape coral florida
2009_11_29_17:10:00.001   214.013.201.xxx   i miss my christmas lights back in va
2009_11_29_17:10:21.888   024.210.062.xxx   look a kid
2009_11_29_17:10:43.072   098.134.044.xxx   Your lights are great!
2009_11_29_17:10:59.617   098.194.250.xxx   great job
2009_11_29_17:11:09.776   069.015.192.xxx   Hello Gandalf 7
2009_11_29_17:11:23.855   099.146.163.xxx   Christmas is fun, yet, enjoyable! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_17:11:50.241   069.015.192.xxx   Nothing like enjoying Christmas lights and a Coca Cola
2009_11_29_17:12:09.490   099.146.163.xxx   Here we go with the Coca Cola advertisements. (11)
2009_11_29_17:12:11.459   069.015.192.xxx   get a load of these guys
2009_11_29_17:12:42.520   069.015.192.xxx   The lights are shining, yet bright
2009_11_29_17:12:54.766   099.146.163.xxx   Hey! This is the most fun you should be allowed to have! (12)
2009_11_29_17:13:09.473   068.057.099.xxx   Hey everyone who is the worst team in NFL
2009_11_29_17:13:44.029   069.015.192.xxx   the rangers (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_17:14:14.522   099.146.163.xxx   That Brett guy is pretty good ... (13)
2009_11_29_17:14:38.960   069.015.192.xxx   too bad we can't deflate Bogg's jeans (11)
2009_11_29_17:14:57.168   099.146.163.xxx   Giggles (14)
2009_11_29_17:15:20.847   069.015.192.xxx   shrimps (12)
2009_11_29_17:15:25.909   214.013.201.xxx   how about those cowboys
2009_11_29_17:15:31.235   068.057.099.xxx   Brett is good but cambeel stinks
2009_11_29_17:15:56.327   069.015.192.xxx   did the cowboys win today? (13)
2009_11_29_17:16:32.430   099.146.163.xxx   Well, they didn't lose ... if you know what I am saying! (15)
2009_11_29_17:16:34.132   069.015.192.xxx   button just flew off shirt, hurt kid (14)
2009_11_29_17:17:07.802   099.146.163.xxx   Who are these people? (16)
2009_11_29_17:17:11.515   069.015.192.xxx   corn chips, milk shake, christmas (15)
2009_11_29_17:18:11.531   099.146.163.xxx   You don't deserve Linux controlled Christmas lights. (17)
2009_11_29_17:18:12.209   069.015.192.xxx   corn chips and salsa....good yet tasty? (16)
2009_11_29_17:18:48.791   069.015.192.xxx   Uncle Blurdon would love this site (17)
2009_11_29_17:20:08.770   069.015.192.xxx   you know who else loves this site? mike saxon (18)
2009_11_29_17:20:31.754   069.015.192.xxx   OMG a human! (19)
2009_11_29_17:21:12.075   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** "When is the quietest time" - it only gets busier from here on out! ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_17:21:48.372   069.015.192.xxx   Lovie Smith, Hall of Fame coach? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_17:22:20.601   069.015.192.xxx   Yes, but not in the Pro Football Hall (21)
2009_11_29_17:22:56.685   069.015.192.xxx   Funyans eating Hall of Fame? (22)
2009_11_29_17:23:01.890   099.146.163.xxx   Football ... disgusting! (18)
2009_11_29_17:23:26.333   069.015.192.xxx   You're disgusting! (23)
2009_11_29_17:23:31.838   024.210.062.xxx   evertings off
2009_11_29_17:24:39.608   069.015.192.xxx   Calves, are you out there? (24)
2009_11_29_17:25:15.136   069.015.192.xxx   out there with a samwich and soda (25)
2009_11_29_17:25:44.051   070.152.254.xxx   daniel is on
2009_11_29_17:26:20.943   069.015.192.xxx   the I-Toilet.......Madoff!!!!!!!! (26)
2009_11_29_17:27:23.108   069.015.192.xxx   It would be cool if all those inflatables formed into Voltron (27)
2009_11_29_17:28:01.707   099.146.163.xxx   Thanks for providing this website! We enjoy it! (19)
2009_11_29_17:29:27.577   069.015.192.xxx   Sir? Stizumps? You guys there? (28)
2009_11_29_17:29:30.749   069.108.175.xxx   i like pie
2009_11_29_17:30:11.571   069.108.175.xxx   no, really. i like pie
2009_11_29_17:31:08.527   069.015.192.xxx   pie-ce out fools, hahahahahaha!!!!!! (29)
2009_11_29_17:31:27.621   069.108.175.xxx   i like pie
2009_11_29_17:32:08.756   069.108.175.xxx   HONEY, ITS DINNER TIME lol
2009_11_29_17:32:49.565   207.200.116.xxx   be right there!
2009_11_29_17:33:01.827   069.108.175.xxx   haha
2009_11_29_17:33:22.430   207.200.116.xxx   whats for dinner?
2009_11_29_17:33:24.635   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I finished the last leftover Thanksgiving Pie for breakfast this morning - BURP! ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_17:34:55.565   214.013.201.xxx   a piece of pumpkin pie would be nice right about now
2009_11_29_17:37:47.199   069.108.175.xxx   I guess I should get back to working on my site ___.___
2009_11_29_17:42:36.551   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pumpkin on webcam3 so you can make that pie! ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_17:43:35.562   074.078.247.xxx   hihihihihihihihihihihihihi
2009_11_29_17:44:15.452   098.193.040.xxx   im bored
2009_11_29_17:44:49.460   074.078.247.xxx   Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_11_29_17:45:32.450   098.193.040.xxx   jimmys gonna get you cramer
2009_11_29_17:46:27.980   074.078.247.xxx   hi alex
2009_11_29_17:47:03.789   074.078.247.xxx   streetlight
2009_11_29_17:49:32.950   092.028.066.xxx   hi alec ! wave to everyone in N. Ireland
2009_11_29_17:49:50.222   149.254.219.xxx   hello
2009_11_29_17:50:53.598   092.028.066.xxx   co-ordinated lights out
2009_11_29_17:51:30.770   068.057.099.xxx   why is offline alek's
2009_11_29_17:52:00.521   092.028.066.xxx   ah did'nt realise cam is offline
2009_11_29_17:53:17.358   082.023.064.xxx   Goodnight from the UK!
2009_11_29_17:53:42.996   068.057.099.xxx   Goodnight from USA
2009_11_29_17:55:14.748   087.102.044.xxx   I love this website!
2009_11_29_17:55:36.693   068.057.099.xxx   Alek's talk to use for once
2009_11_29_17:55:58.679   024.233.189.xxx   hello from florida
2009_11_29_17:56:08.356   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Houston we have a problem - webcam2 is down - investigating ... ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_17:56:42.076   068.057.099.xxx   investingeting what
2009_11_29_17:57:33.791   068.038.130.xxx   yay christmas (:
2009_11_29_17:58:30.817   068.057.099.xxx   yes it's back line thanks alek's
2009_11_29_17:58:39.559   071.072.039.xxx   !! Cool.. It's back on..
2009_11_29_18:00:27.785   068.057.099.xxx   It's Christmas YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA
2009_11_29_18:00:52.087   098.110.005.xxx   this is stupeddddddddd
2009_11_29_18:01:16.352   068.057.099.xxx   who ever has TBS santa Claus 1 is on
2009_11_29_18:01:23.004   098.110.005.xxx   show cam 111111
2009_11_29_18:08:02.465   071.201.014.xxx   I look forward to this every year...HH from Indiana
2009_11_29_18:09:29.976   068.057.099.xxx   who's  going to watch stormchasers fanile (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_18:10:09.374   071.072.039.xxx   As do I along w/the Halloween cams..
2009_11_29_18:11:41.497   024.233.189.xxx   this is really cool!
2009_11_29_18:12:49.153   156.034.154.xxx   a mini pumpkin ?!?!?! why!!!
2009_11_29_18:15:00.466   024.233.189.xxx   take the pumpkin away
2009_11_29_18:15:31.096   065.033.034.xxx   go junior!
2009_11_29_18:15:55.098   024.233.189.xxx   nice...replace with beer can?
2009_11_29_18:15:57.338   156.034.154.xxx   yay! beer!
2009_11_29_18:16:23.106   065.033.034.xxx   hello Moshi
2009_11_29_18:16:31.379   071.072.039.xxx   !!
2009_11_29_18:17:02.174   065.033.034.xxx   CHARLIE WAS HERE :D
2009_11_29_18:17:25.479   068.218.021.xxx   Hello from Madison,Georgia
2009_11_29_18:23:19.837   069.069.018.xxx   Is this online tonight?
2009_11_29_18:23:42.409   069.096.243.xxx   ha
2009_11_29_18:24:09.618   069.096.243.xxx   hey u
2009_11_29_18:24:26.957   071.072.039.xxx   !!
2009_11_29_18:24:31.837   069.180.210.xxx   Hi from Tennessee!
2009_11_29_18:24:47.485   069.096.243.xxx   vvovv
2009_11_29_18:25:14.995   069.096.243.xxx   qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
2009_11_29_18:25:41.509   069.096.243.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_18:26:26.447   069.096.243.xxx   wats up
2009_11_29_18:27:22.439   069.096.243.xxx   hello people
2009_11_29_18:29:41.285   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Internet peeps! ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_18:30:21.003   069.180.210.xxx   Hello!
2009_11_29_18:32:45.512   072.094.197.xxx   hi alek
2009_11_29_18:32:57.221   207.255.091.xxx   sup people
2009_11_29_18:33:21.815   072.094.197.xxx   can u wave alek, when is the 1st cam coming on
2009_11_29_18:33:58.495   207.255.091.xxx   this is awsome aleks
2009_11_29_18:35:00.046   207.255.091.xxx   jfoeguoyhoiuguoefjgoijpgjeopigh
2009_11_29_18:35:17.746   068.010.066.xxx   i told my aunt about your causr
2009_11_29_18:35:40.913   068.041.078.xxx   testing 123
2009_11_29_18:35:46.873   068.010.066.xxx   cause
2009_11_29_18:36:02.847   207.255.091.xxx   this is sweet peace on earth
2009_11_29_18:36:06.848   069.096.243.xxx   yo
2009_11_29_18:36:43.643   068.041.078.xxx   looks like Alek fixed the IP issue and blocked the last 3 digits
2009_11_29_18:37:33.117   069.180.210.xxx   Yay! I emailed him about it last night. I feel much better now
2009_11_29_18:38:29.668   069.180.210.xxx   Thanks Alek!
2009_11_29_18:38:46.523   068.010.066.xxx   she also has a child with it
2009_11_29_18:38:52.414   069.096.243.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_18:38:54.318   207.255.091.xxx   wave high aleks
2009_11_29_18:38:54.985   068.041.078.xxx   quick reply to emails too, considering someone whos busy a lot
2009_11_29_18:39:37.946   207.255.091.xxx   wave high aleks
2009_11_29_18:40:50.242   069.180.210.xxx   Yup, very quick
2009_11_29_18:41:31.768   072.081.026.xxx   Yaay!
2009_11_29_18:41:33.353   068.010.066.xxx   i fixed her a special cake
2009_11_29_18:41:52.542   069.180.210.xxx   Yay!
2009_11_29_18:42:11.270   068.010.066.xxx   at my brothers wedding
2009_11_29_18:43:44.774   207.255.091.xxx   BYE PEOPLE SEE YOU TOMMOROW PEAS ON EARTH PEAS ON EART
2009_11_29_18:46:55.237   099.012.231.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_18:48:22.587   156.034.154.xxx   Dog Named Christmas on CBS tonight!!
2009_11_29_18:50:39.555   067.246.017.xxx   happy Advent!
2009_11_29_18:50:46.788   069.180.210.xxx   awesome
2009_11_29_18:51:43.586   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** FYI: Picture from earlier this evening posted on the Blog ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_18:52:01.102   071.065.048.xxx   Hello from Ohio!
2009_11_29_18:52:38.477   067.246.017.xxx   Happy Holidays Alek!
2009_11_29_18:55:53.535   067.246.017.xxx   Alek, which is your favorite decoration?
2009_11_29_18:57:40.297   071.072.039.xxx   88 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!!!!
2009_11_29_19:09:29.534   071.245.150.xxx   Hi
2009_11_29_19:10:52.662   068.007.128.xxx   Hey how come the cameras are off
2009_11_29_19:11:43.986   068.007.128.xxx   um cananybody see the lights and stuff cause my computers says the webcams are 
2009_11_29_19:12:19.772   068.007.128.xxx   ok its back my computer didnt upload the pictures
2009_11_29_19:13:00.422   096.039.160.xxx   Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
2009_11_29_19:13:06.597   068.007.128.xxx   hey alek howcome webcam 1 is off
2009_11_29_19:16:23.439   067.185.254.xxx   WOOHOO! Another Year! -Ian
2009_11_29_19:20:35.727   067.185.254.xxx   Give us a big wave!
2009_11_29_19:21:32.919   067.185.254.xxx   Merry Christmas from Eden Bible Church!
2009_11_29_19:27:38.253   072.224.144.xxx   why don't you use live feed cams?
2009_11_29_19:28:38.949   068.054.178.xxx   hello
2009_11_29_19:29:45.318   068.054.178.xxx   You are so f***en stupid. cam 1 is offline
2009_11_29_19:30:15.013   096.229.049.xxx   hi
2009_11_29_19:31:01.075   096.229.049.xxx   nice lights man!
2009_11_29_19:31:12.063   068.041.078.xxx   BBBUUURRRRPPP!!!
2009_11_29_19:31:46.023   096.229.049.xxx   LOL!
2009_11_29_19:32:25.298   096.229.049.xxx   I WANT TO CONTROll UR HOUSE:(
2009_11_29_19:32:55.017   096.229.049.xxx   but*** offline!
2009_11_29_19:33:29.431   096.229.049.xxx   but*** offline!
2009_11_29_19:33:37.960   068.054.178.xxx   i am glad i am not your neighbors
2009_11_29_19:34:07.515   096.229.049.xxx   CAN YEW TURN OFFLINE ON!
2009_11_29_19:34:10.239   068.054.178.xxx   ba**
2009_11_29_19:35:21.070   121.214.165.xxx   hi Alek, do you have a huge electricity bill?
2009_11_29_19:38:02.961   096.229.049.xxx   When Can yew Turn On Ur Frontt HOuse on Alek???
2009_11_29_19:38:24.973   068.009.089.xxx   Monday, hopefully.
2009_11_29_19:38:25.144   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** See bottom of webcam page for electric bill - couple bucks a day - worth it? ***ALEK***
2009_11_29_19:39:04.223   099.174.232.xxx   datsun
2009_11_29_19:39:08.003   096.229.049.xxx   dfh
2009_11_29_19:39:34.460   096.229.049.xxx   he left:___ (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_19:39:49.409   099.025.102.xxx   /thread
2009_11_29_19:39:58.813   121.214.165.xxx   Alek has left the building
2009_11_29_19:40:11.403   067.165.221.xxx   wow
2009_11_29_19:40:22.376   096.229.049.xxx   lol, turn on the main house (11)
2009_11_29_19:40:35.316   099.025.102.xxx   i think the refresh time for text has changed
2009_11_29_19:40:42.752   067.165.221.xxx   i can haz power
2009_11_29_19:41:16.734   066.043.226.xxx   hi from Iowa
2009_11_29_19:41:26.834   099.025.102.xxx   plos
2009_11_29_19:41:55.745   066.043.226.xxx   this is pretty cool..thanks for doing it
2009_11_29_19:47:36.672   024.127.003.xxx   i'm back from halloween so you had any monsters or mask parties alex?
2009_11_29_19:49:46.000   074.038.228.xxx   cooool
2009_11_29_19:49:57.296   072.042.081.xxx   Type text & CR to seeffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffvc    
2009_11_29_19:54:13.142   024.127.003.xxx   911
2009_11_29_19:54:14.699   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings.!
2009_11_29_19:54:45.431   068.009.089.xxx   go get a life
2009_11_29_19:54:53.416   071.065.048.xxx   Hello from Ohio!
2009_11_29_19:55:21.066   024.127.003.xxx   ___welcome___
2009_11_29_19:56:02.120   024.127.003.xxx   finish him
2009_11_29_19:56:15.868   076.182.107.xxx   and i thought i had a lot of lights
2009_11_29_19:56:21.375   071.072.039.xxx   Hey Ohio.! Lorain here..
2009_11_29_19:56:38.001   068.009.089.xxx   do I really have to, I think he finished himself?
2009_11_29_19:56:50.937   024.127.003.xxx   yea
2009_11_29_19:57:17.888   024.127.003.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_11_29_19:57:47.349   024.127.003.xxx   someones nutty
2009_11_29_19:58:49.530   024.127.003.xxx   youve been on here snowman watching me
2009_11_29_19:59:49.419   068.009.089.xxx   I killed the snowmen!
2009_11_29_19:59:57.333   024.127.003.xxx   christmas webcam 1 needs to be on
2009_11_29_20:00:17.510   068.009.089.xxx   it be broken
2009_11_29_20:00:43.599   024.127.003.xxx   death dealers r welcomed (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_20:01:22.193   024.127.003.xxx   im lynchburg va (11)
2009_11_29_20:01:55.464   024.127.003.xxx   a cop city of goverments (12)
2009_11_29_20:03:22.484   075.045.252.xxx   what up, kumar?
2009_11_29_20:03:34.911   074.229.191.xxx   Merry Christmas !
2009_11_29_20:04:06.379   075.045.252.xxx   booyah
2009_11_29_20:04:24.539   024.127.003.xxx   shallom (13)
2009_11_29_20:04:41.664   074.229.191.xxx   very nice and ingenius setup!
2009_11_29_20:05:16.755   024.127.003.xxx   blackout (14)
2009_11_29_20:05:22.119   075.045.252.xxx   this is amazing! i press the keys, and letters appear on my screen.
2009_11_29_20:06:15.138   024.127.003.xxx   misel toe (15)
2009_11_29_20:06:38.957   074.229.191.xxx   missle toe
2009_11_29_20:07:09.916   074.229.191.xxx   hey! what time is it?
2009_11_29_20:07:18.877   024.127.003.xxx   now kiss it (16)
2009_11_29_20:07:35.784   075.045.252.xxx   missile tow
2009_11_29_20:07:45.101   024.127.003.xxx   joke (17)
2009_11_29_20:09:07.625   074.229.191.xxx   why is the Jack-o-lanter still up?
2009_11_29_20:09:59.128   024.127.003.xxx   i'm going door to door to give you this specale produck...meds for cancer dot c (18)
2009_11_29_20:10:46.000   075.045.252.xxx   this website is the only thing keeping my head out of the oven right now.
2009_11_29_20:10:50.217   024.127.003.xxx   i want to give you 5 dollers (19)
2009_11_29_20:11:40.215   024.127.003.xxx   but i dont know hoe to send it (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_20:12:12.425   024.127.003.xxx   thats how sorry (21)
2009_11_29_20:13:14.814   068.037.135.xxx   hello from pennsylvania
2009_11_29_20:13:45.921   068.009.089.xxx   Colder than a witche's tit right now.
2009_11_29_20:14:05.006   068.037.135.xxx   Philadelphia Eagles Rock!!!!!!
2009_11_29_20:14:49.973   068.009.089.xxx   wizard of oz
2009_11_29_20:15:10.414   068.037.135.xxx   go Eagles
2009_11_29_20:15:12.434   024.127.003.xxx   well goodbye alek. got sleep p***entions. later. (22)
2009_11_29_20:15:55.905   068.037.135.xxx   nite nite
2009_11_29_20:16:30.834   069.180.210.xxx   hello!
2009_11_29_20:18:22.061   068.037.135.xxx   bah humbug
2009_11_29_20:18:57.310   068.037.135.xxx   I BET YOUR NEIGHBORS HATE YOU
2009_11_29_20:25:28.527   098.238.122.xxx   ah, 61 degrees in south florida......
2009_11_29_20:27:13.282   075.063.049.xxx   35 degrees in chicago
2009_11_29_20:27:54.777   099.053.097.xxx   70 in South Texas
2009_11_29_20:28:08.571   099.194.243.xxx   good night from Magnolia Springs, Al
2009_11_29_20:28:09.232   075.063.049.xxx   merry christmas cj
2009_11_29_20:30:14.456   099.194.243.xxx   Merry Christmas Paula
2009_11_29_20:32:04.744   075.063.049.xxx   I love you Valerite will you marry me?
2009_11_29_20:33:14.773   121.214.165.xxx   omg a proposal
2009_11_29_20:33:49.599   121.214.165.xxx   woooo hooo :)
2009_11_29_20:34:59.254   075.063.049.xxx   She said yes !!!
2009_11_29_20:35:01.504   071.190.073.xxx   Ty et
2009_11_29_20:35:39.457   121.214.165.xxx   awwwww  cute
2009_11_29_20:37:09.829   068.009.089.xxx   congrat's
2009_11_29_20:37:19.217   071.234.009.xxx   Good Night From East Haven,CT
2009_11_29_20:37:46.379   068.009.089.xxx   Good night from hartford ct
2009_11_29_20:38:03.261   121.214.165.xxx   cheers from Melbourne Australia
2009_11_29_20:39:59.187   075.063.049.xxx   Happy Hollidays to the whole world from Chicago Il.
2009_11_29_20:42:33.446   068.009.089.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_20:44:48.025   070.251.194.xxx   hiya
2009_11_29_20:44:51.638   098.030.206.xxx   Hi Alek - glad the lights are back on line!
2009_11_29_20:45:23.172   156.034.154.xxx   no
2009_11_29_20:45:32.204   070.251.194.xxx   hiya from Texas
2009_11_29_20:45:55.121   098.030.206.xxx   Love the Christmas season and the controllable lights!!
2009_11_29_20:46:19.023   070.251.194.xxx   yeah this is really cool
2009_11_29_20:46:32.366   098.030.206.xxx   Hello from Lima Ohio
2009_11_29_20:47:06.067   216.161.093.xxx   this is fun!
2009_11_29_20:47:23.552   068.009.089.xxx   school tomorrow, good night everyone (11)
2009_11_29_20:47:38.885   070.251.194.xxx   have a GOOD ONE!
2009_11_29_20:47:55.323   068.009.089.xxx   May the lord be with you. (12)
2009_11_29_20:48:21.902   070.251.194.xxx   And also with you.
2009_11_29_20:49:06.841   098.030.206.xxx   Alek's lights are the best!!
2009_11_29_20:49:33.919   070.251.194.xxx   yes they are awsome!
2009_11_29_20:51:30.708   070.251.194.xxx   Hi Santa!!!
2009_11_29_20:58:10.761   068.009.089.xxx   there it is (13)
2009_11_29_20:59:24.479   068.009.089.xxx   BEER!!!! -------___ (14)
2009_11_29_21:01:24.310   069.180.210.xxx   Good night people! Got school tomorrow!
2009_11_29_21:02:15.086   071.225.013.xxx   Hi everyone
2009_11_29_21:04:22.049   071.225.013.xxx   This is sooo cool!
2009_11_29_21:07:47.413   076.188.057.xxx   Greetings from Dover Ohio
2009_11_29_21:08:30.558   076.188.057.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Tuscarawas Valley, Ohio!!!!
2009_11_29_21:14:57.212   076.020.090.xxx   mmmmmmmmm beeerrrrrr
2009_11_29_21:15:27.807   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_11_29_21:18:09.994   071.072.039.xxx   !! 68 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!!
2009_11_29_21:18:48.038   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE WAS HERE"
2009_11_29_21:19:23.676   063.230.026.xxx   Never get involved in a land war in Asia.
2009_11_29_21:25:28.361   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_11_29_21:25:30.521   174.016.055.xxx   Hello!
2009_11_29_21:25:51.519   067.232.071.xxx   HI
2009_11_29_21:26:19.679   174.016.055.xxx   Hello from Loveland Colorado!
2009_11_29_21:29:24.627   063.201.025.xxx   hello from nevada
2009_11_29_21:30:15.495   071.072.039.xxx   Greetingz from Lorain, Ohio.!
2009_11_29_21:45:01.132   068.041.078.xxx   whoever was fighting me, have fun, ive reached my limit LOL
2009_11_29_21:49:35.162   071.072.039.xxx   !!  43 people viewing Christmas Lights - CRAZY!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_29_21:56:50.834   068.041.078.xxx   Hey Alek, you need to up the 250 click limit, that goes by too quick
2009_11_29_21:59:20.055   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays + Good nite from Ohio.!! (11)

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