274 christmas text messages on 2009/1130

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,543 times that day including 2,725 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1130

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_11_30_17:00:35.664   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_11_30_17:00:48.697   068.041.078.xxx   AAAAAND THEY'RE OFF!!!
2009_11_30_17:01:21.588   068.041.078.xxx   YOU KILLED ELMO !
2009_11_30_17:01:41.681   072.197.009.xxx   D'oh!
2009_11_30_17:02:59.240   149.254.217.xxx   hiya martin
2009_11_30_17:03:15.167   069.180.210.xxx   Cool! Camera one is up! :D
2009_11_30_17:03:29.564   149.254.217.xxx   w*****
2009_11_30_17:03:59.674   149.254.217.xxx   dratsab
2009_11_30_17:04:09.811   072.197.009.xxx   Merry Christmas! =)
2009_11_30_17:04:27.040   074.079.051.xxx   hello
2009_11_30_17:04:45.024   149.254.217.xxx   the red clock is wrong
2009_11_30_17:05:19.594   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, the Red Clock DOES have the correct time - look closely! ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_17:05:32.199   069.180.210.xxx   No ,it's right*** in mountain time
2009_11_30_17:05:53.193   072.197.009.xxx   Type text &Different Timezone CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_11_30_17:05:53.385   070.181.018.xxx   Hello Alex!
2009_11_30_17:05:58.390   072.081.026.xxx   Yay! Cam 1 is up!
2009_11_30_17:06:04.612   074.079.051.xxx   hello
2009_11_30_17:06:15.749   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, webcam1 is up (temporary place - wireless issues) and MORE stuff still to put out  ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_17:06:22.306   149.254.217.xxx   i want snoooow
2009_11_30_17:06:30.997   069.180.210.xxx   Sorry, made a typo. Can't type that well
2009_11_30_17:06:32.726   024.145.063.xxx   Howdy
2009_11_30_17:06:47.191   070.181.018.xxx   Merry Christmas All - 3rd year
2009_11_30_17:06:49.292   074.079.051.xxx   thare is no snow in syracuse ___
2009_11_30_17:07:07.873   149.254.217.xxx   which state is syracuse
2009_11_30_17:07:18.378   069.180.210.xxx   I was trying to type: It is in mountain time
2009_11_30_17:07:28.174   068.041.078.xxx   new york
2009_11_30_17:07:31.167   070.181.018.xxx   NO SNOW IN HARTFORD CT
2009_11_30_17:07:31.209   074.079.051.xxx   new york
2009_11_30_17:07:47.795   149.254.217.xxx   ah
2009_11_30_17:07:54.741   072.081.026.xxx   I see the Hulk Brothers aren't back from Hawaii yet!
2009_11_30_17:08:04.427   173.173.078.xxx   Hey look over at the camera person
2009_11_30_17:08:26.251   074.079.051.xxx   hello
2009_11_30_17:08:27.762   068.041.078.xxx   LMAO!!!
2009_11_30_17:08:34.486   173.173.078.xxx   who are you anyway?
2009_11_30_17:08:49.871   149.254.217.xxx   we've been waiting for the cam to be active for nearly 2 hrs
2009_11_30_17:08:56.415   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa HULK is coming soon - probably tomorrow ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_17:09:01.129   070.181.018.xxx   CT
2009_11_30_17:09:06.374   074.079.051.xxx   no my computer is slow
2009_11_30_17:09:10.928   068.041.078.xxx   Alek that was a PRICELESS mugshot
2009_11_30_17:09:37.810   074.079.051.xxx   by
2009_11_30_17:10:04.226   149.254.217.xxx   we r jo n maz in england
2009_11_30_17:10:19.621   070.181.018.xxx   Santa Here ho ho ho cyber monday
2009_11_30_17:11:18.642   096.252.121.xxx   IM THE BETTER CYBER SANTA
2009_11_30_17:11:40.633   072.081.026.xxx   Whad'yall buy on Cyber Monday?
2009_11_30_17:11:50.880   149.254.217.xxx   my husband wont let me put the tree up til 12th, what do u think? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_17:12:15.512   072.081.026.xxx   Real or Artificial?
2009_11_30_17:12:28.168   070.181.018.xxx   TOO EARLY
2009_11_30_17:12:28.455   096.252.121.xxx   Get a Divorce
2009_11_30_17:12:38.123   149.254.217.xxx   artificial (11)
2009_11_30_17:12:41.767   072.197.009.xxx   Real tree will go brown too fast this early, artificial go for it! =)
2009_11_30_17:12:52.155   156.034.206.xxx   Your husband sounds like a wise man!
2009_11_30_17:12:58.842   072.081.026.xxx   If it's real then I understand waiting.
2009_11_30_17:13:04.860   096.252.121.xxx   GET a Divorce
2009_11_30_17:13:14.751   070.181.018.xxx   THROW THE BUM OUT
2009_11_30_17:13:23.544   149.254.217.xxx   no its fake, he says its bad luck (12)
2009_11_30_17:13:28.397   072.081.026.xxx   or an artificial tree...
2009_11_30_17:13:38.924   082.170.207.xxx   Greetings from HOLLAND!
2009_11_30_17:14:04.212   156.034.206.xxx   What's more important ? True love or a stupid tree?
2009_11_30_17:14:08.892   072.081.026.xxx   Nah. You can put up artys anytime.
2009_11_30_17:14:28.648   149.254.217.xxx   the stupid tree (13)
2009_11_30_17:14:58.334   149.254.217.xxx   just kidding (14)
2009_11_30_17:15:53.927   070.181.018.xxx   you can come over and put my tree up
2009_11_30_17:16:20.269   149.254.217.xxx   where do u lve (15)
2009_11_30_17:16:36.606   070.181.018.xxx   north pole
2009_11_30_17:16:53.690   149.254.217.xxx   too far (16)
2009_11_30_17:16:58.834   072.081.026.xxx   I'll put mine up next weekend.
2009_11_30_17:17:46.337   069.076.000.xxx   Charlotte says Hi!!
2009_11_30_17:18:25.234   070.181.018.xxx   hello Charlotte (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_17:18:35.761   072.081.026.xxx   Waves Hello to Albuqueque!
2009_11_30_17:18:37.592   149.254.217.xxx   the beer sign isnt very christma**y (17)
2009_11_30_17:18:46.719   072.197.009.xxx   Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to ride in a 
2009_11_30_17:19:11.255   149.254.217.xxx   the beer sign isnt very christma**y (18)
2009_11_30_17:19:14.710   072.197.009.xxx   to ride in a one horse open sleigh!
2009_11_30_17:19:18.725   070.181.018.xxx   baaahh humbug (11)
2009_11_30_17:20:24.632   072.081.026.xxx   Fanboi (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_17:20:32.505   149.254.217.xxx   well im heading 4 bed, will prob b bk 2moz (19)
2009_11_30_17:20:57.458   220.233.107.xxx   Hey from Barry down under :-)
2009_11_30_17:20:58.790   070.161.219.xxx   camera 2 keeps going black and white
2009_11_30_17:21:00.585   072.197.009.xxx   Non-system disk or disk error... Abort / Retry / Ignore / Fail?
2009_11_30_17:21:34.524   149.254.217.xxx   fail (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_17:21:43.769   220.233.107.xxx   hello from Barry
2009_11_30_17:22:31.225   149.254.217.xxx   barry in wales? is nessa there? (21)
2009_11_30_17:22:31.799   072.197.009.xxx   hello =)
2009_11_30_17:23:19.553   070.161.219.xxx   uh ohhh crash???
2009_11_30_17:23:24.468   068.041.078.xxx   OVER 100 PEOPLE -- WOOHOO
2009_11_30_17:23:24.905   072.197.009.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_11_30_17:24:14.845   068.041.078.xxx   OVER 100 PEOPLE -- WOOHOO
2009_11_30_17:24:15.958   070.181.018.xxx   Where's Alex? (12)
2009_11_30_17:24:52.501   068.041.078.xxx   OVER 100 PEOPLE -- WOOHOO
2009_11_30_17:26:15.515   072.197.009.xxx   komar.org/cgi-bin/christmas_webcam (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_17:26:24.767   070.181.018.xxx   Merry Christmas! (13)
2009_11_30_17:26:39.064   082.042.109.xxx   lets test x10 controlls. ALL OFF
2009_11_30_17:28:21.989   072.197.009.xxx   ALL OFF =) (11)
2009_11_30_17:28:25.491   070.181.018.xxx   Hello from Conneticut (14)
2009_11_30_17:28:33.954   099.066.210.xxx   hi from san jose, ca
2009_11_30_17:28:45.701   068.041.078.xxx   X-10 FIGHT !!!!!!
2009_11_30_17:28:58.635   072.197.009.xxx   lol (12)
2009_11_30_17:30:13.766   070.181.018.xxx   power outage (15)
2009_11_30_17:30:42.411   070.181.018.xxx   ha ha (16)
2009_11_30_17:30:49.838   076.002.111.xxx   Hello from Florida!!
2009_11_30_17:30:56.692   068.041.078.xxx   YOU KILLED THE POWER GRID !!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_17:31:04.819   166.137.009.xxx   Wolframlights.net
2009_11_30_17:31:46.144   071.072.039.xxx   Lookin good.!
2009_11_30_17:31:47.509   070.181.018.xxx   if we shut all off and leave off alex will come running (17)
2009_11_30_17:32:55.019   068.041.078.xxx   you mean ALEK -- with  a K (11)
2009_11_30_17:33:09.091   070.181.018.xxx   self control (18)
2009_11_30_17:33:37.056   072.197.009.xxx   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2009_11_30_17:33:41.353   070.181.018.xxx   if we shut all off and leave off alex will come running (19)
2009_11_30_17:34:09.570   068.200.235.xxx   HI CHRIS
2009_11_30_17:34:19.182   207.200.116.xxx   no. let him eat his dinner
2009_11_30_17:34:43.403   068.041.078.xxx   you mean ALEK -- with  a K (12)
2009_11_30_17:34:55.718   072.197.009.xxx   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (14)
2009_11_30_17:35:11.926   070.181.018.xxx   no selfcontrol people! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_17:35:39.167   071.072.039.xxx   103 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!!!!!
2009_11_30_17:35:47.724   072.197.009.xxx   Merry Christmas!             _______ (15)
2009_11_30_17:36:32.503   072.197.009.xxx   _______ (16)
2009_11_30_17:39:08.389   076.002.111.xxx   Hello Alyssa From Santa!
2009_11_30_17:39:40.659   068.041.078.xxx   _ (13)
2009_11_30_17:40:04.729   068.041.078.xxx   . (14)
2009_11_30_17:45:30.775   166.137.009.xxx   wolframlights.net
2009_11_30_17:45:37.093   076.198.071.xxx   OMG
2009_11_30_17:46:09.780   068.041.078.xxx   nice mugshot earlier Alek (15)
2009_11_30_17:47:09.889   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Back from eating dinner - did you guys take care of the lights? ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_17:47:21.843   076.198.071.xxx   is he a elf?
2009_11_30_17:48:40.680   173.077.085.xxx   what zone is homer in
2009_11_30_17:49:38.089   076.198.071.xxx   Who's this guy?
2009_11_30_17:50:20.492   068.041.078.xxx   LUUUKE!!! I AM  YOUR      FATHER (16)
2009_11_30_17:51:37.635   070.127.237.xxx   merry christmas dez
2009_11_30_17:51:55.441   076.198.071.xxx   WHO IS THE GUY I SEE?!
2009_11_30_17:52:56.994   068.041.078.xxx   ROFLMAO!!! (17)
2009_11_30_17:55:14.187   076.198.071.xxx   I never seen santa's workshop
2009_11_30_17:59:59.068   068.041.078.xxx   106 viewers right now -- phenominal (18)
2009_11_30_18:00:20.332   076.002.111.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2009_11_30_18:02:16.168   076.198.071.xxx   HEY ELF IM A FAN!!
2009_11_30_18:05:34.503   076.198.071.xxx   santa, i need a laptop
2009_11_30_18:07:54.547   076.198.071.xxx   now where he go?
2009_11_30_18:08:25.198   076.198.071.xxx   oh well
2009_11_30_18:10:49.926   068.041.078.xxx   BBBBBB UUUUUU RRRRRR PPPPPP (19)
2009_11_30_18:12:37.789   156.034.206.xxx   ignorant PIG!
2009_11_30_18:13:04.570   069.180.210.xxx   huh?
2009_11_30_18:14:48.343   156.034.206.xxx   not u
2009_11_30_18:14:55.780   069.180.210.xxx   Hi from Tennessee!
2009_11_30_18:15:39.481   069.180.210.xxx   I was about to say, I don't smell any bacon
2009_11_30_18:16:59.808   069.180.210.xxx   Everyone have a good day, today?
2009_11_30_18:20:42.220   069.180.210.xxx   Hello!
2009_11_30_18:21:03.754   068.109.127.xxx   good to see the lights on again this year
2009_11_30_18:21:27.354   012.019.062.xxx   we really like your website! Merry Christmas! -Taylor, 8
2009_11_30_18:25:51.362   068.195.069.xxx   Merry Christmas from Long Island NY
2009_11_30_18:26:15.123   012.019.062.xxx   hello merry Christmas my name is taylor and im 8 ho ho ho!
2009_11_30_18:27:47.696   012.019.062.xxx   cool lights taylor im 8.
2009_11_30_18:27:58.734   024.056.161.xxx   Evening Alek
2009_11_30_18:28:04.538   068.195.069.xxx   How about a wave :)
2009_11_30_18:30:25.859   012.019.062.xxx   ya a wave!
2009_11_30_18:31:08.398   071.175.196.xxx   HOWDY
2009_11_30_18:31:21.642   156.034.206.xxx   i am waving dammit :p
2009_11_30_18:32:07.923   166.137.009.xxx   wolframlights.net
2009_11_30_18:32:32.765   012.019.062.xxx   sorry, he didnt see you.  also, harsh language to an 8 year old
2009_11_30_18:35:24.957   156.034.206.xxx   sorry we arent all psychic
2009_11_30_18:37:44.937   012.019.062.xxx   sorry, he told you 3 times.  he loves this site, but im afraid to let him come 
2009_11_30_18:39:12.145   156.034.206.xxx   yep all ages all kinds of people out here its true
2009_11_30_18:39:53.969   075.045.252.xxx   booyah
2009_11_30_18:40:55.064   012.019.062.xxx   some parent you must be.  unbelievable
2009_11_30_18:41:35.317   024.229.047.xxx   this site is awesome. i just shared the link on facebook.
2009_11_30_18:41:42.249   024.236.045.xxx   Hello everyone!  :o)
2009_11_30_18:42:23.061   156.034.206.xxx   are the controls kinda sluggish ?
2009_11_30_18:42:53.964   068.195.069.xxx   I hope every1 has a great cristmas:___
2009_11_30_18:44:02.938   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Roger the controls are sluggish - something funky going on with X10 tonight ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_18:44:23.303   093.097.030.xxx   Yay! The Lights are back!!! :D
2009_11_30_18:46:43.327   068.194.244.xxx   Alek are those bells above the wall drug sign new
2009_11_30_18:47:06.309   093.097.030.xxx   Merry Chrismas everyone!!
2009_11_30_18:52:22.719   075.045.252.xxx   booyah
2009_11_30_18:55:04.299   024.236.045.xxx   Happy Holidays Everyone!
2009_11_30_18:57:58.223   072.051.194.xxx   Hello from Kentucky!
2009_11_30_18:59:02.183   024.236.045.xxx   Hello from Minnesota!
2009_11_30_18:59:51.959   068.057.200.xxx   Hi Jack
2009_11_30_18:59:59.678   072.051.194.xxx   Go Vikings!!!
2009_11_30_19:00:52.593   089.244.223.xxx   Greetings from Germany !
2009_11_30_19:03:10.608   166.137.009.xxx   wolframlights.net
2009_11_30_19:13:35.851   076.182.107.xxx   helo world
2009_11_30_19:16:12.778   071.071.093.xxx   Merry Christmas Ya'll!
2009_11_30_19:16:50.728   071.071.093.xxx   Holla back
2009_11_30_19:17:45.768   071.071.093.xxx   Rabble Rabble
2009_11_30_19:21:52.150   072.087.094.xxx   hello
2009_11_30_19:22:26.787   072.087.094.xxx   WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_11_30_19:23:10.503   098.110.005.xxx   you re a @!!____________
2009_11_30_19:24:45.362   072.087.094.xxx   hello from Rhode Island!!
2009_11_30_19:24:53.403   098.110.005.xxx   froosty family is broke
2009_11_30_19:30:12.231   024.236.045.xxx   St. Louis Cardinals Number One
2009_11_30_19:30:54.865   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Frosty Family seems to be working OK for me - just deflated 'em! ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_19:32:25.926   076.250.091.xxx   Thanks for the lights alek!
2009_11_30_19:34:06.343   076.250.091.xxx   is there a pumpkin in cam 2
2009_11_30_19:34:47.402   088.208.236.xxx   Cheers from the UK
2009_11_30_19:35:21.291   024.236.045.xxx   HOMER DOWN HOMER DOWN
2009_11_30_19:36:31.486   088.208.236.xxx   Gooo Saints.!!!
2009_11_30_19:37:09.175   024.236.045.xxx   Go Vikings...NOT
2009_11_30_19:37:20.397   068.009.089.xxx   so mich home work
2009_11_30_19:37:50.289   069.180.210.xxx   Nah, the titans are awesome (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_19:38:21.430   024.236.045.xxx   Rudolph is the best
2009_11_30_19:38:33.183   068.009.089.xxx   merry x mas
2009_11_30_19:43:52.199   099.141.194.xxx   Happy
2009_11_30_19:44:20.759   099.141.194.xxx   Happy Holidays
2009_11_30_19:45:20.032   072.189.237.xxx   2nd year enjoying this display. Thank you!!!!
2009_11_30_19:45:32.592   099.141.194.xxx   Hope tour family is well Alek
2009_11_30_19:50:06.877   156.034.206.xxx   Awesome front lawn this year Alek !
2009_11_30_19:50:50.462   167.206.228.xxx   great job!
2009_11_30_19:51:05.980   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** yea, front lawn isn't shabby this year - now I just need to finish the house! ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_19:52:26.938   072.189.237.xxx   Happy Holidays from sunny & warm Orlando, Florida!!
2009_11_30_19:52:40.738   097.113.110.xxx   awesome fischer stinks
2009_11_30_19:55:30.768   097.113.110.xxx   dad is a poopknuckle
2009_11_30_19:56:04.888   097.113.110.xxx   hunter smells like doody
2009_11_30_19:56:42.527   097.113.110.xxx   great display, very fun to play with the controls
2009_11_30_19:58:42.684   097.113.110.xxx   randy s***** at golf
2009_11_30_20:00:40.422   097.113.110.xxx   randy stinks at golf
2009_11_30_20:04:39.383   070.238.203.xxx   ho ho ho desu
2009_11_30_20:05:20.289   070.238.203.xxx   oh cool IP's are censored now
2009_11_30_20:06:27.389   070.238.203.xxx   I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow X_X
2009_11_30_20:08:01.720   071.072.039.xxx   24-10 Saints @ half time.!!
2009_11_30_20:12:07.426   069.180.210.xxx   My little brother loves the lights (he's 2). (11)
2009_11_30_20:12:48.354   069.180.210.xxx   He laughed when I sent that message (12)
2009_11_30_20:13:31.190   069.180.210.xxx   Hello! (13)
2009_11_30_20:15:26.855   074.084.098.xxx   Very Nice!
2009_11_30_20:22:28.862   074.137.109.xxx   Enjoying your efforts for another year.  Thank you !!!
2009_11_30_20:41:19.533   071.207.214.xxx   hey from Alabama
2009_11_30_20:45:08.888   072.011.053.xxx   hello from north carolina
2009_11_30_20:47:02.318   076.182.107.xxx   hello all
2009_11_30_20:47:38.468   072.011.053.xxx   hello
2009_11_30_20:51:40.377   068.041.078.xxx   interesting...cam 2  messing up, was only showing B&W (20 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_20:59:03.434   070.161.219.xxx   I saw that on cam 2 a few hours ago
2009_11_30_21:00:15.640   072.015.120.xxx   hi
2009_11_30_21:01:09.172   070.161.219.xxx   I wonder if Alek has thought to change to LED lights
2009_11_30_21:02:28.842   072.015.120.xxx   turn off the lights
2009_11_30_21:04:35.971   072.015.120.xxx   I'm buzz lightyear!!!!
2009_11_30_21:06:38.273   071.072.039.xxx   House on cam1 is lookin good.
2009_11_30_21:06:40.730   072.015.120.xxx   is there anybody out there?
2009_11_30_21:07:31.151   097.126.062.xxx   wazzzzup
2009_11_30_21:07:50.885   072.015.120.xxx   hey, we can have a convo on here haha
2009_11_30_21:08:14.135   097.126.062.xxx   i love weed
2009_11_30_21:08:33.357   072.015.120.xxx   good for you
2009_11_30_21:08:43.934   097.126.062.xxx   sure is
2009_11_30_21:09:28.489   071.115.238.xxx   hi
2009_11_30_21:09:52.432   072.015.120.xxx   hello there in TV land
2009_11_30_21:10:30.052   097.126.062.xxx   whos taht
2009_11_30_21:10:31.837   071.115.238.xxx   hello there!
2009_11_30_21:10:40.881   072.015.120.xxx   idk
2009_11_30_21:10:50.700   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, cam2 wireless signal is sometimes flakey, so image ends up B&W ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_21:11:17.034   071.115.238.xxx   what kind of cameras are you using?
2009_11_30_21:11:18.614   072.015.120.xxx   I'm an Elf
2009_11_30_21:11:37.253   097.126.062.xxx   i visit this site everyyear, for about 3 years
2009_11_30_21:11:40.120   089.243.150.xxx   darkwarrior12 FTW
2009_11_30_21:12:07.374   097.126.062.xxx   if this guy is real wave to the screen!
2009_11_30_21:12:51.677   072.015.120.xxx   nope, he's fake alright (10 IM's so far today)
2009_11_30_21:14:25.083   072.015.120.xxx   isn't this invasion of privacy? (11)
2009_11_30_21:16:53.260   205.188.117.xxx   Happy Holidays from Detroit!
2009_11_30_21:17:26.472   072.015.120.xxx   wow wow wow wow wow (12)
2009_11_30_21:18:06.839   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings from Ohio.!
2009_11_30_21:18:56.455   069.123.186.xxx   Merry Christmas From Long Island
2009_11_30_21:20:06.193   072.015.120.xxx   And a Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da  Christams from Georgia (13)
2009_11_30_21:22:12.762   072.015.120.xxx   Yes Virginia, Santa is a house robber (14)
2009_11_30_21:22:40.630   067.190.038.xxx   hellllllloooooo
2009_11_30_21:22:59.108   072.015.120.xxx   who is this Tigger? (15)
2009_11_30_21:23:15.448   067.190.038.xxx   Happy Hanukkah
2009_11_30_21:23:20.485   099.003.100.xxx   its chester the m*******
2009_11_30_21:23:24.985   070.238.203.xxx   I'm a grumpy munchkin
2009_11_30_21:24:05.038   072.015.120.xxx   you're grumpy, i'm dopey, he's happy, that's Doc (16)
2009_11_30_21:24:22.743   099.003.100.xxx   m*******
2009_11_30_21:24:31.120   067.190.038.xxx   Very Cool!!!
2009_11_30_21:24:31.810   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee! :D (14)
2009_11_30_21:28:01.249   098.195.048.xxx   Merry Christmas from Texas
2009_11_30_21:29:54.745   098.195.048.xxx   Happy Holidays
2009_11_30_21:33:31.892   069.180.210.xxx   Hello to Texas, Detroit, Georgia, Ohio, Long Island, & everyone else! (15)
2009_11_30_21:37:26.299   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ditto hello to everyone from around the world! ***ALEK***
2009_11_30_21:39:26.526   069.180.210.xxx   Hello to you too, Alek (16)
2009_11_30_21:56:56.503   068.041.078.xxx   Alek do you just sit there as people make themselves look like fools? (21)
2009_11_30_21:59:24.272   071.072.039.xxx   Good nite from Ohio.. Check back on 2sday..

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