412 christmas text messages on 2009/1202

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,932 times that day including 2,341 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1202

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_02_17:00:35.213   068.009.089.xxx   hello
2009_12_02_17:00:51.014   070.137.006.xxx   YEA!!!!!!!
2009_12_02_17:01:26.208   068.009.089.xxx   how many inches of snow?
2009_12_02_17:01:59.513   070.137.006.xxx   it seems like the "green HO" isn't working..
2009_12_02_17:02:01.309   068.009.089.xxx   Is it stiill snowing?
2009_12_02_17:02:07.563   213.089.209.xxx   im the swedish chef!
2009_12_02_17:02:44.244   070.137.006.xxx   Is the green "HO" working?
2009_12_02_17:03:07.828   024.126.024.xxx   i see it
2009_12_02_17:04:06.067   070.137.006.xxx   It doesn't seem like it.
2009_12_02_17:04:47.900   070.137.006.xxx   Wow the Controls have already overloaded 50 times.
2009_12_02_17:05:26.102   070.137.006.xxx   Make that 100 overloads..
2009_12_02_17:05:51.741   024.126.024.xxx   Whooohooooo
2009_12_02_17:05:56.745   069.114.135.xxx   Hi
2009_12_02_17:06:07.400   068.009.089.xxx   wher dose it say the overloads?
2009_12_02_17:06:29.671   024.251.115.xxx   hello from arizona
2009_12_02_17:06:32.213   024.126.024.xxx   Green HO is working just fine
2009_12_02_17:06:53.312   079.239.061.xxx   97 overloads..gues we___ve done too much
2009_12_02_17:07:13.047   070.137.006.xxx   Yay I caused the 100th overload!!
2009_12_02_17:07:48.408   024.251.115.xxx   Micah Stanley!
2009_12_02_17:09:39.954   024.251.115.xxx   I hope to leave Arizona soon and come bk to CO
2009_12_02_17:10:05.007   070.137.006.xxx   Wow someone killed the lights with the overloads.
2009_12_02_17:10:06.470   067.035.082.xxx   cr
2009_12_02_17:10:54.941   068.009.089.xxx   Welcome back Windoze Chrome Surfer 068.009.089.xxx from Granby Connecticut Unit
2009_12_02_17:11:01.450   070.137.006.xxx   LOOK AT THE OVERLOADS O_O
2009_12_02_17:13:22.071   070.137.006.xxx   This failz (lol) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_17:14:25.922   068.009.089.xxx   off
2009_12_02_17:14:32.861   070.137.006.xxx   Alek more than half of the toggles were overloads... (11)
2009_12_02_17:15:23.678   068.009.089.xxx   this web site could use a facelift*** so windows 95...lol.
2009_12_02_17:15:48.173   070.137.006.xxx   Webcams are sooooo Windows XP. (12)
2009_12_02_17:18:22.010   125.238.096.xxx   The controls are almost online?
2009_12_02_17:18:57.688   070.137.006.xxx   they're all online, people just turn them off. Plus ALOT of overloads in the la (13)
2009_12_02_17:19:25.143   125.238.096.xxx   I meant the controls will be enabled shortly...
2009_12_02_17:19:36.928   070.137.006.xxx   Oh ok.. (14)
2009_12_02_17:20:07.504   125.238.096.xxx   I think this guy should setup an API for all his XMAS lights. :)
2009_12_02_17:20:21.652   068.009.089.xxx   I want to go to bed
2009_12_02_17:21:14.286   125.238.096.xxx   Go then, or are you waiting the almost 5 hours?
2009_12_02_17:22:08.309   068.009.089.xxx   wish i could, but i have to do a project
2009_12_02_17:22:55.092   068.009.089.xxx   this website is so addicting (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_17:23:28.075   125.238.096.xxx   Indeed, it could really do with an update though.
2009_12_02_17:23:41.476   099.022.055.xxx   hi matt
2009_12_02_17:23:44.112   217.230.056.xxx   Frohe Weihnachten
2009_12_02_17:24:11.001   099.022.055.xxx   gopeds rock
2009_12_02_17:24:35.929   099.022.055.xxx   hi ron
2009_12_02_17:24:36.988   076.248.230.xxx   you better watch out
2009_12_02_17:25:09.094   076.248.230.xxx   you better not cry
2009_12_02_17:25:14.062   099.022.055.xxx   SCILENCE! I KEEL YOU!
2009_12_02_17:25:17.332   217.082.110.xxx   Hello
2009_12_02_17:25:36.682   099.022.055.xxx   SCILENCE! I KEEL YOU!
2009_12_02_17:25:46.608   076.248.230.xxx   you better not pout
2009_12_02_17:26:06.671   217.230.056.xxx   Live Long And Prosper
2009_12_02_17:26:15.104   217.082.110.xxx   Yolan Tru
2009_12_02_17:26:22.631   076.248.230.xxx   im telling you why.......
2009_12_02_17:27:10.413   125.238.096.xxx   Includes 494 overloads!!!
2009_12_02_17:27:59.411   217.082.110.xxx   Yoschin Dschefau
2009_12_02_17:30:26.487   125.238.096.xxx   Howcome one has gone offline? :(
2009_12_02_17:31:53.421   072.081.026.xxx   It's dinnertime in Colorado! Heh!
2009_12_02_17:34:37.474   075.150.205.xxx   Hiya!
2009_12_02_17:38:07.970   072.081.026.xxx   Hehehe! There is a skele up there!
2009_12_02_17:39:31.216   068.041.078.xxx   Alek,  whats the  green circles  on the  lower left  of the screen?
2009_12_02_17:39:33.483   064.012.116.xxx   Lucy you got some splanin to do!!!
2009_12_02_17:40:39.078   068.041.078.xxx   alek, whats the green circles on the lower left of the screen?
2009_12_02_17:41:44.388   072.081.026.xxx   Ahhh...Kiddie Hour again.
2009_12_02_17:44:20.347   099.013.002.xxx   Merry Christmas to your Family
2009_12_02_17:45:06.294   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Back from dinner - wife made some yummy Chicken Curry! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_17:46:01.773   099.013.002.xxx   In memory of Sheri Previs
2009_12_02_17:46:23.108   024.099.120.xxx   Hi Hannah!
2009_12_02_17:47:41.481   072.081.026.xxx   Sounds Yummy! :)
2009_12_02_17:47:48.657   072.094.197.xxx   Alek Can You Wave to Me?????
2009_12_02_17:49:21.690   072.094.197.xxx   The green "HO" doesnt work tonight
2009_12_02_17:49:58.509   075.097.232.xxx   hii!!! this is weird..u arent moving...how about a peace sign?
2009_12_02_17:50:03.800   069.037.043.xxx   Hi from New Fairfield CT
2009_12_02_17:50:26.963   072.094.197.xxx   there it goes! the green "HO"
2009_12_02_17:50:44.845   068.041.078.xxx   the HO is  working  fine,  just  covered by  snow
2009_12_02_17:50:47.365   099.013.002.xxx   hi from Milford Ct
2009_12_02_17:50:59.894   072.094.197.xxx   Ok my bad...
2009_12_02_17:51:02.942   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Green HO (and Pumpkin Jack) is on X10 zone 7 which is a bit "weak" - does work! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_17:51:44.352   072.094.197.xxx   Ok Alek! thanks for the response its a great set up u got i hope your kids are 
2009_12_02_17:51:57.336   072.208.165.xxx   GREAT DISPLAY!!!!
2009_12_02_17:52:08.659   090.208.214.xxx   Hi from Bristol, UK! XD
2009_12_02_17:52:13.294   072.094.197.xxx   ... kids are doing good
2009_12_02_17:52:16.917   072.200.214.xxx   MERRY X-MAS FROM SONNER COUNTRY
2009_12_02_17:52:23.440   075.097.232.xxx   alek, can i have a peace sign??
2009_12_02_17:52:40.310   072.094.197.xxx   why did webcam 1 go off
2009_12_02_17:52:46.145   072.208.165.xxx   Am i crazy or does the display get bigger every year?
2009_12_02_17:52:47.041   066.215.155.xxx   Hey Alek! SchwippySarah from the controllable xmas tree here!  Great display ag
2009_12_02_17:53:13.760   075.097.232.xxx   alekkk!! can i havea a peace sign?!
2009_12_02_17:54:00.265   075.097.232.xxx   this is so fake ive asked for a peace sign so many times!!
2009_12_02_17:54:13.293   099.226.139.xxx   Hello from Toronto, Canada.
2009_12_02_17:54:19.288   066.215.155.xxx   He's trying to fix webcam 1! Give him a minute!
2009_12_02_17:55:08.382   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Standby on webcam1 - 802.11 wireless signal is blocked - microwave on? ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_17:55:22.923   072.208.165.xxx   cool
2009_12_02_17:55:37.666   066.215.155.xxx   There you got your peace sign you big whiner.
2009_12_02_17:55:41.407   099.226.139.xxx   :D
2009_12_02_17:55:52.488   024.099.120.xxx   OMG aLEK IS SOOO COOL :-)
2009_12_02_17:55:58.344   072.081.026.xxx   That's excellent. A microwave malfunction
2009_12_02_17:56:41.867   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Light bulb just burned out in Santa Office - Houston, we are having problems! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_17:57:07.089   072.208.165.xxx   that's a bid 10 4
2009_12_02_17:57:19.453   071.169.006.xxx   DMOZ tome2 be here.
2009_12_02_17:57:39.171   072.081.026.xxx   It's nonstop action on this cam I tell ya!
2009_12_02_17:58:09.527   072.208.165.xxx   wooo hooooo!
2009_12_02_17:59:14.005   072.208.165.xxx   ride em cowboy
2009_12_02_17:59:38.465   067.247.185.xxx   Alex it's really a gift you do this each year! Thank you!
2009_12_02_17:59:46.054   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Doing remote reset on webcam1 - it's across the street - hope it comes back! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_17:59:54.710   071.169.006.xxx   Merry X' and goodly lucky.
2009_12_02_18:01:14.260   071.169.006.xxx   Which webcam has the burito?
2009_12_02_18:01:19.257   072.081.026.xxx   Ooooooh. Neato!
2009_12_02_18:01:40.203   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam1 back online ... and I also replaced Santa's Workshop light bulb! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_18:02:04.850   076.173.103.xxx   Hi there noah!!
2009_12_02_18:02:34.276   076.173.103.xxx   Hi there Kenward!!
2009_12_02_18:03:01.909   076.173.103.xxx   moo
2009_12_02_18:03:54.989   076.173.103.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Johnson Family in Southern California!!
2009_12_02_18:05:07.290   064.212.082.xxx   Hey Alek. Rob from OEP again. On film location south Florida. You are looking G
2009_12_02_18:05:10.278   068.009.089.xxx   The most annoying thing on this website is the "hulk says take a nreak" thing. (11)
2009_12_02_18:06:14.961   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How much snow you have down there in Florida Rob?!? ;-) ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_18:06:32.280   072.094.197.xxx   what is the meaning of the hulk thing
2009_12_02_18:07:01.202   024.099.120.xxx   hELLO jOEY IN MARIETTA!
2009_12_02_18:07:03.911   064.212.082.xxx   Not much. It was 80s today. But "cold" front is moving through this week. 40s t
2009_12_02_18:09:55.399   024.099.120.xxx   the hulk shall dominate all!
2009_12_02_18:10:19.505   076.173.103.xxx   Hello from the Johnsons in California!!
2009_12_02_18:11:01.393   076.173.103.xxx   HULK HATE PUNY HUMAN!
2009_12_02_18:11:17.871   069.251.222.xxx   Hello from a Baltimoran!
2009_12_02_18:11:30.799   076.173.103.xxx   this is awesome
2009_12_02_18:11:56.948   072.081.026.xxx   Nawww, the Green Guy is a big marshmellow!
2009_12_02_18:12:10.102   076.173.103.xxx   lol
2009_12_02_18:12:22.952   099.028.251.xxx   merrry christmas!
2009_12_02_18:12:36.978   072.081.026.xxx   He's a Gentle Giant.
2009_12_02_18:12:58.946   099.028.251.xxx   Santa Claus is coming to town!
2009_12_02_18:14:03.163   076.173.103.xxx   can't wait for Crhistmas!
2009_12_02_18:14:04.734   098.245.117.xxx   Type text & CR to sHeyee real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_02_18:14:55.101   076.173.103.xxx   hello to the Giant Frosty Dude (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:14:56.402   098.245.117.xxx   Hi Mr.Komarnitsky
2009_12_02_18:15:22.852   024.099.120.xxx   Hey Rachel! Mom loves you!
2009_12_02_18:15:27.934   098.245.117.xxx   Its Sarah Ruh
2009_12_02_18:15:35.032   076.173.103.xxx   total coolness (11)
2009_12_02_18:15:40.857   071.072.039.xxx   !! 128 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!!!!!
2009_12_02_18:15:59.391   076.173.103.xxx   cool (12)
2009_12_02_18:16:03.410   098.245.117.xxx   I love the christmas lights haha thats alot of ppl@
2009_12_02_18:16:04.474   156.034.240.xxx   did it snow there ?
2009_12_02_18:16:19.078   024.099.120.xxx   its addicting:-)
2009_12_02_18:16:42.513   098.245.117.xxx   It snowed in boulder last night
2009_12_02_18:17:03.317   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** About 5 inches of snow ... but big cold front has arrived - chilly! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_18:17:39.941   098.245.117.xxx   The main house cam isnt working
2009_12_02_18:17:42.062   076.173.103.xxx   best house ever! (13)
2009_12_02_18:18:05.001   068.009.089.xxx   cam 1 is offline alek (12)
2009_12_02_18:18:08.274   156.034.240.xxx   it's the wi fi extender again i bet
2009_12_02_18:18:11.234   098.245.117.xxx   I luv dirk
2009_12_02_18:18:32.528   068.009.089.xxx   cam 1 down! (13)
2009_12_02_18:19:20.771   076.173.103.xxx   Don't make him angry! (14)
2009_12_02_18:19:50.493   156.034.240.xxx   whoa is that camera real far away?!
2009_12_02_18:20:29.559   076.173.103.xxx   awesome! free KFC! (15)
2009_12_02_18:20:39.259   072.208.165.xxx   from space
2009_12_02_18:20:41.867   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** webcam1 is across the street - too many people microwaving stuff tonight! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_18:21:03.960   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE WAS HERE"
2009_12_02_18:21:28.337   072.208.165.xxx   go back in and close the door
2009_12_02_18:21:33.317   156.034.240.xxx   ahh neat the zoomed out view is neat too
2009_12_02_18:21:53.063   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_12_02_18:23:27.531   076.173.103.xxx   cool! alien! (16)
2009_12_02_18:23:29.386   079.239.061.xxx   The Marsian is back.
2009_12_02_18:23:45.899   024.099.120.xxx   OMG!!! Space invaders! r my 5th grade teacher. LOL!
2009_12_02_18:24:19.214   076.173.103.xxx   whys the alien n****? put a tshirt on him (17)
2009_12_02_18:24:29.017   072.208.165.xxx   he moonlights as one of santa's elves
2009_12_02_18:24:29.882   079.239.061.xxx   But the beer yesterday was much better
2009_12_02_18:24:50.480   072.094.197.xxx   my brother doesnt believe this is real i am proving him
2009_12_02_18:25:08.406   076.173.103.xxx   I think this is great (18)
2009_12_02_18:25:23.682   072.094.197.xxx   can u turn around and wave please (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:25:29.382   065.005.246.xxx   Your brother isn't REAL
2009_12_02_18:25:44.058   076.173.103.xxx   thank you for sharing this with us!! (19)
2009_12_02_18:25:54.556   072.094.197.xxx   hey ur a d*** head (11)
2009_12_02_18:26:13.689   072.208.165.xxx   takes one to know one (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:26:16.051   024.099.120.xxx   Hey, not cool
2009_12_02_18:26:24.763   076.173.103.xxx   Lets be nice please i have kids watching this (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:26:27.708   072.094.197.xxx   neithers your mom (12)
2009_12_02_18:26:33.688   079.239.061.xxx   Please give us the corona
2009_12_02_18:26:43.976   024.099.120.xxx   kids see this
2009_12_02_18:26:57.730   072.094.197.xxx   sorry for my brothers immature behavior (13)
2009_12_02_18:27:17.513   024.099.120.xxx   send him to bed then ___-) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:27:34.249   072.094.197.xxx   hes 23 (14)
2009_12_02_18:27:48.548   024.099.120.xxx   omg...... (11)
2009_12_02_18:27:51.951   079.239.061.xxx   hehe
2009_12_02_18:27:57.244   072.094.197.xxx   i meant 13 (15)
2009_12_02_18:28:09.306   024.091.011.xxx   test
2009_12_02_18:28:15.288   024.099.120.xxx   Right,.... (12)
2009_12_02_18:28:17.859   156.034.240.xxx   anyway....
2009_12_02_18:28:37.803   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Did your "test" work?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_18:28:39.823   079.239.061.xxx   23 years? It is called a Mutters___hnchen
2009_12_02_18:29:38.611   072.208.165.xxx   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (11)
2009_12_02_18:29:52.588   069.180.210.xxx   oh goodness that scared me!
2009_12_02_18:29:55.632   079.239.061.xxx   hehe hulk has hone mad ?
2009_12_02_18:30:05.233   072.208.165.xxx   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12)
2009_12_02_18:30:13.542   156.034.240.xxx   what are the green things on the ground, trees?
2009_12_02_18:31:07.748   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE WAS HERE"
2009_12_02_18:31:31.819   072.208.165.xxx   AGAIN??? (13)
2009_12_02_18:32:12.659   065.005.246.xxx   He can't stay in the closet!
2009_12_02_18:32:55.375   156.034.240.xxx   don't ask don't tell
2009_12_02_18:33:11.605   072.208.165.xxx   hahaha (14)
2009_12_02_18:33:16.918   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_12_02_18:33:28.485   079.239.061.xxx   oh cam 1 is off
2009_12_02_18:34:26.543   079.239.061.xxx   Hey Boy what was that? An Easteregg ?
2009_12_02_18:34:50.414   072.081.026.xxx   watcha got there? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:34:51.993   072.208.165.xxx   cupcake? (15)
2009_12_02_18:34:56.001   079.239.061.xxx   more left
2009_12_02_18:35:19.518   072.081.026.xxx   Mmmm Cupcake! (11)
2009_12_02_18:35:24.584   061.069.233.xxx   Hello
2009_12_02_18:35:31.660   079.239.061.xxx   Alek did we have destroyed cam 1 ? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:36:33.344   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Cam1 appears to be having issues - was rock solid all day ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_18:36:54.648   079.239.061.xxx   hmm did we do this ? (11)
2009_12_02_18:37:09.258   174.091.093.xxx   how is babby formed
2009_12_02_18:37:47.839   072.208.165.xxx   ask your mom (16)
2009_12_02_18:38:31.668   079.239.061.xxx   Alek what did your son hold in the cam before you came ? (12)
2009_12_02_18:39:09.595   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** That is Kyle's monster jawbreaker ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_18:39:42.507   082.016.115.xxx   Hello CR
2009_12_02_18:39:54.249   079.239.061.xxx   Hm Jawbreaker? Whats that ? (13)
2009_12_02_18:40:01.359   156.034.240.xxx   truly yours is a wonderous land of delites :O
2009_12_02_18:40:09.387   173.074.178.xxx   Hey...fun stuff!
2009_12_02_18:40:42.914   174.091.093.xxx   pretty coool
2009_12_02_18:41:01.644   079.239.061.xxx   Youve cool boy there Alek :) (14)
2009_12_02_18:41:39.303   071.237.111.xxx   What is the Alien's name?
2009_12_02_18:41:55.259   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... from Brunswick, Georgia
2009_12_02_18:41:57.504   068.009.089.xxx   Ya drinking a little vodka there Alek? (14)
2009_12_02_18:42:03.404   072.208.165.xxx   any more ckicken left alek? (17)
2009_12_02_18:42:30.407   079.239.061.xxx   A good curry chicken rulez (15)
2009_12_02_18:42:54.182   068.009.089.xxx   Hi kyle (15)
2009_12_02_18:42:54.255   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... from Brunswick, Georgia
2009_12_02_18:43:40.997   071.237.111.xxx   Hi Alek from Longmont, Co
2009_12_02_18:43:58.537   082.016.115.xxx   the wiring in your house must look like a bowl of spaghetti.
2009_12_02_18:44:02.651   079.239.061.xxx   hmm whats that ______ (16)
2009_12_02_18:44:04.868   068.009.089.xxx   WAVE! (16)
2009_12_02_18:44:43.162   156.034.240.xxx   R-o-b-o-t !
2009_12_02_18:44:43.789   079.239.061.xxx   that thing must be hulk smashed ___) (17)
2009_12_02_18:45:10.507   075.076.237.xxx   hi alek! whatcha doin
2009_12_02_18:45:40.147   068.009.089.xxx   ahhhh (17)
2009_12_02_18:45:47.274   075.076.237.xxx   what was that hulk thingie
2009_12_02_18:46:07.499   072.208.165.xxx   it was a hulk thingy (18)
2009_12_02_18:46:15.460   065.005.246.xxx   Nice view on Cam 1 now ... Cool
2009_12_02_18:46:18.152   068.009.089.xxx   Bring out the Corona...I could use a drink right now. (18)
2009_12_02_18:46:24.910   079.239.061.xxx   Its THE ONLY ONE Hulk! (18)
2009_12_02_18:47:13.344   079.239.061.xxx   Yeah agree. A Beer would be nice now. (19)
2009_12_02_18:47:28.116   071.237.111.xxx   bring Hulk back!!
2009_12_02_18:47:51.948   075.076.237.xxx   doo doo cocoa puffs
2009_12_02_18:49:36.428   156.034.240.xxx   had a very shiny nose... (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:49:56.446   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING" (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_18:50:13.315   072.208.165.xxx   finally! (19)
2009_12_02_18:53:21.880   071.225.013.xxx   AHHH! There's a transfromer in the way!
2009_12_02_18:54:40.918   076.250.091.xxx   lets ask the transform itself away! LOL!!!
2009_12_02_18:54:47.667   156.034.240.xxx   it's more than meets the eye (11)
2009_12_02_18:56:17.159   068.195.069.xxx   i wonder how long it is from cristmas!!!
2009_12_02_18:56:42.711   066.030.152.xxx   Lisa and Steve
2009_12_02_18:56:55.962   076.250.091.xxx   i wonder what i'm getting for christmas!
2009_12_02_18:57:19.453   066.030.152.xxx   Lisa and Steve
2009_12_02_18:57:34.547   156.034.240.xxx   nice hat ___0 (12)
2009_12_02_18:57:42.692   071.225.013.xxx   AHH! HULK
2009_12_02_18:57:59.794   066.030.152.xxx   Hulk
2009_12_02_18:58:00.389   076.250.091.xxx   last year santa got me a jacket and some thermals!! but no toys!!
2009_12_02_18:58:21.554   068.195.069.xxx   that really stinks
2009_12_02_18:58:38.231   066.030.152.xxx   Put em up
2009_12_02_18:59:14.018   156.034.240.xxx   They just lit the Rockefeller tree in New  York (13)
2009_12_02_18:59:16.886   068.195.069.xxx   the nyc cristmas tree just got lite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_02_18:59:46.811   066.030.152.xxx   Opie and Anthony
2009_12_02_19:00:01.684   068.195.069.xxx   was any1 watching the strobes on it
2009_12_02_19:01:35.678   069.037.043.xxx   is there a Paypal account for donations?
2009_12_02_19:01:58.306   081.235.028.xxx   Hello everyone from gbg
2009_12_02_19:02:19.269   068.195.069.xxx   i just did the lighting of my cristmas tree
2009_12_02_19:02:32.623   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** UofM does not accept Paypal, but I can forward - see donation page ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_19:03:34.892   069.037.043.xxx   I will do it that way.   Thanks for doing this!!
2009_12_02_19:04:36.155   068.195.069.xxx   my dogs were going crazy when every1 was sceaming at the tv
2009_12_02_19:05:32.103   079.239.061.xxx   HO HO HO Little Boy (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_19:06:18.954   079.239.061.xxx   How is it going (21)
2009_12_02_19:07:07.388   079.239.061.xxx   9786___ (22)
2009_12_02_19:08:13.896   072.083.125.xxx   Most definitely best webcam too. Always someone here.
2009_12_02_19:08:19.161   068.195.069.xxx   hey every1 say hi to the little boy on the count of 3
2009_12_02_19:08:42.188   072.208.165.xxx   HI (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_19:08:43.559   072.083.125.xxx   Hi Little Boy!!!
2009_12_02_19:08:45.788   068.195.069.xxx   123
2009_12_02_19:09:30.351   076.231.025.xxx   NO - not 1st visit - & daughter & self are both very positive for Celiac
2009_12_02_19:10:21.557   068.195.069.xxx   bye every1
2009_12_02_19:11:38.594   098.252.234.xxx   Ho Ho HO!
2009_12_02_19:12:52.602   098.252.234.xxx   Any SNOW yet?
2009_12_02_19:12:52.997   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HO-HO-HO back to you! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_19:13:24.574   098.252.234.xxx   Any SNOW yet?
2009_12_02_19:14:40.098   098.252.234.xxx   Type text &Pam? CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_02_19:15:06.280   098.252.234.xxx   Pam?
2009_12_02_19:16:05.266   098.252.234.xxx   I love that Santa climbing the ladder. Too Cute!
2009_12_02_19:16:10.410   070.026.153.xxx   good for pans
2009_12_02_19:17:03.122   098.252.234.xxx   This BOX is aponsored by PAM.
2009_12_02_19:17:43.426   070.026.153.xxx   LOOK AT SANTA CLIMB THE LADDER :)
2009_12_02_19:17:56.616   098.252.234.xxx   Hey!  I see some Halloween inflatables in this Christmas montage.
2009_12_02_19:19:15.177   070.026.153.xxx   Greetings from Horseville Florida
2009_12_02_19:19:55.479   173.096.123.xxx   Hello from Elizabeth, CO!
2009_12_02_19:19:57.856   098.252.234.xxx   Douglasville, Georgia here
2009_12_02_19:20:28.618   068.009.089.xxx   As Alek said, About 5 inches of snow ... but big cold front has arrived (19)
2009_12_02_19:20:30.704   024.098.027.xxx   Mableton, GA. here
2009_12_02_19:21:02.976   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle says "HI" to Elizabeth (assuming the one in his class) ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_19:21:13.286   173.096.123.xxx   Hello from Elizabeth, CO!
2009_12_02_19:22:45.708   070.026.153.xxx   I love dogs and christmas. Boyo Florida
2009_12_02_19:25:37.107   068.009.089.xxx   Where's the Corona? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_19:27:44.050   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No Corona while the kids are at the controls - sorry. ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_19:28:00.302   070.026.153.xxx   My son, Tony Boyo Colombari has Celiac. I respect you
2009_12_02_19:29:09.956   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_02_19:30:12.321   069.180.210.xxx   CORN!!!!!!!!
2009_12_02_19:30:30.095   070.026.153.xxx   Big one for pep pep
2009_12_02_19:31:18.357   070.026.153.xxx   Hello, great lights
2009_12_02_19:35:21.586   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** mustard ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_19:35:52.658   068.041.078.xxx   cam  1  dead
2009_12_02_19:36:24.630   068.041.078.xxx   cam 2   i  mean,  oops
2009_12_02_19:38:33.323   066.215.155.xxx   ...mustard?
2009_12_02_19:39:14.283   070.026.153.xxx   Mom says hi. Hello boyo
2009_12_02_19:39:15.597   066.215.155.xxx   Hi kid!
2009_12_02_19:39:41.387   070.026.153.xxx   Boyo the great
2009_12_02_19:40:23.083   066.215.155.xxx   oh, now hot sauce!
2009_12_02_19:40:44.082   070.026.153.xxx   I want to see more pam (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_19:40:57.272   066.215.155.xxx   What's with the condiments?
2009_12_02_19:41:20.796   068.041.078.xxx   cam  1  dead
2009_12_02_19:43:20.587   070.026.153.xxx   pom pom (11)
2009_12_02_19:43:42.265   066.215.155.xxx   CHOLULA
2009_12_02_19:44:39.170   066.215.155.xxx   Alek - whats up with cam 1 tonight?
2009_12_02_19:46:07.195   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Something really noisy in the 2.4 GHz band is jamming the 802.11 signal across  ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_19:46:41.858   068.231.188.xxx   Can you repeat that in layman's terms Alek?
2009_12_02_19:46:43.472   068.041.078.xxx   LOL  g ott
2009_12_02_19:47:14.660   068.041.078.xxx   LOL gotta  love           wifi
2009_12_02_19:47:49.592   066.215.155.xxx   hmm, too bad - we've been having that problem a little today too. its mrs. schw (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_19:48:16.545   066.215.155.xxx   (Mrs. Schwippy) (11)
2009_12_02_19:49:03.442   208.078.044.xxx   hohoho
2009_12_02_19:51:19.576   066.215.155.xxx   Ok - gotta go back to my chat room! Bye Alek! Good JOB! (12)
2009_12_02_19:51:58.383   068.231.188.xxx   Hello from Tucson Az!!!!!
2009_12_02_19:53:38.608   072.083.146.xxx   Hello from Springfield, VA!
2009_12_02_19:54:47.508   098.203.056.xxx   Hi from Hollywood Florida  82___ today
2009_12_02_19:55:47.341   173.066.115.xxx   Your lights are beautiful
2009_12_02_19:57:35.274   075.065.195.xxx   Hello from madison ms
2009_12_02_19:59:27.383   070.178.040.xxx   12 degrees F...BRRRRR!!!
2009_12_02_19:59:32.193   173.066.115.xxx   Happy Holidays from Maryland
2009_12_02_20:08:55.289   068.231.188.xxx   There, I entereded my IM for everyone to see in Santa's Workshop.
2009_12_02_20:11:43.216   070.137.006.xxx   Click the ON/OFF buttons to make things happen! (15)
2009_12_02_20:12:07.761   070.238.203.xxx   I think the pumpkin has fallen over hahaha
2009_12_02_20:13:17.148   070.137.006.xxx   1 hour, 47 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MST (16)
2009_12_02_20:13:20.595   068.009.089.xxx   good... there shouldn't be any halloween stuff anyway (21)
2009_12_02_20:13:52.234   070.137.006.xxx   X10 Controls toggled 3,593 times (includes 1,782 overloads) today (17)
2009_12_02_20:14:29.712   070.137.006.xxx   1 ON  OFF  Burrito Reindeer, Train, Stars, Tree (18)
2009_12_02_20:15:00.179   070.137.006.xxx   99 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL! (19)
2009_12_02_20:15:26.403   070.137.006.xxx   101 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_20:17:00.945   070.137.006.xxx   Hi from Norman Oklahoma! (21)
2009_12_02_20:18:06.470   070.137.006.xxx   I like pickles. Do you? (22)
2009_12_02_20:19:09.252   173.074.180.xxx   lex! Alicia from WylieView!
2009_12_02_20:19:14.997   070.137.006.xxx   Brandon stop looking at lights and take a shower. (23)
2009_12_02_20:19:55.584   070.137.006.xxx   Never! (24)
2009_12_02_20:21:01.647   203.122.234.xxx   WizRd rocks!
2009_12_02_20:21:37.164   070.137.006.xxx   Merry Christmas Jonathan. I love you. (25)
2009_12_02_20:22:05.038   070.137.006.xxx   You are so handsome. (26)
2009_12_02_20:22:34.806   063.201.025.xxx   awww thats so nsweet we love u too
2009_12_02_20:23:50.926   203.122.234.xxx   This is unbelievable.... wow! Merry Christmas all!
2009_12_02_20:24:21.392   065.030.017.xxx   Hello
2009_12_02_20:25:02.118   065.030.017.xxx   Frank Says Merry Christmas and God Bless You!!
2009_12_02_20:25:44.058   203.122.234.xxx   Was that a zombie?
2009_12_02_20:29:05.189   070.129.043.xxx   Go OSU
2009_12_02_20:29:25.790   203.122.234.xxx   Alek, can you do a guide for your setup?
2009_12_02_20:29:40.310   070.129.043.xxx   Merry Christmas from Oklahoma
2009_12_02_20:30:01.732   080.007.090.xxx   Hi again Alex Fr the UK -
2009_12_02_20:32:00.580   173.074.171.xxx   Hi Wylie View
2009_12_02_20:32:47.314   080.007.090.xxx   thx 4 the fun you have given , Merry Xmas
2009_12_02_20:32:57.590   070.238.203.xxx   I am batman
2009_12_02_20:33:14.663   173.074.171.xxx   No I am batman
2009_12_02_20:35:02.020   070.137.006.xxx   Alek!!! Hi! (27)
2009_12_02_20:35:11.492   071.196.245.xxx   We just decorated our Weihnacht's baum!
2009_12_02_20:35:32.504   070.137.006.xxx   Alek!!! HI!!!!! (28)
2009_12_02_20:35:41.270   173.074.182.xxx   The Wylie View welcomes you back Alek!
2009_12_02_20:36:15.929   070.137.006.xxx   Alek. Ive waited since last year to catch you. (29)
2009_12_02_20:37:25.197   070.137.006.xxx   ............................................................................... (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_20:37:32.741   173.074.171.xxx   Hi Wylie View
2009_12_02_20:38:25.827   070.137.006.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________ (31)
2009_12_02_20:38:39.720   070.238.203.xxx   Alek is like a pokemon. Gotta catch him by surprise
2009_12_02_20:38:55.397   070.137.006.xxx   I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU! (32)
2009_12_02_20:39:16.486   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welcome back Wylie View! ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_20:40:21.228   173.074.182.xxx   Thanks Alek! WV is watching!
2009_12_02_20:42:27.063   173.119.165.xxx   Merry Christmas JW !
2009_12_02_20:43:08.282   074.117.088.xxx   hello from lavon texas
2009_12_02_20:44:16.378   071.218.113.xxx   Hi from Mike and Robyn
2009_12_02_20:45:02.408   071.218.113.xxx   Are you playing the Piano live?
2009_12_02_20:48:07.347   071.218.113.xxx   Ok, is there another song?
2009_12_02_20:50:40.980   070.218.120.xxx   Hi from Midlothian, Tx !!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_02_20:51:51.755   070.218.120.xxx   Pecan Trails Golf Course Midlothian Tx 
2009_12_02_20:52:54.389   071.218.113.xxx   bye bye picnic
2009_12_02_20:56:14.450   068.041.078.xxx   it  got  COOOLLLLDDDD  there !!!!!!
2009_12_02_21:06:19.587   063.231.128.xxx   Hello Alec
2009_12_02_21:06:26.893   070.238.203.xxx   going to be 20's here tonight (TX) - That's pretty cold 4 us
2009_12_02_21:06:43.544   173.160.040.xxx   Hope Kyle is in bed already!
2009_12_02_21:06:58.857   063.231.128.xxx   Pretty cold here in Minnesota too.
2009_12_02_21:07:36.668   071.244.006.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2009_12_02_21:07:37.470   063.231.128.xxx   Yard looks great!
2009_12_02_21:08:14.468   068.041.078.xxx   Wow,  am I  reading that right?!?  -2F?!? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_02_21:09:28.034   068.041.078.xxx   heh,   that  doesnt look   right....151___  humidity? (11)
2009_12_02_21:11:21.190   063.231.128.xxx   I wis*** would snow here.
2009_12_02_21:11:54.768   063.231.128.xxx   Maybe tomorrow it will
2009_12_02_21:12:09.725   068.009.089.xxx   haha, you forgot the space...lol. (22)
2009_12_02_21:12:33.953   063.231.128.xxx   I know but I did not mean to.
2009_12_02_21:14:36.368   063.231.128.xxx   I love this site. I wait for it all year!
2009_12_02_21:14:51.276   074.185.085.xxx   Merry Christmas to all...
2009_12_02_21:15:22.168   063.231.128.xxx   Hellooooo Alek!
2009_12_02_21:17:24.156   063.231.128.xxx   119 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2009_12_02_21:17:33.411   074.185.085.xxx   Christmas Lights Rule!
2009_12_02_21:19:44.294   098.245.092.xxx   hi Alex!
2009_12_02_21:21:42.927   098.245.092.xxx   greetings from Christian and Stefan Suarez
2009_12_02_21:24:53.625   068.109.157.xxx   merry christmas and happy new year to your kids
2009_12_02_21:29:43.638   024.098.027.xxx   Humidity: 151___  ???
2009_12_02_21:33:04.483   076.187.056.xxx   AHMO!
2009_12_02_21:33:47.202   071.072.039.xxx   L00L.. I just saw that too..  151___..  Maybe he means the Rum.??
2009_12_02_21:36:04.923   173.119.165.xxx   Hi JW What's your name?
2009_12_02_21:38:25.532   070.178.040.xxx   cam 2 is cutting out again...
2009_12_02_21:41:08.333   099.059.222.xxx   wolframlights.net
2009_12_02_21:43:51.799   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, pretty chilly out there - MINUS TWO degrees F ***ALEK***
2009_12_02_21:45:48.830   024.098.027.xxx   but the humidity level is brutal!!!
2009_12_02_21:55:19.274   070.223.175.xxx   no
2009_12_02_21:57:31.449   067.049.046.xxx   yes
2009_12_02_21:59:17.159   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays to all + goodnite from Ohio..

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