378 christmas text messages on 2009/1203

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,936 times that day including 4,697 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1203

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_03_15:57:00.911   072.146.114.xxx   qwss
2009_12_03_15:57:01.967   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** IM on laptop enabled, but X10 disabled until 5'ish for media visit ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_15:57:44.574   156.034.250.xxx   Hi Alek :
2009_12_03_15:57:46.976   078.145.068.xxx   why are the loghts going to be disabeled?
2009_12_03_15:58:15.012   156.034.250.xxx   TV people coming
2009_12_03_15:58:25.276   078.145.068.xxx   ohh coool
2009_12_03_15:59:20.789   156.034.250.xxx   H1N1 shot = sore arm :O
2009_12_03_15:59:28.799   090.215.069.xxx   its 5
2009_12_03_16:00:47.903   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_03_16:01:16.990   078.148.178.xxx   hello from britain
2009_12_03_16:01:53.553   090.215.069.xxx   alek can you enable to x-10 controles in santers work shop
2009_12_03_16:02:11.394   090.212.003.xxx   helllllllllloooo alex
2009_12_03_16:02:36.564   078.145.068.xxx   alek___
2009_12_03_16:02:44.576   072.146.114.xxx   X10 CONTROLS IS NOT ON
2009_12_03_16:03:01.380   078.148.178.xxx   boreda!!!
2009_12_03_16:03:03.318   156.034.250.xxx   shh phone call
2009_12_03_16:03:16.096   090.215.069.xxx   alek can you please enable the x-10 controles in side (santas workshop)
2009_12_03_16:03:36.958   069.180.210.xxx   ring......ring....
2009_12_03_16:03:45.086   090.215.069.xxx   alek can you please enable the x-10 controles in side
2009_12_03_16:04:53.215   134.134.139.xxx   hello from Arizona
2009_12_03_16:05:19.057   134.134.139.xxx   archana!!!!
2009_12_03_16:06:46.283   090.215.069.xxx   alek can you please enable the x-10 controles in side
2009_12_03_16:06:55.594   095.145.235.xxx   hey
2009_12_03_16:06:57.364   072.146.114.xxx   CAN YOU TRN ON X-10 CONTROLS ON NOW
2009_12_03_16:07:23.637   134.134.139.xxx   john
2009_12_03_16:07:33.959   069.180.210.xxx   I think he's busy. He has guests coming to visit
2009_12_03_16:07:39.406   090.215.069.xxx   TURN ON THE X-10 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_16:07:42.483   156.034.250.xxx   Media visit = no X10 for now Alek said earlier
2009_12_03_16:07:49.765   134.134.139.xxx   this is cool
2009_12_03_16:07:54.554   074.210.135.xxx   Belinda's hot
2009_12_03_16:08:10.509   078.145.068.xxx   he cant, he has the media coming!
2009_12_03_16:08:15.259   090.215.069.xxx   TURN ON THE X-10 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_16:08:25.378   074.210.135.xxx   love you
2009_12_03_16:08:25.967   069.180.210.xxx   Alek has some guests coming
2009_12_03_16:08:48.851   090.215.069.xxx   TURN ON THE X-10 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_16:09:05.364   069.180.210.xxx   That's why he can't turn them on
2009_12_03_16:09:18.734   090.215.069.xxx   TURN ON THE X-10 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_16:09:38.340   078.145.068.xxx   Oi stop being so rude!
2009_12_03_16:10:05.661   090.215.069.xxx   TURN ON THE X-10 INSIDE (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_16:10:21.198   069.180.210.xxx   Calm down.it'll be on in a little while
2009_12_03_16:10:44.148   090.215.069.xxx   YER AT MIDNIGHT IN UK (11)
2009_12_03_16:10:55.208   068.195.069.xxx   hi
2009_12_03_16:11:09.158   095.145.235.xxx   hey its me again from scotland/UK
2009_12_03_16:11:53.716   156.034.250.xxx   hi Scotland guy
2009_12_03_16:11:55.761   090.215.069.xxx   It will be mid night in the uk when the x-10 gose live (12)
2009_12_03_16:12:15.485   095.145.235.xxx   Yes
2009_12_03_16:12:36.390   090.215.069.xxx   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2009_12_03_16:13:03.820   072.146.114.xxx   2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
2009_12_03_16:13:06.614   090.215.069.xxx   120 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE! (14)
2009_12_03_16:13:16.125   095.145.235.xxx   Who is coming round to his house the news channel
2009_12_03_16:13:54.875   090.215.069.xxx   237 comments on the Christmas Blog - latest is: (15)
2009_12_03_16:14:23.623   090.215.069.xxx   Click on Webcam Image to Super-Size it! (16)
2009_12_03_16:14:52.631   090.215.069.xxx   Click Here to Donate Now (17)
2009_12_03_16:15:48.587   090.215.069.xxx   My kids have an autoimmune disorder called (18)
2009_12_03_16:16:25.126   090.215.069.xxx   HO, Frosty Family, Roof Outline (19)
2009_12_03_16:16:53.950   072.004.018.xxx   Hello from Jackson TN
2009_12_03_16:16:59.181   090.215.069.xxx   INFLATE  DEFLATE (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_16:17:27.586   090.215.069.xxx   ON  OFF (21)
2009_12_03_16:18:10.874   090.215.069.xxx   ON OFF INFLATE DEFLATE (22)
2009_12_03_16:27:38.496   070.238.203.xxx   My name is batman
2009_12_03_16:34:33.151   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_03_16:34:40.390   156.034.250.xxx   your name is not batman
2009_12_03_16:34:59.338   068.057.099.xxx   hello from virginia
2009_12_03_16:36:20.916   065.125.077.xxx   Hi from Dr. Dan
2009_12_03_16:37:50.306   038.113.146.xxx   This is a fantastic idea! And for a great cause.
2009_12_03_16:38:14.580   065.125.077.xxx   Hi from Dr. Dan
2009_12_03_16:39:11.538   068.057.099.xxx   virginia stinks we nevr get snow
2009_12_03_16:39:44.231   065.125.077.xxx   neither does Texas
2009_12_03_16:40:20.282   068.057.099.xxx   if you live in texas you got snow a few days ago
2009_12_03_16:41:01.231   065.125.077.xxx   our 1 day of winter :)
2009_12_03_16:42:24.128   068.057.099.xxx   we never get winter because of the mountians
2009_12_03_16:42:53.566   068.057.099.xxx   i mean snow
2009_12_03_16:43:50.957   068.057.099.xxx   i'll be back dinner is ready
2009_12_03_16:43:58.438   065.125.077.xxx   Ya'll have fun... Go Cowboys!  bye bye
2009_12_03_16:45:02.854   074.071.019.xxx   test
2009_12_03_16:49:18.989   069.127.057.xxx   wow does this work
2009_12_03_16:49:59.191   156.034.250.xxx   yes
2009_12_03_16:53:26.624   069.127.057.xxx   too cool dudes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_16:54:58.067   069.127.057.xxx   Amina your steak is ready
2009_12_03_16:55:50.657   156.034.250.xxx   where is my steak sauce?
2009_12_03_16:56:38.542   156.034.250.xxx   Hi kids hohoho (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_16:57:38.940   068.057.099.xxx   I'm back
2009_12_03_16:58:21.059   064.012.116.xxx   THE OFFICE HAS BEEN INVADED BY ZOMBIES!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_16:58:50.491   068.057.099.xxx   godzila
2009_12_03_16:58:59.464   078.145.068.xxx   hello kyle, hello dirk :)
2009_12_03_16:59:29.214   064.012.116.xxx   Homework People!!!!! is your HOMEWORK DONE
2009_12_03_17:00:33.662   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done with media shoot - X10 controls on! ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_17:01:26.102   064.012.116.xxx   ITS A GIANT EYE!!!!
2009_12_03_17:02:23.113   070.137.006.xxx   HI THERE
2009_12_03_17:03:13.706   070.137.006.xxx   WOW 125 people..
2009_12_03_17:04:24.161   098.127.082.xxx   Hello Erin, Kyle & Lori in Billings, MT
2009_12_03_17:07:40.568   156.034.250.xxx   gaaaaa (11)
2009_12_03_17:07:48.837   078.145.068.xxx   love those glasses ___)
2009_12_03_17:08:31.204   070.137.006.xxx   Hi there Liz! 9786_________9786___
2009_12_03_17:09:05.134   070.137.006.xxx   Hi im 11. Will you wave at me??
2009_12_03_17:09:28.679   156.034.250.xxx   hohoho (12)
2009_12_03_17:09:44.384   070.137.006.xxx   Hi I am 11. Can you wave at me??
2009_12_03_17:10:09.891   070.137.006.xxx   Thanks man!
2009_12_03_17:11:28.133   086.177.132.xxx   watsup merry xmas
2009_12_03_17:11:40.041   070.137.006.xxx   SHUT UP!!
2009_12_03_17:12:24.084   086.177.132.xxx   go obama!!
2009_12_03_17:12:33.964   070.137.006.xxx   I have to go eat pizza rolls now.  BYE
2009_12_03_17:13:18.071   070.238.203.xxx   abc
2009_12_03_17:13:51.639   070.238.203.xxx   I think an IP is gonna get banned
2009_12_03_17:14:23.866   070.238.203.xxx   no
2009_12_03_17:14:42.391   086.177.132.xxx   R.I.P Richard Wallcroft a great man who will be dearly missed
2009_12_03_17:16:11.979   070.238.203.xxx   Alek we have a potty mouth who needs to be banned
2009_12_03_17:16:40.471   086.177.132.xxx   all the germans in the house put their hands in the air
2009_12_03_17:16:54.805   064.012.116.xxx   Cam 1 is down........darn KGB
2009_12_03_17:18:41.198   086.177.132.xxx   guten tag meine fuher
2009_12_03_17:20:47.123   086.177.132.xxx   Auf Wiedersehen!
2009_12_03_17:21:56.765   086.177.132.xxx   that is disgusting there are young children watching you should be ashamed
2009_12_03_17:22:17.001   070.137.006.xxx   Alek, are you annoyed by the lights sometimes??
2009_12_03_17:22:23.231   086.177.132.xxx   ashamed
2009_12_03_17:23:01.342   067.159.005.xxx   Why hello
2009_12_03_17:23:33.784   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lights are fun - some of the language here on a family website for Christmas charity is sad though ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_17:23:59.191   070.137.006.xxx   Do you get annoyed by the lights? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_17:24:18.706   067.159.005.xxx   delicious CP
2009_12_03_17:24:49.756   067.159.005.xxx   CP of course is chocolate pie
2009_12_03_17:26:19.058   024.004.045.xxx   helo
2009_12_03_17:27:13.623   024.004.045.xxx   i love chrictmas lights
2009_12_03_17:27:44.843   024.004.045.xxx   Type texholojlj___lk___'t & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_03_17:29:02.624   067.159.005.xxx   I think someone must have posted this on 4chan
2009_12_03_17:29:11.229   078.145.068.xxx   donde esta la mannerios ?
2009_12_03_17:29:51.920   070.137.006.xxx   X10 controls overloaded as another Puny Human - YOU (11)
2009_12_03_17:30:18.143   070.137.006.xxx   X10 controls overloaded as another Puny Human - YOU (12)
2009_12_03_17:31:12.418   076.004.249.xxx   hola
2009_12_03_17:31:32.494   078.145.068.xxx   hola :)
2009_12_03_17:32:12.076   099.195.253.xxx   wow
2009_12_03_17:32:12.634   078.145.068.xxx   luke_giles@live.co.uk        ___) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_17:32:13.506   012.070.020.xxx   Merry xmas to the boys of Pack 442, Blythe CA
2009_12_03_17:32:39.905   070.137.006.xxx   merry christmas from Norman OK (13)
2009_12_03_17:32:46.613   078.145.068.xxx   luke_giles@live.co.uk        ___) (11)
2009_12_03_17:33:12.504   070.137.006.xxx   red sox rock (14)
2009_12_03_17:33:26.175   098.118.064.xxx   Hi From Boston and e___
2009_12_03_17:33:42.989   070.137.006.xxx   YOUK!!!! (15)
2009_12_03_17:34:07.576   098.118.064.xxx   I am E-Money!!!
2009_12_03_17:34:28.591   076.004.249.xxx   how are people?
2009_12_03_17:35:09.608   099.195.253.xxx   how is everyone
2009_12_03_17:35:28.934   070.137.006.xxx   fine (16)
2009_12_03_17:36:44.050   070.137.006.xxx   Sarah Palin - Norman Oklahoma RIGHT NOW! (17)
2009_12_03_17:36:59.118   068.068.107.xxx   testing
2009_12_03_17:38:05.641   074.078.247.xxx   its 7:38
2009_12_03_17:38:21.192   098.118.064.xxx   Not in Colorado
2009_12_03_17:39:04.463   068.068.107.xxx   where do u guys live?
2009_12_03_17:39:17.286   084.093.072.xxx   Hi everyone
2009_12_03_17:39:41.094   068.068.107.xxx   Where is it 5:39?
2009_12_03_17:40:04.792   098.118.064.xxx   colorado
2009_12_03_17:40:27.467   153.107.097.xxx   Hello from OZ
2009_12_03_17:40:38.924   068.068.107.xxx   whats ur phone number
2009_12_03_17:41:39.913   098.118.064.xxx   Can't give that out!
2009_12_03_17:41:43.933   068.068.107.xxx   where did that dude go?
2009_12_03_17:44:05.642   070.137.006.xxx   Camera 1 is offline! (18)
2009_12_03_17:45:47.031   086.160.080.xxx   Alek, cam one has gone :(
2009_12_03_17:49:22.028   085.008.055.xxx   Flashback.info was here
2009_12_03_17:50:11.888   068.068.107.xxx   can i call u?
2009_12_03_17:50:31.217   071.070.250.xxx   hello from holly springs nc
2009_12_03_17:50:51.963   068.068.107.xxx   can i call u?
2009_12_03_17:51:00.498   071.070.250.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_03_17:51:31.379   071.070.250.xxx   and a happy new year
2009_12_03_17:52:46.992   069.137.078.xxx   my name is nathanael from murfreeboro tennessee
2009_12_03_17:53:55.967   068.073.081.xxx   hey it is mike
2009_12_03_17:57:16.910   075.138.185.xxx   Any Hot women on here?
2009_12_03_17:59:04.813   075.138.185.xxx   guess not
2009_12_03_18:10:24.362   097.096.124.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Henderson Family!!!!
2009_12_03_18:12:56.531   070.216.074.xxx   merry christmas from texas
2009_12_03_18:13:01.819   090.195.062.xxx   hi bob
2009_12_03_18:13:45.892   097.096.124.xxx   Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful Evening!!!
2009_12_03_18:14:06.941   070.216.074.xxx   Going to snow tonight in Texas  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_18:18:13.381   090.195.062.xxx   hi alek
2009_12_03_18:25:15.423   066.056.062.xxx   Hello from Atlanta, Georgia
2009_12_03_18:31:14.121   099.197.104.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pella, Iowa
2009_12_03_18:32:52.949   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry cam1 is struggling - very solid during the day - something different happ ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_18:46:49.347   066.074.021.xxx   Hello and Merry Christmas from Cathedral City
2009_12_03_18:49:35.254   072.081.026.xxx   Yay! Santa Hulk has his hat back!
2009_12_03_18:51:21.745   072.081.026.xxx   Alek, this is such a fun site to peek in on at the end of the day!
2009_12_03_18:52:56.052   068.057.099.xxx   cam 1 is off
2009_12_03_18:53:02.010   098.118.064.xxx   Hi People I'm E money
2009_12_03_18:53:40.380   072.081.026.xxx   You're Eddie Money?
2009_12_03_18:54:44.435   098.118.064.xxx   No - I'm E Money
2009_12_03_18:57:34.948   098.118.064.xxx   hi i like the computer
2009_12_03_18:59:12.326   098.118.064.xxx   say something
2009_12_03_19:01:33.973   099.166.140.xxx   WBC and whos this?
2009_12_03_19:02:15.824   099.166.140.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_03_19:02:51.630   099.166.140.xxx   this is cole
2009_12_03_19:03:30.105   099.166.140.xxx   COLE RULES THIS WEBCAM 9786___
2009_12_03_19:04:08.834   099.166.140.xxx   COLE COLE COLE COLE COLE COLE COLE COLE
2009_12_03_19:10:43.619   067.149.136.xxx   hi steph!
2009_12_03_19:11:11.128   067.149.136.xxx   HEIL h******
2009_12_03_19:11:58.945   098.118.064.xxx   Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_19:12:06.941   067.149.136.xxx   Me and Steph are going to get coffee
2009_12_03_19:13:15.590   156.034.193.xxx   losers
2009_12_03_19:13:35.966   067.149.136.xxx   We're all cool though :(
2009_12_03_19:13:57.231   156.034.193.xxx   drug users = irrelevant scum
2009_12_03_19:14:01.288   067.149.136.xxx   you're___ jealous___
2009_12_03_19:14:33.564   067.149.136.xxx   HEY GUY!
2009_12_03_19:14:50.367   098.155.071.xxx   Sweet
2009_12_03_19:15:06.592   067.149.136.xxx   Wave to the camera please :)
2009_12_03_19:16:02.683   098.118.064.xxx   Pay no attention to that man behind the screen! (11)
2009_12_03_19:16:24.934   067.010.254.xxx   Hi , Happy Holidays
2009_12_03_19:16:44.304   156.034.193.xxx   why, are you behind the screen ?
2009_12_03_19:17:10.143   098.118.064.xxx   ___uh79gh87___g= (12)
2009_12_03_19:17:25.128   209.169.200.xxx   HI EVERYONE!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
2009_12_03_19:18:38.293   098.118.064.xxx   hi from boston (13)
2009_12_03_19:19:22.481   209.169.200.xxx   winter disappoints me cuz i like storm chasing
2009_12_03_19:19:52.779   067.010.254.xxx   Hi , Happy Holidays
2009_12_03_19:20:15.104   209.169.200.xxx   Hi , Happy Holidays
2009_12_03_19:20:15.912   156.034.193.xxx   52F here & rainy it sux
2009_12_03_19:20:24.157   098.118.064.xxx   BOSTON ROCKS (14)
2009_12_03_19:20:44.321   156.034.193.xxx   meh
2009_12_03_19:21:21.484   209.169.200.xxx   it sux cuz its snowing up in the twin cities, currently 23f
2009_12_03_19:22:26.910   098.118.064.xxx   HI FROM MARS (15)
2009_12_03_19:22:43.181   209.169.200.xxx   HI FROM MARS
2009_12_03_19:23:54.624   156.034.193.xxx   Hi Mrs Alek ?
2009_12_03_19:24:00.611   098.118.064.xxx   Hi from beyond the blue horizon (16)
2009_12_03_19:24:51.374   067.086.039.xxx   DUH!!!!!!!!
2009_12_03_19:25:37.777   206.016.096.xxx   hello from poison control
2009_12_03_19:26:08.296   156.034.193.xxx   Hi Mrs Alek!!!!
2009_12_03_19:26:55.554   067.086.039.xxx   GOOD LUCK
2009_12_03_19:27:14.171   098.118.064.xxx   HI JO! (17)
2009_12_03_19:27:17.389   071.063.038.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2009_12_03_19:31:15.784   156.034.193.xxx   only 3 weeks till Christmas eve yikes
2009_12_03_19:32:17.941   188.221.048.xxx   Hey Alek! Great to see this is still going! :) - Dave, UK
2009_12_03_19:36:18.421   068.000.110.xxx   This is always great - have a good holiday season!
2009_12_03_19:37:24.875   072.008.220.xxx   Merry Christmas!! Zach
2009_12_03_19:40:58.650   174.022.243.xxx   hello and merry christmas from the Chamberlains in AZ!
2009_12_03_19:41:24.743   174.022.243.xxx   woooo hoooo
2009_12_03_19:43:08.339   072.008.220.xxx   McCook Nebraska here
2009_12_03_19:44:36.711   097.118.144.xxx   McLovin here!!
2009_12_03_19:45:16.382   072.008.220.xxx   lol I am Mclovin
2009_12_03_19:47:34.575   068.080.143.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
2009_12_03_19:48:17.711   072.008.220.xxx   I like running up your electric bill
2009_12_03_19:48:44.794   068.080.143.xxx   22 Days Till Santa Comes
2009_12_03_19:51:44.336   072.008.220.xxx   My Mom has an Autoimmune disorder
2009_12_03_19:53:46.309   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electricity costs are just a couple bucks a day - worth it? ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_19:53:51.349   072.008.220.xxx   Ok gotta go to bed nighty night!!!  Zach
2009_12_03_19:55:20.536   074.237.009.xxx   this is awesome!!
2009_12_03_19:58:10.443   074.237.009.xxx   well se ya p**ps
2009_12_03_19:59:10.435   074.237.009.xxx   wow p** p s is blocked
2009_12_03_19:59:18.394   141.158.150.xxx   hello from joe
2009_12_03_19:59:45.240   074.237.009.xxx   why is e blocked
2009_12_03_20:01:35.660   141.158.150.xxx   HO HO HO
2009_12_03_20:05:01.548   098.236.091.xxx   Merry Christmas from Morgantown WV
2009_12_03_20:07:10.701   098.236.091.xxx   hi sarah
2009_12_03_20:07:40.691   098.236.091.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_03_20:08:21.901   069.251.166.xxx   What fun!
2009_12_03_20:17:25.609   209.074.230.xxx   howdy from Nebraska
2009_12_03_20:21:05.106   209.074.230.xxx   Very cool lights & stuff!!
2009_12_03_20:22:10.417   079.239.033.xxx   Good Evening Alek, your Family and the rest of the Word.
2009_12_03_20:22:14.373   068.231.109.xxx   Happy Holidays from AZ!
2009_12_03_20:22:19.056   209.074.230.xxx   It sure is easy to tell what time it is. :-)
2009_12_03_20:22:25.679   070.024.046.xxx   Hi
2009_12_03_20:23:36.742   070.186.207.xxx   ___= That Box is cool!!!
2009_12_03_20:24:25.927   079.239.033.xxx   Yeah. Agree. The Box is really cool.
2009_12_03_20:25:57.930   070.186.207.xxx   What is that Guy looking at?
2009_12_03_20:27:00.622   079.239.033.xxx   Hey Alek, ive shown Komar.org 2 friends of me anf they say: Crazy but Cool.
2009_12_03_20:28:36.721   075.023.039.xxx   whats up holly the Walmart special
2009_12_03_20:29:05.688   209.074.230.xxx   Thanks for an amusing sight.
2009_12_03_20:30:04.229   209.074.230.xxx   Good luck with the Celiac challenges.  I'm facing a similar challenge with my c
2009_12_03_20:30:22.441   068.041.078.xxx   cam 2 dead as  i am sure you know
2009_12_03_20:30:51.567   209.074.230.xxx   This is proof that there is no such thing as too geeky.
2009_12_03_20:30:54.931   075.023.039.xxx   iam stuck in here help me out
2009_12_03_20:32:07.718   209.074.230.xxx   This is proof that there is no such thing as too geeky.
2009_12_03_20:33:02.448   209.074.230.xxx   This is the most fun while listening to "totally illogical!"
2009_12_03_20:34:49.039   075.100.196.xxx   Hello
2009_12_03_20:36:58.752   173.077.085.xxx   alek cam 2 is off
2009_12_03_20:37:52.391   209.074.230.xxx   This set could use a decorated Dalek and/or Tardis
2009_12_03_20:39:06.239   075.187.160.xxx   am i on the tv?
2009_12_03_20:40:32.816   075.187.160.xxx   gregory is wrong that PS3 is better than my Wii
2009_12_03_20:40:57.313   071.104.169.xxx   hello
2009_12_03_20:41:22.408   075.187.160.xxx   gregor s*****
2009_12_03_20:42:10.535   075.187.160.xxx   sorry, no more stars
2009_12_03_20:42:23.632   075.083.000.xxx   llllllllllll
2009_12_03_20:42:51.286   075.083.000.xxx   merry friggin' xmas!
2009_12_03_20:44:07.465   209.074.230.xxx   Have wonderful Christmas!! - Time for bed 4 me (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_20:45:56.792   071.099.188.xxx   Dude it says "Wall Drug" on your wall????
2009_12_03_20:46:07.225   173.077.085.xxx   alek what happened 2 cam 2
2009_12_03_20:46:15.410   099.199.140.xxx   merry xmas from LINK DELETED
2009_12_03_20:46:47.619   099.199.140.xxx   calls and comedy . c o m
2009_12_03_20:46:48.423   071.099.188.xxx   relax your crack jack
2009_12_03_20:47:12.586   074.107.153.xxx   Merry Christmas! From Oregon...GO DUCKS!
2009_12_03_20:47:34.366   098.193.116.xxx   nice work.
2009_12_03_20:47:39.869   099.199.140.xxx   calls and comedy . c o m
2009_12_03_20:47:40.714   068.009.089.xxx   Knbu649 Granby PD clear 22:47.
2009_12_03_20:47:53.149   098.214.031.xxx   have a happy holday you are doing great things.  jwelt from illinois
2009_12_03_20:48:16.946   069.136.002.xxx   Happy xmas from calls and comedy .com
2009_12_03_20:48:26.564   068.009.089.xxx   cam 2 is off!
2009_12_03_20:49:34.088   071.079.190.xxx   Merry XMac!
2009_12_03_20:49:58.167   170.188.005.xxx   Why is c2 offline? We want to see the  snow globe deflate.
2009_12_03_20:50:08.640   074.107.153.xxx   I lost 6lbs. this week! woot!
2009_12_03_20:50:25.719   024.196.158.xxx   very cool site
2009_12_03_20:50:36.542   170.188.005.xxx   Torri is s** y.
2009_12_03_20:51:06.044   071.079.190.xxx   Merry Christmas from LINK DELETED
2009_12_03_20:51:10.042   094.194.221.xxx   UK says hello
2009_12_03_20:51:16.273   170.188.005.xxx   Kris Kringle Was A Car Theif!
2009_12_03_20:52:09.838   068.009.089.xxx   cops came to my school today and not for good reasons...lol.
2009_12_03_20:53:07.395   071.072.039.xxx   Seems that cam2 has dropped out..
2009_12_03_20:53:43.316   068.009.089.xxx   no it hasn't
2009_12_03_20:54:02.750   170.188.005.xxx   Jason Cardona Is A God
2009_12_03_20:54:33.246   071.072.039.xxx   Cam2 is back on now.. Good job there.!
2009_12_03_20:55:13.360   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_12_03_20:55:24.908   071.203.222.xxx   i can has cheezburger
2009_12_03_20:55:34.821   070.238.203.xxx   over 9000 over 9000 over 9000 over 9000 over 9000 over 9000
2009_12_03_20:55:47.176   067.183.042.xxx   stuff
2009_12_03_20:55:54.611   170.188.005.xxx   Merry Christmas UK
2009_12_03_20:55:58.710   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE WAS HERE"
2009_12_03_20:56:15.895   068.009.089.xxx   good night
2009_12_03_20:56:41.167   065.005.246.xxx   Night John Boy!
2009_12_03_20:57:01.199   070.231.132.xxx   This is not here!
2009_12_03_20:57:11.681   068.009.089.xxx   names, not John
2009_12_03_20:57:48.163   068.009.089.xxx   it's santa
2009_12_03_20:57:55.120   070.231.132.xxx   Eat At Joes !!!
2009_12_03_20:58:42.956   071.203.222.xxx   Wonder what the neighbors think.  Reminds me of "Deck the Halls"
2009_12_03_20:58:52.029   170.188.005.xxx   Beans and weenies
2009_12_03_20:58:56.555   070.231.132.xxx   Will Work For Christmas Lights!!!
2009_12_03_20:59:16.734   070.238.203.xxx   TRANSFORRRRRR RRRRRRR RRRRRRRR M
2009_12_03_21:01:31.611   070.231.132.xxx   I've Just Been Voted Off Of The Island  :(
2009_12_03_21:01:35.926   098.224.190.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone
2009_12_03_21:01:49.010   070.238.203.xxx   developers developers developers developers
2009_12_03_21:02:11.914   090.195.062.xxx   wat news time came
2009_12_03_21:02:15.849   070.110.003.xxx   Chris Pirillo just tweeted a link to this
2009_12_03_21:03:20.725   192.132.064.xxx   This is awesome!!
2009_12_03_21:03:29.219   070.238.203.xxx   Chris Pirillo is a Mactard fanboy
2009_12_03_21:03:29.834   090.195.062.xxx   goodnight alek
2009_12_03_21:04:31.185   070.231.132.xxx   Happy Holidays From San Francisco!!!
2009_12_03_21:04:52.889   066.190.182.xxx   Merry Christmas from Hardeman County TN EMS
2009_12_03_21:05:18.634   070.231.132.xxx   =8-D
2009_12_03_21:06:19.714   192.132.064.xxx   This is for a great cause. I'm going over to donate right now.  Christmas is an
2009_12_03_21:06:32.083   195.240.238.xxx   Heya from the netherlands :)
2009_12_03_21:06:49.384   070.231.132.xxx   I think he's buying a new car!
2009_12_03_21:07:45.072   170.188.005.xxx   Jamie is Hottt
2009_12_03_21:08:23.772   072.231.238.xxx   Good to see this again this year, keep up the good work Alek!
2009_12_03_21:08:24.966   070.231.132.xxx   The Reindeer Aren't Bad Looking Either!
2009_12_03_21:09:08.968   070.231.132.xxx   Jonathan Loves Olga !!!  XOXOXO
2009_12_03_21:09:40.373   170.188.005.xxx   Wesley Willis Lives On!
2009_12_03_21:11:20.584   067.087.115.xxx   Greetings from Antarctica -Paul L
2009_12_03_21:11:22.391   070.231.132.xxx   Osama Bin Laden Works At The 7-11 In Muskogee! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_21:12:30.724   072.209.029.xxx   sit on my face
2009_12_03_21:12:56.429   072.209.029.xxx   no
2009_12_03_21:14:33.331   070.231.132.xxx   He Sells Christmas Lights! (11)
2009_12_03_21:14:41.597   071.072.039.xxx   !!  209 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!!!!
2009_12_03_21:15:10.650   170.188.005.xxx   Danny Is Hottt!@
2009_12_03_21:15:45.394   024.098.249.xxx   Happy Xmas From Atl, GA
2009_12_03_21:15:53.212   170.188.005.xxx   Suckas (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_21:17:21.076   170.188.005.xxx   I Love Torri (11)
2009_12_03_21:17:25.145   070.231.132.xxx   axi ride, going downtown me an my girls, going out counting down, to detination (12)
2009_12_03_21:18:11.801   170.188.005.xxx   Naughty___ You Get Coal (12)
2009_12_03_21:18:41.002   024.062.072.xxx   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from New Hampshire
2009_12_03_21:18:47.623   170.188.005.xxx   Rock N Roll McDonalds!! (13)
2009_12_03_21:19:03.624   024.192.173.xxx   I know someone with Celiac Disease as well.  Good luck and have a Happy New Yea
2009_12_03_21:19:43.276   063.225.235.xxx   Alex, you rock
2009_12_03_21:19:56.013   174.101.083.xxx   Happy Holidays From Portsmouth, Ohio!!
2009_12_03_21:20:33.060   063.225.235.xxx   Hey, what are you doing with your hands? Can't see them!
2009_12_03_21:20:34.561   024.098.249.xxx   Merry Christmas from Forest Park, GA
2009_12_03_21:20:35.367   070.231.132.xxx   I think the snowman has frostbite! (13)
2009_12_03_21:21:21.197   070.231.132.xxx   This Is Not Here! (14)
2009_12_03_21:22:44.419   024.192.173.xxx   How much have you raised thus far?
2009_12_03_21:22:55.324   170.188.005.xxx   Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho HO Ho (14)
2009_12_03_21:22:55.602   159.140.254.xxx   Cool
2009_12_03_21:23:37.327   170.188.005.xxx   Ho Ho Ho (15)
2009_12_03_21:25:06.611   068.112.237.xxx   FURRY!
2009_12_03_21:26:24.023   068.112.237.xxx   Yiff?
2009_12_03_21:29:38.428   071.062.124.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_03_21:30:54.803   079.239.063.xxx   Its Time for the Hulkster
2009_12_03_21:32:12.603   192.132.064.xxx   This is awesome!!
2009_12_03_21:34:59.431   069.167.192.xxx   hello
2009_12_03_21:40:13.658   207.224.045.xxx   Hello Alex
2009_12_03_21:43:46.062   099.241.152.xxx   Merry Xmas from Ottawa, Canada!
2009_12_03_21:44:01.770   076.184.045.xxx   Hello
2009_12_03_21:45:25.491   076.184.045.xxx   Hello Paul.
2009_12_03_21:46:36.891   024.206.116.xxx   Drew is my fav.
2009_12_03_21:47:12.494   024.206.116.xxx   who let the dogs out?
2009_12_03_21:47:37.845   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Debating leaving the X10 controls and webcams on for an extra hour ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_21:50:17.129   071.072.039.xxx   !! Cool if so Alek.!!! Was just gonna wish ya a good nite there..
2009_12_03_21:52:33.186   098.113.203.xxx   Happy Holidays
2009_12_03_21:53:05.541   198.144.208.xxx   way cool way coool!!!
2009_12_03_21:57:52.599   198.144.208.xxx   way cool way coool!!!
2009_12_03_22:00:49.716   075.065.195.xxx   Merry Christmas from Madison , Ms!
2009_12_03_22:01:21.241   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lights, Webcams, and X10 Controls on for an extra hour - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_22:01:59.549   075.065.195.xxx   Everything looks fantastic!
2009_12_03_22:04:49.310   198.208.159.xxx   Merry XMas
2009_12_03_22:08:23.909   198.144.208.xxx   Text!
2009_12_03_22:10:38.344   198.208.159.xxx   Hey Alek, Do this again next year!
2009_12_03_22:14:25.216   098.214.087.xxx   Sweet
2009_12_03_22:17:01.383   209.216.182.xxx   is this on?
2009_12_03_22:17:17.786   098.214.087.xxx   yes
2009_12_03_22:18:03.903   209.216.182.xxx   is that alek?
2009_12_03_22:18:24.782   098.214.087.xxx   no
2009_12_03_22:18:39.148   209.216.182.xxx   this isn't either!
2009_12_03_22:19:28.878   098.214.087.xxx   I just came here from LINK DELETED
2009_12_03_22:20:07.630   098.214.087.xxx   MajorGeeks
2009_12_03_22:20:47.370   209.216.182.xxx   Ahh, well "Happy Christmas" then
2009_12_03_22:21:05.912   098.214.087.xxx   Merry Christmas to you and your's too
2009_12_03_22:21:27.680   209.216.182.xxx   Cheers!
2009_12_03_22:26:01.722   071.072.039.xxx   MajorGeeks is good stuff.!
2009_12_03_22:27:08.320   198.144.195.xxx   Ho ho ho!
2009_12_03_22:27:41.011   067.058.082.xxx   Amazing.
2009_12_03_22:27:58.963   079.239.063.xxx   Give me some beer.
2009_12_03_22:28:01.391   216.113.017.xxx   Hi mom!
2009_12_03_22:30:06.980   216.113.017.xxx   Hi bee!!!
2009_12_03_22:30:27.224   079.239.063.xxx   Thank you Alek for the extra hour.
2009_12_03_22:31:53.266   207.094.025.xxx   Hello from Estes Park, CO
2009_12_03_22:31:57.865   203.097.112.xxx   howdy from New Zealand
2009_12_03_22:32:05.408   071.072.039.xxx   Yup., dittos on that.!!  Thanx
2009_12_03_22:32:25.305   079.239.063.xxx   Greetings and good evening from Germany.
2009_12_03_22:32:33.519   203.097.112.xxx   Doh! Missed my text
2009_12_03_22:33:56.199   079.239.063.xxx   Oh boy its cold outter there.
2009_12_03_22:35:10.207   173.019.122.xxx   6F that must be cold o.o
2009_12_03_22:35:29.626   079.239.063.xxx   Alek what has happend to the controllable Hulk? Broken?
2009_12_03_22:36:14.576   064.013.015.xxx   Awesome site
2009_12_03_22:37:18.569   064.013.015.xxx   Seriously, this is awesome
2009_12_03_22:37:21.261   024.099.127.xxx   greetings from Sandy Springs,GA
2009_12_03_22:37:27.016   079.239.063.xxx   Here it is 3 degrees Celsius
2009_12_03_22:37:50.758   024.099.127.xxx   merry christmas from Sandy Springs,Ga
2009_12_03_22:37:54.695   064.013.015.xxx   -1 degrees celsius over here
2009_12_03_22:38:27.151   079.239.063.xxx   yeah snow incomming ?
2009_12_03_22:39:30.861   079.239.063.xxx   Here it is 3 degrees and no snow... every year no white christmas
2009_12_03_22:39:51.354   070.058.049.xxx   Lettuce
2009_12_03_22:40:42.110   079.239.063.xxx   You need a chatbox Alek :D (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_22:40:43.470   064.013.015.xxx   Commando, eat YOUR lettuce
2009_12_03_22:40:44.724   070.058.049.xxx   Someone likes red lettuce
2009_12_03_22:41:09.874   064.013.015.xxx   Lettuce fails
2009_12_03_22:41:19.648   070.058.049.xxx   dmiller needs to learn to run
2009_12_03_22:41:44.138   064.013.015.xxx   HEY! Don't use my username, idiot
2009_12_03_22:42:09.179   070.058.049.xxx   Then don't use mine, IDIOT!
2009_12_03_22:42:19.564   079.239.063.xxx   Youve got a***ername? How? (11)
2009_12_03_22:42:26.127   064.013.015.xxx   Don't make me use your real name, I WILL!
2009_12_03_22:42:53.219   070.058.049.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_03_22:43:04.778   079.239.063.xxx   Hey Boys Calm down. (12)
2009_12_03_22:43:09.228   071.114.160.xxx   This is great... thank you.. and great job!
2009_12_03_22:43:21.816   064.013.015.xxx   This is strangly entertaining
2009_12_03_22:43:41.825   079.239.063.xxx   yeah 015 (13)
2009_12_03_22:44:08.669   070.058.049.xxx   Who here loves the christmas season?
2009_12_03_22:44:21.034   064.013.015.xxx   I do
2009_12_03_22:44:38.161   079.239.063.xxx   I like the American way of christmas. (14)
2009_12_03_22:44:40.173   070.058.049.xxx   Me too
2009_12_03_22:44:40.764   071.072.039.xxx   Oh ya., I surely do enjoy the season.!!
2009_12_03_22:44:57.292   071.114.160.xxx   going to tell some folks about this site.. thanks again!!
2009_12_03_22:45:05.910   072.134.035.xxx   Hey There!
2009_12_03_22:45:09.724   070.058.049.xxx   Christmas is for nubs
2009_12_03_22:45:27.890   064.013.015.xxx   Whatever, stop stealing peoples words (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_22:45:32.305   079.239.063.xxx   The Singing, drinking hot things, music, family thats the best i think. (15)
2009_12_03_22:45:37.171   070.058.049.xxx   Nice display man, kind of reminds me of home
2009_12_03_22:45:51.699   071.114.160.xxx   Peace and Love to everyone!!
2009_12_03_22:46:13.446   070.058.049.xxx   LOVE AND PEACE! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_22:46:29.056   079.239.063.xxx   Whats the typical Christmas Punch in amerika ? (16)
2009_12_03_22:46:45.665   070.058.049.xxx   BEER (11)
2009_12_03_22:46:52.410   071.114.160.xxx   Egg nog?
2009_12_03_22:47:07.591   070.058.049.xxx   Cheese nips (12)
2009_12_03_22:48:18.107   079.239.063.xxx   hmm egg nogg sounds interesting. Your Favour too Alek ? (17)
2009_12_03_22:48:33.745   070.058.049.xxx   in Santa's Workshop Cam! (13)
2009_12_03_22:49:17.535   070.058.049.xxx   Christmas is a time for LOVE AND PEACE! (14)
2009_12_03_22:50:37.845   070.058.049.xxx   Dude, Anime is amazing (15)
2009_12_03_22:51:43.485   079.239.063.xxx   Someone who give me a good egg nogg reciept? (18)
2009_12_03_22:52:28.214   070.058.049.xxx   banana laffy taffy and a thinning agent (16)
2009_12_03_22:53:00.720   070.058.049.xxx   !@#_________&___()_ (17)
2009_12_03_22:53:29.757   070.058.049.xxx   !@#______ (18)
2009_12_03_22:55:45.019   070.058.049.xxx   Ob*ection! (19)
2009_12_03_22:57:14.348   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** 3 more minutes of X10 controls ... but some by tomorrow for fun again! ***ALEK***
2009_12_03_22:57:53.251   196.210.181.xxx   Greetings from SA
2009_12_03_22:58:01.659   079.239.063.xxx   Letzten Minuten.. Schade (19)
2009_12_03_22:58:07.088   071.072.039.xxx   THANX for the xtra hr Alek.. Have a good eve there.!! - Ohio
2009_12_03_22:59:15.706   079.239.063.xxx   Good Night Alek. Thank you for the extra hour (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_03_22:59:40.165   196.210.181.xxx   Greetings from SA

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