418 christmas text messages on 2009/1204

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,412 times that day including 4,765 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1204

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_04_16:05:18.801   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning on the X10 controls early for people in Europe! ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_16:07:32.841   078.150.001.xxx   thanks aleeekkkk :)
2009_12_04_16:08:30.045   081.137.209.xxx   Nikhil sharma rules
2009_12_04_16:09:09.030   081.137.209.xxx   The christmas lights r grate
2009_12_04_16:11:08.484   081.137.209.xxx   Are all the lights on
2009_12_04_16:12:53.540   068.057.099.xxx   it day time over u cant see hem but yes there on
2009_12_04_16:13:08.470   144.131.071.xxx   hello, this is awesome, i love it!
2009_12_04_16:13:31.929   068.057.099.xxx   hi
2009_12_04_16:14:13.069   081.152.079.xxx   hiya
2009_12_04_16:14:32.860   070.153.210.xxx   yo
2009_12_04_16:14:36.372   090.215.069.xxx   how dose the laptop woek in your office im trying to do this on my web site
2009_12_04_16:14:49.100   068.057.099.xxx   hey are you to from europe
2009_12_04_16:14:52.027   081.152.079.xxx   i love the inflatabe ballon
2009_12_04_16:15:16.931   081.152.079.xxx   yh
2009_12_04_16:15:50.259   068.057.099.xxx   hey are any of you guys or girls from europe
2009_12_04_16:16:10.598   081.137.209.xxx   Doesn't it make a lot of noise when the fans for the inflatables keep on going 
2009_12_04_16:17:07.638   068.057.099.xxx   is tis your first time here
2009_12_04_16:17:23.367   075.053.111.xxx   hello from houston
2009_12_04_16:17:47.265   068.057.099.xxx   hey how the snow
2009_12_04_16:19:19.004   144.131.071.xxx   what time does it get dark over there?
2009_12_04_16:19:39.185   068.057.099.xxx   how he snow in houstan
2009_12_04_16:20:00.291   081.137.209.xxx   can u turn the ho ho thing on its not on i do not thing
2009_12_04_16:20:04.093   156.034.244.xxx   about 5PM it's getting dark
2009_12_04_16:20:29.996   144.131.071.xxx   cool thanks...
2009_12_04_16:20:36.475   068.057.099.xxx   how the snow in houstan sorry the keyboard stinks
2009_12_04_16:21:21.889   144.131.071.xxx   im in Australia no snow here, its summer
2009_12_04_16:22:18.037   068.057.099.xxx   it fall and winter in virginia
2009_12_04_16:22:23.736   098.026.237.xxx   Happy Holidays
2009_12_04_16:22:47.287   068.057.099.xxx   cold and warm (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_16:23:12.014   081.137.209.xxx   (: ROLF
2009_12_04_16:23:47.280   081.137.209.xxx   Hello guys grate christmas lights
2009_12_04_16:24:01.191   068.057.099.xxx   what does ROLF means (11)
2009_12_04_16:24:23.640   081.137.209.xxx   I actually do not know
2009_12_04_16:24:40.093   068.115.025.xxx   yeahhhhhh light show
2009_12_04_16:24:45.391   068.057.099.xxx   lol (12)
2009_12_04_16:25:18.253   098.165.067.xxx   GoMizzou
2009_12_04_16:25:38.967   098.026.237.xxx   You can tell you have been eating all that free chicken :-)
2009_12_04_16:26:12.874   068.115.025.xxx   rofl means roll on the floor laughing rofl
2009_12_04_16:27:04.458   081.137.209.xxx   owowowowowo
2009_12_04_16:27:13.053   068.115.025.xxx   wow i can see myself on the tv or is that a older mac
2009_12_04_16:27:43.845   068.115.025.xxx   I AM DOMINATING YOUR TELEVISSIONZZZZ
2009_12_04_16:27:55.305   098.165.067.xxx   happy birthday jesus
2009_12_04_16:28:00.972   081.137.209.xxx   Its would be nice to see some snow in England D: (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_16:28:03.192   068.057.099.xxx   anyone want a candy cane because i got one (13)
2009_12_04_16:29:15.842   068.115.025.xxx   i dont get it good sir that is wrong
2009_12_04_16:29:16.465   081.137.209.xxx   why do you have a pumpkin inflatable thats bad luck halloween is in october (11)
2009_12_04_16:30:03.347   068.115.025.xxx   i dont think he know what a calander was oh wait im sure he did
2009_12_04_16:30:22.863   068.057.099.xxx   yea why do you have that (14)
2009_12_04_16:30:47.631   094.192.065.xxx   hello from england
2009_12_04_16:30:53.569   067.249.131.xxx   hey logan and ben
2009_12_04_16:31:00.021   068.057.099.xxx   halloween is over (15)
2009_12_04_16:31:01.962   081.137.209.xxx   Hello from WINDSOR (12)
2009_12_04_16:31:19.889   067.249.131.xxx   hey b man
2009_12_04_16:31:58.772   068.115.025.xxx   it is quite amazing what one person can do to bring others together to help eac
2009_12_04_16:32:10.713   081.137.209.xxx   Everyone turn and deflate the christmas lights (13)
2009_12_04_16:32:20.029   068.057.099.xxx   who live n texas (16)
2009_12_04_16:32:35.929   094.192.065.xxx   Wolverhampton rules
2009_12_04_16:33:11.691   078.033.055.xxx   this is a funky site
2009_12_04_16:33:16.325   081.137.209.xxx   And on again (14)
2009_12_04_16:34:33.195   094.192.065.xxx   time to go to bed
2009_12_04_16:34:40.805   068.115.025.xxx   GARAGE MUST BE ON
2009_12_04_16:34:51.328   081.137.209.xxx   11:35 PM EST England (15)
2009_12_04_16:34:51.658   078.033.055.xxx   how do switch the music off?
2009_12_04_16:35:16.177   094.192.065.xxx   is this fake?
2009_12_04_16:35:21.716   068.115.025.xxx   what do you use to route all of this?
2009_12_04_16:35:49.698   068.115.025.xxx   this is quite real (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_16:36:43.642   068.057.099.xxx   there the dude that look at the light for 20min (17)
2009_12_04_16:37:00.572   094.192.065.xxx   ok ty for your answer
2009_12_04_16:37:15.918   081.137.209.xxx   America (16)
2009_12_04_16:37:47.558   081.137.209.xxx   who is that on the computer (17)
2009_12_04_16:38:01.168   068.057.099.xxx   alek remeber that dude on cam 2 (18)
2009_12_04_16:38:01.204   094.192.065.xxx   im going to send a email to all my friend in uk about this
2009_12_04_16:38:23.551   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sun is starting to go down, so lights will stand out more ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_16:38:40.833   071.253.193.xxx   go to LINK DELETED
2009_12_04_16:38:49.299   068.057.099.xxx   alek remeber that dude on cam2 (19)
2009_12_04_16:39:27.204   071.253.193.xxx   go to fancyshowproductions dot com replace dot with .
2009_12_04_16:40:30.560   071.253.193.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM LINK DELETED!
2009_12_04_16:40:42.214   068.115.025.xxx   thats low man hijacking this type of thing (11)
2009_12_04_16:41:39.475   071.253.193.xxx   fancyshowproductions . com says merry christmas
2009_12_04_16:41:51.817   068.115.025.xxx   moving on (12)
2009_12_04_16:42:11.778   071.253.193.xxx   merry christmas you all
2009_12_04_16:46:35.749   095.145.235.xxx   Good to see its all working now from Scotland/UK
2009_12_04_16:50:41.111   082.042.109.xxx   hello canada from the uk
2009_12_04_16:55:19.977   068.115.025.xxx   nick dont you dare (13)
2009_12_04_16:55:51.999   071.090.094.xxx   whatever jake
2009_12_04_16:56:43.645   068.115.025.xxx   shush dont let santa hear you (14)
2009_12_04_16:57:00.681   071.090.094.xxx   whos santa?
2009_12_04_16:57:20.450   070.139.053.xxx   Type text & CR to sText & cr hiee real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_04_16:57:32.476   095.145.235.xxx   I herd santa not realy
2009_12_04_16:57:53.989   068.115.025.xxx   santa beat me with a sack of flordia oranges (15)
2009_12_04_16:58:15.947   095.145.235.xxx   Dam Stantas bad then
2009_12_04_16:58:18.626   070.139.053.xxx   I love Megan Davis!!!
2009_12_04_16:58:20.497   071.090.094.xxx   santa is not real your mom is lying!!
2009_12_04_16:58:48.043   095.145.235.xxx   Nooooo
2009_12_04_16:58:55.224   071.253.193.xxx   santa is real
2009_12_04_16:58:55.645   090.215.132.xxx   Santa is alive as ever
2009_12_04_16:58:58.051   070.139.053.xxx   Megan Davis is the best gf!
2009_12_04_16:59:29.791   090.215.132.xxx   i agree my girlfriend is also called megan davies
2009_12_04_16:59:40.879   095.145.235.xxx   Santa is so real he vists my house every year and gives me presents from North 
2009_12_04_17:00:35.144   071.090.094.xxx   n, that would be your rents giving u gifts
2009_12_04_17:00:42.493   070.139.053.xxx   Texas is going to win the national title
2009_12_04_17:01:35.360   095.145.235.xxx   2012 The End Of The WORLD
2009_12_04_17:01:45.041   071.253.193.xxx   it was cool
2009_12_04_17:02:21.326   095.145.235.xxx   Only 2 More Xams till we all DIE
2009_12_04_17:02:54.829   069.107.111.xxx   have a cool yule
2009_12_04_17:06:03.031   098.212.026.xxx   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
2009_12_04_17:06:32.168   075.172.125.xxx   yes!
2009_12_04_17:07:20.184   068.057.099.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_17:08:13.545   081.137.209.xxx   it gets dark quick there (18)
2009_12_04_17:09:43.660   065.008.147.xxx   hey
2009_12_04_17:10:07.836   071.253.193.xxx   santa is real
2009_12_04_17:10:14.932   081.137.209.xxx   gekko (19)
2009_12_04_17:10:29.449   065.008.147.xxx   merry christmas from  zubieta family
2009_12_04_17:10:36.930   070.146.062.xxx   This Is So Cool!!
2009_12_04_17:10:46.361   071.253.193.xxx   hey theltha
2009_12_04_17:10:57.894   065.008.147.xxx   no more obama
2009_12_04_17:12:34.666   065.008.147.xxx   happy christams
2009_12_04_17:12:38.618   071.253.193.xxx   OBAMA RULES! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_17:13:15.047   068.057.099.xxx   just to say that was rasis and i white (21)
2009_12_04_17:13:32.140   071.253.193.xxx   OBAMA RULES CRAZY PERSON (11)
2009_12_04_17:13:32.594   068.111.101.xxx   talethawashere
2009_12_04_17:13:55.895   068.057.099.xxx   what (22)
2009_12_04_17:14:06.664   068.111.101.xxx   hay carmen
2009_12_04_17:14:11.613   081.137.209.xxx   turn everything off its funny (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_17:14:13.885   071.253.193.xxx   OBAMA RULES CRAZY PERSON (12)
2009_12_04_17:14:42.538   068.111.101.xxx   heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
2009_12_04_17:14:51.811   081.137.209.xxx   yeah (21)
2009_12_04_17:14:59.722   068.057.099.xxx   it true (23)
2009_12_04_17:15:32.953   071.253.193.xxx   SANTA IS REAL THELTHA (13)
2009_12_04_17:16:04.374   068.057.099.xxx   yes he is and im 14 (24)
2009_12_04_17:16:39.967   081.137.209.xxx   i have switched it off (22)
2009_12_04_17:17:03.180   071.253.193.xxx   DONT DO THAT (14)
2009_12_04_17:17:11.744   068.057.099.xxx   it s dark man (25)
2009_12_04_17:17:33.549   068.115.025.xxx   everything must be shutdown!!! (16)
2009_12_04_17:17:36.018   068.057.099.xxx   don't do what (26)
2009_12_04_17:18:39.252   068.111.101.xxx   yes i did
2009_12_04_17:19:07.688   071.253.193.xxx   SUBSCRIBE TO FANCYSHOWPRODUCTIONS ON YOUTUBE (15)
2009_12_04_17:19:24.817   068.115.025.xxx   anyone realize santa's icon is like a gangsta walk? (17)
2009_12_04_17:20:55.512   098.212.026.xxx   hey i see buzz lightyear next to the messages :)
2009_12_04_17:21:40.390   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_04_17:21:52.839   098.212.026.xxx   ___--------- right there
2009_12_04_17:22:13.586   076.097.203.xxx   SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL WWMC
2009_12_04_17:24:44.514   081.137.209.xxx   This site is coool (23)
2009_12_04_17:25:15.019   068.115.025.xxx   c0o0o0o0o0ol (18)
2009_12_04_17:29:46.814   169.237.111.xxx   Neato!
2009_12_04_17:30:42.756   097.124.058.xxx   Hello World!
2009_12_04_17:31:08.530   173.065.205.xxx   ihbnik
2009_12_04_17:39:37.214   076.177.153.xxx   hey all
2009_12_04_17:42:07.462   098.127.082.xxx   Hello from Billings, MT
2009_12_04_17:42:18.728   076.177.153.xxx   wat up in da world
2009_12_04_17:44:41.602   098.127.082.xxx   Hello Erin, Kyle & Lori in Billings, MT
2009_12_04_17:45:16.575   076.177.153.xxx   hi alek
2009_12_04_17:46:04.488   075.138.230.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_04_17:46:09.115   099.195.253.xxx   what is he doing
2009_12_04_17:47:15.352   075.076.237.xxx   bn a nerd
2009_12_04_17:47:20.638   068.147.034.xxx   Ho Ho HO
2009_12_04_17:47:46.680   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** One nerd on the Internet watching this nerd on his webcam - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_17:48:13.674   099.195.253.xxx   yep
2009_12_04_17:48:52.639   068.057.099.xxx   oh hi alek (27)
2009_12_04_17:49:04.394   086.173.040.xxx   Thankyou for turning on early tonight Alek! :)
2009_12_04_17:49:23.139   075.076.237.xxx   he did?
2009_12_04_17:50:07.805   075.076.237.xxx   he turned them on early?
2009_12_04_17:50:13.268   086.173.040.xxx   yeaa they were on bfore midnight here in uk :)
2009_12_04_17:50:43.399   075.076.237.xxx   cool
2009_12_04_17:51:08.000   098.127.082.xxx   hello UK!!!!
2009_12_04_17:51:45.629   068.057.099.xxx   who want hot coco (28)
2009_12_04_17:51:50.577   086.173.040.xxx   heyy! from Uk! hows evrybdy doing?
2009_12_04_17:53:13.279   098.127.082.xxx   It's cold here in Montana
2009_12_04_17:54:24.617   086.173.040.xxx   same here in worcestershire! no snow though
2009_12_04_17:55:20.318   098.193.040.xxx   im soo bored!!!!
2009_12_04_17:55:50.583   092.029.149.xxx   Cyberwarez.info
2009_12_04_17:56:35.220   098.160.221.xxx   X10 is cool
2009_12_04_17:57:06.119   076.177.153.xxx   hey all
2009_12_04_17:59:07.163   024.022.166.xxx   Snow flurries in Seattle!!
2009_12_04_18:01:48.286   072.213.205.xxx   g'day
2009_12_04_18:02:15.830   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I lived in the Seattle area for 7 years - snow is very unusual - global cooling? ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_18:03:32.342   086.173.040.xxx   Where are you alek? are you on anther pc?
2009_12_04_18:04:34.543   069.145.125.xxx   Hey Everyone!
2009_12_04_18:04:57.795   072.213.205.xxx   this is too easy since it's been real.
2009_12_04_18:04:59.008   097.096.124.xxx   good evening all...Happy Holiday's from the Henderson's/Clwr, Fl
2009_12_04_18:05:10.489   069.145.125.xxx   Hello from Cheyenne Wyoming!
2009_12_04_18:06:42.890   072.213.205.xxx   What's the difference between a Cadillac and a golf ball?
2009_12_04_18:07:49.852   072.213.205.xxx   Tiger can drive a golf ball 400 yards
2009_12_04_18:08:19.507   067.085.154.xxx   not while hes cheating
2009_12_04_18:09:10.887   071.098.076.xxx   Let's Go Red Wings!
2009_12_04_18:09:17.184   067.085.154.xxx   to whoever made this website-great job and keep up the good work!
2009_12_04_18:10:29.757   067.085.154.xxx   hope theres no red sox fans on
2009_12_04_18:10:40.388   069.123.186.xxx   hi donna
2009_12_04_18:11:12.540   067.085.154.xxx   i already did!
2009_12_04_18:12:55.389   066.066.214.xxx   Hello from NY
2009_12_04_18:15:46.865   094.230.186.xxx   Hello from BELGRADE
2009_12_04_18:17:21.263   077.103.161.xxx   Excellent site - keep up the good work!
2009_12_04_18:18:36.405   066.066.214.xxx   Agreed!  Excellent site!
2009_12_04_18:21:12.256   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska
2009_12_04_18:21:49.436   156.034.244.xxx   omg what happened :O
2009_12_04_18:22:02.733   098.160.221.xxx   CAM 2 goes offline!
2009_12_04_18:23:06.599   072.146.075.xxx   controls 2 is off
2009_12_04_18:23:25.447   156.034.244.xxx   noooooo
2009_12_04_18:24:48.770   098.160.221.xxx   CAM 2 ALMOST!
2009_12_04_18:26:33.063   098.160.221.xxx   CAM 2 GO BYE BYE!
2009_12_04_18:26:54.148   067.085.154.xxx   what happen to it?
2009_12_04_18:27:19.685   156.034.244.xxx   the grinch took it back to his workshop...
2009_12_04_18:27:25.781   098.160.221.xxx   Someone hit "OFF"
2009_12_04_18:27:38.035   067.085.154.xxx   oh no! we must find him
2009_12_04_18:28:01.407   098.160.221.xxx   Please click "ON" for CAM 2
2009_12_04_18:31:41.532   156.034.244.xxx   i miss Cam 2 :(
2009_12_04_18:33:37.621   071.072.039.xxx   !!  115 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_04_18:33:51.475   068.115.025.xxx   f*** u with so,mething harda (19)
2009_12_04_18:34:48.543   071.072.039.xxx   Cam 2 down here also
2009_12_04_18:35:34.684   068.115.025.xxx   turn them all off!!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_18:36:01.391   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... turn them all ON!!! ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_18:36:10.705   068.115.025.xxx   hey man, how do set this up? (21)
2009_12_04_18:36:18.747   098.160.221.xxx   CAM 2 IS BACK
2009_12_04_18:36:34.304   071.072.039.xxx   Is bk on now..!
2009_12_04_18:37:02.795   068.115.025.xxx   mr person who made all of this (22)
2009_12_04_18:37:29.449   068.115.025.xxx   hey man, how do set this up? (23)
2009_12_04_18:38:37.893   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays to all.!!
2009_12_04_18:40:02.748   068.115.025.xxx   hey man, how do you set this up? (24)
2009_12_04_18:42:28.528   068.115.025.xxx   how much have they raised so far (25)
2009_12_04_18:43:01.742   098.030.041.xxx   over 40k
2009_12_04_18:43:33.294   098.160.221.xxx   over ___40,000 look at top of page
2009_12_04_18:43:38.402   068.115.025.xxx   WOW thats a lot of cash for some lights....goes to a great cause i guess (26)
2009_12_04_18:44:47.208   071.072.039.xxx   Cam2 dropped again..
2009_12_04_18:44:53.602   068.115.025.xxx   NO f***ING s*** the top of the page has said the same thing for 3 days...hmm po (27)
2009_12_04_18:44:53.694   098.160.221.xxx   CAM 2 GO BYE BYE AGAIN!
2009_12_04_18:45:00.867   068.104.013.xxx   maybe it's a Radio Shack cam
2009_12_04_18:45:24.981   068.115.025.xxx   haha i dont doubt a radioschack (28)
2009_12_04_18:45:30.003   075.032.011.xxx   Tacos for all
2009_12_04_18:45:53.368   068.115.025.xxx   mmm tacos are good (29)
2009_12_04_18:46:30.596   075.032.011.xxx   yes they are
2009_12_04_18:48:53.568   098.160.221.xxx   how come frosty doesn't deflate? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_18:49:26.694   098.160.221.xxx   Frosty bottom half looks like it's not lit (11)
2009_12_04_18:51:24.218   098.160.221.xxx   CAM2 BYE BYE (12)
2009_12_04_18:51:54.325   098.160.221.xxx   CAM 2 loose wire? (13)
2009_12_04_18:52:26.942   098.160.221.xxx   Nothing better to do on friday? (14)
2009_12_04_18:53:44.440   076.018.254.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Cobb Family in Georgia
2009_12_04_18:56:38.221   072.051.226.xxx   Great Job Again Alek
2009_12_04_19:01:41.107   071.059.040.xxx   Merry Christmas - my mom is celiac as well, so we support you!
2009_12_04_19:02:51.408   024.098.249.xxx   Why is the front yard offline?
2009_12_04_19:03:48.090   071.072.039.xxx   115 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2009_12_04_19:04:25.968   072.051.226.xxx   HO, Pumpkin Jack, Stepping Santa
2009_12_04_19:05:29.044   074.075.235.xxx   hello from cornish maine
2009_12_04_19:06:28.282   074.075.235.xxx   merry christmas everyone
2009_12_04_19:06:58.675   098.118.091.xxx   f*** v*****S
2009_12_04_19:07:58.689   071.059.040.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lawrenceville, GA
2009_12_04_19:10:15.519   150.101.115.xxx   Hello!?!
2009_12_04_19:10:55.317   076.018.254.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brunswick, Georgia
2009_12_04_19:11:34.233   076.018.254.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brunswick, Georgia
2009_12_04_19:13:01.086   150.101.115.xxx   Merry Christmas from Canberra, Australia
2009_12_04_19:19:18.350   075.168.236.xxx   hello
2009_12_04_19:19:57.425   075.168.236.xxx   you have just been hacked
2009_12_04_19:20:45.193   075.168.236.xxx   s**
2009_12_04_19:21:42.339   075.168.236.xxx   everyone this is vry cool
2009_12_04_19:23:58.378   075.168.236.xxx   everyone try to hack this website
2009_12_04_19:25:07.098   075.168.236.xxx   s**
2009_12_04_19:25:34.597   075.168.236.xxx   6996
2009_12_04_19:27:06.874   074.193.236.xxx   hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2009_12_04_19:28:46.129   067.242.135.xxx   hi
2009_12_04_19:29:07.765   097.120.129.xxx   Guy Kawasaki referal
2009_12_04_19:30:08.475   097.120.129.xxx   I mean thats how I found this poor excuse for a blogging machine thats slower t
2009_12_04_19:30:50.887   097.120.129.xxx   A FF referal. What a gullible s***** am I?
2009_12_04_19:31:01.034   067.242.135.xxx   troy said hi
2009_12_04_19:31:44.286   067.242.135.xxx   yo
2009_12_04_19:31:57.391   097.120.129.xxx   how many people are reading the tv screen in one of this guys santa workshop CC
2009_12_04_19:33:12.152   097.120.129.xxx   mathematics chase me around
2009_12_04_19:34:10.589   097.120.129.xxx   like your first production this has some appeal therapeutically
2009_12_04_19:35:00.421   097.120.129.xxx   Type - Touch - Feel - Sense - Think
2009_12_04_19:35:53.517   097.120.129.xxx   ahh f* i dont want to type into the teleprompter
2009_12_04_19:36:15.075   067.242.135.xxx   i love dogd
2009_12_04_19:36:43.027   090.208.119.xxx   webcam 2 is offline
2009_12_04_19:37:00.753   071.082.063.xxx   The Santa Clause movie rocks
2009_12_04_19:37:53.550   071.253.193.xxx   iCarly is on Nickelodeon (16)
2009_12_04_19:42:15.391   068.188.222.xxx   ______D_______________/____________D
2009_12_04_19:42:46.936   064.012.116.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_04_19:43:02.263   074.193.222.xxx   Snow in Alexandria Louisiana Crazy!
2009_12_04_19:43:22.434   098.160.221.xxx   D______U_____D____E___M___A___N (15)
2009_12_04_19:43:33.373   064.012.116.xxx   hello Gena & Sabrina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2009_12_04_19:44:38.875   064.012.116.xxx   ba-ba-bouy!
2009_12_04_19:45:33.504   064.012.116.xxx   let it snow let it snow let it snow!
2009_12_04_19:46:14.339   064.012.116.xxx   Lets go ECU Pirates! Beat Houston!!!!!!
2009_12_04_19:46:45.125   064.012.116.xxx   arrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_04_19:47:54.088   064.012.116.xxx   GO PIRATES!!!! ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_04_19:57:57.127   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_04_20:05:35.787   070.157.175.xxx   turn it on
2009_12_04_20:06:28.968   070.157.175.xxx   Savannah, GA USA
2009_12_04_20:10:56.665   219.079.195.xxx   Seasons Greetings from Hong Kong
2009_12_04_20:12:55.306   099.029.031.xxx   call 911
2009_12_04_20:13:43.581   068.103.133.xxx   hello from kansas
2009_12_04_20:15:49.038   071.227.177.xxx   hi amanda :)
2009_12_04_20:15:53.781   219.079.195.xxx   Merry Xmas from Hong Kong
2009_12_04_20:15:54.987   068.103.133.xxx   why does kansas need to call that number
2009_12_04_20:18:04.422   071.072.039.xxx   Season Greetings to all from Ohio.!!
2009_12_04_20:18:09.653   070.144.073.xxx   what___
2009_12_04_20:18:38.086   070.144.073.xxx   hello becky
2009_12_04_20:18:42.586   068.103.133.xxx   who is this
2009_12_04_20:19:15.027   070.144.073.xxx   santa
2009_12_04_20:19:49.049   068.103.133.xxx   who's talking to kansas man
2009_12_04_20:23:32.090   068.103.133.xxx   what
2009_12_04_20:24:22.963   070.178.040.xxx   Looks like everyone went to bed already...
2009_12_04_20:25:20.951   068.103.133.xxx   who is 651
2009_12_04_20:26:17.179   070.178.040.xxx   No we won't
2009_12_04_20:26:24.547   068.103.133.xxx   who is the 651
2009_12_04_20:26:43.283   070.178.040.xxx   Who cares????
2009_12_04_20:27:00.580   068.103.133.xxx   i do
2009_12_04_20:27:36.737   071.072.039.xxx   !! 100 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!!!!!
2009_12_04_20:27:49.966   068.103.133.xxx   what state
2009_12_04_20:29:29.784   098.235.252.xxx   Cheese Steaks RULE in Philly
2009_12_04_20:29:39.287   071.072.039.xxx   Come on., enuff w/the phone number. Sheesh.
2009_12_04_20:30:22.961   098.235.252.xxx   Dont parole people in jail
2009_12_04_20:30:46.019   068.103.133.xxx   what state is 651 area code (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_20:31:02.149   098.235.252.xxx   I eat boogies
2009_12_04_20:31:20.366   024.185.124.xxx   Turn everything on
2009_12_04_20:31:39.834   098.235.252.xxx   this thing is a hoax once again
2009_12_04_20:33:08.519   072.231.238.xxx   if you think this is a hoax, you're a moron
2009_12_04_20:33:56.226   068.103.133.xxx   tell me who you are and i will call 651 (11)
2009_12_04_20:34:03.848   098.235.252.xxx   NO really call the neighbors and ask is things are on and off
2009_12_04_20:34:47.550   098.235.252.xxx   Yo
2009_12_04_20:35:20.370   098.235.252.xxx   Hello from JAPAN where we make BETTER CARS
2009_12_04_20:35:47.923   068.103.133.xxx   hello from new york (12)
2009_12_04_20:35:51.548   070.238.203.xxx   Hello from America where we have bigger dongs
2009_12_04_20:36:14.552   098.235.252.xxx   Big dongs in the GHETTO
2009_12_04_20:37:17.769   206.021.159.xxx   Hi everyone!
2009_12_04_20:37:18.169   173.206.064.xxx   p****
2009_12_04_20:37:19.339   076.189.028.xxx   Byteforest is fraking amazing.
2009_12_04_20:37:26.591   098.235.252.xxx   Hello from Africa
2009_12_04_20:38:09.650   076.189.028.xxx   I choked on a bird house. Then byteforest saved my life.
2009_12_04_20:38:25.557   206.021.159.xxx   Hi Brooksie!
2009_12_04_20:38:30.939   068.103.133.xxx   St.Paul minnisoto (13)
2009_12_04_20:38:48.252   206.021.159.xxx   Hi Brooksie!
2009_12_04_20:39:14.065   098.235.252.xxx   What is byteforest (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_20:39:29.998   173.206.064.xxx   Frosted flaes wins, flawless victory
2009_12_04_20:39:35.336   206.021.159.xxx   Hi Brooksie!
2009_12_04_20:43:31.940   068.103.133.xxx   why call 651 (14)
2009_12_04_20:44:29.854   068.103.133.xxx   give me a break 651 (15)
2009_12_04_20:45:26.547   068.103.133.xxx   ST.Paul (16)
2009_12_04_20:45:41.460   206.021.159.xxx   I love you!
2009_12_04_20:47:06.957   068.103.133.xxx   Ft.Riley kansas (17)
2009_12_04_20:47:34.525   206.021.159.xxx   I love you!
2009_12_04_20:48:13.455   068.103.133.xxx   no way (18)
2009_12_04_20:49:05.956   068.103.133.xxx   good night ST.Paul (19)
2009_12_04_20:49:55.388   068.103.133.xxx   yes yes yes (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_20:51:39.433   024.056.161.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad, NM   USA
2009_12_04_20:51:44.221   068.103.133.xxx   kansas says male or female (21)
2009_12_04_20:54:30.391   024.056.161.xxx   HO HO HO
2009_12_04_20:59:35.394   206.021.159.xxx   Hi Brooksie!
2009_12_04_20:59:52.470   076.188.057.xxx   Great to have your lights back up ---- Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_04_21:00:09.028   024.165.178.xxx   hey amanda :D
2009_12_04_21:00:17.134   206.021.159.xxx   hey
2009_12_04_21:00:50.651   068.194.244.xxx   are you gona leave that led skeleton up alek
2009_12_04_21:01:16.307   024.165.178.xxx   :D :D
2009_12_04_21:01:53.318   024.165.178.xxx   :D  DONT WORRY BE HAPPY
2009_12_04_21:02:10.129   206.021.159.xxx   thanks, brooksie
2009_12_04_21:02:22.693   024.165.178.xxx   get a new song
2009_12_04_21:02:32.991   206.021.159.xxx   hahaha (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_21:02:47.885   024.165.178.xxx   hey tim
2009_12_04_21:03:06.253   206.021.159.xxx   hey everyone hanging out with brooksie (11)
2009_12_04_21:03:06.706   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I think the LED skeleton looks kinda neat ... even for Christmas! ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_21:03:32.926   024.165.178.xxx   hey brooksie
2009_12_04_21:03:52.686   068.194.244.xxx   Webcam 1 went offline
2009_12_04_21:05:53.675   068.194.244.xxx   The controls arent even working ALEK
2009_12_04_21:06:32.436   068.194.244.xxx   ok now they are
2009_12_04_21:08:38.112   098.160.221.xxx   Hulk Simpsons Spongebob all are part of life so why not show them (16)
2009_12_04_21:09:02.767   064.012.116.xxx   WHO BROKE IT!
2009_12_04_21:09:25.079   098.160.221.xxx   them (17)
2009_12_04_21:09:52.901   064.012.116.xxx   PLEASE MAKE FIX!
2009_12_04_21:09:55.534   074.079.034.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_04_21:10:38.118   173.188.023.xxx   Hello from Ashtabula,Ohio
2009_12_04_21:11:57.129   098.160.221.xxx   CAM 2 is still working TRY PRESSING A BUTTON! (18)
2009_12_04_21:17:11.070   064.012.116.xxx   RIGHT-0! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_21:19:27.358   067.085.154.xxx   anyone on?
2009_12_04_21:20:11.817   067.085.154.xxx   k bye
2009_12_04_21:26:25.474   069.148.249.xxx   Hello. :)
2009_12_04_21:26:43.820   071.201.102.xxx   fnf
2009_12_04_21:26:44.086   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry webcams are a bit flaky - the 802.11 wireless sometimes is weird ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_21:27:41.924   071.201.102.xxx   dnvnvcljncjlncnc
2009_12_04_21:28:05.739   024.111.219.xxx   get 802.11n then
2009_12_04_21:29:58.300   071.072.039.xxx   Ya they seem bit funky.. Adds to the enjoyment.! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_04_21:30:47.444   024.111.219.xxx   today is a good day to die
2009_12_04_21:31:42.460   024.111.219.xxx   should put video on justin.tv
2009_12_04_21:32:24.826   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcams only support 802.11g - send me some new ones with 802.11n! ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_21:32:42.588   024.111.219.xxx   time to play battlefield vietnam
2009_12_04_21:33:57.761   024.111.219.xxx   hi from 91st missile wing minot, air force base
2009_12_04_21:34:37.904   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wooo ... Minor can be pretty darn cold - I'm a former blue suiter ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_21:35:04.980   024.111.219.xxx   it's -5 here on base
2009_12_04_21:37:59.789   024.111.219.xxx   hi from 91st security forces sq
2009_12_04_21:38:13.274   070.137.006.xxx   I can't believe it's 21 days until Christmas!
2009_12_04_21:39:00.662   024.111.219.xxx   support the troops
2009_12_04_21:39:42.023   024.111.219.xxx   support the troops not obama
2009_12_04_21:40:35.021   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I stay out of politics, but YES, Support the Troops!!! ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_21:41:36.203   098.030.206.xxx   Great lights! Thanks Alek!
2009_12_04_21:41:53.387   131.204.254.xxx   Support Celiac Research!
2009_12_04_21:41:56.388   097.120.129.xxx   minot afb base? wheres that?
2009_12_04_21:42:18.996   131.204.254.xxx   this is awesome!
2009_12_04_21:42:57.580   131.204.254.xxx   Someone in my family has celiacs
2009_12_04_21:43:10.397   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Minot is in North Dakota ... so can be very cold ... like Thule, Greenland ***ALEK***
2009_12_04_21:43:36.958   131.204.254.xxx   how does he do thiss?
2009_12_04_21:46:35.924   070.222.144.xxx   mooooooo
2009_12_04_21:47:07.771   131.204.254.xxx   must be noisy, and expensive
2009_12_04_21:47:42.106   131.204.254.xxx   woooo
2009_12_04_21:47:43.367   069.088.197.xxx   hey all!  long time follower of the site!
2009_12_04_21:48:39.201   173.074.212.xxx   Merry Christmas from Irving!
2009_12_04_21:49:10.959   075.138.228.xxx   Merry Xmas from GM!
2009_12_04_21:50:34.029   069.088.197.xxx   Hey Alek!
2009_12_04_21:50:35.315   098.030.206.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lima, Ohio
2009_12_04_21:51:23.056   069.088.197.xxx   merry christmas from Wapakoneta, OH!!
2009_12_04_21:51:55.800   098.030.206.xxx   Hi Wapakoneta!
2009_12_04_21:52:17.847   069.088.197.xxx   Hows Lima? haha
2009_12_04_21:52:44.687   098.030.206.xxx   Not too far away! :-)
2009_12_04_21:53:10.822   069.088.197.xxx   yeah no kidding..  :)
2009_12_04_21:53:40.135   098.030.206.xxx   Lima loves the lights!
2009_12_04_21:53:49.801   076.076.044.xxx   Hello from Antwerp, OH
2009_12_04_21:54:26.655   068.028.041.xxx   Hola from El Mirage AZ!
2009_12_04_21:54:30.207   098.030.206.xxx   Lots of Ohio folks here! Ohio rules!
2009_12_04_21:55:07.774   069.088.197.xxx   Go Buckeyes!!
2009_12_04_21:55:30.997   076.076.044.xxx   woohoo
2009_12_04_21:56:30.752   024.008.035.xxx   Feliz Navidad Kyle
2009_12_04_21:58:04.664   067.176.047.xxx   hello !
2009_12_04_21:59:47.496   068.028.041.xxx   Way fun!

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