182 christmas text messages on 2009/1205

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,528 times that day including 3,383 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1205

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_05_16:25:54.437   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Starting to get dark outside, so lets turn everything on a bit early! ***ALEK***
2009_12_05_16:26:43.440   086.157.242.xxx   Hey from jack and steve!
2009_12_05_16:27:15.019   099.029.031.xxx   lek, is a nerd
2009_12_05_16:27:18.711   086.157.242.xxx   thanks for switching on early Alek! :)
2009_12_05_16:27:37.686   099.029.031.xxx   Alek is a nerd
2009_12_05_16:27:54.677   090.202.172.xxx   LOL
2009_12_05_16:28:18.049   099.029.031.xxx   he's a computer egneer and all, sothat makes him a nerd
2009_12_05_16:28:43.105   089.024.240.xxx   Great job!
2009_12_05_16:28:53.782   090.202.172.xxx   thats cool thought ir helps
2009_12_05_16:30:27.882   068.057.099.xxx   man who ever called him a nerd why are you on this eb site then
2009_12_05_16:31:24.271   068.057.099.xxx   alek's your actully cool
2009_12_05_16:31:43.219   090.202.172.xxx   i bet the person who called alec a nerd could not do this
2009_12_05_16:31:48.133   086.157.242.xxx   can you gives us a wave please alek?
2009_12_05_16:33:43.306   090.202.172.xxx   hello from nikhil in windsor
2009_12_05_16:34:53.374   096.039.160.xxx   Hulk rules!
2009_12_05_16:36:39.119   090.202.172.xxx   can he see us hello guy on the computer
2009_12_05_16:38:30.327   075.016.231.xxx   Hello from Santa Claus, Indiana
2009_12_05_16:38:31.696   079.076.236.xxx   Hi, everyone check my christmas blog petehelmore.co.uk
2009_12_05_16:38:53.470   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello people on the Internet ... although I can not see you! ***ALEK***
2009_12_05_16:39:00.351   075.016.231.xxx   hello from Santa Claus, Indiana
2009_12_05_16:40:22.593   090.215.069.xxx   hi alek wave please Luc Aged 13
2009_12_05_16:41:10.262   090.215.069.xxx   thanks
2009_12_05_16:41:27.613   079.076.236.xxx   check me website LINK DELETED
2009_12_05_16:41:55.391   079.076.236.xxx   needtechhelp.co.uk
2009_12_05_16:42:18.712   090.215.069.xxx   Im trying to do thist at LINK DELETED
2009_12_05_16:42:43.901   090.215.069.xxx   Im trying to do thist at lucmathlin.getmyip.co.uk
2009_12_05_16:43:04.487   090.202.172.xxx   nikh
2009_12_05_16:43:13.703   090.215.069.xxx   Im trying to do thist at lucmathlin.getmyip. com
2009_12_05_16:45:11.363   079.076.236.xxx   petehelmore.co.uk would be great to check it out
2009_12_05_16:46:19.699   188.221.197.xxx   hello :)
2009_12_05_16:46:50.585   090.215.069.xxx   Im trying to do thist at lucmathlin.getmyip. com
2009_12_05_16:47:06.879   079.076.236.xxx   stop doing links
2009_12_05_16:47:11.897   188.221.197.xxx   i love jonathan green :)
2009_12_05_16:48:05.931   092.029.017.xxx   Youtube MONKxProductions
2009_12_05_16:48:41.676   070.152.225.xxx   LOVE
2009_12_05_16:49:58.406   090.202.172.xxx   lol niks
2009_12_05_16:50:06.961   068.057.099.xxx   1 is off line agian
2009_12_05_16:51:40.098   090.202.172.xxx   ITS OF LINE
2009_12_05_16:53:29.146   207.005.154.xxx   its back :)
2009_12_05_16:54:21.263   131.204.254.xxx   juan
2009_12_05_16:55:12.341   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_05_16:55:32.165   131.204.254.xxx   quintavious
2009_12_05_16:55:56.153   074.130.204.xxx   john was here
2009_12_05_16:58:41.708   090.202.172.xxx   it gets dark there quick
2009_12_05_16:58:42.416   082.042.109.xxx   and here  too snap
2009_12_05_16:59:36.339   074.130.204.xxx   john was here
2009_12_05_17:01:43.695   078.033.055.xxx   this is God
2009_12_05_17:01:56.841   090.215.069.xxx   what zone is ON and OFF on
2009_12_05_17:04:41.659   090.215.069.xxx   turn all lights off now
2009_12_05_17:05:23.821   090.215.069.xxx   turn all lights on now
2009_12_05_17:07:49.531   090.215.069.xxx   turn all lights off now (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_05_17:08:19.874   090.215.069.xxx   Im trying to do thist at lucmathlin.getmyip. com (11)
2009_12_05_17:08:30.037   067.048.023.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek
2009_12_05_17:09:25.852   090.215.069.xxx   Alek can you put a wave sign up in your office (12)
2009_12_05_17:10:13.015   067.048.023.xxx   how is everyone
2009_12_05_17:10:21.093   090.215.069.xxx   Alek can you put a wave sign up in your office (13)
2009_12_05_17:11:06.077   173.022.030.xxx   Hello from iowa!
2009_12_05_17:11:16.770   090.215.069.xxx   Alek can you put a wave sign up in your office (14)
2009_12_05_17:11:48.117   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Unplugging Big Santa since wife will be driving home shortly ***ALEK***
2009_12_05_17:14:33.756   173.022.030.xxx   heck yea
2009_12_05_17:14:48.622   090.215.069.xxx   Alek can you put a wave sign up in your office (15)
2009_12_05_17:14:58.261   173.022.030.xxx   this site rocks
2009_12_05_17:15:43.473   090.215.069.xxx   Alek can you put a wave sign up in your office (16)
2009_12_05_17:16:41.469   173.022.030.xxx   no he cant stop asking
2009_12_05_17:16:53.194   090.215.069.xxx   Alek can you put a wave sign up in your office (17)
2009_12_05_17:17:01.545   098.230.232.xxx   cams are a bit blurry!
2009_12_05_17:17:05.058   173.022.030.xxx   no
2009_12_05_17:17:18.555   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ditto what 173 said - it's annoying to keep repeating yourself ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_05_17:17:23.186   090.215.069.xxx   cam 1 is down (18)
2009_12_05_17:17:42.558   173.022.030.xxx   thankyou guy that agreed with me
2009_12_05_17:18:25.195   090.215.069.xxx   CAM 1 IS DOWN (19)
2009_12_05_17:19:12.837   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, the cold weather seems to be messing with the 802.11 wireless signal ***ALEK***
2009_12_05_17:21:30.224   071.072.039.xxx   Well goes w/the season ya know Alek.?  L00L
2009_12_05_17:21:31.124   078.145.054.xxx   alek, why is cam one off ?
2009_12_05_17:22:16.523   024.092.037.xxx   cool stuff!!! merry Christmas!
2009_12_05_17:25:39.804   099.139.255.xxx   Who Pays the Electric Bills?
2009_12_05_17:33:18.913   024.092.037.xxx   cam 1 froze here
2009_12_05_17:35:14.616   024.092.037.xxx   E.J. says Merry Christmas
2009_12_05_17:35:46.971   096.235.227.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_05_17:36:30.107   024.092.037.xxx   My boy E.J. (4) is watching the lights, he loves it!
2009_12_05_17:38:33.313   075.079.041.xxx   Hi Alek - from Barb & Karl
2009_12_05_17:39:17.625   090.215.069.xxx   CAM 1 IS STILL DOWN (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_05_17:41:12.727   024.092.037.xxx   he is moving large santa I think...
2009_12_05_17:41:58.633   024.092.037.xxx   1 back up
2009_12_05_17:45:35.517   074.083.117.xxx   God Bless us - everyone!
2009_12_05_17:46:30.444   074.083.117.xxx   Very nice display and innovative controls.  I hope you raise a lot of money.
2009_12_05_17:54:51.846   069.000.026.xxx   hey from CT
2009_12_05_17:57:00.296   066.071.035.xxx   Hi from PA
2009_12_05_17:58:31.817   067.197.159.xxx   good evening santa!!
2009_12_05_17:58:59.826   067.197.159.xxx   wow this is cool!!
2009_12_05_18:01:03.834   069.000.026.xxx   hahahahaha
2009_12_05_18:01:26.867   070.230.196.xxx   Hi from Santee, Ca
2009_12_05_18:03:37.642   156.034.243.xxx   don't bother turning things off
2009_12_05_18:06:02.064   069.000.026.xxx   no
2009_12_05_18:10:27.775   156.034.243.xxx   oh hello
2009_12_05_18:15:32.895   068.194.244.xxx   Alek what happened to your new computer screen
2009_12_05_18:15:51.761   076.020.090.xxx   Looks great Alek
2009_12_05_18:17:52.331   068.194.244.xxx   Is zone one working for you guys????
2009_12_05_18:20:25.585   156.034.243.xxx   yes
2009_12_05_18:21:57.437   156.034.243.xxx   Santa sez: deflaters get no presents
2009_12_05_18:27:41.840   076.004.249.xxx   hi from las vegs - cj
2009_12_05_18:30:22.277   156.034.243.xxx   hi cj
2009_12_05_18:34:06.459   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ooops - zone #1 and #2 are flipped above the garage - will fix tomorrow ***ALEK***
2009_12_05_18:39:29.862   074.071.063.xxx   hello people who r in liverpool ny should go to lights on the lake ant type bac
2009_12_05_18:40:07.314   086.160.091.xxx   hello uk!
2009_12_05_18:41:26.615   074.071.063.xxx   hello liverpool ny
2009_12_05_18:42:22.020   074.071.063.xxx   hey alek type back
2009_12_05_18:43:50.907   074.071.063.xxx   hello ware r u people
2009_12_05_18:46:49.919   068.115.025.xxx   i turn everything on :)
2009_12_05_18:50:21.155   074.071.063.xxx   hello to the uk from liverpool ny
2009_12_05_18:51:39.155   065.004.093.xxx   Hey Sallie
2009_12_05_18:52:34.021   065.004.093.xxx   Hey Carson
2009_12_05_18:52:35.278   074.071.063.xxx   who has ben to lights on the lake and how is it
2009_12_05_18:53:25.032   065.004.093.xxx   hey carson, I love you
2009_12_05_18:54:13.866   072.242.083.xxx   woooohooooooo
2009_12_05_18:54:56.932   072.242.083.xxx   Merry Christmas Jaimee
2009_12_05_18:57:04.013   072.242.083.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2009_12_05_18:57:53.896   070.230.196.xxx   hello
2009_12_05_18:59:06.384   070.230.196.xxx   hi cassie
2009_12_05_19:00:37.702   087.102.042.xxx   It's 2am in England!!! Yawn!
2009_12_05_19:01:20.035   156.034.243.xxx   And tell me that u love me
2009_12_05_19:05:07.589   024.098.249.xxx   Merry Christmas from Forest Park, GA
2009_12_05_19:07:20.177   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee!
2009_12_05_19:09:15.859   207.180.182.xxx   Hello from John Isaac and Luke!
2009_12_05_19:10:32.844   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings to all.! - Terry in Ohio
2009_12_05_19:14:41.293   071.245.036.xxx   hello from castanea pa
2009_12_05_19:18:49.828   098.219.075.xxx   Greets from West Palm Beach, FL
2009_12_05_19:21:32.871   066.024.249.xxx   Is that computer in a garage or what?
2009_12_05_19:21:46.192   098.219.075.xxx   Chocolate egg nog FTW
2009_12_05_19:25:16.065   068.194.244.xxx   inapropriate 173.027.088
2009_12_05_19:33:34.358   099.059.222.xxx   WOLFRAMLIGHTS.NET
2009_12_05_19:34:04.422   099.059.222.xxx   wolframlights.net
2009_12_05_19:44:02.623   173.216.030.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_05_19:45:06.917   173.216.030.xxx   I love your site
2009_12_05_19:47:12.073   099.195.113.xxx   i live next door
2009_12_05_19:47:49.569   071.081.244.xxx   weird
2009_12_05_19:47:51.105   173.216.030.xxx   I wish I  lived next door or even in the same town
2009_12_05_19:48:15.074   099.195.113.xxx   weird
2009_12_05_19:49:07.897   173.216.030.xxx   what state is everyone from I'm in Arkansas
2009_12_05_19:53:41.839   173.216.030.xxx   I learned of this site from LINK DELETED  go check it out
2009_12_05_19:54:42.633   173.216.030.xxx   I learned of this site from my raido sation in Arkansas
2009_12_05_19:58:13.980   098.157.197.xxx   awesome site
2009_12_05_19:58:46.284   074.193.222.xxx   I see your website is still using the cursors i did for you a while ago alex gr
2009_12_05_20:00:03.558   074.193.222.xxx   looking good as always alex
2009_12_05_20:13:38.832   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Cursor works great - thanks! ***ALEK***
2009_12_05_20:22:12.772   071.253.193.xxx   go to fancyshowproductions dot com
2009_12_05_20:26:12.668   076.126.153.xxx   HIIIIII DFMASTER99 ROX!
2009_12_05_20:26:30.862   065.008.147.xxx   no obama
2009_12_05_20:28:30.840   076.126.153.xxx   FROSTYS ALL "OWWW MY SPINE"
2009_12_05_20:29:00.370   076.126.153.xxx   poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2009_12_05_20:30:28.353   076.126.153.xxx   hi dude
2009_12_05_20:30:52.104   076.126.153.xxx   hi
2009_12_05_20:38:58.400   069.070.104.xxx   hello
2009_12_05_20:42:54.748   071.041.126.xxx   Yipp**
2009_12_05_20:43:26.057   076.004.249.xxx   woot
2009_12_05_20:43:50.371   209.074.230.xxx   HOWDY AGAIN FROM NEBRASKA!!
2009_12_05_20:46:28.375   068.199.172.xxx   Connecticut here, awesome
2009_12_05_20:55:26.475   068.009.089.xxx   i also live in Connecticut
2009_12_05_20:59:27.858   024.113.065.xxx   greetings from Burley WA
2009_12_05_20:59:34.567   068.009.089.xxx   I like it dark
2009_12_05_21:04:33.690   208.111.223.xxx   Kilroy was here
2009_12_05_21:07:38.226   216.222.234.xxx   Hey! Turn all lights off!
2009_12_05_21:09:10.735   216.222.234.xxx   Some loser is turning them on...screw you
2009_12_05_21:12:05.026   071.058.144.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_05_21:14:09.295   068.100.217.xxx   Merry Christmas from Burke, Virginia!
2009_12_05_21:16:55.492   068.100.217.xxx   ______/___3rry (hr157m45 ___337 F7W!
2009_12_05_21:17:57.115   071.114.160.xxx   Merry X- Mas to all!
2009_12_05_21:18:29.091   071.114.160.xxx   This is woody
2009_12_05_21:20:10.205   071.114.160.xxx   Have a fun and safe x-mas all
2009_12_05_21:22:20.432   071.245.149.xxx   Hi there...Christmas is coming!!!
2009_12_05_21:26:43.869   069.000.026.xxx   Hi Alek
2009_12_05_21:32:25.104   069.000.026.xxx   Alek something is wrong with camera 1
2009_12_05_21:32:42.511   068.100.217.xxx   congrats to UT for winning the Big-12
2009_12_05_21:36:15.698   071.072.039.xxx   WHHHOOOOOOOOOA.!!!  UT.!!
2009_12_05_21:38:27.232   071.072.039.xxx   Congrats to Georgia Tech that just won.!  ACC
2009_12_05_21:41:10.640   099.188.039.xxx   Hello Chris
2009_12_05_21:44:40.128   099.188.039.xxx   hahaha!! ____________
2009_12_05_21:44:43.872   068.194.244.xxx   Alek what happened to your new monitor in the office
2009_12_05_21:45:27.449   065.032.203.xxx   Hello
2009_12_05_21:57:45.736   068.194.244.xxx   LIGHTS OFF IN 3 MINUTES!! ENJOY!!!
2009_12_05_21:58:17.273   069.000.026.xxx   everybody stop turning the lights off.
2009_12_05_21:58:39.818   074.195.111.xxx   nooooooooooooooooo ill turn them off before i go to bed :)

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