665 christmas text messages on 2009/1206

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,119 times that day including 3,237 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1206

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_06_16:00:26.918   086.157.242.xxx   Hello Everyone!
2009_12_06_16:01:10.158   080.047.168.xxx   baloon boy isnt defalting :(
2009_12_06_16:01:22.140   071.072.039.xxx   Greetings this eve.!!
2009_12_06_16:01:43.331   094.005.060.xxx   waaazzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuup
2009_12_06_16:01:58.557   068.119.088.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_06_16:02:48.103   024.197.187.xxx   hi everyone.
2009_12_06_16:03:53.136   090.215.069.xxx   hi
2009_12_06_16:03:53.740   024.113.109.xxx   Lets see if this is real?
2009_12_06_16:04:02.613   080.047.168.xxx   what does the HULK button do
2009_12_06_16:04:24.494   024.197.187.xxx   nothing
2009_12_06_16:04:30.840   024.113.109.xxx   I am still unsure if this site is real!
2009_12_06_16:04:39.068   080.047.168.xxx   and yes lol it is real you can try it
2009_12_06_16:05:01.432   068.032.017.xxx   Season's Greetings to All!
2009_12_06_16:05:12.980   080.047.168.xxx   how is it not real when everything you type comes up on his monitor
2009_12_06_16:05:17.581   024.113.109.xxx   Why does someone keep deflating everything?
2009_12_06_16:05:45.804   080.047.168.xxx   why not - surely tahts the point of this site :)
2009_12_06_16:06:23.443   024.113.109.xxx   What to mess up there display in the middle of the night?
2009_12_06_16:06:53.156   080.047.168.xxx   No the point is that you control them as you like and if you find it fun you do
2009_12_06_16:07:19.008   080.047.168.xxx   find it fun you donate
2009_12_06_16:07:25.676   024.113.109.xxx   Merry Christmas to the dude on the camra!!!!!
2009_12_06_16:07:39.331   068.057.099.xxx   this is my 35 time hear
2009_12_06_16:07:58.225   080.047.168.xxx   if he thinks you mess it up he can always inflate again
2009_12_06_16:08:11.920   090.215.069.xxx   hi
2009_12_06_16:08:22.076   068.032.017.xxx   Season's Greetings to All!
2009_12_06_16:08:31.843   024.197.187.xxx   This is so cool
2009_12_06_16:08:53.971   068.032.017.xxx   Season's Greetings!
2009_12_06_16:09:01.967   142.167.231.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Ross Family in Canada
2009_12_06_16:09:56.838   024.113.109.xxx   Ha ha ha I killed everything in the yard!!!
2009_12_06_16:09:57.918   088.104.175.xxx   Season's Greetings from Wales (U.K)
2009_12_06_16:10:12.265   092.022.026.xxx   ohai!
2009_12_06_16:11:05.034   080.047.168.xxx   Steve Butler was here
2009_12_06_16:11:09.409   092.022.026.xxx   j0n3z was here
2009_12_06_16:11:16.900   024.113.109.xxx   I am surprised there is no christmas radio station playing on this site or some
2009_12_06_16:11:35.652   092.022.026.xxx   I like turtles
2009_12_06_16:11:38.728   068.057.099.xxx   hey everyone it snowed in virginia for one hour
2009_12_06_16:12:12.273   090.215.069.xxx   Hi from the uk
2009_12_06_16:13:10.078   090.215.069.xxx   Hi Alek
2009_12_06_16:13:34.621   092.022.026.xxx   zomg hi!
2009_12_06_16:13:41.438   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Another 6" of snow and may drop below zero tonight - CHILLY! ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_16:14:12.718   090.215.069.xxx   alek can you please put up a wave sign in your office
2009_12_06_16:14:13.796   092.022.026.xxx   dude you are awesome (j0n3z was here)
2009_12_06_16:14:22.950   080.047.168.xxx   st333333v3 (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_16:14:24.008   082.042.109.xxx   that snow look nice alek. love to be there. from the uk
2009_12_06_16:14:31.093   068.057.099.xxx   lucky we in virginia had snow for a hour
2009_12_06_16:14:40.609   072.075.147.xxx   i think they like christmas a bit too much
2009_12_06_16:14:41.706   074.233.102.xxx   This is so cool!
2009_12_06_16:14:42.943   090.215.069.xxx   alek can you please put up a wave sign in your office
2009_12_06_16:14:52.880   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** NO ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_16:15:04.704   092.022.026.xxx   no u
2009_12_06_16:15:17.082   074.233.102.xxx   Hello from Miami!
2009_12_06_16:15:26.373   080.047.168.xxx   st33333v3 (11)
2009_12_06_16:15:37.749   092.022.026.xxx   j00000n3z
2009_12_06_16:15:39.118   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How is the snow in Miami?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_16:15:51.210   074.233.102.xxx   Wave to me Alek!
2009_12_06_16:16:41.553   092.022.026.xxx   This is the most amazing website ever. J0n3z loves you all. Good night!
2009_12_06_16:16:42.786   068.057.099.xxx   you want to ask use how snow in virginia
2009_12_06_16:16:45.456   080.047.168.xxx   leaning back on chairs (12)
2009_12_06_16:17:00.458   072.075.147.xxx   hi from lbi  nj
2009_12_06_16:17:21.679   092.022.026.xxx   ALLAH AKBARRRR!!! ___ booom ___
2009_12_06_16:17:33.408   080.047.168.xxx   In Soviet Russia, baloon boy inflate YOU!! (13)
2009_12_06_16:18:01.219   068.057.099.xxx   What
2009_12_06_16:18:38.521   092.022.026.xxx   Darren Travi was here giving you the data. (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_16:18:47.100   072.192.100.xxx   Merry Christmas from Oklahoma!!
2009_12_06_16:19:00.386   080.047.168.xxx   database me (14)
2009_12_06_16:20:42.607   092.022.026.xxx   no u (11)
2009_12_06_16:21:23.859   080.047.168.xxx   Merry Christmas All (15)
2009_12_06_16:22:04.544   090.215.069.xxx   CR
2009_12_06_16:22:44.325   090.215.069.xxx   C-R-A-P#
2009_12_06_16:23:31.227   080.047.168.xxx   no you are (16)
2009_12_06_16:27:07.295   072.227.110.xxx   hi barb :o)
2009_12_06_16:27:33.422   097.118.042.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_06_16:28:05.318   074.233.102.xxx   This is so awesome!
2009_12_06_16:28:10.157   072.227.110.xxx   good evening Alek :o)
2009_12_06_16:28:39.369   072.227.110.xxx   walter from Maine
2009_12_06_16:32:18.569   072.227.110.xxx   115 people watching and no talking???
2009_12_06_16:32:53.276   156.034.242.xxx   we're quiet people :p
2009_12_06_16:33:24.051   072.227.110.xxx   kermit the frog is really santa
2009_12_06_16:34:29.989   156.034.242.xxx   u take that back!!!
2009_12_06_16:35:10.327   072.227.110.xxx   cookie monster eats all the cookies for santa
2009_12_06_16:36:18.927   078.144.036.xxx   Merry Christmas from Northern Ireland
2009_12_06_16:36:25.512   142.167.231.xxx   Robbie says Merry Christmas
2009_12_06_16:37:20.955   072.227.110.xxx   where is Santa Komar???
2009_12_06_16:37:50.829   072.227.110.xxx   Thank you Alek :o)
2009_12_06_16:38:17.202   092.022.026.xxx   this is awesome (12)
2009_12_06_16:38:21.273   072.227.110.xxx   Grover is
2009_12_06_16:39:07.135   072.227.110.xxx   Grover is Rudolph's stunt double!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_16:39:31.296   099.252.096.xxx   Merry Christmas from snowy Canada!
2009_12_06_16:39:33.940   092.022.026.xxx   seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (13)
2009_12_06_16:40:26.868   098.160.221.xxx   Who's taking pictures?
2009_12_06_16:40:30.742   024.056.161.xxx   hello
2009_12_06_16:40:35.679   156.034.242.xxx   disabled...noooooooooooooo
2009_12_06_16:41:01.668   098.160.221.xxx   Post some panoramic pics of the area around the house
2009_12_06_16:41:04.536   080.047.168.xxx   Test (17)
2009_12_06_16:41:18.415   092.022.026.xxx   Data data data data data data (14)
2009_12_06_16:41:22.345   156.034.242.xxx   stop saying test*** pointless
2009_12_06_16:41:36.751   072.075.147.xxx   lets go snowboarding!!!!!
2009_12_06_16:41:42.091   080.047.168.xxx   i am the 1st person to say OPTARE SOLO (18)
2009_12_06_16:41:44.188   092.022.026.xxx   test (15)
2009_12_06_16:41:54.769   156.034.242.xxx   and the last hopefully
2009_12_06_16:42:09.954   092.022.026.xxx   test (16)
2009_12_06_16:42:13.794   080.047.168.xxx   i am the 2nd person to say OPTARE SOLO (19)
2009_12_06_16:42:40.698   156.034.242.xxx   and the last hopefully
2009_12_06_16:43:08.983   156.034.242.xxx   and the last hopefully
2009_12_06_16:43:23.003   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 controls turned off for some picture taking ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_16:43:44.087   024.197.187.xxx   hi from minnesota
2009_12_06_16:43:48.426   080.047.168.xxx   by tomorrow over9000 people will have said it (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_16:44:10.295   156.034.242.xxx   ___yawn___
2009_12_06_16:44:35.914   099.188.039.xxx   Alek, I can't afford to donate but I linked to this site off facebook.
2009_12_06_16:44:39.230   024.197.187.xxx   Go Dallas Cowboys
2009_12_06_16:44:40.948   092.022.026.xxx   ___ s**  ___ (17)
2009_12_06_16:44:56.871   072.227.110.xxx   i am the first person to say bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb (11)
2009_12_06_16:45:05.074   099.188.039.xxx   BOO FOOTBALL
2009_12_06_16:46:27.489   156.034.242.xxx   p***
2009_12_06_16:46:28.945   072.227.110.xxx   keep it clean stupid (12)
2009_12_06_16:46:57.753   092.022.026.xxx   I most certainly kept your mother clean (18)
2009_12_06_16:47:14.819   072.227.110.xxx   this is a family website (13)
2009_12_06_16:47:51.637   092.022.026.xxx   What is the GRRR! utton supposed to do lol (19)
2009_12_06_16:48:09.725   099.188.039.xxx   makes hulk mad and smash puny human
2009_12_06_16:48:17.319   173.056.147.xxx   ohh don't press it
2009_12_06_16:48:21.442   024.197.187.xxx   why cant we control anything
2009_12_06_16:49:16.102   071.236.030.xxx   Hello America
2009_12_06_16:49:12.950   082.196.109.xxx   Like your work
2009_12_06_16:49:24.379   173.056.147.xxx   he is gonna take pics
2009_12_06_16:50:13.094   071.236.030.xxx   Wis*** would snow here
2009_12_06_16:51:56.125   071.236.030.xxx   Go Yellow Jackets, Tech Rules
2009_12_06_16:52:43.656   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_06_16:55:30.131   070.020.048.xxx   Bri and Luke foreva
2009_12_06_16:56:11.632   070.020.048.xxx   Luke Rulez
2009_12_06_16:58:00.497   067.246.230.xxx   Hello there!
2009_12_06_16:58:45.411   075.015.217.xxx   burp
2009_12_06_16:58:59.541   067.246.230.xxx   LOL
2009_12_06_16:59:02.035   071.127.022.xxx   stop
2009_12_06_16:59:08.862   070.020.048.xxx   where is your god now?
2009_12_06_16:59:16.091   075.015.217.xxx   familty site?
2009_12_06_16:59:27.281   067.246.230.xxx   yes
2009_12_06_16:59:35.368   070.020.048.xxx   Where is your god now?
2009_12_06_16:59:47.904   075.015.217.xxx   where the famliy/
2009_12_06_17:00:06.645   067.246.230.xxx   where he is everyday.....all over the place
2009_12_06_17:00:23.487   075.015.217.xxx   odnt see him
2009_12_06_17:00:28.733   070.020.048.xxx   LIEZ
2009_12_06_17:00:39.344   067.246.230.xxx   look harder
2009_12_06_17:00:53.548   075.015.217.xxx   he on cam 2
2009_12_06_17:00:55.290   070.020.048.xxx   HE LIES TO US ALL
2009_12_06_17:01:14.602   067.246.230.xxx   maybe u...never too me
2009_12_06_17:01:26.044   075.015.217.xxx   alex is very cool
2009_12_06_17:01:35.589   070.020.048.xxx   TyActuallype text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_06_17:02:10.084   156.034.242.xxx   who lies? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_17:02:16.178   075.015.217.xxx   is he playing in the snow?
2009_12_06_17:03:29.591   067.246.230.xxx   Merry X-Mas all and a good night...cya
2009_12_06_17:04:17.181   075.015.217.xxx   night
2009_12_06_17:04:26.879   070.020.048.xxx   PEACE
2009_12_06_17:04:49.045   075.015.217.xxx   what alex doing out fornt?
2009_12_06_17:04:58.166   156.034.242.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season (11)
2009_12_06_17:05:28.737   075.015.217.xxx   y cant we do anythihng (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_17:06:19.609   156.034.242.xxx   photo session = controls off (12)
2009_12_06_17:06:30.690   075.015.217.xxx   someyone breaking in (11)
2009_12_06_17:07:13.925   075.015.217.xxx   on cam 1 (12)
2009_12_06_17:07:28.558   078.144.036.xxx   or aleck breaking out!!!!
2009_12_06_17:07:35.386   082.043.098.xxx   Looking good, Alek. Hope you and the family are well.
2009_12_06_17:07:56.878   075.015.217.xxx   looked like someyone breaking in (13)
2009_12_06_17:08:20.815   024.092.037.xxx   I thought he fell off the roof! LOL
2009_12_06_17:08:25.214   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 controls back online - watch for a horse drawn sleigh on webcam2 ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_17:09:47.890   075.015.217.xxx   about what time? (14)
2009_12_06_17:12:21.821   075.015.217.xxx   guess never (15)
2009_12_06_17:12:57.142   075.015.217.xxx   its snowing in northern nevada (16)
2009_12_06_17:15:22.254   072.208.165.xxx   Flagstaff is getting 2 ft. of snow monday.
2009_12_06_17:17:18.037   070.230.196.xxx   Anyone remember when tinsel was made from lead foil?
2009_12_06_17:22:20.533   082.042.109.xxx   try LINK DELETED    live webcams where the beatles came from
2009_12_06_17:22:58.128   082.042.109.xxx   wirralcam    .   com
2009_12_06_17:23:30.169   099.227.090.xxx   This is so cool!
2009_12_06_17:28:20.411   156.034.242.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season (13)
2009_12_06_17:28:25.257   024.202.073.xxx   hey!
2009_12_06_17:28:57.176   024.202.073.xxx   hey bro
2009_12_06_17:29:27.934   024.202.073.xxx   finally fast
2009_12_06_17:29:57.014   024.202.073.xxx   merry christmas everyone!!
2009_12_06_17:32:35.342   069.171.176.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_06_17:33:10.655   069.171.176.xxx   Hello Ahsan
2009_12_06_17:33:20.372   071.218.013.xxx   Great Site!
2009_12_06_17:33:43.958   069.171.176.xxx   Helloa Ahsan
2009_12_06_17:34:26.237   069.171.176.xxx   OK, Hello SHAN
2009_12_06_17:37:14.701   156.034.242.xxx   meh :p (14)
2009_12_06_17:39:24.536   156.034.242.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season (15)
2009_12_06_17:41:55.037   024.197.187.xxx   hi fom mn
2009_12_06_17:42:18.828   024.197.187.xxx   hi
2009_12_06_17:44:20.648   156.034.242.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season (16)
2009_12_06_17:45:21.671   076.239.143.xxx   hey scott
2009_12_06_17:47:56.918   071.099.086.xxx   its jerm from Fl saying hello
2009_12_06_17:48:46.955   071.099.086.xxx   were is popa elf
2009_12_06_17:49:03.761   068.119.088.xxx   Merry Christmas!!! from... Wes, Dansby, Gucci, and Bev
2009_12_06_17:49:38.534   068.099.234.xxx   Merry X-Mas from Arizona!!!
2009_12_06_17:50:07.458   071.099.086.xxx   someone once siad dont eat the yellow snow is this true
2009_12_06_17:51:07.487   099.227.212.xxx   :)
2009_12_06_17:51:33.927   068.099.234.xxx   HO HO HO HO!  You dont need a BB gun for XMas.. you'll shoot your eye out!!!
2009_12_06_17:52:00.015   068.099.234.xxx   shoot your eye out!   :)
2009_12_06_17:53:11.866   068.099.234.xxx   Fragile..  Must be Italian!
2009_12_06_17:54:02.191   068.099.234.xxx   Deck the Harr with boughs of Horry.. Fa Ra Ra ra ra... ra ra
2009_12_06_17:57:17.286   075.100.190.xxx   Merry Christmas From Fargher Lake Washington
2009_12_06_17:57:48.253   090.207.142.xxx   Some of you need to grow up and get lost!!
2009_12_06_17:58:39.577   071.099.086.xxx   my father hung me on a hook once u fargin ice hole
2009_12_06_17:59:45.320   071.099.086.xxx   my swartz is bigger than yours
2009_12_06_17:59:55.541   090.207.142.xxx   You guys are up way too early for school .. idiots
2009_12_06_18:00:42.051   071.099.086.xxx   I luv maple syrup in coffe
2009_12_06_18:02:33.927   098.194.250.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_06_18:03:02.017   214.013.201.xxx   merry christmas from iraq
2009_12_06_18:03:56.435   071.099.086.xxx   were is the light guru? the elves are running a muck
2009_12_06_18:05:05.064   071.099.086.xxx   elf elf baby
2009_12_06_18:06:04.275   090.207.142.xxx   how many of you idiots have donated? i caertainly have!
2009_12_06_18:06:23.024   071.099.086.xxx   fewer toys higher wages hay Elliot farted
2009_12_06_18:06:57.562   214.013.201.xxx   wow, i havent seen snow in a while
2009_12_06_18:07:11.490   071.099.086.xxx   while the guru is out the elves will play (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_18:08:02.866   071.099.086.xxx   the lves are on a sabaticle (11)
2009_12_06_18:09:13.869   071.099.086.xxx   pink floyed can learn a few things from yhe light guru (12)
2009_12_06_18:09:51.803   075.100.190.xxx   Rob sez Merry Christmas
2009_12_06_18:10:28.835   071.099.086.xxx   no no daniel son wax on wax off then sands they floor (13)
2009_12_06_18:10:38.255   024.091.167.xxx   i love you david
2009_12_06_18:10:55.180   075.100.190.xxx   GO RAIDERS!!!!!
2009_12_06_18:11:12.331   071.099.086.xxx   davids with me right now (14)
2009_12_06_18:11:23.918   024.008.016.xxx   Broncos Rule
2009_12_06_18:11:47.517   071.099.086.xxx   Bucs are # 1 (15)
2009_12_06_18:11:56.559   075.100.190.xxx   They did this year!
2009_12_06_18:11:56.788   024.091.167.xxx   im getting married
2009_12_06_18:12:06.300   024.008.016.xxx   Merry Christmas Bronco Fans!!!
2009_12_06_18:12:27.624   024.091.167.xxx   :)
2009_12_06_18:13:50.153   071.099.086.xxx   i like flossing (16)
2009_12_06_18:14:50.902   024.091.167.xxx   hello everyone
2009_12_06_18:15:16.556   024.091.167.xxx   hi gina!!!!!!
2009_12_06_18:16:10.131   024.008.016.xxx   Hi Todd and Cat
2009_12_06_18:16:35.783   068.150.181.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_06_18:17:35.066   098.229.096.xxx   Merry Christmas from The Acton Lab
2009_12_06_18:17:41.798   071.234.022.xxx   hi katie
2009_12_06_18:18:22.394   024.091.167.xxx   merry christmas! CR
2009_12_06_18:18:57.414   024.091.167.xxx   Merry Christmas! &CR
2009_12_06_18:20:17.389   072.174.143.xxx   Mery Christmas
2009_12_06_18:22:06.132   068.150.181.xxx   Type text & CRTatank to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_06_18:22:39.623   068.150.181.xxx   wooooooooooooooooooooooo 19 days!!
2009_12_06_18:22:39.661   066.182.207.xxx   Hello Owen
2009_12_06_18:23:11.018   068.150.181.xxx   Anyone watching the Amazing Race?
2009_12_06_18:23:18.184   066.182.207.xxx   Hi Hayden
2009_12_06_18:23:43.593   024.166.008.xxx   hello!  Merry christmas :)
2009_12_06_18:24:07.011   066.182.207.xxx   shgjdudidxhxhxhhxjxjxjxj
2009_12_06_18:25:02.167   066.182.207.xxx   hello
2009_12_06_18:25:45.257   066.182.207.xxx   I like buzz lightyear
2009_12_06_18:25:48.859   207.255.061.xxx   hello from central Pennsylvania
2009_12_06_18:26:02.476   068.045.093.xxx   Mrry Christmas!
2009_12_06_18:26:22.927   068.150.181.xxx   gotta love this COLD WEATHER!!!
2009_12_06_18:27:03.704   066.182.207.xxx   hello rob
2009_12_06_18:27:42.260   098.025.045.xxx   hi
2009_12_06_18:27:51.636   066.182.207.xxx   I am the HAL 9000
2009_12_06_18:29:11.293   098.025.045.xxx   coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
2009_12_06_18:31:09.077   068.150.181.xxx   giddy up jingle horse pick up that meat..
2009_12_06_18:31:14.407   174.126.117.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone! xoxoxoxoxxo
2009_12_06_18:32:38.577   090.197.119.xxx   its 1:30am in the uk and im still playing with the lights
2009_12_06_18:32:40.859   068.150.181.xxx   i think he needs a new song
2009_12_06_18:33:33.743   174.126.117.xxx   Let it Snow to the Third Power.
2009_12_06_18:33:53.527   064.237.164.xxx   Puerto Rico!!!
2009_12_06_18:34:14.113   174.126.117.xxx   Feliz Navidad!!
2009_12_06_18:34:15.662   209.074.230.xxx   HOWDY AGAIN FROM NEBRASKA!!
2009_12_06_18:34:26.595   156.034.242.xxx   yep i am watching amazing race (17)
2009_12_06_18:35:19.913   174.126.117.xxx   Hi, I am a ghost!
2009_12_06_18:37:28.490   156.034.242.xxx   Hi Marley!! (18)
2009_12_06_18:37:50.853   064.184.170.xxx   Hi CR
2009_12_06_18:37:57.279   174.126.117.xxx   Hey You Human! hey there!
2009_12_06_18:38:23.007   064.184.170.xxx   IM BLACKSTAR
2009_12_06_18:38:41.808   174.126.117.xxx   Do you like Scary Movies?
2009_12_06_18:39:13.260   064.184.170.xxx   IM BLACKFOOT
2009_12_06_18:39:29.179   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Back from the horse drawn sleigh ride - giddey-up! ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_18:40:14.858   174.126.117.xxx   Let it snow to the third power.
2009_12_06_18:40:18.431   156.034.242.xxx   was it cold Alek ? (19)
2009_12_06_18:41:07.033   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - currently 10 degrees out there - at least no wind ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_18:41:28.831   174.126.117.xxx   867-5309
2009_12_06_18:41:56.344   064.184.170.xxx   It's 5:42pm in Spokane and Im playing w/ the lights
2009_12_06_18:42:31.466   069.225.030.xxx   Hello Debbie Strong in Modesto
2009_12_06_18:42:46.614   075.250.050.xxx   hello from cape coral fl 62 degrees cold
2009_12_06_18:42:51.650   079.239.049.xxx   You looking good Alek.
2009_12_06_18:43:09.883   174.126.117.xxx   It's the little St. Nick
2009_12_06_18:44:11.307   076.108.124.xxx   hello ladies
2009_12_06_18:44:49.972   174.126.117.xxx   Merry Christmas!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_18:47:40.149   174.126.117.xxx   Santa's Watching to see if your naughty or nice! (11)
2009_12_06_18:47:40.827   067.185.104.xxx   Hi Robin Miller
2009_12_06_18:50:21.897   174.126.117.xxx   Hi From The Gulf Coast! (12)
2009_12_06_18:52:00.312   067.185.104.xxx   Merry Christmas FB friends!
2009_12_06_18:53:01.581   096.027.000.xxx   Snow Storm in Michigan coming soon
2009_12_06_18:55:27.815   068.194.244.xxx   Alek I think zone one and two are mixed up
2009_12_06_18:56:12.527   067.185.104.xxx   Merry Christmas Gabriel Miller! From Mikey!
2009_12_06_18:56:53.988   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, zone #1 and #2 are crossed - I forgot to fix 'em today - will do tomorrow  ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_18:57:36.028   156.034.242.xxx   Alek have u been on any of the crazy Xmas light shows ? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_18:58:07.787   210.177.242.xxx   Merry Xmas from Hong Kong!!!
2009_12_06_18:58:08.295   071.245.036.xxx   Did Tiger Woods Stop In?
2009_12_06_18:58:11.580   099.066.161.xxx   Hi Carrie R - at Bryant School
2009_12_06_18:58:36.708   071.195.128.xxx   Hello World
2009_12_06_18:58:47.229   071.245.036.xxx   Go STEELERS!!!!!
2009_12_06_18:58:57.639   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** OOOPS - also forgot to plug back on zone #4 - roof lights - heading outside! ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_19:00:04.886   071.195.128.xxx   Hello World
2009_12_06_19:00:22.674   067.244.139.xxx   hi
2009_12_06_19:00:37.628   071.195.128.xxx   Hello World
2009_12_06_19:01:01.396   071.245.036.xxx   Hi Nick
2009_12_06_19:01:03.029   210.177.242.xxx   Hello from Hong Kong
2009_12_06_19:01:24.013   071.195.128.xxx   Let's turn everything off
2009_12_06_19:01:52.650   067.185.104.xxx   yo mikey
2009_12_06_19:02:03.161   067.244.139.xxx   what is up everyone?
2009_12_06_19:02:34.404   071.245.036.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2009_12_06_19:03:28.442   099.250.056.xxx   Hello Frome London Ontario
2009_12_06_19:04:05.989   099.250.056.xxx   That was Hello From London Ontario
2009_12_06_19:04:06.905   071.195.128.xxx   Wis*** was 7:04 here
2009_12_06_19:04:47.895   071.195.128.xxx   Why are the words mested up
2009_12_06_19:05:00.924   099.250.056.xxx   Hello From London Ontario Canada
2009_12_06_19:05:05.891   071.245.036.xxx   Buzz Lightyear ___-------------------
2009_12_06_19:05:16.274   071.195.128.xxx   Hello
2009_12_06_19:06:30.752   065.102.225.xxx   hi
2009_12_06_19:07:09.196   065.102.225.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_06_19:07:33.336   207.096.186.xxx   Hello World.
2009_12_06_19:08:00.376   207.096.186.xxx   Hi Crystal!
2009_12_06_19:08:34.111   207.096.186.xxx   ___3
2009_12_06_19:09:14.765   173.028.103.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_06_19:09:17.792   098.227.012.xxx   merry christmas from muncie indiana
2009_12_06_19:09:39.264   068.063.169.xxx   merry christmas vance
2009_12_06_19:09:54.145   207.096.186.xxx   Merry Christmas from Prince Edward Island, Canada
2009_12_06_19:09:55.957   173.028.103.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_06_19:10:11.370   098.245.201.xxx   Merry xmas Charlotte M
2009_12_06_19:10:24.241   207.096.186.xxx   Merry Christmas from Prince Edward Island, Canada
2009_12_06_19:10:26.669   068.063.169.xxx   merry christmas katelyn
2009_12_06_19:10:47.792   207.096.186.xxx   Merry Christmas from Prince Edward Island, Canada
2009_12_06_19:11:21.251   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_06_19:13:32.911   156.034.242.xxx   Invasion of X-mas lights on TLC (21)
2009_12_06_19:13:53.477   067.185.104.xxx   Howdy p**ps from Bonney Lake, WA
2009_12_06_19:15:53.959   071.176.136.xxx   Hi Theresa Good luck Vikings
2009_12_06_19:17:46.956   098.227.012.xxx   GO COLTS
2009_12_06_19:19:47.945   099.066.161.xxx   Hi Cathy R at Wm Chrisman
2009_12_06_19:20:37.415   071.072.039.xxx   192 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!!!!!!
2009_12_06_19:21:17.499   098.220.012.xxx   Hey Jason K Bell!
2009_12_06_19:21:51.901   098.220.012.xxx   I'm a hot fire c*****
2009_12_06_19:22:16.521   098.220.012.xxx   Poop
2009_12_06_19:22:34.616   074.167.097.xxx   waz up alex
2009_12_06_19:22:54.043   173.054.027.xxx   blah 007
2009_12_06_19:23:09.404   074.167.097.xxx   i hate the saints
2009_12_06_19:23:25.091   173.054.027.xxx   i hate the eagles
2009_12_06_19:23:28.676   098.220.012.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_06_19:23:47.901   142.161.233.xxx   HUMBUG!
2009_12_06_19:24:04.460   074.167.097.xxx   SCROOG
2009_12_06_19:24:19.360   173.054.027.xxx   Santa, bring Liam gifts!
2009_12_06_19:24:25.652   142.161.233.xxx   yup
2009_12_06_19:25:11.098   142.161.233.xxx   Great site Great display
2009_12_06_19:25:26.471   193.200.150.xxx   Polar Express by Lionel
2009_12_06_19:26:15.332   074.167.097.xxx   dumb a** ppl
2009_12_06_19:27:29.135   193.200.150.xxx   you are the dumb arse
2009_12_06_19:27:52.515   193.200.150.xxx   you are the dumb arse
2009_12_06_19:28:36.691   138.089.190.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_06_19:28:55.864   193.200.150.xxx   Merry and Happy Holidays
2009_12_06_19:32:06.639   098.127.082.xxx   Hello from cold Billings, Mt
2009_12_06_19:33:01.032   068.122.082.xxx   Billings Rocks
2009_12_06_19:34:22.239   066.043.226.xxx   hi from iowa
2009_12_06_19:34:40.605   068.122.082.xxx   Thanks Alek for another great year
2009_12_06_19:35:35.886   098.134.060.xxx   Merry Christmas from Oak Park GA
2009_12_06_19:35:53.760   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - glad you enjoy the show! ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_19:36:02.138   068.198.216.xxx   looks great i always look forward to ur lights
2009_12_06_19:36:06.345   024.152.213.xxx   Love the site...good luck from Pa.
2009_12_06_19:36:24.257   098.134.060.xxx   Merry Christmas from Cameron..Lights are great
2009_12_06_19:36:36.923   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** FYI: Horse Drawn Sleigh picture from earlier tonight posted on the blog ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_19:37:19.012   098.134.060.xxx   Wave at us Alek......
2009_12_06_19:37:59.017   075.183.069.xxx   Hello
2009_12_06_19:37:59.443   070.238.203.xxx   Alek is too busy chillaxin to wave
2009_12_06_19:38:36.468   070.238.203.xxx   Now is he mooning us!
2009_12_06_19:39:12.948   075.158.134.xxx   Hey little elves what are you doing
2009_12_06_19:39:29.838   098.134.060.xxx   wave alek!
2009_12_06_19:39:54.696   070.238.203.xxx   Talk to the hand, says Alek
2009_12_06_19:40:12.820   156.034.242.xxx   ___snicker___ (22)
2009_12_06_19:40:32.897   075.183.069.xxx   How much have you raised this year Alek?
2009_12_06_19:40:46.225   070.238.203.xxx   I am batman
2009_12_06_19:40:59.997   076.182.094.xxx   pretty neat
2009_12_06_19:41:27.046   074.244.010.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_06_19:41:41.167   070.238.203.xxx   Katayama Haruka is the best
2009_12_06_19:42:04.230   076.182.094.xxx   wall drug rox
2009_12_06_19:42:06.800   098.134.060.xxx   what state are you in alek?
2009_12_06_19:42:43.345   074.244.010.xxx   Tiffany loves Christmas
2009_12_06_19:43:06.938   156.034.242.xxx   awesome picture from onight on the Christmas blog Alek :) (23)
2009_12_06_19:43:58.042   070.238.203.xxx   @_@
2009_12_06_19:47:03.774   083.166.028.xxx   sweet
2009_12_06_19:47:27.036   074.046.017.xxx   Alek IS COOL!
2009_12_06_19:48:22.492   024.205.227.xxx   hello fromATASCADERO.CA
2009_12_06_19:48:25.935   074.046.017.xxx   HOW ARE THE KIDS DOING ALEK?
2009_12_06_19:49:00.101   024.205.227.xxx   THIS IS SO COOL
2009_12_06_19:49:01.729   097.126.197.xxx   You be coooolz fo sho
2009_12_06_19:49:19.304   074.046.017.xxx   YOU WISH YOU WERE COOL...only alek is
2009_12_06_19:49:51.895   074.046.017.xxx   Anyone try to control Hulk recently?
2009_12_06_19:49:56.814   024.205.227.xxx   THIS IS GREAT
2009_12_06_19:50:19.879   097.126.197.xxx   My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard. They're like "You Wanna Trade Card
2009_12_06_19:50:51.573   097.126.197.xxx   I HAVE THE POWER!!!!
2009_12_06_19:51:44.618   097.126.197.xxx   Hey sir! Please look at the camera and wave! It would make my day :)
2009_12_06_19:52:40.068   074.046.017.xxx   Wave to the man, Alek!
2009_12_06_19:52:49.873   097.126.197.xxx   Football game?
2009_12_06_19:53:10.317   074.046.017.xxx   ____________________________________
2009_12_06_19:53:33.032   097.126.197.xxx   I'm a girl not a guy and I still want him to wave...
2009_12_06_19:54:00.236   097.126.197.xxx   Classy comment there.
2009_12_06_19:54:10.879   074.046.017.xxx   Sorry about that...I should have said person
2009_12_06_19:54:27.197   074.244.010.xxx   Tiffany loves Christmas
2009_12_06_19:54:39.680   097.126.197.xxx   It's cool, no worries. We're all apart of the human race.
2009_12_06_19:55:01.523   074.046.017.xxx   Yeah...I'm hoping he waves too
2009_12_06_19:55:42.601   097.126.197.xxx   That would be most epic.
2009_12_06_19:55:57.520   074.046.017.xxx   PLEASEEEEEE ALEK!
2009_12_06_19:56:30.803   074.046.017.xxx   Classy comment there! LOL! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_19:56:40.753   097.126.197.xxx   If only we had control of his thoughts like the decorations... (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_19:57:03.117   074.046.017.xxx   yeah, that would help... (11)
2009_12_06_19:57:44.455   074.046.017.xxx   I'm going to go Tweet this...maybe h**** do ti then (12)
2009_12_06_19:57:45.799   097.126.197.xxx   I find it strange that we are all watching this random man and wanting him to w (11)
2009_12_06_19:57:49.638   068.053.155.xxx   How is the weather there in were ever you are? Do you have lot of work to do
2009_12_06_19:58:50.560   097.126.197.xxx   It's really cold without a whole lot of snow and not really. (12)
2009_12_06_19:58:55.984   068.053.155.xxx   Do you like working with Santa or not cuz santa is not real
2009_12_06_19:59:18.234   074.046.017.xxx   Tweeted it...hopefully it'll bring in some traffic (13)
2009_12_06_19:59:28.827   097.126.197.xxx   What about yourself? How's the weather and such? (13)
2009_12_06_19:59:45.315   173.054.228.xxx   hello. Jherny says hi from New Jersey
2009_12_06_20:00:01.455   074.046.017.xxx   i wonder if he watching what we are saying (14)
2009_12_06_20:00:16.045   173.054.228.xxx   p** p** doo doo
2009_12_06_20:00:33.025   074.046.017.xxx   Alek, if you see this, please wave to us! :) (15)
2009_12_06_20:01:13.713   074.046.017.xxx   what??? (16)
2009_12_06_20:01:44.357   074.046.017.xxx   It must have went down momentarily or something (17)
2009_12_06_20:01:45.386   076.122.072.xxx   Enjoyed your 50D vs. 7D report.  Thanks
2009_12_06_20:01:54.715   024.247.071.xxx   No, I do not watch what you are aaying
2009_12_06_20:02:09.190   070.195.160.xxx   It's a good thing you're doing! I'm just sorry I missed Halloweens.
2009_12_06_20:02:14.733   074.046.017.xxx   Can you wave? (18)
2009_12_06_20:02:32.795   097.126.197.xxx   No. He isn't physically able to. (14)
2009_12_06_20:02:37.541   024.247.071.xxx   Type teNo, I'm busy, can't you see that?xt & CR to see real-time in Santa's
2009_12_06_20:03:22.110   067.239.104.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kansas!
2009_12_06_20:03:51.597   070.195.160.xxx   Happy Holidays from Illinois!!!
2009_12_06_20:03:56.432   097.120.039.xxx   Hey Alex, Aaron from dahliasuppliers says hi
2009_12_06_20:04:07.450   024.247.071.xxx   foot game is on, can't wave
2009_12_06_20:04:11.862   074.046.017.xxx   Type text & CR to see in real-time in Santa's Workshop (19)
2009_12_06_20:04:26.977   097.120.039.xxx   oops, my bad.  Hi Alek
2009_12_06_20:04:34.119   097.126.197.xxx   Where in Illinois are you from? (15)
2009_12_06_20:04:41.009   024.247.071.xxx   football game is on, can't wave
2009_12_06_20:05:07.263   070.195.160.xxx   North central Illinois
2009_12_06_20:05:40.340   097.126.197.xxx   So what song best decribes your mood? (16)
2009_12_06_20:06:26.894   024.247.071.xxx   song describes my what? Get a better hobby.
2009_12_06_20:06:42.066   074.046.017.xxx   I CRUSH PUNY HULK! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:06:45.498   097.126.197.xxx   Rejection hurts. (17)
2009_12_06_20:08:13.140   074.046.017.xxx   So he left...I'm leaving too then (21)
2009_12_06_20:08:35.480   074.233.102.xxx   Hello!  71 degrees in Miami!
2009_12_06_20:08:39.352   097.126.197.xxx   That's creepy. You were just here to watch him... (18)
2009_12_06_20:08:58.916   074.215.024.xxx   Hey all
2009_12_06_20:09:16.917   097.126.197.xxx   Hey you (19)
2009_12_06_20:09:39.781   024.009.088.xxx   Hi Alek, where is the Hanukkah decorations! Oy
2009_12_06_20:10:00.722   024.247.071.xxx   Festivus Pole!
2009_12_06_20:11:38.654   068.041.023.xxx   And the lights went out in Georgia...
2009_12_06_20:12:08.208   066.021.159.xxx   Flopsy is amazing!
2009_12_06_20:12:32.727   068.041.023.xxx   I should set something up like this.  hehe
2009_12_06_20:12:42.599   066.021.159.xxx   THIS IS SO KEWL!
2009_12_06_20:13:13.021   066.021.159.xxx   Where is balloon boy?
2009_12_06_20:13:17.020   068.041.023.xxx   I could point the cameras at the crack house across the street so the cops coul
2009_12_06_20:13:36.044   097.126.197.xxx   Classy comment there... (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:14:06.081   068.041.023.xxx   I'm serious, FANG was there couple months ago.
2009_12_06_20:14:22.061   068.093.110.xxx   Merry Christmas from Hurst Texas!!!!
2009_12_06_20:15:44.314   097.126.197.xxx   GOD HAS RETURNED!!! (21)
2009_12_06_20:16:16.897   066.021.159.xxx   OMG HI DUDE!
2009_12_06_20:16:47.301   024.205.227.xxx   HELLO ALEX
2009_12_06_20:16:47.893   066.021.159.xxx   All worship the creator and funder!
2009_12_06_20:17:28.931   097.126.197.xxx   Please turn and wave kind sir. (22)
2009_12_06_20:18:13.771   068.041.023.xxx   He must be playing WoW.
2009_12_06_20:18:18.082   067.176.013.xxx   Jesus is the TRUE reason for the season!
2009_12_06_20:18:24.108   142.059.010.xxx   hello world! merry xmas!
2009_12_06_20:18:31.852   068.093.110.xxx   Hi LOry!!!!
2009_12_06_20:19:01.868   068.041.023.xxx   WWJD, he turn water to wine and get sloshed.  :D  Merry Xmas!
2009_12_06_20:19:11.800   097.126.197.xxx   Cheese and Rice = Jesus Christ (23)
2009_12_06_20:19:15.539   024.205.227.xxx   hello alex
2009_12_06_20:19:19.878   068.093.110.xxx   HI Sunshine!!!
2009_12_06_20:19:26.077   066.021.159.xxx   Are you Alek?
2009_12_06_20:19:42.254   097.126.197.xxx   Sure. (24)
2009_12_06_20:19:54.352   024.205.227.xxx   keith cravens was here
2009_12_06_20:20:02.703   068.041.023.xxx   Behold the power...of cheese!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_06_20:20:21.143   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** There was over a case of champagne/wine consumed at last night's holiday party  - D'OH!  ;-) ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_20:20:42.515   068.041.023.xxx   How do you catch a unique rabbit?
2009_12_06_20:20:55.198   097.126.197.xxx   Unique up on him. (25)
2009_12_06_20:21:05.723   067.176.013.xxx   u nique up onit
2009_12_06_20:21:07.266   066.021.159.xxx   Wow!
2009_12_06_20:21:10.942   068.041.023.xxx   How do you catch a tame rabbit?
2009_12_06_20:21:27.140   097.126.197.xxx   Tame way. (26)
2009_12_06_20:21:31.667   068.093.110.xxx   Pull him out of the cage?
2009_12_06_20:21:34.660   066.021.159.xxx   This is so kewl to see you Alek!
2009_12_06_20:21:34.756   067.176.013.xxx   tame way
2009_12_06_20:21:51.803   096.008.131.xxx   Howdy from Texas.  This is a wild idea and an amazing project.  Congratulation
2009_12_06_20:21:55.980   068.041.023.xxx   ___5 for the bad jokes.  :D (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:21:57.953   097.126.197.xxx   What was that about the partying? (27)
2009_12_06_20:23:04.321   066.021.159.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2009_12_06_20:23:38.102   097.126.197.xxx   How often do you clip your nose hairs? (28)
2009_12_06_20:25:10.149   068.041.023.xxx   I don't, I braid them into rope for the needy.  :) (11)
2009_12_06_20:26:45.165   066.021.159.xxx   Talk to us Alek, PLEASE!! It would be so cool! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:27:16.912   097.126.197.xxx   Ohhhh sooooo coooolz (29)
2009_12_06_20:30:56.540   065.011.092.xxx   This is awesome!
2009_12_06_20:31:29.395   065.011.092.xxx   Merry Xmas from Miami!
2009_12_06_20:31:53.787   096.008.131.xxx   Santa walks away and comes back to the ladder?
2009_12_06_20:32:02.514   097.126.197.xxx   alek. you are the SIZZLE!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:32:14.198   076.188.057.xxx   ring christmas bells merrily ring tell all the world Jesus is king
2009_12_06_20:32:22.982   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, that would be the STEPPING SANTA - cool, 'eh?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_06_20:32:30.314   096.008.131.xxx   How does he do that?
2009_12_06_20:32:44.650   075.120.029.xxx   Merry Christmas from Hamilton, AL!
2009_12_06_20:33:09.439   097.126.197.xxx   Juust look at those glasses, they are HAAAAAWWWWTTT (31)
2009_12_06_20:33:35.229   097.126.197.xxx   SIZZLE (32)
2009_12_06_20:34:10.581   096.008.131.xxx   Can Santa stop at the top of the ladder?
2009_12_06_20:34:27.507   066.021.159.xxx   Which is Balloon Boy? (11)
2009_12_06_20:34:55.652   097.126.197.xxx   The one "in" a balloon. (33)
2009_12_06_20:35:10.396   096.008.131.xxx   Hi Kids.
2009_12_06_20:35:21.346   066.021.159.xxx   Oh I get balloon boy now, LOL thanks! (12)
2009_12_06_20:35:28.899   072.069.079.xxx   Great site.
2009_12_06_20:35:38.668   097.126.197.xxx   I'm not a kid, I'm 45. (34)
2009_12_06_20:36:42.154   072.069.079.xxx   Cool
2009_12_06_20:37:00.659   096.008.131.xxx   You were visited on camera.  One kid in the background
2009_12_06_20:37:15.887   174.025.140.xxx   sparky love heather
2009_12_06_20:38:07.584   097.126.197.xxx   WTF? (35)
2009_12_06_20:38:34.397   097.126.197.xxx   ___with the family___ (36)
2009_12_06_20:38:58.022   174.025.140.xxx   hi guy that scratchin his nose
2009_12_06_20:39:12.656   097.126.197.xxx   hello (37)
2009_12_06_20:39:28.384   174.025.140.xxx   hi im sparky who are u
2009_12_06_20:39:50.613   097.126.197.xxx   Tobias. (38)
2009_12_06_20:40:05.047   174.025.140.xxx   hello tobias
2009_12_06_20:40:35.325   097.126.197.xxx   So what song best describes your current mood? (39)
2009_12_06_20:40:40.757   069.180.228.xxx   Hello All!
2009_12_06_20:41:02.908   066.021.159.xxx   NO (13)
2009_12_06_20:41:11.152   069.180.228.xxx   Hello from Tennessee
2009_12_06_20:41:25.164   097.126.197.xxx   Hello to Tennessee. (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:41:29.826   066.021.159.xxx   DONT LEAVE US ALEK!! (14)
2009_12_06_20:41:41.668   069.180.228.xxx   from where?
2009_12_06_20:41:41.777   174.025.140.xxx   b double e double r u n
2009_12_06_20:42:23.325   097.126.197.xxx   Classy comment there. (41)
2009_12_06_20:42:26.397   099.225.232.xxx   where did he go?
2009_12_06_20:42:38.522   174.025.140.xxx   who me the beer run guy?
2009_12_06_20:42:44.835   069.180.228.xxx   to the restroom
2009_12_06_20:43:01.052   097.126.197.xxx   To infinity and beyond. (42)
2009_12_06_20:43:24.337   174.025.140.xxx   u can call me sparky
2009_12_06_20:43:37.838   097.126.197.xxx   I (43)
2009_12_06_20:43:38.779   069.180.228.xxx   well hello Sparky
2009_12_06_20:44:05.712   174.025.140.xxx   hello 069 180 228
2009_12_06_20:44:17.536   097.126.197.xxx   Beckles how is it yizooo? (44)
2009_12_06_20:45:23.440   174.022.243.xxx   mmmm chocolate cake
2009_12_06_20:45:49.188   069.180.228.xxx   there are 168 people here
2009_12_06_20:45:54.101   097.126.197.xxx   Dad is great, he gave us chocolate cake. (45)
2009_12_06_20:45:59.364   174.025.140.xxx   where are u from 069 180 228 asked spakry
2009_12_06_20:46:15.973   069.180.228.xxx   Tennessee
2009_12_06_20:46:32.028   174.025.140.xxx   kool im from washington state (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:46:37.343   072.241.193.xxx   Happy Holidays to All - from IamWardicus!
2009_12_06_20:46:48.762   069.180.228.xxx   quite a ways
2009_12_06_20:46:49.289   174.022.243.xxx   Bill  Cosby gave us the chocolate cake
2009_12_06_20:47:05.681   099.225.232.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_06_20:47:22.459   069.180.228.xxx   Bill Cosby gave us pudding
2009_12_06_20:47:23.210   066.021.159.xxx   Flopsy here, from NC (15)
2009_12_06_20:47:56.706   072.241.193.xxx   FOR THE HORDE!  MERRY X-MAS!
2009_12_06_20:47:57.625   097.126.197.xxx   Don't say Flopsy. It has imageS (46)
2009_12_06_20:48:23.655   174.025.140.xxx   he is back (11)
2009_12_06_20:48:43.616   097.126.197.xxx   Back again, Shady's back, tell a friend. (47)
2009_12_06_20:49:08.085   066.021.159.xxx   Don't you dare diss Flopsy aka MY PET RABBIT! (16)
2009_12_06_20:49:34.153   174.025.140.xxx   hi chucky (12)
2009_12_06_20:49:40.219   097.126.197.xxx   Your pet rabbit ain't got nothin on me. (48)
2009_12_06_20:49:51.053   068.093.110.xxx   the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
2009_12_06_20:50:14.063   097.126.197.xxx   Original. (49)
2009_12_06_20:50:14.350   066.021.159.xxx   h**** bite you up, rabbit hater! (17)
2009_12_06_20:50:14.790   156.034.242.xxx   this aint Mavis Bacon teaches typing :P (24)
2009_12_06_20:50:50.561   072.241.193.xxx   My dog Toby says "woof" (aka Merry X-mas)
2009_12_06_20:50:53.986   097.126.197.xxx   Well clearly Mavis "Beacon" doesn't teach spelling. (50 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:51:20.146   156.034.242.xxx   is he as a**** as u ? :p (25)
2009_12_06_20:51:59.001   066.021.159.xxx   who, Flopsy! (18)
2009_12_06_20:52:15.337   174.025.140.xxx   my space .com / sparky dean 09 (13)
2009_12_06_20:52:40.876   098.202.075.xxx   expectopetrum
2009_12_06_20:52:42.459   097.126.197.xxx   No one wants your pants. (51)
2009_12_06_20:53:30.320   097.126.197.xxx   It's all about the Facebooking. (52)
2009_12_06_20:53:36.703   066.021.159.xxx   No one wants YOUR pants. (19)
2009_12_06_20:54:00.950   072.241.193.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!  Keep up the awesome work!
2009_12_06_20:54:08.497   097.126.197.xxx   No but everyone wants my shoes. (53)
2009_12_06_20:54:43.251   066.021.159.xxx   Liar-your shoes smell! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_20:55:12.314   072.155.239.xxx   hello!
2009_12_06_20:55:27.986   097.126.197.xxx   You are really good at making up comebacks... (54)
2009_12_06_20:55:45.854   066.021.159.xxx   As are you........ (21)
2009_12_06_20:56:30.319   097.126.197.xxx   I'm tighter than your wedding dress 20 years later. (55)
2009_12_06_20:56:47.257   066.021.159.xxx   As are you........NOT! (22)
2009_12_06_20:56:52.258   072.155.239.xxx   Too cool!
2009_12_06_20:57:05.712   098.202.075.xxx   expectopetrum
2009_12_06_20:57:27.744   097.126.197.xxx   I'm so bomb Iraq can't have me. (56)
2009_12_06_20:57:46.906   066.021.159.xxx   BTW shoes dude....how old are u? (23)
2009_12_06_20:58:21.726   097.126.197.xxx   Old enough to be your dad. (57)
2009_12_06_20:58:26.307   066.021.159.xxx   Bomb- that was soooooo lame....! (24)
2009_12_06_20:58:50.022   099.037.183.xxx   This is Awesome! NICE!
2009_12_06_20:58:56.158   066.021.159.xxx   I doubt it....you know how old i am how? (25)
2009_12_06_20:59:36.241   097.126.197.xxx   By how you aren't using captial letters or good grammar. (58)
2009_12_06_20:59:41.188   098.202.075.xxx   Expecto Patronum
2009_12_06_20:59:43.243   068.150.181.xxx   guys, stop fighting on a family website!
2009_12_06_21:00:04.517   075.120.029.xxx   Logan Cain says Merry Christman
2009_12_06_21:00:08.438   097.126.197.xxx   Wingardium Leviosa (59)
2009_12_06_21:00:15.457   066.021.159.xxx   I'm just being lazy. Would you like me to utilize proper grammar? (26)
2009_12_06_21:00:27.766   098.202.075.xxx   Expelliarmus - this is a disarming spell
2009_12_06_21:00:53.720   075.120.029.xxx   Aubber Dog says, "Ruff"
2009_12_06_21:01:25.924   098.202.075.xxx   Ji****y pokery, squiggly wiggly - this is a fake pig spell
2009_12_06_21:01:27.543   097.126.197.xxx   Yes, indeed I would. AVADA KADAVRA!!!! (60 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_21:01:46.150   098.202.075.xxx   Ji****y pokery, squiggly wiggly - this is a fake pig spell
2009_12_06_21:02:42.668   097.126.197.xxx   OBLIVIATE!!! (61)
2009_12_06_21:02:59.424   098.202.075.xxx   Riddikulus
2009_12_06_21:03:37.596   097.126.197.xxx   Like the back of you head (62)
2009_12_06_21:03:50.472   098.202.075.xxx   Reparo - a fixing spell. you cant hurt me now
2009_12_06_21:03:54.297   066.021.159.xxx   So correct grammatical father, how old are you? (27)
2009_12_06_21:04:19.829   097.126.197.xxx   My name is Tobias and I'm 63. (63)
2009_12_06_21:04:28.544   098.202.075.xxx   Reparo - a healing spell. now you cant hurt me
2009_12_06_21:05:13.858   068.150.181.xxx   im surprised an older man would waste his time
2009_12_06_21:05:16.614   024.076.117.xxx   Hello
2009_12_06_21:05:18.983   097.126.197.xxx   Tarentallegra---DANCE NOW!!!! (64)
2009_12_06_21:05:42.958   068.150.181.xxx   arguing with some punk ki (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_21:05:59.058   097.126.197.xxx   I'm retired. What else can I do? (65)
2009_12_06_21:06:26.083   098.202.075.xxx   Wingardium Leviosa (you are now levetated) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_21:06:27.305   099.037.183.xxx   Hi Heidi
2009_12_06_21:06:46.373   097.126.197.xxx   I'll be your Heidi... (66)
2009_12_06_21:07:16.852   098.202.075.xxx   Wingardium Leviosa (you are now levetated) (11)
2009_12_06_21:07:49.416   097.126.197.xxx   Relashio---I'm all good now. (67)
2009_12_06_21:07:55.799   070.238.203.xxx   You guys are retarded
2009_12_06_21:08:07.921   066.021.159.xxx   You are 63, yet you type "DANCE NOW!!!!!!" (28)
2009_12_06_21:08:28.041   098.202.075.xxx   welcome to hogwarts..... (12)
2009_12_06_21:08:38.572   097.126.197.xxx   Because "Everybody (Must) Dance Now" (68)
2009_12_06_21:09:16.917   098.202.075.xxx   did you just fart? ....because you blew me away (13)
2009_12_06_21:09:48.405   066.021.159.xxx   I don't believe you are telling the truth Tobias. (29)
2009_12_06_21:09:50.465   097.126.197.xxx   Why yes I did. (69)
2009_12_06_21:10:06.961   098.202.075.xxx   are you a baker?..... because you have nice buns (14)
2009_12_06_21:10:34.467   097.126.197.xxx   I was a baker!!! How did you know???? (70 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_21:11:28.195   098.202.075.xxx   im a raindrop and im falling for you (15)
2009_12_06_21:11:56.615   066.021.159.xxx   Raindrop- That was the worst pick-up line ever! (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_21:12:14.100   098.202.075.xxx   i dont need car keys.. you drive me crazy (16)
2009_12_06_21:13:02.264   097.126.197.xxx   GOODNIGHT BECKY!!! (71)
2009_12_06_21:13:33.193   098.202.075.xxx   goodnight creep (17)
2009_12_06_21:13:55.656   097.126.197.xxx   im not 63. but that was entertaining. (72)
2009_12_06_21:14:15.137   098.202.075.xxx   this is awkawrd (18)
2009_12_06_21:14:25.958   066.021.159.xxx   Entertaining? (31)
2009_12_06_21:15:05.230   098.202.075.xxx   yes i did meaghan (19)
2009_12_06_21:15:14.225   066.021.159.xxx   Good night Tobias! (32)
2009_12_06_21:15:41.917   098.202.075.xxx   D"OH (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_06_21:17:02.655   098.202.075.xxx   Rudolph the red nosed reigndeer (21)
2009_12_06_21:18:41.433   098.030.206.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!!
2009_12_06_21:19:06.389   066.021.159.xxx   And to all a good night! Good bye! (33)
2009_12_06_21:21:16.308   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... and Hi to my Honey ... Ruthie Baby
2009_12_06_21:21:31.489   098.030.206.xxx   Hi Burdette!!
2009_12_06_21:22:03.574   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE WAS HERE"
2009_12_06_21:23:09.608   065.005.246.xxx   Paul "THE CLOSET PIRATE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING"
2009_12_06_21:23:18.391   098.030.206.xxx   What's a closet pirate?? sounds scary
2009_12_06_21:24:44.310   065.005.246.xxx   He is ... trust me ... He He
2009_12_06_21:25:47.574   216.134.165.xxx   Merry Xmas
2009_12_06_21:31:33.688   097.112.159.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2009_12_06_21:34:39.256   065.005.246.xxx   Hi Alek and family ... from Brunswick, Georgia
2009_12_06_21:40:58.248   024.099.120.xxx   Hi everyone from Marietta GA!
2009_12_06_21:44:25.284   024.113.124.xxx   Hello :)
2009_12_06_21:45:24.391   090.215.234.xxx   hey ______
2009_12_06_21:46:38.512   024.113.124.xxx   It says 125 people are watching this, that's awesome!
2009_12_06_21:47:50.666   096.255.051.xxx   129 now. :)
2009_12_06_21:48:26.463   096.255.051.xxx   I like the text message addition. So cool. :)
2009_12_06_21:49:01.162   024.113.124.xxx   lol. I think we're all undoing each others light controls :D
2009_12_06_21:51:18.369   066.190.182.xxx   Merry Christmas from Hardeman County TN EMS
2009_12_06_21:52:41.362   066.190.182.xxx   Rest in Peace Shuffles
2009_12_06_21:53:41.579   075.090.088.xxx   hey this is eric travis in talla**ee alabama
2009_12_06_21:53:47.920   068.033.149.xxx   FT Meade, Md
2009_12_06_21:54:16.927   068.033.149.xxx   Pease
2009_12_06_21:54:31.880   066.190.182.xxx   Have a holly, joly Christmas
2009_12_06_21:54:46.839   075.090.088.xxx   Karrie Faith I Love You!
2009_12_06_21:54:56.385   064.013.100.xxx   hi
2009_12_06_21:55:16.625   066.190.182.xxx   Merry Christmas Selmer,TN
2009_12_06_21:55:47.911   068.033.149.xxx   Kristen is beautiful!
2009_12_06_21:56:56.887   068.150.181.xxx   woo almost another night done (11)
2009_12_06_21:57:25.446   068.033.149.xxx   Go Navy beat Army!
2009_12_06_21:57:29.643   075.090.088.xxx   g**
2009_12_06_21:57:49.112   099.066.191.xxx   HO HO HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_06_21:57:59.279   068.150.181.xxx   Oh Oh Oh (12)
2009_12_06_21:57:59.500   075.090.088.xxx   Roll Tide!!!!
2009_12_06_21:58:22.581   068.033.149.xxx   Go Syracuse!
2009_12_06_21:58:26.013   068.150.181.xxx   OH OH OH!!!!!!! (13)
2009_12_06_21:59:48.518   068.033.149.xxx   Go Syracuse
2009_12_06_21:59:55.131   068.150.181.xxx   last 10 seconds.... (14)

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