599 christmas text messages on 2009/1207

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,687 times that day including 5,405 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1207

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_07_16:00:50.251   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning on the X10 controls early for people in Europe! ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_16:00:50.835   086.157.242.xxx   Hey! :)
2009_12_07_16:01:19.297   209.188.033.xxx   well here's to year 3 of my visit to this site hope all is well
2009_12_07_16:01:23.622   090.195.219.xxx   hello
2009_12_07_16:02:03.162   209.188.033.xxx   awww its not dark there yet :(
2009_12_07_16:02:07.660   090.195.219.xxx   waited all day for this off to bed now it is late in the UK
2009_12_07_16:02:13.560   082.043.145.xxx   hi from Chessington ENGLAND! ___)
2009_12_07_16:02:37.814   165.228.007.xxx   no way...
2009_12_07_16:02:40.761   069.020.177.xxx   Merry Christmas from Idaho
2009_12_07_16:02:44.093   209.188.033.xxx   happy holidays from Holden Beach N.C.
2009_12_07_16:03:07.308   074.162.058.xxx   North Carolina
2009_12_07_16:03:09.186   072.002.053.xxx   hi from vancouver canada
2009_12_07_16:03:10.698   069.020.177.xxx   MVHS ROCK!!
2009_12_07_16:03:31.449   081.156.056.xxx   hi ppl
2009_12_07_16:03:35.087   098.026.124.xxx   this is fun: SAVE THE HOMER : DOH!
2009_12_07_16:03:40.395   090.195.219.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_07_16:03:40.586   209.188.033.xxx   Yes North Carolina
2009_12_07_16:03:44.088   086.014.211.xxx   Cool!!!
2009_12_07_16:04:04.015   069.020.177.xxx   dis is cool
2009_12_07_16:04:06.755   090.195.219.xxx   qwrehas
2009_12_07_16:04:11.466   081.156.056.xxx   Hi from the UK
2009_12_07_16:04:20.832   098.026.124.xxx   OH YEAH!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!
2009_12_07_16:04:27.634   090.195.219.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_07_16:04:50.438   069.020.177.xxx   Howdy from Arimo, ID
2009_12_07_16:04:54.156   209.188.033.xxx   i would hate to see his power bill
2009_12_07_16:04:57.258   098.026.124.xxx   i like cake
2009_12_07_16:05:06.711   081.156.056.xxx   so do i
2009_12_07_16:05:14.978   082.043.145.xxx   me too
2009_12_07_16:05:22.170   072.002.053.xxx   poop
2009_12_07_16:05:39.648   069.020.177.xxx   f_________ yes
2009_12_07_16:06:13.038   098.026.124.xxx   this is the maoist fun ive had all day.
2009_12_07_16:06:13.880   209.188.033.xxx   deflate them all
2009_12_07_16:06:20.117   086.139.070.xxx   helllo
2009_12_07_16:06:20.872   069.020.177.xxx   Landon is the man
2009_12_07_16:06:47.812   098.026.124.xxx   inflate them all
2009_12_07_16:06:51.891   092.025.189.xxx   dan said hi
2009_12_07_16:06:58.998   069.020.177.xxx   Samoa says merry christmas
2009_12_07_16:07:28.627   092.025.189.xxx   hello from england
2009_12_07_16:07:42.151   069.020.177.xxx   this s***** b****
2009_12_07_16:07:43.860   081.156.056.xxx   where in england?
2009_12_07_16:07:49.501   209.188.033.xxx   so what do you think his neighbors are saying
2009_12_07_16:08:03.809   092.025.189.xxx   wakefield
2009_12_07_16:08:06.871   086.014.211.xxx   Hello Shefford UK!!
2009_12_07_16:08:16.827   098.026.124.xxx   HI ALL
2009_12_07_16:08:21.265   069.020.177.xxx   BarGeo says HEYO!!!
2009_12_07_16:08:24.357   081.156.056.xxx   Newcastle UK
2009_12_07_16:08:29.653   077.101.245.xxx   haha cool
2009_12_07_16:08:30.276   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think the Christmas display is a hoot - their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_16:08:33.344   092.025.189.xxx   wakefield
2009_12_07_16:08:41.644   069.020.177.xxx   dylan is cool son (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_16:08:52.233   081.156.056.xxx   common Joe!
2009_12_07_16:09:13.032   069.020.177.xxx   Yeah Joe, step it up (11)
2009_12_07_16:09:16.489   098.026.124.xxx   deflat elmo!!! down wiht elnmo!
2009_12_07_16:09:31.364   209.188.033.xxx   poor elmo
2009_12_07_16:09:45.916   069.020.177.xxx   barrett s***** (12)
2009_12_07_16:09:49.386   098.026.124.xxx   press the GRRR button
2009_12_07_16:10:19.504   069.020.177.xxx   Dylan L2Read (13)
2009_12_07_16:10:28.426   074.162.058.xxx   I like this
2009_12_07_16:10:50.046   069.020.177.xxx   MVHS says wuzzup? (14)
2009_12_07_16:10:51.491   086.014.211.xxx   Hello Dawn
2009_12_07_16:10:52.530   081.156.056.xxx   hello man in the seat
2009_12_07_16:11:01.766   070.179.188.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kansas State
2009_12_07_16:11:20.675   081.156.056.xxx   give us a wave
2009_12_07_16:11:32.176   076.026.029.xxx   merry xmas
2009_12_07_16:11:32.212   098.026.124.xxx   this is the coolest thing i've ever seen
2009_12_07_16:11:34.368   090.197.119.xxx   merry xmas from birmingham, uk
2009_12_07_16:11:44.323   209.188.033.xxx   he was drinking beer last year
2009_12_07_16:11:57.854   089.024.226.xxx   Merry Christmas from Prague!
2009_12_07_16:12:02.360   081.156.056.xxx   lol
2009_12_07_16:12:45.619   089.024.226.xxx   :-D
2009_12_07_16:12:54.067   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is coming home, so I need to clear the garage - Elmo and Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_16:12:54.324   209.188.033.xxx   wonder how many he has to patch each year (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_16:13:16.334   098.026.124.xxx   :D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_16:13:18.076   074.162.058.xxx   christmas is  great
2009_12_07_16:13:56.017   075.155.165.xxx   hi
2009_12_07_16:13:56.211   098.026.124.xxx   merry christmas from your old pal steve (11)
2009_12_07_16:14:11.052   209.188.033.xxx   just once i wanna see hulk deflate (11)
2009_12_07_16:14:19.350   089.024.226.xxx   ole
2009_12_07_16:14:42.103   080.168.199.xxx   amazing
2009_12_07_16:14:55.110   070.178.127.xxx   Merry Christmas Sebastion in Berlin
2009_12_07_16:15:08.434   089.024.226.xxx   ciao
2009_12_07_16:17:07.566   089.024.226.xxx   Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
2009_12_07_16:17:08.024   074.210.135.xxx   merry X-mas Belinda
2009_12_07_16:17:42.861   072.066.235.xxx   Christmas
2009_12_07_16:18:18.459   089.024.226.xxx   Merry Xmas
2009_12_07_16:18:38.303   072.066.235.xxx   Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go
2009_12_07_16:19:14.366   072.066.235.xxx   Christmas Baby
2009_12_07_16:19:20.014   074.210.135.xxx   Joyeux No___l No___mie
2009_12_07_16:20:00.523   072.066.235.xxx   Bryce------------------Come--------On------People-----------DONATE
2009_12_07_16:20:32.669   089.024.226.xxx   h**** What the f* is this?!?!
2009_12_07_16:20:38.362   074.210.135.xxx   joyeux Noel Noemie et Thomas
2009_12_07_16:20:47.404   072.066.235.xxx   I BEEN THERE DONE THAT
2009_12_07_16:20:50.680   090.203.250.xxx   BOABY!!!!!!!
2009_12_07_16:21:07.784   072.066.235.xxx   Bryce------------------Come--------On------People-----------DONATE
2009_12_07_16:21:21.283   090.203.250.xxx   Greetings from Scotland
2009_12_07_16:21:58.580   072.066.235.xxx   Bonjour
2009_12_07_16:23:27.005   134.217.237.xxx   Hello
2009_12_07_16:23:48.309   074.162.058.xxx   this is fun
2009_12_07_16:25:44.332   088.105.024.xxx   cundleofjoy says hi!
2009_12_07_16:29:08.170   084.092.172.xxx   Cardiff says Merry Christmas
2009_12_07_16:29:17.896   071.214.226.xxx   i was here
2009_12_07_16:30:57.667   074.236.246.xxx   Merry Christmas! :D
2009_12_07_16:31:09.657   084.092.172.xxx   Cardiff says Merry Christmas
2009_12_07_16:31:21.073   086.143.155.xxx   hi alex wish i had snow here in london wold make my lights look as good as yours
2009_12_07_16:31:27.099   067.102.033.xxx   Hi All
2009_12_07_16:33:07.331   081.187.157.xxx   scf says helloooowww
2009_12_07_16:33:48.682   216.137.128.xxx   HIya
2009_12_07_16:36:45.065   091.105.045.xxx   Banana
2009_12_07_16:36:46.920   062.030.146.xxx   how awesome...
2009_12_07_16:39:25.714   091.105.045.xxx   Greetings from England!
2009_12_07_16:39:39.575   082.047.040.xxx   This is so kool!
2009_12_07_16:39:52.836   062.030.146.xxx   Greetings from Scotland :D ___)
2009_12_07_16:40:31.568   082.047.040.xxx   Greetings from England!
2009_12_07_16:42:04.496   091.104.155.xxx   Ahhh, this is christmas! Go Alek!
2009_12_07_16:42:57.676   082.025.054.xxx   Europe loves you!
2009_12_07_16:46:36.470   082.025.054.xxx   KOMAR ROCKS! Got to love the lights.
2009_12_07_16:49:45.171   082.025.054.xxx   Happy Birthday Rachel Cole!
2009_12_07_16:51:37.914   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_07_16:57:35.593   074.014.108.xxx   Miss you daddums
2009_12_07_16:57:38.191   094.171.144.xxx   hi all we are from halifax ENGLAND!
2009_12_07_16:58:16.385   074.014.108.xxx   My horse is very nice and fast 8=D
2009_12_07_16:58:36.723   094.171.144.xxx   okkkkk???
2009_12_07_16:58:48.773   074.014.108.xxx   Nice lights
2009_12_07_16:58:52.185   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I turned things on early for the European crowd - sorry can't make the sun set  ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_16:59:32.871   074.014.108.xxx   Yurope is nice country
2009_12_07_16:59:38.498   024.126.250.xxx   Hi Lauren!!!
2009_12_07_17:00:46.766   074.014.108.xxx   Momma Boyo says Hello from Saint Petez
2009_12_07_17:00:53.748   024.126.250.xxx   HI POPPY
2009_12_07_17:01:12.027   068.053.155.xxx   I am so tired I can not wait to see WWE raw
2009_12_07_17:01:16.861   074.014.108.xxx   Chef momma
2009_12_07_17:01:17.896   098.111.203.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pittsburgh!
2009_12_07_17:01:47.817   024.126.250.xxx   Merry Christmas from Canton, Georgia!!!
2009_12_07_17:01:48.409   068.053.155.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee
2009_12_07_17:02:41.482   024.126.250.xxx   Merry Christmas from Canton, Georgia!!
2009_12_07_17:03:27.222   068.053.155.xxx   Merry Christmas from d***son,Tn
2009_12_07_17:03:33.450   081.158.055.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lowestoft UK
2009_12_07_17:04:30.454   068.068.107.xxx   Jtsnowboy says hello :)
2009_12_07_17:04:38.131   068.053.155.xxx   Merry Christmas from d***son,Tn
2009_12_07_17:05:15.700   216.036.006.xxx   I love you Erin, Seth and Rae
2009_12_07_17:05:34.904   068.068.107.xxx   I love you from poppa and momma
2009_12_07_17:06:00.242   068.053.155.xxx   Merry Christmas from Nashville,Tn
2009_12_07_17:06:25.422   081.158.055.xxx   Whoevers watching from Halifax, Im moving back in Feb!  :)
2009_12_07_17:07:04.241   068.068.107.xxx   I miss ya folks. Miss ya all miss ya - JTSNOWBOY
2009_12_07_17:07:06.726   068.053.155.xxx   Did you just pick your nose
2009_12_07_17:07:29.814   068.068.107.xxx   nope
2009_12_07_17:07:46.635   068.053.155.xxx   HAHAHAHA
2009_12_07_17:07:56.270   024.126.250.xxx   Hi Robbie!!!
2009_12_07_17:08:11.973   068.068.107.xxx   How many Santas does it take to Christmas?
2009_12_07_17:08:22.691   068.053.155.xxx   IDK
2009_12_07_17:08:37.701   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY, I just had a minor itch near my nostril area! ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_17:08:39.533   068.068.107.xxx   Only one, Jesus saves
2009_12_07_17:09:16.536   068.053.155.xxx   Follow Jesus He is  coming soon
2009_12_07_17:09:26.612   216.036.006.xxx   Merry Christmas to SMCSO employees
2009_12_07_17:09:33.837   068.068.107.xxx   2012 Jesus will c***
2009_12_07_17:09:40.223   024.126.250.xxx   Merry Christmas from Canton, Georgia!!
2009_12_07_17:10:04.105   190.189.127.xxx   merry christmas from argentina
2009_12_07_17:10:04.826   068.068.107.xxx   Momma says Christmas is band
2009_12_07_17:10:09.859   068.053.155.xxx   Not really only jesus knows when he is coming back not in 2012 (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_17:10:39.678   024.126.250.xxx   we are the champions
2009_12_07_17:10:55.681   071.041.126.xxx   Dude. I'm on TV!
2009_12_07_17:11:13.718   071.105.049.xxx   Hello from Apple Valley, California.
2009_12_07_17:11:39.552   071.041.126.xxx   Wouldn't it suck if he picked his nose now :)
2009_12_07_17:12:08.759   068.068.107.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_07_17:12:40.079   216.036.006.xxx   Merry Christmas to SMCSO Employees
2009_12_07_17:13:00.533   173.022.058.xxx   Nightmonk says hi
2009_12_07_17:13:15.003   068.068.107.xxx   Merry Christmas to my 4 children. LOVE YA
2009_12_07_17:14:28.627   173.022.058.xxx   ___3
2009_12_07_17:14:58.619   068.068.107.xxx   You should add foreign fonts, for our foreign friends
2009_12_07_17:15:25.291   071.041.126.xxx   Dude, where is my car
2009_12_07_17:15:55.512   173.022.058.xxx   I like cake
2009_12_07_17:16:19.056   068.068.107.xxx   Welcome to 1997 everyone
2009_12_07_17:16:43.097   071.178.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from California, MD
2009_12_07_17:16:45.289   068.068.107.xxx   Great year
2009_12_07_17:17:58.093   068.068.107.xxx   232 people, Great Job!
2009_12_07_17:18:09.462   173.022.058.xxx   I love Jamie Leigh
2009_12_07_17:19:28.043   216.036.006.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Whipkey!
2009_12_07_17:19:46.910   174.016.054.xxx   Hello from Loveland Colorado!!!
2009_12_07_17:19:58.653   068.068.107.xxx   lvin and the chipmunks are aso cool
2009_12_07_17:20:15.903   216.036.006.xxx   Hello from Lexington Park, MD
2009_12_07_17:20:26.747   068.068.107.xxx   Plumper Pie
2009_12_07_17:20:50.941   174.016.054.xxx   This is so cool!!!!
2009_12_07_17:20:57.498   068.068.107.xxx   me
2009_12_07_17:21:47.119   216.036.006.xxx   Keep it clean!
2009_12_07_17:22:04.624   072.213.205.xxx   Benjamin Franklin rules
2009_12_07_17:23:19.126   072.213.205.xxx   How old are most kids when they start to question if reindeers can fly?
2009_12_07_17:24:11.267   072.066.235.xxx   whats up
2009_12_07_17:24:44.084   072.066.235.xxx   christmas baby
2009_12_07_17:24:57.544   086.004.104.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_07_17:25:00.194   072.213.205.xxx   justin is puny
2009_12_07_17:25:49.648   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_07_17:26:27.633   072.213.205.xxx   that can cause a rash
2009_12_07_17:26:30.029   072.066.235.xxx   christmas baby (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_17:26:46.919   086.004.104.xxx   newcastle united are crap
2009_12_07_17:27:29.695   086.004.104.xxx   america s*****
2009_12_07_17:27:33.151   072.066.235.xxx   whats that maen (11)
2009_12_07_17:28:32.062   086.004.104.xxx   they are rubbish
2009_12_07_17:28:56.263   086.004.104.xxx   Sunderland
2009_12_07_17:29:17.196   072.066.235.xxx   n***** (12)
2009_12_07_17:29:19.154   072.213.205.xxx   The blinking, music, and animated cursor on this site are ridiculous
2009_12_07_17:29:39.086   086.004.104.xxx   home of the only Premier league team in NE England!!!
2009_12_07_17:29:46.093   072.066.235.xxx   mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (13)
2009_12_07_17:30:01.577   069.234.017.xxx   thanks for all your hard work again this year!
2009_12_07_17:30:37.163   082.152.196.xxx   crazy!
2009_12_07_17:30:43.040   068.068.107.xxx   kid_dj for president (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_17:31:42.568   068.068.107.xxx   My dad got me to touch his prostate :) (11)
2009_12_07_17:32:40.502   074.186.114.xxx   hello from miami!
2009_12_07_17:33:08.527   068.068.107.xxx   SonOfPrince is a dirty ape (12)
2009_12_07_17:33:26.244   071.158.221.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_07_17:33:35.215   074.186.114.xxx   hello from miami!
2009_12_07_17:33:45.988   068.068.107.xxx   Justin Gibson is g** (13)
2009_12_07_17:34:10.222   071.158.221.xxx   Santa is watching you Arianna
2009_12_07_17:34:41.292   071.158.221.xxx   So you better real good
2009_12_07_17:37:32.852   071.158.221.xxx   Brady be good Santa is watching
2009_12_07_17:38:13.647   071.158.221.xxx   No bakugans if you don's behave
2009_12_07_17:38:16.664   082.042.109.xxx   goodnight from the uk. from john and jackie
2009_12_07_17:39:06.867   082.042.109.xxx   goodnight from the uk. from john and jackie
2009_12_07_17:39:35.918   072.213.205.xxx   goodnight uk
2009_12_07_17:40:30.835   074.194.251.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM LOUISIANA
2009_12_07_17:40:48.836   071.225.013.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2009_12_07_17:44:51.891   072.213.205.xxx   droid
2009_12_07_17:46:04.257   072.213.205.xxx   Fix the pink clock. it is a half hour fast.
2009_12_07_17:47:02.890   084.013.254.xxx   give us a wave alek ?
2009_12_07_17:47:57.472   070.178.040.xxx   Watcha sippin' on, Alek?
2009_12_07_17:48:17.209   190.189.127.xxx   what about latinamericA!! lol
2009_12_07_17:49:31.884   070.178.040.xxx   The pink clock is fine.....it is a backwards clock!
2009_12_07_17:50:07.008   070.178.040.xxx   Ooookay...getting too silly...I'm out...
2009_12_07_17:50:13.885   075.120.045.xxx   Merry Christmas, Shelby Clippard!
2009_12_07_17:50:48.654   072.213.205.xxx   It's chicken soup
2009_12_07_17:50:54.756   075.066.138.xxx   Merry christmas from the Southaven Fire Dept.
2009_12_07_17:51:48.827   206.251.007.xxx   I like eggs
2009_12_07_17:52:07.449   072.213.205.xxx   Happy Pearl Harbour day. Boo j**** (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_17:52:09.128   069.163.016.xxx   l___
2009_12_07_17:52:23.193   206.251.007.xxx   eggs are awesome
2009_12_07_17:52:34.432   075.120.045.xxx   FHU ladies rock!
2009_12_07_17:53:58.012   068.231.119.xxx   TIM FOR THE WIN
2009_12_07_17:54:08.450   075.120.045.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHELBY!
2009_12_07_17:54:22.586   206.251.007.xxx   go sleepy sleepy
2009_12_07_17:54:29.095   068.231.119.xxx   Tim 4 The Win
2009_12_07_17:54:31.130   069.234.017.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ventura, CA !!
2009_12_07_17:55:02.449   068.231.119.xxx   Tim 4 The Win
2009_12_07_17:55:08.271   190.189.127.xxx   i think some banning will be good now
2009_12_07_17:55:42.240   074.214.055.xxx   Merry Christmas, ho ho ho from LINK DELETED
2009_12_07_17:56:37.270   074.214.055.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS love mutteringfool
2009_12_07_17:56:52.427   190.189.127.xxx   Alek!!! SOME MODERATION PLEASE!!!
2009_12_07_17:57:42.164   068.211.030.xxx   Merry Christmas from Madison,Georgia
2009_12_07_17:57:59.164   190.189.127.xxx   merry christmas from Buenos Aires Argentina!!
2009_12_07_17:58:22.831   068.211.030.xxx   hello argntina
2009_12_07_17:58:34.285   098.200.133.xxx   Merry Christmas Eli & Tiny
2009_12_07_17:59:08.759   098.200.133.xxx   Little Bug was here
2009_12_07_17:59:09.312   098.227.202.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2009_12_07_17:59:10.062   156.034.154.xxx   Pensive Alek
2009_12_07_18:00:18.614   098.200.133.xxx   Lexi Bug
2009_12_07_18:01:58.497   098.200.133.xxx   Shop at Planet Dodge Humble
2009_12_07_18:02:01.947   098.227.202.xxx   Hello :)
2009_12_07_18:02:12.700   173.022.030.xxx   Alek's lights rule!
2009_12_07_18:02:38.830   098.200.133.xxx   Shop at Planet Dodge Humble
2009_12_07_18:02:40.746   071.174.000.xxx   hi
2009_12_07_18:02:58.575   098.200.133.xxx   Shop at Planet Dodge Humble
2009_12_07_18:03:21.750   071.174.000.xxx   habbabababa
2009_12_07_18:03:33.903   173.022.030.xxx   hello from west des moines iowa
2009_12_07_18:03:48.625   098.200.133.xxx   Planet Dodge Rules
2009_12_07_18:04:01.962   156.034.154.xxx   Hello from Quispamsis, NB Canada
2009_12_07_18:04:12.055   098.195.048.xxx   Howdy!
2009_12_07_18:04:56.289   098.200.133.xxx   Santa show is on now
2009_12_07_18:05:10.214   098.227.202.xxx   Is that a jack o' lantern?
2009_12_07_18:05:27.315   098.200.133.xxx   Happy Halloween
2009_12_07_18:05:28.167   071.174.000.xxx   wave for 10 sec
2009_12_07_18:06:27.742   098.200.133.xxx   where is your beer Alek (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_18:06:43.620   173.022.030.xxx   home depot santa balloon rules!
2009_12_07_18:06:53.445   098.127.082.xxx   Hello from snowy Billings, Mt
2009_12_07_18:07:29.973   071.174.000.xxx   Write hi on a paper and show to cam
2009_12_07_18:08:42.997   071.072.039.xxx   Happy HolidaysType text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_07_18:10:01.136   074.234.175.xxx   i love this site HAPPY HOLIDAYS
2009_12_07_18:12:14.445   074.234.175.xxx   Happy holidays from Kentucky
2009_12_07_18:12:25.557   071.174.000.xxx   I LOVE YOU
2009_12_07_18:12:28.251   098.200.133.xxx   hey hey hey (11)
2009_12_07_18:12:54.158   071.174.000.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2009_12_07_18:13:28.502   071.174.000.xxx   :D
2009_12_07_18:13:59.622   074.234.175.xxx   Funny to watch all of this go on and off  inflate and deflate
2009_12_07_18:14:58.139   098.127.082.xxx   good morning
2009_12_07_18:15:26.776   071.174.000.xxx   WTF
2009_12_07_18:15:32.251   074.234.175.xxx   only 18 more days till christmas!!
2009_12_07_18:15:59.805   098.200.133.xxx   Easter bunny is coming (12)
2009_12_07_18:16:10.408   098.127.082.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_07_18:16:24.979   173.022.030.xxx   ding dong the wicked witch is dead
2009_12_07_18:16:26.706   074.234.175.xxx   Wish i had the time to decorate like this
2009_12_07_18:16:50.195   069.014.105.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone named PONKEY!!!!
2009_12_07_18:17:05.474   074.234.175.xxx   omg thats me !
2009_12_07_18:17:31.147   068.194.244.xxx   Alek zone one and two are STILL MIXED UP
2009_12_07_18:17:46.371   071.174.000.xxx   No Dumb_________ its me
2009_12_07_18:17:58.198   098.127.082.xxx   good morning
2009_12_07_18:18:23.786   071.174.000.xxx   stfu (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_18:19:04.726   098.127.082.xxx   happy new year
2009_12_07_18:19:04.920   074.234.175.xxx   Grow up people its a family site
2009_12_07_18:19:12.192   063.134.146.xxx   Hi from Terre Haute, Indiana
2009_12_07_18:19:40.996   098.127.082.xxx   happy new year
2009_12_07_18:20:17.365   098.127.082.xxx   Happy Halloween
2009_12_07_18:21:06.694   074.234.175.xxx   How long does it take to set this up.. wow
2009_12_07_18:23:14.853   069.014.105.xxx   Happy Kwanza!!!
2009_12_07_18:23:29.132   074.234.175.xxx   only 18 more days till christmas!!
2009_12_07_18:23:53.447   024.008.005.xxx   Wow a Rainer Beer sign, thats awsome!
2009_12_07_18:24:56.958   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Raaiinn ... niieerr ... Beeaarr! ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_18:25:35.614   024.008.005.xxx   Rainer, the beer from here!
2009_12_07_18:25:52.564   068.043.227.xxx   hello komar
2009_12_07_18:26:45.899   069.208.004.xxx   merry christmas from OHIO way to go, another year we visit!
2009_12_07_18:26:51.080   068.043.227.xxx   Like the PBR
2009_12_07_18:26:57.256   076.004.249.xxx   hi -cj
2009_12_07_18:27:25.601   024.008.005.xxx   Mmmm PBR, classy.  Greetings from Denver!
2009_12_07_18:27:29.013   074.234.175.xxx   Hello from Owensborrow Kentcuky first time here..... love it (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_18:29:36.673   074.234.175.xxx   Is there a car in the driveway? (11)
2009_12_07_18:29:37.160   068.043.227.xxx   hi loren
2009_12_07_18:30:27.829   068.043.227.xxx   hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
2009_12_07_18:30:57.029   068.043.227.xxx   hi loren
2009_12_07_18:31:50.803   024.032.233.xxx   hi alek
2009_12_07_18:32:10.156   068.043.227.xxx   hi loren
2009_12_07_18:32:24.212   065.034.031.xxx   Merry X-mas from Florida
2009_12_07_18:32:40.633   024.032.233.xxx   hi lisa
2009_12_07_18:33:16.822   024.032.233.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_07_18:35:09.119   024.032.233.xxx   har har har
2009_12_07_18:35:48.274   174.023.115.xxx   hi from tooele
2009_12_07_18:36:11.167   024.032.233.xxx   hello from paola kansas
2009_12_07_18:36:47.772   174.023.115.xxx   jed is that you
2009_12_07_18:36:53.638   024.032.233.xxx   lets call it shmoop
2009_12_07_18:37:01.299   072.091.175.xxx   Hi from Tampa Fl
2009_12_07_18:37:25.231   024.032.233.xxx   no alek come bacj
2009_12_07_18:39:07.590   068.097.175.xxx   todd rocks
2009_12_07_18:39:20.975   024.032.233.xxx   could you move the can
2009_12_07_18:40:26.899   068.043.227.xxx   keep the pbr
2009_12_07_18:41:07.673   024.032.233.xxx   put it somewhere else its blocking the screen
2009_12_07_18:41:34.456   024.032.233.xxx   chug (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_18:41:40.470   072.091.175.xxx   very cool great job
2009_12_07_18:42:30.658   074.234.175.xxx   komar.org = amazing (12)
2009_12_07_18:42:35.959   024.032.233.xxx   your amazing (11)
2009_12_07_18:44:16.055   024.032.233.xxx   :) :) :) :) :) :) (12)
2009_12_07_18:44:34.803   203.097.240.xxx   :)
2009_12_07_18:44:55.256   024.032.233.xxx   ..         ___ (13)
2009_12_07_18:45:18.244   072.091.175.xxx   im so fighting the urge to write somethign dirty
2009_12_07_18:45:35.788   024.032.233.xxx   nooo dont! (14)
2009_12_07_18:45:39.742   203.097.240.xxx   yay, new zealand
2009_12_07_18:46:05.559   072.091.175.xxx   joking joking
2009_12_07_18:46:32.828   024.032.233.xxx   whew good (15)
2009_12_07_18:46:58.320   024.032.233.xxx   beer looks apetizing (16)
2009_12_07_18:47:14.457   072.091.175.xxx   this is so fun....meryy xmas everyone
2009_12_07_18:48:02.047   024.032.233.xxx   where do you all live (17)
2009_12_07_18:48:55.752   065.034.031.xxx   Palm Coast, FL
2009_12_07_18:49:20.189   024.032.233.xxx   go to youtube and type in sequret (18)
2009_12_07_18:50:31.513   024.032.233.xxx   go to youtube and type in sequret then leave me a comment saying merry x mas (19)
2009_12_07_18:52:39.791   065.034.031.xxx   This is real cool alek keep up the good work
2009_12_07_18:52:51.106   066.157.083.xxx   Hi
2009_12_07_18:53:06.317   071.203.020.xxx   Hi From Venice Florida
2009_12_07_18:53:10.578   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** There actually is a car in the driveway - neighbor is over for dinner/hangout ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_18:53:16.803   024.032.233.xxx   thanks for moving the beer alek (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_18:53:34.776   065.034.031.xxx   Testing Testing 1 2 :)
2009_12_07_18:53:43.704   071.203.020.xxx   hi from venice fl
2009_12_07_18:54:32.248   024.003.112.xxx   hi from Pittsburgh PA!
2009_12_07_18:55:19.457   071.203.020.xxx   GO PATRIOTS...
2009_12_07_18:58:41.171   071.203.020.xxx   SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN..
2009_12_07_19:00:46.258   065.034.031.xxx   Bah Humbug ___)
2009_12_07_19:01:15.540   065.034.031.xxx   just kidding
2009_12_07_19:01:16.318   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee!
2009_12_07_19:01:40.183   071.203.020.xxx   Merry PUGMa**
2009_12_07_19:01:56.131   076.004.249.xxx   please wave
2009_12_07_19:03:18.043   071.203.020.xxx   SMILE AND DANCE
2009_12_07_19:04:32.739   071.203.020.xxx   I GUESS HE'S NOT IN A DANCING MOOD..
2009_12_07_19:04:33.385   099.003.100.xxx   ugah-boogah!!!
2009_12_07_19:04:53.172   065.034.031.xxx   knock knock
2009_12_07_19:05:06.940   099.003.100.xxx   who be there?
2009_12_07_19:05:11.636   071.203.020.xxx   I LOVE PUGS
2009_12_07_19:05:45.268   216.180.160.xxx   nice work!
2009_12_07_19:06:03.389   099.003.100.xxx   THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT WAL-MART, COME AGAIN
2009_12_07_19:06:28.454   216.180.160.xxx   respond if you can see this
2009_12_07_19:06:42.430   065.034.031.xxx   hello
2009_12_07_19:06:50.779   090.211.072.xxx   merry crimbo!!
2009_12_07_19:06:51.125   099.003.100.xxx   I SEE IT, DO YOU?
2009_12_07_19:07:06.227   216.180.160.xxx   i do... woohoo!
2009_12_07_19:07:12.539   065.034.031.xxx   yes I do
2009_12_07_19:07:51.156   070.230.195.xxx   SANTEE CA IS THE PLACE TO BE
2009_12_07_19:08:30.745   071.203.020.xxx   VENICE FLORIDA IS PARADISE
2009_12_07_19:08:51.446   065.034.031.xxx   I'm north of you venice (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:08:57.307   086.007.165.xxx   Hi from Bromley, Kent, UK !
2009_12_07_19:09:00.356   099.003.100.xxx   MENDOTA, CA IS THE PLACE TO BE. THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AND A DROUGHT TO BOOT___
2009_12_07_19:09:12.160   071.203.020.xxx   WHAT PART OF FL (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:09:27.295   065.034.031.xxx   Near Daytona (11)
2009_12_07_19:09:38.538   071.203.020.xxx   NICE (11)
2009_12_07_19:10:01.787   069.180.210.xxx   Tennessee is the place to be! :D
2009_12_07_19:10:04.317   099.003.100.xxx   mendota, ca the middle of nowhere with drought to boot!
2009_12_07_19:10:17.978   071.203.020.xxx   ATTLEBORO Ma**ACHUSETTS (12)
2009_12_07_19:10:50.385   067.190.042.xxx   Ello Ello, Poppit...
2009_12_07_19:10:59.414   065.034.031.xxx   suppose to rain all week here (12)
2009_12_07_19:10:59.879   099.003.100.xxx   wow, a** in ma**achusett was censored, crazy
2009_12_07_19:11:03.424   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2009_12_07_19:11:03.596   071.203.020.xxx   I LOVE DEF LEPPARD (13)
2009_12_07_19:11:32.184   069.180.210.xxx   who's that?
2009_12_07_19:11:58.517   071.203.020.xxx   80'S ROCK BAND (14)
2009_12_07_19:12:12.643   099.003.100.xxx   wow, a** in ma**achusetts was censored, crazy.
2009_12_07_19:12:27.971   071.203.020.xxx   LOL..I KNOW (15)
2009_12_07_19:13:12.612   099.003.100.xxx   poppy c***
2009_12_07_19:13:18.945   071.203.020.xxx   i guess they know how we are up here..lol (16)
2009_12_07_19:13:41.567   065.034.031.xxx   hey who turned out the lights (13)
2009_12_07_19:13:49.458   070.230.195.xxx   www dot kickingk8 dot com
2009_12_07_19:14:36.686   071.203.020.xxx   who ha**now already.... ma**achusetts does (17)
2009_12_07_19:14:50.695   024.177.035.xxx   I Love You!
2009_12_07_19:15:10.385   071.203.020.xxx   no man... i love you (18)
2009_12_07_19:15:16.325   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else decorated for Christmas yet?
2009_12_07_19:15:28.078   099.003.100.xxx   I LOVE YOU TOO! I MISS YOU SO MUCH! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:15:28.976   065.034.031.xxx   wow 6 degrees at alek's house I don't miss that kind of weather (14)
2009_12_07_19:15:36.402   071.203.020.xxx   i did... (19)
2009_12_07_19:15:54.927   065.034.031.xxx   We Did (15)
2009_12_07_19:16:04.485   071.203.020.xxx   i miss the snow...so bad (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:16:28.574   065.034.031.xxx   not I (16)
2009_12_07_19:16:52.039   099.003.100.xxx   I MISS THE c****** (11)
2009_12_07_19:17:15.266   069.180.210.xxx   We just put up the tree. No ornaments yet, though
2009_12_07_19:17:28.557   099.003.100.xxx   I MISS THE NOSE CANDY (12)
2009_12_07_19:17:53.231   071.203.020.xxx   good night everyone...peace (21)
2009_12_07_19:18:23.565   099.003.100.xxx   :___) (13)
2009_12_07_19:19:13.020   069.180.210.xxx   Is that a skeleton on that window?
2009_12_07_19:19:39.986   065.034.031.xxx   how about putting the state/province/country where your from after the message (17)
2009_12_07_19:20:20.529   065.034.031.xxx   like this, PC, Florida (18)
2009_12_07_19:20:57.759   069.180.210.xxx   ok, United states
2009_12_07_19:21:44.523   024.177.035.xxx   Peace and Love to All!
2009_12_07_19:24:25.793   074.234.175.xxx   Merry christmas to all from kentucky (13)
2009_12_07_19:24:50.760   072.081.026.xxx   Hiya Dirk and friend! :)
2009_12_07_19:24:52.129   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:24:55.793   076.024.155.xxx   Happy Christmahauniquanzika!
2009_12_07_19:25:18.209   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE TYPE SOMETHING
2009_12_07_19:25:56.967   092.234.154.xxx   s**
2009_12_07_19:26:02.136   072.171.000.xxx   SOMETHING
2009_12_07_19:26:06.883   076.024.155.xxx   Ok ppl, time to turn all the lights off!
2009_12_07_19:26:16.068   068.194.244.xxx   HI DIRK AND KYLE WAVVVVVVVVVV
2009_12_07_19:26:38.338   092.234.154.xxx   s**** me!
2009_12_07_19:26:45.390   074.234.175.xxx   stranger danger! (14)
2009_12_07_19:27:43.560   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** hi ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_19:27:45.544   072.081.026.xxx   Don't pay attention to the creepy people.
2009_12_07_19:27:46.004   098.178.133.xxx   Sawyer says hi and Merry Christmas
2009_12_07_19:27:48.422   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE WAVE MAN
2009_12_07_19:27:49.917   074.234.175.xxx   i loved colorado wish i still lived there (15)
2009_12_07_19:28:11.929   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** hi ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_19:28:16.543   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE WAVE MAN
2009_12_07_19:28:18.832   098.178.133.xxx   turn everything on so we can see it..YAY!!!!
2009_12_07_19:28:42.177   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE WAVE
2009_12_07_19:28:58.933   098.178.133.xxx   whose kyle?
2009_12_07_19:29:13.236   068.194.244.xxx   Alek SON
2009_12_07_19:29:25.189   098.178.133.xxx   o is that him?
2009_12_07_19:29:35.662   068.194.244.xxx   yea
2009_12_07_19:29:35.788   076.024.155.xxx   did the light setup get bigger again?
2009_12_07_19:29:49.216   072.081.026.xxx   Are you guys going to get a blizzard this week?
2009_12_07_19:30:02.703   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE WHERES UR DAD
2009_12_07_19:30:55.086   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** down stairs ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_19:30:55.743   098.178.133.xxx   Wheres Alex
2009_12_07_19:31:15.295   068.194.244.xxx   DONT BE MESSIN WITH DADDY COMPUTER (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:31:36.038   098.178.133.xxx   Where is Alex at?
2009_12_07_19:31:54.382   072.081.026.xxx   Ha! They're probaby savvy as their dad! ___)
2009_12_07_19:32:10.555   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE WHATS UR BROTHERS NAME (11)
2009_12_07_19:32:59.210   076.024.155.xxx   cheese
2009_12_07_19:33:13.339   098.178.133.xxx   Alex do u watch these until u turn them off?
2009_12_07_19:33:24.940   068.194.244.xxx   NOPE (12)
2009_12_07_19:34:01.592   076.024.155.xxx   hey, lets turn everything off.. it'll be cool
2009_12_07_19:34:02.660   098.178.133.xxx   I have a ton of lights and i wish i knew a way that i could control them with m
2009_12_07_19:35:23.601   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE WAVE (13)
2009_12_07_19:35:36.453   069.180.210.xxx   Hello kiddo! (11)
2009_12_07_19:35:58.150   208.198.000.xxx   hiiii
2009_12_07_19:36:01.810   068.194.244.xxx   DADDY GONA YELL WHEN HE SEES U MESS HIS COMPUTER (14)
2009_12_07_19:36:47.979   208.198.000.xxx   aloha!
2009_12_07_19:37:12.870   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee! (12)
2009_12_07_19:37:25.121   068.194.244.xxx   KYLE GET ME A BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15)
2009_12_07_19:37:40.369   069.180.210.xxx   hi (13)
2009_12_07_19:37:58.454   173.071.096.xxx   hahahaha. heeey
2009_12_07_19:38:14.936   068.194.244.xxx   TUS TUS DONT BE TUSSIN (16)
2009_12_07_19:38:47.409   173.071.096.xxx   SANTA IS REALL! ALL NOM BELIEVERS WILL GET SOCKS!
2009_12_07_19:38:49.804   068.194.244.xxx   HAHA UR IN TROUBLE NOW KYLE GO TO BED (17)
2009_12_07_19:39:26.220   068.194.244.xxx   WELCOME BACK ALEK (18)
2009_12_07_19:39:28.612   069.182.123.xxx   hi
2009_12_07_19:40:03.941   068.194.244.xxx   it gona rain@OUJ@KJ@J@JJ@@NJN@JNJ@ (19)
2009_12_07_19:40:04.801   173.071.096.xxx   SANTA IS REALL! ALL NOM BELIEVERS WILL GET SOCKS!
2009_12_07_19:40:21.500   074.234.175.xxx   Wish there was a way to keep these creeps off here (16)
2009_12_07_19:40:44.895   173.071.096.xxx   santa... ___333
2009_12_07_19:40:50.521   068.194.244.xxx   I HEART SANTA (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:41:03.083   213.114.126.xxx   Hey!
2009_12_07_19:41:10.647   076.024.155.xxx   track santa on christmas eve- go to LINK DELETED
2009_12_07_19:41:31.466   069.064.003.xxx   Crestwood, KY
2009_12_07_19:41:36.458   068.194.244.xxx   what age do u think is right to talk to ur child about santa (21)
2009_12_07_19:41:37.501   068.200.105.xxx   Playing
2009_12_07_19:41:50.729   074.234.175.xxx   also typing in caps doesnt make us care about you more (17)
2009_12_07_19:41:54.792   076.024.155.xxx   noradsanta dot org
2009_12_07_19:42:02.222   068.194.244.xxx   what age do u think is right to talk to ur child about santa (22)
2009_12_07_19:42:04.641   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I see that Kyle (8) took over Command Central for a bit - you guys nice to him? ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_19:42:49.635   208.198.000.xxx   happy holidays from the Philippines! =)
2009_12_07_19:42:53.848   068.194.244.xxx   of course we were nice to him hes the man (23)
2009_12_07_19:43:14.624   068.200.105.xxx   6 degrees.. Burrrrrr
2009_12_07_19:43:39.817   069.180.210.xxx   yup, he was  keeping everything under control (14)
2009_12_07_19:43:44.516   076.024.155.xxx   ugh.. new england and we still have had no snow!
2009_12_07_19:43:44.882   068.194.244.xxx   WHOSE FROM NYC HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!___ (24)
2009_12_07_19:44:06.451   068.200.105.xxx   Tampa, FL here 74 degrees
2009_12_07_19:44:30.994   068.194.244.xxx   HO HO HO (25)
2009_12_07_19:45:32.763   076.024.155.xxx   Happy Christmahauniquanzica!
2009_12_07_19:46:06.951   068.194.244.xxx   Im the santa at my local mall this year-YEA (26)
2009_12_07_19:48:02.016   069.180.210.xxx   When the hulk popped up on the screen, it scared me & I about fell out of m (15)
2009_12_07_19:48:05.633   076.024.155.xxx   wow... lots of camera lag (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_19:49:55.787   069.014.105.xxx   Joe Loves Katie
2009_12_07_19:52:18.493   076.024.155.xxx   Happy Christmahauniquanzica! (11)
2009_12_07_19:53:31.102   074.234.175.xxx   wish i was back in co (18)
2009_12_07_19:53:31.707   076.024.155.xxx   love the site (12)
2009_12_07_19:54:15.211   076.024.155.xxx   dude, ur power bill must be INSANE! (13)
2009_12_07_19:54:31.207   068.058.241.xxx   Nice to see you again this year!
2009_12_07_19:54:55.168   074.234.175.xxx   in 2007 it was only 100 a month thanks to his circuit layout (19)
2009_12_07_19:55:33.853   068.058.241.xxx   The Hendry family from Charleston SC
2009_12_07_19:55:34.917   076.024.155.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (14)
2009_12_07_19:56:08.562   068.058.241.xxx   The Hendry family from Charleston SC
2009_12_07_19:56:42.863   076.024.155.xxx   ___3 the lights (15)
2009_12_07_19:57:44.320   076.024.155.xxx   wow Alek, you really upped the cencors this year (16)
2009_12_07_19:58:25.095   076.185.150.xxx   I love Logan Nicholas Richey
2009_12_07_19:58:28.358   068.058.241.xxx   Good evening and Happy Holidays
2009_12_07_19:59:50.188   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone! (16)
2009_12_07_20:00:19.978   068.058.241.xxx   Alex Hendry says Hell0-
2009_12_07_20:00:29.281   076.024.155.xxx   much love to all! (17)
2009_12_07_20:01:23.662   075.053.175.xxx   happy holidays!
2009_12_07_20:01:33.954   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** For those that like funny Christmas Lights pictures - hit the link! ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_20:02:13.120   075.053.175.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2009_12_07_20:03:04.870   075.053.175.xxx   Thank you for your displays Alek!
2009_12_07_20:03:58.034   076.185.150.xxx   Merry Christmas, Logan.  I love you
2009_12_07_20:04:47.271   076.185.150.xxx   Alek rocks!!
2009_12_07_20:04:49.775   075.053.175.xxx   Merry Christmas to you and your family Alek!
2009_12_07_20:05:23.285   068.119.069.xxx   Thanks from Alabama for the lights
2009_12_07_20:05:50.181   075.053.175.xxx   Thanks for the lights from Stockton, California
2009_12_07_20:06:33.206   069.182.123.xxx   Thanks for the lights from Hartford, Connecticut
2009_12_07_20:07:50.661   075.053.175.xxx   Merry Christmas to one and all!
2009_12_07_20:12:41.254   096.255.051.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_07_20:14:29.937   076.103.192.xxx   I love the HOLIDAYS!!!!
2009_12_07_20:15:08.307   076.103.192.xxx   let it snow let it snow let it snow
2009_12_07_20:17:28.497   096.255.051.xxx   Hi Ace! :)
2009_12_07_20:17:52.174   076.103.192.xxx   hey L-dog. whats up
2009_12_07_20:18:23.585   096.255.051.xxx   Wishing it would snow more!
2009_12_07_20:20:00.993   075.185.055.xxx   hello from paul and jason
2009_12_07_20:21:13.584   075.053.175.xxx   Season Greetings!
2009_12_07_20:22:01.986   096.255.051.xxx   Pixel Pride! ___3
2009_12_07_20:31:01.037   024.205.227.xxx   Jesus is Lord
2009_12_07_20:31:58.521   024.205.227.xxx   Jesus is GOD
2009_12_07_20:34:01.203   024.205.227.xxx   Jesus Died for YOU
2009_12_07_20:36:00.944   070.238.203.xxx   This sandwich is about to die for my hunger sins. :D
2009_12_07_20:36:08.033   071.072.039.xxx   THANX for the light show Alek.!!
2009_12_07_20:42:52.794   076.185.155.xxx   WHATS GOING ON
2009_12_07_20:44:25.574   076.185.155.xxx   THIS IS MIKE FROM 76017
2009_12_07_20:45:35.352   070.238.203.xxx   yeeeeeeehaw
2009_12_07_20:45:57.206   076.185.155.xxx   THIS IS MIKE FROM 76017
2009_12_07_20:53:35.753   024.060.069.xxx   greetings from CT
2009_12_07_20:54:47.148   098.117.099.xxx   hello from the shadow of the Space Needle!!!!
2009_12_07_20:56:08.442   024.023.037.xxx   hello from the governators land of idiots
2009_12_07_20:56:12.767   072.045.058.xxx   apie i love you
2009_12_07_20:56:39.161   098.117.099.xxx   Wavin' to Alek!!!
2009_12_07_20:59:32.508   072.045.058.xxx   Merry Christmas Apie b**** ___p
2009_12_07_21:01:20.573   098.117.099.xxx   How ya doin' Alek??
2009_12_07_21:01:47.000   074.234.175.xxx   good night all its 10:01 pm here (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_21:02:21.429   071.227.248.xxx   Yo
2009_12_07_21:03:45.302   024.023.037.xxx   merry ho ho
2009_12_07_21:04:02.889   072.045.058.xxx   apie i love you
2009_12_07_21:05:13.973   061.090.020.xxx   happy xmas thailand
2009_12_07_21:06:24.069   024.023.037.xxx   merry christmas, from dewey school
2009_12_07_21:09:31.945   071.235.179.xxx   Merry Xmas
2009_12_07_21:10:09.389   024.023.037.xxx   hello to ms. fischer
2009_12_07_21:16:52.109   207.216.229.xxx   cool site nice work
2009_12_07_21:17:08.358   024.023.037.xxx   alek ya got a really cool website, and i think what your doing is cool
2009_12_07_21:19:15.841   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Appreciate the compliment 024.023 ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_21:20:22.412   207.216.229.xxx   my bro has celiac, and you rock alek
2009_12_07_21:21:33.889   174.016.141.xxx   Hi Alek, I just tweeted your website URL to my friends. Brian Long
2009_12_07_21:26:08.739   070.077.234.xxx   awesome site! good way to get into the Christmas spirit!
2009_12_07_21:31:26.602   071.041.126.xxx   Party Hardy
2009_12_07_21:33:43.213   024.018.020.xxx   Go Dawgs
2009_12_07_21:34:28.140   024.018.020.xxx   Hi Maureen!
2009_12_07_21:34:35.764   075.065.195.xxx   Miss State Dawgs??
2009_12_07_21:35:13.658   024.018.020.xxx   Mery Christmas
2009_12_07_21:35:33.705   024.018.020.xxx   Merry Christams
2009_12_07_21:35:59.426   024.018.020.xxx   Hi Maureen!
2009_12_07_21:36:24.137   075.065.195.xxx   Geaux N.O. Saints!
2009_12_07_21:36:59.228   024.018.020.xxx   Hi Panky!
2009_12_07_21:38:08.429   075.065.195.xxx   Merry Christmas from Madison Mississippi!
2009_12_07_21:38:53.431   024.018.020.xxx   Merry Christmas from Seattle!
2009_12_07_21:39:12.772   075.065.195.xxx   Would love to visit Seattle!
2009_12_07_21:39:45.429   024.018.020.xxx   Would love to have you!
2009_12_07_21:40:28.135   075.065.195.xxx   Someday ...
2009_12_07_21:41:55.464   024.018.020.xxx   Are you at the North Pole?
2009_12_07_21:42:37.304   024.018.020.xxx   You don't look like santa? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_07_21:44:20.069   024.018.020.xxx   Are you an elf? (11)
2009_12_07_21:45:08.744   024.018.020.xxx   Can I talk to Santa? (12)
2009_12_07_21:50:28.683   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa does read the IM Chat board, so type your question here! ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_21:50:36.249   075.185.055.xxx   hello how are u doing?
2009_12_07_21:51:02.847   024.018.020.xxx   is that you Sana? (13)
2009_12_07_21:51:18.909   024.028.077.xxx   HI
2009_12_07_21:52:12.774   024.018.020.xxx   bring my daddy home for christmas (14)
2009_12_07_21:52:50.715   024.028.077.xxx   HELLO
2009_12_07_21:53:09.069   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I will make sure that Santa hears about your request for Daddy to come home ***ALEK***
2009_12_07_21:54:11.626   024.018.020.xxx   gorge bush sent him to irak (15)
2009_12_07_21:54:38.443   024.028.077.xxx   Obama didnt help though
2009_12_07_21:55:39.999   024.028.077.xxx   Happy Holidays
2009_12_07_21:56:21.539   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings from Ohio
2009_12_07_21:56:52.331   024.018.020.xxx   Hash mullalah! (16)
2009_12_07_21:58:06.817   024.018.020.xxx   Happy Channuka (17)
2009_12_07_21:58:55.286   024.018.020.xxx   What you lookin at Willis? (18)
2009_12_07_21:59:02.602   090.212.245.xxx   dont turn them offff
2009_12_07_21:59:31.263   024.018.020.xxx   Who's illis? (19)

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