566 christmas text messages on 2009/1208

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,238 times that day including 4,863 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1208

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_08_16:00:19.060   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turned the controls on early again for European Surfers - VERY cold today! ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_16:00:59.002   074.210.135.xxx   Merry X-max Belinda and Jacob
2009_12_08_16:01:27.327   082.047.082.xxx   Have A Great Christmas!
2009_12_08_16:01:44.105   086.012.226.xxx   Merry Xmas from Ireland
2009_12_08_16:01:45.336   074.095.186.xxx   WoW this is weird
2009_12_08_16:01:54.865   082.047.082.xxx   mooooooooooo
2009_12_08_16:02:03.371   074.162.058.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_08_16:02:11.316   070.238.203.xxx   I AM BATMAN
2009_12_08_16:02:20.245   074.095.186.xxx   if you're reading this you prolly have issues
2009_12_08_16:02:23.518   086.012.226.xxx   Awesommmme
2009_12_08_16:02:32.365   066.177.090.xxx   It's Shannon!
2009_12_08_16:02:40.357   173.053.025.xxx   Richmond, VA !
2009_12_08_16:02:40.843   070.160.227.xxx   Have FUN!!
2009_12_08_16:02:54.515   074.095.186.xxx   fun is for losers!
2009_12_08_16:02:54.889   074.162.058.xxx   Merry Christmas From North Carolina
2009_12_08_16:03:55.093   069.020.177.xxx   Merry Christman from
2009_12_08_16:03:57.887   070.160.227.xxx   MERRY FUN TIME ROFL
2009_12_08_16:03:58.972   074.034.185.xxx   Merry Christmas from an LOR user!
2009_12_08_16:04:29.473   069.020.177.xxx   Merry Christmas from Arimo, ID
2009_12_08_16:04:37.122   070.160.227.xxx   MERRY FUN TIME.......... LOL
2009_12_08_16:04:42.684   074.095.186.xxx   LERRRROOOOYYYY!
2009_12_08_16:05:08.899   069.020.177.xxx   Dylan is the MAN
2009_12_08_16:05:16.456   074.210.135.xxx   It's the real world Jacob
2009_12_08_16:05:34.279   074.095.186.xxx   Dylan is not the man, more like a sad little boy
2009_12_08_16:05:54.350   070.160.227.xxx   WALL DRUGS
2009_12_08_16:06:03.649   069.020.177.xxx   who ever said that is a mf
2009_12_08_16:06:29.429   069.020.177.xxx   LOL
2009_12_08_16:06:37.833   074.210.135.xxx   It is the real world Jacob
2009_12_08_16:06:52.722   082.047.082.xxx   WHY WONT HULK GRRRR! XD
2009_12_08_16:06:59.865   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_08_16:07:06.824   074.095.186.xxx   You're on CANDID CAMERA!
2009_12_08_16:07:10.395   069.020.177.xxx   jacob is a 
2009_12_08_16:07:38.207   069.020.177.xxx   WTF?
2009_12_08_16:07:40.060   074.095.186.xxx   Who is JACOB!?!?
2009_12_08_16:08:22.422   083.067.056.xxx   from Twilight Saga - New Moon?
2009_12_08_16:08:38.985   069.020.177.xxx   I am Jacob, who the heck are you?
2009_12_08_16:08:46.327   074.095.186.xxx   ewww such a g** movie...who ever thought of sparkling vampires is dumb
2009_12_08_16:08:51.114   074.210.135.xxx   A kid that I'm showing this to
2009_12_08_16:09:09.438   083.067.056.xxx   Hi Jacob
2009_12_08_16:09:12.164   069.020.177.xxx   this is stupid
2009_12_08_16:09:16.718   070.051.190.xxx   Merry X-Mas Babe, love you xoxo
2009_12_08_16:09:17.002   074.095.186.xxx   hi elmo
2009_12_08_16:09:27.134   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_08_16:09:43.239   074.095.186.xxx   hello from your mom's bedroom! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_16:09:50.101   083.067.056.xxx   Hello from Sussex England
2009_12_08_16:09:57.601   069.020.177.xxx   pwnt (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_16:10:31.226   083.067.056.xxx   You don't have to message on her if you dont want to
2009_12_08_16:10:35.040   069.020.177.xxx   i had fun with your mom last night (11)
2009_12_08_16:10:36.275   070.051.190.xxx   Love you Bossman xoxo
2009_12_08_16:10:48.473   024.018.019.xxx   joy from maple valley, wa
2009_12_08_16:11:08.836   083.067.056.xxx   Thanks
2009_12_08_16:11:09.599   064.077.203.xxx   Hello From Frozen Central Oregon
2009_12_08_16:11:12.536   069.180.210.xxx   No, my mom's in the kitchen eating supper
2009_12_08_16:11:15.693   068.047.115.xxx   john venuti was here, augusta ga
2009_12_08_16:11:20.184   074.095.186.xxx   ho ho holy crap im on cam! (11)
2009_12_08_16:11:41.391   083.067.056.xxx   very good!
2009_12_08_16:12:08.325   071.072.039.xxx   284 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!!!!!!!!
2009_12_08_16:12:20.082   174.001.022.xxx   meeeeerry christmas!
2009_12_08_16:12:21.902   083.067.056.xxx   12 past 11 here in the uk
2009_12_08_16:12:26.802   074.210.135.xxx   I hope you enjoy it Jacob, now go crazy with the lights !
2009_12_08_16:12:29.097   074.095.186.xxx   you all have no lives! (12)
2009_12_08_16:12:49.778   083.067.056.xxx   you are writing on here too
2009_12_08_16:13:02.512   071.072.039.xxx   L00000L   cool to hear that.!
2009_12_08_16:13:09.381   074.095.186.xxx   no i am not (13)
2009_12_08_16:13:27.129   083.067.056.xxx   Crazy /fool!
2009_12_08_16:13:34.067   098.110.005.xxx   this suckssss
2009_12_08_16:13:46.978   074.210.135.xxx   _____________________ hope you enjoy it Jacob, now go crazy with the lights ! _
2009_12_08_16:13:56.351   083.067.056.xxx   Don't use it then (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_16:14:08.225   071.072.039.xxx   This is AWESOME.!
2009_12_08_16:14:16.794   074.095.186.xxx   shut your trap...DOH! (14)
2009_12_08_16:14:27.464   099.247.000.xxx   Santa is freakin' me OUT!  EHOWA RULES!!
2009_12_08_16:14:27.831   083.067.056.xxx   Yeah, Have fun Jacob! (11)
2009_12_08_16:15:38.913   074.227.233.xxx   RAJUN50
2009_12_08_16:16:07.042   074.227.233.xxx   sweet!!
2009_12_08_16:16:15.238   069.180.210.xxx   I wish I had some fried chicken right now
2009_12_08_16:16:31.874   083.067.056.xxx   I could go for that (12)
2009_12_08_16:16:56.428   071.072.039.xxx   Hello Smokey + Kitty in U.S.A.
2009_12_08_16:16:56.632   074.014.108.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS PEP PEP KIDS ALL ABOARD
2009_12_08_16:17:01.153   074.227.233.xxx   Apfelwein!
2009_12_08_16:17:32.473   067.189.027.xxx   hello world
2009_12_08_16:17:43.277   074.227.233.xxx   How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
2009_12_08_16:17:43.737   024.009.040.xxx   Awsome
2009_12_08_16:17:43.909   083.067.056.xxx   Hello (13)
2009_12_08_16:17:46.825   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_08_16:18:18.897   067.189.027.xxx   yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
2009_12_08_16:18:27.221   071.072.039.xxx   Hello Smokey + Kitty in U.S.A.  -714-
2009_12_08_16:18:30.138   074.227.233.xxx   ROLL TIDE!!
2009_12_08_16:19:05.165   071.072.039.xxx   Hello Smokey + Kitty in U.S.A.  -714-
2009_12_08_16:19:30.106   069.180.210.xxx   Alabama's going to the campionships right?
2009_12_08_16:20:02.198   069.180.210.xxx   championship
2009_12_08_16:20:11.416   093.097.030.xxx   Merry christmas all the way from Carlisle, UK
2009_12_08_16:20:14.196   074.227.233.xxx   That's right! ROLL TIDE!!
2009_12_08_16:21:47.132   069.180.210.xxx   Normally I'd root for Tennessee, but  I'm hoping Alabama wins
2009_12_08_16:23:50.995   074.227.233.xxx   Hey Alek!
2009_12_08_16:23:57.826   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Temperature has dropped to 3 degrees - should go negative tonight - chilly! ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_16:24:38.364   074.234.175.xxx   hopefully it goes below freezing here tonight
2009_12_08_16:25:13.618   069.180.210.xxx   That would be bad here...it's raining pretty hard. Don't like freezing rain
2009_12_08_16:25:33.140   074.227.233.xxx   the low will be 57 here... not a chance!
2009_12_08_16:25:39.086   074.234.175.xxx   its raining here to but i dont want to have to attend college
2009_12_08_16:26:26.512   069.076.141.xxx   Hi Ernie
2009_12_08_16:26:50.114   062.030.083.xxx   Hello from the UK, so glad we dont have any snow :)
2009_12_08_16:27:28.136   069.180.210.xxx   It's late in the UK isn't it?
2009_12_08_16:27:44.414   066.122.183.xxx   o.O
2009_12_08_16:28:00.563   062.030.083.xxx   yes it 23.27
2009_12_08_16:28:46.017   069.180.210.xxx   Wow, that's late (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_16:29:14.410   062.030.083.xxx   yeah it is lol....your decorations look amazing as usual :)
2009_12_08_16:29:52.530   071.070.253.xxx   Go Hokies!
2009_12_08_16:30:06.934   069.180.210.xxx   It's only 5:30 pm here! (11)
2009_12_08_16:30:59.896   071.070.253.xxx   Long Schlong Silver
2009_12_08_16:31:33.935   072.230.149.xxx   uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
2009_12_08_16:31:37.094   071.070.253.xxx   Nerd Alert _________
2009_12_08_16:31:51.047   098.238.122.xxx   balmy 68 degrees here in south florida
2009_12_08_16:33:39.171   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** "Nerd Alert" on me or you?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_16:34:21.009   173.019.139.xxx   I want a stripper with big ole t****** for Christmas!
2009_12_08_16:35:34.941   173.067.154.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!!!
2009_12_08_16:35:47.032   098.238.122.xxx   real smart,jerkface. families come to this site too.
2009_12_08_16:36:05.124   069.180.210.xxx   children on here (12)
2009_12_08_16:36:27.834   173.067.154.xxx   children on here
2009_12_08_16:37:42.878   173.067.154.xxx   we are to get snow, sleet and maybe freezing rain here tonight in Camp Hill, Pa
2009_12_08_16:38:08.042   069.180.210.xxx   wis***'d snow here (13)
2009_12_08_16:38:33.500   173.067.154.xxx   I dont like snow brrrrr
2009_12_08_16:38:53.649   069.180.210.xxx   sorry typo....i meant I wis*** would snow here (14)
2009_12_08_16:39:22.939   099.224.169.xxx   hello world
2009_12_08_16:39:41.100   173.067.154.xxx   I live near the Sweet Place on Earth
2009_12_08_16:39:55.194   099.224.169.xxx   merry christmas all
2009_12_08_16:40:03.829   071.130.245.xxx   Hope for Whirled Peas
2009_12_08_16:40:16.086   173.067.154.xxx   Hershey, Pa
2009_12_08_16:40:59.271   069.180.210.xxx   Wish there would be snow here... that's what I was trying to say (15)
2009_12_08_16:41:27.186   173.067.154.xxx   where do you live
2009_12_08_16:41:58.921   099.224.169.xxx   hello from canada
2009_12_08_16:42:19.394   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (16)
2009_12_08_16:42:34.057   173.067.154.xxx   hello Tennessee
2009_12_08_16:42:52.889   099.009.234.xxx   what up people
2009_12_08_16:43:20.599   069.180.210.xxx   not much (17)
2009_12_08_16:43:40.943   173.067.154.xxx   I was in Nashville a few weeks ago during the CMT awards
2009_12_08_16:44:16.282   069.180.210.xxx   cool! I live in Tennessee but didn't get to go to the awards (18)
2009_12_08_16:44:47.902   173.067.154.xxx   I would love to live in Nashville :) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_16:46:35.149   069.180.210.xxx   It's a nice place to be, but I like being in the rural areas instead (19)
2009_12_08_16:47:02.555   099.009.234.xxx   merry christmas brooklyn love daddy
2009_12_08_16:47:49.186   173.067.154.xxx   Traffic in Nashville was aweful (11)
2009_12_08_16:48:06.839   069.180.210.xxx   yup, it usually is (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_16:48:35.656   099.224.169.xxx   hi Alek! wave!
2009_12_08_16:49:20.817   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 controls disabled for some pictures - back in a few minutes ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_16:49:38.681   069.180.210.xxx   ok (21)
2009_12_08_16:50:08.308   083.067.121.xxx   Dave says Hi
2009_12_08_16:50:18.641   216.143.120.xxx   Hello Nick
2009_12_08_16:50:18.897   099.224.169.xxx   I DO?
2009_12_08_16:50:38.705   070.238.203.xxx   PICSHUREZ
2009_12_08_16:50:39.598   069.180.210.xxx   what? (22)
2009_12_08_16:50:54.548   216.143.120.xxx   Yeah
2009_12_08_16:50:55.131   173.067.154.xxx   I'm sending this message using my iPhone (12)
2009_12_08_16:51:14.807   070.238.203.xxx   Droid pwns the iPhone
2009_12_08_16:51:22.524   074.162.058.xxx   Pictures?
2009_12_08_16:51:41.883   217.155.199.xxx   Hi from the Isle of Wight
2009_12_08_16:51:52.354   173.067.154.xxx   Wow i can send messages using my iPhone cool (13)
2009_12_08_16:52:32.124   069.180.210.xxx   wow, them things sure can do a lot then, can't they? (23)
2009_12_08_16:53:03.133   173.067.154.xxx   I love my iPhone well worth 200 bucks (14)
2009_12_08_16:53:43.395   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (24)
2009_12_08_16:53:52.771   173.067.154.xxx   Alek needs to get a facebook (15)
2009_12_08_16:55:35.242   069.180.210.xxx   He would get a lot of friend requests, wouldn't he...lol (25)
2009_12_08_16:55:51.959   173.067.154.xxx   yes he would (16)
2009_12_08_16:56:27.942   216.143.120.xxx   Bah  humbug
2009_12_08_16:56:59.307   216.143.120.xxx   Julia's a scrooge
2009_12_08_16:57:17.701   069.180.210.xxx   I bet his status would be.."just ate some fried chicken" (26)
2009_12_08_16:57:42.084   216.143.120.xxx   I'm Rick James
2009_12_08_16:57:56.671   072.213.205.xxx   superfreak
2009_12_08_16:58:05.009   173.067.154.xxx   I agree but*** extra crispy chicken lol (17)
2009_12_08_16:58:48.323   216.143.120.xxx   The other Day I was... No, that wasn't me
2009_12_08_16:59:00.949   173.067.154.xxx   I would be his friend on Facebook (18)
2009_12_08_16:59:11.676   068.053.155.xxx   wheres the freaky dude
2009_12_08_16:59:44.828   068.053.155.xxx   I am so tired I can not wait to see WWE raw
2009_12_08_17:00:35.159   216.143.120.xxx   Wrestling is fake
2009_12_08_17:00:58.317   069.180.210.xxx   my sister loves that stuff (27)
2009_12_08_17:00:59.814   216.143.120.xxx   you're fake
2009_12_08_17:01:34.647   068.053.155.xxx   no it is not they are coming to Nashville,Tn  GROWL:
2009_12_08_17:02:10.036   216.143.120.xxx   Julia wants to go to WrestleMania 26
2009_12_08_17:02:29.872   069.180.210.xxx   them wrestling people? (28)
2009_12_08_17:02:58.936   069.180.210.xxx   going to nashville? (29)
2009_12_08_17:02:58.859   068.053.155.xxx   I want John Cena to win the TLC match sunday can't wait to see it
2009_12_08_17:03:10.884   072.213.205.xxx   are you ok with the staple gun?
2009_12_08_17:03:20.459   216.143.120.xxx   Its all been downhill after Hulf Slammed the Giant (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_17:03:40.610   068.053.155.xxx   What are you talking about
2009_12_08_17:04:20.343   216.143.120.xxx   What you gonna do when hulkamania runs all over you (11)
2009_12_08_17:04:47.629   069.180.210.xxx   Do you know what  a knee strike is? (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_17:04:47.818   216.143.120.xxx   Hulk wears extensions (12)
2009_12_08_17:05:07.574   216.143.120.xxx   so does your mom (13)
2009_12_08_17:05:08.787   068.053.155.xxx   IDK what are you going to do when John Cena smashes you do
2009_12_08_17:05:41.873   069.180.210.xxx   knee strike is a wrestling move. (31)
2009_12_08_17:06:01.776   068.053.155.xxx   Sure how old are you like 10
2009_12_08_17:06:36.775   069.180.210.xxx   no, my sister told me that...I don't like wrestling my sister does (32)
2009_12_08_17:07:39.509   068.053.155.xxx   Well I am 12 and I will do the back crusher like Randy Orton
2009_12_08_17:08:09.689   072.148.036.xxx   woot!!!!
2009_12_08_17:08:28.186   069.180.210.xxx   I'm 12 too, but my sister likes wrestling, not me (33)
2009_12_08_17:08:29.619   207.119.180.xxx   Glad to see you back again this year!
2009_12_08_17:08:43.431   072.148.036.xxx   :P
2009_12_08_17:08:56.905   068.053.155.xxx   What is that for......... Laugh Laugh
2009_12_08_17:09:55.097   072.148.036.xxx   :D
2009_12_08_17:10:41.689   072.148.036.xxx   ooo there a person ___
2009_12_08_17:10:44.358   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done taking pictures - X10 control returned back to you guys ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_17:10:57.378   069.180.210.xxx   woo hoo! (34)
2009_12_08_17:11:01.747   068.053.155.xxx   YAHH thanks (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_17:11:29.409   216.007.127.xxx   Love what you do....Merry Christmas to ALL!!!
2009_12_08_17:11:30.430   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee (35)
2009_12_08_17:11:32.489   068.053.155.xxx   What are you doing (11)
2009_12_08_17:12:14.044   068.053.155.xxx   I am from Tennessee well d***son (12)
2009_12_08_17:12:45.308   072.148.036.xxx   woot Tn !!!!!
2009_12_08_17:12:55.386   216.143.120.xxx   look out for midget santa!! (14)
2009_12_08_17:13:12.379   072.148.036.xxx   :s
2009_12_08_17:13:13.513   068.053.155.xxx   Why (13)
2009_12_08_17:13:44.080   216.143.120.xxx   climbing the ladder. He looks shifty (15)
2009_12_08_17:14:01.800   069.180.210.xxx   yup, Tennessee is awesome (36)
2009_12_08_17:14:08.055   072.148.036.xxx   lol
2009_12_08_17:14:25.795   068.053.155.xxx   I am going now say goodby (14)
2009_12_08_17:14:52.091   076.188.235.xxx   hiiii
2009_12_08_17:15:06.338   207.119.180.xxx   Another awesome show this year. :)
2009_12_08_17:15:35.464   069.180.210.xxx   It's been raing bad here (37)
2009_12_08_17:15:37.741   076.188.235.xxx   donnie
2009_12_08_17:16:32.831   069.180.210.xxx   raining....goodness gracious I can't type (38)
2009_12_08_17:16:37.820   076.188.235.xxx   suppp this is coool
2009_12_08_17:16:41.498   072.148.036.xxx   ahh i was attacked by the hulk
2009_12_08_17:17:07.674   069.180.210.xxx   Scared the fire out of me earlier (39)
2009_12_08_17:18:02.869   069.180.210.xxx   Almost fell out of my chair (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_17:19:18.946   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee? (41)
2009_12_08_17:19:43.309   072.148.036.xxx   meeeeeee
2009_12_08_17:19:49.379   076.188.235.xxx   meee
2009_12_08_17:20:05.594   099.189.074.xxx   pull my finger
2009_12_08_17:20:16.936   076.188.235.xxx   my names ray
2009_12_08_17:20:29.015   072.148.036.xxx   i can't there a computer in the way (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_17:20:53.153   071.190.140.xxx   Go Tiger Woods!
2009_12_08_17:20:54.962   099.189.074.xxx   nevermind I pulled it,,,ssshhheeeewww
2009_12_08_17:21:13.058   069.180.210.xxx   Last time I fell for that, it didn't end up so good.... (42)
2009_12_08_17:21:30.357   071.190.140.xxx   Go Tiger Woods.  Gettin' Around!
2009_12_08_17:22:45.993   072.148.036.xxx   5 (11)
2009_12_08_17:23:02.715   071.190.140.xxx   Tiger Woods is my Hero!
2009_12_08_17:23:04.498   099.189.074.xxx   had his name changed from Tiger to Cheeta
2009_12_08_17:23:34.484   071.190.140.xxx   Tiger is my hero.  Good one!
2009_12_08_17:23:42.397   069.180.210.xxx   lol (43)
2009_12_08_17:24:24.738   071.190.140.xxx   Heard Tiger Changed his name to Mike Rotch
2009_12_08_17:24:45.873   069.180.210.xxx   didn't hear that one (44)
2009_12_08_17:26:14.777   069.180.210.xxx   17 more days! (45)
2009_12_08_17:26:23.730   071.190.140.xxx   What's the past tense of a Tweet?
2009_12_08_17:27:21.493   069.180.210.xxx   Twit? lol...I honestly don't know...tweeted? (46)
2009_12_08_17:27:41.470   071.190.140.xxx   anyone?
2009_12_08_17:28:11.944   069.180.210.xxx   I'm going with tweeted (47)
2009_12_08_17:28:35.958   071.190.140.xxx   t***
2009_12_08_17:29:00.162   068.159.195.xxx   Happy Christmas
2009_12_08_17:29:41.490   098.236.103.xxx   Word to your mother.
2009_12_08_17:30:00.253   068.159.195.xxx   Yeah Yeah Yeah all up in here
2009_12_08_17:32:22.969   069.180.210.xxx   Remember the reason for the season! (48)
2009_12_08_17:32:51.033   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas (49)
2009_12_08_17:33:16.244   075.054.027.xxx   Make waffles with egg nog
2009_12_08_17:33:40.086   069.180.210.xxx   never had egg nog before (50 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_17:35:11.271   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee? (51)
2009_12_08_17:35:51.035   068.159.195.xxx   i is from mississippi
2009_12_08_17:36:53.444   068.159.195.xxx   is anybody else watching tlc right now
2009_12_08_17:37:19.423   069.180.210.xxx   what's that? (52)
2009_12_08_17:37:56.846   068.159.195.xxx   mississippi is an island in the gulf of mexico
2009_12_08_17:37:59.755   098.200.121.xxx   I'm jewish
2009_12_08_17:38:04.442   071.101.151.xxx   Florida
2009_12_08_17:38:51.419   071.101.151.xxx   go lights
2009_12_08_17:38:56.089   069.180.210.xxx   i meant, what is tlc? (53)
2009_12_08_17:39:27.597   069.180.210.xxx   Hello everyone! (54)
2009_12_08_17:40:00.081   068.159.195.xxx   TLC is a television network, they have special on about christmas lights
2009_12_08_17:40:40.587   068.159.195.xxx   I think your lights should be on TLC's special
2009_12_08_17:42:33.212   069.180.210.xxx   yup (55)
2009_12_08_17:48:47.745   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Someone tell TLC to put my display on next year - Homer and HULK agree! ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_17:50:24.585   069.180.210.xxx   good idea! (56)
2009_12_08_17:54:38.631   090.197.119.xxx   :P
2009_12_08_17:54:39.986   067.163.084.xxx   Loves it1
2009_12_08_17:54:41.004   071.101.151.xxx   how are your lights being controlled
2009_12_08_17:55:18.750   067.163.084.xxx   The lights are controlled with X10 controls.  Google it.
2009_12_08_17:56:31.088   076.182.029.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL
2009_12_08_17:59:29.849   067.163.084.xxx   Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!
2009_12_08_18:01:28.415   071.101.151.xxx   tell me how you control your lights
2009_12_08_18:02:36.622   067.163.084.xxx   He controls them with an X10 Module.  GOOGLE is your friends.
2009_12_08_18:04:08.067   089.242.188.xxx   Merry Xmas To You  All     DAVE UK
2009_12_08_18:06:12.139   071.101.151.xxx   do you use a computer
2009_12_08_18:09:22.514   071.101.151.xxx   my lights go to music ! but they look nothing like yours Good Job!
2009_12_08_18:09:56.171   070.238.203.xxx   Alek loves thumbs up
2009_12_08_18:10:11.802   071.101.151.xxx   I See You
2009_12_08_18:10:43.350   071.101.151.xxx   Go Lights!!!
2009_12_08_18:11:15.161   070.094.210.xxx   yo ho ho
2009_12_08_18:11:37.482   070.238.203.xxx   and a bottle of rum
2009_12_08_18:11:43.812   070.094.210.xxx   braaaapppp
2009_12_08_18:13:31.343   068.165.190.xxx   woo hoo
2009_12_08_18:13:43.273   174.101.073.xxx   whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
2009_12_08_18:15:05.172   071.072.039.xxx   !! 344 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!!!
2009_12_08_18:15:24.665   067.172.178.xxx   My s***** tastes like xmas
2009_12_08_18:16:58.875   065.174.028.xxx   FRANK SANTORO HATES STEVE DETKY
2009_12_08_18:18:15.561   066.191.153.xxx   Merry Christmas Daylan & Gavin!!!
2009_12_08_18:21:15.083   065.242.123.xxx   I MISS U FRANK SANTORO..LUV LING WEN
2009_12_08_18:21:40.517   066.191.153.xxx   Wave at us Alek!!!
2009_12_08_18:21:57.220   068.150.181.xxx   There's a UFO over my House!!!
2009_12_08_18:22:29.664   066.191.153.xxx   Thanks!
2009_12_08_18:23:33.939   086.000.125.xxx   hi usa!
2009_12_08_18:24:41.272   068.188.222.xxx   You Da Man Alek! Awesome Setup dude!
2009_12_08_18:25:47.274   068.150.181.xxx   lal lal lal
2009_12_08_18:27:37.578   068.150.181.xxx   Who wears Short Shorts?
2009_12_08_18:28:01.625   074.136.005.xxx   Waaazzzaaaaa!
2009_12_08_18:28:20.584   068.150.181.xxx   Woozle Wazzle?
2009_12_08_18:28:35.302   074.136.005.xxx   The guy above this screen is crazy.
2009_12_08_18:28:48.267   156.034.204.xxx   Disney Prep & Landing new X-mas special ABC tonight
2009_12_08_18:29:04.153   074.136.005.xxx   come on pick us a winner
2009_12_08_18:29:10.664   070.051.190.xxx   Merry Christmas Hooker! :-)
2009_12_08_18:29:13.092   065.174.028.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS.. FROM Nature Vally Granola
2009_12_08_18:29:22.793   068.150.181.xxx   Who Cares? is on..
2009_12_08_18:30:52.645   156.034.204.xxx   moron
2009_12_08_18:31:43.570   071.101.151.xxx   are you using active home X10 controller
2009_12_08_18:31:50.544   070.051.190.xxx   Merry Christmas Hooker!
2009_12_08_18:32:29.588   071.101.151.xxx   I SEE YOU (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_18:32:36.250   174.000.162.xxx   i farted and i cant get up
2009_12_08_18:33:25.576   070.051.190.xxx   c***
2009_12_08_18:34:16.234   024.098.204.xxx   whose that kid running naked through the yard?
2009_12_08_18:34:43.934   074.227.233.xxx   cool s*** i want this for christmas
2009_12_08_18:34:46.918   024.098.204.xxx   lol merry xmas everybody
2009_12_08_18:35:28.292   068.194.244.xxx   How many cars do you have alek??
2009_12_08_18:38:25.566   068.194.244.xxx   314 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2009_12_08_18:39:28.467   068.194.244.xxx   320 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
2009_12_08_18:40:08.253   099.019.119.xxx   lol too cool
2009_12_08_18:41:13.682   071.105.136.xxx   Hi Alek, GREAT site!!!
2009_12_08_18:41:21.965   072.248.208.xxx   seems like you don't have a lot to do tonight Alek.
2009_12_08_18:41:46.080   072.248.208.xxx   You've been sitting there for a while
2009_12_08_18:41:52.873   099.019.119.xxx   how much does it cost to run all the lights
2009_12_08_18:44:11.352   099.227.212.xxx   ___50 a day
2009_12_08_18:44:20.798   075.248.018.xxx   Hello from Miami!  It's warm here :D
2009_12_08_18:45:32.691   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! It's been cold here!  :) (57)
2009_12_08_18:46:05.264   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scroll down the main page - electrical is a few dollars/day - YEP! ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_18:46:35.865   075.248.018.xxx   Alek...when do you spend any time with your family?
2009_12_08_18:46:39.141   071.076.253.xxx   WHATEVER DUDE
2009_12_08_18:46:58.937   070.161.219.xxx   a wind turbine....
2009_12_08_18:48:09.358   069.180.210.xxx   Oh, that's what*** called! (58)
2009_12_08_18:48:40.174   069.180.210.xxx   it is called (59)
2009_12_08_18:50:42.431   069.180.210.xxx   how come when i type a contraction for a word, sometimes it blocks it? (60 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_18:51:05.215   071.076.253.xxx   holy s*** man
2009_12_08_18:51:37.483   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (61)
2009_12_08_18:52:08.859   071.076.253.xxx   TLC is for fags
2009_12_08_18:52:36.910   070.238.203.xxx   LOL new word to block
2009_12_08_18:52:45.608   069.180.210.xxx   I want some fried chicken (62)
2009_12_08_18:53:41.289   070.238.203.xxx   Nothing like some fried poison from KFC BBQ Chickenz
2009_12_08_18:53:58.015   065.036.027.xxx   EHOWA !!!!
2009_12_08_18:54:20.131   071.076.253.xxx   EHOWA RULES
2009_12_08_18:54:32.135   069.180.210.xxx   nope, kfc's chicken is awesome! (63)
2009_12_08_18:55:04.217   071.076.253.xxx   me find all unblocked filthy words :-P
2009_12_08_18:55:20.195   070.238.203.xxx   Awesome if you like cholesterol.
2009_12_08_18:55:36.526   098.160.221.xxx   In Chineese Russia, Obama tells you what to do
2009_12_08_18:56:00.247   070.186.204.xxx   This is awsome
2009_12_08_18:57:36.540   070.238.203.xxx   I am running Windows 98
2009_12_08_18:57:51.908   071.237.077.xxx   Benny loves your lights!!
2009_12_08_18:58:06.613   070.186.204.xxx   Kerry is cool
2009_12_08_18:58:19.940   071.237.077.xxx   Parker loves them too!!!
2009_12_08_18:59:34.271   075.251.207.xxx   hello from cape coral fl
2009_12_08_18:59:54.518   071.237.077.xxx   reid loves them too!!!!!
2009_12_08_19:00:34.312   075.251.207.xxx   alex do you sit at desk every night until after christmas
2009_12_08_19:01:13.501   070.161.219.xxx   what are overloads, there 2,135 listed today?
2009_12_08_19:03:36.693   071.041.126.xxx   light be on then lights be off. so much fun
2009_12_08_19:03:38.892   065.027.083.xxx   Sweeeeeeeet!
2009_12_08_19:04:28.019   098.164.022.xxx   Merry Halloweenmas!
2009_12_08_19:04:31.051   071.237.077.xxx   The Snyder family loves this!!___
2009_12_08_19:05:08.633   071.237.077.xxx   Bennett from CO says Hi!!
2009_12_08_19:08:10.592   099.188.039.xxx   My 2 year old loves this!!
2009_12_08_19:08:45.554   173.024.103.xxx   Hello from Arthur, IL! its cold here w/ chance of snow!
2009_12_08_19:09:17.345   173.024.103.xxx   Hello there in the office--wave hello! :)
2009_12_08_19:09:30.291   074.034.185.xxx   Tara says HI from Mount Morris, NY
2009_12_08_19:10:22.367   024.222.215.xxx   Hi...back again for another year. Great work
2009_12_08_19:10:38.483   173.024.103.xxx   you should make lights in office controllable:)
2009_12_08_19:12:51.769   024.222.215.xxx   Go Mertric!
2009_12_08_19:12:59.980   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, the lights in the office ARE controllable! ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_19:13:51.270   173.024.103.xxx   How do you control the lights in the office?...
2009_12_08_19:14:31.223   098.157.104.xxx   Howdy and Merry Christmas from Fairmont, WV
2009_12_08_19:16:08.525   068.194.244.xxx   Alek zone 1 and 2 are STILL mixed up
2009_12_08_19:17:07.998   173.024.103.xxx   ohh.. okay .... thankx
2009_12_08_19:17:50.760   173.024.103.xxx   Did Alek enjoy his KFC back in 2008 for a whole year? :)
2009_12_08_19:20:31.946   071.007.069.xxx   Hello from wintry Iowa!
2009_12_08_19:21:55.708   068.194.244.xxx   Alek ive been noticing that some zones dont always turn everything on in the zo
2009_12_08_19:22:44.689   068.194.244.xxx   like if the balloon is lit up the chimney stars should be on but there not
2009_12_08_19:24:15.424   071.071.002.xxx   what up
2009_12_08_19:25:10.837   214.013.201.xxx   where in iowa?
2009_12_08_19:25:33.775   071.071.002.xxx   north carolina
2009_12_08_19:29:29.975   214.013.201.xxx   what is the lifespan of your lights with this flicking on and off?
2009_12_08_19:29:37.664   024.016.085.xxx   Hi from the very green state!
2009_12_08_19:30:18.847   069.249.189.xxx   nj wat***
2009_12_08_19:30:22.592   024.016.085.xxx   What's 2 times 3 plus 4?
2009_12_08_19:30:39.476   069.180.210.xxx   10 (64)
2009_12_08_19:31:28.969   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (65)
2009_12_08_19:31:33.015   069.249.189.xxx   why are just sitting there?
2009_12_08_19:32:22.678   024.016.085.xxx   I am hulk! OBEY ME!
2009_12_08_19:33:42.680   024.016.085.xxx   I'm stuck in this computer! Help me out!
2009_12_08_19:33:49.406   216.246.228.xxx   ehowa rocks
2009_12_08_19:34:14.137   024.016.085.xxx   I think to much
2009_12_08_19:35:04.224   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I fixed zone #1 and #2 - pretty sure they are right - maybe someone else changing at same time  ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_19:35:48.851   024.016.085.xxx   Type t CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_08_19:36:11.455   024.016.085.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again
2009_12_08_19:36:23.418   076.004.199.xxx   Hello Ethan!
2009_12_08_19:36:58.105   096.018.204.xxx   Greetings from Idaho!
2009_12_08_19:37:25.514   024.016.085.xxx   Where is this computer located??!?!?!?!?!?!
2009_12_08_19:38:41.437   156.034.204.xxx   in your house
2009_12_08_19:38:57.775   067.239.104.xxx   Somewhere in Colorado
2009_12_08_19:39:10.487   076.004.199.xxx   Hello Bryson!
2009_12_08_19:39:47.551   067.239.104.xxx   Snow in NE Kansas this evening...
2009_12_08_19:41:24.801   074.250.134.xxx   servo
2009_12_08_19:42:18.550   070.178.175.xxx   dude!
2009_12_08_19:42:34.508   067.239.104.xxx   Ooops! Overload.
2009_12_08_19:48:45.873   069.249.189.xxx   i pooped
2009_12_08_19:49:18.638   069.204.207.xxx   EHOWA BEST t*** 2009
2009_12_08_19:50:08.104   156.034.204.xxx   like your parents did when they made u!
2009_12_08_19:50:51.538   069.249.189.xxx   t cr
2009_12_08_19:51:18.034   069.249.189.xxx   did u poop?
2009_12_08_19:51:34.927   074.179.124.xxx   Happy Christmas everybody
2009_12_08_19:52:06.920   069.249.189.xxx   merry new year
2009_12_08_19:52:56.194   099.050.011.xxx   the blow ups are broke
2009_12_08_19:53:25.653   156.034.204.xxx   the need someone to blow them
2009_12_08_19:53:57.185   064.188.190.xxx   hello
2009_12_08_19:54:15.503   072.082.162.xxx   Merry X-mas!!
2009_12_08_19:55:52.916   072.082.162.xxx   check...check... am I on?
2009_12_08_19:56:04.140   071.199.132.xxx   hi and hello there
2009_12_08_19:56:35.764   071.199.132.xxx   hi you there everyone
2009_12_08_19:57:43.541   070.184.093.xxx   lets do it
2009_12_08_19:57:44.822   072.082.162.xxx   Hi 071.199.132.xxx
2009_12_08_19:58:03.682   200.050.048.xxx   Greetings from Chile!
2009_12_08_19:58:09.153   070.184.093.xxx   lets go it!
2009_12_08_19:58:38.111   070.184.093.xxx   arizoan rules
2009_12_08_20:00:37.461   200.050.048.xxx   Greetings from Chile!
2009_12_08_20:03:23.755   096.024.160.xxx   HO HO HO
2009_12_08_20:03:35.757   200.050.048.xxx   Merry christmas from Chile!
2009_12_08_20:03:53.153   072.248.208.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_08_20:03:58.952   096.024.160.xxx   Dave Is super kick a**
2009_12_08_20:04:32.540   072.248.208.xxx   who is Dave and was is he "super kick a**"
2009_12_08_20:04:58.399   072.248.208.xxx   ___why is he "super kick a**?"
2009_12_08_20:04:59.077   096.024.160.xxx   i am dave and yes, i do kick a**
2009_12_08_20:05:20.442   072.248.208.xxx   lol good to know.
2009_12_08_20:05:49.780   096.024.160.xxx   (_o_Y_o_)
2009_12_08_20:10:01.053   070.178.127.xxx   Merry Christmas to all my Bullies & Missy
2009_12_08_20:15:07.708   208.066.015.xxx   hello
2009_12_08_20:15:56.052   024.107.181.xxx   Im back for the christmas lights display.....great job
2009_12_08_20:18:35.445   024.016.085.xxx   Why is the guy just sitting there??????
2009_12_08_20:18:57.139   208.066.015.xxx   he dont like you
2009_12_08_20:19:45.359   024.016.085.xxx   Okay......... (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_20:24:55.712   068.150.181.xxx   Jingle Jingle..
2009_12_08_20:25:17.694   071.141.140.xxx   Greetings from CA!
2009_12_08_20:25:25.678   068.150.181.xxx   Alek looks deep in thought........
2009_12_08_20:26:31.343   068.150.181.xxx   That Dingo took my Baby!
2009_12_08_20:27:14.021   071.141.140.xxx   who is online here?
2009_12_08_20:27:52.883   173.070.206.xxx   WAVE  YOU'RE ON CAMERA!!!
2009_12_08_20:27:56.862   071.141.140.xxx   California....
2009_12_08_20:28:09.197   068.150.181.xxx   I AM!!!!
2009_12_08_20:30:10.234   024.063.011.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!!
2009_12_08_20:32:04.627   076.103.192.xxx   Yay for christmas! i love the music btw
2009_12_08_20:35:23.838   068.150.181.xxx   Balloon Boy wants a Raise! or else.... (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_20:35:27.387   069.014.145.xxx   i love jared
2009_12_08_20:36:02.419   076.103.192.xxx   jared should get a sweet hookup like this
2009_12_08_20:38:37.870   067.234.214.xxx   hi
2009_12_08_20:39:02.267   096.255.051.xxx   Pixel Pride!
2009_12_08_20:39:34.667   067.234.214.xxx   im cool
2009_12_08_20:40:52.420   067.234.214.xxx   im ready for christmas
2009_12_08_20:41:08.192   076.103.192.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2009_12_08_20:41:17.706   069.014.145.xxx   gloria is awesome
2009_12_08_20:41:21.864   173.003.217.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in SantWhy?a's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_08_20:41:22.971   070.238.203.xxx   ho ho hooooooo (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_20:41:39.675   070.020.048.xxx   WHERE IS YOUR GOD
2009_12_08_20:41:51.090   096.255.051.xxx   In my head!
2009_12_08_20:42:14.511   076.103.192.xxx   Can't wait for finals to be over so I can play in the snow!
2009_12_08_20:42:20.047   173.003.217.xxx   this is God
2009_12_08_20:42:45.180   096.255.051.xxx   Can I have a pony, God?
2009_12_08_20:43:08.438   076.103.192.xxx   i would like an ant farm, santa
2009_12_08_20:43:34.472   071.236.030.xxx   god what are numbers for the lottery tonight
2009_12_08_20:44:43.358   173.003.217.xxx   you already hit the lottery today 0 i did not smite you
2009_12_08_20:45:04.990   076.103.192.xxx   :D
2009_12_08_20:46:00.857   076.103.192.xxx   where is the hulk??????
2009_12_08_20:48:04.338   076.030.157.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_08_20:53:37.073   074.069.064.xxx   Rochester, NY
2009_12_08_20:54:28.951   074.069.064.xxx   EHOWA
2009_12_08_20:54:41.792   204.131.177.xxx   Cold in Colorado!
2009_12_08_20:55:54.177   066.190.182.xxx   Hello from Selmer,TN
2009_12_08_20:56:18.165   204.131.177.xxx   Tiger Woods changed his name to Cheetah
2009_12_08_20:58:41.529   099.247.055.xxx   I love my new daughter Addison
2009_12_08_21:00:04.194   066.190.182.xxx   Kaleigh, Jacob, and Landen Merry Christmas
2009_12_08_21:00:46.489   066.190.182.xxx   !!! GO TITANS !!!
2009_12_08_21:01:04.023   074.069.064.xxx   Ernie Rocks!
2009_12_08_21:01:25.765   066.190.182.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR
2009_12_08_21:01:27.254   099.247.055.xxx   hi there
2009_12_08_21:01:59.251   099.247.055.xxx   can you wave to us
2009_12_08_21:04:39.548   065.174.028.xxx   Iam dreaming of a rolled oats
2009_12_08_21:04:47.915   099.247.055.xxx   go long horns
2009_12_08_21:05:43.701   099.247.055.xxx   Alek wave dude
2009_12_08_21:05:56.250   097.103.248.xxx   This is your neighbor...why do you do this to us each year?!? haha jk...awesome
2009_12_08_21:06:02.755   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Temperature down to ONE degree - when will it go sub-zero? ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_21:06:19.770   099.247.055.xxx   wave
2009_12_08_21:07:05.558   097.103.248.xxx   Awesome stuff!  Keep up the good work!
2009_12_08_21:07:21.461   099.247.055.xxx   what are you looking at
2009_12_08_21:07:34.975   065.174.028.xxx   everyone lets sing the song..twelve days of eating oats
2009_12_08_21:07:35.386   097.103.248.xxx   your mom
2009_12_08_21:07:58.186   099.247.055.xxx   real mature
2009_12_08_21:08:01.812   065.174.028.xxx   lets all sing the twelve days of oats
2009_12_08_21:08:11.339   097.103.248.xxx   I try :-D  Merry Christmas!
2009_12_08_21:08:33.839   099.247.055.xxx   lets not
2009_12_08_21:09:54.336   097.103.248.xxx   Where is everyone from?  Florida here
2009_12_08_21:10:40.492   099.247.055.xxx   canada (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_21:11:22.466   099.247.055.xxx   no way (11)
2009_12_08_21:11:43.118   216.037.141.xxx   000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
2009_12_08_21:11:47.442   097.104.237.xxx   Its Buzz Lightyear
2009_12_08_21:11:49.422   097.103.248.xxx   Who gets it first ---___ I AM WE TALL DID
2009_12_08_21:12:37.390   097.104.237.xxx   Cocoa Beach, Fl
2009_12_08_21:14:46.441   065.242.123.xxx   happy kwanza,from tyree,jalea,towanda, malcolm, cherrele
2009_12_08_21:17:08.114   065.174.028.xxx   nizzle fo shizzle
2009_12_08_21:18:05.346   069.126.032.xxx   what s cr?
2009_12_08_21:19:01.051   071.163.229.xxx   Howdy!
2009_12_08_21:21:48.242   071.163.229.xxx   He he I turned htem all off for a moment. Happy xmas
2009_12_08_21:23:26.629   068.104.013.xxx   I thought only Coor's was allowed in Colorado?
2009_12_08_21:24:31.738   098.160.221.xxx   COORS __________________________________________
2009_12_08_21:25:16.956   098.160.221.xxx   COORS ----______
2009_12_08_21:25:48.909   098.160.221.xxx   COORS TO THE RIGHT
2009_12_08_21:26:01.864   131.191.021.xxx   LLCoolGeek
2009_12_08_21:26:59.149   098.160.221.xxx   _________ALEK Went to get another beer
2009_12_08_21:28:23.801   070.230.204.xxx   SANTEE CA
2009_12_08_21:29:07.132   098.160.221.xxx   That's colorado! COORS!!
2009_12_08_21:29:19.347   068.104.013.xxx   yes that's what i'm talkin
2009_12_08_21:29:34.704   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sounds like Coors is pretty popular - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_21:29:54.309   098.160.221.xxx   DON'T MIX YOUR BEER!! No barfing!
2009_12_08_21:30:28.061   070.230.204.xxx   COORS = Can Of Old Rabbit Spit
2009_12_08_21:31:14.292   072.130.196.xxx   Erin will you marry me?
2009_12_08_21:31:47.262   070.238.203.xxx   No (11)
2009_12_08_21:31:50.621   072.130.196.xxx   Erin- no you creep me out
2009_12_08_21:32:13.707   070.238.203.xxx   Erin is g**, sorry hun (12)
2009_12_08_21:32:46.391   072.130.196.xxx   Mike, I already married you! Dumba**!
2009_12_08_21:33:28.606   098.160.221.xxx   Nooooooo!!!
2009_12_08_21:34:01.638   072.130.196.xxx   No beer, notv makes homer go someting
2009_12_08_21:34:18.613   098.160.221.xxx   Oh my God!
2009_12_08_21:34:28.934   070.238.203.xxx   ...Go crazy? (13)
2009_12_08_21:36:41.059   074.184.237.xxx   Hey from Atlanta!  Merry Christmas!
2009_12_08_21:39:20.987   099.189.074.xxx   Merry Christmas!!! Thats right, I said CHRISTMAS
2009_12_08_21:40:05.721   098.160.221.xxx   How many monitors do you have there? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_08_21:41:03.104   173.088.228.xxx   Merry Christmas All!!!
2009_12_08_21:41:23.591   098.196.078.xxx   merry chrstmas alek from texas
2009_12_08_21:42:10.050   071.072.039.xxx   I luv Santa.
2009_12_08_21:42:23.670   068.200.040.xxx   You look really hard at work there, guy!
2009_12_08_21:43:01.114   098.196.078.xxx   can u wave at us?
2009_12_08_21:43:41.443   068.200.040.xxx   The megalopolis of Kathleen Florida here...on the line. :-)
2009_12_08_21:44:03.482   069.182.123.xxx   please wave to us :)
2009_12_08_21:44:40.364   098.160.221.xxx   You look up at about 3 monitors, one on desk? (11)
2009_12_08_21:46:54.832   068.150.181.xxx   b***a dooba (11)
2009_12_08_21:47:42.085   072.004.094.xxx   can you see me
2009_12_08_21:47:46.906   068.150.181.xxx   by now you must all agree that Sarah Palin is a joke (12)
2009_12_08_21:48:45.302   072.004.094.xxx   yes she is
2009_12_08_21:48:49.460   098.160.221.xxx   Palin is smarter then you think, MSM is wrong (12)
2009_12_08_21:49:02.196   024.125.216.xxx   goto sleep alek
2009_12_08_21:49:32.917   070.171.175.xxx   Hey Santa!
2009_12_08_21:49:40.090   024.125.216.xxx   u work to long today on the lights
2009_12_08_21:50:10.026   024.125.216.xxx   zZzZz
2009_12_08_21:50:33.187   071.072.039.xxx   Santa is my friend
2009_12_08_21:50:34.000   070.171.175.xxx   Pretty cool buddy!
2009_12_08_21:51:43.911   098.196.078.xxx   good nght
2009_12_08_21:51:51.730   024.125.216.xxx   18 days to christmas
2009_12_08_21:52:46.885   067.161.137.xxx   Goodnight
2009_12_08_21:52:59.506   024.125.216.xxx   cheer
2009_12_08_21:53:54.913   067.161.137.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and family
2009_12_08_21:53:58.571   098.160.221.xxx   7 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MST (13)
2009_12_08_21:56:29.188   098.160.221.xxx   4 minutes (14)
2009_12_08_21:56:32.851   099.164.106.xxx   Have a good night and a very Merry Christmas
2009_12_08_21:57:11.744   067.161.137.xxx   goodnight
2009_12_08_21:58:15.295   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good night - see everyone tomorrow evening for more Christmas fun! ***ALEK***
2009_12_08_21:58:41.732   099.164.106.xxx   lets all help and turn them off for him
2009_12_08_21:58:43.261   173.045.210.xxx   christmas lights are fun to watch
2009_12_08_21:58:50.487   098.160.221.xxx   Happy dreams! (15)
2009_12_08_21:59:12.866   071.082.110.xxx   happy hol1days
2009_12_08_21:59:36.823   074.234.175.xxx   good nights all
2009_12_08_21:59:46.977   069.182.123.xxx   good night everyone

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