268 christmas text messages on 2009/1209

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,592 times that day including 3,297 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1209

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_09_16:32:11.809   070.238.203.xxx   ho ho ho I'm the first comment!
2009_12_09_16:32:14.885   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** It's starting to get dark, so lets turn the X10 controls on - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_16:32:41.832   070.238.203.xxx   Double woot for Alek's lights! w00t w00t
2009_12_09_16:33:03.820   156.034.193.xxx   Hi Alek! east coast is getting the big storm here tonight :)
2009_12_09_16:34:58.661   092.028.153.xxx   stu you're a monkey
2009_12_09_16:35:04.494   072.145.165.xxx   Hi from warm GA--wish we had snow!
2009_12_09_16:35:11.775   099.164.106.xxx   Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!
2009_12_09_16:35:40.896   099.133.187.xxx   Merry Christmas from Indiana!
2009_12_09_16:35:48.909   072.145.165.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
2009_12_09_16:36:49.136   076.227.247.xxx   Hello
2009_12_09_16:37:15.884   070.024.103.xxx   Bojour from Canada  :)
2009_12_09_16:37:17.881   076.227.247.xxx   Turn on all the lights!!
2009_12_09_16:38:10.826   070.024.103.xxx   This is so cool!  Thanks!!
2009_12_09_16:39:10.832   067.240.187.xxx   Happy Christmas from Rochester NY
2009_12_09_16:39:34.528   099.164.106.xxx   Ohio wishes everyone a Very Merry Chrismas,and Happy New Year
2009_12_09_16:39:37.660   024.248.080.xxx   poop is good!!!
2009_12_09_16:40:35.718   024.248.080.xxx   look up darren shan!!! good books
2009_12_09_16:40:37.141   067.240.187.xxx   Boo
2009_12_09_16:40:55.339   070.024.103.xxx   joyeux noel
2009_12_09_16:41:45.386   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLOARIDA
2009_12_09_16:43:07.184   024.248.080.xxx   whats up dude!!!
2009_12_09_16:44:21.701   070.238.203.xxx   Just 16 days to Christmas, woot!
2009_12_09_16:46:03.414   092.028.153.xxx   stuey is a monkey
2009_12_09_16:46:30.852   071.048.072.xxx   Merry Christmas from
2009_12_09_16:47:26.628   071.048.072.xxx   Merry Xmas from Ohio
2009_12_09_16:47:40.449   092.028.153.xxx   sammie is a monkey
2009_12_09_16:48:52.310   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading outside for some pictures, but leaving X10 controls on for now ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_16:50:36.786   084.105.159.xxx   jaja
2009_12_09_16:51:15.661   084.105.159.xxx   hello from the netherlands
2009_12_09_16:51:45.174   086.162.133.xxx   Hello from England!
2009_12_09_16:52:20.077   084.105.159.xxx   this is ma**ive
2009_12_09_16:52:44.524   086.162.133.xxx   Love you Lynney xxx
2009_12_09_16:53:11.273   084.105.159.xxx   i hate christmas
2009_12_09_16:53:44.535   086.162.133.xxx   No one hates Christmas!
2009_12_09_16:54:36.456   070.114.244.xxx   hi
2009_12_09_16:54:43.774   086.162.133.xxx   Happy Christmas Everyone !!
2009_12_09_16:55:50.630   076.103.192.xxx   can't wait for christmas!
2009_12_09_16:59:36.850   071.185.209.xxx   Merry Christmas from Doylestown, PA!
2009_12_09_17:00:24.712   068.053.155.xxx   Only 2 more weeks till Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_09_17:00:45.215   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Disabling the X10 Controls so I can take some pictures ... back soon! ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_17:00:58.316   090.212.245.xxx   merry christmas from basingstoke in england
2009_12_09_17:01:22.730   068.053.155.xxx   Hello from Tennessee
2009_12_09_17:02:34.648   068.053.155.xxx   Wheres the dude
2009_12_09_17:03:28.572   156.034.193.xxx   takin pics
2009_12_09_17:05:10.438   024.176.180.xxx   Merry Christmas from Nevada!
2009_12_09_17:05:16.217   024.099.120.xxx   Look at all the snow! Wow!
2009_12_09_17:05:22.024   068.053.155.xxx   Derduhder Like I knew that
2009_12_09_17:06:55.931   024.176.180.xxx   New Mythbusters tonight!!
2009_12_09_17:09:31.134   076.020.139.xxx   hi from michigan
2009_12_09_17:10:06.123   076.020.139.xxx   anyone have a snowday today?
2009_12_09_17:10:31.655   024.176.180.xxx   Should have, but didn
2009_12_09_17:10:33.397   074.128.125.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kentucky
2009_12_09_17:11:12.951   024.176.180.xxx   Had 8 inches this last weekend!
2009_12_09_17:11:43.258   076.020.139.xxx   lucky
2009_12_09_17:12:16.389   024.176.180.xxx   got Mon and Tue off work
2009_12_09_17:17:49.165   070.238.203.xxx   I got Fri and Mon off work this week, then two weeks off :D
2009_12_09_17:20:03.876   076.020.139.xxx   is he still outside?
2009_12_09_17:20:25.044   024.228.006.xxx   Hello from New Jersey!!!!
2009_12_09_17:20:30.182   076.020.139.xxx   i guess not
2009_12_09_17:20:38.516   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done taking pictures - X10 control returned back to you guys ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_17:20:56.577   076.020.139.xxx   thanks!
2009_12_09_17:20:59.370   070.238.203.xxx   Power to the people!
2009_12_09_17:21:07.189   024.228.006.xxx   Hello from New Jersey!
2009_12_09_17:24:04.224   099.195.242.xxx   happy happy happy
2009_12_09_17:24:22.018   024.228.006.xxx   BUZKA !
2009_12_09_17:25:26.565   099.195.242.xxx   merry christmas from Warrenton, Mo
2009_12_09_17:26:33.774   024.228.006.xxx   I LOVE MY BUZKA !
2009_12_09_17:26:59.669   074.227.244.xxx   Merry Christma**
2009_12_09_17:27:09.415   099.195.242.xxx   what is buzka
2009_12_09_17:28:09.835   024.228.006.xxx   I call my bf buzka....its polish for KISS
2009_12_09_17:28:28.285   099.195.242.xxx   ok
2009_12_09_17:28:46.840   074.227.244.xxx   Alek's man you crazy :) Merry Christmas
2009_12_09_17:30:20.551   024.228.006.xxx   This is cool
2009_12_09_17:31:06.476   072.223.062.xxx   WOW
2009_12_09_17:31:14.627   024.228.006.xxx   LOVE IT ! MERRY CHRISTMAS !
2009_12_09_17:31:55.857   072.223.062.xxx   mmmmmmmoooooo!!!!
2009_12_09_17:33:24.747   070.044.200.xxx   Wow...amazing
2009_12_09_17:33:52.941   070.044.200.xxx   This is really cool!
2009_12_09_17:33:55.386   072.192.137.xxx   Hey Jon!
2009_12_09_17:34:28.953   072.192.137.xxx   Jon you are going to fail Astronomy!
2009_12_09_17:34:35.661   074.162.058.xxx   I LOVE these lights. It ROCKS!
2009_12_09_17:34:50.521   090.194.169.xxx   hello fro egland
2009_12_09_17:35:41.546   024.228.006.xxx   Konstantinidis from NJ
2009_12_09_17:35:46.776   072.192.137.xxx   Matts gettin nuthin for christmis
2009_12_09_17:35:53.480   072.223.062.xxx   very inventive, thx for the smile :-)
2009_12_09_17:36:09.038   090.194.169.xxx   luv this  website!!
2009_12_09_17:36:16.586   072.192.137.xxx   Matt nooooooooo!
2009_12_09_17:36:45.388   072.192.137.xxx   Wa Wa Wee Wa!
2009_12_09_17:36:48.073   024.224.206.xxx   hello
2009_12_09_17:36:57.623   070.044.200.xxx   Jadcon
2009_12_09_17:37:03.787   174.113.037.xxx   Very Cool!
2009_12_09_17:38:08.766   090.211.100.xxx   nicceeee, i like
2009_12_09_17:38:28.133   090.194.169.xxx   greetings from Derbysire ,England
2009_12_09_17:38:35.190   090.211.100.xxx   ffff
2009_12_09_17:39:07.386   090.194.169.xxx   i gotta go for a crap!
2009_12_09_17:39:08.243   090.211.100.xxx   i went to derby uni
2009_12_09_17:39:48.285   069.014.145.xxx   stephanie
2009_12_09_17:39:52.377   024.224.206.xxx   Merry X fr. New Scotland
2009_12_09_17:40:01.568   090.211.100.xxx   hello stephanie
2009_12_09_17:40:23.963   072.192.137.xxx   Call Stephanie for a good time
2009_12_09_17:40:54.340   090.211.100.xxx   lol, whats the hourly rate
2009_12_09_17:41:18.985   072.192.137.xxx   hahaha 3 sammiches
2009_12_09_17:42:14.396   090.211.100.xxx   does she accept subway vouchers?
2009_12_09_17:42:58.303   090.211.100.xxx   talking sandwiches, im gonna make one now! cu :P
2009_12_09_17:43:22.496   072.192.137.xxx   mmm I think I will have a PB and J now
2009_12_09_17:44:00.634   090.211.100.xxx   nice, i think thats an american thing, no? im from london, uk
2009_12_09_17:44:08.903   072.192.137.xxx   Jon failed astronomy! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_09_17:44:48.249   072.192.137.xxx   inside joke! (11)
2009_12_09_17:45:39.143   090.211.100.xxx   good abye, great invention n idea btw alek
2009_12_09_17:48:30.829   199.246.002.xxx   Hi in Kingston Ontario
2009_12_09_17:50:51.271   069.249.189.xxx   whats crack -a- lackin up  from NJ wat***!!!
2009_12_09_17:52:21.705   090.194.169.xxx   f***
2009_12_09_17:53:49.413   065.242.123.xxx   Merry XMAS FROM THE SANTORO'S
2009_12_09_17:53:59.898   065.242.123.xxx   Merry XMAS FROM THE SANTORO'S
2009_12_09_17:55:26.541   070.044.200.xxx   Confino Power!
2009_12_09_17:59:05.050   156.034.193.xxx   umm he's a human not a trained monkey :)
2009_12_09_17:59:08.716   070.022.187.xxx   How much did this system cost?
2009_12_09_18:00:27.078   074.078.247.xxx   hi
2009_12_09_18:00:45.674   070.022.187.xxx   Hello from Boston.
2009_12_09_18:01:05.805   074.078.247.xxx   yo
2009_12_09_18:01:40.385   070.022.187.xxx   Lights on!
2009_12_09_18:02:29.887   070.022.187.xxx   Lights off!
2009_12_09_18:03:24.869   070.230.204.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_09_18:04:09.542   070.022.187.xxx   Is the elmo supposed to be like that?
2009_12_09_18:05:48.601   156.034.193.xxx   hello Ben
2009_12_09_18:06:01.630   076.020.139.xxx   ben are u g**___
2009_12_09_18:06:30.974   076.020.139.xxx   dude cry me a river
2009_12_09_18:07:09.939   076.020.139.xxx   cry
2009_12_09_18:07:25.657   156.034.193.xxx   ((((hug)))))
2009_12_09_18:08:10.858   156.034.193.xxx   God will show u the way
2009_12_09_18:11:17.113   156.034.193.xxx   eight does not equal D
2009_12_09_18:12:26.402   070.238.203.xxx   Adding more equal signs does not make 8 equal D
2009_12_09_18:15:13.134   156.034.193.xxx   Modern Family is an X-mas episode tonight in 45 mins ABC
2009_12_09_18:15:58.181   076.020.139.xxx   i have an ear infection): (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_09_18:16:24.233   156.034.193.xxx   put a heating pad on it
2009_12_09_18:21:43.877   208.102.226.xxx   & CR
2009_12_09_18:22:13.904   200.050.048.xxx   petra, te amo!!
2009_12_09_18:22:19.524   208.102.226.xxx   & CR
2009_12_09_18:23:03.760   200.050.048.xxx   petra, te amo!!
2009_12_09_18:26:26.253   200.050.048.xxx   Greetings from Chile
2009_12_09_18:30:56.418   071.229.196.xxx   What's happenin'?
2009_12_09_18:32:50.862   098.110.006.xxx   this is g**yy
2009_12_09_18:33:08.852   071.179.210.xxx   wow this is stupid
2009_12_09_18:34:27.762   086.000.010.xxx   Hello richard from canada
2009_12_09_18:35:10.179   098.082.077.xxx   Very nice,Have a Merry Christmas From Florida
2009_12_09_18:35:12.797   156.034.193.xxx   shh Alek is ordering us pizza :D (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_09_18:35:55.534   070.238.203.xxx   Pizza time!
2009_12_09_18:37:48.930   071.163.244.xxx   see santa work
2009_12_09_18:38:16.833   071.054.112.xxx   Hello dude at the desk I don't like that part of my ISP Pops up here
2009_12_09_18:41:07.214   159.053.110.xxx   Hi Alek from Irvine - great decs as usual
2009_12_09_18:41:32.885   071.054.112.xxx   How does this work This is freakin awsome
2009_12_09_18:41:43.723   070.065.249.xxx   this is cool!
2009_12_09_18:42:35.593   086.014.040.xxx   cool!!
2009_12_09_18:42:43.736   071.054.112.xxx   Please donate to this cause, I know people effected by this disease too :(
2009_12_09_18:43:34.733   069.250.121.xxx   alex loves this site
2009_12_09_18:46:57.772   071.054.112.xxx   Hello This is me on the BIG SCREEN Merry Christmas
2009_12_09_18:50:14.343   068.150.181.xxx   Traffic was h**** but we're all here! :)
2009_12_09_18:51:11.064   071.054.112.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_09_18:53:21.235   065.087.055.xxx   Hello ! ! !
2009_12_09_18:55:35.441   065.087.055.xxx   Hello ! ! !
2009_12_09_18:56:00.565   099.247.177.xxx   Hi Kennedy
2009_12_09_18:57:05.440   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry, no pizza order ... we actually don't do that, since they have gluten - d ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_18:57:31.535   099.247.177.xxx   hi hunter
2009_12_09_18:59:24.711   099.247.177.xxx   Merry Xmas from the Ferraro's
2009_12_09_19:01:10.793   098.160.221.xxx   What did the letters say that were in front of the frosty snowmans?
2009_12_09_19:01:23.846   070.230.204.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_09_19:02:06.942   098.160.221.xxx   Santee, near Sandiego CA!
2009_12_09_19:02:23.618   024.008.047.xxx   The weather outside is frightful!
2009_12_09_19:02:24.309   099.247.177.xxx   Hello and merry merry christmas
2009_12_09_19:02:31.021   075.053.175.xxx   Merry Christmas! From Stockton, California
2009_12_09_19:03:33.846   099.247.177.xxx   you are cool
2009_12_09_19:06:27.098   070.230.204.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_09_19:07:02.525   071.072.039.xxx   162 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2009_12_09_19:07:15.274   070.237.140.xxx   Go Blues!
2009_12_09_19:10:28.408   099.247.177.xxx   ScottyDzntKmow
2009_12_09_19:10:49.317   099.195.162.xxx   This is fun!
2009_12_09_19:16:55.223   099.195.162.xxx   this is cool
2009_12_09_19:16:55.963   156.034.193.xxx   no props tonight ? beer can ? toy story guy ? (11)
2009_12_09_19:22:47.182   076.227.247.xxx   turn off all the lights
2009_12_09_19:22:53.645   070.230.204.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_09_19:23:51.178   076.227.247.xxx   turn everything on
2009_12_09_19:26:09.478   207.119.180.xxx   Why?
2009_12_09_19:27:18.039   207.119.180.xxx   That's lots of people there.:)
2009_12_09_19:31:03.462   070.230.204.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_09_19:38:55.867   072.171.000.xxx   Galena Alaska
2009_12_09_19:43:56.516   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_09_19:44:22.955   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Galena Alaska - I have some pics to post of the Burrito Reindeer ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_19:46:57.064   203.097.240.xxx   yay
2009_12_09_19:48:41.255   203.097.240.xxx   new zealand is cool
2009_12_09_19:50:08.788   203.097.240.xxx   hi alek
2009_12_09_19:52:13.570   203.097.240.xxx   where are you in the usa
2009_12_09_19:53:11.581   203.097.240.xxx   alek?
2009_12_09_19:53:55.150   076.182.029.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
2009_12_09_20:01:26.338   067.061.184.xxx   hi!
2009_12_09_20:02:22.270   067.061.184.xxx   santa loves dinosaurs!
2009_12_09_20:03:01.244   098.160.221.xxx   Still trying to figure out the lights in front of snowmen
2009_12_09_20:04:14.137   070.238.203.xxx   I'm cold X_X
2009_12_09_20:08:37.338   094.075.220.xxx   Bonjour
2009_12_09_20:09:09.763   094.075.220.xxx   Can I curse?
2009_12_09_20:09:38.311   070.238.203.xxx   no
2009_12_09_20:10:04.303   094.075.220.xxx   d***! 135 people viewing
2009_12_09_20:10:09.091   098.160.221.xxx   family website
2009_12_09_20:15:50.162   072.201.130.xxx   1
2009_12_09_20:16:37.975   072.201.130.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!
2009_12_09_20:17:15.760   072.201.130.xxx   Hello Kevin
2009_12_09_20:18:02.380   072.201.130.xxx   Thank you Alek!!
2009_12_09_20:18:41.676   067.162.060.xxx   when do you go Christmas shopping Alek?
2009_12_09_20:20:25.575   024.178.118.xxx   How late are you staying up?
2009_12_09_20:21:24.438   065.174.028.xxx   DETKY COST ME MY JOB..F Santoro
2009_12_09_20:21:29.222   099.003.100.xxx   The potatoe goes in the front not in the back.
2009_12_09_20:22:00.285   071.126.005.xxx   Love the idea!!
2009_12_09_20:24:25.417   076.235.200.xxx   I am the BEST!!
2009_12_09_20:25:01.824   068.069.196.xxx   i love fawn
2009_12_09_20:25:18.028   089.024.036.xxx   O HO HO
2009_12_09_20:26:46.795   206.208.133.xxx   Happy Christmas
2009_12_09_20:26:56.027   076.235.200.xxx   this site is the best!!!
2009_12_09_20:27:14.840   068.069.196.xxx   This rocks
2009_12_09_20:30:22.756   074.131.117.xxx   cool
2009_12_09_20:33:25.714   099.003.100.xxx   I love The Fonz, aaaayyyyyy!
2009_12_09_20:34:56.264   070.238.203.xxx   Some people. This is a holiday fun website! SO HAVE FUN NOT TROLL (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_09_20:35:29.583   070.238.203.xxx   Trolling is bad. (11)
2009_12_09_20:35:33.794   072.064.253.xxx   Have a merry christmas
2009_12_09_20:38:46.778   098.028.060.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_09_20:38:54.954   068.194.244.xxx   HAPPY HANUKA FROM NY
2009_12_09_20:39:38.173   068.194.244.xxx   Temperature: 6.1___F - Humidity: 57___ - Pressure: 29.93" Hg (corrected)
2009_12_09_20:40:01.497   098.028.060.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ohio
2009_12_09_20:40:14.591   068.194.244.xxx   Where is ohio??
2009_12_09_20:40:31.459   098.028.060.xxx   Hey Now
2009_12_09_20:40:42.360   068.194.244.xxx   152 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2009_12_09_20:41:05.799   068.194.244.xxx   Click the ON/OFF buttons to make things happen!
2009_12_09_20:41:48.817   068.194.244.xxx   1 hour, 19 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MST
2009_12_09_20:42:15.615   068.194.244.xxx   X10 Controls toggled 5,596 times (includes 2,831 overloads) today
2009_12_09_20:42:21.724   024.176.180.xxx   Heeeeeyyyy Yoouuuuu Guuuuuys
2009_12_09_20:42:26.029   070.209.067.xxx   Harrison and Bailey have been VERY good this year :)
2009_12_09_20:42:44.588   068.194.244.xxx   You recently IM'ed - window will refresh when you can do again
2009_12_09_20:44:45.987   070.209.067.xxx   harrison and bailey just turned off all the lights without help!
2009_12_09_20:45:27.404   068.069.196.xxx   Man can you ever be a poor aditude lady
2009_12_09_20:46:39.085   072.064.253.xxx   have a merry christmas
2009_12_09_20:50:35.909   068.194.244.xxx   haha just the off sign is lit up
2009_12_09_20:50:53.504   071.007.135.xxx   hello
2009_12_09_20:54:46.478   089.024.036.xxx   eee
2009_12_09_20:55:34.160   089.024.036.xxx   Snowy Xmas
2009_12_09_20:56:02.010   098.238.122.xxx   74 degrees right now in SW Florida
2009_12_09_21:02:37.768   072.064.253.xxx   have a holly jolly christmas
2009_12_09_21:05:26.850   068.069.196.xxx   merry christmas mrs. light lady
2009_12_09_21:09:28.505   148.085.253.xxx   hey waz up
2009_12_09_21:14:39.307   024.002.169.xxx   hello
2009_12_09_21:15:14.033   024.002.169.xxx   hi from ct
2009_12_09_21:16:37.647   068.069.196.xxx   the small clock is a bit slow tonight  :)
2009_12_09_21:19:42.038   068.069.196.xxx   sorry i was wrong... that is a dyslexic clock  lol
2009_12_09_21:20:27.010   068.069.196.xxx   i want a clock that runs the oppisite direction
2009_12_09_21:21:42.461   065.174.028.xxx   balmy 50 degrees..new jersey
2009_12_09_21:22:09.691   065.174.028.xxx   iam breaking out the sunscreen alek
2009_12_09_21:22:45.017   065.174.028.xxx   alek our u near boulder
2009_12_09_21:22:52.100   098.227.202.xxx   Hello again :D
2009_12_09_21:24:34.365   024.079.099.xxx   Very cool!  Congrats!
2009_12_09_21:31:46.532   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ummmm ... yea, the small red clock (top right) was one minute slow - fixed - thanx! ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_21:33:29.430   075.250.067.xxx   Hi Alek!  Seasons Greetings from Miami.  I LOVE this website!  :)
2009_12_09_21:36:20.696   075.250.067.xxx   Current weather here is 74 degrees
2009_12_09_21:37:49.333   072.004.094.xxx   22 degrees in seymour indiana
2009_12_09_21:39:50.865   072.171.000.xxx   -19 in Galena
2009_12_09_21:41:31.538   071.072.039.xxx   24d F and dropping in Ohio.
2009_12_09_21:50:33.890   072.171.000.xxx   Hey Alek from Shadow
2009_12_09_21:52:22.610   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey shadow - commented to 'ya at 19:44 above ***ALEK***
2009_12_09_21:54:47.158   072.171.000.xxx   I Look forward to seeing them!
2009_12_09_21:58:03.209   067.159.045.xxx   What's with all of the Halloween stuff? xD
2009_12_09_21:59:50.413   071.072.039.xxx   Goodnite

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