508 christmas text messages on 2009/1214

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,913 times that day including 2,666 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1214

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_14_16:00:24.301   068.225.175.xxx   FRIST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_16:01:17.661   068.225.175.xxx   YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_16:01:50.651   067.209.015.xxx   does this really work
2009_12_14_16:01:51.287   095.146.142.xxx   hello from the east of england
2009_12_14_16:02:09.620   068.225.175.xxx   HI ALEK!!!!! HOW IS IT GOING??????????????
2009_12_14_16:02:14.256   082.044.084.xxx   Helloooo from London, UK!!
2009_12_14_16:02:20.570   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_14_16:02:31.609   067.209.015.xxx   awser my question does this work
2009_12_14_16:02:40.314   068.225.175.xxx   HI ALEK!!!!! HOW IS IT GOING??????????????
2009_12_14_16:02:55.501   069.180.210.xxx   yup, it works
2009_12_14_16:03:04.576   082.044.084.xxx   Merry Christmas love Bernadette!
2009_12_14_16:03:16.245   067.209.015.xxx   does this really work
2009_12_14_16:03:19.765   067.184.071.xxx   It's Joe
2009_12_14_16:03:41.780   024.002.169.xxx   hello this is so cool
2009_12_14_16:03:47.884   068.225.175.xxx   Sup Alek?
2009_12_14_16:04:05.397   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Does it work? Does this text show up on the laptop in Santa's Office?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_16:04:18.975   024.002.169.xxx   hey alek how you doing
2009_12_14_16:04:24.571   067.209.015.xxx   this dos not even work
2009_12_14_16:04:49.436   067.209.015.xxx   bs
2009_12_14_16:04:56.265   024.002.169.xxx   yes it does work
2009_12_14_16:05:04.403   069.180.210.xxx   it does!
2009_12_14_16:05:18.069   067.209.015.xxx   u think u funny
2009_12_14_16:05:43.919   082.044.084.xxx   Cheer up, Alek!
2009_12_14_16:05:44.193   067.209.015.xxx   lol
2009_12_14_16:05:47.341   024.002.169.xxx   how do you do all this
2009_12_14_16:06:18.447   067.209.015.xxx   dvklj sf*lgh eohgjfdh iher
2009_12_14_16:06:37.743   024.002.169.xxx   whats that
2009_12_14_16:06:55.367   071.173.003.xxx   hello
2009_12_14_16:07:04.560   067.209.015.xxx   u think u r really funny allek
2009_12_14_16:07:18.861   024.002.169.xxx   what state do you live in
2009_12_14_16:07:40.745   067.209.015.xxx   uk sukka (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_16:08:03.185   024.002.169.xxx   i mean alek
2009_12_14_16:08:44.548   067.209.015.xxx   i mean i dont care and he will not awser u duhhh he can hear u (11)
2009_12_14_16:09:20.320   012.039.123.xxx   Greetings all from Ft. Smith, Ar!
2009_12_14_16:11:27.174   067.209.015.xxx   yoooooooooooooooooo (12)
2009_12_14_16:12:05.988   067.209.015.xxx   asdfghjioutasdghbvcxzasdfghfdsa (13)
2009_12_14_16:12:17.547   024.002.169.xxx   he must love chrismas
2009_12_14_16:12:47.384   067.209.015.xxx   no hes just lonely (14)
2009_12_14_16:12:50.257   024.002.169.xxx   he must love christmas
2009_12_14_16:13:51.735   067.209.015.xxx   boye alek u better look at the screen and give me a smile (15)
2009_12_14_16:14:05.263   024.002.169.xxx   how long did it take you to put all of that up (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_16:14:42.082   067.209.015.xxx   boye alek u better look at the screen and give me a smile  please (16)
2009_12_14_16:14:49.671   072.037.244.xxx   Congratulations on spreading holiday cheer to all us Celiacs!
2009_12_14_16:15:01.823   086.012.226.xxx   Hello from Ireland!!
2009_12_14_16:15:58.709   067.209.015.xxx   g** opps wrong word lol haha (17)
2009_12_14_16:16:44.292   024.002.169.xxx   what state do you live in (11)
2009_12_14_16:16:49.391   067.209.015.xxx   omg smoe1 jus said tht (18)
2009_12_14_16:17:34.336   024.002.169.xxx   whats smoel (12)
2009_12_14_16:19:24.247   024.002.169.xxx   how many years did you do this (13)
2009_12_14_16:19:45.460   067.209.015.xxx   bs (19)
2009_12_14_16:20:04.028   070.186.217.xxx   hi
2009_12_14_16:20:45.652   067.209.015.xxx   how much money have you raised 25cent (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_16:21:13.575   024.002.169.xxx   thats not nice (14)
2009_12_14_16:21:16.196   067.209.015.xxx   nah pribbly 26 (21)
2009_12_14_16:21:46.590   067.209.015.xxx   like i careeeeee (22)
2009_12_14_16:21:48.123   071.072.039.xxx   Good eve Alek.. Good to be back for more fun tonite.!
2009_12_14_16:22:25.183   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee!
2009_12_14_16:22:54.752   209.169.217.xxx   Good afternoon Alek
2009_12_14_16:23:01.352   067.209.015.xxx   who opened their legs it smells fishy (23)
2009_12_14_16:23:16.191   024.002.169.xxx   heeeyy (15)
2009_12_14_16:23:25.569   209.169.217.xxx   hello
2009_12_14_16:23:43.271   024.002.169.xxx   how r u (16)
2009_12_14_16:25:20.790   024.002.169.xxx   please answer me (17)
2009_12_14_16:25:21.604   209.169.217.xxx   Where is everyone from?
2009_12_14_16:25:30.715   069.180.210.xxx   tennessee
2009_12_14_16:25:50.044   024.002.169.xxx   conneticut (18)
2009_12_14_16:26:14.677   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Republic of Boulder ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_16:26:16.135   209.169.217.xxx   East Tin  Cup
2009_12_14_16:26:38.271   024.002.169.xxx   what is everyones name? (19)
2009_12_14_16:27:08.970   024.002.169.xxx   my name is martina (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_16:28:18.004   069.180.210.xxx   not allowed to give it out
2009_12_14_16:28:29.129   083.150.083.xxx   this is some text too
2009_12_14_16:28:44.416   024.002.169.xxx   where are you from co (21)
2009_12_14_16:30:29.666   069.180.210.xxx   Christmas is awesome1
2009_12_14_16:30:50.494   024.002.169.xxx   ya it is!! (22)
2009_12_14_16:31:05.982   069.180.210.xxx   forgot the !
2009_12_14_16:31:10.183   074.078.249.xxx   Can I ask a question?
2009_12_14_16:31:26.318   024.002.169.xxx   go ahead (23)
2009_12_14_16:32:00.036   074.140.077.xxx   Hello I am Alec Metzger
2009_12_14_16:32:01.505   074.078.249.xxx   Why do you allow people to inflate or deflate your inflatables?
2009_12_14_16:35:03.076   076.073.171.xxx   sweet setup this year
2009_12_14_16:35:23.172   069.180.210.xxx   oh I know i know!!!!!       IT'S FUN!!!   :D
2009_12_14_16:36:33.201   069.180.210.xxx   Goodness gracious I can't type at all (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_16:38:21.065   069.180.210.xxx   Hello everyone! (11)
2009_12_14_16:40:54.143   173.071.096.xxx   Yooo! Merry Christmas! :)
2009_12_14_16:41:58.748   076.073.171.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2009_12_14_16:42:50.281   173.071.096.xxx   Silent Night..... Holy Night. 0:)
2009_12_14_16:43:43.238   098.117.099.xxx   Looks like u need more snow, Alek!!
2009_12_14_16:45:34.503   098.117.099.xxx   Merry Christmas from the shadow of the Space Needle!!
2009_12_14_16:50:35.960   156.034.246.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_14_16:51:26.203   098.117.099.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS DANIEL CHARLES ______Treece
2009_12_14_16:51:43.685   071.206.154.xxx   erry Xmas All
2009_12_14_16:55:20.699   065.024.063.xxx   w00t!!!!
2009_12_14_16:55:22.983   098.117.099.xxx   You forgot the "M"
2009_12_14_16:55:28.611   097.118.168.xxx   Hello people!
2009_12_14_16:55:53.415   098.117.099.xxx   Feliz Navidad
2009_12_14_16:56:27.775   065.024.063.xxx   no n00bs!
2009_12_14_16:56:36.666   071.206.154.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_14_16:56:58.322   065.024.063.xxx   w00tzor!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_16:58:08.902   098.117.099.xxx   Santa baybeeeee
2009_12_14_16:58:41.350   072.019.191.xxx   Merry Christmas Belle, Faith, David
2009_12_14_17:00:09.186   075.067.173.xxx   hay from bryant in ma**
2009_12_14_17:00:42.650   075.067.173.xxx   hi
2009_12_14_17:00:47.374   090.194.169.xxx   have a good crimbo alek
2009_12_14_17:00:54.333   098.117.099.xxx   TREECE LUVS SAMIR & SOFIA!!
2009_12_14_17:01:22.395   075.067.173.xxx   toby loves laura
2009_12_14_17:01:27.060   090.194.169.xxx   adam loves caitlin
2009_12_14_17:01:57.927   075.067.173.xxx   i love u mom
2009_12_14_17:02:21.054   090.194.169.xxx   i luv ur dad
2009_12_14_17:03:01.323   090.194.169.xxx   lol
2009_12_14_17:03:56.572   071.206.154.xxx   Anthony Logan
2009_12_14_17:05:40.697   189.082.249.xxx   hello
2009_12_14_17:06:48.214   075.067.173.xxx   i love you
2009_12_14_17:07:09.598   071.206.154.xxx   love u too
2009_12_14_17:07:35.855   071.206.154.xxx   wooooahzer
2009_12_14_17:09:19.177   068.056.034.xxx   wasup
2009_12_14_17:10:49.714   071.206.154.xxx   kawasaaakii
2009_12_14_17:11:16.405   071.206.154.xxx   jingle jingle
2009_12_14_17:11:28.560   075.067.173.xxx   bryant
2009_12_14_17:11:53.955   072.019.191.xxx   Merry Christmas Faith Bella and David
2009_12_14_17:11:57.513   075.067.173.xxx   uhscufiivfggop
2009_12_14_17:12:22.306   069.000.039.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_14_17:12:37.800   075.067.173.xxx   hoho
2009_12_14_17:12:54.524   069.000.039.xxx   this is awesome!
2009_12_14_17:13:04.552   076.177.008.xxx   haha
2009_12_14_17:13:07.797   093.096.054.xxx   Merry christmas
2009_12_14_17:13:31.092   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee! (12)
2009_12_14_17:13:31.817   069.000.039.xxx   I wish I could do this
2009_12_14_17:14:03.474   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee! (13)
2009_12_14_17:14:04.940   174.059.011.xxx   BA  HUM BUGG
2009_12_14_17:14:31.271   189.082.249.xxx   h
2009_12_14_17:14:47.961   067.170.220.xxx   hmm
2009_12_14_17:15:17.535   067.170.220.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_14_17:16:09.267   069.000.039.xxx   Hope its a wonderful Christmas for everyone this year
2009_12_14_17:16:43.220   070.230.202.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_14_17:17:00.724   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_14_17:17:05.887   076.190.141.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2009_12_14_17:17:23.585   174.059.011.xxx   hola
2009_12_14_17:17:30.628   069.000.039.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!  ___3
2009_12_14_17:19:36.543   089.024.093.xxx   p
2009_12_14_17:22:41.836   174.059.011.xxx   hi megan and brianna
2009_12_14_17:23:56.661   174.059.011.xxx   hi mom merry christmas
2009_12_14_17:24:36.045   118.210.211.xxx   Hello from Australia...
2009_12_14_17:25:32.119   118.210.211.xxx   WOW...this is pretty cool
2009_12_14_17:25:44.327   174.059.011.xxx   hello from pennsylvania USA
2009_12_14_17:28:26.463   118.210.211.xxx   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Love from Australia
2009_12_14_17:28:44.790   071.206.154.xxx   ping pong
2009_12_14_17:29:14.354   118.210.211.xxx   game on...
2009_12_14_17:29:58.337   118.210.211.xxx   Did the Colts win?
2009_12_14_17:32:04.167   125.237.104.xxx   i like cake
2009_12_14_17:32:29.968   068.145.108.xxx   Badonkadonk!
2009_12_14_17:33:11.003   068.145.108.xxx   shazaam!
2009_12_14_17:33:35.394   125.237.104.xxx   imma let you finish
2009_12_14_17:33:41.689   068.145.108.xxx   thunderpants!
2009_12_14_17:34:06.678   125.237.104.xxx   your wife is totally serviceable
2009_12_14_17:34:08.268   068.145.108.xxx   hi.  Fun site!
2009_12_14_17:34:35.074   156.034.246.xxx   Hi family :)
2009_12_14_17:34:57.811   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** My wife thanks you for the compliment 125.237! ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_17:35:22.283   118.210.211.xxx   Hey kids & Dad, great job... (coming to X-games in next year) - Love Austra
2009_12_14_17:37:20.805   125.237.104.xxx   christmas greetings from new zealand!
2009_12_14_17:37:33.710   118.210.211.xxx   Is that a egg? or Baseball?
2009_12_14_17:37:37.874   078.148.086.xxx   and N.Ireland
2009_12_14_17:38:38.276   078.148.086.xxx   Christmas greetings from N.Ireland that is :-)
2009_12_14_17:39:05.526   093.096.054.xxx   Merry Christmas From Newcastle England
2009_12_14_17:39:33.050   118.210.211.xxx   Merry Christmas from Adelaide, South Australia - TADS
2009_12_14_17:40:00.118   205.188.117.xxx   hi
2009_12_14_17:40:20.953   078.148.086.xxx   merry Christmas you lucky australians
2009_12_14_17:40:24.814   156.034.246.xxx   only 11 days to go!
2009_12_14_17:40:29.113   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** NancyT (my wife Wendy's friend who is watching) is HOT!!! ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_17:40:47.507   205.188.117.xxx   NO SHES NOT
2009_12_14_17:41:09.625   078.148.086.xxx   must be nice sweltering in Aus. sun!
2009_12_14_17:42:02.338   156.034.246.xxx   yikes Frosty is melting
2009_12_14_17:42:24.279   205.188.117.xxx   Happy Hanukkah
2009_12_14_17:43:24.412   205.188.117.xxx   bye have a great cristmas
2009_12_14_17:43:45.858   205.188.117.xxx   happy hanukkah
2009_12_14_17:43:47.366   024.192.052.xxx   This is cool
2009_12_14_17:44:18.455   024.192.052.xxx   Where did the hottie go?
2009_12_14_17:45:00.127   118.210.211.xxx   ...I think she went to change Jumpers LOL
2009_12_14_17:45:51.459   024.192.052.xxx   is that allowed?
2009_12_14_17:45:56.978   074.192.161.xxx   Merey Xmas
2009_12_14_17:46:23.717   024.192.052.xxx   bring back the hottie.
2009_12_14_17:46:38.039   074.192.161.xxx   MERRY MERRY Christmas!
2009_12_14_17:46:55.371   156.034.246.xxx   noooo offline
2009_12_14_17:46:59.308   024.192.052.xxx   don't you mean happy holidays?
2009_12_14_17:47:30.645   156.034.246.xxx   No, it's Merry Christmas
2009_12_14_17:47:50.189   024.192.052.xxx   it's a commercial holiday
2009_12_14_17:48:12.834   156.034.246.xxx   only if you make it so
2009_12_14_17:48:48.016   076.211.208.xxx   Hello
2009_12_14_17:49:04.811   024.192.052.xxx   christ wasn't born in december anyway.
2009_12_14_17:49:31.655   156.034.246.xxx   irrelevant, it is the day it is observed now
2009_12_14_17:50:00.921   024.192.052.xxx   one of many things the christians got way wrong.
2009_12_14_17:50:37.777   156.034.246.xxx   so dont celebrate it no one is forcing u
2009_12_14_17:50:39.050   086.031.001.xxx   boo
2009_12_14_17:50:51.929   024.192.052.xxx   it's observed in late dec to mess with the pagans solstace.
2009_12_14_17:51:16.501   086.031.001.xxx   I am scrooge
2009_12_14_17:51:27.881   156.034.246.xxx   pagans pffft (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_17:51:56.949   086.031.001.xxx   christmas haha
2009_12_14_17:52:07.732   024.192.052.xxx   around a lot longer than your messed up religion. (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_17:52:19.197   118.210.211.xxx   ....do the Inflatables come alive after 10pm? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_17:52:28.100   156.034.246.xxx   doesnt matter we rule now ahahahahaha (11)
2009_12_14_17:52:31.749   074.226.024.xxx   Suppp
2009_12_14_17:54:42.325   156.034.246.xxx   Merry Christmas!!! (12)
2009_12_14_17:55:20.200   024.192.052.xxx   happy solstace (11)
2009_12_14_17:55:51.119   156.034.246.xxx   Merry Christmas!!! (13)
2009_12_14_17:55:56.694   065.024.063.xxx   w00t!!!! No n00bs!!!!!
2009_12_14_17:57:48.662   024.192.052.xxx   happy solstace (12)
2009_12_14_17:58:10.540   156.034.246.xxx   any light contests for you his year Alek ? (14)
2009_12_14_17:58:45.297   156.034.246.xxx   like KFC last year... (15)
2009_12_14_18:01:52.949   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No contests that I'm aware of - enter the display in one! ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_18:02:24.273   024.192.052.xxx   happy solstace (13)
2009_12_14_18:04:12.466   071.121.032.xxx   HEY...I have the same Homer infatable
2009_12_14_18:04:56.806   075.064.041.xxx   Howdy
2009_12_14_18:05:18.763   065.033.000.xxx   hello from florida
2009_12_14_18:06:01.365   067.085.214.xxx   hi from NJ
2009_12_14_18:06:25.830   075.064.041.xxx   Howdy From Memphis TN
2009_12_14_18:06:28.153   072.081.026.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2009_12_14_18:06:47.890   071.121.032.xxx   Is that The Hulk on the roof?
2009_12_14_18:07:56.370   082.042.109.xxx   hello all from the uk.
2009_12_14_18:07:57.487   072.081.026.xxx   Santa Hulk
2009_12_14_18:09:02.160   063.231.128.xxx   Hello from Princeton, MN
2009_12_14_18:09:31.687   199.091.034.xxx   Radio Gods are back to flip all your switchez...
2009_12_14_18:09:31.890   075.064.041.xxx   Pimp This Bum LINK DELETED
2009_12_14_18:09:48.481   071.121.032.xxx   SANTA HULK SMASH!!!!
2009_12_14_18:10:03.184   063.231.128.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2009_12_14_18:11:41.854   063.231.128.xxx   How is everyone doing tonight??
2009_12_14_18:12:05.748   075.064.041.xxx   Light it up :)
2009_12_14_18:13:29.838   063.231.128.xxx   181 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2009_12_14_18:14:36.340   075.064.041.xxx   make it dark ___)
2009_12_14_18:14:58.938   071.121.032.xxx   Burrito Reindeer is so cool :)
2009_12_14_18:15:10.884   063.231.128.xxx   Alek!!!
2009_12_14_18:15:44.670   075.064.041.xxx   i bet this puts the electric bill trough the roof!
2009_12_14_18:16:10.647   063.231.128.xxx   Amy Morton
2009_12_14_18:17:18.671   209.169.217.xxx   Alek,  What happened to the lava lamp?
2009_12_14_18:17:27.353   091.021.017.xxx   hi from snowy germany
2009_12_14_18:18:44.098   063.231.128.xxx   The Yard looks great!!
2009_12_14_18:19:40.799   063.231.128.xxx   Hello from cold and snowy Minnesota
2009_12_14_18:19:44.140   086.014.174.xxx   Looks great from Scotland
2009_12_14_18:20:34.685   063.231.128.xxx   Alek seems busy tonight!
2009_12_14_18:21:05.453   199.091.034.xxx   podunkboy in the HOUSE!
2009_12_14_18:21:35.441   091.021.017.xxx   calling with santa
2009_12_14_18:21:46.477   063.231.128.xxx   Give us a wave Alek. (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_18:22:42.718   063.231.128.xxx   Love this site. (11)
2009_12_14_18:24:13.325   156.034.246.xxx   yeah Alek seems really busy maybe it's the media (16)
2009_12_14_18:24:18.327   063.231.128.xxx   Go Minnesota Wild!!!! (12)
2009_12_14_18:24:18.785   091.021.017.xxx   we all do
2009_12_14_18:25:00.294   063.231.128.xxx   Go Minnesota Wild!!! (13)
2009_12_14_18:26:25.025   091.021.017.xxx   he should have a microphone :-)
2009_12_14_18:27:02.599   063.231.128.xxx   Brett Favre Rules! (14)
2009_12_14_18:29:11.475   199.246.002.xxx   Nice work Alek...from Kingston, ON
2009_12_14_18:31:56.191   074.044.115.xxx   hello frm WV
2009_12_14_18:32:11.306   075.017.210.xxx   greetings from Packers country
2009_12_14_18:32:26.202   074.044.115.xxx   RONNIE
2009_12_14_18:32:54.105   068.054.089.xxx   Merry Christmas from Maryland!
2009_12_14_18:33:33.930   074.044.115.xxx   Ronnie weding to be 12-16-09
2009_12_14_18:33:56.097   066.030.108.xxx   Merry XMAS from Ma**achusetts!
2009_12_14_18:36:10.875   066.030.108.xxx   Go BRUINS! 1/1/2010
2009_12_14_18:36:38.964   072.070.099.xxx   hey toby that you
2009_12_14_18:36:56.606   070.230.202.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_14_18:36:57.776   071.072.039.xxx   Go SAINTS @ 13-0.!!!!!!
2009_12_14_18:37:23.057   070.230.202.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_14_18:37:26.179   072.070.099.xxx   bandwagoneer
2009_12_14_18:37:42.433   066.030.108.xxx   Ditto
2009_12_14_18:37:47.650   070.182.111.xxx   w00t
2009_12_14_18:38:01.130   070.230.202.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_14_18:38:40.082   070.182.111.xxx   This is EPIC!!!!
2009_12_14_18:38:48.840   066.030.108.xxx   Reppin' 01862
2009_12_14_18:39:35.641   068.054.089.xxx   sup
2009_12_14_18:41:59.012   066.030.108.xxx   Why didn't I think of this?
2009_12_14_18:42:22.893   068.054.089.xxx   Where is everyone from?
2009_12_14_18:42:34.086   066.030.108.xxx   MA
2009_12_14_18:42:40.140   193.200.150.xxx   Viva 420
2009_12_14_18:43:25.184   173.184.153.xxx   I AM THE GREATEST!!!!!! THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!
2009_12_14_18:43:41.590   066.030.108.xxx   calm down Stewie
2009_12_14_18:44:24.310   068.054.089.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2009_12_14_18:45:47.514   066.030.108.xxx   I found Buzz Lightyear
2009_12_14_18:46:40.072   066.030.108.xxx   He shoots, He scores!!!!
2009_12_14_18:48:28.516   098.017.242.xxx   Allen says hello
2009_12_14_18:48:59.818   066.030.108.xxx   I Love Linda! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_18:49:12.122   071.236.030.xxx   Merry Christmas from Atlanta
2009_12_14_18:49:43.057   071.236.030.xxx   I love Linda too
2009_12_14_18:49:49.094   173.184.153.xxx   GO HORNS!!!! BEAT ALABAMA!!!! soon to be 5 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_18:50:32.672   173.184.153.xxx   WHOOOO HOOK EM' HORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_18:50:38.764   071.236.030.xxx   Go U Fuzzy Bees, Sting the Hawkeyes
2009_12_14_18:51:18.406   069.207.212.xxx   wahoo it's christmas!!!
2009_12_14_18:51:40.818   066.030.108.xxx   SANTA IS MY HOMEY.... (11)
2009_12_14_18:52:08.310   071.236.030.xxx   I love Santa
2009_12_14_18:52:24.418   069.207.212.xxx   santa rokz
2009_12_14_18:52:25.141   193.200.150.xxx   420
2009_12_14_18:53:12.966   072.019.191.xxx   Merry Christmas from Hartsel, CO
2009_12_14_18:53:17.440   066.030.108.xxx   No Bogartin' (12)
2009_12_14_18:53:50.112   066.030.108.xxx   Hey You! (13)
2009_12_14_18:54:02.976   173.184.153.xxx   Take a pound, break it down, blow it like dro. BLOW SMOKE n****!!!!
2009_12_14_18:54:05.715   072.019.191.xxx   Thank you Alex for puttin on this great display
2009_12_14_18:54:23.424   066.030.108.xxx   Alek! (14)
2009_12_14_18:54:50.111   072.019.191.xxx   Who said I could spell
2009_12_14_18:55:01.636   066.030.108.xxx   Hungry? (15)
2009_12_14_18:55:21.598   072.019.191.xxx   Yep
2009_12_14_18:55:34.562   066.030.108.xxx   Cheerios? (16)
2009_12_14_18:55:43.610   173.184.153.xxx   What are you eatin?
2009_12_14_18:55:48.354   076.173.103.xxx   christmas rocks!
2009_12_14_18:56:00.811   072.019.191.xxx   Coal
2009_12_14_18:56:06.258   066.030.108.xxx   Ice cream, silly! (17)
2009_12_14_18:57:01.523   072.019.191.xxx   Baked potatoes
2009_12_14_18:57:09.930   066.030.108.xxx   Whatcha watchin, Alek? (18)
2009_12_14_18:57:37.682   066.030.108.xxx   Hockey? (19)
2009_12_14_18:58:54.958   173.184.153.xxx   I'M TURNIN YOU OFF!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_18:58:59.724   173.055.207.xxx   Sup Dude yew Duh Best At ur Controllable Lights:))))
2009_12_14_18:59:56.190   072.019.191.xxx   Not kool
2009_12_14_19:00:14.147   173.055.207.xxx   hii!!!!!:)))
2009_12_14_19:03:20.694   075.118.116.xxx   Woo fun!
2009_12_14_19:03:53.528   075.118.116.xxx   Never gonna give you up...
2009_12_14_19:05:36.373   075.057.005.xxx   cough
2009_12_14_19:07:11.220   067.159.044.xxx   hello
2009_12_14_19:07:12.296   075.057.005.xxx   wave hello
2009_12_14_19:07:50.282   067.159.044.xxx   Sweet dreams are made of these.
2009_12_14_19:07:58.424   075.057.005.xxx   what time is it?
2009_12_14_19:08:04.212   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I'm back!!!!!   :D (14)
2009_12_14_19:08:22.445   067.159.044.xxx   hello
2009_12_14_19:08:25.551   075.057.005.xxx   shoe on head!
2009_12_14_19:09:11.006   069.180.210.xxx   ya'll have a good day today? (15)
2009_12_14_19:10:10.864   076.222.217.xxx   Hi everyone
2009_12_14_19:11:33.961   109.078.154.xxx   miaow
2009_12_14_19:12:09.964   076.222.217.xxx   I love Christmas!!!!!!
2009_12_14_19:12:22.816   069.180.210.xxx   me too! (16)
2009_12_14_19:12:46.507   109.078.154.xxx   what
2009_12_14_19:12:49.741   076.222.217.xxx   Amazing website!
2009_12_14_19:13:00.701   072.208.165.xxx   hello, Pizza hut?
2009_12_14_19:13:23.482   109.078.154.xxx   LOL WUT
2009_12_14_19:13:30.990   074.050.104.xxx   Sweet Dreams are made of these.
2009_12_14_19:13:56.230   071.137.105.xxx   Hello Radio God's Forum p**ps! From Birdy!
2009_12_14_19:14:02.456   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** No pizza ordered here ... unless Gluten-Free! ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_19:14:06.028   074.050.104.xxx   I am watching you with a camera.
2009_12_14_19:14:06.397   072.208.165.xxx   stacy's mom has got it goin on
2009_12_14_19:14:09.408   091.021.017.xxx   i-net is beautiful. i can see a uy from the other side of world and controll hi
2009_12_14_19:14:37.301   091.021.017.xxx   his house
2009_12_14_19:14:40.861   069.180.210.xxx   Everyone have a good day today? (17)
2009_12_14_19:15:25.060   076.222.217.xxx   ---------____________--____________ car chase
2009_12_14_19:15:37.196   074.050.104.xxx   poop
2009_12_14_19:15:56.194   076.222.217.xxx   __________________________________________
2009_12_14_19:16:28.002   076.222.217.xxx   ROFL COPTER
2009_12_14_19:16:32.848   074.050.104.xxx   Sweet Dreams
2009_12_14_19:16:34.323   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee? (18)
2009_12_14_19:16:58.027   076.222.217.xxx   TEXAS
2009_12_14_19:17:19.049   074.050.104.xxx   according to ninja proxy, I'm from Tampa FL.
2009_12_14_19:17:50.889   076.222.217.xxx   Whats the difference between santa and tiger woods
2009_12_14_19:18:35.633   074.050.104.xxx   whay?
2009_12_14_19:18:50.085   076.222.217.xxx   santa stops after 3 Ho's
2009_12_14_19:19:02.241   074.050.104.xxx   hahahha
2009_12_14_19:20:33.031   071.137.105.xxx   Hello Radio God's Forum p**ps! From Birdy!
2009_12_14_19:22:10.306   071.137.105.xxx   Hello Radio God's Forum peoples! From Birdy!
2009_12_14_19:22:24.121   067.042.235.xxx   poop
2009_12_14_19:22:31.821   076.222.217.xxx   IM A SNOWMAN!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_19:22:44.830   069.180.210.xxx   frosty!!!!!!! (19)
2009_12_14_19:25:03.391   069.180.210.xxx   I wish that it would snow here (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_19:25:05.300   068.056.253.xxx   Hello from Sarasota, FL
2009_12_14_19:25:46.762   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (21)
2009_12_14_19:27:16.996   067.042.235.xxx   merry x-mas
2009_12_14_19:28:34.022   069.040.241.xxx   Hello peoples
2009_12_14_19:28:44.772   069.180.210.xxx   hello! (22)
2009_12_14_19:29:16.509   069.040.241.xxx   Hi how are you
2009_12_14_19:29:18.918   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee? (23)
2009_12_14_19:30:08.015   067.042.235.xxx   washington state
2009_12_14_19:30:20.062   069.040.241.xxx   Im from Ohio
2009_12_14_19:30:43.549   067.042.235.xxx   oregon
2009_12_14_19:31:18.015   069.040.241.xxx   I just got on this site since like, 2 years ago
2009_12_14_19:31:33.362   069.180.210.xxx   Cool! People from all over the united States! (24)
2009_12_14_19:32:02.312   069.180.210.xxx   Everyone have a good day today? (25)
2009_12_14_19:32:52.347   069.040.241.xxx   Yes
2009_12_14_19:33:58.401   069.180.210.xxx   We got a Christmas concert tomorrow! I can't wait (26)
2009_12_14_19:34:22.778   074.195.035.xxx   hello from louisiana
2009_12_14_19:34:52.350   069.040.241.xxx   This site is so crowded it is lagging like heck
2009_12_14_19:35:02.304   071.218.086.xxx   Merry Christmas to  All from Warren and Judi
2009_12_14_19:35:37.552   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas to ya'll too (27)
2009_12_14_19:35:48.921   069.040.241.xxx   Im from Cleveland, OH not exactly in it but nearest city and I want it to SNOW!
2009_12_14_19:36:26.806   069.180.210.xxx   I wish that it would snow here too (28)
2009_12_14_19:36:30.434   069.040.241.xxx   Cut off there, I want it to snow.  Crazy weather here
2009_12_14_19:37:55.723   074.195.035.xxx   where did cam one go?
2009_12_14_19:38:09.044   098.017.242.xxx   Hi Bev
2009_12_14_19:38:25.486   173.057.077.xxx   Hello =___
2009_12_14_19:38:58.850   074.195.035.xxx   8=====___
2009_12_14_19:39:23.956   069.180.210.xxx   uh oh......cam 1 is offline.... (29)
2009_12_14_19:41:41.446   066.140.106.xxx   It's still alive but not refreshing as often as it should
2009_12_14_19:42:00.600   069.180.210.xxx   ohh that's why (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_19:45:34.446   124.177.188.xxx   Hi Shan ur one hot b****
2009_12_14_19:46:03.448   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas (31)
2009_12_14_19:46:09.129   069.040.241.xxx   ___=O
2009_12_14_19:46:13.503   124.177.188.xxx   Hi to all at Metro Estates
2009_12_14_19:47:00.692   069.180.210.xxx   We just put up the decorations outside (32)
2009_12_14_19:47:59.735   069.040.241.xxx   See my Youtube vid: LINK DELETED (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_19:48:33.042   069.040.241.xxx   Oops: LINK DELETED (11)
2009_12_14_19:48:59.024   069.040.241.xxx   What the heck (12)
2009_12_14_19:49:13.349   069.180.210.xxx   It deletes links (33)
2009_12_14_19:49:33.471   069.040.241.xxx   Just go to youtube type in: Darka**asin104 (13)
2009_12_14_19:49:57.030   075.057.005.xxx   darka is a loser
2009_12_14_19:50:03.027   173.184.153.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TX
2009_12_14_19:50:05.240   192.136.022.xxx   hi!
2009_12_14_19:50:19.256   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (34)
2009_12_14_19:50:35.925   069.040.241.xxx   yi er san si wu liau qi ba jiu shi (14)
2009_12_14_19:50:51.328   075.057.005.xxx   hallo from north korea
2009_12_14_19:51:17.482   068.033.247.xxx   Merry Christmas from Maryland!
2009_12_14_19:52:10.815   070.230.202.xxx   SANTEE CA 92071
2009_12_14_19:52:45.183   173.053.186.xxx   Happy gluten-free holidays everyone!
2009_12_14_19:56:10.933   024.058.249.xxx   Help! I'm trapped in wrapping paper!
2009_12_14_19:56:12.004   069.040.241.xxx   Kann nicht zensieren H___ndin in Deutsch! (15)
2009_12_14_19:57:16.307   024.058.249.xxx   Ha ha!
2009_12_14_19:57:33.709   070.178.150.xxx   Du hast...Du hast....
2009_12_14_19:57:52.280   069.040.241.xxx   Hej allihopa, Merry Christmas from Sweden (16)
2009_12_14_19:57:57.183   070.178.150.xxx   Rammstein
2009_12_14_19:58:04.158   069.180.210.xxx   duct tape is very useful... (35)
2009_12_14_19:58:57.156   069.180.210.xxx   my little brother tried to eat a Christmas ornament last week (36)
2009_12_14_19:59:26.436   069.040.241.xxx   Dia duit gach duine, Merry Christmas as ___irinn (17)
2009_12_14_20:00:07.185   069.040.241.xxx   Hello Alek (18)
2009_12_14_20:00:13.982   069.180.210.xxx   it was one of those cookie dough ornaments he just bit a hole in it (37)
2009_12_14_20:00:49.917   069.040.241.xxx   Lol, that is funny.  I was the one speaking in like 20 languages. (19)
2009_12_14_20:01:26.039   069.180.210.xxx   Google translator or gibberish? (38)
2009_12_14_20:01:53.068   069.040.241.xxx   Google Translator just do translate.google .com (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_20:03:02.355   069.180.210.xxx   I use that to scare my mom sometimes (39)
2009_12_14_20:03:02.418   069.040.241.xxx   It is 10:02 PM EST here gotta wake up at 6:00 aM for school (21)
2009_12_14_20:03:49.959   069.180.210.xxx   It's 9:02.I have to wake up at 6:00 too.got school.. (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_20:03:59.550   209.112.135.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_14_20:04:40.969   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night (41)
2009_12_14_20:06:12.355   069.180.210.xxx   Duct tape is awesome (42)
2009_12_14_20:07:15.128   069.180.210.xxx   Well, got to go...got school. Have a great day tomorrow everyone! (43)
2009_12_14_20:10:21.015   071.229.101.xxx   Go Miami Dolphins!!
2009_12_14_20:12:04.248   174.016.046.xxx   Hello from Loveland Colorado!
2009_12_14_20:15:49.640   072.081.026.xxx   First batch of cookies are done!
2009_12_14_20:18:40.266   067.162.060.xxx   I Love My Wife, Michelle!
2009_12_14_20:20:42.558   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Loveland - just South of you! ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_20:21:24.741   067.162.060.xxx   Thanks for the great display Alek
2009_12_14_20:22:24.855   067.162.060.xxx   There is a special place for people like you in heaven!
2009_12_14_20:22:58.391   067.162.060.xxx   There is a specGod Bless!ial place for people like you in heaven!
2009_12_14_20:23:42.463   067.162.060.xxx   God Bless you and your family!
2009_12_14_20:24:35.111   066.140.106.xxx   Just four more days and I get two weeks off!
2009_12_14_20:24:58.959   099.165.050.xxx   OOGLA BOOGLA!!!
2009_12_14_20:26:37.146   099.165.050.xxx   peace
2009_12_14_20:27:09.442   099.165.050.xxx   boogers are coming out of my nose 
2009_12_14_20:36:59.921   074.137.058.xxx   Ho, Ho, Ho
2009_12_14_20:42:16.713   098.215.130.xxx   psycho-holics
2009_12_14_20:43:09.253   098.215.130.xxx   listen to psychostick
2009_12_14_20:50:20.591   173.081.185.xxx   hello sadie
2009_12_14_20:55:38.448   070.254.195.xxx   Very cool Alek!!!!
2009_12_14_20:57:06.292   071.002.118.xxx   neat!!!!
2009_12_14_21:00:23.934   076.027.213.xxx   Merry Christmas from 2 Guys Brewery
2009_12_14_21:02:20.279   066.059.126.xxx   hi there
2009_12_14_21:03:35.496   075.005.243.xxx   hey nice lights
2009_12_14_21:05:47.112   216.134.165.xxx   Nyte fails
2009_12_14_21:06:12.483   067.181.113.xxx   Nerf!
2009_12_14_21:06:33.809   216.134.165.xxx   nerf 0wns all
2009_12_14_21:06:42.834   069.169.172.xxx   w/e
2009_12_14_21:07:08.367   216.134.165.xxx   8==========D
2009_12_14_21:07:41.473   096.035.030.xxx   hi from alton IL
2009_12_14_21:07:53.466   067.181.113.xxx   ___S___
2009_12_14_21:08:25.231   096.035.030.xxx   POOP
2009_12_14_21:10:28.985   074.137.058.xxx   TOOT
2009_12_14_21:12:26.036   096.035.030.xxx   217740****
2009_12_14_21:12:53.923   096.035.030.xxx   hi
2009_12_14_21:13:05.979   074.137.080.xxx   natalie barker, do your paper
2009_12_14_21:13:11.220   216.134.165.xxx   ______D ______ ______V______ ______D
2009_12_14_21:14:19.653   203.026.122.xxx   Gday from Oz
2009_12_14_21:15:59.050   096.035.030.xxx   Merry X-mas To All
2009_12_14_21:20:36.398   096.035.030.xxx   nice job on the lights
2009_12_14_21:22:10.357   096.035.030.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_14_21:22:35.991   024.118.099.xxx   Meowmix123
2009_12_14_21:23:17.303   024.118.099.xxx   i love you daddy!
2009_12_14_21:24:04.677   024.118.099.xxx   Grandma Loves Me!
2009_12_14_21:24:45.518   096.035.030.xxx   She loves me too!!!
2009_12_14_21:24:58.575   024.118.099.xxx   STOP CONTROLLING PPL! ITS MY TURN!
2009_12_14_21:25:12.324   096.035.030.xxx   NO
2009_12_14_21:26:29.985   024.118.099.xxx   Shhhhh Go To Sleep
2009_12_14_21:26:42.274   064.012.116.xxx   is the shop still open
2009_12_14_21:27:28.439   024.118.099.xxx   lets use all the electricity by turning all the stuff on and off
2009_12_14_21:30:03.295   024.118.099.xxx   Nice glasses!
2009_12_14_21:30:13.962   096.035.030.xxx   Lets all donate (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_21:30:34.271   024.118.099.xxx   How much should I?
2009_12_14_21:30:54.525   096.035.030.xxx   as much as you can (11)
2009_12_14_21:31:20.271   024.118.099.xxx   Do you accept visa debit? I have like $100 i could throw in, I dont got a pay
2009_12_14_21:31:30.346   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The website is free, but any donation for Celiac is appreciated ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_21:31:32.207   096.035.030.xxx   Is Santa in? (12)
2009_12_14_21:31:52.801   024.118.099.xxx   Do you accept visa debit? I have like $100 i could throw in, I dont got a pay (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_21:32:46.770   096.035.030.xxx   yes (13)
2009_12_14_21:33:17.340   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Univ of Maryland accepts online credit card donations - thanks in advance! ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_21:33:25.741   024.118.099.xxx   k the number is 315-425-255-631 and code is 125 (11)
2009_12_14_21:34:04.347   024.118.099.xxx   oopssss, i didnt just do that (12)
2009_12_14_21:34:23.664   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Please submit it on their secure site ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_21:34:27.273   096.035.030.xxx   lol (14)
2009_12_14_21:34:58.256   024.118.099.xxx   can u plz delete the history? i did not mean to post that (13)
2009_12_14_21:35:31.203   066.140.106.xxx   LOL He just walked off
2009_12_14_21:36:27.446   096.035.030.xxx   LOL (15)
2009_12_14_21:36:42.551   066.140.106.xxx   So does anyone wanna post their social securty number? :)
2009_12_14_21:39:55.218   096.035.030.xxx   anything else? (16)
2009_12_14_21:42:03.176   096.035.030.xxx   call for good time (17)
2009_12_14_21:43:38.649   067.060.170.xxx   This is my third visit to your excellent site! thank you
2009_12_14_21:44:05.852   203.049.171.xxx   hello there!
2009_12_14_21:47:07.165   203.049.171.xxx   Greetings from Digital team in Australia
2009_12_14_21:49:50.143   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Australia ... how is the snow down there?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_14_21:49:55.761   096.050.107.xxx   Christmas Greetings from the West Coast of Canada, eh!
2009_12_14_21:53:39.683   203.049.171.xxx   merry Xmas
2009_12_14_21:54:12.902   203.049.171.xxx   hi tom!
2009_12_14_21:54:45.695   203.049.171.xxx   marry me!
2009_12_14_21:54:48.149   070.254.195.xxx   greetings from Kansas!
2009_12_14_21:55:17.300   203.049.171.xxx   tom will  you marry me?
2009_12_14_21:55:37.083   203.049.171.xxx   YES!! xxx ooo
2009_12_14_21:56:42.912   203.049.171.xxx   suga!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_21:56:47.529   190.092.035.xxx   Crazy stuff!
2009_12_14_21:57:19.211   203.049.171.xxx   suga!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_14_21:57:54.927   203.049.171.xxx   hhhh (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_14_21:58:43.850   203.049.171.xxx   call mum (11)
2009_12_14_21:59:34.790   071.072.039.xxx   A good eve to all from Ohio..  -bye

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