721 christmas text messages on 2009/1216

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 12,978 times that day including 8,661 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1216

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_16_17:00:30.201   096.231.189.xxx   hi
2009_12_16_17:00:33.748   065.191.127.xxx   DING!
2009_12_16_17:00:55.380   078.148.047.xxx   hi voda
2009_12_16_17:00:56.945   070.022.187.xxx   Dong!
2009_12_16_17:01:08.254   065.191.127.xxx   Crystal, will you marry me?
2009_12_16_17:01:10.284   082.011.063.xxx   oi
2009_12_16_17:01:12.901   173.025.110.xxx   hey
2009_12_16_17:01:16.108   068.014.140.xxx   all ur base are belong to us
2009_12_16_17:01:26.102   096.231.189.xxx   yoyoyoyoyo
2009_12_16_17:01:38.121   084.133.139.xxx   KOLLE greets you
2009_12_16_17:01:45.363   068.014.140.xxx   your ad here
2009_12_16_17:01:55.793   173.025.110.xxx   any one from iowa this is so cool
2009_12_16_17:01:58.417   096.241.108.xxx   Hi to all at Holy Spirit
2009_12_16_17:02:12.393   024.208.195.xxx   hello from Naptown
2009_12_16_17:02:22.962   065.191.127.xxx   Merreh Christmas :D
2009_12_16_17:02:23.236   078.148.047.xxx   hi voda
2009_12_16_17:03:02.224   078.148.047.xxx   hi voda its me bri
2009_12_16_17:03:11.774   168.156.154.xxx   lol d***s
2009_12_16_17:03:18.276   173.025.110.xxx   this guy must be rich
2009_12_16_17:03:36.354   096.231.189.xxx   not really
2009_12_16_17:03:49.490   082.011.063.xxx   hi bri  im lonely
2009_12_16_17:03:51.644   096.241.108.xxx   this is so cool
2009_12_16_17:03:54.820   173.025.110.xxx   well for the eletric bill
2009_12_16_17:04:00.051   084.133.139.xxx   HI FRANK AUS BAUNATAL
2009_12_16_17:04:22.195   078.148.047.xxx   i love you my sweet sis voda love from bri
2009_12_16_17:04:33.842   098.160.221.xxx   LED LIGHTS no electric bill
2009_12_16_17:04:49.196   092.073.152.xxx   hi  leute
2009_12_16_17:05:01.553   082.011.063.xxx   hi all
2009_12_16_17:05:01.865   024.208.195.xxx   hey mike how's it shakin?
2009_12_16_17:05:39.313   024.208.195.xxx   how's everyone?
2009_12_16_17:06:06.519   092.073.152.xxx   i from eyetoy
2009_12_16_17:06:26.973   139.067.162.xxx   Happy Holidays from Hit-Mix 88.9 WEIU Charleston, IL
2009_12_16_17:06:34.098   096.241.108.xxx   is anybody from holyspirit watching
2009_12_16_17:06:51.723   072.029.240.xxx   o.j. is innocent
2009_12_16_17:06:52.143   024.208.195.xxx   My buddy mike is playin lord of the rings and I am playing with christmas light
2009_12_16_17:06:58.322   078.148.047.xxx   im from no one land love bri
2009_12_16_17:07:01.782   071.191.199.xxx   yup
2009_12_16_17:07:11.482   087.165.232.xxx   hello from germany ( berlin )
2009_12_16_17:07:29.849   078.148.047.xxx   love you my sweet babe sis
2009_12_16_17:07:31.381   024.208.195.xxx   guten tag
2009_12_16_17:07:34.651   084.133.139.xxx   HELLO TO BERLIN FROM SEESEN (HARZ)
2009_12_16_17:07:43.056   098.160.221.xxx   LEDs for low power bill
2009_12_16_17:07:46.689   092.073.152.xxx   berlin wo liegt das den?
2009_12_16_17:08:01.873   072.029.240.xxx   Wall Drugs For All
2009_12_16_17:08:03.627   082.011.063.xxx   hi  im from uk
2009_12_16_17:08:05.231   087.165.232.xxx   ja nee is klar
2009_12_16_17:08:08.725   068.014.140.xxx   would be more fun to turn neighbors lights on and off
2009_12_16_17:08:10.494   078.148.047.xxx   love you smy sweet baby sis voda from bri xxx
2009_12_16_17:08:27.113   092.073.152.xxx   xD
2009_12_16_17:10:18.829   024.208.195.xxx   hola, guten tag and hello from ME!!!
2009_12_16_17:10:42.830   078.148.047.xxx   boo
2009_12_16_17:10:44.433   092.073.152.xxx   ich geh ins bett ...nacht
2009_12_16_17:11:26.195   089.024.245.xxx   :-D
2009_12_16_17:11:28.400   078.148.047.xxx   hello nice lights by the way
2009_12_16_17:11:56.814   157.127.155.xxx   Happy Holidays from Thing
2009_12_16_17:12:01.655   078.148.047.xxx   oi oi (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_17:12:37.872   087.244.084.xxx   Hi From Jersey, its good to be back
2009_12_16_17:12:43.771   074.050.104.xxx   wpww927 Granby base is now clear.
2009_12_16_17:13:09.357   074.050.104.xxx   hi
2009_12_16_17:13:43.262   074.230.013.xxx   awesomeness.
2009_12_16_17:13:45.816   098.111.090.xxx   This is your stalker.... O__o
2009_12_16_17:13:56.465   076.011.215.xxx   Glad to see the lights up this year!
2009_12_16_17:14:29.450   098.111.090.xxx   Happy Holidays p**ps!
2009_12_16_17:15:20.210   084.133.139.xxx   NICE AND FUNKY THIS HOUSE.
2009_12_16_17:15:36.914   078.148.047.xxx   welcome from the uk (11)
2009_12_16_17:15:47.051   098.111.090.xxx   Happy Holidays p**ps!
2009_12_16_17:16:08.010   078.148.047.xxx   yeah you too (12)
2009_12_16_17:16:46.213   078.148.047.xxx   LIke balckpool from bri (13)
2009_12_16_17:17:23.318   078.148.047.xxx   blackpool he means (14)
2009_12_16_17:17:43.848   173.160.051.xxx   poop
2009_12_16_17:18:06.565   069.157.028.xxx   awesomesauce
2009_12_16_17:18:37.938   173.160.051.xxx   Eat at Subway 5290 e. arapahoe av. boulder co
2009_12_16_17:20:06.280   078.148.047.xxx   lets go bonkers (15)
2009_12_16_17:20:08.931   071.191.199.xxx   hi!
2009_12_16_17:20:26.349   074.131.117.xxx   Hi Madison
2009_12_16_17:20:28.848   071.191.199.xxx   cool it works!
2009_12_16_17:20:33.311   078.148.047.xxx   hi (16)
2009_12_16_17:20:38.772   082.011.063.xxx   hi
2009_12_16_17:20:49.063   084.133.139.xxx   YES IT DOES
2009_12_16_17:21:04.118   071.191.199.xxx   hey everyone! woo hoo
2009_12_16_17:21:27.422   071.191.199.xxx   i wonder how this works?
2009_12_16_17:21:45.954   074.131.117.xxx   Hi Madison
2009_12_16_17:21:56.110   071.191.199.xxx   hey!
2009_12_16_17:23:19.040   024.208.195.xxx   Anyone watchin from Indiana besides Me?
2009_12_16_17:23:55.021   074.131.117.xxx   hey   catty
2009_12_16_17:24:00.553   075.211.018.xxx   Waka waka!
2009_12_16_17:24:21.049   084.133.139.xxx   Wacken!
2009_12_16_17:24:29.469   067.171.027.xxx   Groovy
2009_12_16_17:24:34.765   082.042.109.xxx   happy birthday jackie from john UK
2009_12_16_17:24:43.537   075.211.018.xxx   I KNOW RIGHT!?
2009_12_16_17:25:01.021   067.171.027.xxx   Happy Holidays from Seattle!
2009_12_16_17:25:06.310   078.148.047.xxx   yeah happy birthday (17)
2009_12_16_17:25:27.216   082.042.109.xxx   ALL PLEAS WISH MY JACKIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY THANKS.
2009_12_16_17:25:55.786   082.042.109.xxx   THANKS
2009_12_16_17:26:25.384   086.128.024.xxx   cLICK
2009_12_16_17:26:27.916   097.119.008.xxx   TACOS!!!!!
2009_12_16_17:26:50.490   071.096.122.xxx   I AM THE DUKE OF FRANCE
2009_12_16_17:27:35.645   075.211.018.xxx   Happy ChristmaHanuKwanziRamadan!
2009_12_16_17:27:40.249   086.128.024.xxx   CLICK... CR
2009_12_16_17:28:04.525   075.211.018.xxx   I does now!
2009_12_16_17:28:17.430   086.128.024.xxx   great lights!
2009_12_16_17:28:39.288   082.042.109.xxx   its the duke of york. he had 10,000 men
2009_12_16_17:28:45.512   078.148.047.xxx   humm nice ip (18)
2009_12_16_17:28:51.777   075.211.018.xxx   And 2.5 women
2009_12_16_17:29:07.851   076.180.149.xxx   Nash loses
2009_12_16_17:29:22.230   078.148.047.xxx   duke you aint got clue were your duke is (19)
2009_12_16_17:29:26.150   075.211.018.xxx   noooooooooooooooo!!
2009_12_16_17:29:39.927   082.011.063.xxx   yes he ha**sss
2009_12_16_17:29:49.501   082.042.109.xxx   iam father christmas
2009_12_16_17:29:57.807   078.148.047.xxx   duke why dont you duke off (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_17:30:30.357   082.042.109.xxx   santa run off with my wife last year
2009_12_16_17:30:31.967   082.011.063.xxx   for duke sake u r all boring come on its xma**ss
2009_12_16_17:30:57.435   078.148.047.xxx   i hate xmas (21)
2009_12_16_17:31:17.324   082.042.109.xxx   santa run off with my wife last christmas
2009_12_16_17:31:22.466   082.011.063.xxx   i hate you but i dont complain bri shhhh
2009_12_16_17:31:45.560   078.148.047.xxx   i hate you to but love ya aswell voda (22)
2009_12_16_17:31:47.276   082.042.109.xxx   she was a ho ho ho
2009_12_16_17:32:13.848   076.011.215.xxx   where where where
2009_12_16_17:32:30.686   082.011.063.xxx   hmmm i want a  ho ho ho on xmas nite:p
2009_12_16_17:32:46.876   078.148.047.xxx   thats funny (23)
2009_12_16_17:33:13.587   096.241.108.xxx   i would like to be cancer free
2009_12_16_17:34:14.499   076.011.215.xxx   no u
2009_12_16_17:34:25.509   078.148.047.xxx   mowwwwwwww (24)
2009_12_16_17:34:52.054   082.011.063.xxx   oi leave santa going he climbing onto my roof i told him he cant come through d (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_17:35:11.261   078.148.047.xxx   santa can i have set of decks for xmas (25)
2009_12_16_17:35:28.540   096.241.108.xxx   santa can i hav a laptop
2009_12_16_17:35:44.755   082.011.063.xxx   santa can i have a rich man with millions for life (11)
2009_12_16_17:35:52.849   078.148.047.xxx   can i have one too (26)
2009_12_16_17:36:31.763   096.254.203.xxx   LOng live Halloween ___)
2009_12_16_17:37:26.493   096.254.203.xxx   nice message..
2009_12_16_17:37:52.670   096.254.203.xxx   :)
2009_12_16_17:38:27.737   082.011.063.xxx   its ok he got new one rite ere (12)
2009_12_16_17:38:37.975   096.254.203.xxx   LOL
2009_12_16_17:38:52.470   070.048.065.xxx   hi santa!
2009_12_16_17:39:38.696   156.034.197.xxx   you will be getting coal this year young man!
2009_12_16_17:39:39.550   082.011.063.xxx   u wish he did (13)
2009_12_16_17:39:56.414   096.254.203.xxx   if ___text = ___ then ignore msg
2009_12_16_17:41:03.094   096.254.203.xxx   it's like mad-libs with asterisks
2009_12_16_17:41:07.997   076.011.215.xxx   Good thing those asterisks were there. That word could have offended me
2009_12_16_17:41:21.693   082.011.063.xxx   dnt think she wud find it i have seen it (14)
2009_12_16_17:41:32.942   076.011.215.xxx   offended me
2009_12_16_17:41:36.601   072.081.083.xxx   cr
2009_12_16_17:41:49.474   082.011.063.xxx   yh errr  lol (15)
2009_12_16_17:41:51.157   156.034.197.xxx   all it said was she could sit on his couch
2009_12_16_17:41:54.862   096.254.203.xxx   It's not you, it's the kids that live in the house, silly
2009_12_16_17:42:15.356   077.176.194.xxx   merry christmas from germany
2009_12_16_17:42:40.331   082.011.063.xxx   merry xmas n a drunken new year to everyone form uk (16)
2009_12_16_17:43:03.613   072.081.083.xxx   cr
2009_12_16_17:43:07.243   080.192.058.xxx   merry christmas from andy edinburgh
2009_12_16_17:43:13.121   078.148.047.xxx   mine name is farty a** father chirtsmas (27)
2009_12_16_17:43:23.893   082.011.063.xxx   merry xmas from glasgow (17)
2009_12_16_17:43:29.622   096.254.203.xxx   Merry Christmas from Jason Voorhees
2009_12_16_17:43:51.203   078.148.047.xxx   hi all im from manchtser any nice sinlge laday in (28)
2009_12_16_17:43:52.114   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_16_17:44:14.259   082.011.063.xxx   o m g whre the xmas spirit (18)
2009_12_16_17:44:44.144   096.254.203.xxx   don't ask questions with this group lol
2009_12_16_17:45:14.321   076.011.215.xxx   Merry Christmas from Missouri
2009_12_16_17:45:35.648   078.148.047.xxx   weres my ho ?? (29)
2009_12_16_17:45:38.412   096.254.203.xxx   yer a what? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_17:45:49.776   156.034.197.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_16_17:45:57.170   076.011.215.xxx   3232____3232___
2009_12_16_17:45:59.031   082.011.063.xxx   yeh hoping to do that too but for now (19)
2009_12_16_17:46:05.700   078.148.047.xxx   merry my a** (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_17:46:14.094   096.254.203.xxx   worlds most irritating chatroom lol (11)
2009_12_16_17:46:28.305   076.011.215.xxx   Well that failed miserably
2009_12_16_17:46:57.421   082.011.063.xxx   so people wat everyone doin (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_17:46:59.165   156.034.197.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_16_17:48:03.678   077.176.194.xxx   Hi Guz,hi johnnyp
2009_12_16_17:48:13.083   078.148.047.xxx   bri should behave (31)
2009_12_16_17:48:35.197   087.078.148.xxx   Happy Holydays from Cologne!
2009_12_16_17:49:20.315   087.078.148.xxx   ___SAF___ wishes you all the best!
2009_12_16_17:49:27.021   087.079.204.xxx   Good Morning from Cologne - Germany
2009_12_16_17:49:30.189   096.028.230.xxx   You should be working
2009_12_16_17:50:39.572   070.064.206.xxx   insane
2009_12_16_17:50:57.418   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I'm back!!!!!   :D
2009_12_16_17:51:04.995   216.237.021.xxx   Zyxel
2009_12_16_17:51:30.732   098.127.082.xxx   Hi Germany!!!!
2009_12_16_17:52:51.385   099.227.138.xxx   coooool
2009_12_16_17:53:25.625   070.048.065.xxx   merry christmas!
2009_12_16_17:54:01.648   087.079.204.xxx   your page list on mix101.de greets
2009_12_16_17:54:41.235   069.180.210.xxx   Hello everyone!
2009_12_16_17:54:42.592   070.104.161.xxx   omg!!! what the f______k
2009_12_16_17:55:23.650   070.104.161.xxx   sorry about that, i am MAD TODAY!
2009_12_16_17:55:26.475   069.180.210.xxx   hello!
2009_12_16_17:56:18.741   069.180.210.xxx   You know what the fish says "Don't Worry! Be Happy!"
2009_12_16_17:56:47.614   082.011.063.xxx   lol (21)
2009_12_16_17:57:22.970   069.180.210.xxx   yup, you gotta love a singing fish
2009_12_16_17:57:26.317   098.127.082.xxx   Hello Erin, Kyle & Lori in Billings, MT
2009_12_16_17:57:57.500   069.180.210.xxx   Hello
2009_12_16_17:58:28.940   069.180.210.xxx   Big Mouth Billy Bass is awesome!  :D
2009_12_16_17:59:21.172   069.180.210.xxx   sorry, forgot the filter is extremely sensitive
2009_12_16_18:00:27.047   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else remember the singing fish?
2009_12_16_18:00:41.090   076.169.166.xxx   trying to trip circuit breakers
2009_12_16_18:05:39.441   207.255.215.xxx   welcome farkers
2009_12_16_18:05:52.226   173.017.131.xxx   Dude . . pull you pants up!
2009_12_16_18:06:10.369   207.255.215.xxx   look out for santa
2009_12_16_18:06:40.668   173.017.131.xxx   This guy is Christmas shopping and doesn't know what to buy!
2009_12_16_18:06:59.789   207.255.215.xxx   wut?
2009_12_16_18:07:10.531   173.017.131.xxx   Pull my finger . . .
2009_12_16_18:07:14.068   071.227.226.xxx   KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, ALEK!!!!
2009_12_16_18:07:22.516   074.094.220.xxx   Stop looking at me!
2009_12_16_18:07:33.244   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, I was out Christmas shopping ... for my wife! ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_18:07:48.500   071.227.226.xxx   HAHAHA OWNED!
2009_12_16_18:08:03.572   074.094.220.xxx   Good for you
2009_12_16_18:08:12.451   207.255.215.xxx   oh...uncle paul
2009_12_16_18:08:48.074   068.014.140.xxx   condy was here
2009_12_16_18:08:53.130   207.255.215.xxx   fruuuuuunkus!
2009_12_16_18:09:00.487   071.227.226.xxx   I wait for this all year.  Definitely not disappointed.
2009_12_16_18:09:22.982   068.014.140.xxx   Cindy was here!!!
2009_12_16_18:09:36.125   173.017.131.xxx   I'm typing this in my pyjamas
2009_12_16_18:09:46.478   074.094.220.xxx   What's your favorite holiday movie?
2009_12_16_18:10:07.025   156.034.197.xxx   Polar Express
2009_12_16_18:10:10.423   096.234.174.xxx   lolhai
2009_12_16_18:10:10.662   067.049.046.xxx   Badder Santa
2009_12_16_18:10:54.841   173.017.131.xxx   Cheech & Chong's Christmas Movie (1976)
2009_12_16_18:10:57.133   067.049.046.xxx   Nothing spells holiday spirit like Billy Bob Thornton in a santa suit with a bl
2009_12_16_18:11:28.754   173.017.131.xxx   Dude's back . . .
2009_12_16_18:12:09.055   156.034.197.xxx   wrap those presents Alek ! :)
2009_12_16_18:12:49.860   066.032.168.xxx   The Grinch is on TOON! Yay!
2009_12_16_18:13:09.371   156.034.197.xxx   so...beer...aliens....what prop for tonight
2009_12_16_18:13:48.956   173.017.131.xxx   In My Pants
2009_12_16_18:14:00.857   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** What "props" would you like to see in Santa's Workshop tonight? ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_18:14:13.639   173.070.096.xxx   Hi Marlena
2009_12_16_18:14:25.170   173.017.131.xxx   End The FED
2009_12_16_18:14:57.465   174.116.094.xxx   PAM all over my body.
2009_12_16_18:15:00.591   173.070.096.xxx   Hi Miriam
2009_12_16_18:15:08.541   173.017.131.xxx   Phil Hendrie is God
2009_12_16_18:15:20.032   156.034.197.xxx   got any snowglobes ?
2009_12_16_18:15:23.597   075.053.175.xxx   thanks for the lights Alek
2009_12_16_18:16:40.582   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Snowglobe on the front lawn - between Frosty Family and Burrito Reindeer! ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_18:16:50.985   173.017.131.xxx   "GO Vikings" (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:17:39.400   174.116.094.xxx   You Are A s** y Beast.
2009_12_16_18:18:09.384   216.221.063.xxx   Dj Goulet pour faire vibrer le danceFloor
2009_12_16_18:19:31.055   173.017.131.xxx   Ron Paul 2012 (11)
2009_12_16_18:19:35.191   216.221.063.xxx   Je t'aime Chouuuuune !!!
2009_12_16_18:20:05.899   156.034.197.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_16_18:20:45.655   174.116.094.xxx   ALIEN!
2009_12_16_18:21:08.451   156.034.197.xxx   the alien is probing that pumpkin :O (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:21:41.682   174.116.094.xxx   don't violate the pumpkin :(
2009_12_16_18:21:44.516   071.070.253.xxx   facebook Randy the Cat
2009_12_16_18:23:49.304   071.080.055.xxx   merry xmas xavier___
2009_12_16_18:24:13.891   174.116.094.xxx   I'm having too much fun.
2009_12_16_18:25:58.029   074.137.012.xxx   I love you Lacey
2009_12_16_18:26:28.640   071.070.253.xxx   oh crap - the SAME music?!?
2009_12_16_18:26:56.971   069.244.170.xxx   Hi Pam
2009_12_16_18:27:16.276   174.116.094.xxx   Hi Prank U
2009_12_16_18:27:34.143   069.244.170.xxx   what up Pam?
2009_12_16_18:27:35.798   071.070.253.xxx   Go Hokies!
2009_12_16_18:27:53.555   074.137.012.xxx   GOTITANS!!!
2009_12_16_18:28:20.368   174.116.094.xxx   Your life is a steak.
2009_12_16_18:28:21.658   071.070.253.xxx   j-e-t-s- jets Jets JETS!
2009_12_16_18:29:58.660   174.116.094.xxx   Prank U!
2009_12_16_18:31:31.937   072.094.197.xxx   hi
2009_12_16_18:31:45.746   156.034.197.xxx   Franky Stein! (11)
2009_12_16_18:32:05.084   072.094.197.xxx   HEY ALEK CAN U WAVE
2009_12_16_18:32:27.100   156.034.197.xxx   can he...or will he! muahahahaha (12)
2009_12_16_18:32:37.389   072.094.197.xxx   fair enough
2009_12_16_18:32:45.479   067.171.216.xxx   That man....he just sits there, staring off into space
2009_12_16_18:33:00.652   174.116.094.xxx   dance
2009_12_16_18:33:01.277   072.094.197.xxx   lol
2009_12_16_18:33:03.987   203.127.092.xxx   that's his job
2009_12_16_18:33:12.965   156.034.197.xxx   yay! (13)
2009_12_16_18:33:15.901   067.171.216.xxx   There we go, I was worried for a bit
2009_12_16_18:33:34.774   174.116.094.xxx   that was beautiful (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:34:27.575   024.107.082.xxx   hello
2009_12_16_18:34:54.694   174.116.094.xxx   Newfies In the hizzouse. (11)
2009_12_16_18:35:24.148   156.034.197.xxx   guard the Screech!!! (14)
2009_12_16_18:35:30.589   024.107.082.xxx   this music is annoying
2009_12_16_18:35:48.691   174.116.094.xxx   I'm comin' for ya by' (12)
2009_12_16_18:36:00.273   156.034.197.xxx   mute it (15)
2009_12_16_18:36:27.755   024.107.082.xxx   im too lazy to mute it
2009_12_16_18:36:39.231   098.108.000.xxx   hi jana
2009_12_16_18:36:53.349   065.161.188.xxx   Hello Lanester
2009_12_16_18:36:56.801   156.034.197.xxx   poke your eardrums out then (16)
2009_12_16_18:36:58.009   082.011.063.xxx   oi bri u still ere (22)
2009_12_16_18:37:21.149   024.107.082.xxx   hello earthlings- i am santa claus
2009_12_16_18:37:31.647   174.116.094.xxx   keep it realz. (13)
2009_12_16_18:37:32.999   098.108.000.xxx   I just can't do it Captain
2009_12_16_18:37:35.848   076.177.117.xxx   I live in Santas chimney
2009_12_16_18:37:56.093   156.034.197.xxx   Santa conquered the Martians check IMDB (17)
2009_12_16_18:38:02.437   024.107.082.xxx   no you dont!
2009_12_16_18:38:37.404   024.107.082.xxx   i would know if you lived in my chimney
2009_12_16_18:38:39.828   087.078.148.xxx   Look, mom. Im on TV!
2009_12_16_18:39:06.698   174.116.094.xxx   Grandma got run over by a reindeer. (14)
2009_12_16_18:39:07.138   156.034.197.xxx   it's an LCD not a TV (18)
2009_12_16_18:39:07.705   024.107.082.xxx   its a computer, dummy
2009_12_16_18:39:54.456   024.107.082.xxx   HELLO!
2009_12_16_18:40:01.475   098.108.000.xxx   I'm a computer?
2009_12_16_18:40:17.567   174.116.094.xxx   don't eat the yellow snow (15)
2009_12_16_18:40:26.610   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Happened to see a van outside, so just chatted with some nice senior citizens looking at lights ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_18:40:26.885   024.107.082.xxx   WAVE HELLO DAVID!
2009_12_16_18:41:02.404   098.108.000.xxx   Hi David!
2009_12_16_18:41:19.371   024.107.082.xxx   Oh, your name is Alek- oops! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:41:33.830   174.116.094.xxx   Looks like santa got some plastic surgery. (16)
2009_12_16_18:41:51.311   024.107.082.xxx   Alek, WAVE HI!!!! (11)
2009_12_16_18:42:11.736   070.130.068.xxx   I've no credit or money, but i wish you good luck.
2009_12_16_18:42:20.482   091.021.029.xxx   that frankenstein is cool lol
2009_12_16_18:42:27.701   024.107.082.xxx   my pockets are empty (12)
2009_12_16_18:42:43.424   174.116.094.xxx   I wish I could see the display in RL. (17)
2009_12_16_18:43:04.929   091.021.029.xxx   ?
2009_12_16_18:43:06.885   024.107.082.xxx   hey alek, WAVE HI AND I WILL DONATE MONEY!!!!!!! (13)
2009_12_16_18:43:25.323   174.116.094.xxx   Catus Cactus. (18)
2009_12_16_18:43:30.202   076.021.138.xxx   tHE gAME
2009_12_16_18:43:42.809   024.107.082.xxx   WAVE HI AND I WILL DONATE MONEY! (14)
2009_12_16_18:43:49.629   098.108.000.xxx   what up yo
2009_12_16_18:43:55.051   174.116.094.xxx   CACTUS CACTUS! (19)
2009_12_16_18:44:10.253   076.021.138.xxx   You lost the game.
2009_12_16_18:44:13.405   024.107.082.xxx   shut up about cactus' (15)
2009_12_16_18:44:25.867   174.116.094.xxx   who was phone? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:44:32.329   098.108.000.xxx   no doubt...
2009_12_16_18:44:39.987   156.034.197.xxx   cactus!!! (19)
2009_12_16_18:44:58.356   174.116.094.xxx   cactus! (21)
2009_12_16_18:45:03.017   024.107.082.xxx   if somebody says cactus one more time i will eat you (16)
2009_12_16_18:45:37.798   156.034.197.xxx   cactus rules all!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:45:53.892   076.021.138.xxx   the game
2009_12_16_18:45:56.565   174.116.094.xxx   CACTUS CACTUS CACTUS CACTUS!!! (22)
2009_12_16_18:46:02.305   024.107.082.xxx   my foot is more holy than cactuses (17)
2009_12_16_18:46:25.245   156.034.197.xxx   it smells bad too (21)
2009_12_16_18:46:29.501   076.021.138.xxx   You lost the game.
2009_12_16_18:46:30.531   024.107.082.xxx   cactuses stink like poo (18)
2009_12_16_18:46:42.066   174.116.094.xxx   cACTI (23)
2009_12_16_18:47:12.445   024.107.082.xxx   ok- dude Stop it with the cactuses! (19)
2009_12_16_18:47:18.768   174.116.094.xxx   CaCtUs (24)
2009_12_16_18:47:42.800   156.034.197.xxx   kAkTuS (22)
2009_12_16_18:48:03.426   174.116.094.xxx   CACTUS FTW (25)
2009_12_16_18:48:07.153   024.107.082.xxx   i do not like catuses (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:48:20.690   156.034.197.xxx   they like u (23)
2009_12_16_18:48:35.619   174.116.094.xxx   IT"S CACTI! (26)
2009_12_16_18:48:58.922   156.034.197.xxx   sheesh ok mr spelling bee :p (24)
2009_12_16_18:49:10.158   098.108.000.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2009_12_16_18:49:24.173   174.116.094.xxx   Merry Cactus! (27)
2009_12_16_18:49:34.613   024.107.082.xxx   cacti s**** eggs (21)
2009_12_16_18:50:20.806   174.116.094.xxx   The cactus will eat your brains. (28)
2009_12_16_18:51:58.129   069.014.118.xxx   Phew. No more cactus messages.
2009_12_16_18:51:59.523   174.116.094.xxx   Donate for cactus sake. (29)
2009_12_16_18:52:01.461   216.221.063.xxx   Cath Redhead !!!
2009_12_16_18:52:24.703   072.051.226.xxx   HOHOHO from MO
2009_12_16_18:53:03.298   098.108.000.xxx   go go power rangers...
2009_12_16_18:53:16.478   069.014.118.xxx   Grrrr! Fire BAD!  --___
2009_12_16_18:53:49.259   216.221.063.xxx   Sam_2fingers Was Here !!
2009_12_16_18:53:50.728   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I'm back!!!!!   :D (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:54:00.879   069.014.118.xxx   Why is this entertaining?  How much room does this screen has? Why did Mom leav
2009_12_16_18:54:01.179   098.108.000.xxx   GO BUCKEYES!!
2009_12_16_18:54:14.191   156.034.197.xxx   feed (25)
2009_12_16_18:54:38.926   174.116.094.xxx   feed me a cat (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_18:55:15.458   069.014.118.xxx   Webcams need more cats.
2009_12_16_18:57:05.530   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee? (11)
2009_12_16_18:59:39.409   173.079.033.xxx   Brrr! It's chilly out there. :)
2009_12_16_18:59:58.273   096.252.189.xxx   I love tacos in the wintertime.
2009_12_16_19:00:15.443   174.116.094.xxx   I like cacti. (31)
2009_12_16_19:00:42.084   024.118.107.xxx   I see my text
2009_12_16_19:01:02.981   174.116.094.xxx   I don't (32)
2009_12_16_19:01:30.883   024.118.107.xxx   you blinded by my originallity
2009_12_16_19:01:51.923   068.051.085.xxx   Nice job on the lights!!!!
2009_12_16_19:02:16.391   069.180.210.xxx   ha ha...cactus (12)
2009_12_16_19:02:46.351   096.254.203.xxx   doh (12)
2009_12_16_19:02:58.149   069.180.210.xxx   Woo hoo! It's almost Christmas!!!!!!!! (13)
2009_12_16_19:04:06.962   069.180.210.xxx   cool! we got a while until Christmas here in Tennessee (14)
2009_12_16_19:04:15.884   068.051.085.xxx   Hello to you down under!
2009_12_16_19:04:46.862   069.180.210.xxx   Holy macaroni!  It's almost christmas!!!! (15)
2009_12_16_19:05:58.355   069.180.210.xxx   ok (16)
2009_12_16_19:06:05.349   068.051.085.xxx   All off
2009_12_16_19:06:19.453   154.020.143.xxx   hahaha
2009_12_16_19:06:21.677   067.183.210.xxx   Hope you have a great Christmas!!  :)
2009_12_16_19:06:33.825   069.180.210.xxx   Ya'll too (17)
2009_12_16_19:06:59.037   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee? (18)
2009_12_16_19:08:37.537   069.180.210.xxx   guess not....oh well (19)
2009_12_16_19:08:42.250   096.245.208.xxx   you are the only ten i see
2009_12_16_19:09:20.910   069.180.210.xxx   i'd suppose so....thought i saw another one earlier (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_19:10:10.134   069.180.210.xxx   I learned something interesting today (21)
2009_12_16_19:10:51.846   069.180.210.xxx   :) (22)
2009_12_16_19:11:28.530   069.180.210.xxx   I learned that singing fish are awesome (23)
2009_12_16_19:12:31.275   069.180.210.xxx   sorry, ain't got no facebook (24)
2009_12_16_19:13:41.233   069.180.210.xxx   Everyone ready for Christmas? (25)
2009_12_16_19:14:04.617   074.034.222.xxx   text
2009_12_16_19:14:36.434   074.034.222.xxx   hello santa
2009_12_16_19:14:53.787   203.184.028.xxx   Type text &h CR tyeah boyo see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_16_19:14:55.249   024.009.210.xxx   text & CR
2009_12_16_19:15:48.231   203.184.028.xxx   woo hoo
2009_12_16_19:16:03.729   065.001.135.xxx   Hi!
2009_12_16_19:16:30.448   203.184.028.xxx   dont swear!!!
2009_12_16_19:16:33.661   070.074.203.xxx   people who annoy you: N___GGERS
2009_12_16_19:17:26.528   074.034.222.xxx   that's not very christma**y
2009_12_16_19:17:52.234   070.074.203.xxx   people who annoy you: N___GGERS
2009_12_16_19:18:04.371   074.034.222.xxx   coal for you!
2009_12_16_19:18:43.679   074.034.222.xxx   who's that guy?
2009_12_16_19:19:05.150   156.034.197.xxx   hello. i love Christmas. That is all. (26)
2009_12_16_19:19:29.103   074.034.222.xxx   Hi Santa's Helper
2009_12_16_19:20:08.829   074.034.222.xxx   hello?
2009_12_16_19:20:29.297   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, I'm one of Santa's Elves!    ;-) ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_19:20:34.784   156.034.197.xxx   yes...what (27)
2009_12_16_19:21:07.336   156.034.197.xxx   elves are getting taller (28)
2009_12_16_19:21:27.213   074.034.222.xxx   Hi This is Gary
2009_12_16_19:21:45.146   096.039.160.xxx   hi Gary
2009_12_16_19:22:23.761   156.034.197.xxx   yes butter is good (29)
2009_12_16_19:22:45.727   098.144.014.xxx   arf arf
2009_12_16_19:23:13.936   156.034.197.xxx   leaping lizzards sandy! (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_19:23:55.759   098.144.014.xxx   bryan turner is a h****
2009_12_16_19:24:26.683   156.034.197.xxx   homeboy ? (31)
2009_12_16_19:24:31.770   072.195.128.xxx   YAY UER CR
2009_12_16_19:24:35.767   098.144.014.xxx   bryan turner is a h0mo
2009_12_16_19:24:46.713   076.186.060.xxx   Jason is a h****
2009_12_16_19:25:04.859   098.144.014.xxx   eheheh
2009_12_16_19:25:16.404   076.186.060.xxx   Dhakota RULES
2009_12_16_19:25:21.932   074.243.179.xxx   Brian loves Jason
2009_12_16_19:25:23.229   072.195.128.xxx   UER ___3 CR
2009_12_16_19:25:58.152   072.195.128.xxx   I LOVE UER
2009_12_16_19:26:18.229   074.243.179.xxx   Jason loves Brian
2009_12_16_19:26:38.942   098.144.014.xxx   smooch smooch
2009_12_16_19:27:21.874   072.195.128.xxx   boffo is a w*****
2009_12_16_19:28:30.034   072.195.128.xxx   boffo is a c*** dumpster!
2009_12_16_19:28:46.092   074.034.222.xxx   Hi Buzz!
2009_12_16_19:29:11.914   069.180.210.xxx   Hey, Alek? Do you remember the siging fish? (26)
2009_12_16_19:29:26.784   072.195.128.xxx   boffo is a phallis!
2009_12_16_19:29:43.130   069.180.210.xxx   singing fish....sorry typo (27)
2009_12_16_19:30:32.420   069.180.210.xxx   Singing Fish are awesome....I miss them (28)
2009_12_16_19:31:09.807   072.195.128.xxx   I LOVE CORY
2009_12_16_19:31:22.703   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (29)
2009_12_16_19:31:46.894   076.185.039.xxx   The ladder climbing Santa scared me
2009_12_16_19:32:09.283   075.181.122.xxx   HA! HA! THIS IS STUPID HA! HA!
2009_12_16_19:32:19.038   069.180.210.xxx   When the hulk popped up on the screen, I about fell out of my chair (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_19:32:24.316   072.195.128.xxx   no! this is fun!
2009_12_16_19:32:51.268   069.180.210.xxx   yeah...it's awesome!!! (31)
2009_12_16_19:33:38.545   069.180.210.xxx   and so are singing fish!! (32)
2009_12_16_19:34:43.233   069.180.210.xxx   I like singing fish!!!! (33)
2009_12_16_19:35:42.042   069.180.210.xxx   yum........ (34)
2009_12_16_19:36:10.958   069.180.210.xxx   canned food (35)
2009_12_16_19:36:17.588   024.255.117.xxx   hi!!
2009_12_16_19:36:38.564   024.255.117.xxx   THIS IS SO KOOL MAN!!
2009_12_16_19:36:42.306   076.185.039.xxx   I bet you can't eat the whole can!
2009_12_16_19:36:58.340   069.180.210.xxx   wait a minute...is that beans???? (36)
2009_12_16_19:37:00.478   128.036.156.xxx   Hola
2009_12_16_19:37:14.582   076.185.039.xxx   No, they are tiny Kidneys
2009_12_16_19:37:21.766   024.255.117.xxx   merry christmas...i like pie!!!:)
2009_12_16_19:37:24.974   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle says: "You betcha I can eat the whole can of honey beans!" ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_19:37:51.683   069.180.210.xxx   You can have it......I'll just take the singing fish (37)
2009_12_16_19:38:03.369   024.255.117.xxx   BIBI
2009_12_16_19:38:54.616   069.180.210.xxx   beans!!!!!! (38)
2009_12_16_19:39:26.799   024.040.148.xxx   more beans!!!
2009_12_16_19:39:27.717   069.180.210.xxx   singing fish....singing fish (39)
2009_12_16_19:41:29.248   069.180.210.xxx   Hello everyone! (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_19:42:36.699   090.194.169.xxx   who dat!
2009_12_16_19:42:47.688   192.198.151.xxx   testing
2009_12_16_19:42:58.666   098.026.245.xxx   Hi!  Love the lights.
2009_12_16_19:43:43.914   070.187.227.xxx   Hey. Its a person here!
2009_12_16_19:44:09.753   098.026.245.xxx   Making baked beans tonight?
2009_12_16_19:44:18.056   070.187.227.xxx   Can you look into the camera and wave at me?
2009_12_16_19:44:32.767   098.108.014.xxx   pleeze Santa....no mo' beans....think of the children...
2009_12_16_19:44:49.818   070.187.227.xxx   what are you doing?
2009_12_16_19:44:54.802   209.074.040.xxx   beans beans the magical fruit!!!
2009_12_16_19:45:31.557   192.198.151.xxx   beans beans are good for the heart
2009_12_16_19:46:15.800   076.185.039.xxx   Whats going on behind those beans?
2009_12_16_19:46:33.020   069.180.210.xxx   Singing Fish singing fish singing fish singing fish!!!! (41)
2009_12_16_19:46:40.980   090.194.169.xxx   hii alek from england !
2009_12_16_19:46:53.678   098.108.014.xxx   Ranier beer....luv it!
2009_12_16_19:47:09.407   070.187.227.xxx   What is that guy doing?
2009_12_16_19:47:16.930   069.180.210.xxx   Don't worry, be happy!!!!!  :)   fish are awesome (42)
2009_12_16_19:47:23.838   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Raaiinn ... niieerr ... Beeaarr!    Goes good with beans, 'eh?!? ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_19:47:45.817   209.074.040.xxx   are you on facebook???
2009_12_16_19:48:01.895   070.187.227.xxx   what is that guy doing?
2009_12_16_19:48:13.262   098.162.154.xxx   PRAISE BE TIGER WOODS!!!
2009_12_16_19:48:16.217   069.180.210.xxx   controlling the site (43)
2009_12_16_19:48:31.739   070.187.227.xxx   really? he is?
2009_12_16_19:48:52.984   098.162.154.xxx   HES WATCHING TIGER WOODS!!!!!
2009_12_16_19:48:55.082   070.187.227.xxx   how?
2009_12_16_19:48:58.158   098.108.014.xxx   Ranier beer or coffee in the cup...?
2009_12_16_19:49:20.905   069.180.210.xxx   yeah, that's Alek....he's in charge....we control the lights..he controls the w (44)
2009_12_16_19:49:42.792   098.162.154.xxx   PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE!
2009_12_16_19:49:49.568   069.180.210.xxx   he controls the website (45)
2009_12_16_19:49:59.064   070.187.227.xxx   say something alek
2009_12_16_19:50:22.443   069.180.210.xxx   Yeah alek, remember the singing fish? (46)
2009_12_16_19:50:31.151   209.074.040.xxx   chug the coffee if you are on facebook!!!
2009_12_16_19:50:40.734   192.198.151.xxx   does anyone like thierry henry??
2009_12_16_19:50:55.964   069.180.210.xxx   nope (47)
2009_12_16_19:51:07.894   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** There's no microphone, so if I said something, you couldn't hear me! ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_19:51:16.312   098.162.154.xxx   GO COLTS!!!
2009_12_16_19:51:29.918   069.180.210.xxx   they meant type something (48)
2009_12_16_19:51:56.160   098.162.154.xxx   I LIKE PUDDING
2009_12_16_19:52:20.000   098.162.154.xxx   HEHEHE
2009_12_16_19:52:31.060   071.127.022.xxx   oho
2009_12_16_19:52:34.009   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else remember the singing fish? (49)
2009_12_16_19:52:36.445   192.198.151.xxx   Great to see u back Alek. merry xmas.
2009_12_16_19:52:38.347   024.068.105.xxx   If everyone cared like you, it would be utopia.  Thanks Alek
2009_12_16_19:53:38.615   069.180.210.xxx   What happens when you divide by zero? (50 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_19:54:00.894   098.162.154.xxx   HOW MANY DAYS TO PUT UP THEM LIGHTS...SHOW FINGERS
2009_12_16_19:54:23.800   069.180.210.xxx   What? No one remembers the singing fish? wow..... (51)
2009_12_16_19:54:38.546   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Buzz's answer to divide by zero = "To Infinity and Beyond" ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_19:56:18.394   069.180.210.xxx   I thought only chuck norris & the singing fish could divide by 0 (52)
2009_12_16_19:56:49.076   098.162.154.xxx   MY 3YR OLD KICKS MY b**** ON WII.
2009_12_16_19:57:46.767   098.162.154.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND MANY HAPPY NEW YEARS
2009_12_16_19:58:33.545   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas to ya'll too (53)
2009_12_16_19:59:07.347   128.036.156.xxx   All your base are belong to us.
2009_12_16_19:59:03.986   012.010.206.xxx   "Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year."
2009_12_16_20:00:17.425   069.180.210.xxx   AwLINK DELETED one remembers the fish?  :( (54)
2009_12_16_20:00:48.446   069.180.210.xxx   link? i didn't type a link (55)
2009_12_16_20:01:38.535   069.180.210.xxx   oh....I see why it did that. Typed too many w's (56)
2009_12_16_20:02:25.495   069.180.210.xxx   Goodnight everyone! (57)
2009_12_16_20:02:42.164   068.032.252.xxx   merry xmas
2009_12_16_20:03:15.487   012.010.206.xxx   How do you know you___re at a bulimic bachelor party? The cake jumps out of the
2009_12_16_20:04:44.974   098.245.113.xxx   Ummmm
2009_12_16_20:05:16.026   209.006.099.xxx   Awesome idea! It's nice to see that you're using this to raise  money for a gre
2009_12_16_20:05:23.666   067.183.210.xxx   Lane rocks the world!!!
2009_12_16_20:05:59.253   069.243.189.xxx   gooooo super dave
2009_12_16_20:06:05.832   174.116.094.xxx   Alek, WHO WAS PHONE??!?? (33)
2009_12_16_20:06:55.295   076.071.086.xxx   hohoho b****es!
2009_12_16_20:07:08.875   174.116.094.xxx   :O (34)
2009_12_16_20:07:26.601   098.245.113.xxx   heyho my peoples wa**up?
2009_12_16_20:07:26.637   069.243.189.xxx   :x
2009_12_16_20:07:49.531   012.010.206.xxx   Merry Xmas from Donner and Fartzen!!
2009_12_16_20:08:05.388   209.006.099.xxx   How old are your children? They must love this!
2009_12_16_20:08:56.090   174.116.094.xxx   Duke love's Bush's Baked beans! (35)
2009_12_16_20:09:01.111   074.067.237.xxx   hi
2009_12_16_20:09:32.068   024.167.042.xxx   Shop at Goodwill!
2009_12_16_20:09:34.205   074.067.237.xxx   jeffrey 7794
2009_12_16_20:09:35.914   128.036.156.xxx   This website's power level is over 9000!!!
2009_12_16_20:10:36.393   069.242.144.xxx   wicked!
2009_12_16_20:10:40.948   074.067.237.xxx   get back in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_16_20:10:41.935   064.193.008.xxx   that's perty high slick
2009_12_16_20:11:12.896   076.029.233.xxx   Thanks for moving the beans! lol
2009_12_16_20:12:20.366   064.193.008.xxx   Happy Holidays to you!
2009_12_16_20:12:26.446   024.167.042.xxx   Goodwill Retail Stores!!
2009_12_16_20:12:54.891   064.193.008.xxx   Save the Whales!
2009_12_16_20:13:24.408   024.167.042.xxx   Merry  Christmas out there!   Waco, Tx!
2009_12_16_20:13:43.737   076.224.011.xxx   merry christmas from brookfield, illinois
2009_12_16_20:13:52.154   064.193.008.xxx   Daytona Beach represent
2009_12_16_20:14:16.939   024.167.042.xxx   Anyone from Texas out there?
2009_12_16_20:14:23.029   076.029.233.xxx   No snow here in Alabama but we're ready for Christmas! Have a great one!
2009_12_16_20:15:27.060   069.243.189.xxx   Happy holidays from downers grove, illinois!
2009_12_16_20:16:08.236   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (58)
2009_12_16_20:16:08.392   024.167.042.xxx   Shop Goodwill in Waco, tx!
2009_12_16_20:16:12.939   076.029.233.xxx   Hi downers grove. Merry Christmas!
2009_12_16_20:16:47.467   069.180.210.xxx   When I first read that, I thought you said Taco (59)
2009_12_16_20:17:09.439   024.167.042.xxx   How do I control the office lights?
2009_12_16_20:17:17.231   098.065.200.xxx   Roberta
2009_12_16_20:17:26.231   069.180.210.xxx   Do any of ya'll remember the singing fish? (60 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_20:17:38.522   024.167.042.xxx   Susan!
2009_12_16_20:18:15.509   069.180.210.xxx   What? No one remembers the singing fish? (61)
2009_12_16_20:18:18.916   216.245.202.xxx   happy holidays from nature vally granola
2009_12_16_20:18:39.414   072.051.194.xxx   how long till the neighbors have controllable bb guns?
2009_12_16_20:18:55.442   216.245.202.xxx   lets all sing the 12 days of barley
2009_12_16_20:18:55.611   098.065.200.xxx   Tennessee Midnight Rambler
2009_12_16_20:19:14.911   072.230.212.xxx   Parli
2009_12_16_20:19:26.954   216.245.202.xxx   lets sing the 12 days of barley
2009_12_16_20:20:02.717   098.065.200.xxx   Luna Moon
2009_12_16_20:20:27.095   068.032.252.xxx   Merry Christmas from oak ridge Tennessee
2009_12_16_20:20:55.853   098.065.200.xxx   HI ALEK!!!
2009_12_16_20:21:14.783   216.245.202.xxx   merry xmas from jack rollister
2009_12_16_20:21:43.888   216.245.202.xxx   only tsss
2009_12_16_20:22:16.058   098.065.200.xxx   For God So Loved The World He Gave His Son
2009_12_16_20:22:59.781   072.051.194.xxx   Greetings from a Farker Alek!
2009_12_16_20:22:59.616   065.174.028.xxx   Detky fears private investigators
2009_12_16_20:23:09.688   099.009.225.xxx   That clock on the wall is HUGE
2009_12_16_20:24:44.007   076.116.084.xxx   This is cool
2009_12_16_20:24:46.870   128.036.156.xxx   All your base are belong to us.
2009_12_16_20:25:12.886   061.197.115.xxx   Hello from Japan! The teachers love this!
2009_12_16_20:26:09.180   072.051.194.xxx   Bet that's not all Japanese teachers like...
2009_12_16_20:27:10.091   098.065.200.xxx   Lauren
2009_12_16_20:28:22.765   068.032.252.xxx   this is so cool!!!
2009_12_16_20:30:37.898   071.048.066.xxx   RIFFTRAX LIVE FTW
2009_12_16_20:31:18.318   075.128.121.xxx   too much peppermint in the frosting
2009_12_16_20:31:38.255   071.048.066.xxx   thats not a space station
2009_12_16_20:32:38.336   071.048.066.xxx   get on my horse... my horse is amazing
2009_12_16_20:37:55.830   069.242.144.xxx   I love Laurie
2009_12_16_20:39:04.547   076.188.149.xxx   I love Laurie
2009_12_16_20:39:26.776   072.213.052.xxx   WuWu! Well played, sir.
2009_12_16_20:41:21.774   071.048.066.xxx   MARCO?
2009_12_16_20:41:22.821   076.025.247.xxx   ribbit
2009_12_16_20:41:55.151   069.242.144.xxx   WAKKA-WAKKA!!
2009_12_16_20:41:59.497   076.188.149.xxx   meow
2009_12_16_20:42:22.699   071.048.066.xxx   Spudow!!
2009_12_16_20:42:39.245   070.029.015.xxx   i love troy!
2009_12_16_20:42:46.030   069.242.144.xxx   a horse walked into a bar and the bartender ax'd why the long face
2009_12_16_20:43:13.542   071.048.066.xxx   wakah wakah wakah
2009_12_16_20:43:14.969   070.029.015.xxx   merry christmas everyone!!!! xoxo
2009_12_16_20:43:36.362   076.188.149.xxx   hey merry christmas to you too baby
2009_12_16_20:44:06.646   071.048.066.xxx   B====___  ?
2009_12_16_20:44:50.904   076.188.149.xxx   woof woof?
2009_12_16_20:45:14.169   071.048.066.xxx   DIE balloon boy!
2009_12_16_20:45:53.856   069.026.020.xxx   God, Guns and Gold in 2010
2009_12_16_20:47:04.209   071.048.066.xxx   HE FOUND US RUN!!
2009_12_16_20:47:32.324   069.026.020.xxx   awesome photos of Antarctica
2009_12_16_20:48:00.848   071.048.066.xxx   so... see any good p***? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_20:48:28.921   076.188.149.xxx   Shall we play a game?
2009_12_16_20:48:34.189   099.166.073.xxx   wa**sssupppp Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_16_20:48:42.260   069.026.020.xxx   nite nite all
2009_12_16_20:49:20.135   208.082.118.xxx   Needs more cowbell
2009_12_16_20:50:00.575   071.048.066.xxx   it took that car like 10 frames to drive past.. more lights (11)
2009_12_16_20:50:01.718   075.032.011.xxx   Tacos for all!!!
2009_12_16_20:50:28.319   071.048.066.xxx   TACOS!!! (12)
2009_12_16_20:50:47.327   075.032.011.xxx   Yes Tacos!!!
2009_12_16_20:51:11.575   076.188.149.xxx   Yo Queiro Taco Bell!
2009_12_16_20:51:20.120   071.048.066.xxx   now i want tacos... crud (13)
2009_12_16_20:51:39.772   076.188.149.xxx   go for the fourth meal
2009_12_16_20:52:24.234   071.048.066.xxx   he needs to slow down to enjoy it more. (14)
2009_12_16_20:52:24.431   068.106.051.xxx   hi
2009_12_16_20:52:35.217   076.188.149.xxx   hulk skeered me
2009_12_16_20:52:53.913   071.048.066.xxx   SMASH! (15)
2009_12_16_20:53:52.339   075.032.011.xxx   I thought we were talkin' bout tacos!
2009_12_16_20:54:14.222   070.022.187.xxx   I think balloon boy broke
2009_12_16_20:54:19.012   076.188.149.xxx   how about a nice game of chess?
2009_12_16_20:55:48.605   071.048.066.xxx   tic tac toe 0 players (16)
2009_12_16_20:56:02.267   130.074.120.xxx   Where is this located?
2009_12_16_20:57:05.637   076.188.149.xxx   Mexico (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_20:57:48.466   075.032.011.xxx   Colorado
2009_12_16_20:58:35.810   096.237.233.xxx   Where are you?
2009_12_16_20:59:34.825   071.048.066.xxx   he was cheating on use with another controlable winterland (17)
2009_12_16_21:01:33.720   096.237.233.xxx   Sir - what are you watching??
2009_12_16_21:02:49.078   130.074.120.xxx   Great idea and work!
2009_12_16_21:04:42.135   098.199.219.xxx   Hi Mom!
2009_12_16_21:05:19.189   098.199.219.xxx   Todd loves Lynn
2009_12_16_21:07:04.458   128.036.156.xxx   Joanie loves Chachi
2009_12_16_21:07:20.063   098.199.219.xxx   Hi Baby Toddie sure loves you!!
2009_12_16_21:08:22.887   075.130.101.xxx   Hi Veronica
2009_12_16_21:08:55.151   075.130.101.xxx   This your husband
2009_12_16_21:13:31.761   076.182.021.xxx   Hello world!!!
2009_12_16_21:15:28.406   206.225.078.xxx   Hello from Indiana!
2009_12_16_21:22:46.208   068.229.130.xxx   Hello from Louisiana
2009_12_16_21:22:54.750   071.169.177.xxx   Hi from Vermont
2009_12_16_21:23:50.548   071.169.177.xxx   Eat Ben & Jerry's - it's good for you. :)
2009_12_16_21:24:24.541   071.169.177.xxx   Not that I'm going to, but if I were to swear, would it show?
2009_12_16_21:26:24.176   132.003.001.xxx   Happy Holidays from Learmouth Solar Observatory.  Exmouth Western Australia
2009_12_16_21:26:25.664   068.044.133.xxx   Hi from south jersey! smashfamily!!
2009_12_16_21:26:43.068   207.012.218.xxx   merry christmas from rocklin ca
2009_12_16_21:27:46.092   173.169.030.xxx   ho ho ho and such
2009_12_16_21:28:04.266   071.169.177.xxx   Do your neighbors get annoyed by the lights?
2009_12_16_21:28:40.380   207.012.218.xxx   hayden says merry christmas from rocklin ca
2009_12_16_21:29:01.173   024.167.042.xxx   Susan says Ho Ho Ho from Waco!
2009_12_16_21:29:20.018   207.012.218.xxx   hi susan!!
2009_12_16_21:29:26.622   063.245.252.xxx   Merry Christmas from IL !!
2009_12_16_21:30:10.111   071.169.177.xxx   Jodi says Happy Hanukkah from Vermont!
2009_12_16_21:30:17.716   074.131.013.xxx   I have a law school final tomorrow, but would prefer to watch this than to stu
2009_12_16_21:31:06.055   074.131.013.xxx   /____ When will my triad brethren meet?
2009_12_16_21:31:24.212   071.169.177.xxx   someday...
2009_12_16_21:31:52.457   071.254.221.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Amish!
2009_12_16_21:32:19.268   071.169.177.xxx   Wait a minute...
2009_12_16_21:32:31.896   074.131.013.xxx   Amish? You having the horse type it for you?
2009_12_16_21:32:47.486   071.254.221.xxx   Neigh...
2009_12_16_21:32:54.508   071.169.177.xxx   Does it say "Wall Drug" on the wall? What's that?
2009_12_16_21:33:00.458   207.012.218.xxx   merry christmas to guy  in chair!!
2009_12_16_21:33:19.549   024.167.042.xxx   He is baaaccckkkkk!
2009_12_16_21:33:30.077   173.184.153.xxx   Merry Christmas and thanks for the entertainment!!
2009_12_16_21:33:32.080   071.169.177.xxx   What's a "wall drug"?
2009_12_16_21:33:51.678   024.167.042.xxx   I want to control the office lights too!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_21:34:20.560   071.254.221.xxx   The Amish are "illegally" watching this!
2009_12_16_21:34:34.244   024.167.042.xxx   guy in chair!  HO HO from Waco! (11)
2009_12_16_21:34:57.502   207.012.218.xxx   hi waco!!
2009_12_16_21:35:10.844   024.167.042.xxx   Hi Back! (12)
2009_12_16_21:35:25.922   071.169.177.xxx   Have a very happy December night - I'm going to sleep! :) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_21:35:52.120   207.012.218.xxx   good night!
2009_12_16_21:36:06.566   024.167.042.xxx   Show us some personality chair guy!! (13)
2009_12_16_21:37:13.653   173.016.172.xxx   how do you deflate the giant ball?
2009_12_16_21:37:36.512   207.012.218.xxx   poke a hole in it
2009_12_16_21:38:40.686   173.074.129.xxx   Monica I Love you Baby!!!!!
2009_12_16_21:38:43.702   076.204.002.xxx   hi!
2009_12_16_21:38:52.569   173.016.172.xxx   firefox rulz
2009_12_16_21:39:02.441   096.248.039.xxx   Joe was here!
2009_12_16_21:39:21.621   207.012.218.xxx   hi joe!
2009_12_16_21:39:25.887   024.167.042.xxx   #5 deflates the big red ball (14)
2009_12_16_21:40:44.071   173.016.172.xxx   chair guy...do your neighbors hate you?
2009_12_16_21:41:09.255   024.167.042.xxx   chair guy doesn't respond!! (15)
2009_12_16_21:41:20.579   063.245.252.xxx   Do you play music outside ??
2009_12_16_21:41:48.524   071.058.157.xxx   Why so serious?
2009_12_16_21:42:15.066   076.091.039.xxx   Chair guy is inflatable!
2009_12_16_21:42:21.338   220.233.206.xxx   Hi from Glenbrook Australia. It's 101.3F here right now.
2009_12_16_21:42:36.701   063.245.252.xxx   BYE !! Chair guy !!! Lights out for me...
2009_12_16_21:43:05.525   207.012.218.xxx   no deflate button for chair guy?
2009_12_16_21:43:13.631   173.074.129.xxx   My son needs a job
2009_12_16_21:44:04.294   173.074.129.xxx   Jody quit taking money from my purse
2009_12_16_21:44:55.377   173.074.129.xxx   Can I get a whoop whoop
2009_12_16_21:45:12.381   024.167.042.xxx   whoop whoop! (16)
2009_12_16_21:45:13.903   207.012.218.xxx   whoop whoop (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_21:45:18.100   071.058.157.xxx   whoop whoop
2009_12_16_21:45:40.770   173.074.129.xxx   awesome thanx
2009_12_16_21:45:50.373   174.052.062.xxx   It is getting so close to christmas
2009_12_16_21:45:54.788   024.167.042.xxx   Aggie??? (17)
2009_12_16_21:46:01.303   207.012.218.xxx   no problem merry christmas (11)
2009_12_16_21:46:03.858   096.248.039.xxx   How come the two clocks behind him have different times?
2009_12_16_21:46:06.561   173.074.129.xxx   no....
2009_12_16_21:46:35.776   024.167.042.xxx   chair guy lookin tired (18)
2009_12_16_21:46:37.156   174.052.062.xxx   HO HO HO!!! Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_16_21:46:39.674   173.074.129.xxx   Merry CHristmas to you too!
2009_12_16_21:47:09.572   024.167.042.xxx   chair guy tired? (19)
2009_12_16_21:47:38.214   024.167.042.xxx   uh ohhhh 12 minutes left (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_21:47:50.100   067.185.010.xxx   this is my third year on this site!!!
2009_12_16_21:47:50.117   129.021.136.xxx   think think think think think
2009_12_16_21:48:09.161   174.052.062.xxx   12 minutes left of what???
2009_12_16_21:48:16.460   024.167.042.xxx   12 min and chair guy turns off the fun! (21)
2009_12_16_21:48:34.594   074.131.013.xxx   I'm sure it's auto off (timer)
2009_12_16_21:48:34.670   174.052.062.xxx   boo chair guy!!!
2009_12_16_21:49:14.085   074.131.013.xxx   Wish me luck on my law school final tomorrow!
2009_12_16_21:49:19.001   129.021.136.xxx   12 minutes of mind-bending holiday AXCTION
2009_12_16_21:49:23.648   096.248.039.xxx   You do good work....
2009_12_16_21:49:44.063   174.052.062.xxx   I am done with all my school finals! YAY!
2009_12_16_21:49:47.300   129.021.136.xxx   I wonder what he's looking at...
2009_12_16_21:49:49.432   024.167.042.xxx   are you working chair guy? (22)
2009_12_16_21:50:23.510   024.167.042.xxx   ohhh he is tired! (23)
2009_12_16_21:50:32.768   096.248.039.xxx   Which channel inflates the hot air balloon?
2009_12_16_21:51:02.664   173.074.129.xxx   chair guy..Really?  He needs a name like a super hero
2009_12_16_21:51:06.450   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, "chair guy" is pretty tired - was up late last night ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_16_21:51:29.286   024.167.042.xxx   Are the kids in bed? (24)
2009_12_16_21:51:55.416   174.052.062.xxx   woohoo! chair guy is gone!
2009_12_16_21:51:57.007   074.131.013.xxx   Oh, so he is monitoring us... Chair Guy is Big Brother!
2009_12_16_21:52:01.554   024.167.042.xxx   noooo, we have 9 min of xmas fun left! (25)
2009_12_16_21:52:02.042   069.250.144.xxx   charity!
2009_12_16_21:52:13.483   207.012.218.xxx   night all!! (12)
2009_12_16_21:52:32.128   024.167.042.xxx   8 min til he turns us off!! (26)
2009_12_16_21:52:49.503   067.185.010.xxx   you should let us control you xmas tree
2009_12_16_21:53:12.613   174.052.062.xxx   you are now under my control....
2009_12_16_21:53:14.956   024.167.042.xxx   wonder if he is on other side of cam (27)
2009_12_16_21:53:23.163   072.192.206.xxx   b***
2009_12_16_21:54:06.816   024.167.042.xxx   it's dark! (28)
2009_12_16_21:54:30.180   074.131.013.xxx   He turned off the office lights when he left the room
2009_12_16_21:55:38.650   024.167.042.xxx   5 min til lights out! (29)
2009_12_16_21:57:21.275   074.131.013.xxx   It would s**** if his neighbor had epilepsy...
2009_12_16_21:58:11.468   069.193.017.xxx   GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL
2009_12_16_21:58:22.439   024.167.042.xxx   say goodbye to fun! (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_16_21:58:42.610   069.193.017.xxx   Fun would never say goodbye
2009_12_16_21:59:38.585   173.024.148.xxx   Whoohoo This is awsome
2009_12_16_21:59:49.556   074.131.013.xxx   He's back!
2009_12_16_21:59:51.875   207.012.218.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (13)
2009_12_16_21:59:52.999   069.193.017.xxx   Look! a human!

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