571 christmas text messages on 2009/1218

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,993 times that day including 3,839 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1218

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_18_16:00:27.651   068.023.163.xxx   Merry Christmas! First from Chicago
2009_12_18_16:00:37.442   096.241.146.xxx   HI
2009_12_18_16:00:39.802   072.066.017.xxx   hi
2009_12_18_16:01:00.097   096.241.146.xxx   WAVE PLEASE
2009_12_18_16:01:11.692   072.066.017.xxx   hi from brian
2009_12_18_16:01:14.005   079.071.178.xxx   hi everyone
2009_12_18_16:01:30.201   212.139.100.xxx   Type text & CRHi to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_18_16:01:33.865   096.241.146.xxx   J DOG
2009_12_18_16:01:45.728   086.130.248.xxx   hi
2009_12_18_16:01:56.963   079.071.178.xxx   greetings from Isle of Islay , Scotland!!
2009_12_18_16:02:07.113   096.241.146.xxx   FOSHIZZLE
2009_12_18_16:02:10.683   072.066.017.xxx   holy spirit rocks but flames rule
2009_12_18_16:02:16.827   091.107.053.xxx   Greatings from the UK
2009_12_18_16:02:21.236   068.023.163.xxx   Anna says Hi and Happy Holidays. :D
2009_12_18_16:02:53.363   096.241.146.xxx   RAHHHH
2009_12_18_16:02:55.397   072.066.017.xxx   happy holiday from  brian
2009_12_18_16:03:32.994   072.066.017.xxx   hello nathan como estas
2009_12_18_16:03:36.258   212.139.100.xxx   Hi from kieran c from uk :)
2009_12_18_16:03:57.797   096.241.146.xxx   HOLA COMO ESTAS? DE cUBA
2009_12_18_16:04:35.287   094.000.229.xxx   hey kerri :)
2009_12_18_16:05:02.109   071.056.215.xxx   God speaking.
2009_12_18_16:05:28.393   096.241.146.xxx   WAVE
2009_12_18_16:05:30.060   094.000.229.xxx   KERRI IS COOL :D
2009_12_18_16:05:30.204   071.056.215.xxx   This abhorrence will stop immediatley.
2009_12_18_16:05:33.626   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello God - how do you like the Christmas Lights! ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_16:05:35.398   072.066.017.xxx   please wave your hand  for me if u dont want to its ok
2009_12_18_16:05:54.107   094.000.229.xxx   KERRI IS COOL :D
2009_12_18_16:06:07.382   096.241.146.xxx   look at me
2009_12_18_16:06:14.064   079.071.178.xxx   go islay
2009_12_18_16:06:17.491   072.066.017.xxx   nathan pick up your phone!!
2009_12_18_16:06:24.052   094.000.229.xxx   KERRI IS COOL :D
2009_12_18_16:06:33.012   071.056.215.xxx   Hi old man
2009_12_18_16:06:44.743   079.071.178.xxx   go islay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_18_16:06:45.700   086.145.235.xxx   heyy mann so is callen :P
2009_12_18_16:06:50.617   096.241.146.xxx   brian
2009_12_18_16:07:08.150   071.056.215.xxx   Kerri and Islay are stupid.
2009_12_18_16:07:15.830   086.145.235.xxx   ___CALLEN UR COOL
2009_12_18_16:07:21.657   094.000.229.xxx   keRRI IS COOL :D
2009_12_18_16:07:37.124   071.056.215.xxx   Kerri is not cool
2009_12_18_16:07:44.216   094.000.229.xxx   :o
2009_12_18_16:07:46.684   086.145.235.xxx   mmhmm :P
2009_12_18_16:07:53.859   072.066.017.xxx   please no cussing
2009_12_18_16:08:02.252   071.056.215.xxx   Kill Kerri.
2009_12_18_16:08:19.275   086.145.235.xxx   dudees kerri is very very cool
2009_12_18_16:08:33.286   071.056.215.xxx   Hipocrite!
2009_12_18_16:08:43.446   086.003.053.xxx   Merry Christmas wiv Love XXXXX
2009_12_18_16:08:58.005   071.056.215.xxx   It's not christmas
2009_12_18_16:09:03.031   096.241.146.xxx   shut up (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_16:09:05.876   094.000.229.xxx   KERRI IS FRICKING AMZING SO HUSH YOUR SELVES ______
2009_12_18_16:09:07.952   072.066.017.xxx   kerri is to cool to descrribe the word cool
2009_12_18_16:09:21.935   212.139.100.xxx   This is great website
2009_12_18_16:09:23.757   071.056.215.xxx   I'm Jewish.
2009_12_18_16:09:31.997   086.003.053.xxx   Hi from Lyn in the UK xxx
2009_12_18_16:09:46.313   094.000.229.xxx   KERRI IS FRICKING AMZING SO HUSH YOUR SELVES ______
2009_12_18_16:10:03.251   096.241.146.xxx   hi (11)
2009_12_18_16:10:10.793   086.145.235.xxx   i love u callen
2009_12_18_16:10:23.454   086.003.053.xxx   this is great
2009_12_18_16:10:25.738   094.000.229.xxx   LOVE YOU KERRI XX
2009_12_18_16:10:33.760   096.241.146.xxx   im kerri (12)
2009_12_18_16:10:37.892   071.056.215.xxx   Kerri, you're really conceited. (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_16:10:54.201   086.145.235.xxx   coz kerri nos wat that means
2009_12_18_16:11:05.668   094.000.229.xxx   NO ONE KNOWS KERRI SO SHH (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_16:11:13.309   086.003.053.xxx   what time is it and where are you?
2009_12_18_16:11:17.618   072.066.017.xxx   i love you nathan and i mostly love your neightbor to (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_16:11:22.337   071.056.215.xxx   cuz kerri is a 10 yer old (11)
2009_12_18_16:11:42.314   094.000.229.xxx   NOO SHE'S 15 (11)
2009_12_18_16:11:52.240   086.003.053.xxx   11pm here in england
2009_12_18_16:11:54.366   071.056.215.xxx   kerri iz 10 (12)
2009_12_18_16:12:01.081   086.145.235.xxx   wtff kerris 16 se can uy a lawnmower ___)
2009_12_18_16:12:36.759   086.003.053.xxx   11pm here in england
2009_12_18_16:12:51.625   091.107.053.xxx   This is awesome :)
2009_12_18_16:13:06.088   212.139.100.xxx   Hi kieran from uk u rule
2009_12_18_16:14:46.740   071.056.215.xxx   im gonna get ur IP address and trace you kieran (13)
2009_12_18_16:15:10.688   071.056.215.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-tjokingime in Santa's Workshop Cam! (14)
2009_12_18_16:15:34.573   065.083.009.xxx   What's up Gary?
2009_12_18_16:15:40.996   071.056.215.xxx   joking (15)
2009_12_18_16:16:01.580   217.042.032.xxx   creepy!
2009_12_18_16:16:59.104   072.160.215.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_18_16:17:50.542   072.160.215.xxx   Everyone Press inflate &on
2009_12_18_16:18:24.525   072.160.215.xxx   yes!!!!!!!!
2009_12_18_16:19:22.248   072.160.215.xxx   PRESS INFLATE & ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_18_16:19:33.225   065.083.009.xxx   NO!
2009_12_18_16:19:36.660   217.042.032.xxx   turn everything off
2009_12_18_16:20:08.936   072.160.215.xxx   EVERYONE TURN EVERYTHING ONAT ONCE PLEASE
2009_12_18_16:20:55.001   212.139.100.xxx   Turn evrery thing off
2009_12_18_16:20:56.474   072.160.215.xxx   WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?!
2009_12_18_16:21:46.144   072.160.215.xxx   THEN YOU MUST HATE CHRISMAS
2009_12_18_16:21:53.657   217.042.032.xxx   eat my zebra
2009_12_18_16:22:37.019   198.182.056.xxx   ho ho ho!
2009_12_18_16:22:43.618   072.160.215.xxx   mEaNiE
2009_12_18_16:22:44.240   212.139.100.xxx   Turn everthing off as a joke to make them think some thing is wrong withe light
2009_12_18_16:23:22.037   212.139.100.xxx   Ho ho ho
2009_12_18_16:23:22.261   072.160.215.xxx   OK
2009_12_18_16:23:48.791   065.083.009.xxx   Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!
2009_12_18_16:23:53.255   212.139.100.xxx   Ho ho ho
2009_12_18_16:24:03.472   217.042.032.xxx   Oh Oh Oh
2009_12_18_16:24:12.451   065.083.009.xxx   Chipen mi pene!
2009_12_18_16:24:17.414   069.107.087.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
2009_12_18_16:24:43.637   065.083.009.xxx   Chupen mi pene!
2009_12_18_16:25:11.864   065.083.009.xxx   Mi pene es el tama___o de un bate de beisbol...
2009_12_18_16:25:51.218   096.241.146.xxx   sdhfuid.lgbhn.uikg (13)
2009_12_18_16:26:15.413   065.083.009.xxx   Ich heisa?
2009_12_18_16:26:27.576   072.066.017.xxx   some people in life are fgs and some are jsut plain dumb (11)
2009_12_18_16:26:39.503   096.241.146.xxx   my named is brian (14)
2009_12_18_16:26:46.455   065.083.009.xxx   Oh no!  He's back!!!
2009_12_18_16:26:58.188   072.066.017.xxx   plz wave (12)
2009_12_18_16:27:05.017   212.139.100.xxx   Hi
2009_12_18_16:27:08.677   096.241.146.xxx   wave (15)
2009_12_18_16:27:13.144   217.042.032.xxx   hello mr glasses guy!
2009_12_18_16:27:16.768   065.083.009.xxx   Quick!  Hide before he sees us!
2009_12_18_16:27:43.729   072.160.215.xxx   WAVE WAVE WAVE WAVE WAVE WAVE WAVE (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_16:28:00.961   096.241.146.xxx   yo yo give me twanty bucks (16)
2009_12_18_16:28:18.092   217.042.032.xxx   i see you........
2009_12_18_16:28:19.847   065.083.009.xxx   Your face can't see the screen! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_16:28:34.219   096.241.146.xxx   yo yo give me twanty bucks or else___ (17)
2009_12_18_16:29:15.164   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about donating twenty bucks to Celiac Charity ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_16:29:29.645   096.241.146.xxx   hippe (18)
2009_12_18_16:29:30.767   065.083.009.xxx   Donate money... NOW!!! (11)
2009_12_18_16:29:31.687   072.066.017.xxx   your little _ss to the charity (13)
2009_12_18_16:29:54.078   217.042.032.xxx   Donation done ___=
2009_12_18_16:30:05.969   065.083.009.xxx   Donate money... NOW!!! (12)
2009_12_18_16:30:25.237   096.241.146.xxx   do not be mean to me im il (19)
2009_12_18_16:30:29.020   065.083.009.xxx   If you don't donate money... you will die of Ciliac Disease. (13)
2009_12_18_16:30:39.768   072.066.017.xxx   ill donate my hampster =) (14)
2009_12_18_16:30:50.293   072.219.255.xxx   DONATE MONEY SAVE LIVES
2009_12_18_16:30:54.870   065.083.009.xxx   Yes, donate him for science! (14)
2009_12_18_16:31:27.793   096.241.146.xxx   i will donate the rabid squirrel i my tree (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_16:31:30.851   072.219.255.xxx   hi
2009_12_18_16:31:39.931   072.066.017.xxx   i will donate 0.01 cents i  am so nice (15)
2009_12_18_16:31:50.405   096.241.146.xxx   i will donate the rabid squirrel i my tree (21)
2009_12_18_16:32:06.346   065.083.009.xxx   1/100 of a penny?  WOW (15)
2009_12_18_16:32:32.698   072.066.017.xxx   ur welcome from my penny (16)
2009_12_18_16:32:40.324   065.083.009.xxx   DIE FROSTY! (16)
2009_12_18_16:33:25.755   096.241.146.xxx   Happy Birthday (22)
2009_12_18_16:33:47.179   072.219.255.xxx   Hi all of you watching this
2009_12_18_16:34:13.165   072.219.255.xxx   Hi all of you watching this BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH
2009_12_18_16:34:25.338   096.241.146.xxx   i am waching you because im santa claws (23)
2009_12_18_16:34:45.849   072.219.255.xxx   Wave at the scrren
2009_12_18_16:35:09.481   096.241.146.xxx   u cant see the screen u buckethead (24)
2009_12_18_16:35:48.058   096.241.146.xxx   bucket head (25)
2009_12_18_16:35:49.911   217.042.032.xxx   He waves!!!!! WOW!!!!!
2009_12_18_16:36:23.455   096.241.146.xxx   d'oh (26)
2009_12_18_16:36:40.113   089.243.034.xxx   Type text & CR to see realcontrollable alex as well as controllable lights!
2009_12_18_16:37:14.187   089.243.034.xxx   message FAIL
2009_12_18_16:38:10.371   076.112.247.xxx   you people talk to much
2009_12_18_16:38:29.187   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I'm back!!!!!   :D
2009_12_18_16:42:18.205   069.180.210.xxx   hmmm...ya'll are actually quiet  today....
2009_12_18_16:49:01.333   068.101.039.xxx   Hello
2009_12_18_16:50:27.571   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_18_16:50:54.976   068.101.039.xxx   Holy Spirit School, Va
2009_12_18_16:52:39.935   069.180.210.xxx   Hello everyone!
2009_12_18_16:54:57.543   076.222.071.xxx   merry christmas
2009_12_18_16:55:55.096   168.103.045.xxx   ping
2009_12_18_16:56:27.827   168.103.045.xxx   merry christmas !
2009_12_18_16:56:46.123   098.117.107.xxx   My Bagina is on fire
2009_12_18_16:57:15.504   068.101.039.xxx   Don't leave the "Christ" out of Christmas
2009_12_18_16:57:55.410   098.117.107.xxx   hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster
2009_12_18_16:58:59.024   067.159.005.xxx   I hope you can see this grandpa! R.I.P Miss you.
2009_12_18_16:59:37.208   098.117.107.xxx   There is no Santa Claus
2009_12_18_16:59:40.511   067.159.005.xxx   I wish everybody a merry christmas. Not so many days left.
2009_12_18_17:00:18.414   068.101.039.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_18_17:00:33.047   098.117.107.xxx   Happy Festivus
2009_12_18_17:01:15.696   068.101.039.xxx   Guam Is AWESOME!!!!!!
2009_12_18_17:01:34.803   067.159.005.xxx   ___Joyeux No___l et bonne ann___e
2009_12_18_17:01:36.925   098.117.107.xxx   Someone just stole the Snowman
2009_12_18_17:02:03.666   067.159.005.xxx   Joyeux No___l et bonne ann___e
2009_12_18_17:02:28.422   098.117.107.xxx   Hey kid, all you're getting this year is coal
2009_12_18_17:03:11.981   098.117.107.xxx   Take Christ out of Christmas
2009_12_18_17:03:52.210   068.101.039.xxx   Keep Christ in Christmas
2009_12_18_17:05:53.800   070.114.141.xxx   Summon Tatsuma
2009_12_18_17:06:54.552   070.114.141.xxx   Count the lights. Every one represents ___1 billion in Obama debt
2009_12_18_17:07:00.969   098.117.107.xxx   Happy pagan Winter Solstice Festival
2009_12_18_17:08:05.778   076.178.131.xxx   I see you
2009_12_18_17:08:30.336   098.117.107.xxx   dance for us
2009_12_18_17:09:24.383   076.178.131.xxx   no u dance
2009_12_18_17:09:35.090   084.190.002.xxx   Type text & CR to see reayeahl-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_18_17:09:39.314   069.180.210.xxx   merry Christmas
2009_12_18_17:09:40.266   098.117.107.xxx   And Jesus got some Oral just in time for Christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_17:09:53.429   076.178.131.xxx   MMMmmmm
2009_12_18_17:10:31.432   069.180.210.xxx   Who on here is from Tennessee?
2009_12_18_17:10:57.865   098.117.107.xxx   All hail his noodly appendage (11)
2009_12_18_17:11:26.309   076.178.131.xxx   OBAMA s*****
2009_12_18_17:11:40.579   098.117.107.xxx   There's a Ho on your lawn (12)
2009_12_18_17:11:49.620   084.190.002.xxx   hi all
2009_12_18_17:12:05.781   069.180.210.xxx   Hello to you!
2009_12_18_17:12:39.155   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas Ya'll!
2009_12_18_17:13:00.605   084.190.002.xxx   what a great site!!!
2009_12_18_17:13:16.750   069.180.210.xxx   yup, it sure is!
2009_12_18_17:13:31.060   098.117.107.xxx   Where's the Menorah? (13)
2009_12_18_17:14:45.916   069.180.210.xxx   For Hannakkah? (excuse me if I spelled it wrong)
2009_12_18_17:15:04.899   098.117.107.xxx   And don't forget Kwaanza (14)
2009_12_18_17:15:32.893   098.117.107.xxx   and Festivus (15)
2009_12_18_17:15:49.591   076.222.071.xxx   and for Jesus
2009_12_18_17:15:51.436   069.180.210.xxx   never heard of that one (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_17:16:08.197   098.117.107.xxx   I bet your neighbors just love you (16)
2009_12_18_17:16:37.276   004.022.097.xxx   Chicago Christmas Album: best of breed!
2009_12_18_17:16:52.884   069.180.210.xxx   His neighbors let him put the webcams in their yard, so I'd say so (11)
2009_12_18_17:17:23.794   069.180.210.xxx   yup, don't forget Jesus (12)
2009_12_18_17:18:06.094   069.180.210.xxx   Everyone have a good day today? (13)
2009_12_18_17:18:31.943   123.243.220.xxx   no jesus
2009_12_18_17:18:50.407   069.180.210.xxx   how come? (14)
2009_12_18_17:19:08.781   123.243.220.xxx   no such thing
2009_12_18_17:19:44.712   069.180.210.xxx   yes he is real (15)
2009_12_18_17:20:14.147   123.243.220.xxx   real as talking air
2009_12_18_17:20:17.915   004.022.097.xxx   no such thing as Jesus?  It's historical!
2009_12_18_17:20:46.559   069.180.210.xxx   Ever read Case For Christ? (16)
2009_12_18_17:21:23.996   004.022.097.xxx   folks who say that rarely read good books like that...
2009_12_18_17:21:51.084   069.180.210.xxx   I do...I've read it 3 times (17)
2009_12_18_17:22:59.000   123.243.220.xxx   We___re all atheists. I just believe in one less god than you do.
2009_12_18_17:24:34.594   068.038.130.xxx   Yay christmas (:
2009_12_18_17:25:09.149   123.243.220.xxx   God has b*****s and wings. It___s in the Bible
2009_12_18_17:25:42.815   068.038.130.xxx   hey lets keep this family friendly
2009_12_18_17:26:49.499   123.243.220.xxx   ok
2009_12_18_17:26:54.497   069.180.210.xxx   sorry, not good at being pc. it's a habit (18)
2009_12_18_17:27:57.838   069.180.210.xxx   Anyways, Merry Christmas! (19)
2009_12_18_17:29:05.146   068.038.130.xxx   You too (:
2009_12_18_17:29:24.571   070.181.018.xxx   ho ho ho!
2009_12_18_17:30:43.251   070.181.018.xxx   greetings from Connecticut
2009_12_18_17:30:45.114   069.180.210.xxx   Did everyone have a great day today? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_17:31:49.095   123.243.220.xxx   no
2009_12_18_17:32:04.346   069.180.210.xxx   you didn't? (21)
2009_12_18_17:34:37.841   069.180.210.xxx   Christmas is a week away!!! (22)
2009_12_18_17:34:51.302   123.243.220.xxx   my brother died this time last year
2009_12_18_17:35:03.536   076.178.131.xxx   boo hoo
2009_12_18_17:36:09.945   123.243.220.xxx   a tractor rolled on him as he worked on it
2009_12_18_17:36:30.666   069.180.210.xxx   oh, I'm sorry...I lost my great grandmother around this time last year too (23)
2009_12_18_17:37:08.827   076.178.131.xxx   sorry 4 both of you
2009_12_18_17:37:32.474   123.243.220.xxx   I want a burrito :D (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_17:38:11.201   069.180.210.xxx   I want some KFC! who else wants some? (24)
2009_12_18_17:38:25.519   068.038.130.xxx   I had dominos cheesy bread haha
2009_12_18_17:39:19.634   069.180.210.xxx   not exactly KFC, but pizza is great too (25)
2009_12_18_17:40:20.110   142.059.189.xxx   Happy Christmas Stinky b****!
2009_12_18_17:40:32.782   068.038.130.xxx   I don't remember the last time I had KFC. But*** really good though :P
2009_12_18_17:40:58.365   142.059.189.xxx   Merry Christmas Robert - love sweetcheeks
2009_12_18_17:41:17.039   123.243.220.xxx   Curry Green Curry (11)
2009_12_18_17:41:34.552   142.059.189.xxx   Michelle, you are the best bindery s**** evar!
2009_12_18_17:41:36.793   068.038.130.xxx   what?
2009_12_18_17:41:58.754   123.243.220.xxx   I like Curry :D (12)
2009_12_18_17:42:04.113   142.059.189.xxx   Michelle, you are the best bindery s**** evar!
2009_12_18_17:42:17.997   069.180.210.xxx   i haven't had KFC in quite a few months (26)
2009_12_18_17:42:26.474   068.038.130.xxx   keep this family friendly please
2009_12_18_17:42:26.121   076.178.131.xxx   Hi there coeur d alene
2009_12_18_17:43:28.569   068.038.130.xxx   La la la la :D
2009_12_18_17:44:33.896   069.180.210.xxx   Here comes santa claus, here comes santa claus (27)
2009_12_18_17:44:37.861   076.178.131.xxx   12345678901234567892
2009_12_18_17:45:30.606   068.038.130.xxx   Yay its gonna snow 6-12 inches tomorrow :D :D :D
2009_12_18_17:46:27.190   069.180.210.xxx   i wish that it would snow like that down here in Tennessee (28)
2009_12_18_17:46:42.258   079.072.189.xxx   hello from scotland, i watch this cam every year
2009_12_18_17:47:57.336   069.180.210.xxx   hello everyone! (29)
2009_12_18_17:48:17.286   079.072.189.xxx   hi
2009_12_18_17:49:02.781   068.038.130.xxx   hello? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_17:49:11.618   079.072.189.xxx   hi there
2009_12_18_17:49:15.037   069.180.210.xxx   how is everyone doing today? (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_17:49:37.394   079.072.189.xxx   Tnot bad youype text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_18_17:50:21.901   068.038.130.xxx   I'm just dandy (: (11)
2009_12_18_17:50:42.031   079.072.189.xxx   gooood
2009_12_18_17:51:26.301   069.180.210.xxx   That's good! I'm doing great! We just got out of school for Christmas break (31)
2009_12_18_17:51:46.686   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep, last day of school for my kids too ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_17:52:31.126   069.180.210.xxx   i had a math exam & a reading exam (32)
2009_12_18_17:53:12.340   068.038.130.xxx   I have like alot o projects due on monday haha (12)
2009_12_18_17:54:23.672   069.180.210.xxx   I got a project I'm going to be working on during the break (33)
2009_12_18_17:55:01.288   069.180.210.xxx   An author study (34)
2009_12_18_17:55:55.026   098.087.054.xxx   Helloooo Alek and Merry Christmas___ back again this year, so glad to see Xmas 
2009_12_18_17:57:07.904   069.180.210.xxx   I can't wait! only one week to go (35)
2009_12_18_17:58:05.324   069.180.210.xxx   Do ya'll have any Christmas traditions? (36)
2009_12_18_18:04:01.178   076.178.131.xxx   W  W         --------------------OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2009_12_18_18:04:52.429   069.180.210.xxx   Happy Christmas & Merry New Year (37)
2009_12_18_18:04:59.702   076.178.131.xxx   OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_18:05:57.206   068.207.148.xxx   Claire says Merry Christmas!
2009_12_18_18:06:10.804   076.178.131.xxx   OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO (11)
2009_12_18_18:06:56.999   069.180.210.xxx   what on earth (38)
2009_12_18_18:07:39.750   098.239.051.xxx   go Brighton Cardinals
2009_12_18_18:08:07.687   069.180.210.xxx   baseball? (39)
2009_12_18_18:08:14.154   098.239.051.xxx   Roll Tide Roll
2009_12_18_18:08:35.295   076.178.131.xxx   .    OOO   .OOOOOOOO. OOOOOOOOOO .  O     O (12)
2009_12_18_18:08:45.976   069.180.210.xxx   Alabama done gone to the championships? (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_18:09:29.337   098.239.051.xxx   Are you serious?
2009_12_18_18:10:12.869   069.180.210.xxx   what? (41)
2009_12_18_18:11:04.354   098.239.051.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_18_18:11:20.428   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee! (42)
2009_12_18_18:11:30.479   076.178.131.xxx   Type t.___/-------___- - -ext & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (13)
2009_12_18_18:11:53.319   098.239.051.xxx   Go Memphis Tigers
2009_12_18_18:12:43.097   076.178.131.xxx   .___/-------___- - - .O...........O (14)
2009_12_18_18:13:27.008   071.197.026.xxx   let's go LIONS!!!!
2009_12_18_18:14:12.436   098.239.051.xxx   Jesus loves you find him
2009_12_18_18:14:21.629   076.178.131.xxx   RAAAAAAAA (15)
2009_12_18_18:15:29.080   098.239.051.xxx   Roll Tide #1
2009_12_18_18:17:34.826   069.180.210.xxx   Done found him (43)
2009_12_18_18:18:01.557   069.180.210.xxx   Happy Christmas & Merry New Year (44)
2009_12_18_18:18:07.723   076.178.131.xxx   ..........______...//........... (16)
2009_12_18_18:19:05.404   076.178.131.xxx   ..........______...//.......... (17)
2009_12_18_18:25:11.756   076.178.131.xxx   ___o)))))______ (18)
2009_12_18_18:25:30.136   070.137.153.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!
2009_12_18_18:25:59.807   067.173.168.xxx   Where is gorgor?
2009_12_18_18:30:34.047   076.178.131.xxx   ___....______....((()))___ (19)
2009_12_18_18:33:13.511   068.100.217.xxx   I like your house because it's very nice ___Zoe
2009_12_18_18:36:49.584   142.167.167.xxx   Greetings and Merry Christmas from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
2009_12_18_18:36:55.163   024.167.045.xxx   Your electric bill must be insance
2009_12_18_18:39:59.124   024.167.045.xxx   do you do this for any other holidays?
2009_12_18_18:44:58.867   071.195.128.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!!
2009_12_18_18:45:36.435   071.195.128.xxx   I want a million dollars for christmas
2009_12_18_18:46:05.768   076.067.076.xxx   Great fun CHristian game
2009_12_18_18:46:33.680   069.180.210.xxx   I want a bucket of fried chicken for Christmas (45)
2009_12_18_18:46:46.627   071.195.128.xxx   I want a million dollars for christmas
2009_12_18_18:47:48.202   069.180.210.xxx   ha ha...I would like that for christmas then I would buy  some chicken (46)
2009_12_18_18:48:50.083   069.180.210.xxx   mmm....kfc (47)
2009_12_18_18:49:31.045   069.180.210.xxx   Hello everyone! (48)
2009_12_18_18:50:15.519   071.195.128.xxx   Hello
2009_12_18_18:50:15.668   024.167.045.xxx   I Love Stephanie Tepe
2009_12_18_18:50:47.028   024.167.045.xxx   hello
2009_12_18_18:51:29.089   071.195.128.xxx   Alek are you veiwing your our website on your computer
2009_12_18_18:53:59.328   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** YEP ... and Electricity costs are just a couple bucks a day - worth it! ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_18:56:19.855   067.142.165.xxx   Hi from Goldvein, VA, we are getting 20 in of snow!!!!
2009_12_18_18:58:12.635   067.142.165.xxx   What is your favorite Christmas Carol
2009_12_18_18:58:55.412   069.180.210.xxx   There are so many..it's so hard to chose (49)
2009_12_18_18:59:35.495   067.142.165.xxx   My favorite is "Jingle Bell Rock"!
2009_12_18_19:00:34.876   067.142.165.xxx   My favorite is "The Christmas Song"
2009_12_18_19:01:59.587   067.142.165.xxx   Anyone else from VA?
2009_12_18_19:04:01.448   070.145.024.xxx   heelo
2009_12_18_19:04:48.076   067.142.165.xxx   Hi to you too
2009_12_18_19:05:04.293   070.145.024.xxx   kate and chasie say hello from princeton
2009_12_18_19:05:39.023   069.180.210.xxx   I'm from Tennessee, that close enough? (50 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_19:05:41.502   076.025.037.xxx   David likes to be fun
2009_12_18_19:05:58.572   070.145.024.xxx   mom-mu is a nerd
2009_12_18_19:06:31.786   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee? (51)
2009_12_18_19:06:57.855   070.145.024.xxx   chasie loves kate
2009_12_18_19:07:05.168   076.025.037.xxx   34
2009_12_18_19:07:27.320   069.180.210.xxx   I want some KFC! who else wants some? (52)
2009_12_18_19:07:47.310   076.025.037.xxx   Alex likes burritos because she is Hispanic
2009_12_18_19:07:54.956   067.142.165.xxx   ME! Me! ME!
2009_12_18_19:08:04.592   072.219.235.xxx   Hey can someone come on the webcam?!
2009_12_18_19:08:47.779   124.149.029.xxx   turn everything on
2009_12_18_19:09:22.171   072.219.235.xxx   YAY!!!!
2009_12_18_19:10:14.615   072.219.235.xxx   SOMEONE WAVE THEIR HAND!!!!
2009_12_18_19:11:39.273   072.219.235.xxx   HAHA THIS IS SO COOL
2009_12_18_19:12:33.354   076.067.076.xxx   KOMAR 4 life
2009_12_18_19:12:58.786   072.219.235.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2009_12_18_19:14:46.565   067.142.165.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2009_12_18_19:14:49.412   069.180.210.xxx   AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! (53)
2009_12_18_19:18:18.268   024.196.225.xxx   hello merry christmas
2009_12_18_19:21:02.856   068.109.157.xxx   where is everybody?
2009_12_18_19:21:08.466   066.066.126.xxx   Christie Miller wishes you a Merry Christmas!!
2009_12_18_19:21:49.120   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I like Fried chicken!!!!!!! (54)
2009_12_18_19:22:00.696   024.196.225.xxx   SERVER ABOUT TO CRASH!!
2009_12_18_19:22:30.694   024.196.225.xxx   Say bye bye
2009_12_18_19:23:01.382   024.196.225.xxx   3..2..1..
2009_12_18_19:23:10.403   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I like Fried chicken!!!!!!! (55)
2009_12_18_19:23:15.642   071.072.039.xxx   Hello + Seasons Greetings from Ohio  :D
2009_12_18_19:23:33.582   024.196.225.xxx   CRASH!!
2009_12_18_19:24:32.716   024.196.225.xxx   hey how it going man
2009_12_18_19:24:44.621   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOW - got some real KFC fans tonight ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_19:25:17.951   066.066.126.xxx   I would eat cole slaw every day!!!
2009_12_18_19:25:19.220   069.180.210.xxx   Oh yeah!!!! (56)
2009_12_18_19:25:24.241   024.196.225.xxx   hey how did u do this for the laptop jw
2009_12_18_19:25:40.036   068.052.114.xxx   I love KFC too!
2009_12_18_19:26:16.584   069.180.210.xxx   remember the singing fish? (57)
2009_12_18_19:26:33.963   024.196.225.xxx   how is this all networked to your house it is so cool please tell please cody _
2009_12_18_19:26:48.195   069.180.210.xxx   Don't worry, be happy!!!! (58)
2009_12_18_19:27:33.589   024.196.225.xxx   hey anyone know how to get the webcam a bit faster on my ent it is slow
2009_12_18_19:27:37.589   066.066.126.xxx   yoooooooo
2009_12_18_19:27:59.762   069.180.210.xxx   so no one remembers the singing fish? (59)
2009_12_18_19:28:13.906   066.066.126.xxx   nope
2009_12_18_19:29:06.811   068.052.114.xxx   I love the singing fish. They are awwwwwwesome!!!
2009_12_18_19:29:08.778   069.180.210.xxx   It's the little robot fis*** sings "don't worry be happy" (60 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_19:29:38.648   024.196.225.xxx   hey but really how is this all networked to you (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_19:29:45.699   066.066.126.xxx   nope
2009_12_18_19:29:45.695   098.065.200.xxx   Hi Alek, Merry Christmas
2009_12_18_19:30:10.601   066.066.126.xxx   nope
2009_12_18_19:30:20.756   024.196.225.xxx   Alek how is this all connected (11)
2009_12_18_19:30:48.553   069.180.210.xxx   sorry, forgot the filter is extremely sensitive (61)
2009_12_18_19:30:58.162   066.066.126.xxx   nope
2009_12_18_19:31:28.074   024.196.225.xxx   how is this all networked to your house it is so cool please tell please cody _ (12)
2009_12_18_19:32:05.423   066.066.126.xxx   wave
2009_12_18_19:32:41.775   066.066.126.xxx   wave please?
2009_12_18_19:32:56.628   071.068.194.xxx   Support Avatars for Zelda Pinwheel!
2009_12_18_19:32:59.531   075.058.034.xxx   Merry Christmas! :D
2009_12_18_19:33:22.589   066.066.126.xxx   wave please (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_19:33:59.115   066.066.126.xxx   yesssss!!!!! (11)
2009_12_18_19:34:25.000   024.196.225.xxx   how is this all connected (13)
2009_12_18_19:34:35.978   066.066.126.xxx   lets all work together to turn all his lights out lol! (12)
2009_12_18_19:37:45.264   071.068.194.xxx   Create Avatars For Zelda Pnwheel
2009_12_18_19:39:20.091   173.025.110.xxx   hey im from iowa
2009_12_18_19:39:54.935   069.180.210.xxx   I'm from Tennessee (62)
2009_12_18_19:40:24.753   173.025.110.xxx   i love christmas so much i decorate my own room it is so cool
2009_12_18_19:40:51.524   069.180.210.xxx   We got Christmas lights up in my room (63)
2009_12_18_19:40:55.557   074.075.161.xxx   lol
2009_12_18_19:41:22.689   173.025.110.xxx   so any one else from iowa
2009_12_18_19:41:59.823   074.075.161.xxx   got to love cookies right dude that owns the website
2009_12_18_19:42:09.721   173.025.110.xxx   how did you do all this
2009_12_18_19:42:27.591   074.075.161.xxx   mainehoney.net
2009_12_18_19:42:35.182   069.180.210.xxx   my mom went to toys r us looking for the singing fish (64)
2009_12_18_19:43:08.974   069.180.210.xxx   they laughed at her (65)
2009_12_18_19:43:47.949   173.025.110.xxx   this is so cool
2009_12_18_19:44:02.978   069.180.210.xxx   One week till Christmas (66)
2009_12_18_19:44:34.491   074.075.161.xxx   yay
2009_12_18_19:44:55.495   069.180.210.xxx   I can't wait (67)
2009_12_18_19:45:08.631   173.025.110.xxx   how do you keep all the lits on when i can barrly keep 800 lights on
2009_12_18_19:48:37.543   024.062.074.xxx   My fiance has Celiac Disease, thanks for raising money and awareness!
2009_12_18_19:51:56.873   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Your welcome ... and Merry Christmas to you ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_19:53:32.318   071.068.194.xxx   Support Avatars for Zelda Pinwheel!
2009_12_18_19:57:14.259   068.165.191.xxx   Hmmm
2009_12_18_19:59:58.565   075.027.136.xxx   OK
2009_12_18_20:02:28.842   024.196.225.xxx   hey man (14)
2009_12_18_20:05:01.764   066.066.126.xxx   my name is alec (13)
2009_12_18_20:05:49.901   156.034.242.xxx   someone go whack cam 1
2009_12_18_20:06:59.708   156.034.242.xxx   uh oh Alek is callin someone
2009_12_18_20:07:38.882   068.165.191.xxx   naw- just checking for messages
2009_12_18_20:09:17.373   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry about webcam1 tonight - struggling for reasons unknown ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_20:09:36.731   066.066.126.xxx   yea its a lil slow but*** cool (14)
2009_12_18_20:10:02.911   066.066.126.xxx   its___ (15)
2009_12_18_20:11:21.142   066.066.126.xxx   alec from rochester NY wishing all 99 people a merry christmas (16)
2009_12_18_20:11:36.476   068.165.191.xxx   r'uh r'oh - looks like trouble somewhere!
2009_12_18_20:12:07.810   068.165.191.xxx   Alek has lost something!
2009_12_18_20:12:43.493   068.165.191.xxx   Lawdy- I sure hope he finds it!
2009_12_18_20:13:12.157   066.066.213.xxx   Colbert Nation!!
2009_12_18_20:13:53.807   068.165.191.xxx   Colbert is a godless commie
2009_12_18_20:14:10.154   069.180.210.xxx   uh oh, he can't find the thing that proves he gets free chicken (68)
2009_12_18_20:14:23.859   066.066.213.xxx   god is a colbertless commie!!
2009_12_18_20:14:41.297   068.165.191.xxx   nice
2009_12_18_20:15:09.304   069.180.210.xxx   ha ha he found it (69)
2009_12_18_20:15:11.305   068.165.191.xxx   LAWDY- lookit all them chickens!
2009_12_18_20:15:44.586   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Bucket of Extra Crispy KFC ... BUURRPP!!! ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_20:15:45.277   069.180.210.xxx   Told you that's what he was looking for (70 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_20:15:51.628   068.165.191.xxx   ah sho wood love me some chickens too
2009_12_18_20:16:18.559   068.165.191.xxx   oh noes! where's the wet naps! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_20:16:18.879   069.180.210.xxx   Where's my bucket of fried chicken (71)
2009_12_18_20:16:37.937   219.079.194.xxx   hello form Kyle in Hong Kong !!
2009_12_18_20:16:57.520   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (72)
2009_12_18_20:17:14.264   068.165.191.xxx   oh noes! Alek can___t find the wetnaps! (11)
2009_12_18_20:17:51.433   069.180.210.xxx   Now I want some fried chicken (73)
2009_12_18_20:17:58.255   066.066.213.xxx   Gimme some chicken!
2009_12_18_20:17:58.906   068.165.191.xxx   ooo- he's left the room (12)
2009_12_18_20:18:07.843   058.168.215.xxx   watch out! he's got a knife!
2009_12_18_20:18:32.976   066.066.213.xxx   he must be coming with my chicken!
2009_12_18_20:18:47.089   068.165.191.xxx   p oopie (13)
2009_12_18_20:19:21.374   068.165.191.xxx   LOL - no one is minding the store (14)
2009_12_18_20:19:26.248   069.180.210.xxx   naw, he's bringing me some chicken (74)
2009_12_18_20:19:51.828   068.165.191.xxx   or is he making a p oopie (15)
2009_12_18_20:20:03.513   066.066.213.xxx   aw man, i wants me some chicken
2009_12_18_20:20:23.134   068.165.191.xxx   LOL.....again (16)
2009_12_18_20:20:46.450   076.238.136.xxx   Hello
2009_12_18_20:20:56.507   068.165.191.xxx   i cannot be stopped i see - P OOPIE (17)
2009_12_18_20:21:31.016   068.165.191.xxx   P OOPIE #4 (18)
2009_12_18_20:21:45.438   066.066.213.xxx   Come on Santa - you can make it over the top this time!
2009_12_18_20:21:56.738   076.111.088.xxx   hi
2009_12_18_20:21:59.295   069.115.077.xxx   hello from NJ.. great site.... thanks
2009_12_18_20:22:06.334   068.165.191.xxx   P OOPIE #5 (19)
2009_12_18_20:22:23.585   071.188.018.xxx   jkn,mn,mnknm,nmknm,njjn j
2009_12_18_20:22:41.128   076.238.136.xxx   TypLOl nice it actauly workse text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Worksho
2009_12_18_20:22:54.498   068.165.191.xxx   the chicken is getting cold - P OOPIE #6 (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_20:22:56.146   066.066.213.xxx   But where's Waldo!?!
2009_12_18_20:23:35.893   068.165.191.xxx   ate too much chicken and had to P OOPIE #7 (21)
2009_12_18_20:23:40.917   219.079.194.xxx   hey dudes, what's up?
2009_12_18_20:24:07.010   076.238.136.xxx   Merry Chirstmas Everyone!
2009_12_18_20:24:08.338   068.165.191.xxx   P OOPIE #8 (22)
2009_12_18_20:24:09.151   066.066.213.xxx   he's taking a dump
2009_12_18_20:24:41.201   068.165.191.xxx   P OOPIE #8 (23)
2009_12_18_20:24:45.447   072.081.048.xxx   Bracing for a ton of snow here! Woo Hoo!
2009_12_18_20:25:11.086   068.165.191.xxx   P OOPIE #9 (24)
2009_12_18_20:25:18.913   076.238.136.xxx   :D
2009_12_18_20:25:24.598   072.081.048.xxx   Looks like we'll have a white Christmas after all!
2009_12_18_20:25:44.056   068.165.191.xxx   P OOPIE #10 (25)
2009_12_18_20:26:07.289   072.081.048.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2009_12_18_20:26:16.750   068.165.191.xxx   sigh (26)
2009_12_18_20:26:20.662   076.238.136.xxx   Where is he?
2009_12_18_20:28:15.735   076.238.136.xxx   Aleks!! Hello
2009_12_18_20:28:27.447   068.183.143.xxx   happy solstice
2009_12_18_20:31:54.860   154.020.143.xxx   first post
2009_12_18_20:32:00.758   071.199.201.xxx   TMerry Christmasype text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_18_20:32:04.530   068.049.095.xxx   hello columbus
2009_12_18_20:32:08.737   068.183.143.xxx   it's human
2009_12_18_20:32:59.392   098.196.178.xxx   Merry Weekend everybody!
2009_12_18_20:33:22.658   071.199.201.xxx   Hello Alicia & Kaylee
2009_12_18_20:34:16.975   069.115.077.xxx   merry christmas to you and your family... hope all the best for you all
2009_12_18_20:34:21.616   068.183.143.xxx   happy solstice
2009_12_18_20:38:42.407   024.196.225.xxx   why is the site keep crashing (15)
2009_12_18_20:39:59.955   074.110.091.xxx   "Merry I-Had-Forty-Hours-Of-Vacation-To-Use-Before-It-Expired-Mas!", reads the 
2009_12_18_20:40:27.245   069.180.210.xxx   Happy Christmas & Merry New Year! :) (75)
2009_12_18_20:40:59.973   069.180.210.xxx   solstice? (76)
2009_12_18_20:42:13.270   069.180.210.xxx   I told ya'll he was looking for the thing that gives him free chicken! (77)
2009_12_18_20:42:29.846   071.188.143.xxx   hello from fort wayne, indiana
2009_12_18_20:42:43.570   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I'm back!!!!!   :D (78)
2009_12_18_20:44:33.853   076.192.151.xxx   Whooptie Doo Basil what does it all mean ?
2009_12_18_20:52:00.832   096.248.147.xxx   kk
2009_12_18_20:53:50.357   098.196.178.xxx   KFC - gross
2009_12_18_20:56:25.477   069.180.210.xxx   KFC ISAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (79)
2009_12_18_20:56:49.331   098.196.178.xxx   lol pepto + kfc, that's more likely
2009_12_18_20:57:28.963   070.230.202.xxx   its better to burp & taste it than fart and waste it
2009_12_18_20:57:52.664   098.196.178.xxx   ewww lol
2009_12_18_21:01:00.939   069.180.210.xxx   lol (80 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_21:01:36.965   069.180.210.xxx   I agree on that philosophy completely (81)
2009_12_18_21:01:43.955   024.151.051.xxx   Greetings from CT
2009_12_18_21:08:02.493   124.149.029.xxx   hi from Australia
2009_12_18_21:10:16.216   067.163.155.xxx   whats up from pennsylvania
2009_12_18_21:11:29.687   067.163.155.xxx   i like b***s
2009_12_18_21:11:46.257   069.149.122.xxx   Yay I got a new IP and can chat again
2009_12_18_21:12:10.891   124.149.029.xxx   :)
2009_12_18_21:12:35.781   069.149.122.xxx   I didn't even say anything mean, dunno y i got b&
2009_12_18_21:14:18.062   067.163.155.xxx   i love KFC
2009_12_18_21:17:07.630   071.096.216.xxx   Hello from Denton, TX!
2009_12_18_21:17:11.200   072.196.207.xxx   Happy Honaka!!!
2009_12_18_21:17:34.282   069.154.018.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_18_21:17:36.421   071.096.216.xxx   It's Hannukah, dude.
2009_12_18_21:17:51.364   072.196.207.xxx   hi Jonh, Its Nathan
2009_12_18_21:18:34.714   072.196.207.xxx   Happy Christmas!:)
2009_12_18_21:19:02.416   069.154.018.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_18_21:19:10.262   123.243.223.xxx   Love your work Alek
2009_12_18_21:20:47.502   024.131.201.xxx   I always have fun controlling your decorations every year.
2009_12_18_21:21:17.318   123.243.223.xxx   Daughter says the lights look good
2009_12_18_21:24:54.377   067.142.166.xxx   Hello from Oklahoma
2009_12_18_21:24:59.560   193.200.150.xxx   hello from Victoria Beau Vallon
2009_12_18_21:25:41.527   067.142.166.xxx   Hello from Texas
2009_12_18_21:26:05.327   024.131.201.xxx   Hello from Pennsylvania
2009_12_18_21:27:38.781   069.149.122.xxx   I am batman
2009_12_18_21:27:53.824   123.243.220.xxx   Hello from the zoo (13)
2009_12_18_21:28:16.296   071.072.039.xxx   Hello from Ohio..
2009_12_18_21:28:52.333   076.222.071.xxx   Keep Christ in Christmas
2009_12_18_21:29:44.703   067.177.207.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_18_21:29:50.030   123.243.220.xxx   NO (14)
2009_12_18_21:29:53.478   072.219.255.xxx   Hi my name is robert mcgreevy
2009_12_18_21:29:59.264   071.072.039.xxx   I fully AGREE w/that..
2009_12_18_21:30:24.658   123.243.220.xxx   to keep it out yes (15)
2009_12_18_21:32:05.224   209.055.110.xxx   what's up
2009_12_18_21:32:19.985   071.072.039.xxx   To keep it in., correct..
2009_12_18_21:32:48.335   209.055.110.xxx   hi guy
2009_12_18_21:33:18.671   209.055.110.xxx   hi glp
2009_12_18_21:35:21.999   209.055.110.xxx   glp:  the end is niegh
2009_12_18_21:35:50.533   123.243.220.xxx   O: I see him (16)
2009_12_18_21:35:55.447   209.055.110.xxx   hi glp
2009_12_18_21:35:57.010   070.031.218.xxx   Merry Christmas Bidou  & Sarah!! :0
2009_12_18_21:36:20.939   209.055.110.xxx   hi glp
2009_12_18_21:36:22.775   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! (82)
2009_12_18_21:36:24.493   123.243.220.xxx   Hello guy at computer I can see :D (17)
2009_12_18_21:37:01.180   209.055.110.xxx   hi alex
2009_12_18_21:37:42.478   123.243.220.xxx   is he reading this? Hello (18)
2009_12_18_21:37:42.592   209.055.110.xxx   or should i say alek
2009_12_18_21:37:51.609   069.180.210.xxx   Everyone have a good day today? (83)
2009_12_18_21:38:10.128   070.031.218.xxx   Hello
2009_12_18_21:38:28.514   209.055.110.xxx   wat is up with the pepto bizmo / pink bottle?
2009_12_18_21:39:01.917   123.243.220.xxx   It's for when the Ho HO dinner is tooo much (19)
2009_12_18_21:40:38.459   209.055.110.xxx   that makes sense (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_21:41:24.617   209.055.110.xxx   anyone with glp here??? (11)
2009_12_18_21:41:39.342   070.092.170.xxx   Nicely done, Alek. Thanks for another year of lights.
2009_12_18_21:44:55.149   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - glad you enjoy the show! ***ALEK***
2009_12_18_21:46:21.385   123.243.220.xxx   Alek you have done a lot of hard work, I enjoyed the light shows thanks. (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_21:47:41.692   071.072.039.xxx   I'm goin to go thru withdrawl when site closes.. Good job.!!
2009_12_18_21:47:55.873   114.077.145.xxx   bah humbug
2009_12_18_21:48:01.692   209.055.110.xxx   this site rocks...i love the hulk! (12)
2009_12_18_21:49:14.792   114.077.145.xxx   i like chicken
2009_12_18_21:49:41.576   209.055.110.xxx   is it closing time?? (13)
2009_12_18_21:50:07.291   024.196.225.xxx   na duh (16)
2009_12_18_21:50:16.245   124.149.029.xxx   can you wave alek? please  :)
2009_12_18_21:50:29.858   114.077.145.xxx   no
2009_12_18_21:50:58.877   124.149.029.xxx   Please alek :)
2009_12_18_21:51:01.522   209.055.110.xxx   what the heck is alek doing? (14)
2009_12_18_21:52:06.518   124.149.029.xxx   HI EVERYONE!!!
2009_12_18_21:53:02.008   098.144.005.xxx   put your phone number up here
2009_12_18_21:54:08.490   124.149.029.xxx   99723442441
2009_12_18_21:54:13.602   098.144.005.xxx   no
2009_12_18_21:54:26.590   114.077.145.xxx   yes
2009_12_18_21:54:56.181   114.077.145.xxx   no
2009_12_18_21:55:17.662   124.149.029.xxx   turn zone 2 on!
2009_12_18_21:57:55.595   124.149.029.xxx   only  3 minutes left :(
2009_12_18_21:58:26.879   074.050.104.xxx   Good-night everyone!
2009_12_18_21:58:48.792   074.050.104.xxx   BYEEEE!!!!
2009_12_18_21:59:00.209   071.072.039.xxx   Ya it does seem to go by fast.. :(
2009_12_18_21:59:01.486   124.149.029.xxx   good bye (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_18_21:59:17.708   074.050.104.xxx   Last min
2009_12_18_21:59:35.570   124.149.029.xxx   :( (11)
2009_12_18_21:59:36.080   071.072.039.xxx   Nite from Ohio -bye..
2009_12_18_21:59:38.708   074.050.104.xxx   last text!!

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