468 christmas text messages on 2009/1220

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 10,239 times that day including 6,215 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1220

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_20_16:00:38.104   068.057.099.xxx   it snowed in virginia
2009_12_20_16:01:28.854   086.147.109.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_16:03:00.922   075.018.053.xxx   wOOt
2009_12_20_16:03:28.521   086.147.109.xxx   hi ppl
2009_12_20_16:04:04.782   086.147.109.xxx   merry x-ma** from the UK
2009_12_20_16:04:51.949   067.166.185.xxx   Merry Christmas From Virginia, USA!!
2009_12_20_16:08:13.904   071.081.132.xxx   Hello
2009_12_20_16:08:29.137   072.208.165.xxx   sup?
2009_12_20_16:08:53.616   071.081.132.xxx   allo
2009_12_20_16:08:54.819   072.208.165.xxx   nice tie
2009_12_20_16:10:52.438   204.116.227.xxx   Hi from rai
2009_12_20_16:10:58.601   068.057.099.xxx   sunday church alek
2009_12_20_16:11:02.184   071.081.132.xxx   gutentalk
2009_12_20_16:11:54.168   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, just got back from a wedding - not often that I wear a tie! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_16:13:26.928   204.116.227.xxx   merry christmar from rai
2009_12_20_16:13:55.516   075.018.053.xxx   winter wonderland
2009_12_20_16:14:57.944   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading outside to unload car and setup Giant Santa ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_16:16:57.864   071.072.039.xxx   Cool.!  Good eve from Ohio
2009_12_20_16:17:05.246   098.250.041.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_16:17:26.443   086.014.160.xxx   Merry Xmas for Radio Lollipop
2009_12_20_16:17:36.132   072.144.063.xxx   Santa isnt real.
2009_12_20_16:17:48.755   069.165.160.xxx   hello sweetch
2009_12_20_16:18:47.912   074.173.076.xxx   HELLO FROM BOCA RATON
2009_12_20_16:21:10.949   067.048.023.xxx   hey mr. g
2009_12_20_16:21:33.531   216.067.008.xxx   Merry Christmas from Alaska!
2009_12_20_16:21:39.926   173.171.157.xxx   Merry Christmas from sunny Florida
2009_12_20_16:21:49.905   067.048.023.xxx   KCK here too.
2009_12_20_16:22:50.697   067.048.023.xxx   Alek, messages don't show
2009_12_20_16:24:53.000   067.048.023.xxx   HELLO THERE!!!!
2009_12_20_16:26:36.507   067.048.023.xxx   thank you
2009_12_20_16:26:37.873   083.089.070.xxx   the bird is the word!,
2009_12_20_16:27:07.849   062.243.121.xxx   Who are you the man in blue?
2009_12_20_16:27:27.779   067.048.023.xxx   it's dark in here
2009_12_20_16:28:17.450   068.150.181.xxx   oh oh.. the system broke!
2009_12_20_16:28:37.318   098.251.051.xxx   Hello From ga
2009_12_20_16:28:47.337   083.089.070.xxx   yay!, its back up!.
2009_12_20_16:28:58.286   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just rebooted the laptop - back in business with IM's showing up! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_16:29:02.076   067.048.023.xxx   Hip Hip Hurray
2009_12_20_16:29:19.821   083.089.070.xxx   the bird is the word!,
2009_12_20_16:29:36.177   067.048.023.xxx   Mr. G you da man
2009_12_20_16:29:39.355   069.115.191.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_16:29:46.737   098.251.051.xxx   Sparrow?
2009_12_20_16:30:21.863   062.243.121.xxx   Your name?
2009_12_20_16:30:29.437   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK needs some air - heading out the to the balcony! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_16:30:30.049   074.229.102.xxx   We love your site!
2009_12_20_16:30:55.892   067.048.023.xxx   Fabulous Display
2009_12_20_16:31:38.487   089.024.126.xxx   :-D
2009_12_20_16:32:19.265   124.180.017.xxx   OMG i luv christmas
2009_12_20_16:32:59.235   098.251.051.xxx   and Christmas loves you (sounds like a TV movie)
2009_12_20_16:34:37.962   124.180.017.xxx   awwww
2009_12_20_16:35:54.820   098.251.051.xxx   Merry Christmas yall ... From Atl
2009_12_20_16:37:13.909   124.180.017.xxx   Merry xmas from sunny Melbourne Australia :)
2009_12_20_16:37:51.829   074.197.034.xxx   Hi everyone in texas
2009_12_20_16:38:28.110   074.235.197.xxx   Merry Christmas from Chelo & Stella!!!!!
2009_12_20_16:40:40.374   124.180.017.xxx   it's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas
2009_12_20_16:40:47.903   074.197.034.xxx   hi austin
2009_12_20_16:42:56.951   074.197.034.xxx   howdy fom texas yall
2009_12_20_16:43:31.774   124.180.017.xxx   G'day Texas, luv from Australia :)
2009_12_20_16:43:34.490   024.140.012.xxx   Hi From Ohio! :-) Wis*** were warmer!
2009_12_20_16:44:03.270   092.001.073.xxx   Aaron from London UK
2009_12_20_16:44:41.951   068.193.015.xxx   yoo peace out
2009_12_20_16:45:27.331   083.089.070.xxx   you just got rick roll'd!
2009_12_20_16:45:55.968   068.047.016.xxx   I love Gavin and Teagan
2009_12_20_16:46:03.942   071.063.132.xxx   Only 4 days of work this week.  But they will be LONG days!
2009_12_20_16:46:24.739   068.047.016.xxx   JOel Rocks!!!!
2009_12_20_16:46:38.815   071.063.132.xxx   Who is Joel?
2009_12_20_16:47:07.802   068.047.016.xxx   Joel is the best person in the world.
2009_12_20_16:47:18.693   071.063.132.xxx   Greetings from home here in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
2009_12_20_16:47:33.245   068.199.186.xxx   Merry Christmas All!
2009_12_20_16:48:17.614   098.251.051.xxx   Christmas arrives in Guam 24 hours before it arrives on the US east coast.. Tha
2009_12_20_16:48:30.693   068.199.186.xxx   Happy Holidays from Millerton, NY!
2009_12_20_16:48:38.677   071.063.132.xxx   It takes a long time to get dark there.
2009_12_20_16:49:07.597   086.001.254.xxx   good evening to you all from Accrington ..UK
2009_12_20_16:49:25.915   098.251.051.xxx   This is fun... tks for the site.
2009_12_20_16:50:45.626   068.053.132.xxx   This is an amazing amount of work!
2009_12_20_16:50:46.273   071.063.132.xxx   Getting ready to watch the MN Vikings tonight!
2009_12_20_16:51:21.150   098.251.051.xxx   Falcons beat NY
2009_12_20_16:51:26.176   068.193.015.xxx   yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2009_12_20_16:51:45.537   071.063.132.xxx   the Saints FINALLY lost!!  Woohoo!!
2009_12_20_16:52:01.330   068.193.015.xxx   yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2009_12_20_16:52:01.681   068.047.016.xxx   Hello Guy in the chair! Who are you?
2009_12_20_16:52:03.706   075.070.084.xxx   BRONCOS!!!!!
2009_12_20_16:52:06.569   098.251.051.xxx   I think that fellow bought a vowel, no?
2009_12_20_16:52:39.661   071.063.132.xxx   I'm glad I'm not on the east coast all snowed in
2009_12_20_16:52:51.359   075.070.084.xxx   BROCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_20_16:53:02.769   071.063.132.xxx   Vikngs!
2009_12_20_16:53:33.723   070.164.231.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Thompson's inShawnee Ok
2009_12_20_16:53:56.886   098.251.051.xxx   Goodnight all (From Ga)
2009_12_20_16:53:58.717   071.063.132.xxx   Merry Christmas Thompson Family
2009_12_20_16:54:15.501   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Broncos are up 16-13 versus the Raiders in the 4th quarter! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_16:55:41.196   098.251.051.xxx   If you had to pick one... eggnog or Fruitcake??? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_16:56:32.445   068.193.139.xxx   hellooooo
2009_12_20_16:56:49.183   068.204.242.xxx   hi asl
2009_12_20_16:57:09.789   068.193.139.xxx   yoo peace out
2009_12_20_16:57:13.723   071.063.132.xxx   33m MN (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_16:57:36.436   068.204.242.xxx   hi asl
2009_12_20_16:57:45.987   071.063.132.xxx   What a nice evening here....temps in  the low 20s (11)
2009_12_20_16:58:05.422   068.193.139.xxx   wat up
2009_12_20_16:58:17.851   071.063.132.xxx   the sky is up (12)
2009_12_20_16:58:45.790   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Eggnog for sure ... especially if spiced! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_17:00:12.313   071.063.132.xxx   why is the can of front of house so slow to refresh (13)
2009_12_20_17:00:34.625   071.063.132.xxx   cam (14)
2009_12_20_17:01:00.579   071.063.132.xxx   now it's faster again....weird (15)
2009_12_20_17:01:48.161   098.251.051.xxx   If you blink faster... it refreshes faster :-) (11)
2009_12_20_17:03:10.821   071.063.132.xxx   lol....ok.  I'll blink faster then. (16)
2009_12_20_17:04:05.863   071.172.243.xxx   hey everyonE!!!!
2009_12_20_17:04:06.544   070.181.040.xxx   This is so cool
2009_12_20_17:04:33.457   070.181.040.xxx   Wpw
2009_12_20_17:04:55.221   098.251.051.xxx   What do you call an old snowman? (12)
2009_12_20_17:04:55.390   070.181.040.xxx   Wow
2009_12_20_17:05:42.572   071.172.243.xxx   JOE IS THE BEST DJ EVER!!!!
2009_12_20_17:05:46.587   060.234.155.xxx   ello
2009_12_20_17:05:52.685   070.181.040.xxx   This is great!
2009_12_20_17:06:54.442   098.251.051.xxx   What do you call an old snowman?  WATER! (13)
2009_12_20_17:07:24.420   098.251.051.xxx   (tough crowd) (14)
2009_12_20_17:08:39.375   071.172.243.xxx   this is amazing
2009_12_20_17:08:43.726   068.100.215.xxx   where i am there is 2 feet of !!!! i am going to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
2009_12_20_17:09:10.516   098.251.051.xxx   7:00 eastern... supper time! Bye all. (15)
2009_12_20_17:09:15.660   098.020.045.xxx   Hello everyone
2009_12_20_17:09:18.908   090.215.069.xxx   what zone the presunt on
2009_12_20_17:09:37.863   071.172.243.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
2009_12_20_17:10:15.359   070.181.040.xxx   Where I am there is 18 inches of snow!
2009_12_20_17:10:42.270   068.100.215.xxx   this is so cool! i hope everyone have a very merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_20_17:11:18.536   068.100.215.xxx   HI!!!
2009_12_20_17:11:44.268   068.057.099.xxx   it snow in virginia
2009_12_20_17:12:22.478   068.100.215.xxx   there is a whole heck of a lot of snow in VA!!!!! 2 feet
2009_12_20_17:12:54.591   071.172.243.xxx   God Bless your kids, I will make a donation
2009_12_20_17:12:55.113   070.181.040.xxx   Snow!!!
2009_12_20_17:13:26.167   068.100.215.xxx   i ___3 SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_20_17:13:29.590   068.057.099.xxx   hey alek it snow in virginia for once
2009_12_20_17:14:02.647   068.100.215.xxx   I HAVE NO SCHOOL THIS WHOLE WEEK!!!! HAHA
2009_12_20_17:14:54.483   071.172.243.xxx   JOE IS THE BEST DJ EVER!!!!
2009_12_20_17:15:19.677   068.100.215.xxx   this is so kool
2009_12_20_17:16:22.576   068.100.215.xxx   this so cool i am so amazed of all these lights
2009_12_20_17:17:48.662   068.057.099.xxx   i don't have school this whole week too
2009_12_20_17:17:51.400   068.100.215.xxx   this so cool i am so amazed of all these lights
2009_12_20_17:22:40.162   071.172.243.xxx   what is this guy looking at?
2009_12_20_17:23:13.126   071.172.243.xxx   wave at the camera
2009_12_20_17:23:47.829   071.172.243.xxx   turn ur body to the camera
2009_12_20_17:24:47.234   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_20_17:24:54.045   074.233.252.xxx   Hi Ted!  It's me....all the way from Miami!
2009_12_20_17:25:09.901   093.087.171.xxx   Greeting from Serbia!
2009_12_20_17:25:48.095   074.233.252.xxx   Hi Ted!  It's me....all the way from Miami!
2009_12_20_17:25:53.898   093.087.171.xxx   tomaja here :) love this page!
2009_12_20_17:29:12.825   098.160.221.xxx   TURN  THEM  ALL  ON
2009_12_20_17:29:42.622   074.233.252.xxx   60 degrees F in South Florida.
2009_12_20_17:30:13.181   093.087.171.xxx   -18 celsius in Novi Sad, Serbia :)
2009_12_20_17:30:30.069   074.233.252.xxx   Yikes!  That's cold!!!
2009_12_20_17:30:46.615   093.087.171.xxx   freezing :)
2009_12_20_17:31:06.677   074.233.252.xxx   Better you...than me!  LOL
2009_12_20_17:31:24.412   098.160.221.xxx   TURN  THEM  ALL  ON
2009_12_20_17:31:47.314   093.087.171.xxx   what a crazy chat session this is! bye!
2009_12_20_17:32:43.992   074.233.252.xxx   Long distance chat  :)
2009_12_20_17:33:05.749   098.160.221.xxx   This is a LCD monitor!
2009_12_20_17:34:34.923   098.160.221.xxx   TURN THEM BACK ON!
2009_12_20_17:36:01.195   080.007.090.xxx   Hi Alek - Merry Xmas from the UK
2009_12_20_17:37:12.231   098.160.221.xxx   Balloon Boy NO WAY!
2009_12_20_17:37:57.533   068.193.015.xxx   peace
2009_12_20_17:39:36.843   068.193.015.xxx   yoo dude do u have a dog
2009_12_20_17:40:25.497   098.160.221.xxx   Kids in car out front ALL ON!
2009_12_20_17:43:56.662   098.160.221.xxx   Need another car out front
2009_12_20_17:44:41.182   072.077.219.xxx   Hello from Tampa, FL
2009_12_20_17:45:30.620   072.077.219.xxx   Hello Emma!!!!!!!!
2009_12_20_17:52:58.641   076.112.033.xxx   For the Horde!
2009_12_20_17:57:59.799   099.027.237.xxx   hiay
2009_12_20_17:58:01.357   065.096.209.xxx   For the Bored!
2009_12_20_17:59:22.675   068.039.024.xxx   This is neat
2009_12_20_18:00:36.395   200.008.022.xxx   hello, greetings from venezuela
2009_12_20_18:01:56.518   068.039.024.xxx   aWhat burrito deer
2009_12_20_18:04:22.716   069.088.197.xxx   hello from OHIO!!
2009_12_20_18:05:48.047   121.220.140.xxx   HELLO FROM AUSTRALIA
2009_12_20_18:08:42.962   156.034.249.xxx   oh Hi Alek!
2009_12_20_18:13:48.182   200.035.164.xxx   hello from guatemala
2009_12_20_18:14:27.269   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, there's always a bit of driveby traffic - fun for everyone! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_18:15:02.376   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee!
2009_12_20_18:17:02.874   200.035.164.xxx   hello from Guatemala
2009_12_20_18:17:44.686   066.066.126.xxx   Hello from Murphy in NY!  Love the lights
2009_12_20_18:19:28.173   200.035.164.xxx   Again hello from guatemala, love the lights too
2009_12_20_18:20:43.702   110.032.105.xxx   Hello from Australia merry Christmas everyone :P
2009_12_20_18:21:07.551   069.180.210.xxx   woohoo! only 5 days!!!!!    :)
2009_12_20_18:21:50.938   200.035.164.xxx   hello from Guatemala , Im Gio Andres
2009_12_20_18:22:38.947   156.034.249.xxx   yeah but it sux when it's over
2009_12_20_18:23:04.240   076.067.075.xxx   NIGEL IS MY SON I LOVE HIM
2009_12_20_18:23:15.352   069.026.020.xxx   ____________________________________
2009_12_20_18:24:23.082   110.032.105.xxx   hi im Ryan Merry Christmas everyone
2009_12_20_18:25:48.002   090.207.145.xxx   Alek you know i luv ya but you need to loose the halloween stuff at Christmas
2009_12_20_18:26:35.534   076.067.075.xxx   Celiac desease is a form of retardation
2009_12_20_18:26:45.882   156.034.249.xxx   Pumpkins need Christmas too, there friends become pies!
2009_12_20_18:27:37.408   200.035.164.xxx   Arriba los rojos campeones de Guatemala
2009_12_20_18:28:15.624   156.034.249.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
2009_12_20_18:29:41.254   071.052.100.xxx   Merry Christmas from FL
2009_12_20_18:31:16.031   071.052.100.xxx   Hello Brian M
2009_12_20_18:32:39.589   098.160.221.xxx   TURN THEM BACK ON!
2009_12_20_18:32:49.408   072.131.049.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_20_18:33:34.202   071.052.100.xxx   Hello there!
2009_12_20_18:33:49.484   072.081.048.xxx   Hulk has his hat back! Yay!
2009_12_20_18:34:02.924   072.131.049.xxx   what is your electric bill?
2009_12_20_18:34:46.006   076.112.247.xxx   Look down the page and it says
2009_12_20_18:34:48.219   110.032.105.xxx   scroll down you can see it
2009_12_20_18:34:55.526   098.160.221.xxx   Wait for car then ON!
2009_12_20_18:36:49.298   072.131.049.xxx   Great job Alek.  I love X10 contols
2009_12_20_18:37:25.845   156.034.249.xxx   wow only what, 12 days & this is all gone ?
2009_12_20_18:37:37.070   076.112.247.xxx   Wave to the camera!! :)
2009_12_20_18:38:42.443   072.131.049.xxx   Alek is this all PHP coding?
2009_12_20_18:38:51.065   072.081.048.xxx   Yayyy!
2009_12_20_18:39:14.432   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm a Perl dude, so no, not PHP ... but could be ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_18:39:51.662   072.081.048.xxx   Must be time for dinner
2009_12_20_18:40:48.479   067.087.143.xxx   KEep it off!
2009_12_20_18:42:44.771   156.034.249.xxx   keep it on!
2009_12_20_18:42:58.101   067.087.143.xxx   keep em off!
2009_12_20_18:44:09.750   067.087.143.xxx   KEEP THEM OFF
2009_12_20_18:44:50.855   072.131.049.xxx   LEAVE ALL LIGHTS ON!
2009_12_20_18:45:00.041   098.160.221.xxx   HO HO HO (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_18:49:33.383   068.040.235.xxx   Hi from Michigan
2009_12_20_18:50:34.485   068.040.235.xxx   Hello everyone
2009_12_20_18:51:22.057   098.160.221.xxx   STOP AND WATCH! (11)
2009_12_20_18:54:17.225   071.226.108.xxx   YO YO YO Charleston SC
2009_12_20_18:56:29.661   074.050.104.xxx   radio shack pro-136 police scanner
2009_12_20_18:58:30.094   098.160.221.xxx   IN USSR POLICE SCAN YOU! (12)
2009_12_20_18:59:06.963   074.050.104.xxx   what?
2009_12_20_19:01:32.399   098.250.041.xxx   hey - RDUBZ
2009_12_20_19:02:21.815   098.250.041.xxx   hey hofmanns
2009_12_20_19:04:14.852   068.057.099.xxx   hey everyone it snowed in virginia
2009_12_20_19:06:54.033   068.197.096.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:07:40.063   068.197.096.xxx   traxxas.tk
2009_12_20_19:09:14.624   068.197.096.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:10:44.147   068.197.096.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:11:35.451   068.197.096.xxx   taylory215
2009_12_20_19:11:42.548   173.202.098.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:12:02.147   068.197.096.xxx   lol
2009_12_20_19:12:26.867   068.197.096.xxx   :-)
2009_12_20_19:12:42.695   071.072.039.xxx   Greetings this eve.!!
2009_12_20_19:12:52.618   075.107.044.xxx   LOL
2009_12_20_19:17:00.657   076.170.042.xxx   xma**ssssss
2009_12_20_19:17:36.202   076.170.042.xxx   radioclambake dot com SALUTES YOU
2009_12_20_19:18:17.408   156.034.249.xxx   no links
2009_12_20_19:19:12.698   076.170.042.xxx   no one can click it HURR
2009_12_20_19:19:23.312   024.226.062.xxx   Hey, Merry Christmas
2009_12_20_19:19:54.491   076.170.042.xxx   Remember the REASON FOR THE SEASON DOT COM
2009_12_20_19:20:17.870   156.034.249.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
2009_12_20_19:21:14.959   076.170.042.xxx   Give CHE4P XAnAx V1aGra ph4Rma LOW _________
2009_12_20_19:21:44.241   024.226.062.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS (NICK)
2009_12_20_19:21:47.118   156.034.249.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
2009_12_20_19:22:16.128   024.226.062.xxx   Merry Christmas From Ontario!
2009_12_20_19:22:59.096   076.170.042.xxx   ___img src="hello.jpg"______br______br______br___
2009_12_20_19:24:27.187   098.025.045.xxx   wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwwwwww
2009_12_20_19:24:38.222   065.005.176.xxx   hi from jacob
2009_12_20_19:25:13.474   098.213.072.xxx   Hello
2009_12_20_19:25:34.551   065.005.176.xxx   merry christmas from jacob
2009_12_20_19:26:06.065   075.107.044.xxx   Go Gamec***'s
2009_12_20_19:26:14.734   065.008.146.xxx   zubieta
2009_12_20_19:26:19.940   098.213.072.xxx   This is awesome...Really
2009_12_20_19:26:53.410   065.005.176.xxx   How many people are viewing   ?  I'm 1
2009_12_20_19:27:08.133   098.213.072.xxx   ...Me too
2009_12_20_19:27:36.141   024.226.062.xxx   Merry X-Mas Alek & Family.
2009_12_20_19:28:02.882   098.213.072.xxx   I am glad he is doing this for a cause
2009_12_20_19:28:10.277   065.005.176.xxx   P.F. Chang's has a gluten free menu
2009_12_20_19:28:18.135   070.230.202.xxx   What do Tiger Woods and Santa have in common?
2009_12_20_19:28:41.210   156.034.249.xxx   ho ho ho's ? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_19:28:55.650   065.005.176.xxx   ha ha ha
2009_12_20_19:29:24.299   156.034.249.xxx   lol Tiger is so yesterday now (11)
2009_12_20_19:29:41.444   070.230.202.xxx   3 Ho's
2009_12_20_19:29:46.158   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** PF Chang's does have an excellent gluten-free menu - very tasty! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_19:29:49.620   098.213.072.xxx   Hey Aleck
2009_12_20_19:30:00.621   075.107.044.xxx   Tiger who?
2009_12_20_19:30:24.059   098.213.072.xxx   Alek Sorry!
2009_12_20_19:31:04.689   069.149.122.xxx   Is that Nick guy here tonight
2009_12_20_19:31:59.853   123.243.220.xxx   Yes his in the living room
2009_12_20_19:32:34.147   065.005.176.xxx   P.F. Chang's has a gluten free menu
2009_12_20_19:32:36.718   123.243.220.xxx   or somewhere
2009_12_20_19:34:20.708   080.229.212.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:37:32.199   123.243.220.xxx   hi santa
2009_12_20_19:37:39.661   208.175.136.xxx   ahahahaha
2009_12_20_19:38:21.627   123.243.220.xxx   have you been naughty naughty or good and nice?
2009_12_20_19:38:52.561   071.186.205.xxx   this is awesome
2009_12_20_19:39:20.938   123.243.220.xxx   ohh santa silly I have been so good now where's my ps3 my new car my new iphone
2009_12_20_19:40:23.297   208.175.136.xxx   no PS3
2009_12_20_19:40:52.131   123.243.220.xxx   what about the car?
2009_12_20_19:40:58.100   208.175.136.xxx   elves cannot make PS3 :(
2009_12_20_19:41:18.170   098.169.048.xxx   hey
2009_12_20_19:41:19.186   208.175.136.xxx   elves cannot make car either :(
2009_12_20_19:41:21.992   071.186.205.xxx   elves can make anything
2009_12_20_19:41:44.772   098.169.048.xxx   ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
2009_12_20_19:41:55.503   208.175.136.xxx   my elves are afraid of technology
2009_12_20_19:42:14.213   071.186.205.xxx   did you know yo-yo ma is beast?
2009_12_20_19:42:17.897   068.001.098.xxx   Thank you for the excellent show from Pensacola, FL.
2009_12_20_19:43:56.209   024.012.013.xxx   very cool!!
2009_12_20_19:45:11.855   069.010.104.xxx   I check this out every year. Cool, I like it.
2009_12_20_19:46:16.216   098.213.072.xxx   I got refered from Chris Pirillo
2009_12_20_19:47:22.999   071.186.205.xxx   so did i
2009_12_20_19:48:25.524   071.186.205.xxx   i see a guy in the camera
2009_12_20_19:49:04.914   071.186.205.xxx   hi person pointing to the monitor
2009_12_20_19:49:05.844   069.180.210.xxx   Hello from Tennessee! I'm back!!!!!   :D
2009_12_20_19:49:47.724   098.213.078.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:50:10.320   069.180.210.xxx   How is everyone doing today?
2009_12_20_19:50:21.484   098.213.078.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:51:37.377   098.213.078.xxx   hi everyone
2009_12_20_19:51:43.167   071.186.205.xxx   yoyoma is beast
2009_12_20_19:51:47.448   098.213.072.xxx   I am glad he is doing this for a cause
2009_12_20_19:51:48.805   069.180.210.xxx   Hello to you
2009_12_20_19:52:31.681   069.180.210.xxx   Everyone ready for Christmas?
2009_12_20_19:53:13.171   098.213.072.xxx   yep
2009_12_20_19:53:39.444   069.180.210.xxx   only 5 more days!
2009_12_20_19:53:53.828   098.213.078.xxx   this is cool
2009_12_20_19:54:31.810   071.186.205.xxx   yo-yo ma is beast like these lights
2009_12_20_19:54:50.193   098.213.078.xxx   hi
2009_12_20_19:55:25.987   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here  from Tennessee?
2009_12_20_19:57:16.894   098.213.072.xxx   IL (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_19:57:46.337   069.149.122.xxx   @_@
2009_12_20_19:58:10.324   069.180.210.xxx   :)
2009_12_20_19:58:13.808   067.234.214.xxx   hey
2009_12_20_19:58:24.003   071.225.013.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2009_12_20_19:58:32.952   069.149.122.xxx   I think the office webcam is wearing out, lots of specs everywhere
2009_12_20_19:58:33.009   067.234.214.xxx   hey alek
2009_12_20_19:58:58.992   069.149.122.xxx   I think the office webcam is wearing out, dead pixels everywhere
2009_12_20_20:00:05.421   067.234.214.xxx   ya any 1 from
2009_12_20_20:00:37.526   067.234.214.xxx   ya any 1 from PA
2009_12_20_20:01:21.019   069.180.210.xxx   I like candy canes! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_20:01:39.388   067.234.214.xxx   me 2
2009_12_20_20:02:34.083   096.018.188.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_20_20:03:01.758   069.180.210.xxx   Woo hoo! Only 5 days!!!! (11)
2009_12_20_20:03:10.980   096.018.188.xxx   And a Happy New Year!!!!!1
2009_12_20_20:03:46.480   070.153.210.xxx   yo
2009_12_20_20:03:49.483   069.180.210.xxx   No,it's Happy Christmas & Merry New Year!!!!!  :) (12)
2009_12_20_20:04:50.756   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, some hot pixels on Santa's Office Cam - maybe the Big Red Guy will bring m ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_20:05:30.796   069.149.122.xxx   You should just say they are lens flare like JJ Abrams :)
2009_12_20_20:06:04.212   069.149.122.xxx   You are being stylish like Star Trek
2009_12_20_20:06:46.089   096.018.188.xxx   What's everyone doing for Christmas?
2009_12_20_20:06:47.712   069.180.210.xxx   The elves are very good at building webcams! (13)
2009_12_20_20:07:40.398   069.180.210.xxx   We are going to wake up early, open presents, & eat! (14)
2009_12_20_20:12:12.698   205.240.039.xxx   test
2009_12_20_20:12:56.553   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_20:13:33.752   205.240.039.xxx   No one is talking then..thought the thing was broken :P
2009_12_20_20:14:43.531   069.180.210.xxx   I wish that it would snow here in Tennessee... (15)
2009_12_20_20:15:37.916   207.200.116.xxx   I wish it would snow here in Palm Springs
2009_12_20_20:17:21.587   069.180.210.xxx   Do ya'll ever get snow there? (16)
2009_12_20_20:17:42.297   098.089.138.xxx   Looks Amasing! Kudos! from MS
2009_12_20_20:17:57.713   207.200.116.xxx   no snow in last 30 years that I know of
2009_12_20_20:18:18.320   098.196.203.xxx   Snowed here in Houston a couple weeks ago!
2009_12_20_20:19:03.235   207.200.116.xxx   But Palm Springs did have some rain this year.  We just pretent*** snow
2009_12_20_20:19:03.392   098.196.203.xxx   HI NICOLE!!!
2009_12_20_20:19:27.037   069.180.210.xxx   They are calling for snow on Christmas Eve..maybe a white Christmas (17)
2009_12_20_20:21:15.237   071.232.114.xxx   Nice to see you...  only a few more days till SANTA
2009_12_20_20:21:17.295   098.196.203.xxx   Liked your Antarctica photos Alek. Amazing!
2009_12_20_20:22:04.294   071.232.114.xxx   Thanks Alek for all you do.. Merry Christmas
2009_12_20_20:22:20.624   069.180.210.xxx   Too bad we can't get snow like antarctica! Get out of school every day! (18)
2009_12_20_20:22:55.925   068.040.235.xxx   Thanks alek!
2009_12_20_20:23:16.576   098.196.203.xxx   HI NICOLE!!!
2009_12_20_20:24:22.243   098.213.072.xxx   Love the website (11)
2009_12_20_20:24:47.276   071.232.114.xxx   Hi Alek!
2009_12_20_20:24:50.768   076.170.042.xxx   you really have a flair for web design
2009_12_20_20:25:15.440   071.232.114.xxx   Type teJxt & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_20_20:25:17.242   068.040.235.xxx   My kids found a present today good thing it wasn't a big one
2009_12_20_20:25:20.184   098.213.072.xxx   You need a camera faceung the enitre house (12)
2009_12_20_20:25:30.928   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you like the Antarctica pics - I was darn lucky to be able to go there! ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_20:27:07.370   074.184.237.xxx   IS WOOF HERE?!?
2009_12_20_20:28:00.929   074.184.237.xxx   Oh yes the photos of Antartica were stunning, each and every one!
2009_12_20_20:29:10.449   086.042.124.xxx   I'm Irish. cool setup man. marry christmas.
2009_12_20_20:31:39.537   098.089.138.xxx   Greets from MS, Looks Great!
2009_12_20_20:32:03.629   098.213.072.xxx   Awesome is all I can say (13)
2009_12_20_20:32:45.547   098.213.072.xxx   Hi Santa! lol (14)
2009_12_20_20:33:01.506   064.252.147.xxx   Great!
2009_12_20_20:35:30.275   075.057.065.xxx   cr
2009_12_20_20:36:02.810   075.057.065.xxx   Is this real
2009_12_20_20:36:03.623   069.149.122.xxx   I like pictures of Japanese babes myself, but the arctic is alright too
2009_12_20_20:36:04.593   065.074.132.xxx   Yo Santa....I could use a new car.
2009_12_20_20:36:33.170   075.057.065.xxx   pppppppppppppppppppppppoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2009_12_20_20:36:51.006   069.149.122.xxx   Alek is talking to himself again, someone get the happy pills
2009_12_20_20:37:40.901   075.057.065.xxx   this is so cool can alek talk
2009_12_20_20:38:29.978   069.149.122.xxx   Alek your monitor is not a person, seek help ___)
2009_12_20_20:38:52.930   075.057.065.xxx   alek wave to the camera
2009_12_20_20:39:23.006   069.149.122.xxx   Waving is old. Alek, KISS THE CAMERA (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_20:39:39.361   075.057.065.xxx   queer
2009_12_20_20:39:57.531   069.149.122.xxx   lol awesome (11)
2009_12_20_20:40:12.830   208.147.070.xxx   Why do people have to act like idiots when someone does something cool like thi
2009_12_20_20:41:24.203   085.180.070.xxx   greets from germany good stuff !
2009_12_20_20:41:47.186   091.021.030.xxx   hier auch :-)
2009_12_20_20:42:34.068   085.180.070.xxx   huhu :)
2009_12_20_20:43:08.829   098.213.072.xxx   Why no summer vids? (15)
2009_12_20_20:45:07.612   067.020.131.xxx   Don't Panic!
2009_12_20_20:46:36.556   091.021.030.xxx   my house is completely under snow now...
2009_12_20_20:47:59.480   069.180.210.xxx   wow! (19)
2009_12_20_20:48:05.954   070.106.162.xxx   tastes like chicken
2009_12_20_20:48:31.404   069.180.210.xxx   my little brother tried to eat a Christmas ornament (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_20:48:54.726   091.021.030.xxx   yam yam
2009_12_20_20:50:13.995   070.106.162.xxx   potato potato
2009_12_20_20:50:30.794   068.194.244.xxx   Alek whats the record number of im's in one day????
2009_12_20_20:50:49.487   070.106.162.xxx   1,243,567
2009_12_20_20:51:11.077   068.194.244.xxx   he probably knows
2009_12_20_20:51:34.093   091.021.030.xxx   hes confused
2009_12_20_20:51:38.804   069.180.210.xxx   Something's not good...you ok Alek? (21)
2009_12_20_20:51:56.038   091.021.030.xxx   lol
2009_12_20_20:51:57.811   068.194.244.xxx   hes fine
2009_12_20_20:52:03.462   070.106.162.xxx   looks like he's gonna puke
2009_12_20_20:52:09.504   207.200.116.xxx   Alek, you look tired!
2009_12_20_20:52:25.038   068.194.244.xxx   hes drunk
2009_12_20_20:52:35.869   091.021.030.xxx   lol
2009_12_20_20:52:42.884   070.106.162.xxx   been licking toads
2009_12_20_20:52:51.826   069.149.122.xxx   Alek knows how to chill (12)
2009_12_20_20:53:12.011   091.021.030.xxx   too much of special xmas coocjis
2009_12_20_20:53:19.916   098.213.072.xxx   Now hes thinking (16)
2009_12_20_20:53:20.398   068.194.244.xxx   Hungover from all the big partying he does
2009_12_20_20:53:31.053   069.180.210.xxx   anyone on here from Tennessee? or am I the only one? (22)
2009_12_20_20:53:47.410   068.194.244.xxx   HES DANCING IN THE OFFICE
2009_12_20_20:53:51.008   098.213.072.xxx   probably (17)
2009_12_20_20:53:56.973   070.106.162.xxx   got relatives there... Cleveland TN
2009_12_20_20:54:26.977   098.213.072.xxx   Alex...Have the kids came on camera? (18)
2009_12_20_20:54:38.361   068.194.244.xxx   whats alek doing lol??? Head bobbin pointin lol
2009_12_20_20:54:44.333   069.180.210.xxx   He probably just found out his one year of free chicken just ended (23)
2009_12_20_20:55:06.769   098.213.072.xxx   Alek...Always get the name wrong (19)
2009_12_20_20:55:30.620   068.194.244.xxx   He just saved a bunch on money on his car insurance
2009_12_20_20:55:44.382   069.180.210.xxx   lol (24)
2009_12_20_20:55:49.026   091.021.030.xxx   he needs a faster cam and sound
2009_12_20_20:56:09.126   098.213.072.xxx   Yay! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_20:56:14.465   068.194.244.xxx   Th website needs a redesign
2009_12_20_20:56:23.911   070.106.162.xxx   bigfoot sighting!!
2009_12_20_20:56:53.068   068.194.244.xxx   Alek u alrite im really worried (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_20:56:59.537   207.200.116.xxx   think you could do better????
2009_12_20_20:57:03.908   098.213.072.xxx   His wife just yelled at him (21)
2009_12_20_20:57:18.051   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Was just chatting with my wife who was off-camera ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_20_20:57:39.704   098.213.072.xxx   I guessed it!!! (22)
2009_12_20_20:58:04.319   069.180.210.xxx   ohhh you got in trouble...what did you do now? (25)
2009_12_20_20:58:29.010   068.194.244.xxx   Ive never seen wendy take the controlls does she support this (11)
2009_12_20_20:58:32.326   098.213.072.xxx   What program on Linux do you use for the Chat?(This) (23)
2009_12_20_20:58:52.041   069.180.210.xxx   Remember what the fish says: Don't worry be happy! (26)
2009_12_20_20:59:13.124   068.194.244.xxx   Is ur wife Jewish alek I though u said she was once (12)
2009_12_20_21:00:41.776   069.180.210.xxx   5 more days!!!!!! (27)
2009_12_20_21:01:16.347   068.194.244.xxx   18 inches of snow in NY last night!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2009_12_20_21:01:16.447   098.213.072.xxx   Time for me to go to bed. 10 here (24)
2009_12_20_21:01:46.140   091.021.030.xxx   5am
2009_12_20_21:02:00.947   068.194.244.xxx   18 inches of snow in NY last night!!!! (14)
2009_12_20_21:02:30.243   091.021.030.xxx   but sleep till 13 pm (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_21:02:33.101   070.106.162.xxx   11pm here.  gotta drive from columbus oh to windsor tomorrow...
2009_12_20_21:03:22.628   069.180.210.xxx   10pm here too...No school tomorrow though!!!! (28)
2009_12_20_21:08:14.139   069.180.210.xxx   Who all on here likes KFC? (29)
2009_12_20_21:12:40.735   173.058.036.xxx   Hello Colorado  from sunny Southern Cali. It 75 today.
2009_12_20_21:14:01.183   070.153.208.xxx   Awesome display from Jacksonville, Fl
2009_12_20_21:15:13.272   096.035.163.xxx   happy holidays Dawnie!
2009_12_20_21:15:20.057   098.213.072.xxx   You need to have an iPhone website. I am currently using one (25)
2009_12_20_21:15:43.432   096.035.163.xxx   Happy Holidays Erwin, Love of my life!!!!!
2009_12_20_21:18:57.498   075.057.243.xxx   Merry Christmas to All!
2009_12_20_21:19:31.118   096.035.163.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2009_12_20_21:19:57.937   075.057.243.xxx   Hello Yenyen!
2009_12_20_21:22:03.088   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays to 1 and all.!
2009_12_20_21:24:50.583   099.188.024.xxx   Hey Merry Christmas to ya
2009_12_20_21:25:15.285   067.011.070.xxx   how about getting a kenny mccormick figure
2009_12_20_21:29:15.955   071.072.039.xxx   L00L  Cool idea.. I 2nd that thought..  :D
2009_12_20_21:33:53.651   076.103.192.xxx   merry CHRISTMAS!!!!
2009_12_20_21:34:49.630   076.103.192.xxx   love you courtney!
2009_12_20_21:38:49.907   067.011.070.xxx   whos courtney? is she hot?
2009_12_20_21:41:40.317   207.200.116.xxx   where are you from in So California?
2009_12_20_21:42:53.198   067.011.070.xxx   san diego
2009_12_20_21:43:23.337   207.200.116.xxx   Hi neighbor, I am in La Quinta
2009_12_20_21:44:25.809   207.200.116.xxx   it was 74 in in La Quinta today
2009_12_20_21:44:31.679   069.149.122.xxx   yee haw I am tired (13)
2009_12_20_21:46:05.792   067.011.070.xxx   eric cartman
2009_12_20_21:47:15.335   087.079.205.xxx   Good Morning from Cologne-Germany
2009_12_20_21:47:41.008   066.131.240.xxx   Merry Christmas from Montreal, Canada.
2009_12_20_21:48:18.855   207.200.116.xxx   Merry Christmas Montreal
2009_12_20_21:49:05.586   067.011.070.xxx   merry christmas from south texas
2009_12_20_21:49:05.710   207.200.116.xxx   good morning, Germany too (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_20_21:51:03.873   067.011.070.xxx   merry christmas from south texas
2009_12_20_21:54:01.914   207.014.160.xxx   Merry Christmas
2009_12_20_21:55:42.150   067.011.070.xxx   4 minutes and counting
2009_12_20_21:56:08.301   207.200.116.xxx   merry christmas all, and to all a good night (11)
2009_12_20_21:58:14.887   099.166.075.xxx   howdy from Texas!
2009_12_20_21:58:28.830   067.011.070.xxx   bye bye see ya tomorrow

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