801 christmas text messages on 2009/1223

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,951 times that day including 4,082 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1223

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_23_16:00:40.211   162.106.006.xxx   and were off!
2009_12_23_16:00:46.981   064.231.152.xxx   hello there, what an awesome idea
2009_12_23_16:02:17.201   068.058.133.xxx   Happy Holidays From Indianapolis, IN
2009_12_23_16:02:43.587   207.135.134.xxx   Dood you're crazy and have WAY to much time on your hands!!!
2009_12_23_16:03:18.816   097.113.039.xxx   hi from seattle
2009_12_23_16:03:32.329   066.215.227.xxx   MERRY XMAS ALEK! From the Schwippy family :)
2009_12_23_16:03:41.976   064.231.152.xxx   Hi from Toronto
2009_12_23_16:03:49.477   207.135.134.xxx   By the way you totally win the Lights war, better than so many others
2009_12_23_16:04:17.971   068.044.193.xxx   jkhkjhk & CR
2009_12_23_16:04:28.104   076.235.041.xxx   aww... 4 minuets late....
2009_12_23_16:04:52.693   162.106.006.xxx   lordy not even 5 mins in and the potty mouth has come back
2009_12_23_16:05:03.798   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep, "we are off" for another day of fun ... with 6" of fresh snow out there! ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_16:05:08.457   207.135.134.xxx   Lee says merry christmas!
2009_12_23_16:06:06.697   076.111.221.xxx   Merry Christmas Sadie Rose!
2009_12_23_16:06:24.256   064.231.152.xxx   i am bookmarking you, so great!!
2009_12_23_16:06:40.978   162.106.006.xxx   Saskaskask
2009_12_23_16:07:04.765   121.072.173.xxx   Chicken Eater?
2009_12_23_16:07:13.317   076.111.221.xxx   What a great job you have done with everything!
2009_12_23_16:07:23.614   162.106.006.xxx   winner winner, chicken Dinner!...
2009_12_23_16:07:26.088   207.135.134.xxx   Where are you located?
2009_12_23_16:07:42.781   121.072.173.xxx   alek What time is it there?
2009_12_23_16:07:54.932   162.106.006.xxx   Alek is in Colorado
2009_12_23_16:07:55.121   076.111.221.xxx   Merry Christmas MacMunn Family! :-)
2009_12_23_16:07:57.655   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_23_16:08:02.974   069.149.122.xxx   Alek I think the weather thing is messed up.
2009_12_23_16:08:26.666   121.072.173.xxx   alek What time is it there?
2009_12_23_16:08:43.231   162.106.006.xxx   do you not see the clock next to the laptop??
2009_12_23_16:08:50.256   076.112.247.xxx   why do you think the weather this is messed up?
2009_12_23_16:08:57.859   121.072.173.xxx   oh yea
2009_12_23_16:09:34.243   121.072.173.xxx   it 12:09pm here in NZ
2009_12_23_16:09:45.150   064.092.149.xxx   Awesome use of X10!!
2009_12_23_16:09:55.848   162.106.006.xxx   no, I am the cutest man alive! :D
2009_12_23_16:11:26.818   162.106.006.xxx   That Santa must get awful tired , up and down
2009_12_23_16:11:58.017   097.113.039.xxx   good job from jimmy seattle wash awesome.
2009_12_23_16:12:05.661   162.106.006.xxx   proof Santa exists, Alek has one of his elves! ___)
2009_12_23_16:12:07.831   173.016.071.xxx   happy holidays Komar
2009_12_23_16:12:52.971   162.106.006.xxx   Do You have any Pro sports jersey's Alek?? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_16:13:21.377   173.016.071.xxx   dnbgm,dhblkkzdshjnjlkbskgjglk___mdagsd___bfzdgsdlkhgkjsh
2009_12_23_16:13:24.385   162.106.006.xxx   Maybe get your team some valuable air time? (11)
2009_12_23_16:13:48.095   068.200.235.xxx   HI FROM DUNEDIN FLORIDA
2009_12_23_16:14:14.367   159.053.078.xxx   Hi Alek from Irvine
2009_12_23_16:14:56.953   062.227.032.xxx   hello alek i'm from germany
2009_12_23_16:15:27.905   062.227.032.xxx   how are you
2009_12_23_16:15:37.912   162.106.006.xxx   someone has a headache!? (12)
2009_12_23_16:15:56.556   076.235.041.xxx   you know what would be cool? a step counter for stepping santa
2009_12_23_16:16:22.049   162.106.006.xxx   yea that'd be very neat! (13)
2009_12_23_16:16:28.876   076.124.142.xxx   Hi B-Cast
2009_12_23_16:16:43.386   062.227.032.xxx   how many lights have jou on your house
2009_12_23_16:17:31.169   062.227.032.xxx   ????????
2009_12_23_16:17:37.460   162.106.006.xxx   I believe he has it written here somewhere (14)
2009_12_23_16:17:55.593   173.016.071.xxx   I just went to Williams,AZ.I was on the Polar Express!
2009_12_23_16:18:12.820   062.227.032.xxx   Tygood nightpe text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_23_16:19:00.052   062.227.032.xxx   Type tbye bye and god night
2009_12_23_16:19:39.081   190.255.175.xxx   Hellor from COLOMBIA
2009_12_23_16:19:59.033   162.106.006.xxx   ooh Colombia! wow (15)
2009_12_23_16:20:31.208   190.255.175.xxx   FELIZ NAVIDAD A TODOS LOS COLOMBIANOS EN USA
2009_12_23_16:20:38.153   173.016.071.xxx   Alek could you give me a Christmas wave!
2009_12_23_16:20:38.745   090.221.204.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and family you have snow like us in Scotland
2009_12_23_16:20:48.556   162.106.006.xxx   Who's on First? What's on Second.. (16)
2009_12_23_16:21:43.006   193.200.150.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and Family
2009_12_23_16:22:44.474   082.014.004.xxx   Alex, I think you missed a bit when you swept the lawn just now
2009_12_23_16:23:03.784   078.086.108.xxx   Hiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2009_12_23_16:23:32.975   068.200.235.xxx   HOMER HAS FALLEN AN HE CANT GET UP
2009_12_23_16:23:44.249   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Super exciting video of sweeping the lawn coming soon ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_16:23:47.395   098.088.006.xxx   cool lights and lots of snow
2009_12_23_16:24:15.458   190.255.175.xxx   beautifull articles in this shop
2009_12_23_16:24:25.145   098.088.006.xxx   cool lights and lots of snow LANE DOBBINS
2009_12_23_16:24:58.023   193.200.150.xxx   As always great job
2009_12_23_16:25:10.085   190.255.175.xxx   I like a santas inflate
2009_12_23_16:25:16.303   068.200.235.xxx   homer an elmo are down for the count
2009_12_23_16:26:13.703   173.016.071.xxx   okmhkkk,jlijyikplotloul,,jlhjh.jlmkl.j___.gh,kykl______________________________
2009_12_23_16:26:27.399   098.088.006.xxx   look at the cam dude from lane dobbins
2009_12_23_16:26:59.305   162.106.006.xxx   someone let their Baby on! (17)
2009_12_23_16:27:13.774   098.088.006.xxx   cn you go fix the snow men
2009_12_23_16:27:14.195   076.124.142.xxx   Is that white stuff Global Warming
2009_12_23_16:27:31.813   162.106.006.xxx   Global Cooling actually!! (18)
2009_12_23_16:27:32.049   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Elmo knocked Homer over ... but they are both back in good shape ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_16:27:36.418   193.200.150.xxx   This site is fast approaching a family tradition
2009_12_23_16:27:54.936   190.255.175.xxx   SANTIAGO MARROQUIN
2009_12_23_16:28:06.518   162.106.006.xxx   Alek! I think you need to go wipe the globe off! (19)
2009_12_23_16:28:34.574   190.255.175.xxx   TE AMO YOHANNA ALDANA
2009_12_23_16:28:47.594   193.200.150.xxx   is that a mixed drink
2009_12_23_16:29:13.663   190.255.175.xxx   FELIZ NAVIDAD PARA TODOS
2009_12_23_16:30:01.698   091.107.212.xxx   hello merry xmas
2009_12_23_16:30:29.437   190.255.175.xxx   Hello merry xmas from VENEZUELA
2009_12_23_16:30:39.587   162.106.006.xxx   Jokesters of the week! (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_16:31:31.387   190.255.175.xxx   SALUDOS DESDE NEIVA - HUILA COLOMBIA
2009_12_23_16:31:34.042   162.106.006.xxx   hi, my name is _____ and I've been sober for (21)
2009_12_23_16:32:10.221   162.106.006.xxx   8 Months!  and I need this! :) (22)
2009_12_23_16:32:29.427   094.065.202.xxx   I love my Panos - Paulinka:-)
2009_12_23_16:32:47.360   091.107.212.xxx   the uk says hello to all
2009_12_23_16:33:10.602   090.196.171.xxx   where in the uk
2009_12_23_16:33:46.881   190.174.014.xxx   hola desde argentina!!!!
2009_12_23_16:33:49.788   162.106.006.xxx   good joke.. uk uk uk uk (23)
2009_12_23_16:33:51.901   064.231.152.xxx   hello from toronto, happy christmas
2009_12_23_16:34:19.993   094.065.202.xxx   Let,s se this movie, kochanie
2009_12_23_16:34:30.235   076.124.142.xxx   Merry Christmas From Gettysburg Pennsylvania USA
2009_12_23_16:34:54.918   094.065.202.xxx   Buffo has big b****
2009_12_23_16:35:17.443   190.174.014.xxx   feliz navidad para todos!!! desde buenos aires...
2009_12_23_16:35:55.208   162.106.006.xxx   you can't stop yourself can you? (24)
2009_12_23_16:36:23.891   162.106.006.xxx   wow, someone needs to relax (25)
2009_12_23_16:37:08.673   190.174.014.xxx   were is this cam located?
2009_12_23_16:37:18.498   082.042.109.xxx   wow we just had 2 inches of snow here in loverpool uk
2009_12_23_16:37:22.304   162.106.006.xxx   yea ok buddy, this is a family site pal.. (26)
2009_12_23_16:37:51.661   162.106.006.xxx   you do mean liverpool, right? :) (27)
2009_12_23_16:38:14.404   190.174.014.xxx   aca en buenos aires nos estamos cagando de calor! 29___c
2009_12_23_16:38:16.374   082.042.109.xxx   yes my keyboard is drunk
2009_12_23_16:38:33.664   162.106.006.xxx   on the other hand a loverpool can be fun too! (28)
2009_12_23_16:38:35.887   070.127.164.xxx   baba booey, baba booey, baba booey, baba booey
2009_12_23_16:38:45.176   159.053.078.xxx   Hi Alek - Merry Xmas
2009_12_23_16:39:08.040   082.042.109.xxx   anyways back to wrapping presents for me
2009_12_23_16:39:30.908   190.255.175.xxx   _____________ (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_16:39:33.473   162.106.006.xxx   Have at her! (29)
2009_12_23_16:40:21.623   190.255.175.xxx   _______ (11)
2009_12_23_16:40:35.338   162.106.006.xxx   Alek, THE DEER ISNT LIT!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_16:41:07.130   162.106.006.xxx   there it goes! (31)
2009_12_23_16:41:18.386   024.023.085.xxx   Alek, do you ever leave your seat?
2009_12_23_16:41:21.346   067.159.044.xxx   why hello there!
2009_12_23_16:41:23.321   190.255.175.xxx   SALUDOS A TODOS LOS COLOMBIANOS (12)
2009_12_23_16:41:29.125   064.053.177.xxx   Greetings Alek, Merry Christmas from Dylan
2009_12_23_16:42:10.304   024.023.085.xxx   Do you sleep in that chair?
2009_12_23_16:42:14.969   207.114.179.xxx   This is great!! Thanks for sharing!
2009_12_23_16:42:34.100   067.159.044.xxx   alek can we can control you?
2009_12_23_16:43:17.057   024.023.085.xxx   my kids are watching this
2009_12_23_16:43:20.106   162.106.006.xxx   oh come on man.. stop with the potty mouth!! (32)
2009_12_23_16:43:48.946   162.106.006.xxx   Alek, please ban this goof (33)
2009_12_23_16:43:49.249   067.159.044.xxx   my kids just went running into the other room thx guy
2009_12_23_16:44:13.275   090.196.171.xxx   cut him off alek
2009_12_23_16:44:26.282   162.106.006.xxx   what an immature jerk! (34)
2009_12_23_16:44:51.502   069.149.122.xxx   Anyone got a PS3 yet
2009_12_23_16:45:18.583   069.149.122.xxx   Alek loves when u talk about PS3
2009_12_23_16:45:21.252   024.023.085.xxx   no he is not
2009_12_23_16:45:58.595   162.106.006.xxx   The Mentality of these people! sheesh (35)
2009_12_23_16:45:58.896   024.023.085.xxx   no fair that it is snowing there....
2009_12_23_16:46:36.901   162.106.006.xxx   OK , THATS ENOUGH!  Alek!  please..?? (36)
2009_12_23_16:46:37.650   024.023.085.xxx   what is wrong with people these dayas
2009_12_23_16:46:38.721   069.149.122.xxx   Shoutboxes: the ultimate trollbait
2009_12_23_16:47:21.782   024.023.085.xxx   no respect for anyone
2009_12_23_16:47:44.166   162.106.006.xxx   somebody needs a good spanking!  grow up! (37)
2009_12_23_16:47:46.458   190.174.014.xxx   eeuu chupala
2009_12_23_16:47:49.291   024.111.140.xxx   HELLO SOUTH DAKOTA
2009_12_23_16:48:11.000   190.255.175.xxx   HELLO COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2009_12_23_16:48:19.896   190.174.014.xxx   USA la chupa
2009_12_23_16:48:24.694   024.023.085.xxx   Merry Christmas Joel!
2009_12_23_16:48:40.455   162.106.006.xxx   you like acting like an 8 year old? (38)
2009_12_23_16:48:44.552   190.255.175.xxx   FELIZ NAVIDAD COMPADRES (14)
2009_12_23_16:49:15.133   162.106.006.xxx   speak english, not gang talk (39)
2009_12_23_16:49:19.647   173.016.071.xxx   Loved your Antartica cruise pictures. Excellent!!
2009_12_23_16:49:39.141   069.149.122.xxx   oh lawdy
2009_12_23_16:49:56.456   024.023.085.xxx   Seems someone is getting coal this year.
2009_12_23_16:50:59.830   086.165.067.xxx   Hello from Durham, England
2009_12_23_16:51:03.161   024.111.140.xxx   PLEASE NO FOUL LANGUAGE-THIS IS A FAMILY SITE
2009_12_23_16:51:08.782   024.023.085.xxx   You realize your IP address is trackable? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_16:51:51.536   086.165.067.xxx   Happy Christmas Everyone
2009_12_23_16:51:58.497   162.106.006.xxx   ya he's going to just click one button and ban you (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_16:52:20.575   190.255.175.xxx   COLOMBIANOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (15)
2009_12_23_16:52:20.753   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 controls disabled for some pictures - back in a few minutes ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_16:52:36.457   069.149.122.xxx   Proxy sites defeat that
2009_12_23_16:52:41.069   024.023.085.xxx   I love you lacey (11)
2009_12_23_16:52:50.980   162.106.006.xxx   yea please on your way back, ban his a** (41)
2009_12_23_16:53:57.191   024.111.140.xxx   HELLO FROM RAPID CITY SOUTH DAKOTA
2009_12_23_16:53:59.170   162.106.006.xxx   you're an idiot, we know where you are (42)
2009_12_23_16:54:11.882   086.165.067.xxx   We've got snow here in England tonight, just in time for Christmas!
2009_12_23_16:54:25.951   024.023.085.xxx   fgggdsgfgjkshdf*jglshdkjfhkls (12)
2009_12_23_16:54:41.313   067.159.044.xxx   testing testing
2009_12_23_16:55:13.836   024.111.140.xxx   WHERE ARE YOU FROM
2009_12_23_16:55:21.869   067.159.044.xxx   controls disabled for pictures of.........
2009_12_23_16:56:01.482   024.023.085.xxx   its dark in there (13)
2009_12_23_16:56:09.413   067.159.044.xxx   of alek's NEEDLEDDIICCKK (lol )
2009_12_23_16:57:16.104   067.159.044.xxx   yes
2009_12_23_16:57:38.587   024.111.140.xxx   HI
2009_12_23_16:58:14.990   067.159.044.xxx   is this the balloon boy guy?
2009_12_23_16:58:18.506   024.111.140.xxx   WHERE U FROM
2009_12_23_16:59:50.881   024.111.140.xxx   SUP
2009_12_23_17:00:27.511   024.111.140.xxx   HI
2009_12_23_17:01:29.682   067.159.044.xxx   posting in epic topic
2009_12_23_17:03:37.220   174.130.004.xxx   meow
2009_12_23_17:03:40.161   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done taking pictures - X10 control returned back to you guys ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_17:03:56.482   067.159.044.xxx   hey look its pointdexter (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_17:04:37.497   174.130.004.xxx   u are very mean who said that
2009_12_23_17:04:51.822   069.149.122.xxx   lots of trolls on tonight
2009_12_23_17:05:42.257   089.024.031.xxx   zzz
2009_12_23_17:06:37.323   174.130.004.xxx   my dad said lets pray tonight world
2009_12_23_17:09:21.173   024.111.219.xxx   winter storm warning all of north dakota 20 in of snow by sat night
2009_12_23_17:09:40.023   174.130.004.xxx   so
2009_12_23_17:10:09.346   174.130.004.xxx   meow wuz here
2009_12_23_17:10:31.274   087.117.205.xxx   what.
2009_12_23_17:10:47.242   024.111.219.xxx   chasertv
2009_12_23_17:11:22.597   087.117.205.xxx   my dad said lets pray immediately
2009_12_23_17:11:40.927   024.111.219.xxx   grlevelx weather radar
2009_12_23_17:12:00.162   087.117.205.xxx   oh sweet the diamond sweater emerges!
2009_12_23_17:12:19.398   174.130.004.xxx   what your dad say?
2009_12_23_17:12:42.469   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 controls disabled for some more pictures - back in a few minutes ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_17:12:51.798   087.117.205.xxx   my dad said pray and be on best behavior or else
2009_12_23_17:13:18.684   174.130.004.xxx   amen kid
2009_12_23_17:13:40.017   024.111.219.xxx   why x10 controls disabled
2009_12_23_17:14:15.622   190.255.175.xxx   HOLAAAA (16)
2009_12_23_17:14:48.479   024.111.219.xxx   X10 Controls disabled for some pictures
2009_12_23_17:14:57.579   174.130.004.xxx   hay i kno u
2009_12_23_17:15:39.812   087.117.205.xxx   o hai
2009_12_23_17:15:40.997   024.111.219.xxx   really
2009_12_23_17:15:56.122   174.130.004.xxx   no
2009_12_23_17:16:14.354   024.111.219.xxx   dam
2009_12_23_17:16:19.566   076.233.132.xxx   hi
2009_12_23_17:16:52.794   076.233.132.xxx   what up
2009_12_23_17:16:52.711   090.202.076.xxx   Hi
2009_12_23_17:17:01.336   174.130.004.xxx   where u live boy?? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_17:17:11.036   087.117.205.xxx   hello and merry christmas for war on terror
2009_12_23_17:17:21.903   090.202.076.xxx   SCOTLAND
2009_12_23_17:17:30.169   076.233.132.xxx   what
2009_12_23_17:17:44.141   024.111.219.xxx   Minot,AFB
2009_12_23_17:18:11.664   076.233.132.xxx   so who gives
2009_12_23_17:18:17.556   174.130.004.xxx   CCOOOOOOLLL I LIKE ICE CREAM (11)
2009_12_23_17:18:27.816   087.117.205.xxx   my dad said lets pray for the afghans because
2009_12_23_17:18:28.079   090.202.076.xxx   Aber, sie geliesen ein startet.
2009_12_23_17:18:43.715   024.111.219.xxx   coffee coffee coffee now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_23_17:19:02.452   090.202.076.xxx   Es war sehr kalt und windig.
2009_12_23_17:19:07.374   076.233.132.xxx   what the heel
2009_12_23_17:19:12.373   174.130.004.xxx   WAT WAS THAT CHICKEN DOG (12)
2009_12_23_17:19:13.079   087.117.205.xxx   all they receive this year for xmas is hot american lead
2009_12_23_17:19:38.501   090.202.076.xxx   Weil es ist sehr sehr kalt un windig.
2009_12_23_17:19:53.552   074.137.015.xxx   very neat idea.
2009_12_23_17:20:10.374   090.202.076.xxx   Was ist das?
2009_12_23_17:20:18.962   174.130.004.xxx   WAT WUZ NEAT ABOUT THAT (13)
2009_12_23_17:20:31.791   074.137.015.xxx   mark loves megan
2009_12_23_17:20:37.505   024.111.219.xxx   amd am3 550 cpu overclocked to 4.5ghz (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_17:20:56.350   090.202.076.xxx   Thats interesting
2009_12_23_17:21:02.338   072.200.214.xxx   Merry Christmas from Oklahoma
2009_12_23_17:21:03.478   174.130.004.xxx   if you love jesus say amen (14)
2009_12_23_17:21:04.492   087.117.205.xxx   omg posting again in epic troll thread full of win
2009_12_23_17:21:14.133   024.111.219.xxx   quad core (11)
2009_12_23_17:21:45.881   024.111.219.xxx   ___110 (12)
2009_12_23_17:22:15.569   087.117.205.xxx   good day eh? beauty eh? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_17:22:23.543   174.130.004.xxx   if u love jesus say amen (15)
2009_12_23_17:22:47.268   087.117.205.xxx   AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! (11)
2009_12_23_17:22:52.194   079.239.039.xxx   Greetings and Merry Christmas from Germany whises Fio
2009_12_23_17:23:13.527   174.130.004.xxx   wat (16)
2009_12_23_17:23:47.436   087.117.205.xxx   posting of epic troll laptop screen (12)
2009_12_23_17:24:03.249   072.200.214.xxx   Getting my christmas wish, daughter home from hospital
2009_12_23_17:24:07.910   076.233.132.xxx   as always fricken
2009_12_23_17:24:22.981   174.130.004.xxx   joshua williamson is hot (17)
2009_12_23_17:24:33.038   072.200.214.xxx   AND getting a white christmas
2009_12_23_17:24:51.183   076.233.132.xxx   crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_23_17:25:32.448   087.117.205.xxx   for xmas i want an epic diamond sweater like alek's (13)
2009_12_23_17:25:50.692   076.233.132.xxx   me too
2009_12_23_17:26:47.378   076.233.132.xxx   type your name please
2009_12_23_17:26:48.247   087.117.205.xxx   good day and welcome to day 12 (14)
2009_12_23_17:27:53.546   079.239.039.xxx   Thanks Alek. Finally :)
2009_12_23_17:27:55.676   072.077.016.xxx   Merry Christmas Jennah
2009_12_23_17:28:04.451   068.049.112.xxx   woooooow
2009_12_23_17:28:06.930   076.233.132.xxx   why do u have a skull on your desk (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_17:28:12.255   087.117.205.xxx   yes (15)
2009_12_23_17:29:04.624   074.141.122.xxx   Wow, very  pretty lights! Must take quite a while to put up.
2009_12_23_17:29:22.677   087.117.205.xxx   dear alek in which sector are the s****s housed? (16)
2009_12_23_17:30:15.600   072.077.016.xxx   I LOVE MY DAVID
2009_12_23_17:30:28.374   074.141.122.xxx   You lost the game
2009_12_23_17:30:39.072   068.117.162.xxx   HAPPY FESTIVUS!!!!!!
2009_12_23_17:30:59.817   076.233.132.xxx   what r u talking about (11)
2009_12_23_17:31:07.684   068.049.112.xxx   feliz navidad
2009_12_23_17:31:10.327   068.117.162.xxx   Roll Tide hope there are no Texas fans here
2009_12_23_17:31:23.278   074.141.122.xxx   The game. You lost it, just go google it.
2009_12_23_17:31:56.371   076.233.132.xxx   how (12)
2009_12_23_17:32:09.086   068.049.112.xxx   shut up
2009_12_23_17:32:18.076   074.141.122.xxx   X3
2009_12_23_17:32:24.150   076.233.132.xxx   no (13)
2009_12_23_17:32:24.725   072.077.016.xxx   I LOVE MY SWEEEEEEEEET FAMILY
2009_12_23_17:32:47.471   090.231.053.xxx   Holiday greetings from Sweden.
2009_12_23_17:32:52.847   074.141.122.xxx   OMGWTFBBQ
2009_12_23_17:32:52.578   068.117.162.xxx   i'm dreaming of a komar kristmas
2009_12_23_17:33:04.747   068.049.112.xxx   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2009_12_23_17:33:13.347   070.053.130.xxx   my bum smells
2009_12_23_17:33:18.164   076.233.132.xxx   im wondering (14)
2009_12_23_17:33:26.868   079.239.039.xxx   Doh
2009_12_23_17:33:32.746   068.049.112.xxx   hello
2009_12_23_17:33:53.105   070.053.130.xxx   happy chanukkah
2009_12_23_17:33:56.017   076.233.132.xxx   man shut up (15)
2009_12_23_17:34:12.339   074.141.122.xxx   HAYHALE. 's goin on?
2009_12_23_17:34:35.589   068.117.162.xxx   santa here, taking notes of who's being naughty and nice
2009_12_23_17:34:36.744   076.233.132.xxx   what the heck (16)
2009_12_23_17:35:00.066   081.137.209.xxx   Its 12:34 in England who is from England and using a mac ?
2009_12_23_17:35:06.047   068.117.162.xxx   bet you didn't know Santa was wired
2009_12_23_17:35:12.211   076.233.132.xxx   me (17)
2009_12_23_17:35:39.023   068.117.162.xxx   Barry O here
2009_12_23_17:35:57.558   074.141.122.xxx   O rly?
2009_12_23_17:36:00.641   081.137.209.xxx   Im Getting A New Mac Pro :D
2009_12_23_17:36:27.121   074.141.122.xxx   I like guys
2009_12_23_17:37:14.385   081.137.209.xxx   Who is alex
2009_12_23_17:37:24.499   074.141.122.xxx   :D
2009_12_23_17:37:47.482   081.137.209.xxx   :D
2009_12_23_17:38:05.789   173.061.091.xxx   hiya!
2009_12_23_17:38:10.353   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Light snow still coming down - just re-shoveled driveway ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_17:38:40.042   081.137.209.xxx   Who Believes in santa
2009_12_23_17:38:55.260   074.141.122.xxx   HE HAS SPOKEN (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_17:40:55.416   074.141.122.xxx   SHOVEL HIS DRIVEWAY (11)
2009_12_23_17:44:40.687   087.117.205.xxx   hello. (17)
2009_12_23_17:45:10.058   174.049.082.xxx   HI
2009_12_23_17:45:18.258   098.231.137.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_23_17:46:16.544   098.178.133.xxx   Alek im actually working on some code to do this with my lights
2009_12_23_17:46:37.088   087.117.205.xxx   alek im trying to get you to facepalm (18)
2009_12_23_17:47:21.462   091.104.168.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!
2009_12_23_17:47:38.641   074.141.122.xxx   Oh tiger woods, when did you get on here? (12)
2009_12_23_17:48:53.378   098.178.133.xxx   Alek what program language do u recommend for doing this with lgiths
2009_12_23_17:48:53.603   075.053.175.xxx   Merry Christmas to one and all!
2009_12_23_17:49:10.862   076.019.235.xxx   p****
2009_12_23_17:49:13.475   082.042.109.xxx   he surley got a hole in more than 1
2009_12_23_17:49:18.542   086.167.124.xxx   wooo! xmas eve in uk now! :)
2009_12_23_17:49:30.525   074.141.122.xxx   HAY SHYANNA (13)
2009_12_23_17:49:38.913   071.060.005.xxx   Nice setup !
2009_12_23_17:49:43.464   076.019.235.xxx   TOOL IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER!
2009_12_23_17:49:49.023   098.178.133.xxx   Alek what code language do u recommend to do this with lights
2009_12_23_17:50:07.673   086.167.124.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek, enjoy the big day! :)
2009_12_23_17:50:14.795   075.053.175.xxx   Hi Alek!
2009_12_23_17:50:20.812   071.060.005.xxx   Merry Christmas to all !
2009_12_23_17:50:23.090   076.019.235.xxx   TOOOOOOOL!!!!
2009_12_23_17:50:44.051   074.141.122.xxx   -user was banned for this post- (14)
2009_12_23_17:51:02.912   076.019.235.xxx   I LOVE TOOL!
2009_12_23_17:51:03.245   098.178.133.xxx   What code language do u recommend to do this with my lights..
2009_12_23_17:51:19.812   075.053.175.xxx   thanks for the lights Alek!
2009_12_23_17:51:34.698   076.019.235.xxx   I LOVE TOOL -Alexx
2009_12_23_17:51:49.623   074.141.122.xxx   WHUT (15)
2009_12_23_17:52:13.622   071.060.005.xxx   Type texNit & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_23_17:52:14.929   072.161.251.xxx   Tools s***** Skizzy, you should know this by now
2009_12_23_17:52:15.504   076.019.235.xxx   I LOVE TOOL
2009_12_23_17:52:17.867   098.178.133.xxx   is their anyway that we can email you Alek??
2009_12_23_17:52:35.536   074.141.122.xxx   Vocaloid obviously outdoes tool by far. (16)
2009_12_23_17:52:50.753   076.030.072.xxx   ALLYOURBASEAREBELONGTOUS
2009_12_23_17:52:50.904   076.019.235.xxx   I luv u Foxxeh ___3 Merry Christmas
2009_12_23_17:52:52.371   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Per the FAQ, Perl is the programming language used - plus Linux/Apache ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_17:53:00.260   072.161.251.xxx   Repo! outdoes it all
2009_12_23_17:53:00.741   067.180.136.xxx   whats up
2009_12_23_17:53:01.315   071.060.005.xxx   Pretty nice light setup
2009_12_23_17:53:47.445   076.030.072.xxx   Don't text him
2009_12_23_17:53:53.404   076.019.235.xxx   I'll text you Shy Shy
2009_12_23_17:54:09.301   071.060.005.xxx   Turn on more lights
2009_12_23_17:54:13.230   074.141.122.xxx   I'll just sell that number to telemarketers (17)
2009_12_23_17:54:15.626   076.030.072.xxx   No, don't*** A TRAP
2009_12_23_17:54:22.325   098.178.133.xxx   hi
2009_12_23_17:54:46.461   071.060.005.xxx   hello
2009_12_23_17:54:53.152   072.161.251.xxx   Your mother has a nice setup
2009_12_23_17:55:19.716   074.141.122.xxx   Hey guys, you know who would make this setup even BETTER? (18)
2009_12_23_17:55:33.080   076.030.072.xxx   Chuck Norris?
2009_12_23_17:55:35.642   072.161.251.xxx   Me?
2009_12_23_17:55:38.149   067.180.136.xxx   hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_23_17:55:46.366   074.141.122.xxx   SPARKLES (19)
2009_12_23_17:55:55.934   067.159.044.xxx   hey
2009_12_23_17:55:58.244   092.028.117.xxx   Nice idea... I like Tech and this is true Tech... Keep up the good work...
2009_12_23_17:55:58.433   076.030.072.xxx   jack bauer
2009_12_23_17:56:08.939   072.161.251.xxx   YIFF!
2009_12_23_17:56:27.213   076.030.072.xxx   24 is the best show, evar.
2009_12_23_17:56:29.699   092.028.117.xxx   Nice setup...
2009_12_23_17:56:32.680   067.159.044.xxx   hello from the gutter
2009_12_23_17:56:55.468   074.141.122.xxx   And btw people, half of us are furries. :3 (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_17:56:59.617   086.012.054.xxx   Hi Alek from luke
2009_12_23_17:57:03.936   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Jac Bauer versus Santa on YouTube is funny - Big Red Guy takes 'em! ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_17:57:12.078   067.180.136.xxx   hi from matt
2009_12_23_17:57:16.175   092.028.117.xxx   Keep up the good work...
2009_12_23_17:57:19.573   076.030.072.xxx   Yes, we are! We will control the world
2009_12_23_17:57:41.449   067.180.136.xxx   h**** in the cell
2009_12_23_17:58:18.504   067.180.136.xxx   matt was here
2009_12_23_17:58:22.195   092.028.117.xxx   If this setup was on a bigger scale then you could controle you hole house from
2009_12_23_17:58:34.233   074.141.122.xxx   Hey schism. Check skype already (21)
2009_12_23_17:58:49.797   086.012.054.xxx   Luke woz ere
2009_12_23_17:59:21.074   067.159.044.xxx   hey i wanna listen to generic radio rock. (like Tool)
2009_12_23_17:59:34.620   074.141.122.xxx   And apparently Luke needs to retake English I (22)
2009_12_23_18:00:07.762   072.161.251.xxx   Wow, that would mean Tool is like Hannah Montana, generic and terrible xD
2009_12_23_18:00:27.798   092.028.117.xxx   Only 4 hours 1 min till system goes offline for the day...
2009_12_23_18:01:03.424   067.159.044.xxx   hi
2009_12_23_18:01:22.616   074.141.122.xxx   Hey SCHISM (23)
2009_12_23_18:01:36.297   086.012.054.xxx   It's a Text, set 1 for English
2009_12_23_18:01:47.162   081.137.209.xxx   Its christmas eve in England now
2009_12_23_18:02:05.036   173.146.098.xxx   Hey, it's Ms. Claus!!
2009_12_23_18:02:39.220   067.180.136.xxx   hi from iraq
2009_12_23_18:03:00.074   074.141.122.xxx   Yiffeh Yiffeh Yiffeh (24)
2009_12_23_18:03:02.203   081.137.209.xxx   bom
2009_12_23_18:03:16.936   076.235.041.xxx   stepping santa is off! nooooo
2009_12_23_18:03:27.047   173.146.098.xxx   Hi, from Argentina!
2009_12_23_18:03:56.702   076.019.235.xxx   I luv you Foxxeh! Merry Christmas
2009_12_23_18:04:12.394   074.141.122.xxx   :D (25)
2009_12_23_18:04:27.664   076.030.072.xxx   Luv you too Skizzy. ___3 Merry Christmas, sweetie :)
2009_12_23_18:04:30.214   081.137.209.xxx   Everyone turn and deflate the christmas lights
2009_12_23_18:04:48.652   076.019.235.xxx   I LOVE YOUUUUU ZACH!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_18:04:57.797   076.030.072.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Sa:Onta's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_23_18:05:00.873   074.141.122.xxx   What's long and hard and full of seamen? (26)
2009_12_23_18:05:06.738   067.159.044.xxx   i thought i heard a saxophone.............
2009_12_23_18:05:16.700   081.137.209.xxx   JLS
2009_12_23_18:05:35.625   076.030.072.xxx   Luv you too Skizzy. ___3 Merry Christmas, sweetie :) (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_18:05:36.210   076.019.235.xxx   Zach, will you marry me? (11)
2009_12_23_18:05:43.102   074.141.122.xxx   A SUBMARINE (27)
2009_12_23_18:05:44.398   067.159.044.xxx   IM DRUNK ON THE MOON ! !
2009_12_23_18:06:02.547   076.030.072.xxx   Drunk? Preposterous! (11)
2009_12_23_18:06:04.847   081.137.209.xxx   POO  FACES (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_18:06:22.876   076.019.235.xxx   YES I'LL MARRY YOU (12)
2009_12_23_18:06:32.149   076.030.072.xxx   Wrong person, moron. (12)
2009_12_23_18:06:43.922   074.141.122.xxx   Ouch (28)
2009_12_23_18:06:51.462   067.159.044.xxx   alert! too many seamen on the poop-deck
2009_12_23_18:07:13.785   081.137.209.xxx   your alker (11)
2009_12_23_18:07:25.899   076.030.072.xxx   Get the captain down here ASAP! We've got some cleaning up to do (13)
2009_12_23_18:07:31.733   074.141.122.xxx   Whoever just said that. Mr Alexx loves you (29)
2009_12_23_18:09:04.500   067.180.136.xxx   sorry
2009_12_23_18:10:13.870   067.180.136.xxx   san lorenzo california
2009_12_23_18:11:08.846   074.141.122.xxx   Someone has an attitude (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_18:12:04.019   067.159.044.xxx   yes
2009_12_23_18:12:30.937   074.141.122.xxx   Theres another cool site (31)
2009_12_23_18:13:38.420   074.141.122.xxx   's called Fchan (32)
2009_12_23_18:14:06.447   074.141.122.xxx   :3 (33)
2009_12_23_18:15:20.518   075.164.019.xxx   greetings from Tucson
2009_12_23_18:16:52.101   078.151.113.xxx   merry christmas from N.Ireland
2009_12_23_18:17:50.789   067.159.044.xxx   merry xmas from Woodstock Illinois =p
2009_12_23_18:19:47.811   082.042.109.xxx   merry xmas from santa. cya all soon , if ya been good.
2009_12_23_18:28:22.026   012.159.127.xxx   This is from Decatur, Illinois and we wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_23_18:29:24.071   012.159.127.xxx   GO LONGHORNS!!! UT ALL THE WAY!!!!
2009_12_23_18:29:36.709   076.235.041.xxx   almost christmas here :D
2009_12_23_18:30:29.785   071.072.039.xxx   G'Eve from Ohio   :D
2009_12_23_18:30:32.750   012.159.127.xxx   ___:3______rawr!___
2009_12_23_18:31:10.408   012.159.127.xxx   Merry Christmas from Decatur, IL!
2009_12_23_18:31:27.077   074.047.138.xxx   hi
2009_12_23_18:31:48.693   012.159.127.xxx   hello back lol
2009_12_23_18:32:17.898   074.047.138.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!!!
2009_12_23_18:33:05.282   012.159.127.xxx   Santa sounds like a stalker lol
2009_12_23_18:34:21.977   012.159.127.xxx   Burrito reindeer has digestion problems lol
2009_12_23_18:35:31.822   012.159.127.xxx   gonna hang myself to this music lol
2009_12_23_18:37:30.834   074.047.138.xxx   ho ho ho
2009_12_23_18:38:09.211   074.047.138.xxx   Jesus loves you.
2009_12_23_18:38:20.350   012.159.127.xxx   (___ ")___
2009_12_23_18:38:54.033   012.159.127.xxx   JESUS LOVES ME????? O-o (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_18:41:32.371   012.159.127.xxx   Wave for the cams alek! lol (11)
2009_12_23_18:42:26.648   067.159.044.xxx   posting on epic jesus laptop screen (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_18:44:37.390   074.195.244.xxx   I miss Colorado!!!
2009_12_23_18:45:26.994   076.124.142.xxx   Hi Miss Colorado ___wink___
2009_12_23_18:48:17.861   076.179.127.xxx   hi
2009_12_23_18:52:30.301   071.186.205.xxx   the site says thge lights aren't controllable, but i just turned off homer
2009_12_23_18:53:06.397   067.159.044.xxx   nothing works, its so epic (11)
2009_12_23_18:55:04.256   156.034.240.xxx   it works when you arent here...muahahahaha
2009_12_23_18:55:19.892   071.072.039.xxx   Doo'h
2009_12_23_18:55:55.886   012.148.143.xxx   HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEYYY!!!!
2009_12_23_18:56:28.303   012.148.143.xxx   Hey no word wrap
2009_12_23_18:59:16.046   098.211.200.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ed & Sky in W.P.B FL.
2009_12_23_18:59:29.977   086.014.006.xxx   wtf
2009_12_23_19:03:45.202   074.178.063.xxx   insane
2009_12_23_19:03:47.384   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings
2009_12_23_19:04:17.140   098.030.206.xxx   Hello from Lima Ohio
2009_12_23_19:04:18.913   024.003.166.xxx   Merry Christmas From Pittsburgh
2009_12_23_19:04:45.517   074.178.063.xxx   hello pittsburgh
2009_12_23_19:04:48.650   098.030.206.xxx   Hello from Lima Ohio
2009_12_23_19:04:55.316   024.003.166.xxx   Hi
2009_12_23_19:05:22.436   074.178.063.xxx   formerly from East
2009_12_23_19:05:47.538   024.003.166.xxx   I do this to my lights only no internet control.
2009_12_23_19:06:31.384   074.178.063.xxx   formerly from East Liverpool, Oh
2009_12_23_19:06:53.526   024.003.166.xxx   Oh
2009_12_23_19:07:12.536   074.178.063.xxx   Now in FL
2009_12_23_19:07:51.958   024.003.166.xxx   I was looking at the clock. For us its 9:07
2009_12_23_19:08:23.011   069.180.210.xxx   chicken eater here
2009_12_23_19:09:04.121   098.211.200.xxx   Ga.?
2009_12_23_19:09:33.861   068.037.098.xxx   BLAH BLAH
2009_12_23_19:09:44.607   071.232.114.xxx   JUST ONE MORE DAY TILL SANTA!
2009_12_23_19:09:55.156   069.180.210.xxx   I just ate some KFC   :D
2009_12_23_19:10:26.976   068.037.098.xxx   CHRISTMAS EVE is so much better than christmas (:
2009_12_23_19:10:29.197   071.072.039.xxx   MmM., Colonel.!!!  :D
2009_12_23_19:10:34.924   074.178.063.xxx   get those greasy hands off the keyboard
2009_12_23_19:11:55.724   068.037.098.xxx   im opening one present tonight. youuu jeaalous?
2009_12_23_19:12:25.707   074.178.063.xxx   open your own
2009_12_23_19:12:50.067   068.037.098.xxx   uh duh.
2009_12_23_19:13:45.615   174.130.004.xxx   last week i passgass and made a 60 (18)
2009_12_23_19:14:27.352   066.191.153.xxx   Merry Christmas to everyone reading this!
2009_12_23_19:14:45.833   068.037.098.xxx   and a happy new year!
2009_12_23_19:15:25.292   066.191.153.xxx   What's evryone getting for Christmas?
2009_12_23_19:17:11.759   072.078.139.xxx   merry christmas from wilmngton De
2009_12_23_19:17:56.231   066.191.153.xxx   Merry Christmas from Valley Grande, AL
2009_12_23_19:18:44.920   067.159.044.xxx   im getting fried chicken for xmas umad? lololol (12)
2009_12_23_19:19:47.424   067.159.044.xxx   im also getting kool-aid and watermellon oh yeah (13)
2009_12_23_19:20:41.757   066.191.153.xxx   1111000100010100101001000111000101100100111010110011101101100100010010101010101
2009_12_23_19:21:41.328   067.159.044.xxx   i hope this is where ole alek does his wife... o yea (14)
2009_12_23_19:23:01.587   098.200.133.xxx   where is alek komar 2nite
2009_12_23_19:25:06.905   098.200.133.xxx   christmas lites purdy dark
2009_12_23_19:26:12.705   024.111.140.xxx   Rapid City, SD says hello
2009_12_23_19:28:51.036   098.088.006.xxx   LANE DOBBINS
2009_12_23_19:29:21.252   098.088.006.xxx   LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAN
2009_12_23_19:30:19.952   024.111.140.xxx   Josh Holmes Rocks!! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_19:30:49.266   071.001.100.xxx   pen:getprofit:is
2009_12_23_19:31:05.755   069.149.122.xxx   lol
2009_12_23_19:31:09.992   071.195.128.xxx   167 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2009_12_23_19:31:25.675   071.001.100.xxx   Enter your IM for everyone to see in Santa's Workshop
2009_12_23_19:31:49.930   069.149.122.xxx   lulz
2009_12_23_19:31:56.319   098.200.133.xxx   my im for all to see
2009_12_23_19:32:01.134   071.001.100.xxx   4chan does aprove
2009_12_23_19:32:23.125   071.195.128.xxx   I want a million dollars for christmas
2009_12_23_19:32:26.913   098.200.133.xxx   looks like the snow stopped
2009_12_23_19:32:34.649   098.239.036.xxx   your sick
2009_12_23_19:33:01.540   069.149.122.xxx   ROFLCopter (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_19:33:04.651   071.195.128.xxx   I want a million dollars for christmas
2009_12_23_19:33:09.003   098.200.133.xxx   can't be sick....why it's christmas
2009_12_23_19:33:22.984   024.111.140.xxx   I am awesome (11)
2009_12_23_19:33:23.319   098.239.036.xxx   checks in the nail
2009_12_23_19:33:31.025   071.195.128.xxx   Not yet
2009_12_23_19:34:07.078   024.111.140.xxx   I am awesome (12)
2009_12_23_19:34:28.369   098.200.133.xxx   Merry Christmas to allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
2009_12_23_19:34:35.087   071.195.128.xxx   Happy Birthday!!
2009_12_23_19:34:39.851   098.239.036.xxx   The Misc rules
2009_12_23_19:34:56.435   071.195.128.xxx   Happy Birthday!!!
2009_12_23_19:35:05.763   098.200.133.xxx   toggled over 5 thousand
2009_12_23_19:35:18.809   071.001.100.xxx   Twas the night before Christmas at my family's house.
2009_12_23_19:35:40.493   071.195.128.xxx   Happy Birthday!!!
2009_12_23_19:35:44.217   098.200.133.xxx   172 people watching WOW
2009_12_23_19:36:01.154   071.001.100.xxx   For 'twas just like a childhood Christmas except
2009_12_23_19:36:05.288   071.195.128.xxx   173 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2009_12_23_19:36:10.234   024.111.140.xxx   Josh Holmes is awesome!!!!!!! (13)
2009_12_23_19:36:16.711   098.200.133.xxx   hello from North Pole
2009_12_23_19:36:25.481   071.001.100.xxx   I'd forgotten the hours that normal folks slept.
2009_12_23_19:36:26.250   024.197.187.xxx   hi from minnesota
2009_12_23_19:36:37.532   071.195.128.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!!
2009_12_23_19:36:55.163   098.239.036.xxx   Hello from Mississippi
2009_12_23_19:36:56.339   098.200.133.xxx   hello this is santa clause --- how can I help u (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_19:37:18.905   071.001.100.xxx   ___20
2009_12_23_19:37:31.407   071.195.128.xxx   I'm a laptop in a chair that can talk (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_19:37:55.758   071.001.100.xxx   __________________________________________
2009_12_23_19:38:08.749   024.111.140.xxx   Dawn and Josh Holmes are here!!! (14)
2009_12_23_19:38:28.375   071.001.100.xxx   !@#_________&___()_+
2009_12_23_19:38:37.533   071.195.128.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mississippi (11)
2009_12_23_19:39:33.797   071.001.100.xxx   pen:getprofit:is (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_19:39:45.427   098.239.036.xxx   what part of Mississippi
2009_12_23_19:39:52.357   071.195.128.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!! (12)
2009_12_23_19:40:12.920   071.195.128.xxx   Brandon Mississippi (13)
2009_12_23_19:40:11.160   064.085.154.xxx   hello
2009_12_23_19:40:46.281   064.085.154.xxx   GO BLUE
2009_12_23_19:40:47.972   071.195.128.xxx   Brandon Mississippi (14)
2009_12_23_19:41:15.202   098.239.036.xxx   I'm in Corinth
2009_12_23_19:41:21.194   064.085.154.xxx   Durand, Michigan
2009_12_23_19:44:16.597   024.185.253.xxx   hello from long island
2009_12_23_19:46:39.305   065.005.215.xxx   Hello from MS
2009_12_23_19:48:14.126   173.089.146.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2009_12_23_19:51:08.191   074.106.092.xxx   hello all
2009_12_23_19:51:43.404   074.106.092.xxx   merry christmas ryann
2009_12_23_19:52:22.962   074.106.092.xxx   and nicole
2009_12_23_19:52:30.915   174.130.004.xxx   dude hurry up and pass some gass (19)
2009_12_23_19:53:19.173   074.106.092.xxx   lol
2009_12_23_19:53:20.143   074.106.201.xxx   This is so freaking cool!
2009_12_23_19:53:50.023   074.106.092.xxx   yes it is
2009_12_23_19:54:25.369   024.170.051.xxx   Hello!
2009_12_23_19:54:30.842   024.205.227.xxx   Jesus Loves you all
2009_12_23_19:55:27.537   074.106.092.xxx   hello sarah
2009_12_23_19:55:56.685   024.170.051.xxx   Hello Bryan
2009_12_23_19:56:45.631   156.034.240.xxx   why is Santas skeleton up there?!?! brrr
2009_12_23_19:57:26.277   067.183.145.xxx   Christmas GOOD!  Celiac BAD!  Give generously!
2009_12_23_19:58:08.802   067.183.145.xxx   I can see you!
2009_12_23_19:58:19.674   068.007.128.xxx   Christmas is in 2 days!!!!!
2009_12_23_19:58:33.389   208.102.240.xxx   Happy Festivus!
2009_12_23_19:58:47.887   069.180.210.xxx   I got my Christmas presents early!
2009_12_23_19:58:50.288   067.183.145.xxx   Are you done with your shopping?
2009_12_23_19:59:18.235   068.058.133.xxx   Merry Christmas From Indianpolis, Indiana (:
2009_12_23_19:59:51.568   067.183.145.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lynnwood, Washington!
2009_12_23_20:00:29.177   174.130.004.xxx   up ydghy (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_20:00:58.963   067.183.145.xxx   You misspelled "ydghy"!
2009_12_23_20:01:24.504   067.183.145.xxx   IM
2009_12_23_20:02:24.088   075.039.053.xxx   Hi honey
2009_12_23_20:03:42.216   075.039.053.xxx   hi babe!
2009_12_23_20:10:53.888   069.180.210.xxx   I got a bucket of KFC for christmas!!!!
2009_12_23_20:12:14.049   164.039.122.xxx   HELLO ALL
2009_12_23_20:12:47.744   069.180.210.xxx   hello!
2009_12_23_20:13:00.474   164.039.122.xxx   TNT Worldwide Express
2009_12_23_20:15:40.156   203.097.108.xxx   Meri Kirihimete!
2009_12_23_20:16:26.216   203.097.108.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS =)
2009_12_23_20:17:26.118   074.128.125.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kentucky
2009_12_23_20:18:00.334   071.060.005.xxx   Happy Holidays !
2009_12_23_20:18:08.437   099.071.190.xxx   merry christmas to all
2009_12_23_20:18:51.127   069.180.210.xxx   and to all a good night
2009_12_23_20:19:22.336   071.060.005.xxx   Santa Claus is coming to town !
2009_12_23_20:21:35.098   071.060.005.xxx   Type text &No CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2009_12_23_20:22:09.690   071.060.005.xxx   Happy New Year !! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_20:22:41.519   012.070.020.xxx   Merry xmas to the boys of Pack 442, Blythe CA
2009_12_23_20:23:16.640   071.060.005.xxx   Happy Holidays to all our troops over seas (11)
2009_12_23_20:23:27.519   174.130.004.xxx   offline nowwww (21)
2009_12_23_20:24:04.343   069.180.210.xxx   does anyone know how to play the fiddle/violin?
2009_12_23_20:24:32.388   174.130.004.xxx   noooooo (22)
2009_12_23_20:24:52.014   071.060.005.xxx   Noel (12)
2009_12_23_20:25:18.749   069.180.210.xxx   Alek, can you play the violin?
2009_12_23_20:26:06.438   069.180.210.xxx   I just got one today & I think something is wrong with it
2009_12_23_20:26:17.516   174.130.004.xxx   hey baby welcolme back (23)
2009_12_23_20:26:33.205   024.225.103.xxx   wow thats alot of lights, is it warm in there?
2009_12_23_20:26:36.275   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** While I was in the band growing up, not the violin ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_20:26:53.488   071.060.005.xxx   Strike up the band (13)
2009_12_23_20:26:53.400   068.150.181.xxx   yawn
2009_12_23_20:27:11.280   069.180.210.xxx   yeah, I think the tuning thing is messed up (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_20:27:34.834   068.150.181.xxx   so who here is pumped for the next day?
2009_12_23_20:27:59.503   069.180.210.xxx   Christmas Eve? oh yeah! (11)
2009_12_23_20:28:15.158   068.150.181.xxx   Are We gonna break the record lf 23,989?!??!?!
2009_12_23_20:28:36.642   069.180.210.xxx   yes we are!  200 post person here! (12)
2009_12_23_20:28:37.554   074.184.237.xxx   Yes, "kinda addictive", Alek.
2009_12_23_20:28:42.176   190.255.175.xxx   HELMER ES UNA HUEVA (17)
2009_12_23_20:29:02.687   068.150.181.xxx   recruit your family, friends.. have them come on!
2009_12_23_20:29:07.664   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Christmas Eve has LOTS of visitors - good night to set record ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_20:29:42.627   068.150.181.xxx   With Alek's help.. we can do it!
2009_12_23_20:29:47.578   074.184.237.xxx   We'll be here1
2009_12_23_20:29:51.226   069.180.210.xxx   yeah, we are definitely going to beat it! (13)
2009_12_23_20:30:33.498   074.184.237.xxx   Hoschton girl, are you here?
2009_12_23_20:30:36.600   174.130.004.xxx   i like your christmas lights you think i could do something like that because i (24)
2009_12_23_20:30:38.671   068.150.181.xxx   if he opens it at 2pm.. we have 10 hours to text
2009_12_23_20:30:38.899   190.252.254.xxx   IMPORTACIONES SANTI'S
2009_12_23_20:30:44.634   069.180.210.xxx   I got a bucket of KFC for christmas!!!! (14)
2009_12_23_20:31:11.409   068.150.181.xxx   we'd have to text 2100 an hour to break it
2009_12_23_20:31:22.868   190.252.254.xxx   IMPORTACIONES SANTI'S AND JOHA
2009_12_23_20:31:54.096   069.180.210.xxx   that might be possible considering all the web traffic (15)
2009_12_23_20:32:41.191   068.150.181.xxx   ya we just need to focus :)
2009_12_23_20:33:43.190   069.180.210.xxx   do ya'll remember me talking about a singing fish? (16)
2009_12_23_20:33:47.486   098.030.206.xxx   Season's greetings from Ohio
2009_12_23_20:33:52.700   068.150.181.xxx   yup
2009_12_23_20:34:15.938   069.180.210.xxx   I got one today   :D (17)
2009_12_23_20:34:33.431   098.030.206.xxx   Season's greetings from Ohio
2009_12_23_20:34:34.835   174.130.004.xxx   DO YOU LOVE JESUS (25)
2009_12_23_20:34:52.055   069.180.210.xxx   yes I do!!!!!! (18)
2009_12_23_20:34:59.593   098.030.206.xxx   Yep
2009_12_23_20:35:09.135   066.227.180.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2009_12_23_20:35:09.529   070.176.099.xxx   Happy Holidays from Braedon
2009_12_23_20:35:34.637   098.030.206.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lima Ohio
2009_12_23_20:35:43.001   099.131.055.xxx   Merry Christmas from Jason! =)
2009_12_23_20:36:25.845   098.030.206.xxx   Santa's just one day away!!
2009_12_23_20:36:30.517   075.016.211.xxx   hi mom
2009_12_23_20:36:52.247   099.131.055.xxx   I am really sad that the Christmas season is almost over =___
2009_12_23_20:37:29.833   075.016.211.xxx   merry christmas from texas
2009_12_23_20:37:37.357   069.180.210.xxx   I got a fiddle today  too (19)
2009_12_23_20:37:50.881   098.160.221.xxx   It's not over till the electric bill comes!
2009_12_23_20:38:06.629   075.016.211.xxx   i play the trombone
2009_12_23_20:38:51.188   173.024.210.xxx   Hi everyone from Alabama in the U.S.A.
2009_12_23_20:39:28.725   075.016.211.xxx   hi mom
2009_12_23_20:39:47.131   069.180.210.xxx   The only instruments I can play are the piano,a little guitar, & I sing (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_20:39:58.542   066.227.180.xxx   Alek you are the best for doing this every year!!!
2009_12_23_20:40:38.782   069.180.210.xxx   ha ha the singing fish just scared my brother! (21)
2009_12_23_20:40:52.541   066.227.180.xxx   hey everyone this deserves some donations this is the best thing that anyone co
2009_12_23_20:41:11.531   070.022.187.xxx   Alek smile you are on candid camera
2009_12_23_20:41:12.285   075.016.211.xxx   i like pie
2009_12_23_20:41:20.435   069.180.210.xxx   me too! (22)
2009_12_23_20:41:25.875   070.131.112.xxx   hello from brookfield illinois
2009_12_23_20:41:33.346   066.227.180.xxx   hey can u pick your nose for us
2009_12_23_20:41:53.341   069.180.210.xxx   just don't eat it (23)
2009_12_23_20:42:33.698   066.227.180.xxx   where u going buddy
2009_12_23_20:42:42.961   068.040.235.xxx   Got to open a present early
2009_12_23_20:42:52.855   069.180.210.xxx   me too (24)
2009_12_23_20:42:56.745   190.255.175.xxx   GRINGO HUEVON (18)
2009_12_23_20:42:57.851   066.227.180.xxx   ahhhhhhhh
2009_12_23_20:43:05.297   075.016.211.xxx   i like cake
2009_12_23_20:43:25.510   069.180.210.xxx   What did you get? (25)
2009_12_23_20:43:32.223   190.255.175.xxx   GRINGO HUEVON (19)
2009_12_23_20:43:33.574   066.227.180.xxx   oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah
2009_12_23_20:44:03.759   066.227.180.xxx   bye everyone gotta go play my game
2009_12_23_20:44:13.776   069.180.210.xxx   ok (26)
2009_12_23_20:44:41.245   075.016.211.xxx   who here likes the beatles
2009_12_23_20:44:57.604   098.160.221.xxx   Homer and elmo no go?
2009_12_23_20:45:13.377   069.180.210.xxx   Haven't ever really listened to the beatles (27)
2009_12_23_20:45:14.759   174.130.004.xxx   chicken (26)
2009_12_23_20:45:21.521   075.016.211.xxx   my favorite song is hey jude
2009_12_23_20:45:53.816   069.180.210.xxx   I got some chicken for christmas (28)
2009_12_23_20:46:45.563   075.016.211.xxx   im getting left 4 dead 2 for christmas
2009_12_23_20:47:26.199   069.180.210.xxx   what's that? (29)
2009_12_23_20:48:06.448   173.024.210.xxx   Tyler says HI!
2009_12_23_20:48:31.390   075.016.211.xxx   I LIKE ZOMBIES (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_20:50:10.607   069.180.210.xxx   Anyone else on here from Tennessee? (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_20:50:38.077   075.016.211.xxx   im from Texas (11)
2009_12_23_20:51:05.977   068.194.244.xxx   Alek can you move the office webcam to your tree tomarrow
2009_12_23_20:51:12.216   068.058.133.xxx   IM FROM INDY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
2009_12_23_20:51:16.482   098.160.221.xxx   Homer and elmo no go?
2009_12_23_20:51:28.696   075.016.211.xxx   nope (12)
2009_12_23_20:51:34.044   068.194.244.xxx   Alek can you move the office webcam to your tree tomarrow
2009_12_23_20:51:55.045   069.180.210.xxx   I got a bunch of early Christmas gifts today (31)
2009_12_23_20:51:56.985   068.058.133.xxx   This is soooo cool!
2009_12_23_20:52:11.704   075.016.211.xxx   lucky (13)
2009_12_23_20:52:11.788   068.194.244.xxx   cool whad you get
2009_12_23_20:52:44.554   069.180.210.xxx   A fiddle,a singing fish, a bucket of fried chicken, & a bag of marbles (32)
2009_12_23_20:52:50.211   068.058.133.xxx   Watch the Chris Pirillo & Alek Interview! LINK DELETED
2009_12_23_20:52:55.999   098.160.221.xxx   Homer lights on but no inflate
2009_12_23_20:53:12.192   068.194.244.xxx   Alek can you move the office webcam to your tree tomarrow
2009_12_23_20:54:04.667   068.058.133.xxx   Yeah that would be awesome!
2009_12_23_20:54:42.125   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Office Cam will probably stay put ... but we'll see ... ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_20:54:48.925   069.180.210.xxx   i got some strange gifts but they're still fun..plus I get chicken (33)
2009_12_23_20:55:31.811   068.058.133.xxx   Ho, Ho, Ho. Alek you have been a good boy this year, I love what you have done 
2009_12_23_20:55:36.987   097.100.133.xxx   Merry Christmas from Che Man and T
2009_12_23_20:55:52.468   069.180.210.xxx   The singing fish scared my brother. it was funny (34)
2009_12_23_20:57:07.525   069.180.210.xxx   There is something wrong with the fiddle though (35)
2009_12_23_20:58:20.099   069.180.210.xxx   Going to break the record tomorrow (36)
2009_12_23_20:59:10.760   069.180.210.xxx   Merry Christmas! (37)
2009_12_23_21:00:16.473   097.100.133.xxx   merry merry christmas have a nice day from che and trevor
2009_12_23_21:01:11.039   074.106.201.xxx   Hi Kathleen
2009_12_23_21:01:47.577   068.037.219.xxx   HI Stallion
2009_12_23_21:01:52.904   121.072.185.xxx   whoa its 5:01 Christmas Eve in New zealand
2009_12_23_21:02:18.211   098.160.221.xxx   COOL LEGOS!!
2009_12_23_21:02:56.703   098.160.221.xxx   STAR WARS!
2009_12_23_21:03:33.445   065.032.196.xxx   Merry Merry Christmas!!!
2009_12_23_21:03:35.509   098.160.221.xxx   Imperial Walker!
2009_12_23_21:04:14.437   065.032.196.xxx   Hi Rob!!!
2009_12_23_21:04:27.857   098.233.210.xxx   hello everybody
2009_12_23_21:04:46.987   069.180.210.xxx   Hello! (38)
2009_12_23_21:05:02.265   068.058.133.xxx   Alek, Do you host this your self?
2009_12_23_21:05:10.760   098.233.210.xxx   did anyone else get the blizzard last weekend?
2009_12_23_21:05:44.228   069.180.210.xxx   I wish I did, but only eastern Tennessee got any snow  :( (39)
2009_12_23_21:05:44.338   068.058.133.xxx   Alek, Do you host this your self?
2009_12_23_21:06:00.991   098.233.210.xxx   i think he does
2009_12_23_21:06:08.326   068.058.133.xxx   Alek, Do you host this your self? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:06:55.088   069.180.210.xxx   is that a helicopter or a space ship? (40 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:08:06.079   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle says that is a Republic Gun Ship ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_21:08:50.724   069.180.210.xxx   oh! I couldn't tell.   thanks! (41)
2009_12_23_21:09:31.750   069.180.210.xxx   What's that thing on the right of the screen? (42)
2009_12_23_21:09:54.370   065.032.196.xxx   Merry Christmas from Weeki Wachee Florida
2009_12_23_21:10:53.459   068.150.181.xxx   ho ho ho.. Merry huh? (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:11:46.615   068.150.181.xxx   It'll be a Merry christmas in my king sized... (11)
2009_12_23_21:11:52.845   069.180.210.xxx   It's almost Christmas!!!!!!! (43)
2009_12_23_21:12:59.533   069.180.210.xxx   Tomorrow is christmas eve! (44)
2009_12_23_21:13:07.111   068.150.181.xxx   fun fun it's a fun christmas fun! (12)
2009_12_23_21:13:30.476   069.149.122.xxx   Kitahara Rie is love (11)
2009_12_23_21:14:57.063   069.180.210.xxx   Yup, Christmas is fun! (45)
2009_12_23_21:16:18.668   068.150.181.xxx   haha, looks like Santa Clause was pushing Homer's face in the snow!! (13)
2009_12_23_21:16:34.492   067.246.239.xxx   Love your site! And all your lights ___ Webster NY
2009_12_23_21:16:58.083   067.040.201.xxx   Someone just gave our family $30 gift card... We would not have had presents 
2009_12_23_21:17:14.024   068.150.181.xxx   Saint Alek of Colorado! (14)
2009_12_23_21:17:31.123   069.180.210.xxx   What on earth? (46)
2009_12_23_21:18:21.932   068.150.181.xxx   spooky little girl like you.. (15)
2009_12_23_21:18:38.205   067.040.201.xxx   30 dollars bought all four of my kids gifts this year.
2009_12_23_21:19:16.477   098.160.221.xxx   Looks like a Walker to me! It has the legs
2009_12_23_21:19:19.323   069.180.210.xxx   wow! that's neat! (47)
2009_12_23_21:19:24.376   068.150.181.xxx   Alek... I AM YOUR FATHER...... (16)
2009_12_23_21:19:53.353   069.180.210.xxx   May the force be with you! (48)
2009_12_23_21:20:23.414   069.180.210.xxx   Don't Worry Be Happy!!!!!! (49)
2009_12_23_21:20:26.704   068.150.181.xxx   what other lines are from Star Wars? (17)
2009_12_23_21:20:37.781   098.160.221.xxx   OH NO, IMPERIAL STORM TROOPER LEGO GUYS!
2009_12_23_21:20:50.129   069.180.210.xxx   uh oh! (50 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:21:01.824   068.150.181.xxx   Who speaks Ewok? (18)
2009_12_23_21:21:19.205   098.160.221.xxx   Unless we are talking about CLONE WARS! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:21:54.110   068.150.181.xxx   and neither is your s**  life! haha (19)
2009_12_23_21:21:57.595   069.180.210.xxx   I know a line!!!!!    DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY!! (51)
2009_12_23_21:22:30.226   098.160.221.xxx   Shoot at will! (11)
2009_12_23_21:22:52.185   068.150.181.xxx   who's Will? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:24:09.500   069.180.210.xxx   Don't remember anyone named Will in Star wars (52)
2009_12_23_21:24:13.838   068.150.181.xxx   Ensign, Engage1 (21)
2009_12_23_21:24:33.268   068.058.133.xxx   HI! (11)
2009_12_23_21:24:42.663   068.150.181.xxx   you don't remember Will Youhelpme? (22)
2009_12_23_21:24:59.164   098.160.221.xxx   Vader, You must smell like lethery burnt bacon (12)
2009_12_23_21:24:59.587   069.180.210.xxx   lol (53)
2009_12_23_21:25:42.231   069.180.210.xxx   Ever read "45 yards to the outhouse"  ? (54)
2009_12_23_21:25:45.162   098.160.221.xxx   You mean a bunch ot teenagers blew up my death star? (13)
2009_12_23_21:26:15.724   068.150.181.xxx   yup.  and WHAT a death Star! (23)
2009_12_23_21:26:32.576   069.180.210.xxx   Ever read "45 yards to the outhouse"  ? (55)
2009_12_23_21:26:44.887   068.150.181.xxx   pew pew!! pew pew! (24)
2009_12_23_21:27:21.772   068.150.181.xxx   AHHHH!!!!!!!! noooooooo... (25)
2009_12_23_21:27:26.225   069.180.210.xxx   written by Willy Makeit & illustrated by Betty Dont (56)
2009_12_23_21:27:53.966   068.150.181.xxx   produced by Donna Thinkso (26)
2009_12_23_21:28:44.809   069.180.210.xxx   yup, the outhouse got destroyed by Darth Vader (57)
2009_12_23_21:28:50.680   190.255.175.xxx   HOLA MI AMOR (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:28:50.861   068.150.181.xxx   starring.. Carrie Onwards (27)
2009_12_23_21:29:26.730   190.255.175.xxx   HOLA MI AMONCHIS (21)
2009_12_23_21:30:05.229   098.160.221.xxx   HOMER IS FIXED! THANKS! (14)
2009_12_23_21:30:34.164   069.180.210.xxx   There weren't any singing fish in star wars, right? (58)
2009_12_23_21:31:51.534   069.180.210.xxx   don't know anymore lines from star wars (59)
2009_12_23_21:33:27.741   098.160.221.xxx   youtube search robot chicken star wars FUNNY (15)
2009_12_23_21:33:32.146   024.158.174.xxx   merry christmas from tn
2009_12_23_21:33:42.240   068.150.181.xxx   Homer is DEAD! :( (28)
2009_12_23_21:34:22.873   068.150.181.xxx   anyone happy that*** so close to Dec 24t? (29)
2009_12_23_21:34:27.367   071.072.039.xxx   Howdy
2009_12_23_21:34:35.137   098.160.221.xxx   Homer is OK he was attacked by elmo! (16)
2009_12_23_21:34:55.864   066.032.153.xxx   i like turtles
2009_12_23_21:35:29.217   069.180.210.xxx   i  like fish (60 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:36:18.109   066.032.153.xxx   i like CORN
2009_12_23_21:37:05.847   069.180.210.xxx   I like fried chicken (61)
2009_12_23_21:37:30.856   071.072.039.xxx   MmM., Colonel.!!!  :D
2009_12_23_21:38:28.286   098.160.221.xxx   Spike Marathon Star Wars! ON NOW! (17)
2009_12_23_21:38:47.706   121.072.185.xxx   5:38pm 24 December in NZ
2009_12_23_21:39:03.514   069.180.210.xxx   cool (62)
2009_12_23_21:39:23.795   121.072.185.xxx   yea
2009_12_23_21:39:45.466   024.113.216.xxx   Is it working
2009_12_23_21:40:32.741   067.048.023.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM KCK
2009_12_23_21:40:57.235   067.239.104.xxx   Merry Christmas from Topeka.
2009_12_23_21:41:56.309   098.160.221.xxx   Merry Xmas from KFC! Mashed Potato (18)
2009_12_23_21:42:11.646   069.180.210.xxx   mmmm   yum! (63)
2009_12_23_21:42:34.709   071.072.039.xxx   Oh yaaa.!
2009_12_23_21:43:43.308   070.100.172.xxx   qwerty
2009_12_23_21:44:30.906   070.100.172.xxx   high ralph
2009_12_23_21:47:53.881   071.072.039.xxx   Seasons Greetings from Ohio.!
2009_12_23_21:48:19.266   070.100.172.xxx   crazzy
2009_12_23_21:48:33.834   121.072.185.xxx   pickles are friends
2009_12_23_21:48:37.934   024.113.216.xxx   Sequim Bay Washington
2009_12_23_21:49:04.454   071.072.039.xxx   12 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF
2009_12_23_21:50:04.499   069.180.210.xxx   I just figured out a song on my violin!!!! (64)
2009_12_23_21:50:23.688   024.113.216.xxx   HAGN
2009_12_23_21:50:59.676   024.113.216.xxx   It means have a good night... :0)
2009_12_23_21:51:37.311   024.113.216.xxx   Im watching ghost hunters....
2009_12_23_21:51:38.935   066.051.233.xxx   Merry Christmas from North Dakota Alex!!
2009_12_23_21:53:10.757   070.100.172.xxx   south lima
2009_12_23_21:53:33.022   024.113.216.xxx   Washington State
2009_12_23_21:53:54.246   071.072.039.xxx   Peace + Love in 2k10 (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:53:58.878   098.160.221.xxx   Homer and Elmo are fighting again? (19)
2009_12_23_21:54:30.423   098.160.221.xxx   Who's winning? (20 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:55:42.176   071.072.039.xxx   Go get him., Elmo.!!!!   L000L (11)
2009_12_23_21:56:13.639   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Christmas Webcams, X10 Controls, and IM Chat will be on early for Christmas Eve! ***ALEK***
2009_12_23_21:56:14.253   069.180.210.xxx   I got the last post again last night! woo hoo! (65)
2009_12_23_21:57:23.439   069.180.210.xxx   they will? awesome! (66)
2009_12_23_21:57:34.572   066.051.233.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight!!!!!!
2009_12_23_21:58:18.159   069.180.210.xxx   remember, don't worry, be happy!! (67)
2009_12_23_21:58:25.843   071.072.039.xxx   Happy Holidays all.! Have a safe evening..  -bYe (12)
2009_12_23_21:59:08.943   066.051.233.xxx   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
2009_12_23_21:59:36.815   068.150.181.xxx   bye (30 IM's so far today)
2009_12_23_21:59:43.121   087.112.009.xxx   You and your family have a great Christmas - an Englishman!
2009_12_23_21:59:47.337   068.117.162.xxx   Happy Festivus Komar.org!
2009_12_23_21:59:54.614   071.072.039.xxx   nite (13)

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