151 christmas text messages on 2009/1230

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,828 times that day including 1,177 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1230

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2009_12_30_17:00:24.943   071.230.172.xxx   light time
2009_12_30_17:00:41.237   070.230.203.xxx   First post SANTEE
2009_12_30_17:01:27.481   024.205.006.xxx   FIRSTIES!!!!
2009_12_30_17:01:40.465   082.025.054.xxx   I hate computers - GRRRRRRR!!!!!
2009_12_30_17:02:26.043   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, but do you like Controlling Christmas Lights! ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_17:02:44.660   081.132.122.xxx   wow i love this its so cool
2009_12_30_17:03:03.798   024.205.006.xxx   Type texthow long you been doing this alek & CR to see real-time in Santa's
2009_12_30_17:03:15.638   081.132.122.xxx   but i think alek is cool
2009_12_30_17:03:56.008   082.025.054.xxx   I want to HULK-smash my laptop!
2009_12_30_17:03:56.552   024.205.006.xxx   if ur gonna say that
2009_12_30_17:04:08.134   081.132.122.xxx   how long does it take you to put all the lights up
2009_12_30_17:04:49.390   081.132.122.xxx   and where do you buy x10 from#
2009_12_30_17:05:27.784   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lights are put up over a week or so - comes down in just a day or two ... if no ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_17:05:38.415   081.132.122.xxx   i think theres been a power cut
2009_12_30_17:06:32.421   024.205.006.xxx   does the blinking ever give u seizuers? lol
2009_12_30_17:07:31.827   067.162.060.xxx   God Bless Alek and his family!
2009_12_30_17:09:28.510   067.162.060.xxx   What a genius Alek is!
2009_12_30_17:09:46.773   024.205.006.xxx   what gave you the idea to do this?
2009_12_30_17:09:48.520   082.025.054.xxx   Cheers Alek - I think you've mended my laptop!
2009_12_30_17:10:24.158   081.132.122.xxx   can you make your 12 foot santa inflate
2009_12_30_17:12:00.019   081.132.122.xxx   how do you pan the cameras
2009_12_30_17:13:06.394   081.132.122.xxx   lets light everything up
2009_12_30_17:13:40.690   024.205.006.xxx   turn everything off & let the neighbors sleep
2009_12_30_17:14:36.455   089.240.243.xxx   on and off and keep them awake
2009_12_30_17:15:07.326   089.240.243.xxx   where
2009_12_30_17:15:18.602   024.205.006.xxx   its u
2009_12_30_17:15:27.456   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think the Christmas display is a hoot - their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_17:15:39.837   067.162.060.xxx   Love the videos!
2009_12_30_17:15:42.885   089.240.243.xxx   its a u
2009_12_30_17:15:56.255   024.205.006.xxx   haha figures
2009_12_30_17:16:24.121   067.162.060.xxx   Luv the video's!
2009_12_30_17:17:21.750   067.162.060.xxx   In the summer, u shouls do something with lawn sprinklers!
2009_12_30_17:17:30.987   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife due home any minute - had to move Elmo, Santa, and Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_17:18:23.546   089.240.243.xxx   dont worry about her
2009_12_30_17:19:03.814   082.025.054.xxx   Have a great new year everyone!
2009_12_30_17:19:10.708   098.127.082.xxx   Happy New Year from Billings, MT
2009_12_30_17:19:55.470   024.205.006.xxx   Happy New Year from Glendale California!
2009_12_30_17:20:27.028   067.162.060.xxx   Happy New Year from Dellwodd Wisconsin!
2009_12_30_17:20:47.469   071.230.172.xxx   have happy new year
2009_12_30_17:20:53.024   067.162.060.xxx   Dellwood
2009_12_30_17:21:29.171   067.162.060.xxx   Did some ice fishing today!
2009_12_30_17:21:35.028   082.025.054.xxx   Bedtime in Bedworth - it's late in the UK :(
2009_12_30_17:21:51.340   071.230.172.xxx   have a happy new year.
2009_12_30_17:22:10.463   067.162.060.xxx   Did some ice fishing today!
2009_12_30_17:22:47.508   067.162.060.xxx   Got a 7lb walleye! (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_30_17:23:15.032   067.162.060.xxx   Put it back (11)
2009_12_30_17:23:48.071   067.162.060.xxx   But I got 9 crappie (12)
2009_12_30_17:24:34.106   067.162.060.xxx   Going to bread them and eat them for New Years! (13)
2009_12_30_17:26:31.111   067.162.060.xxx   Alek, You should do something with lawn sprinklers for summer! (14)
2009_12_30_17:26:37.262   076.112.247.xxx   Alek is back!! Hey Alek!!!
2009_12_30_17:27:26.657   067.162.060.xxx   How about laser lights? (15)
2009_12_30_17:28:13.734   067.162.060.xxx   You are so talented! (16)
2009_12_30_17:30:26.116   067.162.060.xxx   Maybe do the Christmas show in July to get us all in the mood! (17)
2009_12_30_17:30:43.850   069.140.066.xxx   The Outlaw Firefighter Loves Erica!!
2009_12_30_17:31:08.412   067.162.060.xxx   It would be much easier to set up! (18)
2009_12_30_17:52:27.914   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lawn Sprinklers and Lasers ... sounds like a good combo! ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_17:53:52.150   086.027.154.xxx   ayup its 12:52 here lol nice setup
2009_12_30_17:54:47.834   086.027.154.xxx   ayup its 12:52 here lol nice setup in england
2009_12_30_17:59:38.748   098.200.133.xxx   sad...all that work & soon they will have 2 come down
2009_12_30_18:00:52.147   098.200.133.xxx   2010 is just around the corner
2009_12_30_18:02:02.541   098.200.133.xxx   Hello from the North Pole
2009_12_30_18:02:33.921   098.200.133.xxx   hope everyone like what I brought them....luv Santa
2009_12_30_18:06:22.276   083.037.178.xxx   I LOVE KOMAR, by Nekio
2009_12_30_18:06:55.104   083.037.178.xxx   Te amo manito!
2009_12_30_18:07:33.733   083.037.178.xxx   TE QUIERO JOSE KARIM HERNANDEZ!
2009_12_30_18:08:14.884   084.123.174.xxx   sergio gomez
2009_12_30_18:08:48.148   084.123.174.xxx   eres el mejor ermano,tk,jose
2009_12_30_18:10:02.117   083.037.178.xxx   YO TAMBIEN TE KIERO ERMANO! =D
2009_12_30_18:10:41.268   084.123.174.xxx   komarg,nekio,... me encantan! os quiero
2009_12_30_18:12:27.983   084.123.174.xxx   NEKIO!!!!
2009_12_30_18:13:25.293   083.037.178.xxx   SEAK!!!!!!!
2009_12_30_18:15:43.665   083.037.178.xxx   I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS!
2009_12_30_18:25:14.525   156.034.244.xxx   our time here is nearly done :(
2009_12_30_18:37:55.671   084.013.155.xxx   hello from Moriarty Le Mundane in the uk
2009_12_30_18:38:44.348   084.013.155.xxx   Stephen badger is kewl!
2009_12_30_18:40:33.708   084.013.155.xxx   Merry Xmas from the Kings School wolverhampton uk
2009_12_30_18:41:19.641   084.013.155.xxx   xmas s***** bah humbug
2009_12_30_18:56:41.556   156.034.251.xxx   nice 2 c u back Alek
2009_12_30_18:57:09.683   128.097.245.xxx   Wow, over 4200 visitors at once on Xmas Eve. That's absolutely insane
2009_12_30_18:57:44.254   128.097.245.xxx   You've become a holiday mainstay and thank you for your lights
2009_12_30_18:59:52.080   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - thanks for stopping by and enjoying the "show" ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_18:59:52.730   156.034.251.xxx   yep he gives me the will 2 keep living
2009_12_30_19:00:32.360   128.097.245.xxx   thanks for the wave!
2009_12_30_19:00:56.666   081.155.053.xxx   What a great site and nice tech setup!
2009_12_30_19:03:17.276   081.155.053.xxx   Happy New Year and thank God for X10!
2009_12_30_19:04:18.356   128.097.245.xxx   i will miss these lights until next year
2009_12_30_19:05:45.224   071.230.172.xxx   why is every body shutting off the lights?
2009_12_30_19:06:18.224   128.097.245.xxx   that's the idea...we get to play with them
2009_12_30_19:07:41.428   099.181.229.xxx   Who shut the lights off!  I did.  Hahahahahha
2009_12_30_19:08:27.673   099.181.229.xxx   I did it again!!Hahahahahahahahah
2009_12_30_19:10:20.543   099.181.229.xxx   I hate those ___&______#@#@______  Lights! Alek's neighbor
2009_12_30_19:13:11.723   070.022.187.xxx   All on
2009_12_30_19:14:38.389   071.230.172.xxx   not any more
2009_12_30_19:15:18.677   099.181.229.xxx   All Off...Alek's neighbor!
2009_12_30_19:15:26.100   071.230.172.xxx   all off
2009_12_30_19:15:51.793   074.249.212.xxx   All on From Tennessee
2009_12_30_19:16:44.018   071.230.172.xxx   allmost
2009_12_30_19:17:29.999   071.230.172.xxx   zone 1 is off
2009_12_30_19:17:36.520   074.249.212.xxx   Almost What?
2009_12_30_19:18:50.885   071.230.172.xxx   all off
2009_12_30_19:19:04.677   099.181.229.xxx   all off from next door!
2009_12_30_19:19:38.539   074.249.212.xxx   All On From Nashville
2009_12_30_19:19:51.846   071.230.172.xxx   zone 1 is off (10 IM's so far today)
2009_12_30_19:20:07.837   074.249.212.xxx   Thanks
2009_12_30_19:20:34.174   071.230.172.xxx   100 ___ on (11)
2009_12_30_19:20:50.089   074.249.212.xxx   HAPPY NEW YEAR
2009_12_30_19:22:10.958   071.230.172.xxx   all on (12)
2009_12_30_19:25:22.919   128.097.245.xxx   nothin like watching college football and looking at lights
2009_12_30_19:25:50.940   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY, we're watching the same game - Nebraska is crushing 'em! ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_19:25:52.700   128.097.245.xxx   and working on a science publication
2009_12_30_19:27:09.600   071.230.172.xxx   ya (13)
2009_12_30_19:32:02.033   209.006.098.xxx   w00t
2009_12_30_19:34:43.096   071.230.172.xxx   what (14)
2009_12_30_19:40:13.107   071.072.039.xxx   Put my tree up last eve + lights.. Jan 7th Orthodox Christmas  :D
2009_12_30_19:54:48.909   069.124.089.xxx   Hello Internets!
2009_12_30_19:56:32.798   072.081.081.xxx   Hiya!
2009_12_30_19:56:36.890   098.193.114.xxx   Does this really work?
2009_12_30_19:58:57.566   072.081.081.xxx   Yes it does!
2009_12_30_19:59:52.919   072.081.081.xxx   I'll miss the lights, but I'm so done with 2009.
2009_12_30_20:03:19.835   098.030.206.xxx   Hello from Lima Ohio! Even we have snow tonite!
2009_12_30_20:09:26.906   071.072.039.xxx   Hey Lima. Lorain Oh here. 10d tad nippy last eve., eeh.?!! :D
2009_12_30_20:13:10.802   099.234.190.xxx   lol
2009_12_30_20:14:06.767   124.180.017.xxx   2.15pm nye here in Melb Australia and it's HOT
2009_12_30_20:16:55.766   071.072.039.xxx   :D   Ya gotta love it.!
2009_12_30_20:17:56.668   098.220.012.xxx   When do the lights turn off for good?
2009_12_30_20:19:11.557   124.180.017.xxx   for good??? No...................................... :(
2009_12_30_20:20:03.531   098.220.012.xxx   Just turn off for the year?
2009_12_30_20:20:15.342   071.072.039.xxx   I believe it states 2morrow eve is it for season  :(
2009_12_30_20:20:55.470   098.220.012.xxx   I think they need to stay on all year!
2009_12_30_20:21:58.362   124.180.017.xxx   I'll be back next year to do this all again
2009_12_30_20:23:03.709   071.072.039.xxx   His Halloween set up is just a**weet  :D
2009_12_30_20:23:54.408   098.220.012.xxx   Do you know when he puts that up
2009_12_30_20:29:01.644   070.084.053.xxx   ***ALEK*** nebraska is going to win! ***ALEK***
2009_12_30_20:45:55.177   124.180.017.xxx   has everyone fallen asleep?
2009_12_30_21:00:57.649   076.176.203.xxx   This is pretty awesome...hats off to you!
2009_12_30_21:03:09.601   068.150.181.xxx   almost at the end of the run for the season!!
2009_12_30_21:15:09.752   098.127.082.xxx   Good night America!!!!!
2009_12_30_21:18:17.387   098.127.082.xxx   Good night, sleep tight. Don't let ....
2009_12_30_21:19:03.186   098.127.082.xxx   the bed bugs bit.
2009_12_30_21:19:48.447   098.127.082.xxx   If they do, then take your shoe.
2009_12_30_21:20:36.527   098.127.082.xxx   And knock them black and blue!!!
2009_12_30_21:21:35.703   076.170.042.xxx   i owned 2 Toyota Celiacs and I never got no disease!
2009_12_30_21:47:51.071   068.060.113.xxx   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
2009_12_30_21:49:07.760   096.019.010.xxx   Happy New Year From Biloxi MS :)
2009_12_30_21:52:43.517   098.030.160.xxx   Happy New Year, ALEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009_12_30_21:52:55.084   156.034.192.xxx   my lights stay on till 11-11:30 PM ___)
2009_12_30_21:54:28.396   156.034.192.xxx   yeah have a safe fun New Years eve all!!!
2009_12_30_21:54:46.436   096.019.010.xxx   HO HO HO Alek
2009_12_30_21:57:09.499   156.034.192.xxx   night Alek
2009_12_30_21:59:21.335   098.113.024.xxx   This is cool
2009_12_30_21:59:55.804   024.253.089.xxx   LAST POST!! COME BACK FOR NEW YEARS PARTY ON 31st!!

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