393 christmas text messages on 2010/1130

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,121 times that day including 4,334 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1130

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_11_30_17:01:09.092   068.003.148.xxx   looks windy out there
2010_11_30_17:01:21.441   090.198.103.xxx   hi
2010_11_30_17:01:36.138   092.011.165.xxx   alek is cool
2010_11_30_17:02:08.097   072.081.048.xxx   Hows it goin Alek?
2010_11_30_17:02:16.373   064.121.098.xxx   sweet
2010_11_30_17:02:18.909   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, very windy ... BIG Santa is unplugged - may do more if it gets worse ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_17:02:23.482   092.011.165.xxx   deana529@hotmail.co.uk email me
2010_11_30_17:02:44.447   090.198.103.xxx   alek what x10 stuff do i need to do this i live in england
2010_11_30_17:02:58.617   173.021.046.xxx   Happy Holidays from Florida
2010_11_30_17:02:59.569   072.081.048.xxx   Wow, any idea what the wind sp**d is?
2010_11_30_17:03:00.734   092.011.165.xxx   me 2
2010_11_30_17:03:28.713   099.023.241.xxx   hi!cr
2010_11_30_17:03:33.597   072.081.048.xxx   TWO Lava Lamps! YAY!!!
2010_11_30_17:03:51.968   092.011.165.xxx   alek how do you do the laptop text thing im really interested but im very poor 
2010_11_30_17:04:15.019   099.023.241.xxx   This is awesome,, my first visit!
2010_11_30_17:04:23.787   092.011.165.xxx   i have 30 bros cos my mum is a slag
2010_11_30_17:04:50.145   098.118.115.xxx   Hello from Lakeville, MA!
2010_11_30_17:05:03.661   074.235.237.xxx   YOU ROCK KOMAR KELY
2010_11_30_17:05:04.201   092.011.165.xxx   have fun raising money
2010_11_30_17:05:11.183   099.023.241.xxx   Hello from Shasta Lake ca
2010_11_30_17:05:12.098   068.119.088.xxx   Merry Christmas, Wes!___ Dansby, gucci and miley
2010_11_30_17:05:28.702   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wind Sp**d below X10 Controls. Two Lava Lamps is DOUBLE Groovy! ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_17:05:40.578   098.118.115.xxx   Welsh Corgis like Christmas lights!
2010_11_30_17:06:03.941   068.003.148.xxx   so do min pins
2010_11_30_17:06:07.231   092.011.165.xxx   so alek how long did it take to finish your basement crawspace
2010_11_30_17:06:34.998   086.017.027.xxx   Hi Alek - hope you & yours have a fab Xmas from a snowy UK
2010_11_30_17:06:40.176   092.011.165.xxx   aleks wife wendy is a sket
2010_11_30_17:07:07.405   092.011.165.xxx   lol jk
2010_11_30_17:07:15.273   092.028.212.xxx   alek, snow globe is not working.,
2010_11_30_17:08:14.978   092.028.212.xxx   ook, it is now :)
2010_11_30_17:08:21.529   086.017.027.xxx   My kids love this site year after year - thank you, shame it's past midnight he
2010_11_30_17:08:50.563   078.032.184.xxx   hey people hows u this is UK calling
2010_11_30_17:09:11.041   072.081.048.xxx   Awww, that was nice. :)
2010_11_30_17:09:25.694   086.017.027.xxx   A non-snowy Bournemouth here lol
2010_11_30_17:09:32.683   067.076.106.xxx   Santa & CR
2010_11_30_17:09:36.547   078.032.184.xxx   yh lovely every minite of this
2010_11_30_17:10:13.547   067.076.106.xxx   Hey Santa & CR
2010_11_30_17:10:14.225   069.022.184.xxx   hello from Durham
2010_11_30_17:10:39.319   067.076.106.xxx   Hey Santa & CR
2010_11_30_17:10:47.147   069.022.184.xxx   Hello Lynne!!!
2010_11_30_17:11:25.235   078.032.184.xxx   wow i wonder what his budget was buying all the lights
2010_11_30_17:11:52.705   067.076.106.xxx   Zachery&CR
2010_11_30_17:12:25.296   076.226.234.xxx   Hello from Livonia
2010_11_30_17:12:28.872   067.076.106.xxx   &CR
2010_11_30_17:12:33.647   024.187.034.xxx   Wall Drug was a disapointment
2010_11_30_17:12:37.188   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Buy lights after the holidays - 50/75/90 percent off! ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_17:12:41.812   068.097.207.xxx   I want my MTV !!
2010_11_30_17:13:08.795   090.198.103.xxx   what x10 controls do i need to do this in uk
2010_11_30_17:13:13.611   086.017.027.xxx   What's the temp there Alek? - 2C here
2010_11_30_17:13:24.631   076.226.234.xxx   Using my iPod touch to control lights
2010_11_30_17:13:39.209   024.187.034.xxx   Carol                   Will you not mary me?
2010_11_30_17:13:57.875   076.226.234.xxx   You're funny
2010_11_30_17:14:01.171   078.032.184.xxx   lol
2010_11_30_17:14:10.948   090.198.103.xxx   am just intresting to do
2010_11_30_17:14:16.443   068.097.207.xxx   Enter you're IM Message to "Win" a Ipad...
2010_11_30_17:14:52.000   076.226.234.xxx   iPods rock
2010_11_30_17:15:05.744   068.097.207.xxx   BBBUUURRRPPP ...Yummy KFC !!!!
2010_11_30_17:15:09.594   078.032.184.xxx   lol i got the ealier generation of the ipod
2010_11_30_17:15:19.857   024.187.034.xxx   they were a joke when they came out
2010_11_30_17:15:21.210   086.017.027.xxx   love the Santa on the stepladder lol
2010_11_30_17:15:29.945   099.023.241.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone,, I think what Alex is doing is wonderful!
2010_11_30_17:15:35.590   076.226.234.xxx   I have a 4th gen iPod touch
2010_11_30_17:15:56.608   090.198.103.xxx   alek hows the family hope there ok
2010_11_30_17:16:04.023   078.032.184.xxx   hum is it me or all of us in different time zones
2010_11_30_17:16:05.944   068.097.207.xxx   119 People Watching the Stream ..Ohh Don't Cross the Stream's
2010_11_30_17:16:38.412   024.187.034.xxx   911    What is you emergency
2010_11_30_17:16:55.320   072.081.048.xxx   we need more Christmas lights, STAT!
2010_11_30_17:17:00.789   090.198.103.xxx   fire
2010_11_30_17:17:04.215   207.072.165.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_11_30_17:17:08.128   024.187.034.xxx   What
2010_11_30_17:17:11.096   068.097.207.xxx   My Emergency Is .. I have Fallin And I Can't Get It UP !!!!
2010_11_30_17:17:25.745   076.226.234.xxx   I love these Christmas lights
2010_11_30_17:17:25.852   072.081.048.xxx   Hehe!
2010_11_30_17:17:32.802   024.187.034.xxx   Fatty
2010_11_30_17:17:38.238   078.032.184.xxx   lol
2010_11_30_17:17:49.453   068.097.207.xxx   Sorry Did i say that Out loud..lol
2010_11_30_17:18:00.212   024.187.034.xxx   NOOOOOOOOO
2010_11_30_17:18:16.793   068.097.207.xxx   YEssssssss !!!!
2010_11_30_17:18:31.881   024.187.034.xxx   What seems to be the officer problem
2010_11_30_17:18:33.502   067.081.154.xxx   lol cool!
2010_11_30_17:18:39.660   076.226.234.xxx   It would be funny to live next door. All the stuff inflating and deflating.
2010_11_30_17:18:46.513   078.032.184.xxx   any way what country are u from people
2010_11_30_17:18:57.135   024.187.034.xxx   USA
2010_11_30_17:19:10.405   067.081.154.xxx   jeeezz this must take awhile to set up
2010_11_30_17:19:16.024   068.097.207.xxx   Im From the North Pole ..HO HO HO !!!!
2010_11_30_17:19:20.638   068.003.148.xxx   arizona
2010_11_30_17:19:23.180   078.032.184.xxx   ok so most of u are in the USA
2010_11_30_17:19:29.312   024.187.034.xxx   Jersey Baby (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_17:19:32.725   076.226.234.xxx   USA
2010_11_30_17:19:46.062   068.097.207.xxx   Alek Rule's
2010_11_30_17:20:10.050   078.032.184.xxx   so i am the only one here who lives in the UK (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_17:20:33.936   068.097.207.xxx   Ever Body Deflate the Light's ...NOW !!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_17:20:55.242   024.187.034.xxx   You know if you go to seaside hieghts in the summer you could see snoki (11)
2010_11_30_17:21:27.816   024.187.034.xxx   see snooki (12)
2010_11_30_17:21:45.858   087.194.130.xxx   Merry Christmas Komar's!
2010_11_30_17:22:02.147   204.236.219.xxx   hello from Nebraska
2010_11_30_17:22:28.199   078.032.184.xxx   wow nebraska (11)
2010_11_30_17:22:42.251   024.187.034.xxx   BALLOOOOON BOYYYYY Ther he is (13)
2010_11_30_17:23:13.718   024.187.034.xxx   There is his ballon (14)
2010_11_30_17:23:52.735   024.187.034.xxx   oh wait he isn't in it (15)
2010_11_30_17:24:31.075   078.032.184.xxx   i still love his lights and deflatables they are epic love it so much (12)
2010_11_30_17:24:35.599   090.198.103.xxx   alek can u wave at camera
2010_11_30_17:24:45.520   075.053.175.xxx   Merry Christmas from Stockton California
2010_11_30_17:24:59.896   024.187.034.xxx   Merry christmas to all and to all a good night (16)
2010_11_30_17:25:22.699   090.198.103.xxx   yeaaaaa
2010_11_30_17:25:30.632   024.187.034.xxx   He WAVED OMG (17)
2010_11_30_17:25:44.919   078.032.184.xxx   oh yh almost forgot merry christmas from the United Kingdom (13)
2010_11_30_17:25:59.252   075.053.175.xxx   Thanks for the lights Alek
2010_11_30_17:26:04.345   090.198.103.xxx   alek can you help me
2010_11_30_17:26:20.269   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading outside to adjust burrito reindeer tree - see webcam2 ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_17:26:28.177   024.187.034.xxx   Merry christmas from Colts Neck NJ USA (18)
2010_11_30_17:28:39.681   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from KIYU Radio in Alaska
2010_11_30_17:29:19.039   068.003.148.xxx   nochos for dinner tonight
2010_11_30_17:30:13.848   075.053.175.xxx   Season Greetings!
2010_11_30_17:30:48.737   075.053.175.xxx   Hi Alek!
2010_11_30_17:31:37.392   068.003.148.xxx   why do you call it burrito reindeer
2010_11_30_17:32:47.776   072.081.048.xxx   uh oh, what's he up to?
2010_11_30_17:32:48.127   098.114.034.xxx   i heart turtles
2010_11_30_17:32:55.918   099.023.241.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone,, I think what Alex is doing is wonderful!
2010_11_30_17:33:48.371   099.023.241.xxx   LOL my hubby drinks coors
2010_11_30_17:33:51.004   072.081.048.xxx   Hahahaha! Beer O'clock!
2010_11_30_17:34:25.966   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would you like a beer with those Nachos and the Burrito Reindeer? ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_17:34:46.942   096.252.004.xxx   I have my Black Russian right here :-)
2010_11_30_17:35:07.970   078.032.184.xxx   right people from all over the world i bid you good morning and see you this UK (14)
2010_11_30_17:35:52.062   078.032.184.xxx   This is UK Closeing down (15)
2010_11_30_17:36:30.794   098.114.034.xxx   i love fried chicken
2010_11_30_17:37:00.975   098.114.034.xxx   yum yum in mah tum tum
2010_11_30_17:38:00.968   173.142.171.xxx   hi. i like turtles
2010_11_30_17:38:28.690   072.081.048.xxx   search for burrito-reindeer, koma dot org for story
2010_11_30_17:38:32.266   098.114.034.xxx   OMG I LOVE TURTLES I HAVE A PET ONE
2010_11_30_17:40:07.000   099.023.241.xxx   what's for dinner tonight?
2010_11_30_17:40:08.833   173.142.171.xxx   i eat turtles as well. yummy.
2010_11_30_17:40:25.541   098.114.034.xxx   :(
2010_11_30_17:40:58.380   024.126.086.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_11_30_17:41:00.133   098.114.034.xxx   TURTLES R FRIENDS NOT FOOD
2010_11_30_17:41:36.080   072.081.048.xxx   burritos are good tho (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_17:42:41.259   173.142.171.xxx   how about a mobile version of this webpage
2010_11_30_17:43:10.443   024.126.086.xxx   Merry Xmas
2010_11_30_17:43:13.097   074.235.237.xxx   f***ta's Workshop Cam!
2010_11_30_17:43:45.416   024.126.086.xxx   Lolololol
2010_11_30_17:44:35.463   072.081.048.xxx   I don't think Alek has any room left in his yard (11)
2010_11_30_17:55:20.335   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, yard, house, roof, and office are pretty crowded! ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_17:57:29.473   072.081.048.xxx   time to start doing the backyard! ___) (12)
2010_11_30_17:58:44.577   068.003.148.xxx   oh  yeah the back yard
2010_11_30_17:58:53.637   074.105.205.xxx   looking nice
2010_11_30_17:59:31.405   074.105.205.xxx   this is so cool thank you
2010_11_30_18:00:43.565   074.105.205.xxx   agr4tq34tq3gt
2010_11_30_18:00:46.035   156.034.193.xxx   Rockefeller tree lighting tonight !!!
2010_11_30_18:01:31.324   074.105.205.xxx   this stuff is so cool thanks
2010_11_30_18:02:48.695   074.105.205.xxx   how do you do it all with the inflateables
2010_11_30_18:05:06.486   074.105.205.xxx   This is so cool thank you for doing this
2010_11_30_18:05:49.605   087.194.130.xxx   Could Alek do dimmable lights , i know X10 supports it
2010_11_30_18:07:00.893   074.105.205.xxx   hat whould be really cool
2010_11_30_18:07:34.786   074.105.205.xxx   i know right
2010_11_30_18:08:57.157   075.053.080.xxx   looks great this year! :
2010_11_30_18:09:13.286   024.012.129.xxx   o.O
2010_11_30_18:09:37.473   074.105.205.xxx   what
2010_11_30_18:10:09.982   090.206.162.xxx   omg
2010_11_30_18:10:47.433   090.206.162.xxx   im from england
2010_11_30_18:10:59.842   090.198.103.xxx   same (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:11:14.461   090.206.162.xxx   lmao
2010_11_30_18:11:50.358   090.206.162.xxx   this is amazing
2010_11_30_18:12:27.833   090.206.162.xxx   my name is david barrett and i am from coventry england
2010_11_30_18:12:45.235   024.012.129.xxx   heya to Monsgirl and mnster34 =)
2010_11_30_18:13:15.975   090.206.162.xxx   plz have a look on youtube Crazyp**psx its amazing !!
2010_11_30_18:13:45.924   090.206.162.xxx   sorry p**ps
2010_11_30_18:14:09.335   090.206.162.xxx   move !
2010_11_30_18:14:41.483   090.206.162.xxx   i have a day off school tomorrow yey me !!!
2010_11_30_18:14:50.810   075.053.100.xxx   homer isnt working
2010_11_30_18:15:10.796   090.206.162.xxx   i will have a look now for you (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:15:19.146   075.094.059.xxx   I think homer likes elmo
2010_11_30_18:15:55.198   090.198.103.xxx   alek can you read my blog (11)
2010_11_30_18:16:09.309   090.206.162.xxx   no but i can (11)
2010_11_30_18:16:21.065   068.007.131.xxx   HELLO!
2010_11_30_18:16:37.625   090.206.162.xxx   hey (12)
2010_11_30_18:16:39.298   216.237.205.xxx   hello
2010_11_30_18:16:59.156   216.237.205.xxx   merry christmas
2010_11_30_18:17:19.699   090.198.103.xxx   where alek gone (12)
2010_11_30_18:17:22.744   156.034.193.xxx   Lol microphones broke at Rockefeller tree lightin
2010_11_30_18:17:28.515   090.206.162.xxx   how is every one ? (13)
2010_11_30_18:17:34.605   076.005.065.xxx   feliz navidad
2010_11_30_18:17:42.064   216.237.205.xxx   great and you
2010_11_30_18:17:49.258   090.206.162.xxx   good (14)
2010_11_30_18:18:09.164   216.237.205.xxx   where you from
2010_11_30_18:18:14.366   090.206.162.xxx   im from england how about u ? (15)
2010_11_30_18:18:37.215   216.237.205.xxx   north carolina
2010_11_30_18:18:50.477   090.198.103.xxx   uk (13)
2010_11_30_18:18:53.583   090.206.162.xxx   do u have facebook ? (16)
2010_11_30_18:19:11.003   216.237.205.xxx   i do
2010_11_30_18:19:12.226   075.053.100.xxx   im from texas
2010_11_30_18:19:31.069   090.206.162.xxx   i need a wee brb (17)
2010_11_30_18:19:42.829   090.198.103.xxx   yea but i dont give it out to strangers (14)
2010_11_30_18:19:46.488   216.237.205.xxx   look me up on facebook mindy burgess
2010_11_30_18:20:21.283   216.237.205.xxx   i dont mind lol
2010_11_30_18:21:00.186   090.206.162.xxx   lmao (18)
2010_11_30_18:21:17.661   076.005.065.xxx   hi mikel
2010_11_30_18:21:56.089   090.206.162.xxx   my facebook name is david barrett and its me with a girl in school uniform (19)
2010_11_30_18:22:11.456   216.237.205.xxx   ok
2010_11_30_18:22:26.162   090.206.162.xxx   in uniform (20 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:22:48.699   079.073.167.xxx   hello seb
2010_11_30_18:23:01.672   090.198.103.xxx   hello ds (15)
2010_11_30_18:23:24.562   090.206.162.xxx   my facebook pic ses we are the crazyp**ps (21)
2010_11_30_18:23:28.397   071.091.039.xxx   Hello from Alabama!
2010_11_30_18:23:55.735   090.206.162.xxx   hello from England !!! (22)
2010_11_30_18:23:58.413   216.237.205.xxx   didnt find it lol (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:23:59.506   090.198.103.xxx   u gonna go to control lights debs (16)
2010_11_30_18:24:26.601   090.206.162.xxx   ok look agen (23)
2010_11_30_18:25:24.481   076.177.117.xxx   nope its me
2010_11_30_18:25:53.585   090.206.162.xxx   whats yours ? (24)
2010_11_30_18:26:11.431   076.177.117.xxx   kentucky
2010_11_30_18:26:13.659   090.206.162.xxx   my MSN is LINK DELETED (25)
2010_11_30_18:26:55.170   090.198.103.xxx   got it debs (17)
2010_11_30_18:26:56.263   090.206.162.xxx   david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (26)
2010_11_30_18:27:08.800   075.015.209.xxx   hi becky
2010_11_30_18:27:27.985   098.113.166.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease Use the three christmas
2010_11_30_18:27:31.817   076.177.117.xxx   sierra
2010_11_30_18:27:45.359   090.206.162.xxx   add me on MSN david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (27)
2010_11_30_18:27:46.445   071.175.012.xxx   how does the f*** curse filter work?
2010_11_30_18:27:48.668   074.105.205.xxx   iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:28:12.329   076.177.117.xxx   b****
2010_11_30_18:28:17.453   075.015.209.xxx   its a b****
2010_11_30_18:28:17.898   090.206.162.xxx   bum (28)
2010_11_30_18:28:20.695   075.141.202.xxx   hi daddy
2010_11_30_18:28:22.092   071.175.012.xxx   alek, how does the curse/link filter work?
2010_11_30_18:28:34.294   098.113.166.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease
2010_11_30_18:28:39.110   068.003.148.xxx   clap on, clap off, the clapper!
2010_11_30_18:28:45.334   076.177.117.xxx   FACE!!!!
2010_11_30_18:28:50.504   090.206.162.xxx   add me on MSN david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (29)
2010_11_30_18:28:57.828   074.105.205.xxx   ths is cool thank you (11)
2010_11_30_18:29:02.004   098.113.166.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease
2010_11_30_18:29:13.293   075.015.209.xxx   hi becky
2010_11_30_18:29:13.419   076.177.117.xxx   will do
2010_11_30_18:29:25.365   071.091.039.xxx   Hey there Alek!
2010_11_30_18:29:25.965   098.113.166.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease
2010_11_30_18:29:26.786   090.206.162.xxx   :) (30 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:29:44.768   076.177.117.xxx   o yea
2010_11_30_18:29:46.499   074.105.205.xxx   thanks this is so cool (12)
2010_11_30_18:29:55.446   098.113.166.xxx   Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease
2010_11_30_18:29:59.425   075.015.209.xxx   by clciking the on/off
2010_11_30_18:29:59.874   090.206.162.xxx   yup (31)
2010_11_30_18:30:17.751   074.105.205.xxx   thats nice (13)
2010_11_30_18:30:24.658   075.141.202.xxx   hi daddy
2010_11_30_18:30:39.056   090.206.162.xxx   hey (32)
2010_11_30_18:30:51.641   072.228.132.xxx   :___
2010_11_30_18:30:56.190   074.105.205.xxx   what is that 530 thing (14)
2010_11_30_18:30:59.264   075.015.209.xxx   hows becky
2010_11_30_18:31:27.342   090.206.162.xxx   OMG its 1:30 am in englad where i am !! (33)
2010_11_30_18:31:39.382   072.228.132.xxx   hi
2010_11_30_18:31:49.033   074.105.205.xxx   what is that clock thing (15)
2010_11_30_18:32:01.615   090.206.162.xxx   Twhat ? (34)
2010_11_30_18:32:09.645   075.141.202.xxx   good
2010_11_30_18:32:44.025   074.105.205.xxx   what is that clock for (16)
2010_11_30_18:32:58.744   075.015.209.xxx   the clock is for time
2010_11_30_18:33:23.205   090.206.162.xxx   no bad languige plz (35)
2010_11_30_18:33:46.471   075.053.100.xxx   lol kids cussing
2010_11_30_18:33:52.652   074.105.205.xxx   yes some one hears me (17)
2010_11_30_18:34:02.661   090.206.162.xxx   lol (36)
2010_11_30_18:34:23.888   090.206.162.xxx   add me on MSN david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (37)
2010_11_30_18:35:08.495   074.105.205.xxx   stop no bad words (18)
2010_11_30_18:35:10.990   090.206.162.xxx   add me on MSN david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (38)
2010_11_30_18:35:15.041   075.015.209.xxx   so
2010_11_30_18:35:26.094   212.183.140.xxx   Hey Alec, good to see the lights are back up! Hope all is well!
2010_11_30_18:35:46.990   090.206.162.xxx   add me on MSN david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (39)
2010_11_30_18:36:16.239   074.105.205.xxx   alek thank you for all of this (19)
2010_11_30_18:36:32.942   090.206.162.xxx   awwww its ok (40 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:37:23.382   212.183.140.xxx   Hello, Toot ___)
2010_11_30_18:37:27.878   090.206.162.xxx   asda is wal mart here in england (41)
2010_11_30_18:37:29.772   074.105.205.xxx   so what you whant for xmas (20 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:37:50.101   090.206.162.xxx   asda is wal mart here in england (42)
2010_11_30_18:38:33.482   074.105.205.xxx   alek can you do this every year (21)
2010_11_30_18:38:36.625   090.206.162.xxx   add me on MSN david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (43)
2010_11_30_18:38:42.864   212.183.140.xxx   England needs Taco Bell!
2010_11_30_18:39:03.502   090.206.162.xxx   whats that ? (44)
2010_11_30_18:39:20.456   074.105.205.xxx   alek can you do this every year (22)
2010_11_30_18:39:28.231   090.206.162.xxx   no (45)
2010_11_30_18:39:32.302   212.183.140.xxx   Place that sells Tacos, innit#
2010_11_30_18:39:57.487   074.105.205.xxx   is this the last year' (23)
2010_11_30_18:39:57.706   090.206.162.xxx   england is boring (46)
2010_11_30_18:40:26.092   075.053.100.xxx   alek has done this since 2006...
2010_11_30_18:40:41.353   090.206.162.xxx   and ? (47)
2010_11_30_18:40:59.269   074.105.205.xxx   is this the last year you r do n this (24)
2010_11_30_18:41:11.219   090.206.162.xxx   im going to bed now people good night :) (48)
2010_11_30_18:41:44.541   074.105.205.xxx   is alek on now (25)
2010_11_30_18:41:58.636   090.206.162.xxx   yup its me (49)
2010_11_30_18:42:43.140   090.206.162.xxx   what can i do for u ? (50 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:42:46.118   074.105.205.xxx   thanks this is so cool can you do it nex year (26)
2010_11_30_18:43:12.015   090.206.162.xxx   yes sure i can (51)
2010_11_30_18:43:34.368   074.105.205.xxx   thanks (27)
2010_11_30_18:43:48.456   090.206.162.xxx   no problem :) (52)
2010_11_30_18:44:48.078   090.206.162.xxx   here in england it is 1:45 am so im going to bed good night xx (53)
2010_11_30_18:45:19.418   074.105.205.xxx   how old is alek (28)
2010_11_30_18:45:32.774   090.206.162.xxx   i am 31 (54)
2010_11_30_18:45:57.127   075.053.100.xxx   your not alek
2010_11_30_18:46:13.740   090.206.162.xxx   yes i am thanks u very much (55)
2010_11_30_18:46:21.003   202.053.035.xxx   Tope job mate!
2010_11_30_18:46:36.433   090.206.162.xxx   go away (56)
2010_11_30_18:46:39.273   074.105.205.xxx   cool you are really yung (29)
2010_11_30_18:47:13.557   090.206.162.xxx   thanks (57)
2010_11_30_18:47:56.364   090.206.162.xxx   - latest at 18:45:32 when 090.206.162.xxx (58)
2010_11_30_18:48:03.245   075.053.100.xxx   lol 090.blah.blah.xxx your not alek, it wouldnt say your IP it would say ALEK..
2010_11_30_18:48:25.857   090.206.162.xxx   my what ? (59)
2010_11_30_18:48:45.852   075.053.100.xxx   sad
2010_11_30_18:49:02.102   090.206.162.xxx   and your not (60 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:49:16.972   074.105.205.xxx   IS THE REAL ALEK ON (30 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:49:26.332   075.053.100.xxx   no
2010_11_30_18:49:35.531   090.206.162.xxx   yup its me !! (61)
2010_11_30_18:50:06.660   074.105.205.xxx   y are people being you (31)
2010_11_30_18:50:39.145   090.206.162.xxx   because they are sad and havent got anything better to do (62)
2010_11_30_18:51:07.955   075.053.100.xxx   090 your not alek, ive been on this site for 2 years, i know whose the real one
2010_11_30_18:51:41.307   090.206.162.xxx   well then u will know that this is me then whont u :) (63)
2010_11_30_18:52:10.815   075.053.100.xxx   click "all text messages" notice aleks text msgs are highlighted in blue, your  (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_18:52:42.302   074.105.205.xxx   is alek on (32)
2010_11_30_18:53:10.590   090.206.162.xxx   yup (64)
2010_11_30_18:53:26.115   075.053.100.xxx   the real alek is not on, 090 is pretending to be alek (11)
2010_11_30_18:53:56.277   090.206.162.xxx   ok ok (65)
2010_11_30_18:54:39.977   090.206.162.xxx   add me on MSN david barrett 12 @ hot mail . com (66)
2010_11_30_18:54:45.282   074.105.205.xxx   can you guss if i am alek (33)
2010_11_30_18:55:50.555   090.206.162.xxx   no your not (67)
2010_11_30_18:56:19.466   090.206.162.xxx   night xxxx (68)
2010_11_30_18:56:20.507   074.105.205.xxx   that is right (34)
2010_11_30_18:56:21.519   199.040.204.xxx   Hello from Australia
2010_11_30_18:58:05.920   074.235.237.xxx   YOU ARE THE BEST
2010_11_30_18:58:17.902   074.105.205.xxx   what (35)
2010_11_30_18:59:45.050   199.040.204.xxx   Another Great Display again this year Alex
2010_11_30_19:00:13.317   075.110.099.xxx   Watching Rudolph Now, The Christmas Season Is Here!
2010_11_30_19:00:37.758   090.206.162.xxx   i need a poo (69)
2010_11_30_19:00:59.335   090.206.162.xxx   merry christmas every one (70 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_19:01:00.993   074.105.205.xxx   no pody talk (36)
2010_11_30_19:01:25.725   090.206.162.xxx   merry christmas every one (71)
2010_11_30_19:02:09.381   064.012.116.xxx   hi there everyone
2010_11_30_19:02:12.101   074.105.205.xxx   is alek on right now (37)
2010_11_30_19:03:22.581   090.206.162.xxx   it look realt windy out site santa on the roof if blowing around quite alot !! (72)
2010_11_30_19:03:36.049   075.053.100.xxx   alek is on when you can see him in webcam 3 (12)
2010_11_30_19:05:39.989   090.206.162.xxx   homer simpson isent working :( (73)
2010_11_30_19:06:40.545   064.012.116.xxx   turn everything on for a sec guys
2010_11_30_19:07:40.417   075.053.100.xxx   homer is stuck (13)
2010_11_30_19:08:57.859   090.206.162.xxx   homer isent working (74)
2010_11_30_19:10:55.552   090.206.162.xxx   HELLO HOMER IS NOT WORKING !! (75)
2010_11_30_19:11:14.189   075.053.100.xxx   ... (14)
2010_11_30_19:12:17.790   090.206.162.xxx   homer is not working agen ! (76)
2010_11_30_19:19:26.152   156.034.195.xxx   hi
2010_11_30_19:20:55.066   072.015.121.xxx   hello
2010_11_30_19:20:59.266   066.143.200.xxx   Hi Marcus
2010_11_30_19:21:29.524   071.175.012.xxx   how does the curse/link filter work Alek?
2010_11_30_19:21:50.900   072.015.121.xxx   what ?
2010_11_30_19:22:16.965   072.015.121.xxx   hi
2010_11_30_19:22:33.753   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Homer is stuck ... very windy outside, so he's blown behind Elmo - will eventua ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_19:24:07.024   072.015.121.xxx   keep the lights on
2010_11_30_19:24:10.497   173.031.190.xxx   Hello from Williamsburg, Iowa
2010_11_30_19:24:33.360   072.015.121.xxx   how are you
2010_11_30_19:26:16.313   072.015.121.xxx   hello to the 186 people viewing Christmas Lights
2010_11_30_19:26:37.415   099.243.161.xxx   hello
2010_11_30_19:26:49.006   072.015.121.xxx   what u doing
2010_11_30_19:27:30.790   072.015.121.xxx   keep the lights on
2010_11_30_19:36:41.396   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa Balloon was knocked down by the high winds ... so he's off for the night ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_19:49:03.888   108.014.191.xxx   iop______
2010_11_30_19:51:54.262   071.114.198.xxx   ICE SANTA WORK SHOP
2010_11_30_19:54:47.816   205.188.117.xxx   yay! left over pizza!!!!!
2010_11_30_19:56:58.778   024.205.227.xxx   this is so cool
2010_11_30_19:57:36.311   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** A beer to go with that pizza - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_19:57:41.754   205.188.117.xxx   ummmmmmmmmmmmm beer
2010_11_30_19:58:45.431   205.188.117.xxx   beeer causes brain drool
2010_11_30_19:59:32.515   205.188.117.xxx   beer makes brain shutup
2010_11_30_20:12:04.910   098.114.034.xxx   dgfrg4th4r5thgth
2010_11_30_20:19:28.737   076.020.170.xxx   Hello from Michigan!
2010_11_30_20:20:16.809   076.020.170.xxx   This is the Best Site Ever!!!!
2010_11_30_20:20:49.047   076.020.170.xxx   Hayley is the BEST!!
2010_11_30_20:27:14.372   067.237.071.xxx   hi
2010_11_30_20:33:48.297   068.009.089.xxx   Hi, Alek, how's the family?
2010_11_30_20:34:22.155   068.009.089.xxx   thumbs up for good
2010_11_30_20:34:31.819   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Family going well - helping the kids with their homework ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_20:34:58.935   068.009.089.xxx   great, always good to do that!
2010_11_30_20:48:50.394   099.023.241.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2010_11_30_20:49:44.719   099.023.241.xxx   Love your lights!
2010_11_30_20:50:08.939   068.009.089.xxx   Can't wait to put up my decorations, need snow though to look good.
2010_11_30_20:50:39.437   099.023.241.xxx   Mine are up!  YEAH!! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_11_30_20:51:26.875   068.009.089.xxx   Going all led this year, YEAH go earth!
2010_11_30_20:54:04.938   024.058.067.xxx   Happy holidays to all includeing Alek and family from New York
2010_11_30_20:56:22.969   098.226.069.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mulkeytown, IL!
2010_11_30_20:57:43.917   098.226.069.xxx   Bring on the snow!
2010_11_30_20:59:15.289   024.058.067.xxx   me and the wifey loves those lights Alek
2010_11_30_21:03:19.491   024.058.067.xxx   whats wrong with the sidewalk lights
2010_11_30_21:05:26.543   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** The wind knocked down a bunch of things - will be doing some repairing tomorrow! ***ALEK***
2010_11_30_21:09:09.775   024.058.067.xxx   well the lights still look nice you do exelent every year
2010_11_30_21:23:14.710   070.058.218.xxx   Yayy!  So glad the lights are back for another year!
2010_11_30_21:36:22.044   068.150.181.xxx   woo my first time this year!
2010_11_30_21:36:35.592   068.009.089.xxx   anyone know how to write hydrate formulas?
2010_11_30_21:40:54.941   068.150.181.xxx   Jingle Bell Rock
2010_11_30_21:42:22.730   067.049.046.xxx   hi
2010_11_30_21:44:56.243   068.150.181.xxx   this is my 3rd year watching these amazing displays!
2010_11_30_21:47:37.508   099.023.241.xxx   This is my first day! (11)
2010_11_30_21:53:28.126   068.150.181.xxx   lalalala
2010_11_30_21:58:45.681   099.023.241.xxx   Have a great night everyone! (12)

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