478 christmas text messages on 2010/1202

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,508 times that day including 4,355 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1202

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_02_17:00:18.192   209.169.216.xxx   Hello all
2010_12_02_17:00:43.148   093.232.211.xxx   Hello Alek and all others. Greetings Fionas
2010_12_02_17:01:38.613   074.105.205.xxx   can you wave to us
2010_12_02_17:02:09.591   072.081.048.xxx   I see a HULK! YAY!!!
2010_12_02_17:02:28.786   093.232.211.xxx   Cool the Hulk is really back. Havent seen him yesterday.
2010_12_02_17:02:44.064   076.104.088.xxx   hey merry christmas
2010_12_02_17:02:48.669   069.171.163.xxx   hELLO aLEC AND FAMILY FROM rOCHESTER NEW YORK
2010_12_02_17:03:05.086   066.168.040.xxx   I love your site! So much fun :)
2010_12_02_17:03:17.122   072.081.048.xxx   It's officially Christmastime now. :)
2010_12_02_17:03:19.304   076.104.088.xxx   HELLO FROM VA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_02_17:03:23.983   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa HULK was there last night, but I've got a light on 'em now! ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_17:03:50.040   066.168.040.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_02_17:03:51.699   074.199.027.xxx   Merry Christmas from Joey
2010_12_02_17:04:08.417   074.105.205.xxx   did you know people where pertending to be alek
2010_12_02_17:04:10.462   093.232.211.xxx   Hulk SMASH Time now
2010_12_02_17:04:20.644   072.081.048.xxx   Santa skiing on the roof is too funny!
2010_12_02_17:04:38.690   209.111.094.xxx   Marty McP Lovin' it!
2010_12_02_17:05:23.382   093.232.211.xxx   Has you set new lights today? See much more things.
2010_12_02_17:05:27.757   074.105.205.xxx   alek can you tell us how many lights you have out
2010_12_02_17:05:48.372   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Heading out on the roof above the garage - something appears to be unplugged ... ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_17:06:06.023   173.078.014.xxx   Just got the Email!
2010_12_02_17:06:09.104   074.105.205.xxx   hi alek
2010_12_02_17:06:23.816   068.003.148.xxx   AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!
2010_12_02_17:06:35.344   093.232.211.xxx   Read the nfo here in the site: 20400
2010_12_02_17:07:16.223   082.042.107.xxx   hello from the uk
2010_12_02_17:07:22.581   074.105.205.xxx   what does that grrrrrr! buten do
2010_12_02_17:07:41.553   173.078.014.xxx   The lights at my house are dimming
2010_12_02_17:08:08.922   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Full Power Scotty!   Keep Zone #2 on - adding more stuff on roof ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_17:08:10.545   082.042.107.xxx   welcome alek great show
2010_12_02_17:08:38.825   069.135.208.xxx   how are you doing santa?
2010_12_02_17:08:56.071   074.105.205.xxx   now!?
2010_12_02_17:08:56.419   093.232.211.xxx   Beem me in Mr Scott!
2010_12_02_17:10:13.684   140.088.126.xxx   hello world
2010_12_02_17:10:39.065   140.088.126.xxx   dfjgsdkjhgkjdsfghkldsghdf*sjghdkjsfghdskjghdf*
2010_12_02_17:10:40.715   074.105.205.xxx   LOVE THE HULK
2010_12_02_17:11:04.914   140.088.126.xxx   dont love the hulk
2010_12_02_17:11:33.433   074.105.205.xxx   that is  not cool dudes
2010_12_02_17:11:43.509   072.081.048.xxx   But the green guy loves you
2010_12_02_17:11:47.711   140.088.126.xxx   im a chick, now im affended
2010_12_02_17:12:04.331   079.225.157.xxx   Guten Abend Ihr lieben Leute :-)
2010_12_02_17:12:24.891   140.088.126.xxx   i only seek english
2010_12_02_17:13:27.320   074.105.205.xxx   saenod tehfuf uefur UEFHU HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_02_17:13:44.220   091.107.052.xxx   Happy Holidays from the uk x
2010_12_02_17:14:32.508   074.105.205.xxx   mary xmas from sweden (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_17:14:43.315   069.135.208.xxx   what time is it santa? CR
2010_12_02_17:15:39.108   074.105.205.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS from russa (11)
2010_12_02_17:15:42.946   068.007.131.xxx   I'm so mad :(
2010_12_02_17:16:05.750   074.105.205.xxx   why (12)
2010_12_02_17:16:08.305   072.083.125.xxx   Hello from Springfield, va
2010_12_02_17:16:25.082   068.061.046.xxx   Hello If your reading this type  123
2010_12_02_17:16:38.367   074.105.205.xxx   123 (13)
2010_12_02_17:17:11.876   068.061.046.xxx   456
2010_12_02_17:17:23.314   072.083.125.xxx   Hello from Charlotte and Sam
2010_12_02_17:17:24.289   074.105.205.xxx   789 (14)
2010_12_02_17:17:36.104   068.061.046.xxx   10
2010_12_02_17:18:35.225   068.061.046.xxx   Tickle Me Elmo
2010_12_02_17:18:50.263   072.083.125.xxx   Hello from Charlotte and Sam
2010_12_02_17:19:03.426   093.232.211.xxx   Nabend an den Deutschen Kollegen
2010_12_02_17:19:28.234   074.105.205.xxx   if you see this reply 123456789 (15)
2010_12_02_17:19:36.629   202.027.211.xxx   NZ Loves You
2010_12_02_17:21:03.069   090.198.103.xxx   alek can u wave at camera
2010_12_02_17:21:09.061   202.027.211.xxx   Alek, you are an inspiration!
2010_12_02_17:21:10.700   024.008.165.xxx   Riley says Hi
2010_12_02_17:21:28.934   075.094.059.xxx   zone 4 wont work or the heli wont
2010_12_02_17:21:37.042   068.098.033.xxx   Glad to see you on line. Hope your wife is doing well!!
2010_12_02_17:21:37.921   202.027.211.xxx   Alek, you are an inspiration!
2010_12_02_17:21:59.846   173.078.014.xxx   Heli Works fine
2010_12_02_17:22:05.514   075.094.059.xxx   nvm
2010_12_02_17:22:06.394   024.008.165.xxx   it looks so pretty
2010_12_02_17:22:52.407   090.198.103.xxx   alek got decs from home depot and walmart
2010_12_02_17:23:42.052   173.078.014.xxx   how much does wind power cost per KW/H?
2010_12_02_17:24:20.309   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ditto Heli is working. Wind Power is an extra cent/KW-H. ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_17:24:30.308   098.245.117.xxx   Hey Alek!
2010_12_02_17:24:44.720   090.198.103.xxx   alek can you get hoilday light show from home depot
2010_12_02_17:26:44.954   173.078.014.xxx   This IS a holiday light show
2010_12_02_17:27:30.606   079.225.157.xxx   Ah Guten Abend, Kollege. Wo bist Du denn zuhaus?
2010_12_02_17:27:42.263   090.198.103.xxx   lightshow is a automatic changer with sound
2010_12_02_17:29:29.544   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, but isn't it more fun to let other people turn yours light on and off - D' ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_17:29:57.935   099.146.163.xxx   Good day to all! Snow is nice and wonderful, say no?
2010_12_02_17:30:35.781   090.198.103.xxx   yes i agree 2nd thing could you put a parade balloon outside
2010_12_02_17:31:39.860   099.146.163.xxx   Hello, This is Alex the Christmas Light Guy .. How may I help you?
2010_12_02_17:32:12.278   099.146.163.xxx   Alek ... wit a k ... sorry!
2010_12_02_17:32:25.468   090.197.152.xxx   hello people
2010_12_02_17:32:54.299   099.146.163.xxx   47.8 degrees F ... too cold for snow I guess.
2010_12_02_17:34:33.368   090.197.152.xxx   snow is bad here in uk
2010_12_02_17:34:37.387   173.078.014.xxx   Do people in their cars stop and look?
2010_12_02_17:34:40.904   090.198.103.xxx   could you buy anymore decs
2010_12_02_17:35:01.702   206.124.019.xxx   Hi Alek... this is Emilio Suarez... spreading the word on your site...
2010_12_02_17:35:06.398   099.146.163.xxx   Hello, this is Alek, the Christmas light guy ... how may I help you?
2010_12_02_17:36:06.672   099.146.163.xxx   Yes, NORAD .. it is just my house .. no worries.
2010_12_02_17:36:12.109   209.169.216.xxx   Hot Line Call to Santa no doubt
2010_12_02_17:36:26.751   156.034.196.xxx   aha it's the press!
2010_12_02_17:36:39.358   068.003.148.xxx   can you hear me now?
2010_12_02_17:36:50.129   090.198.103.xxx   go on LINK DELETED
2010_12_02_17:36:50.219   099.146.163.xxx   Or it could be the media or news.
2010_12_02_17:37:05.982   209.169.216.xxx   Tellling his wife to pick up some TP, Milk and beer
2010_12_02_17:37:11.258   156.034.196.xxx   depends...r u humming Jingle Bell rock?
2010_12_02_17:37:30.137   099.146.163.xxx   Standard Christmas light watching items ... beer, TP, milk, etc.
2010_12_02_17:37:48.373   156.034.196.xxx   TP?!
2010_12_02_17:37:48.716   068.003.148.xxx   lol
2010_12_02_17:37:55.422   076.100.133.xxx   Congrats on the bloomberg article with pix!
2010_12_02_17:38:27.774   076.104.088.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_02_17:38:58.003   099.146.163.xxx   Sometimes, when it gets cold, it will snow and such.
2010_12_02_17:39:27.728   099.146.163.xxx   He switched hands on the phone1 (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_17:39:43.375   076.104.088.xxx   sometime when it gets cold it doesn't snow in va
2010_12_02_17:40:00.052   156.034.196.xxx   festive rain here tonight :P it was weighing down my inflatables!
2010_12_02_17:40:27.319   099.146.163.xxx   Festive rain ... is that related to Festivus? (11)
2010_12_02_17:40:48.479   156.034.196.xxx   lol no I believe in the real holiday :)
2010_12_02_17:41:05.790   090.198.103.xxx   who was on the phone
2010_12_02_17:41:15.669   074.105.205.xxx   when will it snow (16)
2010_12_02_17:41:20.256   156.034.196.xxx   Tylenol delivery man?
2010_12_02_17:41:28.212   099.146.163.xxx   It's time for the feats of strength. (12)
2010_12_02_17:41:30.097   076.104.088.xxx   it should snow on sunday morning in VA
2010_12_02_17:41:39.878   076.100.133.xxx   Hi Anneke!
2010_12_02_17:42:05.742   099.146.163.xxx   When Alek takes his glasses off he turns into Superman! (13)
2010_12_02_17:42:38.673   156.034.196.xxx   wouldn't that kryptonite present affect him?
2010_12_02_17:43:01.280   074.105.205.xxx   that is not alek (17)
2010_12_02_17:43:19.487   156.034.196.xxx   a clone?!?!
2010_12_02_17:43:57.449   099.146.163.xxx   I like to snuggle with my Incredible Hulk body pillow. (14)
2010_12_02_17:45:04.943   099.146.163.xxx   That's weird of me ... (15)
2010_12_02_17:45:50.735   156.034.196.xxx   yes...yes it is
2010_12_02_17:45:55.654   099.146.163.xxx   I see a lot of head in hands ... (16)
2010_12_02_17:46:22.564   068.003.148.xxx   Hey kiddo
2010_12_02_17:47:25.234   099.146.163.xxx   Sometimes I enjoy laughing. (17)
2010_12_02_17:47:36.369   156.034.196.xxx   gaaa someone is grabbing Santa :o (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_17:48:00.238   090.198.103.xxx   who alek speaking too
2010_12_02_17:48:19.791   156.034.196.xxx   Kyle (11)
2010_12_02_17:48:21.104   099.146.163.xxx   He is talking to Linux ... (18)
2010_12_02_17:49:13.390   099.146.163.xxx   Who likes cheese?!?! (19)
2010_12_02_17:50:00.961   099.146.163.xxx   You could smother reindeer poo in cheese and I would eat it. (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_17:50:18.026   012.036.039.xxx   Yay!  I love Christmas!!!
2010_12_02_17:51:21.125   099.146.163.xxx   All I want for Christmas is cheese1 (21)
2010_12_02_17:51:58.581   099.146.163.xxx   Time to chip in and buy Alek a new flannel! (22)
2010_12_02_17:52:08.483   205.188.117.xxx   HULK is on roof me happy!
2010_12_02_17:52:39.872   099.146.163.xxx   Unless ... Alek is the Hulk and his shirt ripped! (23)
2010_12_02_17:52:46.970   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's my working flannel for when I'm putting up lights ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_17:53:26.090   099.146.163.xxx   With all the lights, it must see a lot of action. (24)
2010_12_02_17:53:46.698   068.003.148.xxx   that flannel is prolly ready for an oil change
2010_12_02_17:54:21.315   071.237.111.xxx   Merry Cristmas Aria!!
2010_12_02_17:54:24.581   099.146.163.xxx   Good times .. but must go ingest some calories. (25)
2010_12_02_17:54:49.205   090.198.103.xxx   whats a working  flannel (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_17:54:58.420   071.237.111.xxx   Hi John Luke!!!!
2010_12_02_17:55:12.405   074.077.197.xxx   hi mom
2010_12_02_17:56:29.531   090.198.103.xxx   whats a working flannel (11)
2010_12_02_17:56:40.542   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Working flannel is one the wife doesn't care if it gets dirty! ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_17:56:40.932   209.102.124.xxx   This site is so cool! Stumbled upon it while doing a search online for christma
2010_12_02_17:56:50.777   068.003.148.xxx   wow 174 people watching
2010_12_02_17:57:00.725   090.198.103.xxx   ok (12)
2010_12_02_17:57:35.415   090.198.103.xxx   who was on the phone (13)
2010_12_02_17:57:53.222   068.003.148.xxx   me
2010_12_02_17:58:23.335   090.198.103.xxx   whos me (14)
2010_12_02_17:58:36.991   068.003.148.xxx   me
2010_12_02_17:59:22.016   090.198.103.xxx   i wasnt you (15)
2010_12_02_17:59:57.919   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Phone call was some Moms want me to take pictures at my sons school - happy to help out  ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_18:00:00.264   090.203.251.xxx   Hello Alex Merry Christmas
2010_12_02_18:00:12.136   076.104.088.xxx   can't what for norad track santa
2010_12_02_18:00:37.225   090.203.251.xxx   Is this real time?
2010_12_02_18:00:58.983   076.104.088.xxx   Who stuck in the snow around the USA
2010_12_02_18:01:02.775   090.203.251.xxx   wow cool
2010_12_02_18:01:10.746   068.003.148.xxx   no, this was yesterday
2010_12_02_18:02:12.746   076.104.088.xxx   who stuck in the snow around the USA
2010_12_02_18:02:33.064   090.198.103.xxx   alek can you give us a tour of what software you use (16)
2010_12_02_18:03:26.335   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** FAQ has lots of details - gotta go check on the kids downstairs ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_18:04:58.152   076.104.088.xxx   lets turn every thing off
2010_12_02_18:05:05.856   107.010.125.xxx   boo
2010_12_02_18:05:31.038   076.104.088.xxx   boo what (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_18:05:45.583   107.010.125.xxx   boo hoo
2010_12_02_18:06:08.714   076.104.088.xxx   HAHAHA (11)
2010_12_02_18:06:38.996   107.010.125.xxx   i'm gettin nuttin for christmas...
2010_12_02_18:06:56.018   076.104.088.xxx   lets turn everything on (12)
2010_12_02_18:07:18.718   107.010.125.xxx   why not?
2010_12_02_18:08:37.299   076.104.088.xxx   lets do it in 3....2....1....now (13)
2010_12_02_18:09:37.784   099.172.032.xxx   Alek WHERE CAN I BUY THAT LADDER WITH SANTA GOING UP AND DOWN
2010_12_02_18:09:43.084   076.104.088.xxx   hi alek's sorry about what been going on in your family (14)
2010_12_02_18:09:59.253   068.150.181.xxx   abcd
2010_12_02_18:10:13.571   076.104.088.xxx   efg (15)
2010_12_02_18:10:56.085   099.096.201.xxx   Hi Loren
2010_12_02_18:11:13.259   076.104.088.xxx   how has their lights up (16)
2010_12_02_18:11:37.768   090.198.103.xxx   hows the kids (17)
2010_12_02_18:12:03.350   099.096.201.xxx   Hi Loren
2010_12_02_18:12:51.865   076.104.088.xxx   who you talking to alek's (17)
2010_12_02_18:13:35.298   099.096.201.xxx   Hi lulu
2010_12_02_18:13:54.139   099.008.146.xxx   keeps overloading:(
2010_12_02_18:14:17.303   099.096.201.xxx   hiiiiiiiiii (:
2010_12_02_18:15:05.491   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife on the way home - moving Big Santa so she can get in garage ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_18:16:25.231   099.096.201.xxx   loren
2010_12_02_18:16:51.045   206.109.100.xxx   Merry Christmas from Medina Lake!
2010_12_02_18:17:31.442   099.096.201.xxx   Lulu-Loren
2010_12_02_18:18:44.092   089.243.119.xxx   Hello
2010_12_02_18:19:09.733   099.096.201.xxx   Hi
2010_12_02_18:19:25.105   068.255.075.xxx   sup
2010_12_02_18:19:43.663   099.096.201.xxx   (:
2010_12_02_18:19:57.435   098.114.034.xxx   HAIIIIIIIIII
2010_12_02_18:20:06.401   156.034.196.xxx   They're tryin to get the moonstone from Catherine (12)
2010_12_02_18:20:37.310   068.255.075.xxx   were is alek
2010_12_02_18:20:44.697   089.243.119.xxx   oHai
2010_12_02_18:21:18.604   099.096.201.xxx   :___
2010_12_02_18:21:48.491   099.096.201.xxx   :___ (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_18:24:00.255   068.255.075.xxx   TURN ALL OFF AND DEFLATE
2010_12_02_18:24:52.091   071.081.178.xxx   how much is lectric bill
2010_12_02_18:26:47.475   068.255.075.xxx   HELLO FROM ALEX L,M AGE 11
2010_12_02_18:27:14.736   068.255.075.xxx   I MEAN LANSING MICHAGAN
2010_12_02_18:27:25.373   099.228.117.xxx   Electric is wind power
2010_12_02_18:28:08.518   068.255.075.xxx   IM 50 CENT SUP
2010_12_02_18:31:11.530   207.171.180.xxx   Hello from Seattle!
2010_12_02_18:31:46.924   068.255.075.xxx   were is alek
2010_12_02_18:33:27.810   099.228.117.xxx   you ripped your shirt Alek...
2010_12_02_18:35:06.986   068.255.075.xxx   HDSHHHDHHDHHDHHDHHSEDEHDHDHHDH (11)
2010_12_02_18:36:30.078   099.228.117.xxx   Someone needs to grow up
2010_12_02_18:36:35.843   068.009.089.xxx   cold
2010_12_02_18:36:56.508   068.255.075.xxx   D'oh (12)
2010_12_02_18:37:10.340   076.104.088.xxx   how cold is it (18)
2010_12_02_18:37:33.684   068.009.089.xxx   6
2010_12_02_18:37:52.847   076.104.088.xxx   what went on with cam 2 (19)
2010_12_02_18:38:20.961   108.014.191.xxx   webcam 2 is messed up so is1
2010_12_02_18:38:36.738   068.009.089.xxx   calm down
2010_12_02_18:40:13.325   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Puny Human - don't make the HULK angry - he likes to SMASH! ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_18:40:52.393   076.104.088.xxx   it is 35 in VA (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_18:41:33.757   068.009.089.xxx   How did Lincoln use the Emancipation Proclamation as a war strategy?
2010_12_02_18:41:40.799   068.255.075.xxx   puny human try to control hulk hulk mad hulk smash puny human (13)
2010_12_02_18:42:00.398   068.009.089.xxx   How did Lincoln use the Emancipation Proclamation as a war strategy?
2010_12_02_18:42:17.049   065.030.211.xxx   hey hey hey hey!
2010_12_02_18:42:36.740   068.009.089.xxx   How did Lincoln use the Emancipation Proclamation as a war strategy?
2010_12_02_18:42:38.132   065.030.211.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_12_02_18:43:40.351   068.009.089.xxx   How did Lincoln use the Emancipation Proclamation as a war strategy?
2010_12_02_18:43:54.953   076.104.088.xxx   every on go to LINK DELETED it has great x-mas music (21)
2010_12_02_18:44:23.409   068.009.089.xxx   LINK DELATED
2010_12_02_18:45:25.801   024.090.153.xxx   Holy h**** this works?
2010_12_02_18:45:38.318   068.255.075.xxx   where (14)
2010_12_02_18:46:14.657   068.009.089.xxx   how do i fix faded x-mas lights?
2010_12_02_18:46:19.066   068.255.075.xxx   is it (15)
2010_12_02_18:46:49.416   068.009.089.xxx   How do I fix faded x-mas lights? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_18:49:32.262   066.159.238.xxx   buy new ones
2010_12_02_18:50:01.224   068.255.075.xxx   scary (16)
2010_12_02_18:50:22.439   068.009.089.xxx   i'm too poor (11)
2010_12_02_18:50:31.816   068.255.075.xxx   you scared my kid jerk (17)
2010_12_02_18:51:11.743   068.009.089.xxx   it seems like a waste to me (12)
2010_12_02_18:51:50.021   068.009.089.xxx   why throw out lights that still work, but color faded? (13)
2010_12_02_18:53:21.846   066.159.238.xxx   some strange people here
2010_12_02_18:53:53.184   068.255.075.xxx   like who (18)
2010_12_02_18:54:24.410   066.159.238.xxx   all of us, but this is very cool...
2010_12_02_18:55:31.839   068.009.089.xxx   why throw out lights that still work, but color faded? (14)
2010_12_02_18:57:40.308   071.196.233.xxx   Hi mom!
2010_12_02_18:58:30.046   096.038.146.xxx   My favorite funtime website this time of year!
2010_12_02_18:58:57.746   174.049.044.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_02_19:00:01.921   174.049.044.xxx   Michael Burns was here lol
2010_12_02_19:07:23.935   068.105.007.xxx   text and cr
2010_12_02_19:07:54.721   068.105.007.xxx   santa tracker
2010_12_02_19:08:04.203   076.183.228.xxx   Not on FARK yet this year?
2010_12_02_19:09:07.255   076.183.228.xxx   Needs more Slayer
2010_12_02_19:09:38.448   156.034.196.xxx   Fringe is on (13)
2010_12_02_19:11:02.824   076.183.228.xxx   Hey, what's this lump?
2010_12_02_19:14:15.903   074.069.203.xxx   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
2010_12_02_19:14:45.705   002.122.021.xxx   does this work?
2010_12_02_19:14:57.278   074.069.203.xxx   nope
2010_12_02_19:15:05.944   142.068.223.xxx   yes
2010_12_02_19:15:06.314   076.183.228.xxx   nope. it doesn't work at all.
2010_12_02_19:15:14.583   002.122.021.xxx   nice
2010_12_02_19:15:23.257   074.069.203.xxx   ayup
2010_12_02_19:15:49.178   076.183.228.xxx   it's a trap to hack your pc. i'm in your hard drive stealin your _________
2010_12_02_19:15:57.047   216.191.247.xxx   heyo
2010_12_02_19:17:16.512   076.183.228.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the seasoning
2010_12_02_19:21:12.838   076.014.018.xxx   Hi Jennifer!
2010_12_02_19:21:18.748   076.183.228.xxx   I did enter my IM
2010_12_02_19:22:22.821   076.014.018.xxx   Hi Jennifer!"
2010_12_02_19:22:27.693   071.229.224.xxx   Hey Alek, Hope you and the boys and your wife are doing well, I'll see you on t
2010_12_02_19:22:54.688   071.229.224.xxx   that was from jason
2010_12_02_19:23:30.291   090.198.103.xxx   alek can u wave at camera (18)
2010_12_02_19:24:13.233   076.014.018.xxx   Pls let this stay a minute or 2 - Hi Jennifer!
2010_12_02_19:24:19.805   173.054.180.xxx   Whoooo hoo love the lights and iPad support!
2010_12_02_19:24:39.794   094.003.126.xxx   brilliant from leicester u.k. good luck with all and happy christmas
2010_12_02_19:28:07.793   067.080.236.xxx   Hello From New Jersey!!
2010_12_02_19:29:40.102   173.054.180.xxx   aint jersey the best?
2010_12_02_19:29:57.840   067.080.236.xxx   Yes it Is!!
2010_12_02_19:30:15.266   173.054.180.xxx   I miss the Elvis Santa house in mahesh!
2010_12_02_19:30:20.632   129.097.226.xxx   Jersey blows
2010_12_02_19:30:42.880   067.080.236.xxx   Elvis House in Mahwah
2010_12_02_19:31:04.474   129.097.226.xxx   8==D
2010_12_02_19:32:44.541   173.054.180.xxx   Ontario blows
2010_12_02_19:32:57.582   129.097.226.xxx   Your mom blows
2010_12_02_19:33:42.201   173.054.180.xxx   Heh you forgot to say eh at the end
2010_12_02_19:36:19.027   070.178.110.xxx   Evenin', Alek!  (n10cities)
2010_12_02_19:37:12.727   068.229.035.xxx   Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate!
2010_12_02_19:37:25.332   090.198.103.xxx   alek can u wave at camera (19)
2010_12_02_19:39:22.949   098.113.166.xxx   wave here!
2010_12_02_19:39:31.121   068.229.035.xxx   23 days until Santa!
2010_12_02_19:39:48.823   098.113.166.xxx   who dat?
2010_12_02_19:41:20.306   090.198.103.xxx   alek can you put parade balloon up (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_19:42:52.088   068.062.193.xxx   cr
2010_12_02_19:44:20.123   090.198.103.xxx   Decorate your lawn or yard the fast and easy way with Airblown inflatables (21)
2010_12_02_19:44:49.780   090.198.103.xxx   Airblown___ Inflatable Peanuts___ Snoopy Snowcone Machine (22)
2010_12_02_19:44:57.998   074.190.158.xxx   Awesome!
2010_12_02_19:45:05.655   063.232.093.xxx   hello dave
2010_12_02_19:45:55.200   074.190.158.xxx   Why won't the snowman inflate? XD
2010_12_02_19:46:33.952   090.198.103.xxx   alek can you add more decs (23)
2010_12_02_19:47:08.363   094.194.034.xxx   hiya!
2010_12_02_19:47:46.396   098.071.214.xxx   Thanks for the awareness for Celiac!
2010_12_02_19:48:05.109   094.194.034.xxx   This is cool! From England :)
2010_12_02_19:48:10.491   071.060.017.xxx   hohoho, Santa is watching you!
2010_12_02_19:49:45.399   075.208.189.xxx   Riker17
2010_12_02_19:49:58.287   099.048.087.xxx   YAY!!!! ME ___3
2010_12_02_19:50:24.472   099.048.087.xxx   g**YYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYY
2010_12_02_19:50:30.508   094.194.034.xxx   This is awesome! From @andyhart
2010_12_02_19:51:02.648   146.115.089.xxx   hi
2010_12_02_19:51:18.720   074.209.038.xxx   HI!!
2010_12_02_19:53:17.032   173.023.125.xxx   do you have a very high electric bill
2010_12_02_19:54:05.168   099.048.087.xxx   Please wave!
2010_12_02_19:54:41.212   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** ChrisPirillo just tweeted: "The World's Most Ultimate Controllable Christmas Light Home" ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_19:54:41.308   099.048.087.xxx   ! :)
2010_12_02_19:54:57.008   174.124.015.xxx   Happy Holidays Everyone!
2010_12_02_19:55:02.404   068.094.204.xxx   I like banans.
2010_12_02_19:55:41.056   174.124.015.xxx   Happy Holidays Everyone! -MycroSopht
2010_12_02_19:55:43.102   090.198.103.xxx   alek can u wave at camera (24)
2010_12_02_19:56:09.604   173.023.125.xxx   if you see this alek please wave so we can see if you can see us
2010_12_02_19:57:53.199   173.023.125.xxx   o crap scared me
2010_12_02_19:58:31.420   090.198.103.xxx   the hulk alek (25)
2010_12_02_19:58:35.729   099.104.199.xxx   What happened to Halloween?
2010_12_02_19:58:38.841   076.215.110.xxx   :)
2010_12_02_19:58:42.286   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Can you see me now ... or at least my Big Green Buddy THE HULK! ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_19:59:04.232   173.023.125.xxx   hey whats up everyone
2010_12_02_19:59:17.751   090.198.103.xxx   alek can you add parade balloon (26)
2010_12_02_19:59:47.533   174.124.015.xxx   Hi Andy!
2010_12_02_20:00:27.435   097.122.066.xxx   Happy Kwanza!
2010_12_02_20:02:07.111   090.198.103.xxx   parade balloon (27)
2010_12_02_20:02:11.600   097.122.066.xxx   Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!
2010_12_02_20:02:40.408   097.122.066.xxx   Kilroy was here!
2010_12_02_20:03:09.708   097.122.066.xxx   Help, I'm trapped in an LED sign!
2010_12_02_20:03:25.465   173.021.156.xxx   God bless us everyone
2010_12_02_20:03:35.825   059.167.247.xxx   Hello
2010_12_02_20:03:50.235   173.021.156.xxx   Hi
2010_12_02_20:04:33.112   173.021.156.xxx   Buzz Lightyear!
2010_12_02_20:05:00.546   098.202.236.xxx   Hello from Salt Lake City!!
2010_12_02_20:05:46.669   173.021.156.xxx   Merry Christmas Alex.
2010_12_02_20:06:39.693   098.202.236.xxx   Merry Christmas to B,R,C&E
2010_12_02_20:07:12.945   068.007.131.xxx   Hey alek waave
2010_12_02_20:08:00.103   075.028.059.xxx   Merry Christmas from Little Rock Arkansas
2010_12_02_20:08:01.717   173.021.156.xxx   This is awesome!
2010_12_02_20:10:00.421   075.028.059.xxx   HULK!!!
2010_12_02_20:12:23.003   067.237.071.xxx   hi everyone
2010_12_02_20:13:14.898   070.054.007.xxx   i don't like darkies
2010_12_02_20:14:17.344   067.238.132.xxx   Hi Alex! So glad to see the display up and running!
2010_12_02_20:15:17.645   067.238.132.xxx   I was thinking @ ur display on T-day & was excited!!!
2010_12_02_20:16:32.942   070.178.096.xxx   Mork calling LINK DELETEDe in Orson!
2010_12_02_20:17:11.073   070.178.096.xxx   Mork calling LINK DELETEDe in Orson!
2010_12_02_20:17:38.406   090.198.103.xxx   what that infront of cam (28)
2010_12_02_20:18:43.081   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Christmas Lizard ... can you identify this next item? ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_20:19:04.197   067.238.132.xxx   I have CD & grateful 4 ur work to increase awareness!
2010_12_02_20:19:09.166   090.198.103.xxx   beer (29)
2010_12_02_20:20:57.922   090.198.103.xxx   blue ribbon beer/larger (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_20:21:51.207   090.198.103.xxx   blue ribbon (31)
2010_12_02_20:22:33.189   090.198.103.xxx   beer/larger by pabst (32)
2010_12_02_20:24:16.138   070.178.096.xxx   Mmmm...Christmas beer.
2010_12_02_20:24:26.336   090.198.103.xxx   do gemmy post 2 uk (33)
2010_12_02_20:25:36.004   090.198.103.xxx   where can i buy xmas lizard from (34)
2010_12_02_20:26:42.762   024.008.056.xxx   Wooooohoooo... PBR's!!!
2010_12_02_20:27:12.960   070.178.096.xxx   Pig Sooooie....Go Hogs!
2010_12_02_20:27:25.856   090.198.103.xxx   dont be so rude 096 (35)
2010_12_02_20:28:01.940   070.178.096.xxx   Mork calling LINK DELETEDe in Orson!
2010_12_02_20:28:05.397   090.198.103.xxx   097 shut up and leave (36)
2010_12_02_20:28:45.938   090.198.103.xxx   alek done nothing 2 u (37)
2010_12_02_20:29:23.028   024.205.227.xxx   This website rocks Alex
2010_12_02_20:29:36.275   090.198.103.xxx   init (38)
2010_12_02_20:30:27.813   090.198.103.xxx   092 so rude alek dont need to be treated like that (39)
2010_12_02_20:31:28.650   067.238.132.xxx   how do we add IM?
2010_12_02_20:31:29.695   090.198.103.xxx   how are you alek (40 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_20:34:13.775   173.078.014.xxx   Would be cool if we could reserve time on the light controls
2010_12_02_20:34:36.960   090.198.103.xxx   where blue ribbon gone (41)
2010_12_02_20:35:00.040   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going out on front lawn to check on the Santa Balloon ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_20:35:13.541   067.238.132.xxx   I wonder how many ppl use light controls simultaneously?
2010_12_02_20:35:45.016   173.078.014.xxx   X10 Controls toggled 6,079 times (includes 3,095 overloads) today
2010_12_02_20:35:58.598   218.013.227.xxx   Hello Harrison Dawe
2010_12_02_20:38:39.716   024.148.150.xxx   Hello all!  Merry Christmas!
2010_12_02_20:40:54.167   099.022.069.xxx   happy holidays from columbus ohio
2010_12_02_20:40:57.144   099.238.038.xxx   Cool
2010_12_02_20:41:03.116   090.198.103.xxx   is it dark outside (42)
2010_12_02_20:41:41.512   099.022.069.xxx   happy holidays from columbus ohio
2010_12_02_20:41:41.680   099.238.038.xxx   Da best in the world
2010_12_02_20:43:10.539   090.198.103.xxx   who just walked pasr (43)
2010_12_02_20:44:05.576   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Kyle just stopped in to day hi. BTW, thanks for all the tweets. ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_20:44:41.913   038.114.213.xxx   CR
2010_12_02_20:45:12.451   090.198.103.xxx   alek can u answer my post about balloon (44)
2010_12_02_20:46:05.176   098.238.120.xxx   49 degrees here in south florida!
2010_12_02_20:47:44.616   075.083.019.xxx   OMG!
2010_12_02_20:52:30.730   096.252.004.xxx   Idiots if you do______
2010_12_02_20:52:33.970   068.150.181.xxx   ooh wee!  Santa's Workshop! rules!
2010_12_02_20:54:14.786   074.105.205.xxx   uih uiyholi ui___o (18)
2010_12_02_20:55:25.440   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** There's already a Santa Balloon out there - no need for a 2nd parade balloon - OK?  ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_20:56:55.217   187.136.056.xxx   hi alec
2010_12_02_20:57:26.612   180.200.128.xxx   bloop
2010_12_02_20:57:58.902   180.200.128.xxx   bloop
2010_12_02_20:59:01.620   074.105.205.xxx   oiuytrfghjp___poiuytd (19)
2010_12_02_21:01:34.091   068.098.033.xxx   ---!
2010_12_02_21:01:57.544   174.126.210.xxx   Alek, this stuff is amazing!
2010_12_02_21:02:15.868   068.098.033.xxx   Love what you've done this year Alek
2010_12_02_21:02:35.886   174.126.210.xxx   Love it! I wonder what the neighbors think...
2010_12_02_21:02:55.482   068.098.033.xxx   The view of the garage is from a neighbor's house
2010_12_02_21:03:16.134   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_21:03:31.318   174.126.210.xxx   Want to do a similar thing next year.
2010_12_02_21:03:45.293   068.098.033.xxx   Product placement?!
2010_12_02_21:03:55.121   174.126.210.xxx   Sponsors!
2010_12_02_21:04:51.587   174.126.210.xxx   Really liking what you do, Alek. Keep it up!
2010_12_02_21:06:03.298   174.126.210.xxx   How hard was it to put it all together?
2010_12_02_21:06:03.849   071.059.159.xxx   Really cute stuff :)
2010_12_02_21:06:23.015   099.141.012.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone! :)
2010_12_02_21:06:45.210   068.098.033.xxx   Festivus for the rest of us!
2010_12_02_21:07:45.141   174.126.210.xxx   What dev platform did you use to make it work?
2010_12_02_21:07:46.707   090.198.103.xxx   juice (45)
2010_12_02_21:07:55.608   068.098.033.xxx   That's what I need if I drink Coors.
2010_12_02_21:08:13.297   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** 068.098.033 nailed it - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_21:08:29.712   090.198.103.xxx   whos tried root beer (46)
2010_12_02_21:09:19.341   174.126.210.xxx   Greetings from Kansas!
2010_12_02_21:09:33.659   068.098.033.xxx   Hello from Cel-Kids Tucson, Az
2010_12_02_21:10:55.915   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Celiac-Kids from Tucson, Az - nice to see you again this year ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_21:11:16.074   108.025.154.xxx   Hello from New Jersey
2010_12_02_21:11:29.525   068.098.033.xxx   Cel-Kids Tucson says we really like what you do & hope your kids and wife a
2010_12_02_21:11:44.675   090.198.103.xxx   can you read both my comments (47)
2010_12_02_21:12:12.961   068.098.033.xxx   ..hope your kids and wife are well this year. -CelKidsTucson (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_21:12:13.986   108.025.154.xxx   I hope all is well with your family
2010_12_02_21:15:39.612   174.126.210.xxx   Independence, Kansas here!
2010_12_02_21:15:51.788   068.098.033.xxx   We've some kids watching right now. (11)
2010_12_02_21:15:57.409   067.238.132.xxx   Goodnite Alek &all. Bedtime in EST. :) Thx!
2010_12_02_21:17:12.345   090.198.103.xxx   have you got any turkey left alek (48)
2010_12_02_21:17:21.054   174.126.210.xxx   Spirit of giving... people control of your lights :) (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_21:18:25.814   174.126.210.xxx   Alek, is this Arizona? (11)
2010_12_02_21:20:07.454   098.245.115.xxx   Hi Alek! Nicely done, as usual -- Wayne S., Boulder
2010_12_02_21:21:30.710   174.126.210.xxx   Awesome concept. Awesome implementation! (12)
2010_12_02_21:23:39.574   174.126.210.xxx   Aye! Hulk (13)
2010_12_02_21:23:52.563   090.198.103.xxx   n (49)
2010_12_02_21:27:03.803   090.198.103.xxx   can you leave inside lights on then (50 IM's so far today)
2010_12_02_21:27:34.492   070.178.110.xxx   g'nite all!  Time for bed...
2010_12_02_21:27:42.092   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** There's always tomorrow ... although should I do an extra hour tonight? ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_21:29:15.081   174.126.210.xxx   YES! Please do! (14)
2010_12_02_21:29:37.364   068.098.033.xxx   YES! (12)
2010_12_02_21:32:48.063   174.126.210.xxx   So that would be 11PM MT? (15)
2010_12_02_21:33:21.685   024.161.018.xxx   hello!
2010_12_02_21:33:43.257   075.015.215.xxx   hi
2010_12_02_21:33:53.671   024.161.018.xxx   PAM AND ANDY!!!
2010_12_02_21:34:23.873   024.161.018.xxx   Hi guy in santa's work shop! =)
2010_12_02_21:34:48.532   195.093.021.xxx   hello
2010_12_02_21:34:53.105   090.198.103.xxx   hi (51)
2010_12_02_21:35:06.778   075.070.002.xxx   Hello Alek!!!!
2010_12_02_21:35:41.890   108.023.168.xxx   lol this is awesome
2010_12_02_21:35:54.672   075.070.002.xxx   we saw you!! good work
2010_12_02_21:37:25.963   075.111.137.xxx   hey Alek.. hohoho!!!
2010_12_02_21:37:56.463   024.161.018.xxx   Team Coco For The Win!
2010_12_02_21:39:53.978   090.198.103.xxx   are lights staying on 1hr extra (52)
2010_12_02_21:41:15.645   108.023.168.xxx   helloo
2010_12_02_21:41:48.806   075.015.215.xxx   they be on tomorrow
2010_12_02_21:42:37.167   090.198.103.xxx   can you put them on 1hour earlier tomorrow (53)
2010_12_02_21:43:10.331   074.131.181.xxx   Bacon is yummy!
2010_12_02_21:43:11.916   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, we're going to shut things down on schedule tonight - maybe early tomorrow ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_21:43:35.009   090.198.103.xxx   yaay (54)
2010_12_02_21:44:14.355   090.198.103.xxx   can you leave webcams on know (55)
2010_12_02_21:45:25.171   075.068.062.xxx   Doug T in the house!
2010_12_02_21:45:57.834   074.131.181.xxx   Bacon is delicious!
2010_12_02_21:46:09.446   075.068.062.xxx   Alek what is your electric bill for this month?
2010_12_02_21:47:30.871   174.018.186.xxx   please stop wasting electricity
2010_12_02_21:48:02.318   075.111.137.xxx   Please stop wasting bandwith!!!!
2010_12_02_21:48:04.655   090.198.103.xxx   who (56)
2010_12_02_21:48:37.278   174.018.186.xxx   I could feed my family on what you are paying for the electricity & website
2010_12_02_21:49:10.243   075.111.137.xxx   Get a REAL job and you wouldnt have that problem ___)
2010_12_02_21:50:12.440   067.142.130.xxx   Galena, Alaska
2010_12_02_21:50:21.189   174.018.186.xxx   I have two jobs!
2010_12_02_21:50:28.804   090.198.103.xxx   switch lights off for alek to save him time (57)
2010_12_02_21:52:10.151   090.198.103.xxx   can you leave cams on (58)
2010_12_02_21:53:17.435   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Electricty is a couple of bucks a day - worth the over $50,000 raised for Cel ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_21:53:57.569   090.198.103.xxx   can you leave cams on (59)
2010_12_02_21:55:33.942   024.173.014.xxx   Hi
2010_12_02_21:55:38.242   076.236.081.xxx   wats up ppl?
2010_12_02_21:57:18.977   076.236.081.xxx   how is ur holiday going
2010_12_02_21:58:35.205   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** "standard" shut-down tonight in a few minutes ... no lights, but Cam2 is left up ***ALEK***
2010_12_02_21:59:00.752   076.236.081.xxx   u going to leave up the talking thing?
2010_12_02_21:59:31.224   075.111.137.xxx   Less then 2 Minutes untill shut down!
2010_12_02_21:59:56.738   090.198.103.xxx   can u leave webcams on (60 IM's so far today)

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