Christmas Webcam Offline on December 3rd, 2010 due to Hurricane Winds

There were "Hurricane Force Winds" forecast on Friday, December 3rd, 2010 ... and Wind is the greatest enemy of Christmas Displays - several feet of snow is easy in comparison. I've put away and/or bunge'd the inflatables, but even staked down stuff is being knocked over ... but at least nothing has blown away to Kansas ... yet! ;-)

So I had to cancel the Christmas show Friday - sorry. Surf back Saturday when it will be calm.

Wind Speed Chart - mouseover image to see Wind Direction

christmas inflatables

Putting Elmo in the garage - watch webcam1 bounce around in the wind

christmas windy pictures

Here's a picture of the "morning after" .... could have been much worse, but I had shut down the display, brought what I could inside the garage, and bunge'd everything else - for example look at the Santa Balloon. Still had multiple candy canes knocked down along with most of the figurines (they are staked too) along with the burrito reindeer. As you might expect, the HULK stood up to the wind, but his Santa Hat did come off. Everything should be back in tip-top shape in about an hour ... and yes, the inflatable blow ups will be back in action tonight - cool temps, but no wind - yea!
christmas wind damage