260 christmas text messages on 2010/1207

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,363 times that day including 4,778 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1207

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_07_16:06:28.984   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning X10 controls on a bit early tonight - enjoy! ***ALEK***
2010_12_07_16:09:36.622   173.023.125.xxx   alek if you see this wave please
2010_12_07_16:11:43.558   173.023.125.xxx   alek how doyou get the stuff to let other people control it
2010_12_07_16:14:19.461   068.050.107.xxx   hi from izzy
2010_12_07_16:14:20.309   068.117.088.xxx   asdf
2010_12_07_16:14:45.325   068.117.088.xxx   hi mom!
2010_12_07_16:14:47.398   068.050.107.xxx   Hi from Jack
2010_12_07_16:15:02.190   024.115.024.xxx   Happy hollidays all
2010_12_07_16:16:19.204   068.117.088.xxx   happy hollidays
2010_12_07_16:16:49.592   173.023.125.xxx   my parents wont let me put up stuff up like you got
2010_12_07_16:16:50.736   068.117.088.xxx   hi random person in backround!
2010_12_07_16:17:14.784   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi random person on the Internet! ***ALEK***
2010_12_07_16:17:17.659   068.117.088.xxx   you should wave to me!
2010_12_07_16:17:39.897   075.094.059.xxx   Yay! i like when they turn on early
2010_12_07_16:18:00.957   173.023.125.xxx   i would love to do that to our yard but my parents wont let me
2010_12_07_16:18:03.115   068.117.088.xxx   i feel like such a stalker lmao, hey person in the backround, i want you to wav
2010_12_07_16:18:31.708   173.023.125.xxx   thats alek everyone
2010_12_07_16:18:34.040   068.117.088.xxx   random person in hte background you should wave at us!
2010_12_07_16:19:05.427   173.023.125.xxx   thats alek everyone
2010_12_07_16:19:10.174   068.117.088.xxx   the random text on this monitor commands that you wave to the camera
2010_12_07_16:19:34.776   068.117.088.xxx   yaay thanks!!!!
2010_12_07_16:19:47.737   173.023.125.xxx   thats alek everyone by the way
2010_12_07_16:20:05.167   068.117.088.xxx   oh, hi alek! thanks for waving, aww where u goin? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_07_16:20:18.857   088.087.246.xxx   Hello! I am watching you from Hungary!
2010_12_07_16:20:33.703   068.117.088.xxx   usa here muaha (11)
2010_12_07_16:22:04.940   068.117.088.xxx   omg alek i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12)
2010_12_07_16:22:53.240   068.117.088.xxx   yaay your back alek, welcome back (13)
2010_12_07_16:23:04.243   173.023.125.xxx   alek check your facebook
2010_12_07_16:23:23.927   068.117.088.xxx   lol i doubt he can read this (14)
2010_12_07_16:23:47.989   173.023.125.xxx   alek im the one who posted something
2010_12_07_16:24:05.215   068.117.088.xxx   alek i like your hair! (15)
2010_12_07_16:25:12.990   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I appreciate the compliment on my hair - thanks! ***ALEK***
2010_12_07_16:25:39.902   068.117.088.xxx   your welcome :) (16)
2010_12_07_16:26:39.673   173.023.125.xxx   i would love to do that to our yard but my parents wont let me (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_07_16:28:47.502   086.146.249.xxx   hello everyone! :)
2010_12_07_16:29:34.618   173.023.125.xxx   its warmer there than here in iowa (11)
2010_12_07_16:33:48.088   012.180.000.xxx   Good evening from Boise, Idaho!
2010_12_07_16:34:09.737   071.196.140.xxx   Merry christmas
2010_12_07_16:36:50.547   097.112.199.xxx   hi
2010_12_07_16:37:50.798   097.112.199.xxx   merry early christmas
2010_12_07_16:39:09.193   071.196.140.xxx   Merry christmas
2010_12_07_16:39:40.511   071.196.140.xxx   Euell Santistevan Jr.
2010_12_07_16:39:58.907   089.243.042.xxx   Hi to all. Its snowing here in England. fab lights
2010_12_07_16:42:19.446   071.196.140.xxx   i love you grandma schaffer
2010_12_07_16:44:42.054   071.196.140.xxx   Euell Santistevan Jr.
2010_12_07_16:46:37.995   068.185.015.xxx   PAT
2010_12_07_16:47:44.343   012.180.000.xxx   Seasons Greetings from Boise, Idaho!
2010_12_07_16:52:03.527   084.093.088.xxx   Happy Christmas!
2010_12_07_16:52:29.193   066.136.124.xxx   HI Manny and Sofia
2010_12_07_16:53:20.115   068.193.138.xxx   leace house darkkk
2010_12_07_16:54:13.368   068.193.138.xxx   TuRn everyyhin off
2010_12_07_16:55:01.413   068.193.138.xxx   MeRrY christmas___montville, nj
2010_12_07_16:58:09.703   012.180.000.xxx   Happy Holidays Jolene, Candace, and Nicole!
2010_12_07_16:59:37.439   069.176.034.xxx   greetings from paintsville ky
2010_12_07_17:01:10.711   089.242.107.xxx   Merry Christmas from N.Ireland
2010_12_07_17:01:19.614   071.196.140.xxx   roberto santistevan
2010_12_07_17:01:22.972   069.176.034.xxx   ho ho ho who wouldn't go
2010_12_07_17:01:45.939   089.242.107.xxx   Merry Christmas from N.Ireland
2010_12_07_17:02:09.385   071.196.140.xxx   Roberto
2010_12_07_17:02:41.118   071.196.140.xxx   roberto santistevan is naughty
2010_12_07_17:03:36.471   209.169.216.xxx   Good Spirits all
2010_12_07_17:03:49.593   156.034.196.xxx   k...put his name on the list he will get coal from Santa
2010_12_07_17:04:38.000   069.176.034.xxx   PAINTSVILLE KENTUCKY
2010_12_07_17:05:49.003   156.034.196.xxx   do u make paint there?
2010_12_07_17:06:40.212   094.011.169.xxx   yer right
2010_12_07_17:07:30.733   208.074.247.xxx   lmao lier
2010_12_07_17:07:43.381   094.011.169.xxx   go on then
2010_12_07_17:08:04.611   094.011.169.xxx   go on then
2010_12_07_17:08:32.045   094.011.169.xxx   go on then
2010_12_07_17:08:53.532   208.074.247.xxx   ok good luck with that
2010_12_07_17:09:03.756   156.034.196.xxx   Tom Cruise from the Scooter  store?!
2010_12_07_17:09:37.872   156.034.196.xxx   which season of Lost are you referring to ?
2010_12_07_17:09:44.449   094.011.169.xxx   spamers go home
2010_12_07_17:10:06.689   156.034.196.xxx   what's a spamer?
2010_12_07_17:12:03.667   156.034.196.xxx   oh hi i didn't c u there
2010_12_07_17:14:52.491   208.074.247.xxx   hi people
2010_12_07_17:15:22.042   156.034.196.xxx   oh you're back!!!
2010_12_07_17:15:58.644   094.011.169.xxx   People protending to be alek and tom cruse YER RIGHT
2010_12_07_17:16:35.035   156.034.196.xxx   why would anyone want to pretend to be Tom Cruise? lol
2010_12_07_17:17:55.839   156.034.196.xxx   snowing here again!!!
2010_12_07_17:20:43.118   208.074.247.xxx   raage lmao we only got 7 inches last friday/saturday
2010_12_07_17:22:25.650   156.034.196.xxx   listening to Josh Groban Noel album here (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_07_17:23:57.046   099.174.167.xxx   ______Let It Snow!!______
2010_12_07_17:24:22.178   070.160.223.xxx   ___(_______)/
2010_12_07_17:24:51.537   070.160.223.xxx   :)
2010_12_07_17:27:27.879   156.034.196.xxx   rawr! (11)
2010_12_07_17:30:32.473   156.034.196.xxx   umm i accidentally lost your present :O (12)
2010_12_07_17:30:57.946   208.074.247.xxx   OOGABOOGA!!!!
2010_12_07_17:34:23.547   156.034.196.xxx   Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of Dawn Treader this weekend! (13)
2010_12_07_17:35:06.357   068.193.138.xxx   geek
2010_12_07_17:35:39.995   208.074.247.xxx   OOGABOOGA!!!!
2010_12_07_17:36:23.737   208.074.247.xxx   (507)-895-2180
2010_12_07_17:36:43.720   068.193.138.xxx   happy holidays from nicole wats ur name
2010_12_07_17:36:50.898   208.074.247.xxx   call me :)
2010_12_07_17:37:13.727   156.034.196.xxx   do not call that number! if u do someone will die! (14)
2010_12_07_17:37:15.729   208.074.247.xxx   Call me :)
2010_12_07_17:38:00.237   068.193.138.xxx   Leave it dark
2010_12_07_17:39:05.271   072.081.048.xxx   Lights Baby Lights!!!
2010_12_07_17:39:27.902   068.193.138.xxx   dark baby dark
2010_12_07_17:42:17.664   068.193.138.xxx   hi im nicole wats ur name
2010_12_07_17:44:53.930   068.193.138.xxx   Happy DARK holidays!!!
2010_12_07_17:47:51.893   156.034.196.xxx   ahahha you can't stop the light!!!!! (15)
2010_12_07_17:49:26.535   068.009.052.xxx   Merry Christmas and God Bless! Waitkun fam RI.
2010_12_07_17:50:11.061   156.034.196.xxx   when it's the real Alek it says Alek says at the TOP of the screen (16)
2010_12_07_17:50:26.314   098.030.041.xxx   woah this is cool!
2010_12_07_17:55:01.344   071.058.120.xxx   Hello from Gettysburg Pa USA
2010_12_07_17:57:21.949   098.030.041.xxx   hey yall this is coo
2010_12_07_17:57:50.697   209.169.216.xxx   RIP Elizabeth
2010_12_07_18:02:46.249   209.169.216.xxx   ....
2010_12_07_18:04:31.002   209.169.216.xxx   ...
2010_12_07_18:05:39.335   209.169.216.xxx   ...
2010_12_07_18:26:44.269   068.150.181.xxx   will you quit already?  you're acting like
2010_12_07_18:27:17.299   068.150.181.xxx   an immature little child.  this is a family site
2010_12_07_18:27:44.317   071.091.039.xxx   Steve & Allie say Merry Christmas from Bama!
2010_12_07_18:29:51.626   208.074.247.xxx   call me:) (507)-895-2794 (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_07_18:30:27.952   208.074.247.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!!!! (11)
2010_12_07_18:30:30.224   068.150.181.xxx   GROW UP!
2010_12_07_18:30:55.850   208.074.247.xxx   no, howbout you! (12)
2010_12_07_18:32:06.080   068.150.181.xxx   you're gonna get banned if you don't stop
2010_12_07_18:37:19.177   068.150.181.xxx   ok Christmas Trivia time! :)
2010_12_07_18:39:06.875   174.034.207.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_07_18:43:49.539   070.112.142.xxx   Sarah Smith wuz here
2010_12_07_18:45:08.185   173.065.148.xxx   HEY !
2010_12_07_18:45:34.284   072.091.071.xxx   Kewl
2010_12_07_18:52:35.566   099.228.117.xxx   Seasons Greetings
2010_12_07_18:55:27.145   067.049.046.xxx   I'm sure it wasn't that persons number. Just a kid acting up
2010_12_07_18:55:33.189   099.228.117.xxx   Ok Children enough
2010_12_07_19:08:07.889   174.017.004.xxx   Hello from Phoenix, AZ!!!
2010_12_07_19:09:15.923   174.017.004.xxx   no
2010_12_07_19:09:53.935   174.017.004.xxx   Noah and Dad say Merry Christmas!
2010_12_07_19:10:12.049   098.161.004.xxx   merry xmas cr
2010_12_07_19:11:45.625   099.228.117.xxx   Greetings from Brampton, Ontario, Canada
2010_12_07_19:12:47.741   099.238.246.xxx   Howdy brampton
2010_12_07_19:13:04.446   099.228.117.xxx   Alek must be away enjoying his KFC..
2010_12_07_19:13:11.395   071.111.006.xxx   Haha
2010_12_07_19:13:24.460   099.238.246.xxx   i love me some kfc
2010_12_07_19:13:30.106   098.113.166.xxx   Shoutout from SI, NY
2010_12_07_19:13:44.621   099.228.117.xxx   Kentucky Fried Crap
2010_12_07_19:14:18.602   071.183.045.xxx   Hello from NY
2010_12_07_19:14:55.815   071.111.006.xxx   Hi
2010_12_07_19:17:47.384   071.111.006.xxx   Let it snow!
2010_12_07_19:19:16.420   071.111.006.xxx   Let it snow!
2010_12_07_19:20:20.567   071.111.006.xxx   Come back bub
2010_12_07_19:20:47.589   098.077.075.xxx   cr
2010_12_07_19:21:30.257   098.161.004.xxx   its cold in IOWA
2010_12_07_19:23:34.629   190.121.143.xxx   hi sena
2010_12_07_19:24:14.808   024.142.034.xxx   Hello from Nova Scotia!!
2010_12_07_19:24:50.693   024.142.034.xxx   Cool Site!!!!
2010_12_07_19:25:49.497   024.142.034.xxx   MeRry ChRiStMaS from Nova Scotia, Canada!
2010_12_07_19:26:03.388   071.111.006.xxx   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2010_12_07_19:28:51.377   071.111.006.xxx   Opuihggihjegvegyvgy
2010_12_07_19:29:36.365   071.111.006.xxx   D:
2010_12_07_19:29:40.620   024.170.198.xxx   hello from Gainesville, Florida!
2010_12_07_19:30:09.129   024.170.198.xxx   It's a beautiful night folks!
2010_12_07_19:31:02.423   071.111.006.xxx   Pop
2010_12_07_19:31:52.102   024.142.034.xxx   this is fun!
2010_12_07_19:32:34.408   024.142.034.xxx   great job!  lots of work put into all this!!
2010_12_07_19:32:56.937   071.111.006.xxx   By (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_07_19:36:31.009   068.009.089.xxx   i need a vacation
2010_12_07_19:37:32.784   096.246.168.xxx   ___3
2010_12_07_19:37:38.726   071.112.076.xxx   Hi Hannah
2010_12_07_19:38:04.726   096.246.168.xxx   Thank you for all that you do for celiac disease
2010_12_07_19:38:30.368   071.112.076.xxx   Hi Olivia
2010_12_07_19:39:31.880   071.112.076.xxx   hi dad
2010_12_07_19:40:09.252   071.112.076.xxx   HO HO HO
2010_12_07_19:40:58.954   071.112.076.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_12_07_19:41:52.140   071.112.076.xxx   hohannah
2010_12_07_19:42:28.658   071.112.076.xxx   I love Hannah and Olivia
2010_12_07_19:45:57.518   096.246.168.xxx   WEEEEEEEEEEEE!
2010_12_07_19:45:58.475   071.232.089.xxx   Great set up from waterbury ct
2010_12_07_19:46:27.253   096.246.168.xxx   wEEEEEE!
2010_12_07_19:46:51.789   069.176.034.xxx   turn off everything
2010_12_07_19:47:22.801   069.176.034.xxx   spaz
2010_12_07_19:47:32.528   096.246.168.xxx   I LOVE MIKE
2010_12_07_19:50:58.715   096.246.168.xxx   BALLON BOY AND HOMER SAY OHHH YEAHHHH
2010_12_07_19:52:18.792   069.176.034.xxx   i love beth fairchild
2010_12_07_19:52:22.716   050.032.006.xxx   HOMER, WILL YOU MARRY ME?
2010_12_07_19:53:12.606   069.176.034.xxx   i love beth fairchild
2010_12_07_19:54:26.888   069.176.034.xxx   i love beth fairchild from kentucky
2010_12_07_19:56:10.489   069.176.034.xxx   greetings from marshal mathers
2010_12_07_19:56:56.361   069.176.034.xxx   is this thing working (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_07_20:00:58.757   069.133.034.xxx   i wish there was a way to control the lights in the office. that would annoy him
2010_12_07_20:02:19.237   069.133.034.xxx   Pretty boy swagg
2010_12_07_20:04:36.403   108.075.043.xxx   Hello all from Shasta Lake Ca!
2010_12_07_20:05:55.253   174.016.044.xxx   Hello from Johnstown Colorado!!!!
2010_12_07_20:06:31.845   174.016.044.xxx   Hello from Johnstown Colorado!!!!
2010_12_07_20:10:28.404   208.043.118.xxx   Waddup Eric
2010_12_07_20:11:43.966   098.154.180.xxx   Hi Anna
2010_12_07_20:18:35.570   108.075.043.xxx   YEAH!!  I got to wave to Alek!
2010_12_07_20:22:01.679   076.097.077.xxx   Merry Christmas Joshua and Shawn
2010_12_07_20:23:46.513   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, the lights in the office ARE controllable! ***ALEK***
2010_12_07_20:25:23.275   108.075.043.xxx   How?
2010_12_07_20:26:01.115   076.097.077.xxx   i love you baby
2010_12_07_20:31:26.563   076.097.077.xxx   Merry Christmas from Winder, Ga
2010_12_07_20:35:06.320   071.058.120.xxx   BOXXY IS THE QUEEN
2010_12_07_20:36:39.227   076.104.065.xxx   im on facebook
2010_12_07_20:37:56.026   076.104.065.xxx   look for 937___
2010_12_07_20:38:36.548   076.104.065.xxx   omega symbol
2010_12_07_20:39:51.757   076.104.065.xxx   a ninja with sword
2010_12_07_20:40:33.958   076.104.065.xxx   talking to alex tonight
2010_12_07_20:41:06.634   076.104.065.xxx   on Gravity Production
2010_12_07_20:42:57.626   076.104.065.xxx   tons of videos enjoy watching them.
2010_12_07_20:43:58.909   076.104.065.xxx   later.
2010_12_07_20:44:34.544   076.104.065.xxx   ...............................................................................
2010_12_07_20:45:03.474   071.060.193.xxx   give me charity
2010_12_07_20:45:40.112   071.060.193.xxx   dirk digler
2010_12_07_20:47:44.726   071.060.193.xxx   pgh pa!!!!!
2010_12_07_20:48:11.250   071.060.193.xxx   pgh pa!!!!
2010_12_07_20:50:56.598   071.060.193.xxx   dirk digler
2010_12_07_20:52:30.629   071.060.193.xxx   i need sum xmas buds!!!
2010_12_07_20:53:29.479   071.060.193.xxx   lets run up his elec bill
2010_12_07_20:54:21.642   071.058.120.xxx   uninites
2010_12_07_20:56:08.714   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turn on the lights - enjoy Christmas ... HO-HO-HO ***ALEK***
2010_12_07_20:59:03.447   024.063.026.xxx   ___3 boxxy
2010_12_07_20:59:44.400   024.063.026.xxx   herp derp
2010_12_07_21:00:38.401   071.058.120.xxx   im 12 and wat is this
2010_12_07_21:01:25.731   072.081.048.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_07_21:02:15.641   068.150.181.xxx   Hi! From my iPhone!
2010_12_07_21:02:41.723   072.081.048.xxx   iCarol
2010_12_07_21:08:21.735   072.152.229.xxx   I LOVE SANTA
2010_12_07_21:08:54.193   072.152.229.xxx   ELCO WAS HERE
2010_12_07_21:10:47.246   216.096.222.xxx   'sup Uni, luv BBS
2010_12_07_21:11:08.651   072.152.229.xxx   BOXXY + PAWKY = LUV
2010_12_07_21:11:14.996   068.150.181.xxx   Would you stop with the filthy mouth?!!
2010_12_07_21:11:34.771   072.152.229.xxx   BOXXY = LOVE
2010_12_07_21:15:28.302   068.150.181.xxx   Alek, you rock! :)
2010_12_07_21:16:22.316   072.152.229.xxx   Alek, you are awesome.
2010_12_07_21:19:33.351   068.150.181.xxx   Alek for Governor!!
2010_12_07_21:21:15.031   070.238.131.xxx   Boxxy has not returned, it's a scam to get money.
2010_12_07_21:22:05.449   068.096.170.xxx   Alek, thanks for fixing Homer!
2010_12_07_21:22:25.924   072.152.229.xxx   Alek if you see this wave!
2010_12_07_21:22:50.439   071.058.120.xxx   BOXXY BOXXY BOXXY BOXXY BOXXY
2010_12_07_21:23:20.705   072.152.229.xxx   POOP
2010_12_07_21:25:53.177   024.100.167.xxx   I love this it is awsome
2010_12_07_21:27:00.576   093.206.084.xxx   the h**** is this
2010_12_07_21:30:39.449   070.238.131.xxx   y r my comments being skipped?
2010_12_07_21:31:18.220   024.100.167.xxx   this is sweet
2010_12_07_21:32:27.957   024.100.167.xxx   i love tanya
2010_12_07_21:33:13.826   024.100.167.xxx   i love billy
2010_12_07_21:37:52.124   075.053.175.xxx   Merry Christmas from Stockton California
2010_12_07_21:38:22.761   071.085.200.xxx   Merry Christmas Andre', Jessica, and Katie!  Love You!
2010_12_07_21:38:44.979   099.148.157.xxx   give me boxxy or give me death
2010_12_07_21:38:52.411   075.053.175.xxx   Season's Greetings to all!
2010_12_07_21:39:00.797   071.085.200.xxx   Infamy
2010_12_07_21:39:00.650   024.080.178.xxx   Happy Holidays from Vancouver, B
2010_12_07_21:39:39.559   099.148.157.xxx   god is a woman and my mom she is a witch
2010_12_07_21:40:16.562   099.148.157.xxx   BOXXY MY DEAR, YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN MY INSPIRATION
2010_12_07_21:41:54.907   072.152.229.xxx   Bye
2010_12_07_21:46:51.865   076.239.140.xxx   boxxy ___3
2010_12_07_21:51:40.686   076.239.140.xxx   ilu boxxy
2010_12_07_21:52:05.227   187.136.022.xxx   Alani
2010_12_07_21:52:23.678   076.239.140.xxx   boxxyboxxyboxxy
2010_12_07_21:54:19.119   076.239.140.xxx   Boxxy plus Pocky equals LOVE!
2010_12_07_21:54:51.958   071.033.003.xxx   Good Evening from Boise, Idaho! :)
2010_12_07_21:55:17.304   076.239.140.xxx   boxxy time!  :D
2010_12_07_21:56:15.518   069.254.106.xxx   Thanks Alek for another great display this year
2010_12_07_21:56:36.508   074.086.071.xxx   Howdy from Dallas
2010_12_07_21:56:58.763   098.209.047.xxx   This is awesome!
2010_12_07_21:57:07.797   076.239.140.xxx   Merry Christmas, Boxxy!
2010_12_07_21:59:53.577   068.096.170.xxx   Last post!!

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