328 christmas text messages on 2010/1208

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,567 times that day including 4,787 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1208

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_08_17:00:40.022   074.235.237.xxx   mickael
2010_12_08_17:00:41.922   209.169.216.xxx   Alek,  are the trash cans connected?
2010_12_08_17:01:47.373   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Trash cans are just next to each other - will put in garage tomorrow ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_17:01:51.575   124.168.171.xxx   hahahaha
2010_12_08_17:02:24.860   124.168.171.xxx   is it noisy?
2010_12_08_17:04:17.343   024.142.034.xxx   Hello from Nova Scotia!!
2010_12_08_17:04:18.287   124.168.171.xxx   yea your cool
2010_12_08_17:05:00.577   086.146.249.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_08_17:05:16.842   124.168.171.xxx   Alek is it noisy?
2010_12_08_17:06:12.643   086.146.249.xxx   this is a family site, dont swear
2010_12_08_17:06:23.264   024.142.034.xxx   Hello from Nova Scotia!!
2010_12_08_17:07:27.139   024.142.034.xxx   who keeps typing trash talk?
2010_12_08_17:08:17.051   067.213.111.xxx   hi
2010_12_08_17:08:52.060   067.213.111.xxx   gjijreoisejgiorheiohgeirshoighriosehgiohgo___reihgorehgirghesroighoer___igherog
2010_12_08_17:08:53.183   092.015.112.xxx   Merry Christmas from N.Ireland
2010_12_08_17:09:31.515   067.213.111.xxx   hi
2010_12_08_17:12:33.686   092.015.112.xxx   hi Alek. No forecast of snow?
2010_12_08_17:12:50.668   086.146.249.xxx   Are frosty and elmo back tomoro?
2010_12_08_17:13:22.758   092.015.112.xxx   In Ireland we have about 8 inches of snow and it hardly ever snows here
2010_12_08_17:13:43.535   065.102.216.xxx   Merry Christmas from Rudi's Bakery
2010_12_08_17:15:51.514   024.126.089.xxx   textcr
2010_12_08_17:16:27.229   092.015.112.xxx   where is  Rudi's bakery?
2010_12_08_17:17:41.500   092.015.112.xxx   .
2010_12_08_17:19:53.711   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** No snow forecast in the forseeable future ... Christmas is coming soon too ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_17:22:09.526   092.015.112.xxx   I think we must have got your snow. It's a once in a lifetime winter wonderland
2010_12_08_17:23:31.490   173.023.125.xxx   man i wish i was there its warm its cold here in iowa
2010_12_08_17:25:46.918   066.157.049.xxx   i love this house but wouldnt******* to look at from tyhe street
2010_12_08_17:26:17.729   066.157.049.xxx   the street
2010_12_08_17:26:17.776   068.003.148.xxx   country style pork ribs smell good cooking
2010_12_08_17:27:38.315   082.042.107.xxx   hello from the uk, keep up the good work alek
2010_12_08_17:28:03.185   173.023.125.xxx   hello from iowa
2010_12_08_17:28:39.918   082.042.107.xxx   hello. i wana 2,000 viewing this year. we can do it
2010_12_08_17:29:06.303   099.228.117.xxx   Hey Welcome back Alek...
2010_12_08_17:29:44.025   173.023.125.xxx   hey hey every one get along
2010_12_08_17:30:12.905   173.023.125.xxx   me
2010_12_08_17:30:12.965   099.228.117.xxx   you should ban those who try to pretend to be you
2010_12_08_17:30:38.432   173.023.125.xxx   yea
2010_12_08_17:30:58.484   099.228.117.xxx   It ruins it for others who bring their kids on to change the lights.
2010_12_08_17:31:38.562   086.146.249.xxx   Alek can you ban the trash talking people?
2010_12_08_17:32:54.604   067.048.023.xxx   Hello Alek and Merry Christmas to the family again, Kina
2010_12_08_17:36:06.890   092.015.112.xxx   Yes, and thanks for doing the lights again this year
2010_12_08_17:36:34.722   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_08_17:37:16.795   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_08_17:37:56.618   092.015.112.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_08_17:42:38.155   012.180.000.xxx   Good Evening and Happy Holidays from Boise, Idaho
2010_12_08_17:43:15.357   067.048.023.xxx   Kansas City Kansas checking in here it's BURR
2010_12_08_17:44:39.117   067.213.111.xxx   this website is cool
2010_12_08_17:47:25.432   068.003.148.xxx   livin large with the hulkin size Santa-Homer cursor
2010_12_08_17:48:49.108   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** No Puny Human Cursors for you 068.003 - HULK approves! ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_17:48:51.327   099.238.038.xxx   I see you Alek
2010_12_08_17:49:07.486   072.196.151.xxx   HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
2010_12_08_17:49:48.898   108.009.008.xxx   Merry Holidays!
2010_12_08_17:50:43.271   067.213.111.xxx   i was wondering where you bought the plug'n power usb adapter  that  is pluged 
2010_12_08_17:51:41.123   099.238.038.xxx   He got it off ebay
2010_12_08_17:53:47.859   067.213.111.xxx   can you send me a link so i can buy one
2010_12_08_17:54:54.794   066.043.199.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_12_08_17:55:29.785   067.213.111.xxx   you can send the link through facebook
2010_12_08_17:56:49.109   068.150.181.xxx   I sure hope the guy from last night is gone
2010_12_08_17:57:48.245   068.193.138.xxx   im not gone
2010_12_08_17:59:12.043   067.213.111.xxx   you can send the link through facebook buy searching this
2010_12_08_17:59:49.935   205.188.117.xxx   kyle i know your watching, im pregnant
2010_12_08_18:00:25.110   099.228.117.xxx   Come on you guys keep your personal chat stuff to twitter or something,,
2010_12_08_18:00:41.059   205.188.117.xxx   your not the father
2010_12_08_18:00:47.541   024.188.116.xxx   hi its Emme
2010_12_08_18:01:47.601   205.188.117.xxx   Liam is the father, and im leaving you
2010_12_08_18:02:31.621   099.228.117.xxx   KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_08_18:03:27.375   024.188.116.xxx   Cassie says hello
2010_12_08_18:04:08.164   024.188.116.xxx   Cassie says HELLO
2010_12_08_18:05:06.141   209.169.216.xxx   ....
2010_12_08_18:05:46.810   024.188.116.xxx   this site is great
2010_12_08_18:12:48.054   068.150.181.xxx   sounds like someone wants to be banned
2010_12_08_18:16:43.446   071.048.219.xxx   Merry Chrismas internet!
2010_12_08_18:18:32.309   098.092.115.xxx   just kidding
2010_12_08_18:18:32.829   068.150.181.xxx   get a life already
2010_12_08_18:18:52.754   071.048.219.xxx   lol
2010_12_08_18:19:24.327   209.169.216.xxx   .......
2010_12_08_18:19:27.424   098.092.115.xxx   WINRAR
2010_12_08_18:19:56.489   075.094.059.xxx   Hi everyone!
2010_12_08_18:20:19.661   098.092.115.xxx   ___
2010_12_08_18:21:13.303   098.092.115.xxx   couragewolf.jpeg
2010_12_08_18:21:32.138   068.150.181.xxx   what are you 12?
2010_12_08_18:22:00.111   098.092.115.xxx   U MAD?
2010_12_08_18:22:06.394   108.009.008.xxx   omg where is Alek when you need him. I think a filter is on order soon. S
2010_12_08_18:22:27.735   209.169.216.xxx   ////
2010_12_08_18:23:17.733   068.150.181.xxx   yea stop being a brat
2010_12_08_18:23:24.663   108.009.008.xxx   All it takes is one to ruin this for everyone.
2010_12_08_18:23:57.402   098.092.115.xxx   Y U MAD THO? Y U MAD THO? Y U MAD THO?
2010_12_08_18:24:06.761   068.001.094.xxx   hi
2010_12_08_18:24:10.734   068.150.181.xxx   cause dummy it's not appropriate!
2010_12_08_18:25:09.532   068.150.181.xxx   why are you being like that?
2010_12_08_18:25:13.860   074.178.212.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_08_18:25:52.207   068.150.181.xxx   please, show some maturity!
2010_12_08_18:25:53.660   098.092.115.xxx   0101010010010110010101010100101010101010010101010101010101010101010101010101010
2010_12_08_18:26:18.411   108.009.008.xxx   098.092.115.xxx, this will be forwarded to alek
2010_12_08_18:26:42.798   068.150.181.xxx   you could behave maybe..
2010_12_08_18:27:23.545   098.092.115.xxx   BOXXY IS THE QUEEN OF UNICHAN
2010_12_08_18:27:29.748   068.150.181.xxx   you do realize that your IP address shows right? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_18:27:53.598   098.092.115.xxx   Lulz, why yes, I do know that.
2010_12_08_18:28:00.750   068.150.181.xxx   and that he can block you for good.. (11)
2010_12_08_18:28:50.368   068.150.181.xxx   i'm certain you're not smart enough to find your way around it (12)
2010_12_08_18:28:51.950   098.092.115.xxx   I have nothing against 'Alek'. I wouldn't care if I was blocked for good. It's  (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_18:29:02.312   174.113.037.xxx   Karlie Smells!
2010_12_08_18:29:20.846   068.150.181.xxx   then why are you doing this? momma didn't love you? (13)
2010_12_08_18:29:52.362   068.150.181.xxx   you crave attention?  need a spanking maybe.. (14)
2010_12_08_18:31:41.766   024.131.150.xxx   hi from Denise
2010_12_08_18:31:56.756   068.150.181.xxx   Alek, please, block that guy.  he doesn't get it (15)
2010_12_08_18:32:06.557   108.009.008.xxx   hey alek we have a problem with 098.092.115.xxx
2010_12_08_18:32:26.415   024.131.150.xxx   Please wave to me
2010_12_08_18:33:32.861   156.034.196.xxx   ok I waved
2010_12_08_18:36:14.673   068.150.181.xxx   so, who here is from where? :) (16)
2010_12_08_18:36:45.319   068.150.181.xxx   I am from Edmonton, AB, Canada (17)
2010_12_08_18:37:01.204   108.009.008.xxx   SW Florida USA
2010_12_08_18:37:46.794   068.150.181.xxx   right on..  warm day today? (18)
2010_12_08_18:38:30.858   108.009.008.xxx   Not at all, we just had a cold front come through
2010_12_08_18:38:49.958   068.150.181.xxx   yea, that's crazy.  so unlike Florida (19)
2010_12_08_18:39:10.724   108.009.008.xxx   it is, happened last year to, ruined fishing for months
2010_12_08_18:39:32.083   068.150.181.xxx   well, perhaps it's a sign.  not a good one (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_18:40:19.875   108.009.008.xxx   this I am worried about. going  back to CO in July so things looking up
2010_12_08_18:40:40.981   068.150.181.xxx   good.   Colorado is doing good so far (21)
2010_12_08_18:41:04.559   108.009.008.xxx   love it, raised there, home sweet home (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_18:41:15.726   068.150.181.xxx   Alek, hard to tell.. you have much snow? (22)
2010_12_08_18:41:34.973   108.009.008.xxx   from the day pics (11)
2010_12_08_18:41:54.614   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Colorado ski areas have great snow - zip in town - none forecast ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_18:42:15.074   068.150.181.xxx   so possible brown Christmas then... (23)
2010_12_08_18:43:17.911   108.009.008.xxx   lol, Colorado is good for that... ___) brown but ice cold (12)
2010_12_08_18:43:46.833   068.150.181.xxx   not sure if I'd want brown cold Christmas (24)
2010_12_08_18:44:19.619   108.009.008.xxx   btw my happy face was a no no i didnt swear lol (13)
2010_12_08_18:44:31.676   068.150.181.xxx   Love the Santa's workshop sign btw! (25)
2010_12_08_18:45:05.502   108.009.008.xxx   it rocks, Alek has another page for Watching The Grass Grow lol (14)
2010_12_08_18:45:23.835   068.150.181.xxx   yea, I've seen it.. zzzzz (wink) (26)
2010_12_08_18:45:42.254   108.009.008.xxx   lol found it on accident the other day on Earth Cam (15)
2010_12_08_18:46:18.948   068.150.181.xxx   cool.  yea this place is pretty neat. (27)
2010_12_08_18:46:48.774   068.150.181.xxx   traffic has been down for this place in 2010 (28)
2010_12_08_18:47:17.308   068.150.181.xxx   must be an economy thing.. hehe (29)
2010_12_08_18:47:39.096   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Traffic comes and goes ... plus it's only the 8th ... ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_18:47:51.012   108.009.008.xxx   here its an, dare I say, Obama thing...  (wink) (16)
2010_12_08_18:48:15.579   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL on the "economy" ... especially since the website is free! ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_18:48:42.265   108.009.008.xxx   what ya listening to Alek? (17)
2010_12_08_18:50:10.268   068.150.181.xxx   Alvin & The Chipmunks! haha (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_18:50:19.883   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Live preso from Boulder Ignite starts soon ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_18:51:14.326   108.009.008.xxx   I wondered when it was going to start... (18)
2010_12_08_18:51:41.363   068.150.181.xxx   sounds like a very interesting show (31)
2010_12_08_18:51:42.451   024.239.231.xxx   what are you doing alek
2010_12_08_18:52:07.392   024.239.231.xxx   hi
2010_12_08_18:52:36.093   024.239.231.xxx   hihhihihihihihihihihihihihihih
2010_12_08_18:53:00.260   024.239.231.xxx   cool
2010_12_08_18:53:19.171   068.150.181.xxx   calm down .. you aren't on live TV (32)
2010_12_08_18:53:26.504   024.239.231.xxx   awsome
2010_12_08_18:54:03.867   024.239.231.xxx   i like turtles
2010_12_08_18:54:28.775   071.111.006.xxx   Hi Bub!!!
2010_12_08_18:54:55.107   024.239.231.xxx   who
2010_12_08_18:55:22.666   071.111.006.xxx   Silly bub, tricks are for kids!!
2010_12_08_18:55:39.547   068.150.181.xxx   funny, that KFC prize seems like so long ago (33)
2010_12_08_18:55:52.471   024.239.231.xxx   who is the bub tell me tell me NOW
2010_12_08_18:56:12.109   069.124.122.xxx   count chocula!
2010_12_08_18:56:38.485   024.239.231.xxx   that is good food. is it not?
2010_12_08_18:56:51.442   069.124.122.xxx   cheese rocks!!!!!!!!
2010_12_08_18:57:05.204   024.239.231.xxx   oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_18:57:12.804   068.150.181.xxx   well KFC isn't good for you, no (34)
2010_12_08_18:57:33.217   069.124.122.xxx   but count chocula is
2010_12_08_18:57:39.628   024.239.231.xxx   no. but it is good chicken (11)
2010_12_08_18:57:42.809   068.150.181.xxx   funny.. (35)
2010_12_08_18:58:02.427   173.023.125.xxx   hey alek how long do you stay up
2010_12_08_18:58:09.715   024.239.231.xxx   yeah!!!!!! (12)
2010_12_08_18:58:22.411   068.150.181.xxx   Americans love KFC of course.. fatty foods (36)
2010_12_08_18:58:33.701   173.023.125.xxx   hey alek how long do you stay up
2010_12_08_18:58:38.540   024.239.231.xxx   _____________________________ (13)
2010_12_08_18:58:45.898   069.124.122.xxx   super size!
2010_12_08_18:59:07.548   068.150.181.xxx   I'm watching Ignite Boulder Rocks (37)
2010_12_08_18:59:10.719   173.023.125.xxx   hey alek how long do you stay up .
2010_12_08_18:59:34.010   024.239.231.xxx   it is only 8:59 where i live (14)
2010_12_08_18:59:53.778   068.150.181.xxx   he's a night owl, don't you know? hehe (38)
2010_12_08_18:59:54.105   069.124.122.xxx   me too..
2010_12_08_19:00:25.872   024.239.231.xxx   cool (15)
2010_12_08_19:00:44.089   069.124.122.xxx   i love the hulk the best!
2010_12_08_19:01:16.416   024.239.231.xxx   alek what do you do in that room for that long (16)
2010_12_08_19:01:42.019   068.150.181.xxx   watching out for bad people (39)
2010_12_08_19:01:47.557   173.023.125.xxx   hey alek how long do you stay up
2010_12_08_19:02:13.265   068.150.181.xxx   would you stop asking over nd over? (40 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_19:02:30.105   071.111.006.xxx   Welcome back bub
2010_12_08_19:02:32.283   069.124.122.xxx   santa is watching too!
2010_12_08_19:02:51.290   068.150.181.xxx   i guess SOME don't get the drift (41)
2010_12_08_19:03:17.597   071.111.006.xxx   I love the snow show bub!
2010_12_08_19:03:43.931   069.124.122.xxx   santa is coming to town. he will like your lights.
2010_12_08_19:03:53.637   071.111.006.xxx   Hey bub, smile for the camera!
2010_12_08_19:05:01.355   069.124.122.xxx   cheese
2010_12_08_19:05:32.095   075.068.062.xxx   I like long walks on the beach!!!
2010_12_08_19:06:47.714   071.111.006.xxx   Hey bub, smile for the camera!
2010_12_08_19:07:39.764   071.111.006.xxx   Cmon, say something!!!
2010_12_08_19:07:40.275   173.023.125.xxx   hey alek how long do you stay up (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_19:08:08.278   024.239.231.xxx   my computer turned off on it (17)
2010_12_08_19:08:15.525   068.150.181.xxx   give it a rest man (42)
2010_12_08_19:08:42.081   024.239.231.xxx   wyh i have rights (18)
2010_12_08_19:08:51.990   071.111.006.xxx   No resting allowed bub!
2010_12_08_19:09:02.233   068.150.181.xxx   cause you're getting annoying (43)
2010_12_08_19:09:29.100   024.239.231.xxx   why i don't get what you are saying (19)
2010_12_08_19:09:35.858   071.111.006.xxx   It's all good bub!!
2010_12_08_19:09:53.653   173.023.125.xxx   hey alek how long do you stay up . (11)
2010_12_08_19:09:59.021   068.150.181.xxx   if he didn't answer you already, he won't (44)
2010_12_08_19:10:20.888   024.239.231.xxx   i agree (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_19:10:40.297   071.111.006.xxx   I heart bub! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_19:10:49.951   173.023.125.xxx   wheres every one from (12)
2010_12_08_19:10:57.325   024.239.231.xxx   huh (21)
2010_12_08_19:11:33.514   024.239.231.xxx   hvibguiqpwerg (22)
2010_12_08_19:13:18.957   071.111.006.xxx   What's crackalackin bub? (11)
2010_12_08_19:13:47.784   024.239.231.xxx   115 PEOPLE ARE VIEWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (23)
2010_12_08_19:14:21.495   071.015.158.xxx   i love you chase
2010_12_08_19:14:25.841   075.181.059.xxx   this is crazy awesome. WAVE (:
2010_12_08_19:15:07.075   071.111.006.xxx   Bye (12)
2010_12_08_19:15:45.709   075.094.059.xxx   Are you gonna be shown on ignite boulder??????
2010_12_08_19:16:23.608   024.239.231.xxx   hi (25)
2010_12_08_19:16:36.327   024.015.180.xxx   This is cool
2010_12_08_19:19:30.839   024.115.024.xxx   Happy holidays from Pennsylvania
2010_12_08_19:20:56.177   071.015.158.xxx   i love you miranda
2010_12_08_19:22:30.789   071.015.158.xxx   i love you miranda
2010_12_08_19:23:54.703   071.015.158.xxx   look at this wierd dude
2010_12_08_19:25:00.983   071.015.158.xxx   my mom is the best ever
2010_12_08_19:27:11.053   071.015.158.xxx   Merry Christmas from Martin, TN
2010_12_08_19:27:54.481   207.179.002.xxx   Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from South Bend,In!
2010_12_08_19:30:38.527   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Who you calling a wierd dude?!? ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_19:31:43.246   074.185.085.xxx   what the crap is boulder ignite
2010_12_08_19:34:39.543   156.034.196.xxx   Sounds scary
2010_12_08_19:36:22.241   068.097.134.xxx   you mom goes to college
2010_12_08_19:37:39.438   132.162.081.xxx   peace joy and happiness
2010_12_08_19:38:12.318   098.213.174.xxx   Joy and blessings to you...Merry CHRISTmas!
2010_12_08_19:38:34.500   075.068.062.xxx   Alek is the man!
2010_12_08_19:39:00.490   098.213.174.xxx   He really is! My kids love controlling the lights!
2010_12_08_19:39:14.621   075.068.062.xxx   I've been watching grass grow for to long!
2010_12_08_19:40:02.541   074.190.085.xxx   hello people
2010_12_08_19:40:05.243   091.021.037.xxx   i can see Frosty lol
2010_12_08_19:40:35.374   091.021.037.xxx   looks like he has fun
2010_12_08_19:40:42.337   074.190.085.xxx   dude you are g**
2010_12_08_19:40:56.188   068.150.181.xxx   Is there an App for this? haha (45)
2010_12_08_19:41:54.644   068.150.181.xxx   candy Candes (46)
2010_12_08_19:42:14.903   075.068.062.xxx   Tupper ware?1?
2010_12_08_19:42:44.750   091.021.037.xxx   what
2010_12_08_19:42:57.880   068.150.181.xxx   btw, it's Weird not Wierd (47)
2010_12_08_19:43:01.153   075.068.062.xxx   Boulder ignit tupper ware?
2010_12_08_19:44:01.529   075.068.062.xxx   8 Crazy nights!
2010_12_08_19:45:02.474   068.150.181.xxx   Sing, Sing a song, Sing it loud, Sing it Long! (48)
2010_12_08_19:45:42.616   091.021.037.xxx   oh mann das is so kra** alda
2010_12_08_19:47:38.152   091.021.037.xxx   ich bumse den weihnachtsmann
2010_12_08_19:48:13.334   068.150.181.xxx   cool someone German (49)
2010_12_08_19:48:26.726   091.021.037.xxx   lol
2010_12_08_19:49:24.812   075.068.062.xxx   How did the kids go to sleep with all the lights blinking lol
2010_12_08_19:49:55.525   075.068.062.xxx   put up your facebook page
2010_12_08_19:52:20.175   091.021.037.xxx   D___Ho
2010_12_08_19:53:07.989   091.021.037.xxx   viva la simpsons
2010_12_08_20:02:42.044   076.121.182.xxx   WA State in the house! Go Cougs!
2010_12_08_20:04:52.792   071.218.046.xxx   Hi
2010_12_08_20:06:44.654   067.176.095.xxx   I would like a life free of cancer please.
2010_12_08_20:07:56.341   071.218.046.xxx   We
2010_12_08_20:08:20.667   068.150.181.xxx   well just work hard, take your rad and chemo (50 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_20:08:29.605   067.176.095.xxx   please santa please
2010_12_08_20:09:07.540   071.218.046.xxx   Hi
2010_12_08_20:10:27.278   067.176.095.xxx   Priecigus Ziema**vetkus! Merry Christmas in Latvian
2010_12_08_20:10:47.857   071.236.030.xxx   Hi From South Siberia, Atlanta, It is cold here
2010_12_08_20:11:13.481   071.218.046.xxx   Gk,hddzgjkgdxckjufzh kzvdjkhggsdzfghjsDfugksyguKSvzgiksdv
2010_12_08_20:12:07.162   071.218.046.xxx   FzxvbSgrhkukh.fSVHafvhhd,k,kbhXCVh.kjgdfsuilhdbahk.l...lInadbf*jAdfbkjbAk.hjfbf
2010_12_08_20:13:11.456   071.218.046.xxx   Light
2010_12_08_20:19:36.409   205.185.131.xxx   Hi people
2010_12_08_20:24:58.486   205.185.131.xxx   hehehe everything off
2010_12_08_20:25:53.730   205.185.131.xxx   hehehe everything on
2010_12_08_20:27:20.640   205.185.131.xxx   hi
2010_12_08_20:27:57.482   064.012.116.xxx   i run, i run so far away.....
2010_12_08_20:27:59.036   074.245.090.xxx   hello?
2010_12_08_20:29:15.660   064.012.116.xxx   HOWDY!!!!
2010_12_08_20:29:29.887   074.245.090.xxx   hello?
2010_12_08_20:29:37.653   205.185.131.xxx   hi
2010_12_08_20:29:54.893   064.012.116.xxx   Guten Tag!!!!
2010_12_08_20:29:58.780   074.245.090.xxx   This is cool.
2010_12_08_20:30:15.921   205.185.131.xxx   I 9829___ GERMAN
2010_12_08_20:30:34.740   064.012.116.xxx   needs more cowbell !!!!!
2010_12_08_20:30:41.579   205.185.131.xxx   ye
2010_12_08_20:31:08.266   064.012.116.xxx   I am the walrus!!
2010_12_08_20:31:16.163   205.185.131.xxx   I Live in Minnesota
2010_12_08_20:32:00.299   205.185.131.xxx   hehehe i turn everything off
2010_12_08_20:32:34.300   205.185.131.xxx   hehehe i turn everything off (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_20:33:21.931   205.185.131.xxx   i turn everything off (11)
2010_12_08_20:33:46.201   074.245.090.xxx   how long have you been doing this?
2010_12_08_20:34:09.756   205.185.131.xxx   hi (12)
2010_12_08_20:35:19.243   074.245.090.xxx   Doesn't this get annoying?
2010_12_08_20:35:39.243   205.185.131.xxx   i thun everything off just watch (13)
2010_12_08_20:36:21.301   064.012.116.xxx   the only thing thats annoying are the drunk gummi bears
2010_12_08_20:36:23.599   205.185.131.xxx   my dog likes your lights (14)
2010_12_08_20:37:49.433   205.185.131.xxx   hehehe i turn everything off (15)
2010_12_08_20:38:57.198   205.185.131.xxx   arg (16)
2010_12_08_20:39:33.486   205.185.131.xxx   Guten Tag! (17)
2010_12_08_20:40:28.427   205.185.131.xxx   What OS u runnin? (18)
2010_12_08_20:41:11.977   205.185.131.xxx   I like ur headset (19)
2010_12_08_20:42:09.566   205.185.131.xxx   u should get some more LED's (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_20:42:39.520   205.185.131.xxx   Or OLED's (21)
2010_12_08_20:43:23.561   205.185.131.xxx   ___---- Santas Workshop (22)
2010_12_08_20:44:05.521   205.185.131.xxx   ______?/___ (23)
2010_12_08_20:44:45.679   205.185.131.xxx   not much for symbols work on here (24)
2010_12_08_20:45:17.779   205.185.131.xxx   Is anyone else here???????? (25)
2010_12_08_20:46:20.091   205.185.131.xxx   Aaaaaahhhhh !!! (26)
2010_12_08_20:46:54.009   205.185.131.xxx   phew gone! (27)
2010_12_08_20:47:56.442   205.185.131.xxx   hi i see u (28)
2010_12_08_20:49:56.171   205.185.131.xxx   I ___B La Crescent, MN (29)
2010_12_08_20:51:35.044   205.185.131.xxx   8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_08_20:53:04.941   205.185.131.xxx   My battery is goin dead so bye ill be back tommrow!!! (31)
2010_12_08_20:53:38.666   205.185.131.xxx   MUHAHA (32)
2010_12_08_20:59:14.516   071.064.004.xxx   EFE s*****
2010_12_08_20:59:46.684   071.064.004.xxx   OHIO STATE
2010_12_08_21:05:47.248   069.000.026.xxx   whats going on people!!
2010_12_08_21:10:15.152   099.241.102.xxx   Merry Christmas from GARYonline.ca
2010_12_08_21:21:03.486   099.241.102.xxx   Merry Christmas from... GARYonline.ca
2010_12_08_21:21:28.067   068.096.170.xxx   ALL OFF! SAVE POWER!
2010_12_08_21:23:00.670   068.096.170.xxx   SAVING POWER!
2010_12_08_21:24:19.341   068.096.170.xxx   Laptop reboot?
2010_12_08_21:24:51.551   068.096.170.xxx   Thanks!
2010_12_08_21:25:29.774   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sorry 'bout that - you'd think Firefox would be more stable on Linux ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_21:26:06.302   068.096.170.xxx   It is! Maybe upgrade OS?
2010_12_08_21:26:42.466   068.150.181.xxx   ooh weird stuff happening this season! (51)
2010_12_08_21:28:48.210   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** yea, sometimes technology "wins" ***ALEK***
2010_12_08_21:32:34.634   068.096.170.xxx   I would at least check for new version of firefox
2010_12_08_21:33:32.577   068.096.170.xxx   Trying to save you power, all off!
2010_12_08_21:34:37.597   068.096.170.xxx   26 minutes? HECK ALL ON THEN!
2010_12_08_21:55:13.306   038.098.088.xxx   6 minutes?!?! NOooo!
2010_12_08_21:56:05.040   156.034.196.xxx   hey at least it's not the end of the year shutdown now that's depressing
2010_12_08_21:56:47.142   038.098.088.xxx   Very, very true! Merry Christmas!
2010_12_08_21:57:03.480   156.034.196.xxx   join the unofficial Facebook fan pg btw :)
2010_12_08_21:58:35.193   069.000.026.xxx   everybody turn the stuff off so Alek doesn't have too.
2010_12_08_21:59:10.871   156.034.196.xxx   lol he hits one switch it's all off :)
2010_12_08_21:59:31.933   038.098.088.xxx   yeah, I'm sure he has that covered!
2010_12_08_21:59:56.116   068.096.170.xxx   Last post!!!

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