301 christmas text messages on 2010/1211

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 8,520 times that day including 4,687 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1211

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_11_16:29:18.150   099.158.168.xxx   hey
2010_12_11_16:29:56.950   099.158.168.xxx   anyone there
2010_12_11_16:30:05.128   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning X10 controls on a bit early tonight - but acting erratically due to techical issues ***ALEK***
2010_12_11_16:31:04.970   072.072.231.xxx   go steelers!
2010_12_11_16:32:01.711   076.173.148.xxx   go raiders
2010_12_11_16:32:33.448   099.158.168.xxx   go bears
2010_12_11_16:33:08.727   076.104.142.xxx   Merry christmas all from washington from lexi, melissa,michael, mom and dad!
2010_12_11_16:33:56.287   076.173.148.xxx   dude!!!
2010_12_11_16:34:03.129   072.072.231.xxx   Hulk rules!  Merry Christmas
2010_12_11_16:35:20.178   099.158.168.xxx   leave it on
2010_12_11_16:36:10.098   076.173.148.xxx   yooyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo
2010_12_11_16:36:13.524   072.220.003.xxx   I wonder if all the turning stuff on and off annoys the neighbors...
2010_12_11_16:36:50.234   099.158.168.xxx   no
2010_12_11_16:36:54.796   067.209.014.xxx   hey
2010_12_11_16:37:03.154   076.173.148.xxx   beep boop beep
2010_12_11_16:37:47.098   099.158.168.xxx   stop
2010_12_11_16:38:27.219   082.042.107.xxx   HO HO HO I WANT SOME SNOW
2010_12_11_16:38:42.228   099.158.168.xxx   i do too
2010_12_11_16:39:13.551   082.042.107.xxx   lets all post what we want from santa.
2010_12_11_16:39:29.630   209.169.216.xxx   Season's Greetings from Carlsbad, NM
2010_12_11_16:39:37.064   076.173.148.xxx   a car
2010_12_11_16:41:33.348   076.173.148.xxx   rtvberycnirgugyvohuo!
2010_12_11_16:42:09.255   076.173.148.xxx   w4yhc3yh3g7tf36f54hy73yredygrfvbetgv
2010_12_11_16:44:14.691   069.092.045.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_11_16:44:33.677   076.173.148.xxx   ssdcfhdsdbgvcgasfh
2010_12_11_16:44:46.915   064.231.150.xxx   Yahoo! James
2010_12_11_16:44:47.344   024.099.210.xxx   hello michael!
2010_12_11_16:45:05.866   195.093.021.xxx   hiya mate well done looks great
2010_12_11_16:45:22.319   076.173.148.xxx   cgdbddxcvshgvdcwevy
2010_12_11_16:45:54.693   069.092.045.xxx   Darn it, now I'm craving eggnog ice cream
2010_12_11_16:45:56.416   195.093.021.xxx   hiya mate well done looks great
2010_12_11_16:46:24.193   195.093.021.xxx   really good cause
2010_12_11_16:49:59.447   024.175.220.xxx   HI
2010_12_11_16:53:06.442   086.169.169.xxx   merry christmas
2010_12_11_16:53:56.300   086.169.169.xxx   its me from derry
2010_12_11_16:54:11.526   074.069.203.xxx   cornish maine
2010_12_11_16:54:20.677   086.169.169.xxx   i love you cara
2010_12_11_16:54:46.173   074.069.203.xxx   love you too dooby
2010_12_11_16:55:07.223   086.169.169.xxx   who are you
2010_12_11_16:55:32.168   074.069.203.xxx   who do u think ___o)
2010_12_11_16:55:56.683   074.060.160.xxx   I love you Jamie!!!!!!!!
2010_12_11_16:56:04.875   074.069.203.xxx   (.) (.)
2010_12_11_16:56:17.550   086.169.169.xxx   i dont know
2010_12_11_16:56:37.764   074.069.203.xxx   (o) (o)
2010_12_11_16:57:03.774   086.169.169.xxx   im from ireland
2010_12_11_16:57:13.526   074.060.160.xxx   I love you Jersey!
2010_12_11_16:57:19.681   074.069.203.xxx   thats your problem
2010_12_11_16:57:57.307   076.114.091.xxx   Team Geoffy!!
2010_12_11_16:58:18.462   074.069.203.xxx   dooby...where are u
2010_12_11_16:58:51.910   090.200.154.xxx   Hi :P
2010_12_11_16:58:52.874   076.114.091.xxx   Team Geoffy!
2010_12_11_16:59:20.390   070.112.142.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2010_12_11_16:59:28.212   090.200.154.xxx   Type text & Hi CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2010_12_11_16:59:35.802   074.069.203.xxx   dooby dooby dooby
2010_12_11_16:59:53.717   070.112.142.xxx   Spliff
2010_12_11_17:00:30.194   074.069.203.xxx   spliff?
2010_12_11_17:00:57.854   076.097.077.xxx   Flu bug is bad in Ga
2010_12_11_17:01:03.904   090.200.154.xxx   Happy Christmas & A Merry New Year!
2010_12_11_17:01:11.211   086.169.169.xxx   i love emma nangle
2010_12_11_17:01:40.790   074.069.203.xxx   i love emma nangle too (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_11_17:02:00.813   209.169.216.xxx   ....
2010_12_11_17:02:02.989   075.111.078.xxx   hi from lubbock tx
2010_12_11_17:03:10.103   074.069.203.xxx   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (11)
2010_12_11_17:03:32.878   076.097.077.xxx   ___3
2010_12_11_17:03:58.210   074.069.203.xxx   hfblhz dlfvhzslgblshvblzsdfvbl (12)
2010_12_11_17:04:33.293   075.111.078.xxx   this is insanely awesome.  thanks for the grins!
2010_12_11_17:05:39.592   074.069.203.xxx   (.) (.) (13)
2010_12_11_17:05:53.339   071.238.006.xxx   hello
2010_12_11_17:06:00.217   174.016.044.xxx   Hello from Johnstown Colorado!!!!
2010_12_11_17:06:02.330   076.114.091.xxx   Uber Kool!
2010_12_11_17:06:11.679   074.069.203.xxx   (.) (.)  (.) (.)  (.) (.) (14)
2010_12_11_17:06:51.989   071.238.006.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_11_17:07:03.176   174.016.044.xxx   This is so fun!
2010_12_11_17:07:08.678   074.069.203.xxx   bah humbug (15)
2010_12_11_17:07:12.223   091.021.042.xxx   hes god
2010_12_11_17:07:33.017   076.097.077.xxx   Merry Christmas from NE Ga
2010_12_11_17:07:46.552   074.069.203.xxx   dooby? (16)
2010_12_11_17:08:12.185   076.097.077.xxx   shoo whoop whoop
2010_12_11_17:08:13.651   091.021.042.xxx   xxx
2010_12_11_17:08:34.509   076.114.091.xxx   this is awesome! Good Job!
2010_12_11_17:08:42.780   074.069.203.xxx   dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby? (17)
2010_12_11_17:09:02.433   091.021.042.xxx   scoopy
2010_12_11_17:09:11.098   076.097.077.xxx   brothers?
2010_12_11_17:09:15.489   074.069.203.xxx   dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby?dooby? (18)
2010_12_11_17:09:49.631   091.021.042.xxx   where is alek
2010_12_11_17:10:11.718   074.069.203.xxx   supper (19)
2010_12_11_17:10:53.671   091.021.042.xxx   alek is the man
2010_12_11_17:11:47.927   099.158.168.xxx   turn every thing off
2010_12_11_17:12:00.952   076.097.077.xxx   It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
2010_12_11_17:13:53.700   091.021.042.xxx   damaget
2010_12_11_17:14:45.165   091.021.042.xxx   hi
2010_12_11_17:15:42.932   091.021.042.xxx   homer lol
2010_12_11_17:15:55.963   076.097.077.xxx   goodnight, sleep tight, may all your dreams come true
2010_12_11_17:17:39.418   091.021.042.xxx   homer was at snomans a** lol
2010_12_11_17:18:29.181   071.086.209.xxx   hi
2010_12_11_17:19:52.449   091.021.042.xxx   hi (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_11_17:20:22.543   173.079.200.xxx   Awesome
2010_12_11_17:20:45.263   091.021.042.xxx   awesome (11)
2010_12_11_17:20:49.600   099.158.168.xxx   waz up
2010_12_11_17:21:16.533   091.021.042.xxx   waz up (12)
2010_12_11_17:21:42.156   098.064.148.xxx   Hello from Miami!
2010_12_11_17:22:10.862   091.021.042.xxx   Hello from Miami! (13)
2010_12_11_17:23:25.069   091.021.042.xxx   Hello from Afghanistan (14)
2010_12_11_17:24:16.567   098.064.148.xxx   66 degrees F in Miami
2010_12_11_17:26:16.166   091.021.042.xxx   26.6 in germany (15)
2010_12_11_17:28:21.409   067.209.014.xxx   cr
2010_12_11_17:30:33.314   024.115.157.xxx   this is very cute!
2010_12_11_17:41:43.469   096.235.234.xxx   josh was here
2010_12_11_17:43:10.248   068.150.181.xxx   where is Josh now then?
2010_12_11_17:45:51.935   024.111.140.xxx   Hi peoples!
2010_12_11_17:45:57.135   099.241.102.xxx   Merry Christmas from... GARYonline.ca
2010_12_11_17:46:27.412   074.061.226.xxx   Merry Christmas from Baltimore, Hon!
2010_12_11_17:46:38.843   024.111.140.xxx   This house did overboard for lights and etc! GOOD JOB
2010_12_11_17:47:35.610   065.024.235.xxx   THAT'S WHAT MAKES THIS SO WONDERFUL
2010_12_11_17:48:13.461   024.111.140.xxx   Happy Holidays from South Dakota
2010_12_11_17:48:20.869   089.242.109.xxx   Merry Christmas from N.Ireland
2010_12_11_17:48:48.385   024.111.140.xxx   Happy Holidays from South Dakota
2010_12_11_17:49:21.541   076.104.142.xxx   merry christmas from maple valley washington!!!
2010_12_11_17:50:27.722   066.044.197.xxx   happy holidays from cheatingnetwork.net
2010_12_11_17:51:07.095   089.242.109.xxx   is itcold in washington?
2010_12_11_17:52:11.408   066.044.197.xxx   did he go and put more lights up?
2010_12_11_17:52:44.641   098.246.022.xxx   Merry Christmas CN!
2010_12_11_17:52:57.864   089.242.109.xxx   how cold is it in washington?
2010_12_11_17:53:40.100   066.044.197.xxx   happy holidays from cheatingnetwork.net
2010_12_11_17:54:12.725   024.099.021.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone
2010_12_11_17:54:43.722   065.024.235.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pickerington, Ohio
2010_12_11_17:54:57.473   024.099.021.xxx   Cheatingnetwork.net
2010_12_11_17:54:58.461   066.044.197.xxx   a cars coming shut all the lights off!!
2010_12_11_17:57:02.988   066.044.197.xxx   CN ROCKS!!
2010_12_11_17:57:21.894   099.238.246.xxx   Hello!
2010_12_11_17:57:47.087   066.044.197.xxx   well hello!
2010_12_11_17:57:52.597   086.017.027.xxx   Hope you & Fam have a FAB xmas Alek - from Uk xxx
2010_12_11_17:58:46.548   076.021.005.xxx   This is a test
2010_12_11_17:59:22.765   066.044.197.xxx   test failed
2010_12_11_17:59:30.858   076.021.005.xxx   I liek mudkips
2010_12_11_18:00:25.184   086.017.027.xxx   I wish the whole of the UK could do this.......
2010_12_11_18:00:29.604   076.021.005.xxx   CN rocks
2010_12_11_18:01:03.037   066.044.197.xxx   CN is the best
2010_12_11_18:01:17.692   097.115.213.xxx   i c u
2010_12_11_18:01:38.734   066.044.197.xxx   I C U P
2010_12_11_18:01:41.477   097.115.213.xxx   christmas!!!
2010_12_11_18:03:27.317   066.044.197.xxx   happy holidays from cheatingnetwork.net (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_11_18:03:59.480   173.025.048.xxx   from iowa happy holidays
2010_12_11_18:05:03.123   074.141.110.xxx   Heyyy
2010_12_11_18:07:02.553   074.141.110.xxx   Hello, from bowling green Kentucky!
2010_12_11_18:11:32.350   065.039.098.xxx   sudo dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda
2010_12_11_18:12:03.815   082.042.107.xxx   goodnight from the uk
2010_12_11_18:13:16.858   098.213.150.xxx   Merry Christmas From Mechesney Park, IL!
2010_12_11_18:15:04.982   098.212.037.xxx   This isn't Las Vegas.  Move on people,
2010_12_11_18:15:06.459   069.149.120.xxx   I am Batman.
2010_12_11_18:15:34.608   069.149.120.xxx   The laptop is not updating again.
2010_12_11_18:16:36.957   069.243.129.xxx   Its Carter Yo!
2010_12_11_18:18:06.643   208.004.186.xxx   Merry Christmas from Northwest Kansas!
2010_12_11_18:19:28.027   076.114.091.xxx   Happy Holidays from Nashville :)
2010_12_11_18:22:10.583   024.131.020.xxx   when are you going to depart
2010_12_11_18:28:01.801   014.202.128.xxx   emily is here
2010_12_11_18:28:55.508   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_11_18:29:18.686   014.202.128.xxx   asdasdads
2010_12_11_18:29:23.201   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_11_18:33:09.831   076.114.091.xxx   Happy Holidays from Nashville :)
2010_12_11_18:34:45.126   076.114.091.xxx   Merry Christmas from Nashville
2010_12_11_18:42:13.739   071.202.245.xxx   OMG HIIII!!!!!!!
2010_12_11_18:42:18.797   142.068.167.xxx   only two weeks to the BIG DAY!
2010_12_11_18:44:10.894   071.202.245.xxx   I WANT YOUR COOKIES AND MILK -SANTA
2010_12_11_18:44:51.981   071.202.245.xxx   HELLO, I SEE YOU!!!! GUY IN GREEN SHIRT
2010_12_11_18:45:37.130   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Laptop fixed - sorry 'bout that ***ALEK***
2010_12_11_18:45:47.786   071.202.245.xxx   HOW DID YOU MAKE ALL THIS?
2010_12_11_18:46:02.103   014.202.128.xxx   fasefg
2010_12_11_18:47:01.380   014.202.128.xxx   emily
2010_12_11_18:47:31.848   014.202.128.xxx   Santa's Workshop Cam!
2010_12_11_18:47:32.550   142.068.167.xxx   Christmas is coming soon!
2010_12_11_18:47:38.275   071.202.245.xxx   hello
2010_12_11_18:49:23.366   142.068.167.xxx   yikes
2010_12_11_18:50:20.176   206.126.209.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!!!
2010_12_11_18:51:25.685   071.072.039.xxx   happy christmas
2010_12_11_18:52:20.466   206.126.209.xxx   Merry Christmas from wintery Wisconsin!!!
2010_12_11_18:54:05.567   069.253.231.xxx   wa**up?
2010_12_11_18:57:00.774   014.202.128.xxx   test
2010_12_11_18:57:34.120   014.202.128.xxx   this
2010_12_11_18:57:58.484   206.126.209.xxx   Merry Christmas from wintery Wisconsin!!!
2010_12_11_18:58:49.206   069.207.052.xxx   Hi
2010_12_11_19:00:26.960   014.202.128.xxx   santa i would like a car
2010_12_11_19:00:58.482   014.202.128.xxx   a very fast red one
2010_12_11_19:01:02.082   069.207.052.xxx   Hi from Hinsdale,NY
2010_12_11_19:01:11.097   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa says h**** bring you a Hot Wheel! ***ALEK***
2010_12_11_19:02:08.132   065.039.224.xxx   Does this REALLY work?
2010_12_11_19:02:57.311   065.039.224.xxx   Merry x-Mas for all!
2010_12_11_19:03:12.632   014.202.128.xxx   how do i buy a digital globe sat pic (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_11_19:03:52.591   065.039.224.xxx   This is flippin' Awesome! Wow!
2010_12_11_19:04:12.459   069.207.052.xxx   Yoyoyo
2010_12_11_19:05:03.363   065.039.224.xxx   Hawk: I approve this site!
2010_12_11_19:05:22.481   069.207.052.xxx   Hi from my iPodtouch!
2010_12_11_19:06:09.657   065.039.224.xxx   Dude on the PC - Give a wave?
2010_12_11_19:07:14.948   070.170.006.xxx   text
2010_12_11_19:07:41.119   076.127.007.xxx   I'm gonna turn everything off then turn it back on.
2010_12_11_19:07:59.732   070.170.006.xxx   text and cr
2010_12_11_19:08:24.481   076.127.007.xxx   this is so cool!
2010_12_11_19:09:00.383   076.127.007.xxx   you look like stephen colbert
2010_12_11_19:10:10.446   014.202.128.xxx   did you have a volt gague online one year? (11)
2010_12_11_19:16:41.040   075.138.187.xxx   Live
2010_12_11_19:19:53.422   072.200.206.xxx   Happy Holidays everyone!
2010_12_11_19:24:52.190   173.056.166.xxx   Christmas greetings to MT in CT
2010_12_11_19:28:26.655   134.048.160.xxx   HELLLOOOOO
2010_12_11_19:29:05.073   024.063.081.xxx   Greetings back atacha
2010_12_11_19:29:42.048   066.168.040.xxx   Hi everybody!! :D
2010_12_11_19:30:01.367   024.063.081.xxx   Greetings earthlings
2010_12_11_19:36:06.442   098.030.206.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lima Ohio
2010_12_11_19:36:20.386   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2010_12_11_19:39:35.347   068.041.159.xxx   GO BLUE at the BIG CHILL
2010_12_11_19:39:56.043   098.030.206.xxx   Love the Christmas lights Alek!  Thank you!
2010_12_11_19:40:05.340   068.041.159.xxx   Hi Alek! Nice job!
2010_12_11_19:40:06.952   067.142.130.xxx   -32 here !
2010_12_11_19:43:04.313   069.149.120.xxx   This is so cool
2010_12_11_19:43:26.011   098.030.206.xxx   Way cool!!
2010_12_11_19:43:33.960   076.114.091.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_11_19:44:21.191   098.030.206.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!
2010_12_11_19:44:34.317   069.042.036.xxx   Thank you for your support of such a good cause!
2010_12_11_19:47:03.488   069.042.036.xxx   Luke 2:9-12
2010_12_11_19:47:03.991   090.198.103.xxx   hi alek
2010_12_11_19:47:41.230   090.198.103.xxx   can you wave at cam alek
2010_12_11_19:48:06.801   174.253.082.xxx   hello eddie!!
2010_12_11_19:50:06.839   069.042.036.xxx   Luke 2:9-12
2010_12_11_19:55:12.809   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Go Galena with -32 ... F or C ... OOOPS ... it's the same in both cases - stay warm!  ***ALEK***
2010_12_11_19:57:43.907   090.198.103.xxx   how
2010_12_11_19:58:25.986   090.198.103.xxx   how your family alek
2010_12_11_20:00:48.106   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Family is doing well - bit of a tough year, but overall we've been fortunate ***ALEK***
2010_12_11_20:02:26.879   090.198.103.xxx   alek where can i get the x10 firecracker in england
2010_12_11_20:05:12.526   114.076.148.xxx   Hello!
2010_12_11_20:06:11.297   067.142.130.xxx   That would be -32f
2010_12_11_20:06:20.812   075.075.178.xxx   hello
2010_12_11_20:07:17.909   071.079.190.xxx   HO HO HO
2010_12_11_20:08:27.622   071.079.190.xxx   Frosty says "Happy Birthday!"
2010_12_11_20:08:51.790   114.076.148.xxx   Merry Christmas from Australia!
2010_12_11_20:09:11.036   071.079.190.xxx   How are the 'roos?
2010_12_11_20:09:25.391   114.076.148.xxx   Haha good!!!
2010_12_11_20:10:28.263   071.079.190.xxx   Maybe sometime I'll make it there for our winter
2010_12_11_20:10:39.029   064.030.066.xxx   Amazing Work
2010_12_11_20:11:55.423   064.030.066.xxx   This is brilliant!
2010_12_11_20:14:26.431   067.166.018.xxx   max
2010_12_11_20:15:56.421   099.019.014.xxx   hello!
2010_12_11_20:16:28.581   067.166.018.xxx   santa says be good
2010_12_11_20:16:48.211   064.030.066.xxx   Such an amazing display!
2010_12_11_20:17:13.047   067.166.018.xxx   WOW
2010_12_11_20:17:42.001   071.225.013.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_11_20:19:02.169   067.166.018.xxx   holly joliday
2010_12_11_20:19:57.768   067.166.018.xxx   on off
2010_12_11_20:20:48.370   067.166.018.xxx   I like it
2010_12_11_20:21:22.553   067.166.018.xxx   max
2010_12_11_20:22:40.013   067.166.018.xxx   santa says be good
2010_12_11_20:23:36.937   174.089.159.xxx   I remember this last year, New STUFF!!!
2010_12_11_20:25:15.394   174.089.159.xxx   Jingle Bells,
2010_12_11_20:25:49.297   174.089.159.xxx   Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!!!
2010_12_11_20:25:52.411   184.056.246.xxx   2 weeks!
2010_12_11_20:32:23.508   076.104.142.xxx   hey alek! how are your holidays this year?
2010_12_11_20:34:15.643   069.149.120.xxx   Sashihara Rino is the best in AKB48
2010_12_11_20:35:09.508   099.241.147.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!
2010_12_11_20:39:32.092   071.212.209.xxx   I was Here. Where are you??
2010_12_11_20:42:38.629   071.212.209.xxx   dfgs0698dsf67g9df7s6g694w87yerosphierpw9i
2010_12_11_20:43:33.149   024.242.119.xxx   Paul Was here
2010_12_11_20:44:05.082   071.212.209.xxx   wa**up??
2010_12_11_20:45:51.054   071.212.209.xxx   ssssssss
2010_12_11_20:48:43.582   071.212.209.xxx
2010_12_11_20:49:01.313   068.150.181.xxx   things keep going!
2010_12_11_20:50:15.321   071.212.209.xxx   turn off elmo, you'll see him fall
2010_12_11_20:56:58.895   070.225.163.xxx   hello from UI
2010_12_11_20:57:18.636   068.150.181.xxx   haha Sarah Palin..
2010_12_11_21:01:19.662   070.225.163.xxx   pie
2010_12_11_21:03:11.776   098.073.004.xxx   Pretty Lights!
2010_12_11_21:11:33.033   068.061.046.xxx   Hello
2010_12_11_21:16:14.928   124.182.088.xxx   HELLO FROM AUSTRALIA
2010_12_11_21:16:21.660   069.149.120.xxx   aimu kurai
2010_12_11_21:21:53.966   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Down Under! ***ALEK***
2010_12_11_21:24:11.845   119.236.001.xxx   hello from Kyle in Hong Kong!
2010_12_11_21:28:33.057   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello King King Kyle! ***ALEK***
2010_12_11_21:29:04.481   068.005.191.xxx   This is so cool
2010_12_11_21:31:57.380   068.005.191.xxx   hi
2010_12_11_21:32:37.348   068.005.191.xxx   Hello from Irvine CA
2010_12_11_21:38:21.328   068.005.191.xxx   great website, lots of fun
2010_12_11_21:41:16.467   067.193.165.xxx   Hello From Kingston
2010_12_11_21:46:02.769   173.022.095.xxx   Alek you rule old school! give us a wave!!
2010_12_11_21:47:36.635   068.096.170.xxx   Now he rules new school!
2010_12_11_21:48:27.531   068.096.170.xxx   Now in POWER SAVE MODE!
2010_12_11_21:48:42.578   173.022.030.xxx   Hey Alec, if this is real
2010_12_11_21:49:27.734   173.022.030.xxx   Flash hookem horns sign
2010_12_11_21:51:33.398   173.022.095.xxx   are you boxers or are you briefs?
2010_12_11_21:52:06.162   173.022.030.xxx   Thumbs up - NOW if this is real
2010_12_11_21:52:32.188   068.096.170.xxx   That's a robot*** not real!
2010_12_11_21:53:22.184   069.149.120.xxx   WAZZUP
2010_12_11_21:53:41.174   173.022.030.xxx   wave if yhour live
2010_12_11_21:53:46.337   068.096.170.xxx   Audio anamatronics!
2010_12_11_21:54:27.372   066.222.239.xxx   HOlly go Study!
2010_12_11_21:55:30.176   068.096.170.xxx   I AM ROBOT - MOVE CONTROLS
2010_12_11_21:56:07.365   068.096.170.xxx   BEEP BEEP goes the robot
2010_12_11_21:56:12.943   156.034.196.xxx   Gnight Alek
2010_12_11_21:57:41.917   173.022.030.xxx   if your live GO OUTSIDE ON CAM
2010_12_11_21:58:13.621   068.096.170.xxx   LAPTOP-ON-A-CHAIR Patent Pending
2010_12_11_21:58:51.966   076.104.142.xxx   alek is real you guys! thats not a robot..its him! haha
2010_12_11_21:59:01.547   173.022.030.xxx   THIS IS FAKE, unless you go outside and prove it
2010_12_11_21:59:45.632   174.025.228.xxx   hi
2010_12_11_21:59:54.780   068.096.170.xxx   Last post !!!
2010_12_11_21:59:56.963   076.104.142.xxx   merry christmas from washington!!(:

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