194 christmas text messages on 2010/1213

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,103 times that day including 3,680 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1213

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_13_17:00:25.360   082.042.107.xxx   hello
2010_12_13_17:00:36.183   068.003.148.xxx   good evening
2010_12_13_17:01:05.063   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** And a good evening back to you and everyone else on the Internet! ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_17:01:22.493   098.251.014.xxx   hi
2010_12_13_17:02:12.463   099.070.118.xxx   This is cool
2010_12_13_17:03:01.297   098.251.014.xxx   merry christmas
2010_12_13_17:03:52.725   099.070.118.xxx   Happy Holidays from the Flying Spaghetti Monster
2010_12_13_17:04:40.897   098.251.014.xxx   what
2010_12_13_17:05:02.868   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK versus Flying Spaghetti Monster ... who would win? ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_17:05:19.116   098.251.014.xxx   cool
2010_12_13_17:06:22.212   098.251.014.xxx   turn every thing off
2010_12_13_17:08:29.288   099.070.118.xxx   Hulk is awesome.
2010_12_13_17:08:51.620   098.251.014.xxx   Merry CHRISTmas
2010_12_13_17:09:06.664   076.116.138.xxx   = )
2010_12_13_17:09:27.969   098.251.014.xxx   :)
2010_12_13_17:09:51.918   076.236.084.xxx   Almost Christmas!!
2010_12_13_17:10:12.171   098.251.014.xxx   12 days
2010_12_13_17:10:25.482   173.202.202.xxx   13" of snow in Denmark, Wisconsin
2010_12_13_17:10:55.086   098.251.014.xxx   wow
2010_12_13_17:12:11.056   098.251.014.xxx   cooooooooooool (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_13_17:12:12.489   173.202.202.xxx   Some drifts are around 2' in Denmark, WI
2010_12_13_17:12:47.709   098.251.014.xxx   I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11)
2010_12_13_17:13:56.162   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Might have snow here in Colorado later this week ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_17:14:10.966   173.202.202.xxx   Hay Alek, Guess How much snow we got
2010_12_13_17:14:15.530   066.142.220.xxx   Hello Everyone!!!!!!
2010_12_13_17:15:07.231   173.202.202.xxx   13" Here In Denmark, WI
2010_12_13_17:15:15.298   078.144.197.xxx   Faaaaace Bizzle!
2010_12_13_17:16:12.584   098.251.014.xxx   It snowed some in Atlanta (12)
2010_12_13_17:17:12.230   098.251.014.xxx   there are 78 people on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 (13)
2010_12_13_17:19:13.264   137.100.121.xxx   Well HELLO!
2010_12_13_17:20:10.255   137.100.121.xxx   Hey Bob whatsup?
2010_12_13_17:22:03.507   067.142.168.xxx   hulk
2010_12_13_17:24:39.261   098.217.008.xxx   Happy Christmas everyone!!
2010_12_13_17:26:34.946   024.228.006.xxx   Hello from New Jersey
2010_12_13_17:28:28.763   098.217.008.xxx   hello New Jersey, from MA!
2010_12_13_17:40:17.091   082.042.107.xxx   happy xmas from the uk.
2010_12_13_17:48:23.593   067.142.165.xxx   Merry Christmas from Goldvein, VA!
2010_12_13_17:50:15.638   069.171.115.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
2010_12_13_17:50:48.211   024.126.086.xxx   12 days to xmas
2010_12_13_17:52:06.122   067.142.165.xxx   Only 11 weeks 'til spring training! Go Phils!
2010_12_13_17:56:10.053   067.142.165.xxx   HO HO HO!
2010_12_13_18:01:17.342   098.170.229.xxx   Merry Christmas from Torin
2010_12_13_18:02:31.796   024.142.034.xxx   MeRry ChRiStMaS from Nova Scotia, Canada!
2010_12_13_18:26:36.018   074.065.126.xxx   Merry Christmas from Binghamton, NY
2010_12_13_18:31:58.524   064.047.091.xxx   You're the man now, dog!
2010_12_13_18:32:00.864   098.065.198.xxx   Lauren
2010_12_13_18:32:20.387   075.132.185.xxx   My wife and I love your enthusiasm
2010_12_13_18:32:45.815   064.047.091.xxx   Sam Adams is the Pale Ale Now, Dog!
2010_12_13_18:32:49.676   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska !
2010_12_13_18:33:26.537   064.047.091.xxx   Hello Galena, Alaska, from the internet!
2010_12_13_18:34:01.326   067.142.130.xxx   HI
2010_12_13_18:34:52.044   024.126.146.xxx   HEY GUYS!
2010_12_13_18:35:07.863   069.171.160.xxx   hey ther'
2010_12_13_18:35:21.225   064.047.091.xxx   HEY IT'S THAT GUY!  LOOK UP ABOVE THIS MONITOR!
2010_12_13_18:35:33.549   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Appreciate all the compliments - wind has died down - set up BIG Santa? ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_18:35:38.881   024.126.146.xxx   ___ 2010 Lacrossestar83
2010_12_13_18:36:09.387   064.047.091.xxx   ___
2010_12_13_18:36:43.773   064.047.091.xxx   (c) 2010 lacrossestar83
2010_12_13_18:38:17.433   024.126.146.xxx   I ___3 HTML
2010_12_13_18:38:23.249   064.047.091.xxx   hey guys its the internet
2010_12_13_18:38:47.671   024.126.146.xxx   I HEART HTML
2010_12_13_18:38:53.762   173.221.230.xxx   Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!!!!! :)
2010_12_13_18:39:32.408   024.126.146.xxx   Ted Stevens warned us about dunping stuff on the internet...
2010_12_13_18:41:14.174   173.221.230.xxx   Hi From Josh In Jacksonville Beach Florida
2010_12_13_18:41:37.053   024.126.146.xxx   IT'S NOT A BIG TTRUCK!
2010_12_13_18:42:16.380   074.171.130.xxx   The tubes on ChristmasCam2 are clogged
2010_12_13_18:44:06.654   074.171.130.xxx   Thank you
2010_12_13_18:44:36.913   075.053.175.xxx   Hi Alek
2010_12_13_18:44:53.561   173.221.230.xxx   I have donated my ___10 will you do the same?
2010_12_13_18:46:08.753   024.126.146.xxx   I'm dreaming of an internet chrismas
2010_12_13_18:46:36.010   064.047.091.xxx   EPIC INTERNET CHRISTMAS LIGHTS MANEUVER
2010_12_13_18:47:21.457   024.126.146.xxx   Cue Nightwish ghost love score!
2010_12_13_18:49:13.537   064.047.091.xxx   NIGHTWISH AND TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA MASHUP!
2010_12_13_18:52:16.644   064.047.091.xxx   this is epic (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_13_18:53:02.825   064.047.091.xxx   and yes, set up BIG santa!  :-) (11)
2010_12_13_18:53:03.969   173.221.230.xxx   Wow this is amazing!
2010_12_13_18:53:56.511   173.221.230.xxx   Ho Ho No
2010_12_13_18:54:24.526   173.221.230.xxx   Sorry, Ho Ho Ho
2010_12_13_18:58:14.283   173.070.194.xxx   Happy day Sippy
2010_12_13_18:58:30.215   064.047.091.xxx   kfc (12)
2010_12_13_18:58:58.828   173.221.230.xxx   Hello from Corbin Kentucky
2010_12_13_19:00:07.575   024.190.015.xxx   steakman is b****
2010_12_13_19:00:49.972   173.070.194.xxx   Hi s** y
2010_12_13_19:02:31.358   173.070.194.xxx   Got geocities?
2010_12_13_19:05:03.163   173.221.230.xxx   A great idea for a great cause, thank you.
2010_12_13_19:05:56.948   071.100.137.xxx   are  you  rich
2010_12_13_19:06:07.707   173.221.230.xxx   Can you wave hello to us?
2010_12_13_19:06:36.428   064.047.091.xxx   hey guys (13)
2010_12_13_19:08:45.327   072.222.209.xxx   You put a huge smile on our faces! Thx!
2010_12_13_19:09:34.673   132.003.009.xxx   Lights, camera! X-mas
2010_12_13_19:09:41.751   072.222.209.xxx   GO SPARTANS!
2010_12_13_19:10:48.574   171.066.082.xxx   yay
2010_12_13_19:10:52.322   072.222.209.xxx   Ho! Ho! Ho!
2010_12_13_19:11:35.234   132.003.009.xxx   Lights, camera! X-mas
2010_12_13_19:15:50.519   068.112.119.xxx   Hello World!
2010_12_13_19:19:03.878   156.034.192.xxx   Hi to the guy from t
2010_12_13_19:19:49.854   156.034.192.xxx   Hi to the guy from Texas (visor)
2010_12_13_19:21:22.041   098.119.009.xxx   I hate myself
2010_12_13_19:24:20.914   076.022.153.xxx   Aw  :(
2010_12_13_19:25:23.384   156.034.192.xxx   pfftt I hate myself every day but it doesn't work
2010_12_13_19:26:14.186   156.034.192.xxx   Does cam 2 sometimes lose color ?
2010_12_13_19:26:21.704   076.022.153.xxx   SNOW!   :D
2010_12_13_19:27:53.556   071.205.132.xxx   BigSam is my hero
2010_12_13_19:28:29.723   076.022.153.xxx   Holy crayola,  the color went out! :O
2010_12_13_19:31:28.406   012.239.192.xxx   Hello DELA
2010_12_13_19:32:52.618   012.239.192.xxx   Hello Angel from TIger
2010_12_13_19:33:38.590   156.034.192.xxx   Alek 's back, yay !!!
2010_12_13_19:34:37.719   012.239.192.xxx   Tiger ___3's Angel
2010_12_13_19:35:00.395   076.022.153.xxx   What on Gallifrey?
2010_12_13_19:35:34.424   012.239.192.xxx   Ho Ho Ho Angel
2010_12_13_19:35:59.823   076.022.153.xxx   The Vashta Nereda ate camera two. :O
2010_12_13_19:37:27.224   099.228.117.xxx   Baby.. it's cold outside...
2010_12_13_19:38:43.307   099.228.117.xxx   Currently -11 with a wind chill -23 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
2010_12_13_19:40:12.944   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam2 is having some wireless issues - sorry 'bout that ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_19:40:56.063   099.228.117.xxx   I had it when that happens.. ___-)
2010_12_13_19:41:16.218   012.239.192.xxx   Greetings from Missouri
2010_12_13_19:41:34.627   156.034.192.xxx   Np :) too much wind here I couldn't turn on my inflatables
2010_12_13_19:47:00.797   156.034.192.xxx   56F, heavy wind & rain, even thunder, eastern Canada
2010_12_13_19:47:52.064   068.096.170.xxx   Wind from 242___ at 16.2 MPH gusting to 25.6 - No rain/snow
2010_12_13_19:49:33.208   068.096.170.xxx   Gusts to 26 and Santa Balloon is OK (which says Balloon Boy)
2010_12_13_19:49:44.413   098.217.008.xxx   Stop it wind or I get angry - Hulk
2010_12_13_19:50:07.859   068.096.170.xxx   Thar she goes!
2010_12_13_19:50:42.031   068.096.170.xxx   Who's using the microwave? (wifi problems)
2010_12_13_19:51:33.286   156.034.192.xxx   Well I needed popcorn
2010_12_13_19:52:00.187   068.096.170.xxx   Is someone standing out there in the street?
2010_12_13_19:53:12.417   076.022.153.xxx   No, they're dancing.   :D
2010_12_13_19:55:40.824   068.096.170.xxx   Actually if it was a microwave problem Cam1 would be having the probs
2010_12_13_19:58:27.989   098.217.008.xxx   Don't you hate it when your message is too lo
2010_12_13_19:58:36.952   068.096.170.xxx   Santa-Homer Cursor - throw a cookie so it stays off on all pages
2010_12_13_19:58:38.195   076.022.153.xxx   Why is it always the microwave? The toaster feels sad. :(
2010_12_13_19:59:05.582   024.061.255.xxx   Take about 5 dozen eggs
2010_12_13_19:59:25.419   068.096.170.xxx   It's always toaster, toaster, toaster, no one pays any attention to me-crowave!
2010_12_13_20:00:14.489   068.096.170.xxx   Wow, now Cam1 is havint the same problem, B & W freeze
2010_12_13_20:00:25.964   076.105.098.xxx   Christmas Story
2010_12_13_20:01:09.908   068.096.170.xxx   Interesting problem, what did you do? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_13_20:01:20.048   076.022.153.xxx   I caught the toaster on fire once.
2010_12_13_20:01:49.887   068.096.170.xxx   All burnt all the time! (11)
2010_12_13_20:01:57.302   076.105.098.xxx   I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_13_20:02:08.992   076.022.153.xxx   Yep, the toast was burnt.
2010_12_13_20:02:26.936   076.105.098.xxx   Christmas Lights!!!!!
2010_12_13_20:02:34.938   068.096.170.xxx   Remember that 2.4Ghz reflects off a lot of things, including people (12)
2010_12_13_20:03:35.887   024.074.000.xxx   Hey
2010_12_13_20:03:36.925   076.022.153.xxx   I blame the wooden clothes pin. It was in the toaster. (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_13_20:04:37.229   076.022.153.xxx   One of the kids put it in there when I wasn't looking.  :/ (11)
2010_12_13_20:04:53.852   068.096.170.xxx   STICK A FORK IN IT! The toaster that is... (13)
2010_12_13_20:05:06.219   098.111.013.xxx   hi to Vance, Katelyn and Jaylie from Grammy
2010_12_13_20:05:17.464   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam problems are wierd - works for hours just fine - this barfs for a bit ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_20:05:32.747   068.096.170.xxx   Actually, stick a old CD or DVD in the microwave and watch, fun! (14)
2010_12_13_20:05:53.850   076.022.153.xxx   I will definitely try that someday. :D (12)
2010_12_13_20:06:34.474   068.096.170.xxx   If the kids are running around near the wifi rcvr they will reflect the 2.4Ghz  (15)
2010_12_13_20:06:58.069   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** CD/DVD in Microwave IS cool - be sure to turn lights off first - good light show! ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_20:07:09.536   068.096.170.xxx   Try tou tube for CD in the microwave (16)
2010_12_13_20:07:15.027   132.003.009.xxx   WHY DO YOU HAVE TWO CLOCKS?
2010_12_13_20:07:32.611   076.022.153.xxx   That's awesome. I must do this someday. (13)
2010_12_13_20:07:36.308   068.096.170.xxx   You tube, sorry. (17)
2010_12_13_20:08:14.491   076.022.153.xxx   Thanks! (14)
2010_12_13_20:09:17.114   068.096.170.xxx   Put wifi rcvr up above kids heads, maybe?? (18)
2010_12_13_20:09:22.880   165.214.004.xxx   Happy Christmas!
2010_12_13_20:11:02.977   068.096.170.xxx   Someone cooking a turkey nearby? (19)
2010_12_13_20:11:04.517   012.239.192.xxx   I love you My TigersAngel
2010_12_13_20:14:19.424   165.214.004.xxx   RADIO GODS FORUM IS WATCHING YOU!
2010_12_13_20:15:24.194   012.239.192.xxx   I know a secret
2010_12_13_20:16:49.016   184.009.012.xxx   eh?
2010_12_13_20:26:58.556   075.065.241.xxx   hello from madison mississippi
2010_12_13_20:27:20.769   060.234.211.xxx   Merry Xmas Everyone !!!!
2010_12_13_20:28:44.795   156.034.210.xxx   Merry Christmas from Canada!
2010_12_13_20:33:55.437   072.081.048.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_13_20:41:39.759   074.072.230.xxx   go JETS!
2010_12_13_20:42:08.317   074.072.230.xxx   go METS!
2010_12_13_20:46:03.706   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** go HULK!!! ***ALEK***
2010_12_13_20:50:51.067   071.113.245.xxx   turnn all off
2010_12_13_20:52:10.753   071.113.245.xxx   all on
2010_12_13_20:53:28.824   071.113.245.xxx   what up people
2010_12_13_20:54:40.528   071.113.245.xxx   all off
2010_12_13_20:56:25.874   099.065.147.xxx   Merry Christmas from Shasta Lake Ca
2010_12_13_20:56:56.502   071.113.245.xxx   fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
2010_12_13_20:57:44.348   071.113.245.xxx   what up people  alllllllllllllll offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
2010_12_13_20:58:38.844   067.163.057.xxx   Merry Christmas to all those who have Celiacs - especially Amber!
2010_12_13_20:59:44.441   099.020.213.xxx   hello
2010_12_13_21:00:21.145   099.020.213.xxx   Merry Christmas Gracie
2010_12_13_21:00:30.121   216.130.223.xxx   Greetings from Saskatoon, Sk Canada___!
2010_12_13_21:01:19.604   071.113.245.xxx   tttttttttttttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnn
2010_12_13_21:02:34.994   173.202.202.xxx   PIE
2010_12_13_21:03:21.980   071.113.245.xxx   cake
2010_12_13_21:03:34.316   173.202.202.xxx   I like PIE
2010_12_13_21:03:54.853   071.113.245.xxx   cake
2010_12_13_21:09:52.348   066.245.088.xxx   Is it cold there?
2010_12_13_21:11:06.190   066.245.088.xxx   It is 100000000000 degrees here :)
2010_12_13_21:28:27.422   108.021.123.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brooklyn!
2010_12_13_21:31:27.603   067.239.166.xxx   I'm getting married on Thursday! =D
2010_12_13_21:33:46.487   067.239.166.xxx   HOHOHOHOHOHO
2010_12_13_21:45:57.480   068.041.159.xxx   We love snow days
2010_12_13_21:46:25.826   068.041.159.xxx   Hi Alek! Wave to us
2010_12_13_21:48:35.424   193.239.033.xxx   lol nik this is funny

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