440 christmas text messages on 2010/1216

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 9,918 times that day including 5,348 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1216

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_16_16:01:23.671   068.007.131.xxx   Alek you rock!
2010_12_16_16:02:19.041   068.007.131.xxx   Wait, did it turn on early?
2010_12_16_16:02:23.153   098.113.166.xxx   i see you
2010_12_16_16:02:57.129   068.007.131.xxx   We saw you running into the house!
2010_12_16_16:03:47.126   068.007.131.xxx   Alek did it turn on early?
2010_12_16_16:04:30.599   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning things on early for people in Europe ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_16:04:48.039   068.007.131.xxx   Oh ok.
2010_12_16_16:05:35.396   068.007.131.xxx   Its a little bright to see the lights.
2010_12_16_16:05:38.649   162.106.006.xxx   cool. it's on early :)
2010_12_16_16:06:10.728   081.141.186.xxx   Hope your Wife is better Alek
2010_12_16_16:06:19.403   162.106.006.xxx   hey yall.. tell your friends! now!
2010_12_16_16:06:27.930   071.237.252.xxx   Hi Reddit.
2010_12_16_16:07:40.104   068.007.131.xxx   are you feeling ok there Alek?
2010_12_16_16:07:50.159   081.141.186.xxx   you look stressed alek!
2010_12_16_16:07:58.253   162.106.006.xxx   ribbit ribbit
2010_12_16_16:09:00.365   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Currently on the phone ... shhhhh! ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_16:09:27.637   162.106.006.xxx   SPEAKER PHONE!
2010_12_16_16:09:51.703   081.141.186.xxx   all the mod cons there!
2010_12_16_16:10:28.346   162.106.006.xxx   phone.. "yes hi, I'd like to buy this for...
2010_12_16_16:11:21.177   083.071.041.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ireland!
2010_12_16_16:11:22.198   162.106.006.xxx   sshh.. it's Mr. Trump from NY on the phone...
2010_12_16_16:11:49.919   081.141.186.xxx   my holidays start tomorrow, no more work for two whole weeks!
2010_12_16_16:12:13.528   162.106.006.xxx   wish mine did.. I have 5 more days till mine
2010_12_16_16:13:44.466   081.141.186.xxx   do you work from home alex?
2010_12_16_16:14:17.186   081.141.186.xxx   oops, meant Alek
2010_12_16_16:16:48.794   071.237.252.xxx   Christmas needs more aliens.
2010_12_16_16:17:17.365   081.141.186.xxx   do you know any?
2010_12_16_16:17:24.864   068.188.231.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2010_12_16_16:17:55.084   071.237.252.xxx   Thanks for the Christmas cheer, Alek!
2010_12_16_16:19:38.762   081.141.186.xxx   time to sleep, see you soon!
2010_12_16_16:22:07.892   091.110.105.xxx   Hello! :)
2010_12_16_16:22:16.718   173.035.062.xxx   very well done.. are these all from LINK DELETED?
2010_12_16_16:23:52.751   173.035.062.xxx   hannah and lucas say merry christmas!
2010_12_16_16:24:47.564   069.242.126.xxx   cool stuff
2010_12_16_16:25:14.401   098.217.008.xxx   the lights are early today?
2010_12_16_16:26:51.169   069.242.126.xxx   its so fun to control the lights and things!!!
2010_12_16_16:31:08.841   165.234.104.xxx   HO HO h**** FOS!
2010_12_16_16:31:44.860   165.234.104.xxx   HAPPY FESTIVUS!
2010_12_16_16:35:37.040   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just taped over a few leaks in the Santa Balloon - struggling to get all the way up ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_16:38:15.915   071.237.252.xxx   Roof Santa has bad posture.
2010_12_16_16:38:18.606   165.234.104.xxx   Where's the real-time KWh meter???
2010_12_16_16:40:03.842   071.237.252.xxx   Hi, Alek.  Love, Reddit.
2010_12_16_16:42:47.382   068.103.006.xxx   hello from kansas
2010_12_16_16:43:12.020   071.237.252.xxx   Did Kansas just get snowed in?
2010_12_16_16:43:38.807   068.103.006.xxx   not where i am but alot of black ice around I70
2010_12_16_16:44:06.661   071.237.252.xxx   I74 is snowy in Iowa.
2010_12_16_16:44:20.097   207.171.180.xxx   This is absurd
2010_12_16_16:44:30.243   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Colorado ski areas have great snow - zip in town so far - darn! ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_16:44:33.171   165.234.104.xxx   Very icy still in NW ND
2010_12_16_16:44:50.364   071.237.252.xxx   Haha!  Hi Alek!
2010_12_16_16:45:50.283   165.234.104.xxx   so, you gonna decorate this year?  errr..
2010_12_16_16:46:08.914   071.237.252.xxx   OK, he's gone!  Let's sneak a cookie or two!
2010_12_16_16:47:52.074   112.201.044.xxx   Burp
2010_12_16_16:49:28.785   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Burping is OK ... just no Farting in Santa's Workshop - OK! ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_16:52:39.432   068.200.235.xxx   wheres the snow
2010_12_16_16:53:37.359   068.200.235.xxx   merry christmas from dunedin florida
2010_12_16_16:55:17.801   156.034.192.xxx   Merry Christmas from New Brunswick, Canada
2010_12_16_16:57:23.977   076.069.206.xxx   Merry Christmas, Joyeux No___l de Montr___al.
2010_12_16_16:57:40.053   079.030.218.xxx   Hi all of you from Turin, italy!
2010_12_16_17:01:20.305   084.202.009.xxx   Good nigh from Norway!
2010_12_16_17:01:24.199   068.007.131.xxx   Hi
2010_12_16_17:02:47.081   071.081.178.xxx   oh where oh where has our Alek gone...?
2010_12_16_17:05:06.962   128.111.117.xxx   s**** da woop
2010_12_16_17:06:47.193   209.169.216.xxx   Evening all 12-16-2010
2010_12_16_17:08:46.918   069.120.190.xxx   NY Yankees___Cliff Lee
2010_12_16_17:10:04.770   069.120.190.xxx   NY Yankess=#1
2010_12_16_17:10:28.354   070.145.020.xxx   This is great!
2010_12_16_17:10:46.832   098.111.086.xxx   Treece waves to Alek!!!
2010_12_16_17:11:01.387   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Tony the Tiger agrees - GGRREEAATTTTT!!!!!!!  ;-) ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_17:12:14.054   070.145.020.xxx   Hi Candy!
2010_12_16_17:13:02.063   098.111.086.xxx   Alek--you're hair looks different
2010_12_16_17:13:44.946   065.025.235.xxx   Hi Elijah and Ellie
2010_12_16_17:15:05.985   070.145.020.xxx   Merry Christmas from Whitesburg KY
2010_12_16_17:15:49.377   069.120.190.xxx   i'm scared, mommmmmmmy
2010_12_16_17:16:16.190   098.111.086.xxx   Greetings from the shadow of the Space Needle!!
2010_12_16_17:16:48.687   069.120.190.xxx   where's that?
2010_12_16_17:20:44.988   065.025.235.xxx   Hi Christopher Robin
2010_12_16_17:22:14.961   165.234.104.xxx   Hi Jackie and LEXI!!!
2010_12_16_17:22:15.013   069.198.068.xxx   Merry Christma** Carl!
2010_12_16_17:22:15.974   071.128.208.xxx   Hi
2010_12_16_17:23:00.331   165.234.104.xxx   Hi Jackie and LEXI!!!
2010_12_16_17:23:15.303   071.128.208.xxx   .
2010_12_16_17:23:40.786   165.234.104.xxx   I love you Lexi!
2010_12_16_17:23:53.623   065.025.235.xxx   Hello my peanut butter banana jelly samwich!
2010_12_16_17:24:21.304   065.025.235.xxx   carrie you have been a good girl this year
2010_12_16_17:24:29.329   072.208.192.xxx   Yay Tootse!
2010_12_16_17:24:41.047   074.214.214.xxx   I love you will
2010_12_16_17:24:50.379   065.025.235.xxx   Does that mean that I get a gift this year?
2010_12_16_17:24:52.883   165.234.104.xxx   New YORK!!
2010_12_16_17:25:01.224   069.198.068.xxx   Hi Carl! Merry Herbma**!!!
2010_12_16_17:25:05.407   072.208.192.xxx   I Z A C It's your birthday!
2010_12_16_17:25:38.887   069.198.068.xxx   Hi Carl, Merry Herbma**!!!
2010_12_16_17:25:47.312   074.214.214.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_16_17:25:55.011   065.025.235.xxx   Did you buy my ring yet?  I see that Ellie has been playing with the page I gav
2010_12_16_17:26:06.455   072.208.192.xxx   Damien & Erin rock your socks!
2010_12_16_17:26:16.868   071.237.252.xxx   Hi Allison! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_17:26:34.200   072.208.192.xxx   Yeezy taught me
2010_12_16_17:26:59.232   074.214.214.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_12_16_17:27:08.547   067.085.019.xxx   Hello people
2010_12_16_17:27:20.590   099.029.031.xxx   Hi Aaron!
2010_12_16_17:27:22.900   098.108.161.xxx   Beaverton Oregon here
2010_12_16_17:27:29.362   074.214.214.xxx   HI
2010_12_16_17:27:38.871   094.169.111.xxx   The internet is awesome
2010_12_16_17:27:55.159   069.137.134.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AWESOME JOB
2010_12_16_17:28:03.145   074.214.214.xxx   North Dakota here
2010_12_16_17:28:30.176   069.137.134.xxx   JERSEY LOVES IT
2010_12_16_17:28:30.697   072.208.192.xxx   Jeesis is the resone for the seesun!
2010_12_16_17:28:34.220   099.029.031.xxx   Aaron
2010_12_16_17:28:39.256   098.217.008.xxx   MA here!
2010_12_16_17:29:08.562   098.108.161.xxx   I love the 21st century!
2010_12_16_17:29:32.132   071.237.252.xxx   Yummy gluten-free Christmas to all! (11)
2010_12_16_17:29:22.509   069.133.034.xxx   I HAS A SNOW DAY 2day!
2010_12_16_17:29:55.140   069.198.068.xxx   U can haz day off
2010_12_16_17:30:59.289   069.198.068.xxx   ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2010_12_16_17:31:12.568   074.214.214.xxx   Happy Holidays
2010_12_16_17:31:46.537   068.053.155.xxx   Hey Alek are you on Centeral time or Eastern Time?
2010_12_16_17:32:06.428   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Republic of Boulder is on Mountain Time ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_17:32:14.048   165.234.104.xxx   Mountain silly. (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_17:32:52.039   069.198.068.xxx   Somebody set up us the bomb
2010_12_16_17:32:56.016   068.053.155.xxx   Im on Centeral time I am going to Julliard soon so
2010_12_16_17:32:56.637   074.214.214.xxx   Great website
2010_12_16_17:33:33.461   069.204.244.xxx   Nifty
2010_12_16_17:33:49.335   068.053.155.xxx   I AM LOVING NO SCHOOL
2010_12_16_17:34:25.972   074.214.214.xxx   me too
2010_12_16_17:34:31.075   067.193.143.xxx   Andrew Clark is cool
2010_12_16_17:34:48.077   069.204.244.xxx   I love you Jarra Munger
2010_12_16_17:35:00.738   078.032.184.xxx   hello people this is UK calling
2010_12_16_17:35:05.572   067.193.143.xxx   There IS NO SANTA!
2010_12_16_17:35:15.860   096.050.073.xxx   (___'.')___
2010_12_16_17:35:31.793   068.053.155.xxx   HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO
2010_12_16_17:36:18.250   068.053.155.xxx   Is anybody there?????
2010_12_16_17:36:44.769   067.193.143.xxx   Cheers to everyone! - From Canada
2010_12_16_17:37:16.788   078.032.184.xxx   oh yh almost forgot merry christmas from the United Kingdom
2010_12_16_17:37:41.094   217.041.228.xxx   not long now to the big day
2010_12_16_17:38:09.189   068.053.155.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TENNESSEE!!!! =)
2010_12_16_17:38:53.761   078.032.184.xxx   lol i see that people cant wait for christmas
2010_12_16_17:38:57.148   217.041.228.xxx   merry christmas from brian in barnet uk
2010_12_16_17:40:03.976   078.032.184.xxx   yay i not the only person on here from the uk
2010_12_16_17:40:45.108   068.053.155.xxx   HELLO ALEK HOW ARE YOU WAVE AT ME IF YOU CAN READ THIS!!!!
2010_12_16_17:41:04.737   024.021.049.xxx   dude, this is awesome!
2010_12_16_17:41:45.988   068.053.155.xxx   HEY IM IN THE 7TH GRADE HOW BOUT Y'ALL
2010_12_16_17:43:42.660   068.053.155.xxx   I TURNED IT BACK ON
2010_12_16_17:44:21.375   068.053.155.xxx   WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_17:45:18.671   162.097.099.xxx   lulz potchenko
2010_12_16_17:46:50.380   156.034.192.xxx   Moron
2010_12_16_17:46:59.978   099.228.117.xxx   grow up and leave please
2010_12_16_17:48:02.574   099.228.117.xxx   I hope Alek blocks your ip
2010_12_16_17:48:47.030   108.017.095.xxx   pizza
2010_12_16_17:49:36.453   108.017.095.xxx   Eric was here!
2010_12_16_17:52:26.909   108.017.095.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_16_17:56:12.017   068.007.131.xxx   Happy holidays from Santee, California
2010_12_16_17:57:37.790   069.120.190.xxx   Anyone play Starcraft 2?
2010_12_16_17:58:53.630   069.030.063.xxx   I love xmas woooo!
2010_12_16_18:01:32.960   098.221.157.xxx   hi all
2010_12_16_18:02:18.846   068.101.098.xxx   kgyueiuwrewiupt
2010_12_16_18:02:27.459   098.221.157.xxx   Where is Santa?
2010_12_16_18:02:33.693   173.017.152.xxx   I have Celiac, I feel for your kids
2010_12_16_18:02:53.938   068.101.098.xxx   Awesome lightzorz!!!
2010_12_16_18:04:45.617   065.024.120.xxx   merry christmas
2010_12_16_18:08:12.799   065.024.120.xxx   merry christmas Katelyn
2010_12_16_18:09:41.828   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_16_18:12:30.071   069.120.190.xxx   NY is 1 hour from me :)
2010_12_16_18:16:43.430   068.007.131.xxx   Hello (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_18:19:10.673   156.034.192.xxx   car
2010_12_16_18:19:43.398   096.251.035.xxx   I love Christmas! :D
2010_12_16_18:20:46.323   156.034.192.xxx   ___65 month
2010_12_16_18:21:09.754   068.003.148.xxx   hey, any snow yet?
2010_12_16_18:21:20.554   050.032.009.xxx   Hey buddy
2010_12_16_18:22:00.261   050.032.009.xxx   Freeze
2010_12_16_18:22:26.701   096.251.035.xxx   I feel like I'm racking up your electricity bill. It's kind of fun.
2010_12_16_18:26:04.831   209.169.216.xxx   hello
2010_12_16_18:26:17.046   078.149.088.xxx   this time last year u had snow alex ad we had one how the clocks have turned it
2010_12_16_18:27:27.459   184.060.004.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_16_18:33:26.235   069.242.126.xxx   Have a Merry Christmas!
2010_12_16_18:34:41.410   074.215.162.xxx   WE LOVE THIS
2010_12_16_18:34:42.821   071.096.005.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Deatons!
2010_12_16_18:35:24.671   087.208.009.xxx   HELLO
2010_12_16_18:35:28.801   074.215.162.xxx   DAVID SMITH RULES
2010_12_16_18:37:00.747   099.189.054.xxx   helllo from arkansas
2010_12_16_18:43:22.074   067.061.053.xxx   Merry GF Christmas from Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom
2010_12_16_18:44:49.722   069.014.168.xxx   hi
2010_12_16_18:45:26.904   069.014.168.xxx   Gary Hudson is a stud!!!!!
2010_12_16_18:45:52.801   067.193.143.xxx   DARKNESS IS UPON US
2010_12_16_18:47:48.013   069.014.168.xxx   Let there be light!!
2010_12_16_18:48:21.854   067.061.053.xxx   Gluten-Free Rocks!
2010_12_16_18:49:58.959   069.014.168.xxx   Greg Hudson is HOTT
2010_12_16_18:50:31.121   067.061.053.xxx   Celiac Kids Rock! (from Sam, age 7)
2010_12_16_18:52:20.702   074.178.197.xxx   hello?
2010_12_16_18:53:17.113   074.178.197.xxx   Jesus loves You
2010_12_16_18:54:10.338   068.150.181.xxx   yay yay yay
2010_12_16_18:54:54.732   096.005.081.xxx   There's nowhere like /home
2010_12_16_19:00:04.759   071.087.148.xxx   STEVE HOLT!!
2010_12_16_19:01:23.891   072.077.095.xxx   Merry Christmas from Dave and LeeAnne!
2010_12_16_19:03:26.376   098.157.024.xxx   Hi Sheniquah
2010_12_16_19:05:41.773   173.165.214.xxx   Ho ho ho Yoni
2010_12_16_19:05:55.310   098.157.024.xxx   Don't be a hater
2010_12_16_19:06:21.312   070.119.250.xxx   neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd
2010_12_16_19:07:32.334   173.165.214.xxx   Hi there Yoni
2010_12_16_19:07:51.885   184.058.124.xxx   Jesus is real, read the bible!
2010_12_16_19:08:34.204   071.087.148.xxx   WAZZUP SMAFERIKFURTER
2010_12_16_19:08:41.613   064.012.116.xxx   Merry Christmas 2 All
2010_12_16_19:08:57.488   070.119.250.xxx   9 days to Christmas!
2010_12_16_19:09:09.932   071.087.148.xxx   WAZZUP SMAFERIKFURTER
2010_12_16_19:09:27.705   069.141.144.xxx   Pwnage!
2010_12_16_19:09:42.690   119.160.142.xxx   hi from Brunei!
2010_12_16_19:09:49.108   071.087.148.xxx   STEVE HOLT!!
2010_12_16_19:09:54.844   093.182.186.xxx   Loading...
2010_12_16_19:10:02.939   156.034.192.xxx   Haha ur gonna burn in h3ll
2010_12_16_19:10:07.862   069.141.144.xxx   I praise you 24/7 and this how you do me???
2010_12_16_19:10:27.258   071.087.148.xxx   CHRISTINE IS THE ONLY BIBLE U NEED
2010_12_16_19:10:50.681   069.141.144.xxx   woof
2010_12_16_19:11:28.764   071.087.148.xxx   My cats are worthless
2010_12_16_19:11:24.893   098.157.024.xxx   HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE
2010_12_16_19:11:46.994   071.254.022.xxx   Hello World!!
2010_12_16_19:11:49.461   093.182.186.xxx   MELTDOWN IMMINENT
2010_12_16_19:11:54.529   069.141.144.xxx   I like big b**** and I cannot lie
2010_12_16_19:11:57.403   071.087.148.xxx   i got attacked by some idiot in the projects
2010_12_16_19:12:00.894   173.165.214.xxx   Hi there Yoni
2010_12_16_19:12:01.773   156.034.192.xxx   Tron Legacy tomorrow !
2010_12_16_19:12:18.270   098.157.024.xxx   WHY IS "b****" CENSORED???
2010_12_16_19:12:29.991   069.141.144.xxx   I know. WTF
2010_12_16_19:12:53.211   070.119.250.xxx   name calling is for SQUARES!
2010_12_16_19:13:03.946   071.087.148.xxx   Watch Christine get around that mess: BU++S
2010_12_16_19:13:02.378   098.157.024.xxx   and "wtf" = welcome to facebook, right?
2010_12_16_19:13:21.340   069.141.144.xxx   right
2010_12_16_19:14:10.747   069.141.144.xxx   Which of these buttons calls your mom to come pick you up?
2010_12_16_19:14:30.911   070.119.250.xxx   I MELTED FROSTY!
2010_12_16_19:14:52.304   071.087.148.xxx   SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING.
2010_12_16_19:15:08.722   093.182.186.xxx   sudo shut down everything
2010_12_16_19:15:39.005   068.054.117.xxx   sudo MOR LIGHTS
2010_12_16_19:15:52.055   071.087.148.xxx   THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_19:16:09.811   069.141.144.xxx   STOP x0000007 _________DRIVER ERROR_________ If this is the first time you've s
2010_12_16_19:16:57.476   071.087.148.xxx   you have been a**imilated (11)
2010_12_16_19:17:18.099   069.141.144.xxx   Peaceizzle fo shizzle. Merry Ramakwanzaakaa
2010_12_16_19:17:26.455   068.054.117.xxx   merry christmas yahoooooooo
2010_12_16_19:17:17.466   098.157.024.xxx   good thing they censored "ann"
2010_12_16_19:19:15.776   098.157.024.xxx   you can run and tell that, homeboy
2010_12_16_19:19:53.424   071.087.148.xxx   SHOULD I EAT MORE CHEESYBREAD, INTERNET? (12)
2010_12_16_19:20:36.964   098.157.024.xxx   yes, with butter
2010_12_16_19:21:13.481   098.157.024.xxx   i love chessbyhearea
2010_12_16_19:21:25.589   071.087.148.xxx   BUT ALL I HAVE IS RANCH I DRANK THE GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE (13)
2010_12_16_19:22:31.799   012.180.000.xxx   Season's Greetings from HomieLive.US!
2010_12_16_19:23:59.660   071.087.148.xxx   SEASON'S GREETINGS FROM MY b**** (14)
2010_12_16_19:23:55.965   098.157.024.xxx   i had taco bell for lunch (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_19:24:52.233   071.087.148.xxx   DID YOU WEAR XMAS BELLS TO TACO BELL LOL (15)
2010_12_16_19:25:22.516   098.157.024.xxx   yes i wear bells to work to annoy my coworkers (11)
2010_12_16_19:27:32.560   071.087.148.xxx   THIS IS JUST LIKE WHEN THAT LADY WROTE ON THE SIGN TO US (16)
2010_12_16_19:28:17.488   070.119.250.xxx   there are OVER 9000 christmas lights
2010_12_16_19:29:17.107   071.087.148.xxx   CHRISTMAS WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!! (17)
2010_12_16_19:30:25.995   070.119.250.xxx   remember kids: DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW
2010_12_16_19:30:52.498   069.149.120.xxx   Looks like we got some characters on here tonight
2010_12_16_19:31:36.878   071.087.148.xxx   as opposed to the usual web screen controllers?? (18)
2010_12_16_19:32:04.570   098.157.024.xxx   my knee itches (12)
2010_12_16_19:32:48.911   098.157.024.xxx   ew (13)
2010_12_16_19:33:09.491   098.251.008.xxx   mature
2010_12_16_19:33:21.911   071.087.148.xxx   that's actually just your CARBUNKLE (19)
2010_12_16_19:33:47.279   098.157.024.xxx   FACT: bears eat beets (14)
2010_12_16_19:34:41.011   076.188.132.xxx   bears, beets, battlestar galactica
2010_12_16_19:36:26.479   090.194.169.xxx   LET IT SNOW ! LET IT SNOW ! LET IT SNOW !
2010_12_16_19:45:56.247   071.254.022.xxx   Nobody's Saying Anything
2010_12_16_19:46:06.425   099.072.162.xxx   Hello Debbie in Miami
2010_12_16_19:46:22.056   076.107.183.xxx   merry christmas to everyone. hope everyone has a wonderful one. God bless you...
2010_12_16_19:47:00.648   099.072.162.xxx   Richard and Debbie in Miami wish all a Merry Christmas
2010_12_16_19:49:23.534   076.107.183.xxx   merry christmas from a mississippi gal
2010_12_16_19:55:12.915   099.072.162.xxx   Hi mom in West Virginia Love Richard
2010_12_16_19:55:17.495   099.147.076.xxx   Nice ugly page design - but nice lights :)
2010_12_16_19:57:17.943   099.147.076.xxx   Cat says: cddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
2010_12_16_19:57:21.933   075.068.062.xxx   Merry Chrismas form the Turchi's!
2010_12_16_19:58:16.381   099.147.076.xxx   Marry Chri's Ma's form teh Smith's1!
2010_12_16_20:01:57.692   099.147.076.xxx   Sometime's you're wishe's can come true!
2010_12_16_20:04:21.198   173.079.125.xxx   Wherever you go, you probably aren't here.
2010_12_16_20:07:45.695   184.015.197.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_16_20:09:15.485   173.089.102.xxx   Merry Christmas From Livonia Michigan
2010_12_16_20:10:15.649   076.029.097.xxx   Hi from Chicago
2010_12_16_20:14:15.130   142.162.050.xxx   hi from newfoundland
2010_12_16_20:14:29.283   099.253.141.xxx   Hello World!
2010_12_16_20:14:41.141   070.072.180.xxx   Merry Christmas from Calgary
2010_12_16_20:15:10.961   142.162.050.xxx   Merry Christmas Gander Newfoundland !!
2010_12_16_20:15:41.495   099.253.141.xxx   N.B. Canada says hi!
2010_12_16_20:16:40.896   142.162.050.xxx   GO LEAFS GO
2010_12_16_20:16:56.150   024.139.030.xxx   VIZ!
2010_12_16_20:17:22.547   099.253.141.xxx   Habs won tonight!
2010_12_16_20:18:14.334   074.072.126.xxx   lol
2010_12_16_20:20:08.856   142.162.050.xxx   What would you  like for Christmas???
2010_12_16_20:21:20.707   142.162.050.xxx   GO LEAFS GO
2010_12_16_20:22:24.887   068.150.181.xxx   GO HABS GO!
2010_12_16_20:22:32.381   074.072.126.xxx   Bwahaha
2010_12_16_20:22:35.076   142.162.050.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pernell Heather and Ang
2010_12_16_20:23:13.009   074.072.126.xxx   ___words ___/words___
2010_12_16_20:23:44.475   074.072.126.xxx   __________________________________________
2010_12_16_20:23:55.769   142.162.050.xxx   HULK SMASH !!!
2010_12_16_20:24:18.319   074.072.126.xxx   CURSE WORDS
2010_12_16_20:24:37.094   068.150.181.xxx   well people, almost a week to go!!!!
2010_12_16_20:24:49.302   070.072.180.xxx   Ah comon have some respect
2010_12_16_20:25:13.562   074.072.126.xxx   Happy Xmas
2010_12_16_20:25:25.564   076.031.136.xxx   Love love love the lights!
2010_12_16_20:25:46.070   207.207.126.xxx   what in the world is going on
2010_12_16_20:26:09.897   068.150.181.xxx   ok, so besides being here. what are you doing?
2010_12_16_20:26:15.866   067.071.066.xxx   website s*****
2010_12_16_20:26:43.061   074.072.126.xxx   This must annoy neighbors
2010_12_16_20:26:57.601   068.150.181.xxx   Watching Christmas in Wonderland
2010_12_16_20:27:25.566   099.065.013.xxx   hay dad
2010_12_16_20:27:29.422   070.072.180.xxx   That was filmed in West Edmonton Mall!
2010_12_16_20:27:31.497   156.034.192.xxx   on Showcase?
2010_12_16_20:28:04.904   070.072.180.xxx   That was filmed in West Edmonton Mall!
2010_12_16_20:28:25.944   099.065.013.xxx   hay dad
2010_12_16_20:28:32.768   156.034.192.xxx   hello son
2010_12_16_20:29:51.823   070.072.180.xxx   Hello Rita!
2010_12_16_20:29:52.990   099.062.214.xxx   guisseppe is the best son in the world
2010_12_16_20:30:11.050   068.150.181.xxx   yes on showcase
2010_12_16_20:30:26.633   070.072.180.xxx   Hello Rita!
2010_12_16_20:30:41.853   068.150.181.xxx   it is so bad.. it's not even good bad., it's bad!
2010_12_16_20:31:17.896   099.065.013.xxx   life is amasing
2010_12_16_20:31:31.978   070.072.180.xxx   Amazing even
2010_12_16_20:32:12.880   068.150.181.xxx   azaming grace, how sweat the sound..
2010_12_16_20:33:29.409   070.072.180.xxx   Sweet even
2010_12_16_20:34:22.212   068.150.181.xxx   sweating to the lighties by Richard Simmons!
2010_12_16_20:34:28.478   209.169.216.xxx   Sweet Corn
2010_12_16_20:35:53.288   070.072.180.xxx   Sweet child of mine..........
2010_12_16_20:36:13.394   068.150.181.xxx   we should get Alek to wear all red Christmas Eve.. (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_20:36:41.338   068.150.181.xxx   and wear a Santa Hat (11)
2010_12_16_20:36:58.509   070.072.180.xxx   Im for that............. (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_20:37:18.649   068.150.181.xxx   we just need to see if h**** do it (12)
2010_12_16_20:37:38.624   024.121.142.xxx   Hi From Reddit
2010_12_16_20:37:42.400   068.150.181.xxx   he will do it (13)
2010_12_16_20:37:54.395   070.072.180.xxx   LOL guess you have to say "he will" (11)
2010_12_16_20:38:14.271   068.150.181.xxx   yeah..  even with the ' it still does it (14)
2010_12_16_20:38:47.432   068.150.181.xxx   Chris Kattan s***** in this movie.  why????? (15)
2010_12_16_20:39:33.571   068.150.181.xxx   he's a terrible actor anyways (16)
2010_12_16_20:39:52.867   070.072.180.xxx   OK is this really the place to be saying stuff like that? (12)
2010_12_16_20:40:28.759   068.150.181.xxx   hey I'm not swearing.. I'm saying that he's terrible (17)
2010_12_16_20:40:50.008   098.093.055.xxx   morgantown/bg ky in tha house
2010_12_16_20:40:50.907   070.072.180.xxx   Still its really not the time or place (13)
2010_12_16_20:41:02.289   068.150.181.xxx   worry more about kids that come here and goof (18)
2010_12_16_20:41:30.420   070.072.180.xxx   Uh huh (14)
2010_12_16_20:41:33.273   068.150.181.xxx   around and say nasty things about Alek and so on (19)
2010_12_16_20:42:08.719   070.072.180.xxx   So instead you come here and dump on an actor (15)
2010_12_16_20:42:09.474   071.254.070.xxx   I'll miss you deli.cio.us
2010_12_16_20:42:16.422   068.150.181.xxx   I a**ure you, this is not bad at all.  but thank you (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_20:42:49.648   173.169.123.xxx   off
2010_12_16_20:42:49.828   067.242.058.xxx   Merry Christmas! From NY
2010_12_16_20:43:12.014   099.065.013.xxx   texas
2010_12_16_20:43:14.527   070.072.180.xxx   See THATS more like it! Merry Xmas (16)
2010_12_16_20:43:20.973   068.150.181.xxx   how's New York? :) (21)
2010_12_16_20:43:37.504   067.242.058.xxx   69" of snow in Syracuse
2010_12_16_20:43:42.645   069.113.186.xxx   New york is good!
2010_12_16_20:43:57.434   068.150.181.xxx   is it cold? (22)
2010_12_16_20:44:09.233   070.072.180.xxx   New York is on my bucket list ___-) (17)
2010_12_16_20:44:11.285   067.242.058.xxx   18F
2010_12_16_20:44:15.896   069.113.186.xxx   Freezing!  Not much snow yet though
2010_12_16_20:45:16.605   070.072.180.xxx   -13 deg C here in Calgary (18)
2010_12_16_20:45:33.848   068.150.181.xxx   ah (23)
2010_12_16_20:45:59.412   069.113.186.xxx   Well you Canadians are crazy!
2010_12_16_20:46:03.022   068.150.181.xxx   we got a lot of snow here in Edmonton, AB (24)
2010_12_16_20:46:59.451   070.072.180.xxx   Yeah we got a bit in Calgary today too (19)
2010_12_16_20:49:14.974   074.160.197.xxx   type hee
2010_12_16_20:51:00.558   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just got back from REI - very light snow outside ... but won't be much - darn! ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_20:51:26.124   068.150.181.xxx   tell ya what Alek, we have a proposal... :) (25)
2010_12_16_20:51:37.625   024.099.210.xxx   Hi Alek :-)
2010_12_16_20:51:59.346   068.150.181.xxx   we hope you'll wear all Red Dec 24th, with a hat (26)
2010_12_16_20:54:38.737   068.150.181.xxx   ya we Wanna see alek in Red with a santa Hat! :) (27)
2010_12_16_20:56:25.255   067.199.170.xxx   Oi Oi
2010_12_16_20:57:17.393   067.199.170.xxx   Merry Christmas Monkey Boy!
2010_12_16_20:58:26.824   067.199.170.xxx   hi !
2010_12_16_20:59:11.707   067.199.170.xxx   Merry Christmas to you and yours.
2010_12_16_21:02:16.811   071.184.194.xxx   CR
2010_12_16_21:06:39.596   067.193.180.xxx   HEY NICE LIGHTS
2010_12_16_21:07:10.812   067.193.180.xxx   YEAH THUMBS UP BUDDY IM SO DRUNK
2010_12_16_21:08:01.901   068.101.097.xxx   Hi Kids!
2010_12_16_21:08:30.347   068.101.097.xxx   Go Pats G13!
2010_12_16_21:08:38.713   067.193.180.xxx   XMAS IS CANCELLED
2010_12_16_21:09:11.730   068.101.097.xxx   Merry Christmas From Irvine, CA!
2010_12_16_21:09:26.442   067.193.180.xxx   YOUR WEBSITE IS FROM 1997
2010_12_16_21:09:42.867   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Coal in your stocking 067.193 ... Merry Christmas to everyone else! ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_21:10:20.570   068.101.097.xxx   Pats G13 Rule!
2010_12_16_21:12:40.400   068.101.097.xxx   Hi Santa From Olivia
2010_12_16_21:13:56.209   089.027.121.xxx   Slashdot
2010_12_16_21:15:25.199   068.101.097.xxx   Christmas is my favorite time of year.
2010_12_16_21:17:39.051   068.101.097.xxx   Gabe loves the Polar Express
2010_12_16_21:17:56.274   071.235.146.xxx   Nice work!
2010_12_16_21:25:17.138   024.160.111.xxx   HELLO THIS IS TONYC
2010_12_16_21:26:32.807   024.160.111.xxx   HELLO THERE
2010_12_16_21:27:09.793   024.160.111.xxx   how?
2010_12_16_21:27:52.311   024.160.111.xxx   CHRISTMAS IS
2010_12_16_21:29:57.613   024.247.030.xxx   gO gREEN!
2010_12_16_21:30:11.654   069.149.120.xxx   Caps lock is not your friend.
2010_12_16_21:31:16.772   098.127.015.xxx   By ruined you do you mean made awesomer?
2010_12_16_21:32:14.764   208.101.196.xxx   JIMMY LIKES DOO DOO
2010_12_16_21:32:51.755   068.044.087.xxx   cheers!
2010_12_16_21:33:08.550   098.087.109.xxx   Hello from Nashville, TN!
2010_12_16_21:33:58.166   024.191.003.xxx   Hello from NYC!
2010_12_16_21:37:03.220   067.185.137.xxx   wotcher doin'
2010_12_16_21:37:13.684   024.191.003.xxx   Texts aren't working
2010_12_16_21:37:39.380   067.185.137.xxx   Epic.
2010_12_16_21:37:41.491   024.191.003.xxx   Thanks
2010_12_16_21:37:42.700   024.247.030.xxx   Go Green!
2010_12_16_21:37:52.382   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome! ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_21:37:58.941   069.246.131.xxx   wow
2010_12_16_21:38:12.645   024.191.003.xxx   I like tacos and burritos
2010_12_16_21:38:19.625   024.247.030.xxx   RCMB Rulez!
2010_12_16_21:38:42.004   067.185.137.xxx   X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O
2010_12_16_21:39:16.773   098.087.109.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2010_12_16_21:39:33.110   024.191.003.xxx   How about a game of chess?
2010_12_16_21:39:33.809   024.160.111.xxx   MICHEAL JACKSON'S THIS IS IT
2010_12_16_21:40:04.033   024.247.030.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_16_21:40:50.310   067.185.137.xxx   O O O O O O O O O O O   O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O
2010_12_16_21:40:51.741   098.019.066.xxx   Happy Birthday Jesus
2010_12_16_21:41:25.746   067.185.137.xxx   X O X O X O X O O X O X O X O X X O X O X O X O O X O X O X O X
2010_12_16_21:42:03.467   067.185.137.xxx   X O X O X O X O O X O X O X O X X O X O X O X O O X O X O X O X
2010_12_16_21:42:35.513   067.185.137.xxx   X O X O X O X O O X O X O X O X X O X O X O X O O X O X O X O X
2010_12_16_21:42:58.896   069.149.120.xxx   Uh oh, spaghetti-ohs!
2010_12_16_21:43:06.333   098.019.066.xxx   JESUS is the ONLY superhero
2010_12_16_21:43:20.384   067.185.137.xxx   oh snap
2010_12_16_21:44:00.148   067.185.137.xxx   hey guy in santa's workshop if you can read this get up and dance for us! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_16_21:45:01.695   098.019.066.xxx   Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night
2010_12_16_21:45:07.052   024.160.111.xxx   Tony Colombari here merry thanksgiving everyone
2010_12_16_21:45:55.180   070.092.170.xxx   Alek, just posted a link to your site on Facebook
2010_12_16_21:46:48.209   143.106.128.xxx   wow
2010_12_16_21:47:21.379   143.106.128.xxx   awesome site
2010_12_16_21:50:05.952   173.012.129.xxx   Herro!
2010_12_16_21:50:45.271   173.012.129.xxx   This is awesome
2010_12_16_21:50:46.001   024.167.022.xxx   wheres the snowZ?
2010_12_16_21:51:45.432   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, where is the snow - no major dumpage yet - darn! ***ALEK***
2010_12_16_21:52:32.767   024.138.044.xxx   :)
2010_12_16_21:54:07.378   024.160.111.xxx   disco
2010_12_16_21:55:41.906   024.167.022.xxx   disco s___cks
2010_12_16_21:57:14.918   174.018.076.xxx   Sure, whatever/
2010_12_16_21:57:35.692   024.138.044.xxx   Smoke
2010_12_16_21:57:47.252   174.018.076.xxx   LOL INSERT BAD LANGUAGE HERE
2010_12_16_21:58:06.848   096.054.150.xxx   THIS ULEZ GOOD JOB
2010_12_16_21:58:15.425   174.018.076.xxx   ___ stupid
2010_12_16_21:58:51.030   096.054.150.xxx   THIS RULEZ GOOD JOB
2010_12_16_21:58:51.178   174.018.076.xxx   WHY DID HE LEAVE? D:___
2010_12_16_21:58:58.750   082.046.024.xxx   hello world
2010_12_16_21:59:05.192   076.028.136.xxx   hello from Washington
2010_12_16_21:59:33.734   174.018.076.xxx   EVERYBODY TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! :D
2010_12_16_21:59:34.287   024.167.022.xxx   and to all a goodnight
2010_12_16_21:59:38.164   096.054.150.xxx   HELLO FROM BC
2010_12_16_21:59:48.358   082.046.024.xxx   284___oja Kristnasko!

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