270 christmas text messages on 2010/1217

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,822 times that day including 4,958 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1217

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_17_17:00:19.182   092.008.115.xxx   FIRST
2010_12_17_17:00:59.448   092.008.115.xxx   1 MORE WEEK TO GO!!!!
2010_12_17_17:01:07.972   086.145.242.xxx   :D
2010_12_17_17:01:20.758   123.243.223.xxx   Absolutely awesome as always Alek
2010_12_17_17:01:26.023   097.081.183.xxx   HEY THIS IS A SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY FELLOW REDDITORS!
2010_12_17_17:01:37.878   189.082.110.xxx   caralho !
2010_12_17_17:01:45.113   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the "awesome" ... and yea, one more week - where's the snow?!? ***ALEK***
2010_12_17_17:01:50.061   098.089.143.xxx   wat!!!
2010_12_17_17:01:53.485   086.145.242.xxx   D: cam 1 isn't working!
2010_12_17_17:02:19.210   086.145.242.xxx   on again :D
2010_12_17_17:02:23.973   097.081.183.xxx   HEY REDDITORS!
2010_12_17_17:02:30.077   189.082.110.xxx   cool men, good !
2010_12_17_17:02:38.413   092.008.115.xxx   b***S!
2010_12_17_17:03:02.324   098.089.143.xxx   this /
2010_12_17_17:03:06.869   189.082.110.xxx   meery crhistmas
2010_12_17_17:03:10.003   097.081.183.xxx   SOMEONE CALL ANON!
2010_12_17_17:04:04.449   097.081.183.xxx   We are legion. We do not forgive.
2010_12_17_17:04:11.706   189.082.110.xxx   ARDUINO DIECIMILA !!!
2010_12_17_17:04:43.371   086.145.242.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2010_12_17_17:04:45.192   097.081.183.xxx   We do not forget.
2010_12_17_17:04:56.245   189.082.110.xxx   YES
2010_12_17_17:04:57.509   092.008.115.xxx   WE THE SNOW IN MIDDLETON CHENEY IN ENGLAND!
2010_12_17_17:05:04.326   123.243.223.xxx   I wish it was dark at 5pm for Christmas lights here in Australia
2010_12_17_17:05:20.393   097.081.183.xxx   England Shut down everything!
2010_12_17_17:05:30.159   189.082.110.xxx   f*** yeah
2010_12_17_17:05:33.094   092.008.115.xxx   OK
2010_12_17_17:05:36.635   086.145.242.xxx   Brilliant work! Keep it up!
2010_12_17_17:06:15.021   097.081.183.xxx   What work?
2010_12_17_17:06:21.819   098.089.143.xxx   this/___guy is freaking me out
2010_12_17_17:06:50.793   086.145.242.xxx   /Not only do I love the lights, I also love the infinite scroll bar on this sit
2010_12_17_17:07:14.530   097.081.183.xxx   Can he read this, or is it only us?
2010_12_17_17:07:22.316   098.111.086.xxx   Treece waves to Alek!!
2010_12_17_17:07:27.611   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would you like the HULK to freak you out? ***ALEK***
2010_12_17_17:07:31.805   066.131.178.xxx   hi alek , merry christmas and a happy new year again
2010_12_17_17:08:07.641   097.081.183.xxx   I guess that answers that.
2010_12_17_17:08:17.402   098.111.086.xxx   Two thumbs up Alek!!
2010_12_17_17:08:30.459   092.008.115.xxx   look up! _______________ It's Alek!
2010_12_17_17:09:17.973   092.008.115.xxx   GET THE HULK TO FREAK US OUT!
2010_12_17_17:09:41.168   097.081.183.xxx   HO HO HO! ___-) (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_17:10:04.197   098.111.086.xxx   Thanks for the thumbs up alek!!
2010_12_17_17:13:35.068   188.223.251.xxx   I can see you
2010_12_17_17:13:36.374   068.073.081.xxx   Mike
2010_12_17_17:14:28.271   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I can see you! ***ALEK***
2010_12_17_17:17:55.625   090.194.169.xxx   hii
2010_12_17_17:18:27.265   069.024.115.xxx   Merry Christmas from Indiana!!!
2010_12_17_17:18:36.372   078.146.084.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_17_17:21:00.782   097.081.183.xxx   and a happy new year (11)
2010_12_17_17:21:12.654   086.145.242.xxx   D: Hulk?!?
2010_12_17_17:21:17.374   098.111.086.xxx   Feliz Navidad
2010_12_17_17:22:54.702   098.111.086.xxx   Mele Kalikimaka
2010_12_17_17:23:34.148   097.081.183.xxx   NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (12)
2010_12_17_17:24:09.234   097.081.183.xxx   nEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN (13)
2010_12_17_17:25:09.266   097.081.183.xxx   NVR GONNA RUN AROUND & DESERT U! (14)
2010_12_17_17:25:39.881   098.111.086.xxx   Easy Peasy
2010_12_17_17:27:37.921   024.165.154.xxx   yay!
2010_12_17_17:27:38.881   097.081.183.xxx   lemon squeezy (15)
2010_12_17_17:27:50.528   098.111.086.xxx   Four score & 7 years ago....
2010_12_17_17:28:04.730   097.081.183.xxx   I had a dream (16)
2010_12_17_17:32:06.899   098.111.086.xxx   It's pritty kewl!!
2010_12_17_17:32:41.387   092.008.115.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE UK!
2010_12_17_17:34:27.753   098.111.086.xxx   Merry Christmas from the USA
2010_12_17_17:35:21.920   070.171.042.xxx   helllllo from gainesville
2010_12_17_17:35:31.091   098.111.086.xxx   Treece sees Alek in person!!  WooHoo!! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_17:35:56.077   070.171.042.xxx   hello from gainesville- its judith
2010_12_17_17:36:08.129   070.162.125.xxx   Dude happy christmas and stuff!
2010_12_17_17:37:23.768   098.111.086.xxx   Alek--whatcha eating?? (11)
2010_12_17_17:38:04.102   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Peppermint Ice Cream with Chocolate on it - yummy! ***ALEK***
2010_12_17_17:38:27.276   098.111.086.xxx   yumm-o (12)
2010_12_17_17:38:27.582   082.042.107.xxx   ive got 6 inches here.    snow that is in uk
2010_12_17_17:38:58.419   070.162.125.xxx   _________ rad dude _________
2010_12_17_17:39:34.398   082.042.107.xxx   alek do ya like the beatles
2010_12_17_17:39:35.049   070.162.125.xxx   what you cant type the up arrow symbol.. cmon!
2010_12_17_17:40:18.511   098.111.086.xxx   makin' me want some ice cream! (13)
2010_12_17_17:41:04.175   086.172.107.xxx   This is awesome.. need a counter for how many people are fighting for control t
2010_12_17_17:41:33.168   070.162.125.xxx   there is a counter.. look below.. 112 p**ps
2010_12_17_17:41:37.763   086.172.107.xxx   control though..
2010_12_17_17:42:08.976   086.172.107.xxx   oh yeah i see it. thanks :)
2010_12_17_17:45:13.408   070.162.125.xxx   his neighbors are on it. they are all fighting for off!
2010_12_17_17:46:26.880   098.111.086.xxx   Alek--you're my idol!! (14)
2010_12_17_17:49:25.212   070.190.144.xxx   hey!
2010_12_17_17:50:00.323   070.190.144.xxx   Ho ho ho! :)
2010_12_17_17:51:34.398   070.190.144.xxx   Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!
2010_12_17_17:53:07.381   075.050.080.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_17_17:55:44.264   108.021.123.xxx   Merry Christmas from Brooklyn!
2010_12_17_17:58:02.639   108.100.103.xxx   Merry Christmas from Almont, MI!
2010_12_17_18:04:02.498   108.100.103.xxx   I saw what you did
2010_12_17_18:05:53.034   097.081.183.xxx   ??????????????????????????? (17)
2010_12_17_18:08:47.294   097.081.183.xxx   666 (18)
2010_12_17_18:13:28.664   071.138.171.xxx   snowing in nevada
2010_12_17_18:14:28.778   071.138.171.xxx   got about 6inches in northern nevada
2010_12_17_18:17:11.669   076.202.160.xxx   Hello
2010_12_17_18:18:11.109   075.111.125.xxx   Keep warm out there folks..Merry Christmas!
2010_12_17_18:18:19.247   024.111.058.xxx   OHAI
2010_12_17_18:18:26.023   209.169.216.xxx   good evening  12-17-2010
2010_12_17_18:20:16.657   024.111.058.xxx   h**** WOMBAT
2010_12_17_18:21:09.576   099.115.108.xxx   Hello from Ohio! Merry Christmas
2010_12_17_18:27:04.927   098.216.081.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2010_12_17_18:27:49.761   066.051.233.xxx   Merry Christmas from North Dakota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_17_18:27:54.080   098.216.081.xxx   Zombies love Christmas too!
2010_12_17_18:36:24.704   068.003.148.xxx   oops
2010_12_17_18:38:31.860   076.175.251.xxx   dfjkhgfuberhgwrulgtyrgou
2010_12_17_18:41:18.995   076.175.251.xxx   hello anyone here
2010_12_17_18:44:03.100   094.004.185.xxx   hi from the uk
2010_12_17_18:50:33.219   174.112.122.xxx   Hi world!
2010_12_17_18:55:18.363   174.112.122.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS HOHOHOH
2010_12_17_19:01:07.359   174.112.122.xxx   hello!
2010_12_17_19:01:42.046   174.112.122.xxx   HELLO WORLD, THIS IS AMAZING!!
2010_12_17_19:02:50.436   174.112.122.xxx   It'd be funny if someone walked into the shot =___
2010_12_17_19:05:25.767   071.125.228.xxx   HI MORGAN, HAHAHA
2010_12_17_19:07:38.280   068.096.170.xxx   POWER SAVE MODE - ALL OFF!
2010_12_17_19:11:07.515   071.185.202.xxx   Happy Christmas
2010_12_17_19:11:17.122   068.096.170.xxx   SAVING ALEK MONEY! ALL OFF!
2010_12_17_19:13:15.536   068.096.170.xxx   You don't have to pay this power bill - ALL ON!
2010_12_17_19:14:02.159   068.096.170.xxx   WASTE POWER MODE - ALL ON!
2010_12_17_19:14:48.721   068.096.170.xxx   I dont care about the planet! ALL ON!
2010_12_17_19:15:55.155   068.096.170.xxx   Really, it's just a few dollars a day in power for all this fun!
2010_12_17_19:16:36.121   070.178.110.xxx   Me neither!
2010_12_17_19:16:38.126   068.096.170.xxx   Just goofing around! ALL ON THEN - ALL OFF!
2010_12_17_19:18:44.573   068.096.170.xxx   All your lights are belong to us
2010_12_17_19:19:24.800   069.149.120.xxx   Wow, that's terrible
2010_12_17_19:20:24.881   068.096.170.xxx   I'm turning around there, see me?
2010_12_17_19:20:48.338   069.149.120.xxx   Go back to 4chan kid. This is a Christmas site. Have you no shame?
2010_12_17_19:22:33.445   068.096.170.xxx   Christmas site set up for charity, please have some respect (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_19:26:15.742   071.195.048.xxx   Hello from the internets, what fun!
2010_12_17_19:27:25.011   068.096.170.xxx   Hey, dude, did you PARK YOUR SUV GASHOG RIGHT OUT FRONT? (11)
2010_12_17_19:29:03.726   098.113.166.xxx   like we actually cause global warming
2010_12_17_19:30:59.943   068.096.170.xxx   I don't want to breath your exhaust! (12)
2010_12_17_19:31:40.014   098.113.166.xxx   lol
2010_12_17_19:32:13.913   108.009.008.xxx   heres hoping for a Christmas Miracle...
2010_12_17_19:33:09.377   068.096.170.xxx   LOL :) LOL :) LOL LOL :) LOL :) LOL :) LOL :) LOL :) (13)
2010_12_17_19:36:45.436   173.069.049.xxx   WOAH
2010_12_17_19:36:59.989   174.021.112.xxx   Hi Adam!!!
2010_12_17_19:37:18.596   098.231.050.xxx   Bahumbug
2010_12_17_19:37:41.245   108.008.061.xxx   HELLO FRAND
2010_12_17_19:37:43.907   174.021.112.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_17_19:39:19.079   174.021.112.xxx   Merry Christmas Mom
2010_12_17_19:39:36.905   098.231.050.xxx   I am a sign.
2010_12_17_19:39:54.294   174.021.112.xxx   hi emily
2010_12_17_19:42:47.002   099.003.100.xxx   word!
2010_12_17_19:43:35.889   099.023.241.xxx   Merry Christmas from Shasta Lake ca
2010_12_17_19:43:49.731   098.231.050.xxx   jacksonville florida 32207 san marco
2010_12_17_19:44:12.253   099.023.241.xxx   Merry Christmas from Sheila!
2010_12_17_19:47:07.253   108.008.061.xxx   I dont know but murry christmas aprisheen
2010_12_17_19:47:29.309   098.231.050.xxx   thanks magic sign ___3
2010_12_17_19:50:14.163   108.008.061.xxx   Merry chrismas carly!
2010_12_17_19:53:21.616   068.096.170.xxx   Merry chrismas carly simon! (14)
2010_12_17_19:53:57.257   068.096.170.xxx   Nobody does it better - carly simon (15)
2010_12_17_19:57:24.870   098.231.050.xxx   "have fun with the inflatables"
2010_12_17_19:59:11.893   108.008.061.xxx   jingle bells jingle bells
2010_12_17_20:03:27.607   098.231.050.xxx   merry christmas carly greigo
2010_12_17_20:03:38.957   098.026.206.xxx   Merry Christmas from North Carolina!
2010_12_17_20:06:40.276   024.205.255.xxx   the answer to life = 42
2010_12_17_20:07:04.306   066.169.236.xxx   wat
2010_12_17_20:07:26.644   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** The answer to life is 42,000 Christmas lights ... exactly twice what I have! ***ALEK***
2010_12_17_20:07:48.110   024.205.255.xxx   lol
2010_12_17_20:08:02.334   066.169.236.xxx   this is really cool.  Glad it's for a good cause.
2010_12_17_20:08:28.358   024.205.255.xxx   yes, props on your christmas genius.
2010_12_17_20:09:42.783   097.081.183.xxx   ACHOO! (19)
2010_12_17_20:10:22.019   066.169.236.xxx   oh herro
2010_12_17_20:11:07.364   066.169.236.xxx   oh herro again
2010_12_17_20:11:26.778   097.081.183.xxx   ACHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_20:11:51.999   066.169.236.xxx   gazuntite
2010_12_17_20:11:56.811   097.081.183.xxx   Bless you. (21)
2010_12_17_20:12:00.801   173.186.140.xxx   Hello from Birmingham, Alabama
2010_12_17_20:12:17.667   066.169.236.xxx   herro there
2010_12_17_20:12:26.085   097.081.183.xxx   No way i'm from there! (22)
2010_12_17_20:12:31.529   173.186.140.xxx   Love your lights
2010_12_17_20:12:44.630   098.026.206.xxx   merry christmas U.S. ARMY!
2010_12_17_20:13:57.388   098.026.206.xxx   U.S.A. U.S. ARMY  PPL
2010_12_17_20:15:48.130   066.169.236.xxx   oh hai there
2010_12_17_20:16:07.143   173.077.107.xxx   Merry Christmas from NY
2010_12_17_20:17:07.686   098.026.206.xxx   merry christmas not from NY but from NC
2010_12_17_20:19:12.173   098.026.206.xxx   PEOPLE GO TO LINK DELETED PLZ
2010_12_17_20:20:03.566   098.026.206.xxx   GO TO WWW. BISQUICK . WEBS .COM
2010_12_17_20:20:38.919   074.176.247.xxx   Joyeux Noel
2010_12_17_20:22:02.644   098.026.206.xxx   8 days til christmas
2010_12_17_20:26:41.340   098.113.166.xxx   lol
2010_12_17_20:31:05.225   069.203.008.xxx   WTH
2010_12_17_20:33:11.314   067.193.143.xxx   EVERYTHING MUST BE ON MY PRETTYS
2010_12_17_20:39:42.864   086.145.243.xxx   hi from basingstoke
2010_12_17_21:00:47.742   069.165.161.xxx   hello
2010_12_17_21:01:36.019   068.007.131.xxx   I love this website!
2010_12_17_21:02:46.323   069.165.161.xxx   Great! Thanks!
2010_12_17_21:03:50.367   069.165.161.xxx   Let
2010_12_17_21:04:19.452   069.165.161.xxx   Let's raise money!
2010_12_17_21:05:42.914   099.103.238.xxx   Go Bears!
2010_12_17_21:05:53.523   069.165.161.xxx   Hulk rules!
2010_12_17_21:09:32.426   098.087.133.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee!!!
2010_12_17_21:10:09.136   098.087.133.xxx   Murfreesboro, TN says Merry Christmas!!!
2010_12_17_21:10:24.571   069.165.161.xxx   Hey, looking good!
2010_12_17_21:11:44.804   098.087.133.xxx   Merry Xmas, Alek!!
2010_12_17_21:12:31.861   069.165.161.xxx   I remember the crawl space!
2010_12_17_21:12:51.840   190.255.168.xxx   hola desde COLOMBIA
2010_12_17_21:12:58.067   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Crawl Space is where the Christmas stuff is stored! ***ALEK***
2010_12_17_21:13:29.044   190.255.168.xxx   HOLAAAA DESDE COLOMBIA
2010_12_17_21:14:11.380   069.165.161.xxx   Have you patched the HULK recently?
2010_12_17_21:14:27.220   190.255.168.xxx   HEY MEN HELLO COLOMBIA PEOPLE
2010_12_17_21:16:37.899   190.255.168.xxx   COLOMBIA
2010_12_17_21:17:36.215   190.255.168.xxx   NEIVA - HUILA
2010_12_17_21:21:16.560   190.255.168.xxx   MALPARIDOS
2010_12_17_21:24:51.432   064.012.116.xxx   merry x-mas to all and to all a good night
2010_12_17_21:24:52.839   099.103.071.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_17_21:26:28.322   099.103.071.xxx   Merry Christmas from Austin, Texas
2010_12_17_21:26:48.287   064.012.116.xxx   hello from NY
2010_12_17_21:27:06.260   099.103.071.xxx   Sweet!
2010_12_17_21:27:26.142   024.160.111.xxx   Tony Colombari here merry thanksgiving everyone
2010_12_17_21:27:39.281   099.103.071.xxx   Is it snowing in NY?
2010_12_17_21:28:45.915   099.103.071.xxx   It's cold in Austin.
2010_12_17_21:29:17.337   070.162.125.xxx   this is your neighbors.. for the love of god make it stop
2010_12_17_21:29:30.762   064.012.116.xxx   light snow in NY
2010_12_17_21:29:51.612   070.162.125.xxx   this is your neighbors.. for the love of god make it stop
2010_12_17_21:29:51.788   099.103.071.xxx   Awesome.
2010_12_17_21:30:16.847   024.160.111.xxx   hello jetbloom
2010_12_17_21:30:38.462   070.162.125.xxx   this is your neighbors, for the love of god make it stop
2010_12_17_21:30:51.192   099.103.071.xxx   lol
2010_12_17_21:31:05.748   070.162.125.xxx   this is your neighbors - for the love of god make it stop
2010_12_17_21:31:25.779   099.103.071.xxx   That's why they invented tin-foil
2010_12_17_21:31:32.152   024.160.111.xxx   BISMUTHdotTYPEFRAGdotCOM PORT 33300
2010_12_17_21:32:36.975   064.012.116.xxx   track santa @ noradsanta.org
2010_12_17_21:32:56.404   070.162.125.xxx   (.v.) (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_21:33:19.247   099.103.071.xxx   Enough of the "dead kid" thing....dang
2010_12_17_21:33:25.951   070.162.125.xxx   (.v.) (11)
2010_12_17_21:33:48.122   099.103.071.xxx   ALIVE CHILDREN (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_21:34:07.002   070.162.125.xxx   ( . v . ) (12)
2010_12_17_21:34:18.008   099.103.071.xxx   LESS FILLING (11)
2010_12_17_21:34:25.522   064.012.116.xxx   this is a family site my son is watching
2010_12_17_21:34:52.148   099.103.071.xxx   Thank you  064.012.116xxx (12)
2010_12_17_21:35:17.957   070.162.125.xxx   this is your neighbors.. for the love of god make it stop (13)
2010_12_17_21:35:43.076   099.103.071.xxx   024.189.213.xxx shouldn't you be in bed.... (13)
2010_12_17_21:36:12.575   070.162.125.xxx   ok team work.. lets turn them all off for a minute (14)
2010_12_17_21:36:13.871   099.103.071.xxx   You're obviously a child... (14)
2010_12_17_21:36:36.122   024.160.111.xxx   EARTH BELOW US SLOWLY FALLING
2010_12_17_21:36:58.887   070.162.125.xxx   ok team work.. lets turn them all off for a minute (15)
2010_12_17_21:37:09.345   099.103.071.xxx   deal (15)
2010_12_17_21:37:27.488   070.162.125.xxx   ok now on (16)
2010_12_17_21:38:02.021   070.162.125.xxx   halleluja chorus plays! (17)
2010_12_17_21:38:35.275   070.162.125.xxx   woah, who broke the chat thing.. good one (18)
2010_12_17_21:42:15.412   216.105.208.xxx   Hello and Merry Christmas from Rudolph, WI
2010_12_17_21:42:21.295   209.099.193.xxx   hey there
2010_12_17_21:42:52.300   070.162.125.xxx   ______(((('___ (19)
2010_12_17_21:43:47.262   070.162.125.xxx   aww it was a fish.. (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_21:44:38.456   098.209.145.xxx   Those who have been offended by this moron, I have e-mailed Alek
2010_12_17_21:45:33.822   070.162.125.xxx   hes been gone for a while (21)
2010_12_17_21:46:22.976   098.209.145.xxx   That doesnt matter. The damage has been done. And I for one wont tolerate that
2010_12_17_21:47:23.658   099.103.071.xxx   this is the best site on the web! (16)
2010_12_17_21:48:26.916   070.162.125.xxx   happy christmas (22)
2010_12_17_21:49:23.589   099.103.071.xxx   Hey...there's Alek!! (17)
2010_12_17_21:50:02.026   099.103.071.xxx   Nice job!! (18)
2010_12_17_21:50:49.881   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it ... plus webcam1 is across th ***ALEK***
2010_12_17_21:51:16.086   098.209.145.xxx   Alek please check your e-mail. Thanks
2010_12_17_21:51:53.036   070.162.125.xxx   if you are reading this... wave to the camera (23)
2010_12_17_21:52:39.349   099.103.071.xxx   I think he's ignoring us....LOL (19)
2010_12_17_21:52:54.768   070.162.125.xxx   harsh (24)
2010_12_17_21:53:27.306   099.103.071.xxx   He's pretending to be working...shhhh (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_21:53:29.588   070.162.125.xxx   /___ the man! (25)
2010_12_17_21:53:55.495   099.103.071.xxx   :D (21)
2010_12_17_21:53:56.930   070.162.125.xxx   - (26)
2010_12_17_21:54:21.992   099.103.071.xxx   :P (22)
2010_12_17_21:54:57.086   070.162.125.xxx   team work, turn them all off!!! (27)
2010_12_17_21:55:29.801   070.162.125.xxx   ok team work.. lets turn them all off for a minute (28)
2010_12_17_21:56:28.436   070.162.125.xxx   ok team work.. lets turn them all off for a minute (29)
2010_12_17_21:57:04.074   070.162.125.xxx   so close (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_17_21:57:38.020   070.162.125.xxx   ok, its going off soon.. turn them all on!! (31)
2010_12_17_21:57:48.415   071.081.178.xxx   give it a break
2010_12_17_21:58:21.177   071.081.178.xxx   no text messgs next year
2010_12_17_21:58:26.279   070.162.125.xxx   2 minutes left..!! light them all up!! (32)
2010_12_17_21:58:34.973   174.109.072.xxx   Good night, John Boy!
2010_12_17_21:59:11.533   174.109.072.xxx   ?????
2010_12_17_21:59:23.669   070.162.125.xxx   if you are reading this... wave to the camera (33)
2010_12_17_21:59:54.628   174.109.072.xxx   G'night, all!

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