348 christmas text messages on 2010/1220

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,841 times that day including 3,903 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1220

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_20_16:31:57.745   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning X10 controls on a bit early for European Surfers ... plus almost shortest day of year ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_16:34:18.866   188.220.140.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_20_16:34:45.667   087.122.032.xxx   Greetings from the north of germany! U Rocks Alex!!
2010_12_20_16:34:57.368   099.145.124.xxx   first post!
2010_12_20_16:34:58.723   075.094.059.xxx   wooo
2010_12_20_16:35:51.645   087.122.032.xxx   Prost
2010_12_20_16:37:07.171   087.122.032.xxx   Moin moin to all!
2010_12_20_16:37:17.387   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Close to Midnight over in Germany - right? ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_16:37:20.134   099.145.124.xxx   hey alek, How are your kids, and please wave to us
2010_12_20_16:37:47.145   087.122.032.xxx   here in Northgermany it___s 00:37 a clock... sleeptime
2010_12_20_16:38:47.643   087.122.032.xxx   but i stay awake to look at your page alex! Great!!
2010_12_20_16:38:55.597   099.145.124.xxx   do you ever get annoyed with all of the lights
2010_12_20_16:39:37.207   099.145.124.xxx   your screen tecxt thing broke its froze
2010_12_20_16:40:05.462   099.145.124.xxx   never mind its fixed
2010_12_20_16:41:39.988   099.145.124.xxx   do you enjoy all  of this with the holodays?
2010_12_20_16:41:40.134   087.122.032.xxx   wish you a wonderfull evening alex! Its Bedtime for me now! Good night!
2010_12_20_16:42:34.188   099.145.124.xxx   when do you all plan on leaving
2010_12_20_16:43:14.242   099.145.124.xxx   i can bring in about 20 more people
2010_12_20_16:44:17.195   099.145.124.xxx   i can bring in about 20 more people
2010_12_20_16:45:12.401   099.145.124.xxx   how do you ban people for the popup text (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_16:45:53.721   097.118.033.xxx   jaydon is on the naughty list
2010_12_20_16:46:20.190   097.118.033.xxx   yo
2010_12_20_16:46:27.586   108.017.095.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_20_16:46:39.209   086.146.230.xxx   any snow coming alek?
2010_12_20_16:47:01.020   099.145.124.xxx   for us there is (11)
2010_12_20_16:47:01.055   097.118.033.xxx   Roberto is awesom
2010_12_20_16:47:07.082   173.003.075.xxx   Wave hi the to the camera alek!!!!!!
2010_12_20_16:47:28.309   097.118.033.xxx   Roberto is awesome
2010_12_20_16:48:42.162   099.145.124.xxx   who came up with this idea,       Nick (12)
2010_12_20_16:49:18.031   173.003.075.xxx   I would like to give a shout - out to my friends___ you guys rock my socks!!!!!
2010_12_20_16:49:45.775   099.145.124.xxx   socks off (13)
2010_12_20_16:50:14.368   173.003.075.xxx   thanks
2010_12_20_16:50:15.735   099.145.124.xxx   Now That, Is teamwork (14)
2010_12_20_16:51:47.976   173.003.075.xxx   :)
2010_12_20_16:51:57.908   099.145.124.xxx   ___(___o______)(/___.___)/ (15)
2010_12_20_16:52:19.512   096.030.185.xxx   FISH STICKS ARE SOO GOOD
2010_12_20_16:52:31.619   173.003.075.xxx   I KNOW, RIGHT?
2010_12_20_16:52:44.876   099.145.124.xxx   ive posted over 20 times (16)
2010_12_20_16:53:02.818   096.030.185.xxx   yea well fish sticks are better then your posting
2010_12_20_16:53:17.207   099.145.124.xxx   Tushay (17)
2010_12_20_16:53:19.221   173.003.075.xxx   C'mon Alek! Look over here and wave to your fans!!!!!
2010_12_20_16:53:41.790   099.145.124.xxx   yah comon (18)
2010_12_20_16:53:55.170   096.030.185.xxx   How do magnets work?
2010_12_20_16:54:07.735   173.003.075.xxx   PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE 4 SANTA PLEASE
2010_12_20_16:54:23.022   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - here is a wave for 'ya! ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_16:54:32.194   099.145.124.xxx   YAHY (19)
2010_12_20_16:54:33.853   096.030.185.xxx   YAY!
2010_12_20_16:55:01.087   024.168.059.xxx   Awesome !
2010_12_20_16:55:06.882   099.228.117.xxx   Early tonight Alek?
2010_12_20_16:55:16.158   099.145.124.xxx   Nick:  I say you are all awsome (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_16:55:19.123   096.030.185.xxx   But seriously Fish stix are amazing
2010_12_20_16:56:00.584   099.145.124.xxx   Nick: IS AWSOME (21)
2010_12_20_16:56:03.007   156.034.248.xxx   Full moon is working overtime tonight....
2010_12_20_16:56:34.663   099.145.124.xxx   how do you make your name bold lith that? (22)
2010_12_20_16:56:34.602   024.168.059.xxx   Outta Control
2010_12_20_16:56:34.671   063.230.053.xxx   merry christmas to all and to all a goodnight
2010_12_20_16:56:34.752   096.030.185.xxx   The music is all Messed up right now
2010_12_20_16:56:58.395   099.228.117.xxx   Going to be a full Lunar Eclipse tonight..
2010_12_20_16:57:16.433   096.030.185.xxx   O rly?
2010_12_20_16:57:17.436   075.053.175.xxx   Hi Alek
2010_12_20_16:57:19.851   099.145.124.xxx   1:40 am Wich is TOMMOROW (23)
2010_12_20_16:57:42.361   099.228.117.xxx   yes really....
2010_12_20_16:57:43.356   099.145.124.xxx   lol (24)
2010_12_20_16:58:27.593   099.145.124.xxx   ive goota go for dinnr by, temporaraly (25)
2010_12_20_16:58:40.838   096.030.185.xxx   MUAHHAAH no they turned stuff back on
2010_12_20_16:58:53.186   075.053.175.xxx   Season's Greeting from Stockton California
2010_12_20_16:59:42.283   096.030.185.xxx   muahahaha
2010_12_20_16:59:55.474   170.188.005.xxx   Did you get the loofah?
2010_12_20_17:00:12.627   096.030.185.xxx   NOO (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_17:00:14.633   173.003.075.xxx   UR THE BEST BREATHER IN THE WORLD JACKIE! FROM, KARL
2010_12_20_17:00:15.793   074.102.083.xxx   hey sarah
2010_12_20_17:00:18.367   099.158.168.xxx   hey ppl
2010_12_20_17:00:34.368   082.042.107.xxx   happy holidays all
2010_12_20_17:00:34.484   170.188.005.xxx   Marissa Says Hi Guys
2010_12_20_17:00:41.253   173.003.075.xxx   hey jackie sup
2010_12_20_17:00:48.685   096.030.185.xxx   FUDGE I LOVE FISH STIX (11)
2010_12_20_17:00:49.720   099.158.168.xxx   ok
2010_12_20_17:00:58.517   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Oh yeah, Lunar Eclipse tonight - WOOT! ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_17:01:05.510   074.102.083.xxx   i am the best breather in th world!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_20_17:01:24.657   173.003.075.xxx   NATE THE GREAT IS MY HERO!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_17:01:30.539   170.188.005.xxx   Marshmellows
2010_12_20_17:02:08.749   173.003.075.xxx   JACKIE IM WATCHING THE LUNAR ECLIPSE 2NITE (11)
2010_12_20_17:02:28.382   170.188.005.xxx   Are you saying there is something wrong with my gear?
2010_12_20_17:03:08.297   173.003.075.xxx   the best time to watch it is 3:17 in the morning! (12)
2010_12_20_17:03:27.144   170.188.005.xxx   Gear Sticks!
2010_12_20_17:03:55.480   173.003.075.xxx   I'M GETTIN UP TO WATCH IT! FROM, KARL! (13)
2010_12_20_17:04:14.557   170.188.005.xxx   Stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life
2010_12_20_17:06:28.941   024.067.024.xxx   hi jenay molzan!
2010_12_20_17:06:54.710   170.188.005.xxx   Peppermint swizzle sticks for your hot cocoa and cream
2010_12_20_17:08:01.818   024.067.024.xxx   Hii Patricia Lutz :D
2010_12_20_17:08:14.772   099.158.168.xxx   kepp the light off
2010_12_20_17:08:23.254   170.188.005.xxx   darkness
2010_12_20_17:08:51.941   024.067.024.xxx   5 MORE DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!!! WOOT WOOT
2010_12_20_17:09:04.219   170.188.005.xxx   Where can I get some good chicken and waffles?
2010_12_20_17:09:28.427   024.067.024.xxx   A STORE
2010_12_20_17:09:37.378   071.203.019.xxx   the grinch
2010_12_20_17:09:58.107   024.067.024.xxx   nooo
2010_12_20_17:10:46.470   024.067.024.xxx   help raise money for them pls
2010_12_20_17:11:51.100   068.149.226.xxx   Raise some cash!! MCL
2010_12_20_17:12:05.376   024.067.024.xxx   hi dee jay!
2010_12_20_17:12:26.320   068.149.226.xxx   hi mom
2010_12_20_17:12:50.482   024.067.024.xxx   ily mommy and daddy
2010_12_20_17:14:54.201   024.147.030.xxx   Happy Holidays From Boston Ma**
2010_12_20_17:16:11.404   170.188.005.xxx   Saucey Lameness! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_17:16:54.313   024.147.030.xxx   Happy Elves & Smerfs :)
2010_12_20_17:17:07.158   170.188.005.xxx   She's Just A (11)
2010_12_20_17:18:07.878   024.147.030.xxx   Happy Holidays from Jethro TuLL
2010_12_20_17:18:12.699   170.188.005.xxx   Small Town Girl Living IN A Lonely Worlds (12)
2010_12_20_17:19:12.558   170.188.005.xxx   Please Leave Santa A Shake Weight Instead Of Cookies (13)
2010_12_20_17:19:30.537   024.067.024.xxx   i love that song and hey thats mean
2010_12_20_17:19:25.288   070.113.107.xxx   Thanks for the fun outing
2010_12_20_17:19:58.688   024.147.030.xxx   Cookies and soda Rule !!!!
2010_12_20_17:20:41.359   170.188.005.xxx   Shake it like a polaroid picture (14)
2010_12_20_17:21:14.902   024.147.030.xxx   I have those photos, now send the cash
2010_12_20_17:21:49.047   170.188.005.xxx   Candy Canes Or Candy Corns In Your TV? (15)
2010_12_20_17:22:37.376   170.188.005.xxx   Taco Bell Sounds Good (16)
2010_12_20_17:22:57.055   024.147.030.xxx   Merry x-Ma** from all the odd people out here
2010_12_20_17:23:01.114   097.118.033.xxx   I live in Colorado
2010_12_20_17:23:21.503   070.113.107.xxx   Go Longhorns Fight Fight Fight
2010_12_20_17:23:30.416   170.188.005.xxx   That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia (17)
2010_12_20_17:24:15.144   024.147.030.xxx   Santa is recruiting Elves this year, Send your resumes!
2010_12_20_17:24:28.126   170.188.005.xxx   Only little people need inquire (18)
2010_12_20_17:25:23.429   071.208.104.xxx   This is pretty cool lol
2010_12_20_17:25:32.195   087.244.083.xxx   Thats sizest ___-)
2010_12_20_17:26:09.589   024.147.030.xxx   Muppets are related to elves?   right?
2010_12_20_17:26:33.292   024.165.154.xxx   mahna mahna
2010_12_20_17:27:01.048   024.147.030.xxx   SANTA and the BBC are always WATCHING YOU !
2010_12_20_17:28:24.009   087.244.083.xxx   thats ok santa can watch I've behaved
2010_12_20_17:29:38.265   024.147.030.xxx   SANTA:  We know we have the video (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_17:30:42.410   087.244.083.xxx   well then all is good hahaha.
2010_12_20_17:39:37.471   075.202.100.xxx   hello
2010_12_20_17:42:08.316   065.184.105.xxx   whats up
2010_12_20_17:42:11.742   089.194.003.xxx   merry xmas from wales cr
2010_12_20_17:43:04.029   216.196.169.xxx   only 4 days left till xmas,
2010_12_20_17:43:11.379   089.194.003.xxx   bong on ... keep the weed green.... cr
2010_12_20_17:43:27.959   075.202.100.xxx   merry exmas from cape coral fl
2010_12_20_17:43:58.289   075.202.100.xxx   hello alek
2010_12_20_17:44:30.909   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Internet Surfers - hope you are enjoying the lights ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_17:44:44.203   093.232.239.xxx   Well 4 days to go ... everyone all presents buy ?
2010_12_20_17:45:21.177   075.068.062.xxx   Alek is sporting a new hair cut
2010_12_20_17:45:48.924   093.232.239.xxx   yes he looks good - greetings Fionas
2010_12_20_17:46:34.378   070.178.127.xxx   Just came in from taking holiday candy to the neighbors
2010_12_20_17:46:41.014   089.194.003.xxx   the lights are awesome alek ... keep up yr good work
2010_12_20_17:47:53.243   216.196.169.xxx   alsome show, great job
2010_12_20_17:51:31.374   216.196.169.xxx   ho ho ho... merry x-mas
2010_12_20_17:52:10.554   074.235.080.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2010_12_20_17:52:48.909   074.235.080.xxx   Hope Santa gives you want you want this is so cool!
2010_12_20_17:53:38.516   174.109.117.xxx   I like to turn off all the lights!
2010_12_20_17:53:56.840   074.235.080.xxx   I like to turn them on!
2010_12_20_17:54:04.782   216.144.042.xxx   This is awesome!  Merry Christmas everyone!
2010_12_20_17:54:13.011   174.109.117.xxx   I love you Heather Ballard!!!!! ___3
2010_12_20_17:54:36.089   074.235.080.xxx   I like to turn the lights on!
2010_12_20_17:54:49.743   174.109.117.xxx   Merry Christmas! 8==D
2010_12_20_17:55:15.307   024.167.149.xxx   hello from nc
2010_12_20_17:55:20.667   093.232.239.xxx   hmm what i asked for years: Alek had youre neigbours christmas lights outside ?
2010_12_20_17:55:48.792   074.235.080.xxx   Hellow from NewYok
2010_12_20_17:55:49.533   024.167.149.xxx   bon jour
2010_12_20_17:56:05.350   065.184.105.xxx   this is cool
2010_12_20_17:56:34.993   074.235.080.xxx   from newyok!!!
2010_12_20_17:56:43.328   065.184.105.xxx   this is bad a**
2010_12_20_17:56:52.320   174.109.117.xxx   Heather B you are my one true love!!!
2010_12_20_17:57:25.999   099.158.168.xxx   jesus love you guys
2010_12_20_17:57:30.718   065.184.105.xxx   gfioifjoisdjfsdhflhsgjasjlfdjglkdfjgjdjgjdgjdjgllfdjgdogjlgjdlfjgldfjgldffjglkd
2010_12_20_17:57:35.343   174.109.117.xxx   Heather B you are my one true love!!!
2010_12_20_17:57:52.234   074.235.080.xxx   AWWWWWWWW
2010_12_20_17:58:03.383   065.184.105.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2010_12_20_17:58:03.901   174.109.117.xxx   :D
2010_12_20_17:59:24.254   174.109.117.xxx   BAHUMBUG! NO LIGHTS! MWAHAHA -Scrooge
2010_12_20_17:59:48.832   074.235.080.xxx   ther will b lites
2010_12_20_18:00:35.785   174.109.117.xxx   WOOHOOO NO LIGHTS!!
2010_12_20_18:01:01.778   074.235.080.xxx   LITES ON
2010_12_20_18:02:41.409   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... it got dark in here for a moment - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_18:03:20.829   074.235.080.xxx   OK PATRICK (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_18:03:25.981   077.103.020.xxx   clint is a lovely boy )
2010_12_20_18:03:30.479   064.134.024.xxx   Hello world!
2010_12_20_18:03:51.913   074.235.080.xxx   i ben real guud ___) (11)
2010_12_20_18:10:36.669   188.223.251.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_12_20_18:10:43.301   184.100.127.xxx   hello
2010_12_20_18:12:05.377   184.100.127.xxx   hello my name is denise
2010_12_20_18:16:56.661   096.242.149.xxx   Live text
2010_12_20_18:18:59.076   067.176.057.xxx   Where have you been!!!!   I've been watching and watching and you've been SKIIN
2010_12_20_18:19:15.239   099.158.168.xxx   hey jorden
2010_12_20_18:20:13.450   067.176.057.xxx   Winter Park never had any snow!!!   It's all a media conspiracy!   It's dry the
2010_12_20_18:20:53.283   024.222.100.xxx   MeRry ChRiStMaS from Nova Scotia, Canada!
2010_12_20_18:21:12.687   067.176.057.xxx   Skiing was terrible in Winter Park.  There's no snow!!!!
2010_12_20_18:22:18.016   067.176.057.xxx   I understand the boys all fell down and Alek just sat in the cafeteria and dran
2010_12_20_18:25:07.775   096.054.168.xxx   Woof Woof
2010_12_20_18:27:41.535   074.235.080.xxx   Hello Shanoma (12)
2010_12_20_18:30:49.040   206.255.076.xxx   merry chrismas ollie
2010_12_20_18:31:56.338   068.150.181.xxx   so how's the traffic here tonight?
2010_12_20_18:33:37.578   206.255.076.xxx   merry chrismas mom
2010_12_20_18:34:08.463   206.255.076.xxx   Merry Chrismas Trey
2010_12_20_18:34:38.408   091.104.178.xxx   Howdy buddy!
2010_12_20_18:35:05.667   076.022.153.xxx   Merry Christmas random peoples of the universe! :D
2010_12_20_18:35:39.801   206.255.076.xxx   ollie
2010_12_20_18:37:27.518   076.022.153.xxx   Traffic? Well, I've yet to see a car go past 88 mph.
2010_12_20_18:37:29.689   206.255.076.xxx   Merry Chrismas  Betty, Sister, and Bethany
2010_12_20_18:39:59.150   065.184.105.xxx   chris hutto
2010_12_20_18:40:17.769   156.034.248.xxx   Merry Christmas from the unofficial Facebook fan page :)
2010_12_20_18:40:33.459   065.184.105.xxx   Christmas
2010_12_20_18:42:10.992   091.104.178.xxx   You've gone! COME BACK!
2010_12_20_18:45:58.560   091.104.178.xxx   haha screen fail
2010_12_20_18:46:01.655   124.198.146.xxx   twitter=thebunkids
2010_12_20_18:49:52.648   069.143.098.xxx   Type Htext & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2010_12_20_18:50:28.546   069.143.098.xxx   Ho! Ho! Ho!
2010_12_20_18:51:36.157   091.104.178.xxx   Hello?
2010_12_20_18:52:08.256   091.104.178.xxx   You're back! YAY
2010_12_20_18:52:47.391   069.143.098.xxx   Ho! Ho! Ho!
2010_12_20_18:53:21.215   069.143.098.xxx   Hello From Maryland!
2010_12_20_18:55:09.498   069.143.098.xxx   ights wins a ___1,000 for Celiac Disease plus free KFC for a year. BBBUUURRRRPP
2010_12_20_18:55:54.605   069.143.098.xxx   Hey everybody! Ray in Maryland here!
2010_12_20_19:00:07.951   098.177.133.xxx   hi
2010_12_20_19:01:16.637   091.104.178.xxx   I like this guy ___
2010_12_20_19:02:05.112   091.104.178.xxx   This guy is awesome ___
2010_12_20_19:03:00.820   098.177.133.xxx   hi greetings from Surprise AZ
2010_12_20_19:03:36.459   068.003.148.xxx   mesa az checking in
2010_12_20_19:03:45.786   091.104.178.xxx   What an awesome website!
2010_12_20_19:04:08.507   098.177.133.xxx   cool yard!
2010_12_20_19:05:05.555   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the cool yard, awesome website, etc. comments ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_19:05:13.351   076.022.153.xxx   Holy crayola! I have food! :D
2010_12_20_19:05:29.254   091.104.178.xxx   Wow! you get you're own name on there
2010_12_20_19:07:09.337   098.177.133.xxx   wow that room looks crowded!
2010_12_20_19:08:14.662   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa's Workshop is pretty crowded this time of the year ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_19:08:27.717   068.150.181.xxx   hmm I wonder why #s are down this year..?
2010_12_20_19:09:55.482   098.177.133.xxx   I wish that was my yard!
2010_12_20_19:10:57.325   099.145.124.xxx   who dosent (26)
2010_12_20_19:13:20.295   091.104.178.xxx   I want an X10 system! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_19:14:19.813   076.022.153.xxx   "Hey, who turned out the lights?"
2010_12_20_19:14:24.500   099.145.124.xxx   so do i (27)
2010_12_20_19:14:35.290   072.209.049.xxx   Hello.
2010_12_20_19:14:46.939   091.104.178.xxx   Alek has one! (11)
2010_12_20_19:15:28.824   068.053.155.xxx   HEY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET
2010_12_20_19:15:32.639   076.022.153.xxx   He does? Alek, can I have one?   :D
2010_12_20_19:15:29.363   070.094.028.xxx   Merry Christams from Kansas City!
2010_12_20_19:16:06.837   068.053.155.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TENNESSEE!!!! =)
2010_12_20_19:16:14.994   076.022.153.xxx   Ah, never mind. My neighbors would be angry.
2010_12_20_19:16:16.405   070.094.028.xxx   Christmas that is
2010_12_20_19:16:31.930   091.104.178.xxx   Do it anyway! They'll love it! (12)
2010_12_20_19:16:46.021   068.053.155.xxx   HEY ALEK WAVE AT ME PLEASE
2010_12_20_19:16:51.150   098.177.133.xxx   Merry Christmas from Arizona!!!
2010_12_20_19:17:13.727   076.022.153.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tennessee! :)
2010_12_20_19:17:27.842   098.177.133.xxx   :)
2010_12_20_19:17:28.331   068.053.155.xxx   HEY HEY HEY
2010_12_20_19:17:45.806   070.094.028.xxx   Ho Ho Ho !
2010_12_20_19:17:49.594   098.177.133.xxx   :)
2010_12_20_19:17:56.610   076.022.153.xxx   Hee hee hee.
2010_12_20_19:18:23.670   068.053.155.xxx   O O O O THE BIG BIG O LINK DELETED
2010_12_20_19:18:26.686   076.022.153.xxx   Oh, that was redundant.
2010_12_20_19:18:27.223   070.094.028.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!
2010_12_20_19:18:55.098   070.094.028.xxx   Hi Phil!
2010_12_20_19:19:04.389   091.104.178.xxx   Golden Banog the eye of the eagle (13)
2010_12_20_19:19:13.501   068.053.155.xxx   HEY PARTY PEOPLE
2010_12_20_19:19:29.073   070.094.028.xxx   Lori Craven Says Hi!
2010_12_20_19:19:37.771   098.177.133.xxx   Greetings from Arizona!!!
2010_12_20_19:20:03.588   076.022.153.xxx   Say "Wheeeeeeee!" (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_19:20:16.259   098.177.133.xxx   Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_19:20:18.639   068.053.155.xxx   HEY FROM TENNESSEE!!!! =-)
2010_12_20_19:20:22.903   091.104.178.xxx   I liked it when alek was here... (14)
2010_12_20_19:20:38.685   098.177.133.xxx   yah (11)
2010_12_20_19:20:42.226   076.022.153.xxx   Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (11)
2010_12_20_19:20:58.398   068.053.155.xxx   ALL THE GIRLS ON HERE SAY HEYYYYY
2010_12_20_19:21:07.336   098.177.133.xxx   Arizona RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (12)
2010_12_20_19:21:24.350   068.053.155.xxx   HEYYYYYYYYY
2010_12_20_19:21:32.372   070.094.028.xxx   Go Chiefs!!
2010_12_20_19:21:37.487   098.177.133.xxx   :p (13)
2010_12_20_19:21:39.162   076.022.153.xxx   I'd say that, but much too many y's at the end. (12)
2010_12_20_19:22:02.924   068.053.155.xxx   WELL OK THEN JUST SAY HEYY (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_19:22:07.481   098.177.133.xxx   :p (14)
2010_12_20_19:22:12.373   076.022.153.xxx   Therefore, I shall say "Hey!" (13)
2010_12_20_19:23:07.098   098.177.133.xxx   HEY LETS TURN OFF ALL THE LIGHTS DO IT (15)
2010_12_20_19:24:27.247   076.022.153.xxx   It's the Vashta Nereda! :O (14)
2010_12_20_19:24:52.054   098.177.133.xxx   turn it off DO IT! (16)
2010_12_20_19:24:53.058   076.022.153.xxx   Count the shadows! (15)
2010_12_20_19:25:40.629   076.022.153.xxx   Eeep! :O (16)
2010_12_20_19:25:52.451   098.177.133.xxx   LEAVE IT KIKE THAT! (17)
2010_12_20_19:26:10.211   076.022.153.xxx   Hey, who turned out the lights? (17)
2010_12_20_19:26:24.226   098.177.133.xxx   LEAVE IT KIKE THAT!LEAVE IT LIKE THATHE HE HE (18)
2010_12_20_19:27:14.381   098.177.133.xxx   leave it off! (19)
2010_12_20_19:27:43.603   076.022.153.xxx   On or off? Quite the dilemma there. (18)
2010_12_20_19:27:53.513   098.177.133.xxx   ___off___ (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_19:28:47.474   075.176.027.xxx   hi
2010_12_20_19:28:58.306   076.022.153.xxx   Hello! (19)
2010_12_20_19:29:06.035   098.177.133.xxx   who here likes Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? (21)
2010_12_20_19:29:20.912   076.022.153.xxx   ME! (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_19:29:25.964   075.176.027.xxx   me!!!!!
2010_12_20_19:29:32.695   098.177.133.xxx   Me! (22)
2010_12_20_19:30:13.344   098.177.133.xxx   Me too!I like playing it online! (23)
2010_12_20_19:30:16.243   076.022.153.xxx   It's quite fun! (21)
2010_12_20_19:30:27.931   075.176.027.xxx   im board
2010_12_20_19:30:48.543   098.177.133.xxx   I like playing it online! (24)
2010_12_20_19:30:52.118   076.022.153.xxx   Who wood've thought? (22)
2010_12_20_19:30:56.542   075.176.027.xxx   r u?
2010_12_20_19:31:34.692   098.177.133.xxx   turn off all the lights (25)
2010_12_20_19:32:00.687   076.022.153.xxx   Ah, boredom is the reason why most of us are here. (23)
2010_12_20_19:32:45.923   076.022.153.xxx   Again, count the shadows....   :/ (24)
2010_12_20_19:36:03.287   076.022.153.xxx   Or not. (25)
2010_12_20_19:46:49.165   076.022.153.xxx   Random person! (26)
2010_12_20_19:46:54.941   072.077.121.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Tronka's PGH, PA
2010_12_20_19:51:55.325   098.250.147.xxx   Happy Holidays from Detroit!
2010_12_20_19:52:41.762   098.177.133.xxx   GREETINGS FROM ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (26)
2010_12_20_19:53:26.603   098.177.133.xxx   GREETINGS FROM ARIZONA!!! (27)
2010_12_20_19:54:21.668   098.177.133.xxx   guys turn off all the lights (28)
2010_12_20_19:55:30.664   098.177.133.xxx   boo! (29)
2010_12_20_19:56:19.508   098.177.133.xxx   OFF! (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_19:57:46.249   098.177.133.xxx   ON!!!!!!!!!!! (31)
2010_12_20_20:02:05.879   098.177.133.xxx   On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (32)
2010_12_20_20:03:45.628   098.177.133.xxx   ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (33)
2010_12_20_20:04:08.488   098.177.133.xxx   Prety (34)
2010_12_20_20:05:00.172   098.177.133.xxx   OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (35)
2010_12_20_20:07:03.737   098.177.133.xxx   :P (36)
2010_12_20_20:11:08.169   067.177.141.xxx   CK says Merry x-mas
2010_12_20_20:11:10.966   068.097.040.xxx   1 Hour 50 minutes. Should have got on earlier.
2010_12_20_20:12:25.880   067.177.141.xxx   bc
2010_12_20_20:16:27.466   072.047.008.xxx   Merry Christmas from Northern Idaho
2010_12_20_20:18:50.284   070.169.113.xxx   lunar eclipse tonight-anyone going to watch it?
2010_12_20_20:19:19.015   068.053.155.xxx   DEFINATELY ME!!!! (11)
2010_12_20_20:20:10.518   098.237.015.xxx   Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year!
2010_12_20_20:20:36.501   068.053.155.xxx   Im going to have to get up at 12 am to watch it at 1 am (12)
2010_12_20_20:21:39.283   068.053.155.xxx   I LIVE IN TENNESSEE (13)
2010_12_20_20:23:53.367   099.247.190.xxx   i love dan
2010_12_20_20:24:45.037   099.247.190.xxx   Merry Christmas Brantford ontario canada
2010_12_20_20:28:44.498   099.247.190.xxx   Dan and Alison Forever
2010_12_20_20:41:03.974   067.008.239.xxx   ___o___ ___o___ ___o___ ___o___ ___o___ ___o___ ___o___ ___o___ ___o___ ___o___
2010_12_20_20:41:36.775   024.067.024.xxx   miss you Bryan anderon! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_20_20:44:53.636   024.008.192.xxx   Merry Christmas to All!
2010_12_20_20:53:43.976   173.088.174.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_20_20:58:34.565   173.088.174.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_20_21:07:18.068   066.140.107.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_12_20_21:10:10.323   024.117.113.xxx   merry christmas
2010_12_20_21:10:43.816   024.117.113.xxx   thank you
2010_12_20_21:12:00.021   024.117.113.xxx   Ho Ho
2010_12_20_21:12:28.778   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HO-HO-HO!!! ***ALEK***
2010_12_20_21:12:55.569   024.117.113.xxx   karen from twin falls idaho loves your lights
2010_12_20_21:15:14.880   024.117.113.xxx   HO HO HO!!!
2010_12_20_21:15:36.426   068.150.181.xxx   still no snow I see.. phooey
2010_12_20_21:22:29.696   075.103.136.xxx   Glad to see you site up again.
2010_12_20_21:25:34.186   024.205.227.xxx   Great website
2010_12_20_21:33:44.523   098.177.133.xxx   hi (37)
2010_12_20_21:34:31.074   098.177.133.xxx   Greetings from Arizona (38)
2010_12_20_21:36:40.536   024.117.113.xxx   WE are comeing
2010_12_20_21:37:33.152   024.117.113.xxx   we are comeing thare
2010_12_20_21:42:59.439   075.068.062.xxx   I love Karen from twin falls!
2010_12_20_21:44:02.188   024.167.022.xxx   still no snow!
2010_12_20_21:47:23.346   068.150.181.xxx   snow snow snow...
2010_12_20_21:48:09.144   068.150.181.xxx   I wanna wash my face my hair in snow...
2010_12_20_21:48:41.522   075.068.062.xxx   Doug T Milford, NH here!
2010_12_20_21:50:50.801   066.140.107.xxx   :)
2010_12_20_21:58:27.335   068.096.170.xxx   ALL ON FOR THE END!

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