329 christmas text messages on 2010/1223

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 5,573 times that day including 2,944 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1223

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_23_17:00:25.788   092.017.037.xxx   hello man
2010_12_23_17:00:35.716   092.003.176.xxx   I have too much fun on here!
2010_12_23_17:00:52.681   067.142.165.xxx   Hi from Goldvein, Va. It is not snowing here.
2010_12_23_17:00:55.974   012.180.000.xxx   Blessed good evening and happy holidays from Boise, Idaho!
2010_12_23_17:01:11.084   081.156.084.xxx   cr
2010_12_23_17:01:26.812   092.017.037.xxx   hello man
2010_12_23_17:01:31.637   092.003.176.xxx   Happy Christmas Eve to those in the UK! :)
2010_12_23_17:01:33.482   066.140.107.xxx   Hi
2010_12_23_17:02:03.171   092.017.037.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
2010_12_23_17:02:22.087   072.066.056.xxx   Merry Christmas! Thanks for bringing this treat to every American!
2010_12_23_17:02:40.891   067.142.165.xxx   Je veut une Qeue de Castor
2010_12_23_17:02:46.225   209.169.216.xxx   Happy Holidays all 12-23-2010
2010_12_23_17:03:26.105   096.247.158.xxx   Love this!
2010_12_23_17:03:31.495   067.142.165.xxx   Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year
2010_12_23_17:03:47.783   068.003.148.xxx   whatcha doin Alek?
2010_12_23_17:04:55.909   092.017.037.xxx   hello
2010_12_23_17:05:14.723   066.140.107.xxx   I think that laptop is going crazy lol
2010_12_23_17:05:48.442   092.017.037.xxx   merry xmas all
2010_12_23_17:06:12.280   092.017.037.xxx   ok ryan you g** boy
2010_12_23_17:06:41.487   092.017.037.xxx   merry christmas
2010_12_23_17:07:18.736   067.142.165.xxx   Pere Noel
2010_12_23_17:07:28.398   072.066.056.xxx   No fireplace fires tomorrow, please-Santa
2010_12_23_17:07:46.459   092.017.037.xxx   lewis spoor
2010_12_23_17:08:05.735   067.142.165.xxx   I hope that Santa brings y'all some great presents
2010_12_23_17:08:35.932   072.066.056.xxx   Al Gore wishes U Happy Global Cooling
2010_12_23_17:09:03.402   083.089.034.xxx   HEEELLLLOOOO!!
2010_12_23_17:09:58.976   067.142.165.xxx   Put out your carrots for the reindeer tomorrow night
2010_12_23_17:10:22.912   092.017.037.xxx   lewis spoor ___)
2010_12_23_17:10:38.031   072.066.056.xxx   No L
2010_12_23_17:11:18.903   086.155.117.xxx   brookside
2010_12_23_17:11:30.439   092.017.037.xxx   lewis your a freak (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_17:12:22.139   173.003.075.xxx   Hey hey hey from, Karl
2010_12_23_17:12:37.104   086.155.117.xxx   i fanncy u
2010_12_23_17:13:06.549   092.017.037.xxx   lewis fancys you (11)
2010_12_23_17:13:53.753   092.017.037.xxx   i lav you lewis :D (12)
2010_12_23_17:14:32.682   086.155.117.xxx   my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard
2010_12_23_17:14:51.323   092.017.037.xxx   dam right*** better than yours (13)
2010_12_23_17:14:53.603   096.247.158.xxx   hello
2010_12_23_17:15:01.861   099.179.171.xxx   merry chrismas everone
2010_12_23_17:15:23.700   092.017.037.xxx   u2. (14)
2010_12_23_17:15:33.522   173.027.070.xxx   qebtrnkqoerlgtfbn aq.rdgtn rgtn
2010_12_23_17:15:37.684   099.179.171.xxx   i love u liz
2010_12_23_17:15:46.128   024.239.231.xxx   hi
2010_12_23_17:15:55.024   092.017.037.xxx   oioi (15)
2010_12_23_17:15:55.886   066.191.251.xxx   merry christmas benji from santa
2010_12_23_17:16:11.726   099.179.171.xxx   hi
2010_12_23_17:16:12.421   083.089.034.xxx   never gonna give you up,  aneyone?,
2010_12_23_17:16:18.314   086.155.117.xxx   look at him man
2010_12_23_17:16:29.784   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas Benji from the HULK!!! ***ALEK***
2010_12_23_17:16:30.532   024.239.231.xxx   what
2010_12_23_17:16:51.355   099.179.171.xxx   hi boys
2010_12_23_17:16:51.531   066.191.251.xxx   merry christmas benji -santa
2010_12_23_17:16:54.602   086.155.117.xxx   he is lovin his life
2010_12_23_17:17:29.072   092.017.037.xxx   ahahhaha  geet up :L (16)
2010_12_23_17:17:33.335   066.191.251.xxx   i love my son
2010_12_23_17:17:33.619   072.066.056.xxx   All I want is a hipopotomus for Christmas!
2010_12_23_17:17:53.165   173.027.070.xxx   there was totally a person there then my page crashed and he was gone O.O
2010_12_23_17:18:19.275   024.239.231.xxx   uwtu23
2010_12_23_17:18:20.898   092.017.037.xxx   omg wow. (17)
2010_12_23_17:18:55.772   092.017.037.xxx   lewis talk on msn am borddddddddddd (18)
2010_12_23_17:19:11.611   086.155.117.xxx   caitlin is lush
2010_12_23_17:19:44.084   092.017.037.xxx   lewis is fit as f*** (19)
2010_12_23_17:20:01.036   086.155.117.xxx   microwave chips are lushhhh and my little toe nail is tiny
2010_12_23_17:20:29.788   066.191.251.xxx   i love u
2010_12_23_17:20:40.786   072.066.056.xxx   Thank you!
2010_12_23_17:21:00.434   066.191.251.xxx   youre welcome
2010_12_23_17:21:27.221   092.017.037.xxx   my little toe nail is tiny (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_17:22:06.308   075.110.099.xxx   Merry Christmas Eve Eve!
2010_12_23_17:22:53.063   068.053.155.xxx   ITS NOT CHRISTMAS EVE YET
2010_12_23_17:23:23.553   072.066.056.xxx   my name's not Eve
2010_12_23_17:23:52.781   075.110.099.xxx   Happy Day Before Christmas Eve Then!
2010_12_23_17:23:55.970   068.053.155.xxx   I KNOW THAT BUT TOMMOROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE
2010_12_23_17:24:34.174   068.053.155.xxx   EVE
2010_12_23_17:24:44.330   072.066.056.xxx   tomorow eve it will be Chirstmas tomorrow
2010_12_23_17:25:17.053   068.053.155.xxx   NO IT WONT
2010_12_23_17:25:57.092   068.053.155.xxx   IT WILL BE CHRISTMAS EVE 2MORROW
2010_12_23_17:26:36.003   082.042.107.xxx   ITC CHRISTMAS EVE NOW HERE
2010_12_23_17:26:56.134   072.066.056.xxx   even every evening eve...
2010_12_23_17:27:52.885   068.053.155.xxx   WHAT R U TALKING BOUT
2010_12_23_17:28:32.952   068.053.155.xxx   ?????????????/
2010_12_23_17:29:49.402   068.053.155.xxx   OK NOW I KNOW WHAT U R SAYING
2010_12_23_17:33:58.454   074.222.220.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2010_12_23_17:34:39.993   098.018.002.xxx   Howdy
2010_12_23_17:35:02.966   068.193.138.xxx   merry christmas eve eve from brittbritt
2010_12_23_17:35:39.017   068.193.138.xxx   im an angel from brittbritt
2010_12_23_17:36:18.712   098.018.002.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2010_12_23_17:36:30.917   068.193.138.xxx   Ho ho ho
2010_12_23_17:37:03.539   068.193.138.xxx   ho ho honkers from brittbritt
2010_12_23_17:37:04.952   071.072.039.xxx   peace.!!
2010_12_23_17:37:15.190   098.018.002.xxx   Here comes santa claus
2010_12_23_17:38:13.283   072.083.240.xxx   hello jeffery said this isnt real
2010_12_23_17:38:20.195   206.126.209.xxx   Merry Christmas World!
2010_12_23_17:38:22.219   098.018.002.xxx   supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
2010_12_23_17:38:46.079   072.083.240.xxx   hi from jtpappy
2010_12_23_17:40:08.757   098.018.002.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_23_17:42:24.667   066.231.106.xxx   hey all,..from here in north dakota!
2010_12_23_17:43:06.882   068.102.255.xxx   good evening
2010_12_23_17:44:20.052   072.241.160.xxx   hello
2010_12_23_17:44:36.249   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lights and X10 Controls will be on early Christmas Eve ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2010_12_23_17:46:23.718   097.091.219.xxx   It's me Krys
2010_12_23_17:47:27.848   097.091.219.xxx   What the heck i want ketchup
2010_12_23_17:48:01.920   075.016.141.xxx   Santee 92071 Rocks
2010_12_23_17:51:31.425   089.243.202.xxx   Merry Christmas To You All. Nath Evans (Portsmouth, England)
2010_12_23_17:51:35.931   068.193.138.xxx   WINTER BREAK FROM BRITTBRITT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO
2010_12_23_17:52:02.822   097.091.219.xxx   im on the nice list
2010_12_23_17:52:24.695   089.243.202.xxx   So Raise Your Glass If Your Wrong In All The Right Ways
2010_12_23_17:52:46.196   097.091.219.xxx   o no u didnt
2010_12_23_17:53:09.087   068.193.138.xxx   hey alek tlk 2 us wave
2010_12_23_17:53:27.313   089.243.202.xxx   O yES HE DID
2010_12_23_17:53:30.418   097.091.219.xxx   o no u didnt
2010_12_23_17:53:55.571   089.243.202.xxx   o yes he did
2010_12_23_17:54:54.603   089.243.202.xxx   It is officially Christmas Eve here in Portsmouth, England
2010_12_23_17:58:05.577   156.034.193.xxx   Yay UK
2010_12_23_18:01:42.069   089.243.202.xxx   h**** No H20
2010_12_23_18:02:14.371   094.004.185.xxx   hi from the uk
2010_12_23_18:02:26.788   089.243.202.xxx   The Rock Says
2010_12_23_18:03:11.621   094.004.185.xxx   hi from rich in in the uk
2010_12_23_18:03:47.507   094.004.185.xxx   this is great, love ure lights
2010_12_23_18:04:01.532   080.000.211.xxx   hi cr
2010_12_23_18:04:22.960   089.243.202.xxx   I should probably go to bed
2010_12_23_18:04:55.881   080.000.211.xxx   this is amazing CR
2010_12_23_18:05:47.148   080.000.211.xxx   i love you santa!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_23_18:07:39.246   082.042.107.xxx   SANTA IS ON HIS WAY
2010_12_23_18:07:56.863   094.004.185.xxx   i love santa claus
2010_12_23_18:08:24.545   068.204.146.xxx   Merry Christmas..God's Blessings to you for the New Year
2010_12_23_18:10:18.369   097.091.219.xxx   Merry KISSmas
2010_12_23_18:12:14.233   097.091.219.xxx   im on the nice list
2010_12_23_18:14:03.787   184.056.246.xxx   happy festivus
2010_12_23_18:14:59.689   097.091.219.xxx   NOT
2010_12_23_18:15:33.515   097.091.219.xxx   Just Kidding :)
2010_12_23_18:16:38.343   097.091.219.xxx   Look A Penguin ___(") (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_18:17:51.815   097.091.219.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________ (11)
2010_12_23_18:19:58.969   098.206.064.xxx   umm i dont realy get this so im just tyeping
2010_12_23_18:20:31.512   098.206.064.xxx   OOOHHHH okay now i get it!!!
2010_12_23_18:21:18.995   098.206.064.xxx   okay, HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY ON!!!!!
2010_12_23_18:21:48.882   098.206.064.xxx   woops one, evey one
2010_12_23_18:22:13.954   156.034.193.xxx   evey ?
2010_12_23_18:24:19.066   156.034.193.xxx   Christmas goes by too fast when it gets here :(
2010_12_23_18:31:27.800   116.048.071.xxx   Merry Xmas from Hong Kong
2010_12_23_18:32:21.681   096.235.045.xxx   Happy Christmas to everyone watching!!!
2010_12_23_18:33:44.147   116.048.071.xxx   Merry Xmas form Hong Kong!!!
2010_12_23_18:34:10.196   096.235.045.xxx   Ok Where is the balloon boy thing?? I've been lookin for this...
2010_12_23_18:34:34.536   096.235.045.xxx   Nevermind, I see it
2010_12_23_18:34:53.615   098.206.064.xxx   merry christmas from michigan
2010_12_23_18:35:22.932   096.235.045.xxx   Happy Christmas from Bahiyaa, Seb, Mimi, Rachel & Noah!
2010_12_23_18:36:26.445   092.015.123.xxx   its now christmas eve in N.Ireland
2010_12_23_18:36:31.752   076.097.058.xxx   /b/ was here. m00t rules
2010_12_23_18:37:06.128   092.015.123.xxx   its now christmas eve in N.Ireland 1.37am
2010_12_23_18:37:33.554   156.034.193.xxx   They call me Snow Miser....
2010_12_23_18:37:43.535   092.015.123.xxx   what time is it in your country
2010_12_23_18:38:36.464   098.206.064.xxx   i got my bro a toy moter cycle
2010_12_23_18:38:47.605   092.015.123.xxx   n.ireland 1.38am
2010_12_23_18:40:36.693   097.106.248.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_23_18:41:18.328   098.206.064.xxx   it will be Christmas eve in the USA in....4 hours-12:00 mid-night
2010_12_23_18:41:25.994   097.106.248.xxx   The 13 Devils     Family above all
2010_12_23_18:42:26.975   156.034.193.xxx   That makes no sense
2010_12_23_18:42:35.101   098.206.064.xxx   im going to my cousens house for Christmas tomorrow!! im soooo exited!
2010_12_23_18:43:45.121   098.206.064.xxx   yeah that realy doesnt make any sence
2010_12_23_18:44:47.530   098.206.064.xxx   and plus its God's family a bove all! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_18:45:25.827   098.113.034.xxx   Merry christmas!!!!
2010_12_23_18:46:01.469   098.113.034.xxx   santa
2010_12_23_18:46:47.028   098.206.064.xxx   what about santa? (11)
2010_12_23_18:48:02.635   098.113.034.xxx   santa rocks
2010_12_23_18:49:01.719   024.210.126.xxx   ove you santa
2010_12_23_18:50:25.569   098.113.034.xxx   lets shut off all the lights lol jk
2010_12_23_18:50:30.153   098.206.064.xxx   im going to go work on my Christmas book. (12)
2010_12_23_18:50:30.768   068.050.050.xxx   hello
2010_12_23_18:50:45.668   098.113.034.xxx   lets shut off all the lights lol jk
2010_12_23_18:50:49.014   024.210.126.xxx   Santa says hi judy
2010_12_23_18:51:19.913   098.206.064.xxx   okay il help shut them off!! LOL (13)
2010_12_23_18:51:59.143   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY, turn everything back on! ***ALEK***
2010_12_23_18:52:00.020   098.113.034.xxx   lets shut off all the lights for 1 second
2010_12_23_18:52:09.875   068.050.050.xxx   poop
2010_12_23_18:52:14.964   066.226.050.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2010_12_23_18:52:27.986   098.206.064.xxx   this isnt woking they keep coming back on (14)
2010_12_23_18:52:40.418   068.050.050.xxx   holla
2010_12_23_18:52:49.425   064.012.116.xxx   this is awesome!!!
2010_12_23_18:53:07.509   068.050.050.xxx   you awsome!!
2010_12_23_18:53:13.653   098.206.064.xxx   yayayayay we finaly did it!!!!! (15)
2010_12_23_18:53:22.203   098.113.034.xxx   lets turn on all the lights
2010_12_23_18:53:33.920   099.228.117.xxx   ok move over... Santa's HERE
2010_12_23_18:53:36.251   068.050.050.xxx   o yea in the face
2010_12_23_18:54:03.238   098.113.034.xxx   lets turn on all the lights
2010_12_23_18:54:04.458   098.206.064.xxx   now lets try to keep EVERYTHING on kk (16)
2010_12_23_18:54:06.565   099.228.117.xxx   Move Over Santa's HERE
2010_12_23_18:54:16.440   068.050.050.xxx   shut yo a**
2010_12_23_18:54:51.558   098.113.034.xxx   turn all lights on
2010_12_23_18:55:05.378   099.228.117.xxx   Turn all the lights OFF
2010_12_23_18:56:27.753   068.050.050.xxx   turn off YOUR FACE
2010_12_23_18:57:08.144   098.206.064.xxx   uhh u cant talk like that*** a family website (17)
2010_12_23_18:57:28.693   068.050.050.xxx   HEY YOU DONT SAY THAT
2010_12_23_18:57:41.896   069.037.031.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2010_12_23_18:58:11.271   068.050.050.xxx   i want a pony for xmas
2010_12_23_18:58:23.874   098.206.064.xxx   hey click on the GRRRRRRR by HULK and read what the pop up says (18)
2010_12_23_18:58:58.406   069.037.031.xxx   Hello
2010_12_23_18:58:58.738   068.050.050.xxx   no (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_18:59:50.713   098.206.064.xxx   its realy pritty when all the lights are on but*** fun to turn them off (19)
2010_12_23_19:00:52.629   068.050.050.xxx   HEY YOU DONT SAY THAT! (11)
2010_12_23_19:01:37.696   098.206.064.xxx   say what (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_19:01:49.469   068.050.050.xxx   ? (12)
2010_12_23_19:02:23.504   068.050.050.xxx   its from the movie step brothers (13)
2010_12_23_19:02:56.352   098.206.064.xxx   OH OMG i didnt put thous stars ther, i promise i didnt even no they wher ther!! (21)
2010_12_23_19:03:40.688   068.050.050.xxx   its ok just calm down (14)
2010_12_23_19:04:10.972   068.050.050.xxx   its all gonna be ok santas here!!!! (15)
2010_12_23_19:05:50.868   098.206.064.xxx   lol thats cute and i didnt meen to act up like that, it just iv never swor in m (22)
2010_12_23_19:06:27.999   098.206.064.xxx   my life thats what*** supossed to say (23)
2010_12_23_19:07:23.765   098.206.064.xxx   OMG it keeps doing that i have no idea y the stars and stuff (24)
2010_12_23_19:08:54.442   098.206.064.xxx   when ever i put*** it puts stars ther (25)
2010_12_23_19:09:41.462   098.206.064.xxx   see see see!!!!! (26)
2010_12_23_19:20:34.940   075.035.092.xxx   hi baby.....i'm so happy to see you!
2010_12_23_19:21:51.346   075.035.092.xxx   audrey do you like this one?
2010_12_23_19:22:06.449   131.191.034.xxx   hello
2010_12_23_19:23:40.467   091.021.030.xxx   D___Ho
2010_12_23_19:24:15.159   091.021.030.xxx   hohohoho
2010_12_23_19:24:28.562   131.191.034.xxx   who are you?
2010_12_23_19:24:41.092   091.021.030.xxx   hohohoho
2010_12_23_19:25:06.672   091.021.030.xxx   hohohoho
2010_12_23_19:27:01.575   173.072.006.xxx   Merry Christmas from NJ!
2010_12_23_19:31:25.902   070.255.020.xxx   merry christmas cody
2010_12_23_19:32:10.234   068.229.139.xxx   Merry Christmas from Louisiana
2010_12_23_19:33:30.692   070.255.020.xxx   merry christmas cody
2010_12_23_19:34:31.146   070.255.020.xxx   merry christmas from the mooneys in missouri
2010_12_23_19:35:22.048   096.002.137.xxx   merry christmas woogie
2010_12_23_19:35:55.136   174.115.128.xxx   Garfield
2010_12_23_19:38:05.898   068.013.021.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_23_19:38:30.471   068.013.021.xxx   Test
2010_12_23_19:39:17.484   068.013.021.xxx   ! day left
2010_12_23_19:39:57.945   065.093.177.xxx   God isn't real Komar.
2010_12_23_19:39:59.172   174.115.128.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tony C and the Jets from Florida
2010_12_23_19:40:18.171   216.128.191.xxx   im glad that u are still online!!i have watched this for 5 years now
2010_12_23_19:40:23.552   093.232.208.xxx   Merry Christmas to all. In Germany we have finally 24 Dec!
2010_12_23_19:41:50.187   216.128.191.xxx   hey everyone
2010_12_23_19:42:27.173   065.093.177.xxx   God isn't real.
2010_12_23_19:42:32.849   216.128.191.xxx   merry christams from Valdosta,Ga
2010_12_23_19:43:00.963   174.115.128.xxx   not the bees no no not the bees ohg god
2010_12_23_19:44:18.524   065.093.177.xxx   smoke weed erri day hXc DUBSTEP yoo
2010_12_23_19:46:25.066   065.093.177.xxx   420 eat wheat erriday
2010_12_23_19:47:05.856   065.093.177.xxx   Christmas is - TonyC
2010_12_23_19:47:21.179   174.115.128.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tony C and the Jets from Florida
2010_12_23_19:48:48.635   076.106.179.xxx   Halloween 2010 ruined my life
2010_12_23_19:48:50.837   098.117.034.xxx   stop it
2010_12_23_19:49:17.240   174.115.128.xxx   what?
2010_12_23_19:49:19.496   076.106.179.xxx   break my legs
2010_12_23_19:49:40.398   076.106.179.xxx   Daniel Luchetta will you marry me?
2010_12_23_19:49:55.279   174.115.128.xxx   No I will not I'm sorry O
2010_12_23_19:50:21.700   076.106.179.xxx   Tear my heart open I sew myself shut my weakness is that I care too much
2010_12_23_19:51:01.052   076.106.179.xxx   Did you know that horses run at 88 miles per hour
2010_12_23_19:51:17.163   065.093.177.xxx   88 HORSE POWER
2010_12_23_19:51:22.379   174.115.128.xxx   i love my son
2010_12_23_19:52:15.256   076.106.179.xxx   garfield is within us all
2010_12_23_19:52:39.751   093.232.208.xxx   Merry Christmas to all. In Germany we have finally 24 Dec!
2010_12_23_19:52:42.807   098.117.034.xxx   go geen hit off
2010_12_23_19:53:01.468   076.106.179.xxx   go geen go geen go geen go geen go geen
2010_12_23_19:53:59.162   098.117.034.xxx   go geen turn the lights off and keep them off it saves energy
2010_12_23_19:54:00.078   076.106.179.xxx   steve brule killed my family
2010_12_23_19:54:52.403   065.093.177.xxx   GarfieldthemovieGarfieldthemovieGarfieldthemovie
2010_12_23_19:56:06.849   174.115.128.xxx   i love garfyboy
2010_12_23_19:57:32.625   065.093.177.xxx   N1GG3R
2010_12_23_19:57:51.327   076.106.179.xxx   BEES BEES BEES BEES BEES BEES BEES
2010_12_23_19:57:59.346   065.093.177.xxx   n*****
2010_12_23_19:58:13.677   074.193.150.xxx   Merry Christmas from Greenville, MS
2010_12_23_19:59:14.807   065.093.177.xxx   tony c just for me (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_20:00:24.170   074.193.150.xxx   jennifer H says Merry Christmas
2010_12_23_20:05:13.896   098.117.034.xxx   i have gas
2010_12_23_20:06:53.640   065.093.177.xxx   Gorefeldt Chrimus (11)
2010_12_23_20:07:46.070   098.117.034.xxx   I have a potty mouth
2010_12_23_20:12:00.443   091.021.030.xxx   where is santa
2010_12_23_20:13:14.789   076.106.179.xxx   p***kisser666 is my im send me n**** pics pls (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_20:13:43.235   074.061.226.xxx   Jenn in Baltimore says Merry Christmas
2010_12_23_20:18:25.852   096.225.100.xxx   Hello There
2010_12_23_20:19:19.745   098.117.134.xxx   what up WA!!
2010_12_23_20:20:29.949   098.117.134.xxx   wall drug
2010_12_23_20:21:24.752   098.117.134.xxx   bells
2010_12_23_20:22:18.874   098.117.134.xxx   whats the time
2010_12_23_20:23:02.502   074.061.226.xxx   time to get a watch
2010_12_23_20:24:45.445   098.117.134.xxx   LOL
2010_12_23_20:26:52.837   091.021.031.xxx   habibi
2010_12_23_20:31:46.822   068.009.021.xxx   Hi everyone!
2010_12_23_20:41:06.836   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi Internet!   ___-) ***ALEK***
2010_12_23_20:42:10.856   071.075.045.xxx   hello world
2010_12_23_20:48:23.748   072.066.063.xxx   get something new up!
2010_12_23_20:48:54.622   072.066.063.xxx   earn your KFC .. and your visitors.
2010_12_23_20:49:31.949   072.066.063.xxx   people, this guy's lost his spirit.. and filtered folks like me out!
2010_12_23_20:50:04.924   072.066.063.xxx   he doesn't care any longer.
2010_12_23_20:50:41.947   072.066.063.xxx   he should give his proceeds from KFC to the needy.
2010_12_23_20:51:17.908   072.066.063.xxx   the working class who've lost their livelihoods.
2010_12_23_20:53:33.301   070.178.110.xxx   bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
2010_12_23_20:55:05.330   069.121.128.xxx   merry christmas becca
2010_12_23_21:00:55.144   076.097.058.xxx   ALEC IS A BOSS
2010_12_23_21:01:31.521   076.097.058.xxx   merry christmas from florida
2010_12_23_21:02:35.029   076.097.058.xxx   cmon is nobody online right now?
2010_12_23_21:03:08.267   076.097.058.xxx   YOU ARE SO MAD
2010_12_23_21:05:47.321   070.162.203.xxx   I LOVE this site!!!
2010_12_23_21:05:48.513   076.097.058.xxx   yo fellas merry xmas
2010_12_23_21:07:13.038   076.097.058.xxx   everyone call 994892357
2010_12_23_21:07:55.034   076.097.058.xxx   You shouldn't have done that...
2010_12_23_21:08:46.287   076.097.058.xxx   Youv'e met with a terrible fate, haven't you?
2010_12_23_21:19:13.301   076.104.088.xxx   its christmas eve eve
2010_12_23_21:19:43.074   166.137.136.xxx   YAY!
2010_12_23_21:19:44.346   076.104.088.xxx   hi from va
2010_12_23_21:26:15.919   076.097.058.xxx   Enter your IM for everyone to see in Santa's Workshop (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_21:27:34.165   076.000.207.xxx   Hi mother.
2010_12_23_21:27:55.896   203.217.064.xxx   hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2010_12_23_21:28:29.429   067.214.052.xxx   Hello World
2010_12_23_21:28:59.840   067.214.052.xxx   Hi Shifa
2010_12_23_21:29:39.856   067.214.052.xxx   happy thanksgiving
2010_12_23_21:30:29.179   067.214.052.xxx   happy cristmas
2010_12_23_21:36:04.409   068.224.004.xxx   HULK SAY THROW COOKIE SO Santa-Homer Cursor stays off for all pages if I choose
2010_12_23_21:44:12.591   098.117.034.xxx   17 minutes
2010_12_23_21:48:06.994   098.117.034.xxx   this site is racists, why is there no kawanzza related stuff here?
2010_12_23_21:52:00.100   098.117.034.xxx   this site is racists, why is there no kawanzza related stuff?
2010_12_23_21:52:50.514   072.175.177.xxx   hi world
2010_12_23_21:53:30.304   098.117.034.xxx   this site is racists, why is there no kawanzza related stuff
2010_12_23_21:53:43.851   096.035.091.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2010_12_23_21:54:15.241   098.117.034.xxx   happy kawanzza! (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_23_21:55:00.058   098.219.001.xxx   Thanks to Aleck for all his work
2010_12_23_21:55:25.042   076.022.153.xxx   It
2010_12_23_21:55:50.591   098.117.034.xxx   this site is racists, why is there no kawanzza related stuff (11)
2010_12_23_21:56:21.194   098.219.001.xxx   Well, Happy Kuwanee to you too!
2010_12_23_21:56:53.196   076.022.153.xxx   Happy Christmas, everyone! (And Happy Kawanzza to you)
2010_12_23_21:57:23.102   072.175.177.xxx   hi world
2010_12_23_21:57:37.063   098.117.034.xxx   wait dont forget about us j**** too! (12)
2010_12_23_21:58:10.751   156.034.193.xxx   Merry Xmas all
2010_12_23_21:58:21.673   098.117.034.xxx   dont forget about us jewish people (13)
2010_12_23_21:58:43.655   076.022.153.xxx   Happy Hanukka then! :)
2010_12_23_21:59:10.890   076.022.153.xxx   Say "wheeeee!"
2010_12_23_21:59:46.588   076.022.153.xxx   Good night everyone! Have a wonderful day tomorrow! :)
2010_12_23_21:59:52.503   098.219.001.xxx   g
2010_12_23_21:59:58.049   068.224.004.xxx   Last Post and get some solar panels!

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