135 christmas text messages on 2010/1225

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,399 times that day including 2,510 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1225

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_25_16:01:21.831   090.022.176.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_25_16:04:19.701   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas everyone on a very non-white Christmas - where's the snow!!! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_16:04:25.989   092.017.060.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone
2010_12_25_16:04:36.706   090.197.152.xxx   hi
2010_12_25_16:05:12.826   090.197.152.xxx   i love ryan
2010_12_25_16:07:28.722   092.017.060.xxx   MERRY CHROSTMAS
2010_12_25_16:07:32.821   173.099.233.xxx   mmeerryy xx-mmaa**
2010_12_25_16:13:50.506   200.112.093.xxx   FELIZ NAVIDAD desde Chile
2010_12_25_16:14:04.715   094.013.113.xxx   merry christmas
2010_12_25_16:15:03.980   200.112.093.xxx   Hola Marito
2010_12_25_16:17:14.827   065.005.215.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_25_16:17:22.823   098.213.066.xxx   merry christmas to all and good night
2010_12_25_16:17:48.504   200.112.093.xxx   Ivania Padilla, Chile
2010_12_25_16:18:09.383   098.213.066.xxx   merry christmas to all and good night
2010_12_25_16:18:49.892   086.028.211.xxx   merry christmas from england! :D
2010_12_25_16:19:22.034   094.013.113.xxx   hey
2010_12_25_16:19:49.884   098.213.066.xxx   merry christmas from ILL
2010_12_25_16:22:03.771   108.009.008.xxx   Your mom says Merry Ho Ho Ho!
2010_12_25_16:23:43.087   098.213.066.xxx   hi
2010_12_25_16:24:36.669   098.213.066.xxx   lol sorry about that
2010_12_25_16:24:39.049   068.053.155.xxx   I GOT AN MP3 PLAYER TOUCH SCREEN 4 CHRISTMAS
2010_12_25_16:24:49.579   108.009.008.xxx   go toggle something, lol
2010_12_25_16:25:02.129   098.213.066.xxx   lol
2010_12_25_16:25:41.566   108.009.008.xxx   must have been bad this year got ZERO, Nadda
2010_12_25_16:25:48.179   098.213.066.xxx   merry christmas from ILL
2010_12_25_16:30:07.838   071.072.039.xxx   Holiday Greetings from Ohio, USA
2010_12_25_16:30:24.426   095.017.023.xxx   FELIZ NAVIDAD TO ALL OF YOU, FROM ESPA___A
2010_12_25_16:31:40.597   075.202.201.xxx   merry christmas from cape coral fla
2010_12_25_16:32:41.836   095.017.023.xxx   NEGATIVO (MALGRAT) WISH YOU MERRY XMAS
2010_12_25_16:32:43.640   075.110.093.xxx   BBBUUURRRRPPP!!! lol
2010_12_25_16:33:25.453   075.110.093.xxx   mwrry christmas to all
2010_12_25_16:35:08.328   075.110.093.xxx   HELLLLOOOOOOOOO
2010_12_25_16:51:42.715   076.022.135.xxx   MERRY XMAS
2010_12_25_16:54:40.948   089.242.138.xxx   Merry Xmas to you all
2010_12_25_17:01:54.131   076.104.088.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010_12_25_17:03:00.479   076.104.088.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_25_17:04:25.230   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** And a Merry Christmas from me to the Internet! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_17:05:38.008   077.102.130.xxx   happy boxing day from scotland
2010_12_25_17:06:04.477   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Oh yeah ... and Happy Boxing Day too! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_17:11:43.721   065.005.215.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_25_17:13:31.878   065.005.215.xxx   Hello all
2010_12_25_17:14:16.205   072.192.035.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_25_17:16:25.036   065.005.215.xxx   Hi Oz Girl
2010_12_25_17:18:35.495   075.106.128.xxx   My daughter wants Rudolph next year please.
2010_12_25_17:20:56.274   077.102.130.xxx   Keep the lights on!!!
2010_12_25_17:25:11.228   024.222.100.xxx   hello from nova scotia
2010_12_25_17:29:07.068   173.069.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone
2010_12_25_17:37:21.679   098.114.061.xxx   all your lights belong to us
2010_12_25_17:39:12.908   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yes, come to think of it, all my lights do belong to you! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_17:39:45.906   068.038.130.xxx   Have a Holly Jollu Christmas:___
2010_12_25_18:14:34.302   075.118.105.xxx   OMG
2010_12_25_18:16:39.277   075.118.105.xxx   Merry Xmas Silvia! You are great!
2010_12_25_18:17:09.860   075.118.105.xxx   From Chester!
2010_12_25_18:18:14.093   075.118.105.xxx   Jos!
2010_12_25_18:23:29.862   173.022.030.xxx   Merry Christmas to all
2010_12_25_18:28:52.083   067.183.212.xxx   Rainer Beer Sign - Priceless!!!  From Seattle
2010_12_25_18:38:18.080   082.042.107.xxx   honk if your happy
2010_12_25_18:42:07.335   097.117.234.xxx   Stay warm America.
2010_12_25_18:45:33.829   075.111.137.xxx   Ho ho ho MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!
2010_12_25_18:46:37.191   108.006.058.xxx   merry christmas
2010_12_25_18:47:03.399   108.006.058.xxx   mike is hot
2010_12_25_18:48:06.943   075.111.137.xxx   Mikes wife is a HOHOHO!
2010_12_25_18:48:31.839   108.006.058.xxx   mikes not married
2010_12_25_18:49:44.591   075.111.137.xxx   Mikes EX-WIFE is a HOHOHO!!!! wahahahah!!! Bahhumbug!
2010_12_25_18:52:23.491   071.251.101.xxx   does mike have a life?
2010_12_25_18:52:48.405   108.006.058.xxx   no mike sits here and picks fights with people
2010_12_25_18:55:02.342   173.031.166.xxx   ho ho ho
2010_12_25_18:57:03.190   070.178.127.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone, doing the dishes!!!
2010_12_25_19:03:00.063   074.061.226.xxx   Merry Christmas from Baltimore, Hon!
2010_12_25_19:21:28.963   024.205.227.xxx   merry christmas everybody
2010_12_25_19:21:54.656   068.159.112.xxx   Is this on?
2010_12_25_19:27:51.193   082.042.107.xxx   santa___s reindeer shat on my carpet
2010_12_25_19:29:31.298   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Also doing the dishes - Merry Christmas everyone!!! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_19:32:51.739   098.031.055.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM OHIO
2010_12_25_19:33:17.732   093.232.226.xxx   Hi Alek, are the Santas Workshop lights controllable together with the lights o
2010_12_25_19:33:31.795   098.232.117.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2010_12_25_19:33:54.471   024.243.096.xxx   Hi Gilber and D LOW G
2010_12_25_19:35:29.062   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** 093.232: Everything is controllable ... except the HULK! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_19:35:35.424   098.031.055.xxx   JEANETTE FROM OHIO SAYS MERRY CHRISTMAS!
2010_12_25_19:36:08.111   098.031.055.xxx   CAMRON FROM OHIO SAYS MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
2010_12_25_19:36:53.518   093.232.226.xxx   vote 4 inflatable HULK!
2010_12_25_19:44:47.263   173.099.233.xxx   ff______k you bb_________h
2010_12_25_19:53:21.373   067.142.166.xxx   Hello from Oklahoma.  Merry Christmas!
2010_12_25_20:02:50.558   098.203.066.xxx   Merry Christmas....
2010_12_25_20:05:43.206   071.038.186.xxx   Merry Christmas from Iowa
2010_12_25_20:08:41.627   075.204.133.xxx   hello from snowy alabama
2010_12_25_20:13:40.411   075.066.120.xxx   hate i was late this year
2010_12_25_20:17:20.675   075.066.120.xxx   merry christmas from southaven MS
2010_12_25_20:20:22.561   066.140.107.xxx   Merry Christmas from Floydada, TX
2010_12_25_20:21:19.694   072.081.048.xxx   Merry Christmas from Pennsylvania!
2010_12_25_20:24:05.050   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas from the Republic of Boulder! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_20:26:58.124   072.081.048.xxx   Hey Alek, Looks like we're gonna get your snow. :(
2010_12_25_20:30:41.799   098.111.086.xxx   Merry Christmas from the shadow of the Space Needle!
2010_12_25_20:31:12.642   072.081.048.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2010_12_25_20:31:18.820   098.111.086.xxx   Merry christmas!
2010_12_25_20:32:34.846   098.111.086.xxx   Merry Christmas from the shadow of the Space Needle!!
2010_12_25_20:39:43.974   074.131.117.xxx   brrr cold
2010_12_25_20:41:27.156   074.131.117.xxx   Air hockey
2010_12_25_20:44:00.453   072.081.048.xxx   MERRY Christmas!
2010_12_25_20:47:03.535   098.111.086.xxx   Are you watching the game?
2010_12_25_20:48:46.125   098.111.086.xxx   Did Santa come to your house?
2010_12_25_20:49:45.693   098.111.086.xxx   JESUS is the reason for the season!!
2010_12_25_20:53:38.932   098.111.086.xxx   Thans for another year, Alek!
2010_12_25_20:54:08.070   098.111.086.xxx   Thanks for another year, Alek!
2010_12_25_21:01:01.188   072.081.048.xxx   Thanks for All of the Holiday Cheer!
2010_12_25_21:03:17.875   069.171.163.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE PUM FAMILY! AND TO ALL
2010_12_25_21:09:10.490   075.072.121.xxx   Merry Christmas to Kris and Amigo!!!
2010_12_25_21:10:15.652   065.029.251.xxx   Type text &  hi  CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2010_12_25_21:13:54.145   072.255.043.xxx   YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH -LIL JOHN
2010_12_25_21:15:02.137   075.072.121.xxx   Hi Amigo!
2010_12_25_21:24:05.740   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hi Amigo's on the Internet - Merry Christmas! ***ALEK***
2010_12_25_21:30:08.513   174.252.106.xxx   merry christmas!
2010_12_25_21:31:12.099   174.252.106.xxx   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!
2010_12_25_21:35:32.747   075.068.062.xxx   Merry Christmas Doug from Milford, NH
2010_12_25_21:36:42.826   099.003.100.xxx   Happy Turds
2010_12_25_21:38:36.188   098.111.086.xxx   Happy trails to you!
2010_12_25_21:47:19.364   064.092.030.xxx   merry christmas!
2010_12_25_21:48:21.127   067.048.023.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and family, Kina
2010_12_25_21:48:34.374   066.245.088.xxx   Merry Christmas from Katy Texas
2010_12_25_21:49:55.342   068.053.155.xxx   I GOT AN MP3 PLAYER TOUCH SCREEN 4 CHRISTMAS
2010_12_25_21:51:13.257   066.245.088.xxx   Dont be greedy
2010_12_25_21:51:41.348   068.053.155.xxx   IM NOT THIS IS THE BEST CUZ USALLY I GET CLOTHES
2010_12_25_21:52:12.829   066.245.088.xxx   Oh OK
2010_12_25_21:52:35.846   068.053.155.xxx   yeah
2010_12_25_21:52:36.397   076.029.221.xxx   Alek, recording the podcast right now :)
2010_12_25_21:53:31.338   098.111.086.xxx   Raineeeeeeeeeeeeer beeeeeeeeeeeeeer (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_25_21:53:54.893   066.245.088.xxx   Is it cold there?
2010_12_25_21:54:31.855   098.111.086.xxx   Temperature: 36.9___F (11)
2010_12_25_21:54:34.844   068.053.155.xxx   yeah it is snowing here
2010_12_25_21:54:51.152   071.058.120.xxx   Merry Christmas all you peoples of the world!
2010_12_25_21:55:17.917   098.111.086.xxx   snowing where? (12)
2010_12_25_21:56:19.793   068.053.155.xxx   in tennessee
2010_12_25_21:57:37.711   098.111.086.xxx   oh ok....kul (13)
2010_12_25_21:57:57.357   066.245.088.xxx   Snow in Houston today,,thanks to the Weather Channel
2010_12_25_21:58:56.059   098.111.086.xxx   how long is this going on? (14)

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