117 christmas text messages on 2010/1226

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,279 times that day including 1,830 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1226

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_26_17:00:53.176   213.046.026.xxx   wazaaap
2010_12_26_17:02:09.189   080.045.080.xxx   alright?
2010_12_26_17:04:46.800   213.046.026.xxx   ho ho ho merry x-mas alex :P
2010_12_26_17:06:13.532   074.086.071.xxx   Howdy from Dallas
2010_12_26_17:08:43.121   213.046.026.xxx   lol this filter ___uck___
2010_12_26_17:09:18.363   213.046.026.xxx   ___0___
2010_12_26_17:12:30.054   067.080.234.xxx   Blizzard here in New Jersey
2010_12_26_17:13:41.621   080.045.080.xxx   Frozen near York
2010_12_26_17:19:16.406   080.045.080.xxx   Frozen near York
2010_12_26_17:19:43.019   087.122.140.xxx   Hallo everybody! Greetings
2010_12_26_17:20:46.337   087.122.140.xxx   I love you my darling Stefan! Happy Christmas
2010_12_26_17:24:03.159   087.122.140.xxx   good night everybody... sleeptime in germany :)
2010_12_26_17:26:33.068   086.172.190.xxx   hello mum :) - ben
2010_12_26_17:28:46.830   071.123.225.xxx   merry christmas!
2010_12_26_17:33:34.843   173.202.043.xxx   hmmm
2010_12_26_17:35:13.952   173.202.043.xxx   31337
2010_12_26_17:36:13.641   173.202.043.xxx   where is everyone?
2010_12_26_17:37:46.865   066.140.107.xxx   It tends to quiet down after Christmas
2010_12_26_17:38:07.879   173.202.043.xxx   true.
2010_12_26_17:49:34.666   093.232.212.xxx   Bad Santa wasn___t there this year again :(
2010_12_26_17:51:26.610   098.213.066.xxx   ha
2010_12_26_17:53:45.685   098.213.066.xxx   :
2010_12_26_17:54:17.520   098.213.066.xxx   :)
2010_12_26_17:54:49.037   098.213.066.xxx   hi santa
2010_12_26_17:56:16.354   098.213.066.xxx   hi hi hi hi hii hi hi hih ih hi hi hi hi hi
2010_12_26_17:57:58.893   098.213.066.xxx   ___)
2010_12_26_17:58:24.344   098.213.066.xxx   _____________________
2010_12_26_17:59:32.551   068.104.012.xxx   Wooo i turned everything off myself
2010_12_26_18:06:59.960   067.239.107.xxx   Cool website!
2010_12_26_18:24:21.828   092.000.198.xxx   rizla nizla b****kins
2010_12_26_18:29:53.154   068.150.181.xxx   good evening all on this fine Boxing day!
2010_12_26_18:36:26.188   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Happy Boxing Day to everyone! ***ALEK***
2010_12_26_18:37:35.692   068.194.244.xxx   Alek, We are having a blizzard here in NY!!
2010_12_26_18:40:55.757   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Send some of that snow to Colorado please - still zippo here! ***ALEK***
2010_12_26_18:41:22.879   068.194.244.xxx   Does web traffick typically go down after Christmas Alek?
2010_12_26_18:49:21.211   097.081.183.xxx   HEY REDDITORS!
2010_12_26_18:53:58.990   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Web traffic does WAYYYYY down after Christmas - same every year ***ALEK***
2010_12_26_18:54:20.225   068.104.012.xxx   im gonna turn everything off now since its dead here
2010_12_26_18:54:39.771   097.081.183.xxx   Aw...
2010_12_26_18:54:50.949   064.012.116.xxx   pumpkin pie and a PBR are up next
2010_12_26_18:55:16.852   068.104.012.xxx   i did it!
2010_12_26_18:58:31.669   066.140.107.xxx   Not for long. :D
2010_12_26_18:59:56.803   067.162.060.xxx   It does the heart good to see all the lights on! Thx Alek
2010_12_26_19:00:24.508   068.104.012.xxx   I did it AGAIN
2010_12_26_19:01:29.960   068.104.012.xxx   alek this dude  067.162.060.xxx is making it so you can do anything
2010_12_26_19:01:59.271   098.111.086.xxx   hello Alek--greetings from Seattle!!!
2010_12_26_19:03:51.923   068.104.012.xxx   Once again i did it
2010_12_26_19:04:29.019   068.104.012.xxx   okay bye i gtg
2010_12_26_19:05:20.443   072.081.048.xxx   2nd Day of Christmas
2010_12_26_19:12:49.659   098.226.036.xxx   wheres alek ?
2010_12_26_19:27:23.564   071.072.039.xxx   HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO THOSE OF ORTHODOX FAITH JAN 7
2010_12_26_19:27:41.051   074.079.009.xxx   test
2010_12_26_19:28:11.725   068.150.181.xxx   test 2
2010_12_26_19:31:21.694   072.066.063.xxx   change the setup already!
2010_12_26_19:35:25.555   069.071.184.xxx   Happy holidays from Gillette WY
2010_12_26_19:39:09.003   098.213.066.xxx   hi
2010_12_26_19:39:53.687   098.213.066.xxx   wat up
2010_12_26_19:40:14.856   098.213.066.xxx   sup (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_26_19:45:55.764   068.224.004.xxx   SANTA SAYS TURN THEM ON!
2010_12_26_19:54:59.036   068.041.158.xxx   hello
2010_12_26_19:56:22.546   156.034.193.xxx   Thank You Alek from Quispamsis, New Brunswick  CANADA
2010_12_26_19:57:38.575   156.034.193.xxx   Still NO Snow here in southern NB canada!
2010_12_26_19:58:02.053   068.224.004.xxx   WASTE POWER MODE - ALL ON!
2010_12_26_19:59:35.252   156.034.193.xxx   Power is NOT wasted = we enjoy!___ Thanks
2010_12_26_20:03:25.396   068.224.004.xxx   And we don't have to pay the bill!
2010_12_26_20:05:05.052   068.224.004.xxx   Remember to donate to Celiac Disease Research tonight!
2010_12_26_20:23:00.801   066.229.101.xxx   Hello
2010_12_26_20:23:28.195   066.229.101.xxx   Hi Nancy
2010_12_26_20:24:17.971   066.229.101.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season!
2010_12_26_20:25:22.783   156.034.193.xxx   364 days till Christmas !
2010_12_26_20:27:27.097   066.229.101.xxx   Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life :)
2010_12_26_20:31:32.441   066.229.101.xxx   Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life :)
2010_12_26_20:36:05.940   066.229.101.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season!
2010_12_26_20:36:36.523   066.229.101.xxx   Hello
2010_12_26_20:37:07.276   066.229.101.xxx   Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life :)
2010_12_26_20:38:41.959   068.224.004.xxx   Jesus said to bug the heck out of people and they will do whatever yo usay
2010_12_26_20:39:58.112   066.229.101.xxx   That's not written in the Bible
2010_12_26_20:41:06.741   068.224.004.xxx   Neither is bugging people
2010_12_26_20:41:37.402   066.229.101.xxx   I'm glad you know that (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_26_20:47:59.830   066.229.101.xxx   1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm____________',./______:"_________?_________ (11)
2010_12_26_20:48:18.517   068.224.004.xxx   I'm glad you stopped bugging people
2010_12_26_20:49:57.139   066.229.101.xxx   I ___3 JC aka Jesus Christ (12)
2010_12_26_20:50:27.986   066.229.101.xxx   ___3 was supposed to be love (13)
2010_12_26_20:59:04.176   208.123.182.xxx   hello.  merry christmas
2010_12_26_20:59:37.682   208.123.182.xxx   God bless America!!!!
2010_12_26_20:59:37.923   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_26_21:00:02.974   208.123.182.xxx   God Bless America
2010_12_26_21:00:21.866   068.053.155.xxx   what up ppl
2010_12_26_21:00:38.327   208.123.182.xxx   May everyone have a blessed new year.
2010_12_26_21:01:08.296   068.053.155.xxx   you 2
2010_12_26_21:04:30.079   098.082.152.xxx   Have a happy New Year!
2010_12_26_21:06:13.849   098.082.152.xxx   I love you Ray!
2010_12_26_21:06:54.799   098.082.152.xxx   i love you too jean!!!
2010_12_26_21:07:39.521   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_26_21:08:57.187   098.082.152.xxx   greetings from Florida!
2010_12_26_21:10:04.775   068.224.004.xxx   Wait! I don't have to pay his power bill! ALL ON!
2010_12_26_21:10:06.709   098.082.152.xxx   I wish we had snow in Florida!
2010_12_26_21:15:44.261   068.224.004.xxx   4.2 dollars a day time 31 days equals 130.20 a mo.
2010_12_26_21:16:25.201   098.082.152.xxx   Holiday Greetings to Alek and family!
2010_12_26_21:16:32.868   068.224.004.xxx   ALL OFF - Save Alek 130 dollars (plus tax is more) (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_26_21:18:59.576   098.082.152.xxx   goodnight all
2010_12_26_21:20:53.304   068.224.004.xxx   Goodoff all (11)
2010_12_26_21:21:51.717   068.224.004.xxx   All on equals 130 dollars a month for Alek! (12)
2010_12_26_21:24:24.772   068.224.004.xxx   Generate your own power and all this would be FREE! (13)
2010_12_26_21:25:57.897   068.224.004.xxx   NOW SAVING ALEK MONEY! ALL OFF! (14)
2010_12_26_21:28:33.142   068.224.004.xxx   Donate to Celiac Research and then ALL ON! (15)
2010_12_26_21:30:16.875   068.224.004.xxx   ALL ON for Celiac Disease Research!! (16)
2010_12_26_21:42:19.243   184.019.211.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2010_12_26_21:44:16.869   068.224.004.xxx   All your lights are belong to us! (17)
2010_12_26_21:51:24.676   068.224.004.xxx   10 minutes! ALL ON! (18)
2010_12_26_21:55:42.544   068.224.004.xxx   5 minutes!! ALL ON! (19)
2010_12_26_21:57:10.907   098.219.001.xxx   /lkj___lo
2010_12_26_21:57:59.013   068.150.181.xxx   another day gone..
2010_12_26_21:58:53.400   068.150.181.xxx   some day, Alek should make a year long site....
2010_12_26_21:59:41.144   068.150.181.xxx   goodnightr yall
2010_12_26_21:59:55.294   068.224.004.xxx   Last post for 2010 Christmas weekend! (20 IM's so far today)

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