211 christmas text messages on 2010/1227

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,447 times that day including 1,186 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1227

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2010_12_27_17:00:17.978   184.058.124.xxx   first1
2010_12_27_17:01:17.241   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas everyone ... on the last night in 2010 for the Controllable Chr ***ALEK***
2010_12_27_17:02:09.896   072.081.048.xxx   Alek, did you hit any sales today?
2010_12_27_17:03:26.525   069.130.103.xxx   i love this!!
2010_12_27_17:03:42.748   072.081.048.xxx   Gonna miss the lights.
2010_12_27_17:04:28.430   069.130.103.xxx   this is a blast
2010_12_27_17:05:20.298   071.091.039.xxx   I miss Christmas already
2010_12_27_17:05:47.495   069.130.103.xxx   i am on naughty list every year!!
2010_12_27_17:05:51.226   072.081.048.xxx   Me too. The NE Blizzard screwed up my plans
2010_12_27_17:06:07.332   156.034.193.xxx   I miss it too, Christmas goes too fast
2010_12_27_17:06:54.983   069.130.103.xxx   new years on way!!
2010_12_27_17:06:58.955   072.081.048.xxx   I'll be leaving my stuff up for another week or2 yet
2010_12_27_17:07:00.725   071.091.039.xxx   We actually had flurries Christmas night and all day after Christmas here in Al
2010_12_27_17:07:28.452   069.130.103.xxx   we had snow in tennessee!!
2010_12_27_17:07:36.057   072.081.048.xxx   Flurries would have been perfect!
2010_12_27_17:07:46.254   071.091.039.xxx   And that was in Alabama! All day flurries is rare! haha
2010_12_27_17:08:19.521   069.130.103.xxx   this is crazy crazy crazy!!!
2010_12_27_17:09:04.926   072.081.048.xxx   Crazy Fun!
2010_12_27_17:09:06.545   069.130.103.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2010_12_27_17:10:13.799   069.130.103.xxx   I am Santa, good job on this webpage!!
2010_12_27_17:10:24.225   072.081.048.xxx   Merry Merry!
2010_12_27_17:11:10.046   069.130.103.xxx   This makes me feel like a kid again!!
2010_12_27_17:12:02.772   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** It makes ME feel like a kid again! ***ALEK***
2010_12_27_17:12:12.924   069.130.103.xxx   Is that santa???? (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_17:14:31.348   098.085.106.xxx   text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2010_12_27_17:15:04.984   069.130.103.xxx   ho ho ho i love this!! (11)
2010_12_27_17:15:54.842   069.130.103.xxx   where everyone from?? (12)
2010_12_27_17:16:21.444   156.034.193.xxx   New Brunswick Canada
2010_12_27_17:16:39.047   069.130.103.xxx   Parsons Tenn. (13)
2010_12_27_17:18:18.336   069.130.103.xxx   why did hulk pop up??? (14)
2010_12_27_17:18:29.530   156.034.193.xxx   The last night ?!?! Nooooooooo, Scrooge :(
2010_12_27_17:18:59.298   069.130.103.xxx   he ain't no scrooge!! (15)
2010_12_27_17:19:31.595   156.034.193.xxx   Taking down lights early is evil :(
2010_12_27_17:19:46.622   067.049.046.xxx   Los Angeles, CA here.. shame it's over tonight
2010_12_27_17:20:08.210   069.130.103.xxx   he put em up and can tak em down when he pleases!! (16)
2010_12_27_17:21:12.530   156.034.193.xxx   Doesn 't make it right
2010_12_27_17:21:41.336   067.049.046.xxx   He's doing this for free and from his heart. He has every right to take them do
2010_12_27_17:21:42.110   069.130.103.xxx   santa is sad (17)
2010_12_27_17:22:11.002   067.049.046.xxx   He's doing this for free and from his heart. He has every right to take them do
2010_12_27_17:22:33.309   156.034.193.xxx   Christmas is about happiness not convenience
2010_12_27_17:22:34.875   067.049.046.xxx   them down when he wants
2010_12_27_17:22:42.922   069.130.103.xxx   amen to that!! (18)
2010_12_27_17:23:13.183   069.130.103.xxx   preach on (19)
2010_12_27_17:23:29.743   156.034.193.xxx   Bah u hate Christmas anyway u don't even count
2010_12_27_17:23:56.207   069.130.103.xxx   I am santa i love christmas you punk (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_17:24:10.797   067.049.046.xxx   So do I
2010_12_27_17:24:27.978   069.130.103.xxx   u ain't santa (21)
2010_12_27_17:24:32.402   156.034.193.xxx   I rigged your sleigh to crash
2010_12_27_17:24:46.464   068.014.143.xxx   hi kamryn and kyla
2010_12_27_17:25:01.686   069.130.103.xxx   I have a parachute hahahaha (22)
2010_12_27_17:25:28.486   068.014.143.xxx   Erin is the best Mom in Rhode Island
2010_12_27_17:25:42.547   156.034.193.xxx   U forgot to check that parachute carefully
2010_12_27_17:25:49.118   069.130.103.xxx   Why she on naughty list then?? (23)
2010_12_27_17:27:06.284   069.130.103.xxx   I am santa and i carry a gun!! (24)
2010_12_27_17:27:11.384   209.169.216.xxx   You're a good man Alek Brown  12-27-2010
2010_12_27_17:27:32.641   156.034.193.xxx   The gun is plugged (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_17:27:42.102   069.130.103.xxx   Alek is a GREAT man!! (25)
2010_12_27_17:27:44.740   068.014.143.xxx   Happy New Year's to everyone!
2010_12_27_17:28:21.687   069.130.103.xxx   It ain't new years!! (26)
2010_12_27_17:29:25.888   069.130.103.xxx   Obama is Santa (27)
2010_12_27_17:31:16.985   156.034.193.xxx   Ummm no lol (11)
2010_12_27_17:34:34.254   069.130.103.xxx   i am Obama and i like this page!! (28)
2010_12_27_17:35:52.925   156.034.193.xxx   Lol who cares about what Obamma likes (12)
2010_12_27_17:40:30.888   156.034.193.xxx   This site works great on the iPad :) (13)
2010_12_27_17:42:20.141   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for compliments - yea, even works on the iPhone - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2010_12_27_17:42:53.217   156.034.193.xxx   True but the controls are tricky there lol (14)
2010_12_27_17:43:43.510   070.178.110.xxx   Thanks for another great light show, Alek (n10cities)
2010_12_27_17:44:08.885   070.178.110.xxx   Shame there isn't more time in the season..
2010_12_27_17:44:36.742   070.178.110.xxx   Maybe you'll get another mess of finches this spring!  LOL
2010_12_27_17:45:05.241   070.178.110.xxx   Happy New Year, Everybody!
2010_12_27_17:45:13.410   156.034.193.xxx   Christmas always seems to go too fast :( (15)
2010_12_27_17:47:04.707   156.034.193.xxx   Yikes, the kid almost fell off the Polar express ! (16)
2010_12_27_17:51:54.187   067.252.031.xxx   The last day of lights  :(
2010_12_27_17:52:36.452   072.081.048.xxx   We'll have the Snow Cam after New Year's I think
2010_12_27_17:54:36.047   067.252.031.xxx   Don'tlet Christmas end!!!
2010_12_27_17:56:29.272   094.013.113.xxx   good bye 2010 from Luc M
2010_12_27_17:57:15.953   067.252.031.xxx   Good bye Luc M from 2010
2010_12_27_17:58:14.036   094.013.113.xxx   Thanks You 2010 From Luc M
2010_12_27_17:58:52.163   067.252.031.xxx   You're welcome Luc M from 2010
2010_12_27_17:59:32.579   094.013.113.xxx   I Will Remember You 2010 From Luc M
2010_12_27_18:00:10.941   156.034.193.xxx   do u talk 2 yourself often ? (17)
2010_12_27_18:00:45.473   067.252.031.xxx   Luc M will not be forgotten by 2010
2010_12_27_18:00:48.406   094.013.113.xxx   Look at the logs diffrent IP's
2010_12_27_18:02:27.602   094.013.113.xxx   2010 You Are The Best From Luc M
2010_12_27_18:02:33.588   067.252.031.xxx   2010 will not go quietly Luc M
2010_12_27_18:03:09.963   094.013.113.xxx   You will Never Be Forgoten 2010 From Luc M
2010_12_27_18:04:19.557   067.252.031.xxx   2010 knows what you dis last summer Luc M
2010_12_27_18:04:48.723   094.013.113.xxx   how do you know about that from Luc M
2010_12_27_18:05:26.829   067.252.031.xxx   2010 knows and sees all Luc M
2010_12_27_18:06:42.483   094.013.113.xxx   I Feel Scard From Luc M
2010_12_27_18:07:10.050   156.034.193.xxx   Omg the kids r stuck in Santas bag (18)
2010_12_27_18:07:13.682   067.252.031.xxx   Just wait til 2011 gets a hold of Luc M
2010_12_27_18:08:00.187   075.053.175.xxx   How was everyone's Christmas?
2010_12_27_18:08:24.260   094.013.113.xxx   Luc M is stating in 2010
2010_12_27_18:09:20.197   067.252.031.xxx   2011 is coming for you Luc M....... (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_18:09:25.909   156.034.193.xxx   No (19)
2010_12_27_18:09:50.556   098.113.166.xxx   Greetings from SI, NY
2010_12_27_18:10:14.715   156.034.193.xxx   Yikes the giant star almost squashed an elf (20 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_18:13:07.546   067.252.031.xxx   50 people are watching Luc M chat with 2010 (11)
2010_12_27_18:13:43.426   094.013.113.xxx   And ther loveing it :) (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_18:13:56.270   156.034.193.xxx   48 of them fell asleep from boredom (21)
2010_12_27_18:14:13.660   094.013.113.xxx   49 (11)
2010_12_27_18:15:22.191   067.252.031.xxx   You're all gonna miss 2010 (12)
2010_12_27_18:15:25.417   156.034.193.xxx   Luc N (22)
2010_12_27_18:15:31.414   094.013.113.xxx   Luc M is going to sleep now as it is 01:15 AM in england (12)
2010_12_27_18:15:58.092   067.252.031.xxx   Goodbye Luc M (13)
2010_12_27_18:16:05.216   156.034.193.xxx   Have some Jaffe cakes first (23)
2010_12_27_18:16:29.285   094.013.113.xxx   Sounds like a good idea (13)
2010_12_27_18:17:07.664   094.013.113.xxx   Tell Alek Thanks for the lights From Luc M (14)
2010_12_27_18:17:13.296   156.034.193.xxx   Holy crap Santa caught the kid stealing a sleigh bell :o (24)
2010_12_27_18:19:31.747   094.013.113.xxx   I wa** wondering what that guy was going on about untill i found out he is watc (15)
2010_12_27_18:21:40.757   156.034.193.xxx   What did u find out... (25)
2010_12_27_18:21:45.277   072.175.177.xxx   Happy New Year from Billings, MT
2010_12_27_18:27:11.397   156.034.193.xxx   He lost the bell...hole in his pocket (26)
2010_12_27_18:27:18.416   094.013.113.xxx   Bye (16)
2010_12_27_18:29:51.936   156.034.193.xxx   Billy got his present from Santa (27)
2010_12_27_18:34:14.997   068.104.012.xxx   Your mom got her present from santa
2010_12_27_18:35:42.445   156.034.193.xxx   Don't be crude or h**** awaits u (28)
2010_12_27_18:41:20.630   205.188.117.xxx   Loboda Revolution on YouTube
2010_12_27_18:43:51.813   071.213.079.xxx   1
2010_12_27_18:45:00.406   156.034.193.xxx   Doutbful (29)
2010_12_27_18:45:11.878   205.188.117.xxx   Amy Macdonald- Run  on YouTube
2010_12_27_18:45:25.817   071.213.079.xxx   Cool !
2010_12_27_18:46:29.805   205.188.117.xxx   Zemfira-Progulka ..on YouTube
2010_12_27_18:46:43.598   156.034.193.xxx   Meh (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_18:47:41.453   205.188.117.xxx   Zoe - Sunshine On A Rainy Day......on YouTube
2010_12_27_18:52:19.610   205.188.117.xxx   Wolfsheim - Once in a Lifetime ............on YouTube
2010_12_27_18:53:01.073   156.034.193.xxx   Thanks for the 2010 show Alek - Happy New Year (31)
2010_12_27_18:58:18.323   090.200.154.xxx   Last play with the lights! Mery Christmas :)
2010_12_27_18:59:55.333   071.213.079.xxx   yay light show
2010_12_27_19:01:38.077   090.200.154.xxx   Everything ON!
2010_12_27_19:02:28.713   090.200.154.xxx   Whats happened to 12 foot santa btw??
2010_12_27_19:06:34.185   071.037.165.xxx   Happy New Year from Boise, Idaho!
2010_12_27_19:11:11.156   071.213.079.xxx   COOL !
2010_12_27_19:11:42.091   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife was leavnig for a movie, so moved 12' Santa temporarily ***ALEK***
2010_12_27_19:14:41.296   071.213.079.xxx   123
2010_12_27_19:17:35.547   205.188.117.xxx   happy new year
2010_12_27_19:20:37.265   024.126.086.xxx   happy new year
2010_12_27_19:23:00.074   072.081.048.xxx   Thanks Alek for the lights! You Rock!
2010_12_27_19:23:02.428   142.068.164.xxx   hope the lights are back for 2011
2010_12_27_19:26:56.858   072.081.048.xxx   So not ready for the holidays to be over. (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_19:30:03.192   075.001.201.xxx   Howdy from San Antonio, TEXAS!!
2010_12_27_19:34:37.757   066.140.107.xxx   Last night of the lights. Kinda sad, man!
2010_12_27_19:35:56.518   072.081.048.xxx   Keep the Lights Lit! (11)
2010_12_27_19:36:18.264   066.140.107.xxx   I think the balloon is having some trouble. haha
2010_12_27_19:38:37.071   075.172.093.xxx   Happy New Year!
2010_12_27_19:43:29.873   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from KIYU radio in Galena Alaska
2010_12_27_19:47:54.296   068.053.155.xxx   Happy new year from WDKN 1260 am in d***son, TENNESSEE
2010_12_27_19:49:39.003   068.053.155.xxx   its near Nashville, Tennessee
2010_12_27_19:50:53.217   068.053.155.xxx   happy holidays from 102.5 the party in Nashville,Tn
2010_12_27_19:56:48.386   069.046.202.xxx   hey
2010_12_27_19:58:51.775   068.053.155.xxx   hey ppl im watchin WWE RAW  luv that show
2010_12_27_19:59:52.477   076.255.026.xxx   Hi from Madison, Wisconsin where we have snow!
2010_12_27_20:00:23.139   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Madison, send some of that snow to Colorado please! ***ALEK***
2010_12_27_20:01:44.825   076.255.026.xxx   Well, it's supposed to melt on Thu and Friday in Madison!
2010_12_27_20:02:26.157   076.255.026.xxx   So we probably won't have any to share...
2010_12_27_20:02:59.539   068.053.155.xxx   snowing in tennessee and we have ALOT
2010_12_27_20:05:23.458   070.092.170.xxx   Happy new year, Alek, and thanks for another great display.
2010_12_27_20:05:43.841   068.053.155.xxx   hey alek. How are you doing?? Are you ready for 2011?
2010_12_27_20:07:17.746   068.053.155.xxx   Is that a yes???? or no????
2010_12_27_20:08:02.304   071.168.243.xxx   you're taking down the decorations after tonight?
2010_12_27_20:08:28.603   068.053.155.xxx   i guess he is
2010_12_27_20:08:59.974   071.168.243.xxx   it's a good thing I came on tonight then
2010_12_27_20:12:48.882   173.024.101.xxx   lilair_the_poet stopping in to say hi again! :) from AC : The rural freelance w
2010_12_27_20:13:31.181   068.053.155.xxx   WHO R YOU???? NEVER HEARD OF U
2010_12_27_20:15:17.433   068.053.155.xxx   sorry (10 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_20:16:40.228   069.130.103.xxx   i am santa and i love this house!!! (29)
2010_12_27_20:17:52.938   069.130.103.xxx   alek you ROCK!!! (30 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_20:18:35.127   069.130.103.xxx   where everyone from (31)
2010_12_27_20:19:04.494   083.163.031.xxx   Hi Alek, greetings from Holland
2010_12_27_20:19:24.562   069.130.103.xxx   greetings from Tn (32)
2010_12_27_20:20:24.868   070.092.170.xxx   Thanks for another great display, Alek. Happy new year!
2010_12_27_20:20:40.214   069.130.103.xxx   I am Santa i promise!!! (33)
2010_12_27_20:21:47.430   069.130.103.xxx   I am really Santa I swear its true!! (34)
2010_12_27_20:23:30.588   069.130.103.xxx   anyone believe i am santa??? (35)
2010_12_27_20:24:24.833   068.104.012.xxx   me
2010_12_27_20:25:15.226   069.130.103.xxx   you will get extra presents for believing!!! (36)
2010_12_27_20:26:26.026   069.130.103.xxx   I am heading back to north pole when lights go out!!! (37)
2010_12_27_20:28:20.125   069.130.103.xxx   next year leave coke and chips by the tree! (38)
2010_12_27_20:30:01.898   069.130.103.xxx   who believes i am santa?? (39)
2010_12_27_20:31:18.933   069.130.103.xxx   Anyone from tennessee? (40 IM's so far today)
2010_12_27_20:40:20.960   068.104.012.xxx   Justin Beibers my dad
2010_12_27_20:49:39.695   071.037.165.xxx   Thank you Alek for another great year of Christmas Lights! :)
2010_12_27_20:49:58.623   066.140.107.xxx   Indeed!
2010_12_27_20:57:18.264   076.093.138.xxx   Whooooo!
2010_12_27_20:59:02.655   072.081.048.xxx   Happy New Year, Alek! (12)
2010_12_27_20:59:09.579   068.042.128.xxx   HEY POOP
2010_12_27_20:59:30.474   068.042.128.xxx   alyssa benn
2010_12_27_20:59:46.186   072.081.048.xxx   Happy New Year, Alek! (13)
2010_12_27_21:00:22.980   068.042.128.xxx   You kicked my dog
2010_12_27_21:09:52.865   076.093.138.xxx   who are you?
2010_12_27_21:10:39.287   076.093.138.xxx   and why call you?
2010_12_27_21:21:02.623   156.034.193.xxx   Anyone awake ? (32)
2010_12_27_21:23:02.059   186.114.253.xxx   hola perros
2010_12_27_21:23:47.938   099.140.215.xxx   Merry Christmas
2010_12_27_21:24:23.117   099.140.215.xxx   Hi Mattison!
2010_12_27_21:26:17.327   099.140.215.xxx   Hi Claire!
2010_12_27_21:28:28.946   099.140.215.xxx   Hi Chloe Brooklyn!
2010_12_27_21:29:18.455   156.034.193.xxx   Snowy Brooklyn (33)
2010_12_27_21:30:05.836   068.150.181.xxx   Smart Idea Alek.. doing the work early! :)
2010_12_27_21:33:15.000   099.140.215.xxx   Sweet dreams Chloe!
2010_12_27_21:41:10.445   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sweet dreams to everyone on the Internet ***ALEK***
2010_12_27_21:44:15.107   075.139.060.xxx   Happy Holidays everyone! See you next year!
2010_12_27_21:51:44.501   066.140.107.xxx   The end is near!
2010_12_27_21:54:49.068   071.037.165.xxx   Happy new year to all! :) Happy Holidays! :)
2010_12_27_21:57:23.353   156.034.193.xxx   See you next year ! From the unofficial Facebook page (34)
2010_12_27_21:58:16.656   066.140.107.xxx   Thanks for all the fun once again Alek. Happy new year!
2010_12_27_21:58:36.617   071.075.234.xxx   Same here
2010_12_27_21:59:36.070   066.140.107.xxx   :-)
2010_12_27_21:59:50.478   071.075.234.xxx   Happy New Year, everyone
2010_12_27_21:59:59.999   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone - see 'ya in 2011! ;-)  ***ALEK***

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