333 christmas text messages on 2011/1130

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,377 times that day including 4,386 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1130

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_11_30_16:01:55.073   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning the X10 Controls on an hour early - BIG winds and snow late tonight ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_16:02:53.407   012.106.089.xxx   Woot!
2011_11_30_16:03:08.258   086.010.209.xxx   hi alex
2011_11_30_16:03:39.561   086.010.209.xxx   hi alek
2011_11_30_16:04:04.096   096.225.099.xxx   uuuuugh
2011_11_30_16:04:28.153   086.010.209.xxx   hows things alex me bri remebr from for years back
2011_11_30_16:05:07.585   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Give me a hint - hard to remember everyone who comes by ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_16:05:13.599   096.225.099.xxx   why would you spend so much money on decorations :(
2011_11_30_16:06:07.836   086.010.209.xxx   from leeds
2011_11_30_16:06:21.419   098.085.189.xxx   you are cool and rock  (:
2011_11_30_16:08:38.435   088.153.171.xxx   Hello Alek  , Greetings from Germany !
2011_11_30_16:12:35.612   065.031.228.xxx   Hiiiiiiii
2011_11_30_16:15:22.779   024.179.069.xxx   merry coopsmas from TN!!!
2011_11_30_16:17:13.454   086.010.209.xxx   is santa caluse wife ho ho ho
2011_11_30_16:17:15.935   024.179.069.xxx   Hi from Lebanon, TN-a fellow celiac!
2011_11_30_16:18:14.073   096.255.114.xxx   HAGGIS! Again!
2011_11_30_16:18:18.537   086.010.209.xxx   is santa caluse wife ho ho ho
2011_11_30_16:19:22.261   069.247.130.xxx   'Ello from another Tennesseean as well!
2011_11_30_16:19:26.695   086.010.209.xxx   i cannot believe u have just said that
2011_11_30_16:19:47.956   086.010.209.xxx   tiimy wish all meryy xmas
2011_11_30_16:20:05.065   069.247.130.xxx   It's the Phaaanntom Piper!  Eeeep.
2011_11_30_16:20:16.212   096.255.114.xxx   The Eagle has left the nest! Over.
2011_11_30_16:20:18.250   086.010.209.xxx   t-t-t-t-t-t-TIMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!
2011_11_30_16:20:49.641   096.255.114.xxx   God bless everyone... GET IT?
2011_11_30_16:21:04.691   086.010.209.xxx   hello mr timmy  tom hello dan (10 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_16:21:48.391   086.010.209.xxx   i love you katey (11)
2011_11_30_16:22:19.116   086.010.209.xxx   weres mis clause in the ho ho bar (12)
2011_11_30_16:22:26.265   090.244.168.xxx   Merry Chirstmas from Scooby Networks
2011_11_30_16:22:32.118   098.085.189.xxx   whats cheas thats not  yours nocho cheas
2011_11_30_16:22:57.715   069.247.130.xxx   Ooh! Tomorrow's December!
2011_11_30_16:23:10.712   086.010.209.xxx   merry xmas from tiimy crew (13)
2011_11_30_16:23:15.249   090.244.168.xxx   Excellent Hosting Scooby Networks Merry Christmas Bring good Services
2011_11_30_16:23:29.556   096.255.114.xxx   Christmas, Christmas, time is here, time for joy and time for cheer.
2011_11_30_16:23:34.984   086.010.209.xxx   dan lol (14)
2011_11_30_16:23:59.339   086.010.209.xxx   scooby networks good network well done you lot (15)
2011_11_30_16:24:15.988   090.244.168.xxx   Merry _________ Christmas All
2011_11_30_16:24:36.924   086.010.209.xxx   cnat belive its ams tomz woottttttttt (16)
2011_11_30_16:24:46.803   096.255.114.xxx   The Piper is Piping!
2011_11_30_16:25:00.431   086.010.209.xxx   woot camfrog scoobysuppoty wicked room peps (17)
2011_11_30_16:25:11.486   069.247.130.xxx   The C is ...... c-ing?  I don't know.
2011_11_30_16:25:15.078   090.244.168.xxx   Scooby Networks closed on 23rd Dec
2011_11_30_16:25:34.953   096.255.114.xxx   The C is Cooling?
2011_11_30_16:25:40.133   086.010.209.xxx   coem on to scooby suport on camfrog (18)
2011_11_30_16:25:58.451   069.247.130.xxx   I always am.  That's why I wear a coat.
2011_11_30_16:26:10.116   086.010.209.xxx   tiimy dicso ltd all here (19)
2011_11_30_16:26:41.820   096.255.114.xxx   Oh, is it a fluffy coat?
2011_11_30_16:26:46.353   086.010.209.xxx   dame miss clause being naughty agen (20 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_16:27:01.668   090.244.168.xxx   Hello Scooby Networks now have 10gig bits Uplink
2011_11_30_16:27:30.593   086.010.209.xxx   live muisc live pa all in scooby support on LINK DELETED (21)
2011_11_30_16:27:39.813   090.244.168.xxx   TESCO's Rock
2011_11_30_16:27:57.003   086.010.209.xxx   dan you liek thsi site (22)
2011_11_30_16:28:19.892   090.244.168.xxx   Merry Christmas
2011_11_30_16:28:47.426   096.255.114.xxx   Am I the only one who is having trouble reading any of this?
2011_11_30_16:28:48.219   086.010.209.xxx   timyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (23)
2011_11_30_16:29:11.110   086.010.209.xxx   i need s** (24)
2011_11_30_16:29:34.381   090.244.168.xxx   Katey _______________
2011_11_30_16:29:42.335   086.010.209.xxx   miss clause were is she gone to ho ho bar lol (25)
2011_11_30_16:29:56.851   096.255.114.xxx   What?
2011_11_30_16:30:34.093   086.010.209.xxx   rimmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (26)
2011_11_30_16:30:46.171   069.247.130.xxx   What on Gallifrey?
2011_11_30_16:31:28.698   086.010.209.xxx   ive been naughty do i get b* (27)
2011_11_30_16:32:28.493   096.255.114.xxx   This is disturbing. (10 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_16:32:57.154   069.247.130.xxx   Quite, yes. Please remember there are children watching.
2011_11_30_16:33:54.389   090.244.168.xxx   Excellent Site ____________ (10 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_16:33:56.621   086.010.209.xxx   yer i agreee (28)
2011_11_30_16:34:22.145   096.255.114.xxx   Och, Aye! (11)
2011_11_30_16:34:46.512   069.247.130.xxx   Hehehe
2011_11_30_16:35:01.511   090.244.168.xxx   Please member there children watch please no swearing (11)
2011_11_30_16:36:03.705   087.194.110.xxx   Hi From Great Britain!!! Happy Christmas!!!!! :)
2011_11_30_16:36:30.787   065.027.217.xxx   I have a raging b****!
2011_11_30_16:36:31.403   069.247.130.xxx   Happy Christmas to you as well!   =)
2011_11_30_16:38:01.816   096.255.114.xxx   Oh, where in Great Britain, I'm Scottish meself. (12)
2011_11_30_16:38:24.790   087.194.110.xxx   Im from Liverpool :)
2011_11_30_16:39:16.072   096.255.114.xxx   Oh, that makes me want custard, for some reason. (13)
2011_11_30_16:39:40.188   069.247.130.xxx   With fish fingers? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_16:39:43.545   087.194.110.xxx   i love custard
2011_11_30_16:40:08.035   086.010.209.xxx   weres alex gone (29)
2011_11_30_16:40:32.197   087.194.110.xxx   to get custard
2011_11_30_16:40:44.980   086.010.209.xxx   has he (30 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_16:41:06.939   087.194.110.xxx   yeah!
2011_11_30_16:41:40.769   086.010.209.xxx   ahh come on guys and gals lest strat dontaing towards this iste (31)
2011_11_30_16:41:42.980   108.036.220.xxx   hello
2011_11_30_16:41:52.419   096.255.114.xxx   Fish fingers and custard, sounds lovely. (14)
2011_11_30_16:42:08.229   086.010.209.xxx   come on guys and gals lest strat dontaing towards this (32)
2011_11_30_16:42:10.928   108.036.220.xxx   dog
2011_11_30_16:42:32.816   069.247.130.xxx   Geronimoooooo! (11)
2011_11_30_16:42:35.098   086.010.209.xxx   wb alex (33)
2011_11_30_16:42:40.026   087.194.110.xxx   Hiii!!!!!!!! WHo are you in the background???
2011_11_30_16:42:54.787   108.036.220.xxx   hello
2011_11_30_16:43:09.031   069.247.130.xxx   It's a person! (12)
2011_11_30_16:43:20.562   067.241.080.xxx   Hi Alek happy holidays
2011_11_30_16:43:23.461   086.010.209.xxx   alex that one big pc scren system (34)
2011_11_30_16:43:45.596   096.255.114.xxx   Alek is awesome for doing this! = ) (15)
2011_11_30_16:44:07.298   069.247.130.xxx   Seconded! (13)
2011_11_30_16:44:14.961   086.010.209.xxx   spent alot of money aswell on this peps (35)
2011_11_30_16:44:28.888   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Size matters when it comes to PC screens! ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_16:44:43.301   086.010.209.xxx   lol at alex (36)
2011_11_30_16:44:47.224   090.244.168.xxx   loool (12)
2011_11_30_16:44:55.717   096.255.114.xxx   Alek, so true, I have a tiny little screen. (16)
2011_11_30_16:45:24.928   086.010.209.xxx   alex how your kids doing now there getting better (37)
2011_11_30_16:45:25.948   090.244.168.xxx   i have 50inc lool well 3 of them around the house (13)
2011_11_30_16:45:52.669   072.198.123.xxx   Just shared the link on my FB my FAVE Christmas ever!
2011_11_30_16:46:03.203   086.010.209.xxx   alex your kids getting better now (38)
2011_11_30_16:46:16.799   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for passing the HO-HO-HO word! ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_16:46:27.982   072.198.123.xxx   Christmas site, I mean. Hoping some friends donate
2011_11_30_16:46:41.458   086.010.209.xxx   bri here from leed suk im goon abe doting sum cash very soon (39)
2011_11_30_16:47:22.008   086.010.209.xxx   i hope alexs kids get better (40 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_16:47:46.064   090.244.168.xxx   Danny From Stoke on Trent - We Host Servers nd Services for clients i will be p (14)
2011_11_30_16:48:14.389   086.010.209.xxx   alex is this expisve to run (41)
2011_11_30_16:48:15.605   072.198.123.xxx   Its not the Christmas season without our nightly visit here
2011_11_30_16:48:43.201   087.194.110.xxx   HI Alek, I have just shared your link on FB, I hope my friends will come here a
2011_11_30_16:49:00.830   072.198.123.xxx   Hi Chris B. From Lori R
2011_11_30_16:49:24.429   108.202.142.xxx   Hi Lori from Lisa
2011_11_30_16:49:32.085   090.244.168.xxx   Hi Alex will put your site on ours as link (15)
2011_11_30_16:49:45.512   072.198.123.xxx   Merry Christmas Mimi.
2011_11_30_16:49:52.302   108.202.142.xxx   Hi Ludie!
2011_11_30_16:50:08.676   086.010.209.xxx   alex how kids doing with all money rasied (42)
2011_11_30_16:50:36.393   108.202.142.xxx   Hello Chris B. from Lisa
2011_11_30_16:50:59.932   086.010.209.xxx   alex i have tip for ya make radio on here (43)
2011_11_30_16:51:02.288   072.198.123.xxx   Merry Christmas Chris B. from Lori R
2011_11_30_16:51:39.948   072.198.123.xxx   Thank you so much for your efforts to fight Celiac
2011_11_30_16:51:42.532   108.202.142.xxx   Hi Lori from Brandon
2011_11_30_16:52:12.401   072.198.123.xxx   daughter tested 3 Christmas ago, we got lucky
2011_11_30_16:53:03.441   068.040.209.xxx   is it me, or is it starting to snow right now?
2011_11_30_16:53:37.050   086.010.209.xxx   bring snow here in teh uk (44)
2011_11_30_16:54:11.460   086.010.209.xxx   alex do you have msn (45)
2011_11_30_16:54:36.691   135.214.040.xxx   Lindsay
2011_11_30_16:55:12.399   071.224.080.xxx   vhgvch
2011_11_30_16:55:37.423   071.224.080.xxx   Rams Rock
2011_11_30_16:55:37.767   184.035.092.xxx   what's up
2011_11_30_16:56:18.789   071.224.080.xxx   Rams Rock
2011_11_30_16:56:25.668   087.194.110.xxx   Alek, waht made u think of this?
2011_11_30_16:56:34.239   096.255.114.xxx   I want snow for Christmas. (17)
2011_11_30_16:57:00.464   135.214.042.xxx   Hello from Detroit. Saw this on Reddit!!
2011_11_30_16:57:46.684   086.010.209.xxx   alex the websever lagging badky # (46)
2011_11_30_16:59:02.035   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I just did a two minute lockout so I can get some pics ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_16:59:13.027   096.255.114.xxx   It's not the server. (18)
2011_11_30_17:00:56.097   098.178.133.xxx   why are the X 10 controllers disabled
2011_11_30_17:00:57.735   096.255.114.xxx   A wILD HAGGIS APPEARS! (19)
2011_11_30_17:01:54.364   098.178.133.xxx   why are the X10 controllers disabled
2011_11_30_17:01:57.111   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep - X10 Controls are back ON - Internet has control of my house ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_17:02:51.555   096.255.114.xxx   I need to learn how to do this. (20 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_17:05:08.414   099.016.141.xxx   hello
2011_11_30_17:06:30.810   071.188.029.xxx   what is up
2011_11_30_17:07:31.197   071.188.029.xxx   f***
2011_11_30_17:08:01.997   071.188.029.xxx   bad word
2011_11_30_17:08:29.848   071.188.029.xxx   i dont see the point of this
2011_11_30_17:08:38.866   096.255.114.xxx   Hey, if you wouldn't say it in front of kids, don't say it. (21)
2011_11_30_17:08:39.731   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Making slight adjustment on reindeer family ... ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_17:09:08.219   071.188.029.xxx   you cool
2011_11_30_17:10:02.301   174.022.153.xxx   thanks
2011_11_30_17:13:06.108   069.022.171.xxx   why isnt the controls working im new at this
2011_11_30_17:13:06.752   174.022.153.xxx   hi
2011_11_30_17:13:41.922   174.022.153.xxx   how are you?
2011_11_30_17:13:46.153   069.022.171.xxx   hi im bored nice layout
2011_11_30_17:13:49.584   098.178.133.xxx   What is the platform that you wrote this code on?
2011_11_30_17:14:31.622   174.022.153.xxx   pueblo co
2011_11_30_17:14:38.223   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Runs on LAMP - Linux, Apache, Mod Perl ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_17:19:21.709   098.178.133.xxx   Almost through with my code for my display
2011_11_30_17:20:13.085   174.022.153.xxx   time is almost up
2011_11_30_17:20:48.929   082.037.039.xxx   Happy christmas
2011_11_30_17:22:37.754   069.022.185.xxx   Merry Christmas
2011_11_30_17:23:10.458   174.022.153.xxx   ho ho ho
2011_11_30_17:23:16.348   098.243.235.xxx   God Bless!
2011_11_30_17:24:25.523   174.022.153.xxx   vincent m.
2011_11_30_17:24:25.938   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Unplugging Santa Balloon due to strong winds forecast! ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_17:25:07.501   174.022.153.xxx   vincent m.
2011_11_30_17:25:43.881   174.022.153.xxx   zac m.
2011_11_30_17:27:24.308   174.022.153.xxx   merry christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_17:32:34.371   098.117.255.xxx   Hello from Emerge Youth in Dover, PA
2011_11_30_17:33:06.538   135.214.042.xxx   Me gusta
2011_11_30_17:39:27.393   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena, Alaska
2011_11_30_17:49:08.469   024.126.020.xxx   merry xmas
2011_11_30_17:50:02.554   024.179.069.xxx   Hi Jeff!!!
2011_11_30_17:52:34.296   099.239.017.xxx   dont do that
2011_11_30_17:52:43.463   024.179.069.xxx   sherlock holmes lives
2011_11_30_17:53:13.186   024.179.069.xxx   Hi Samuel & Anna
2011_11_30_17:53:37.041   099.239.017.xxx   dont say that
2011_11_30_17:53:50.930   024.179.069.xxx   I Love You Lisa
2011_11_30_17:54:02.610   099.239.017.xxx   thanks
2011_11_30_17:56:05.272   024.179.069.xxx   Utah Jazz
2011_11_30_17:56:32.482   024.179.069.xxx   Jesus Lives
2011_11_30_17:57:34.124   086.010.209.xxx   pack it in juess there children on here (47)
2011_11_30_17:58:19.223   086.010.209.xxx   pack it in your sick there children on here (48)
2011_11_30_18:00:36.433   086.010.209.xxx   com eon guys this to rasie money and all you cn ado is absue this site its wrong (49)
2011_11_30_18:03:11.662   099.239.017.xxx   hello bret
2011_11_30_18:04:14.853   024.179.069.xxx   Jesus is the reason for the season
2011_11_30_18:04:56.816   099.239.017.xxx   jesus is my mexican groundskeeper
2011_11_30_18:07:06.834   142.165.056.xxx   POO.
2011_11_30_18:10:05.021   068.150.161.xxx   Doesn't look windy
2011_11_30_18:12:49.246   098.216.184.xxx   hey, nice display!
2011_11_30_18:13:26.406   098.216.184.xxx   text & CR
2011_11_30_18:16:27.511   068.060.107.xxx   santa claus
2011_11_30_18:18:42.704   068.060.107.xxx   mrs. claus
2011_11_30_18:40:51.775   071.053.110.xxx   I love you, Kyle!
2011_11_30_18:42:28.926   071.053.110.xxx   This is amazing. Hopefully many donations will be made! This made my night!
2011_11_30_18:43:47.300   076.109.215.xxx   You know, this has been around for years.
2011_11_30_18:44:04.349   071.053.110.xxx   First time I've ever seen it. Pretty cool.
2011_11_30_18:44:35.033   076.109.215.xxx   I am surprised that it still draws a heavy crowd!!!
2011_11_30_18:44:55.129   071.053.110.xxx   Probably helps that it was just posted on Reddit.
2011_11_30_18:45:33.013   076.109.215.xxx   Reddit again... So how long till someone says "First Post"??
2011_11_30_18:45:55.291   071.053.110.xxx   Probably already happened. haha
2011_11_30_18:46:17.610   206.225.103.xxx   Obama 2012
2011_11_30_18:46:38.546   076.109.215.xxx   Weird Al   2013
2011_11_30_18:47:27.379   071.053.110.xxx   Stephen Colbert should run again, IMO.
2011_11_30_18:48:54.319   206.225.103.xxx   8===D
2011_11_30_18:49:24.397   206.225.103.xxx   lol
2011_11_30_18:50:40.364   206.225.103.xxx   Bah Humbug
2011_11_30_18:57:01.337   094.003.165.xxx   hey :P
2011_11_30_18:57:09.869   069.247.130.xxx   Oooh, lights. (14)
2011_11_30_18:57:32.690   094.003.165.xxx   lights are pretteh.
2011_11_30_18:57:50.702   069.247.130.xxx   Quite. (15)
2011_11_30_18:59:29.080   094.003.165.xxx   Yes, quite.
2011_11_30_19:00:12.211   094.003.165.xxx   its 2am.. and im still not tired. waaa :(
2011_11_30_19:01:53.008   099.228.120.xxx   go to bed child
2011_11_30_19:02:05.455   069.247.130.xxx   There went the lights. Eep. (16)
2011_11_30_19:03:33.041   099.228.120.xxx   Who is the bonehead trying to keep them off.
2011_11_30_19:08:55.386   067.251.008.xxx   Woohoo! Finally got around to coming on here!
2011_11_30_19:09:48.331   069.247.130.xxx   Yay! (17)
2011_11_30_19:10:11.062   067.251.008.xxx   Yay!
2011_11_30_19:10:31.579   069.247.130.xxx   'Tis quite fun, this place is. (18)
2011_11_30_19:10:52.320   050.098.057.xxx   I am a wizard.
2011_11_30_19:10:54.583   068.115.026.xxx   its my b-day?
2011_11_30_19:11:33.030   024.177.248.xxx   Merry Christmas and THANKS!
2011_11_30_19:12:10.753   024.177.248.xxx   LOVE your lights!Workshop Cam!
2011_11_30_19:12:49.132   050.033.182.xxx   Happy Christmas to everyone
2011_11_30_19:13:45.716   050.033.182.xxx   Ardyth I Love you
2011_11_30_19:14:43.565   050.033.182.xxx   Cool!
2011_11_30_19:22:49.985   050.098.057.xxx   I like turtles.
2011_11_30_19:23:13.520   174.101.245.xxx   Happy Holidays From OHIO!!
2011_11_30_19:24:25.170   173.018.105.xxx   hello from jeff city mo
2011_11_30_19:24:37.162   098.223.242.xxx   I'm back!!!!
2011_11_30_19:24:58.270   173.018.105.xxx   tiger loves angel
2011_11_30_19:25:59.232   071.075.157.xxx   Randy loves SHARON!!!!!!!
2011_11_30_19:26:52.036   071.075.157.xxx   Sharon loves her American Husband!!!!
2011_11_30_19:27:05.337   173.018.105.xxx   i love sharon too
2011_11_30_19:27:24.775   069.247.130.xxx   Ooh, look, cars. (19)
2011_11_30_19:27:28.353   071.075.157.xxx   woot!
2011_11_30_19:27:54.000   173.018.105.xxx   sharon is a hotty
2011_11_30_19:28:08.824   071.075.157.xxx   Sharon is blushing!
2011_11_30_19:28:36.784   173.018.105.xxx   gimme some kisses sharon :-):-)
2011_11_30_19:29:04.326   071.075.157.xxx   MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From and Aussie Angel!
2011_11_30_19:30:11.592   173.018.105.xxx   aussie chick are smokin hot
2011_11_30_19:33:10.592   173.018.105.xxx   im lonely
2011_11_30_19:34:28.328   071.075.157.xxx   so sorry lonely
2011_11_30_19:35:31.585   024.063.022.xxx   cool website!
2011_11_30_19:45:28.558   174.101.245.xxx   lets go..big guy..
2011_11_30_19:46:23.940   174.101.245.xxx   grow a brain..
2011_11_30_19:46:33.526   108.129.109.xxx   yal be nice not naughty
2011_11_30_19:47:34.434   174.101.245.xxx   love yhis!!
2011_11_30_19:48:14.869   174.101.245.xxx   your momma is watching..
2011_11_30_19:48:52.603   174.101.245.xxx   why? i love this!?
2011_11_30_19:49:16.402   108.129.109.xxx   I love Alek's ideas!!
2011_11_30_19:49:56.114   174.101.245.xxx   me too! could hardly wait to see
2011_11_30_19:54:29.565   098.223.242.xxx   sicko
2011_11_30_19:56:07.643   072.081.062.xxx   Love the Deer Family! Are they new???
2011_11_30_19:56:31.092   099.198.032.xxx   everyone hit the off buttons now
2011_11_30_19:56:54.204   072.081.062.xxx   More Lights!!!
2011_11_30_20:03:23.872   068.224.073.xxx   YESSS!! THE CAM AGC PROBLEM IS FIXED !!!!
2011_11_30_20:05:22.906   068.224.073.xxx   So is the balloon all strapped down? It looks like it's still out there
2011_11_30_20:06:02.136   108.207.049.xxx   Winning!
2011_11_30_20:07:57.431   099.198.032.xxx   ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011_11_30_20:08:52.612   099.198.032.xxx   COME IN VIEW OF THE CAMERA!!!!!!
2011_11_30_20:13:24.053   098.223.242.xxx   hello
2011_11_30_20:14:11.047   099.198.032.xxx   HI!
2011_11_30_20:15:13.030   098.223.242.xxx   where is everyone
2011_11_30_20:17:20.879   098.223.242.xxx   Hey good lookin what ya got cookin
2011_11_30_20:19:26.812   099.198.032.xxx   Hello from Oklahoma
2011_11_30_20:20:10.688   067.182.212.xxx   Hello
2011_11_30_20:20:15.073   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Back from being out ... no wind yet, so plugged in the balloon - zone #8 ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_20:20:27.583   098.223.242.xxx   oklahoma sooners
2011_11_30_20:21:46.987   067.182.212.xxx   Hello
2011_11_30_20:26:23.902   071.161.250.xxx   I like parties I like fun. I wanna live in a hamburger bun
2011_11_30_20:28:44.811   173.023.133.xxx   I love you kathy
2011_11_30_20:29:26.082   099.228.120.xxx   I love you too
2011_11_30_20:30:03.287   068.150.161.xxx   I love only those who love puppies
2011_11_30_20:30:58.862   099.228.120.xxx   I luv Puppies and Kittens
2011_11_30_20:31:33.141   071.161.250.xxx   Me toooo!!!!
2011_11_30_20:31:46.045   173.023.133.xxx   I see you kathy
2011_11_30_20:32:04.023   075.172.092.xxx   Hi T
2011_11_30_20:32:15.962   071.161.250.xxx   8========D
2011_11_30_20:32:39.100   075.172.092.xxx   Hi Donna
2011_11_30_20:32:58.185   099.228.120.xxx   hi Donna, hi Kathy
2011_11_30_20:33:27.604   099.228.120.xxx   Hi Alek
2011_11_30_20:33:33.409   075.172.092.xxx   Hi Donna, Hi Kathy, Hi Julie
2011_11_30_20:33:45.870   071.161.250.xxx   E=MC___2
2011_11_30_20:34:18.052   099.228.120.xxx   Love the Polar Bear Pictures
2011_11_30_20:34:44.628   098.223.242.xxx   hulk
2011_11_30_20:34:49.816   099.228.120.xxx   How Old are your Boys Now Alek
2011_11_30_20:35:43.425   071.161.250.xxx   8ds856si7ok7td7xd6zsa56ez8i
2011_11_30_20:37:19.670   099.228.120.xxx   10:40 here time for bed
2011_11_30_20:37:38.928   068.150.161.xxx   Bed bed
2011_11_30_20:38:07.709   099.228.120.xxx   Put on the old c-pap mask and sleep (10 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_20:38:42.295   098.223.242.xxx   the christmas lights need to stay up all year
2011_11_30_20:42:18.532   068.150.161.xxx   That's crazy
2011_11_30_20:50:34.540   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** My neighbors would really think I'm nuts if the Christmas Lights were up all year! ;-) ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_21:01:16.253   068.150.161.xxx   Touch___
2011_11_30_21:08:44.815   068.150.161.xxx   Ooh
2011_11_30_21:10:35.808   041.151.102.xxx   Merry Cherry
2011_11_30_21:15:01.390   174.101.095.xxx   Hi from Ohio!
2011_11_30_21:27:39.209   041.151.102.xxx   Hi Alek. Wave!!
2011_11_30_21:34:21.624   041.151.102.xxx   Ho Ho h****
2011_11_30_21:37:07.876   099.040.193.xxx   holla
2011_11_30_21:38:11.830   099.040.193.xxx   merry christmas
2011_11_30_21:47:45.379   068.224.073.xxx   Weather guys were wrong!
2011_11_30_21:49:05.250   099.040.193.xxx   what
2011_11_30_21:49:33.833   068.224.073.xxx   ELMO SAYS: Thanks for the boost!
2011_11_30_21:50:50.369   069.144.074.xxx   Supercalefragelistexpealedosous
2011_11_30_21:51:04.747   076.026.074.xxx   ho ho ho
2011_11_30_21:51:21.286   069.144.074.xxx   Dogs are fuzzy
2011_11_30_21:51:50.748   069.144.074.xxx   fgfhghggvbhjb*kjk
2011_11_30_21:52:24.668   069.144.074.xxx   Baby dogs
2011_11_30_21:53:04.571   069.144.074.xxx   Lalalalalalalalalalalalala
2011_11_30_21:53:22.030   068.224.073.xxx   Looks like he's tying the balloon up for the night
2011_11_30_21:54:12.264   068.150.161.xxx   Ecren
2011_11_30_21:54:13.130   069.144.074.xxx   Go Go Gaget Dogs
2011_11_30_21:55:31.292   067.141.208.xxx   I have Posted this site on Facebook for the world to see Sharon from NC Aussie 
2011_11_30_21:55:31.697   069.144.074.xxx   Hi, sir
2011_11_30_21:56:02.804   069.144.074.xxx   I like dogs that like cats
2011_11_30_21:57:12.135   069.144.074.xxx   My dogs are fuzzy and love their owners who love jdkjldsfjlk
2011_11_30_21:57:38.617   067.141.208.xxx   Waves Hi Alek, So nice to see you Sharon :)
2011_11_30_21:58:21.925   069.144.074.xxx   Who is here?  Everyone list your names (10 IM's so far today)
2011_11_30_21:58:43.858   068.150.161.xxx   Jacques strap
2011_11_30_21:58:48.907   067.141.208.xxx   Sharon
2011_11_30_21:58:59.183   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Type the names quick - shutdown in 60 seconds! ***ALEK***
2011_11_30_21:59:16.626   068.040.209.xxx   LOL ALEK !
2011_11_30_21:59:18.635   067.141.208.xxx   Sharon Hartley an Randy hartley
2011_11_30_21:59:41.178   068.150.161.xxx   Donald Duck
2011_11_30_21:59:48.771   067.141.208.xxx   From North Carolina
2011_11_30_21:59:52.169   069.144.074.xxx   Target stores (11)
2011_11_30_21:59:53.084   068.040.209.xxx   I seen that smirk on your face after that! LOL - ErrantEgo
2011_11_30_21:59:54.205   068.224.073.xxx   LAST POST! You know you will come back!

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