285 christmas text messages on 2011/1201

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,208 times that day including 1,850 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1201

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_12_01_16:00:04.793   068.224.073.xxx   FIRST POST WITH SNOW!
2011_12_01_16:01:18.160   092.022.243.xxx   cuckoo krew
2011_12_01_16:02:22.780   098.085.189.xxx   why is webcam 1&3  off line
2011_12_01_16:03:02.891   068.224.073.xxx   Snow load on Burrito Reindeer's head may be a problem, wears it out
2011_12_01_16:16:12.977   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ooops ... I had things set to turn on still at 4:00 ... ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_16:17:16.267   068.003.148.xxx   the hulk looks droopy.
2011_12_01_16:19:28.980   068.224.073.xxx   HULK SAY: NOT FEEL TOO GOOD ! PARTY HARD LAST NIGHT !
2011_12_01_16:20:01.832   170.188.005.xxx   Hulk is lame sauce anyway
2011_12_01_16:20:26.834   098.085.189.xxx   hulk is blue
2011_12_01_16:20:55.541   170.188.005.xxx   Shrinkage due to the cold!
2011_12_01_16:25:53.874   088.087.243.xxx   Greetings from Hungary!
2011_12_01_16:26:41.524   072.171.000.xxx   & from Galena, Alaska!
2011_12_01_16:29:54.867   068.224.073.xxx   Wow, we got an hour early without trying !
2011_12_01_16:30:36.298   068.224.073.xxx   HULK SAY: I'VE FALLEN AND CAN'T GET UP!
2011_12_01_16:34:47.396   076.025.235.xxx   ALL HAIL XENU!
2011_12_01_16:38:16.020   108.207.049.xxx   Cthulu says Bow Down
2011_12_01_16:38:59.083   068.224.073.xxx   What's up with Zone 8 ?
2011_12_01_16:40:21.059   088.087.243.xxx   Santa says: Petra is a good girl!
2011_12_01_16:41:02.129   076.104.078.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2011_12_01_16:41:14.147   098.110.094.xxx   How do you do this i want to do this to myn house
2011_12_01_16:41:39.952   170.188.005.xxx   And Bread For Eating!!
2011_12_01_16:41:40.085   068.224.073.xxx   You have to learn how to type first
2011_12_01_16:41:44.255   098.223.242.xxx   hello
2011_12_01_16:42:38.613   076.104.078.xxx   how is the snow up there alek's
2011_12_01_16:43:17.225   098.110.094.xxx   alek how do you do this i want to do this to my house
2011_12_01_16:43:31.348   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** About 10" of snow ... nice to see the fluffy white stuff! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_16:43:52.753   068.224.073.xxx   Buy X10 controls, then program the rest on Linux, easy as pie
2011_12_01_16:44:22.272   098.110.094.xxx   whats linux
2011_12_01_16:44:32.851   076.104.078.xxx   i wis*** was snowibg over here like it is over there
2011_12_01_16:44:37.336   170.188.005.xxx   Hulk looks like he's puking over the balcony
2011_12_01_16:45:17.232   068.224.073.xxx   Whats linux - that's why most people can't do this in their lifetime
2011_12_01_16:45:56.929   170.188.005.xxx   Are you saying there's something wrong with me gear?
2011_12_01_16:46:08.179   174.016.195.xxx   If that ain't predicitng your future I don't know what is
2011_12_01_16:46:26.722   170.188.005.xxx   Whew! hallelujuah!
2011_12_01_16:46:29.850   098.110.094.xxx   Im going to controll evry thing here in 3
2011_12_01_16:47:04.879   068.224.073.xxx   If you can't but it at the hardware store, people aren't smart enough (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_16:47:15.293   170.188.005.xxx   Markus, did you get the loufa
2011_12_01_16:47:26.429   174.016.195.xxx   Starting is good but finishing, according to Proverbs, is better
2011_12_01_16:47:47.802   170.188.005.xxx   Would you do me a kindness Tony and not slam the door___!
2011_12_01_16:47:57.576   174.016.195.xxx   Forget the loufa! Drive!
2011_12_01_16:48:18.525   170.188.005.xxx   You want some samwiches?
2011_12_01_16:48:41.945   174.016.195.xxx   Is Granny spry?
2011_12_01_16:48:50.471   068.224.073.xxx   You also need to be able to manage a remote web server too (11)
2011_12_01_16:49:17.506   170.188.005.xxx   Look at all these flies! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_16:49:18.254   075.214.170.xxx   Hello Thur nite!
2011_12_01_16:49:28.596   098.110.094.xxx   whats linex
2011_12_01_16:49:28.620   071.091.039.xxx   Snow! How nice to have snow close to Christmas. Never see it in the south.
2011_12_01_16:49:58.985   067.141.208.xxx   wow snow Hope we get some soon in North Carolina
2011_12_01_16:49:59.469   075.214.170.xxx   only 23 shopping days left
2011_12_01_16:50:01.727   071.091.039.xxx   Never see it in the south.
2011_12_01_16:50:03.621   170.188.005.xxx   I heard him say Oh, Yeah! That's right You're not gonna                         (11)
2011_12_01_16:50:12.426   068.224.073.xxx   Can't buy a Komar in a box, sorry not at home depot (12)
2011_12_01_16:50:33.755   075.214.170.xxx   komar in a box is at lowes this year
2011_12_01_16:50:46.173   170.188.005.xxx   I not talking about what's in your brains... (12)
2011_12_01_16:50:46.612   174.016.195.xxx   Mindy Mccready! Return your kid now!
2011_12_01_16:51:02.217   068.224.073.xxx   Lowes sells web servers too! Get over there TODAY! (13)
2011_12_01_16:51:05.050   067.141.208.xxx   yeah its snowed in the south 3 years now
2011_12_01_16:51:23.442   170.188.005.xxx   Dr. Drew needs to send in Crack Head Bob to Rescue Her! (13)
2011_12_01_16:51:33.682   075.214.170.xxx   Komar in a box 5K lights for 100 bucks
2011_12_01_16:51:33.748   069.040.030.xxx   hello
2011_12_01_16:51:37.427   067.141.208.xxx   Last year it was on Christmas night
2011_12_01_16:51:56.017   174.016.195.xxx   Santa-I want more parrots. Love-Heidi
2011_12_01_16:52:03.000   098.216.184.xxx   this rocks! tack sa mycket!
2011_12_01_16:52:12.269   170.188.005.xxx   Fog Hunters! Wed 9est/7pac (14)
2011_12_01_16:52:21.838   068.224.073.xxx   Read the FAQ ! (14)
2011_12_01_16:52:24.796   174.016.195.xxx   POW!!
2011_12_01_16:52:49.935   170.188.005.xxx   No longer be afraid of the mist! (15)
2011_12_01_16:52:56.882   098.216.184.xxx   GOD JUL ER ALLA!
2011_12_01_16:53:26.308   170.188.005.xxx   Oh what a feeling, plastic mice on the ceiling (16)
2011_12_01_16:53:40.325   068.224.073.xxx   Zone 8 is dead (15)
2011_12_01_16:54:04.594   075.214.170.xxx   evening Alek
2011_12_01_16:54:11.799   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, we got some wierd X10 issues going on - maybe due to snow/cold ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_16:54:16.511   170.188.005.xxx   Not dead, zombie-fied! (17)
2011_12_01_16:54:20.614   067.141.208.xxx   waves Hi Alek How are you doing?
2011_12_01_16:55:02.092   075.214.170.xxx   i still miss the climbing santa on ladder
2011_12_01_16:55:17.525   068.224.073.xxx   Next time buy military spec X10 units! (16)
2011_12_01_16:55:29.745   067.141.208.xxx   blows kisses to Alek from Shazza :P
2011_12_01_16:56:54.250   170.188.005.xxx   Lame sauce (18)
2011_12_01_16:57:12.060   068.053.153.xxx   hola
2011_12_01_16:57:29.003   068.224.073.xxx   I hate when they serve up lame sauce at the buffet! (17)
2011_12_01_16:57:36.697   170.188.005.xxx   Merry Christmas to Uncle Fred who gave me a kidney! (19)
2011_12_01_16:57:56.167   068.053.153.xxx   me eating burger king
2011_12_01_16:58:09.005   170.188.005.xxx   Burger slame-0 (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_16:58:10.663   075.214.170.xxx   alek, the helicopter is the BEST one
2011_12_01_16:58:25.746   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Time for my dinner ... yet even more leftover turkey! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_16:58:52.161   170.188.005.xxx   Eeww! It's a week old! Throw it out! (21)
2011_12_01_16:58:58.385   068.195.079.xxx   Hi to Angelina!
2011_12_01_16:59:34.468   068.053.153.xxx   how dare u
2011_12_01_16:59:38.336   068.195.079.xxx   Hey Alice!
2011_12_01_16:59:58.423   170.188.005.xxx   Merry Christmas to the Ground! (22)
2011_12_01_17:00:20.279   068.224.073.xxx   Hey Joe! Love, Alice (18)
2011_12_01_17:00:21.106   068.053.153.xxx   merry christmas to all :)
2011_12_01_17:00:40.750   170.188.005.xxx   My Dad's not a cell phone..DUH! (23)
2011_12_01_17:01:40.222   068.053.153.xxx   what
2011_12_01_17:02:24.267   170.188.005.xxx   Davy Jones, Giant Squid (24)
2011_12_01_17:03:21.680   068.224.073.xxx   I had a life before this site was put up! (19)
2011_12_01_17:03:38.585   170.188.005.xxx   Ah, snap! (25)
2011_12_01_17:04:54.154   068.053.153.xxx   Does any1 know what cupctacking id
2011_12_01_17:05:17.209   205.056.210.xxx   lol
2011_12_01_17:05:40.162   170.188.005.xxx   We're getting money, tell them Shy Ronnie (26)
2011_12_01_17:08:56.901   098.110.094.xxx   Shocker Classic 228VX Train Horn Kit
2011_12_01_17:09:21.604   098.110.094.xxx   Type text & CR to seLINK DELETED real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2011_12_01_17:15:09.671   068.224.073.xxx   Balloon Boy --- FLY !! (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_17:15:52.420   092.011.157.xxx   hi every one have a good christmas from carl in the uk
2011_12_01_17:16:34.221   071.227.057.xxx   Ive been on this site for years coolest thing ever
2011_12_01_17:18:39.108   092.011.157.xxx   love this site
2011_12_01_17:22:37.312   098.110.094.xxx   this suckssss  it sooooo slow
2011_12_01_17:23:06.172   068.224.073.xxx   The X10 modules are being a bit "squirrly" - turn off the hair dryer! (21)
2011_12_01_17:26:33.991   071.251.028.xxx   Cherly
2011_12_01_17:27:25.015   071.251.028.xxx   BRIAN
2011_12_01_17:29:09.328   071.251.028.xxx   FRANK ZAPPA
2011_12_01_17:29:51.798   098.216.184.xxx   HI HOLA HEJ!
2011_12_01_17:32:49.627   068.110.246.xxx   Good evening from Fairfax, VA!!!!
2011_12_01_17:33:21.990   071.251.028.xxx   LONG ISLAND or LAWN GUYLAND
2011_12_01_17:39:41.723   046.007.038.xxx   Bonjour
2011_12_01_17:40:33.639   046.007.038.xxx   Zone 1 refuses to turn off :(
2011_12_01_17:41:36.004   070.248.193.xxx   Whats up!......Tyler, Texas
2011_12_01_17:43:42.662   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, I turned off zone #1 a minute ago ... and it's still OFF! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_17:46:17.661   071.251.028.xxx   HEYWOOD JABLOME
2011_12_01_17:46:26.149   046.007.038.xxx   It must not like the ipad :(
2011_12_01_17:47:32.036   072.081.062.xxx   What's that sparkly thing on your porch, Alek?
2011_12_01_17:50:27.095   046.007.038.xxx   That mouse is coming to kill me i can hear him!!
2011_12_01_17:53:18.853   046.007.038.xxx   Hello mike hunt
2011_12_01_17:53:58.835   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sparkely thing on the HULK is snow that is reflecting the floodlight on 'em! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_17:54:19.329   098.223.242.xxx   How long does it take to put up all your lights?
2011_12_01_17:55:38.034   098.111.177.xxx   Geat stuff Alek, looks awesome once again. thanks for sharing it!
2011_12_01_17:56:44.459   069.247.130.xxx   Holy crayola, this is fun!
2011_12_01_17:57:54.276   099.164.110.xxx   Been visiting for many years, thanks again from AKRON OHIO!!
2011_12_01_17:58:22.676   046.007.038.xxx   Imagine using a light o rama on this display
2011_12_01_17:59:56.168   099.164.110.xxx   Do you have a Facebook yet?
2011_12_01_18:01:07.172   024.179.068.xxx   Hi Abbey!
2011_12_01_18:01:56.803   024.179.068.xxx   i like your lights
2011_12_01_18:04:03.225   024.179.068.xxx   : )
2011_12_01_18:04:54.008   099.164.110.xxx   I put a link to your website from my Facebook, hope you get many Ohio visitors!
2011_12_01_18:05:10.169   075.032.008.xxx   I Love Tacos
2011_12_01_18:05:31.173   072.198.123.xxx   Merry Christmas Darren, love you
2011_12_01_18:07:45.907   098.216.184.xxx   will you marry me Christine?
2011_12_01_18:11:08.755   024.015.243.xxx   Hello from Elk Grove Village, Illinois!
2011_12_01_18:12:04.859   024.015.243.xxx   I want some snow!
2011_12_01_18:15:14.909   071.218.043.xxx   hi its drew and jeff
2011_12_01_18:16:17.807   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Drew and Jeff - be good for your Dad! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_18:19:21.546   071.218.043.xxx   yes
2011_12_01_18:21:44.022   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Posted picture of HULK with icicles on the blog ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_18:30:47.621   068.150.161.xxx   Ole ole ole ole
2011_12_01_18:33:32.088   068.150.161.xxx   s**** Claus is coming to town!
2011_12_01_18:37:20.106   076.179.115.xxx   hello Santa Komar :o)
2011_12_01_18:38:00.268   173.035.006.xxx   Hello From Canada
2011_12_01_18:39:11.120   068.150.161.xxx   you say goodbye and I say hello!!
2011_12_01_18:40:02.235   068.150.161.xxx   hello goodbye hello goodbye hello goodbye!
2011_12_01_18:41:58.293   068.150.161.xxx   everybody was Kung fu Fighting (dadadadada dada da da da)
2011_12_01_18:42:53.787   076.179.115.xxx   Hello from Maine :o)
2011_12_01_18:43:05.202   068.150.161.xxx   who here has seen the Muppets???
2011_12_01_18:46:50.240   068.150.161.xxx   say aren't you the guy who made ..
2011_12_01_18:49:22.727   068.150.161.xxx   suffering is good for the Soul
2011_12_01_18:54:13.296   076.179.115.xxx   God Bless the Komar family
2011_12_01_18:55:31.034   076.179.115.xxx   Merry Christmas from Maine!!
2011_12_01_18:58:42.447   096.255.114.xxx   My Squirrels say Merry Christmas.
2011_12_01_18:59:03.594   099.156.198.xxx   hi daddy
2011_12_01_19:04:52.327   071.218.114.xxx   Hi everybody
2011_12_01_19:04:57.886   068.150.161.xxx   ok where is everyone from?  city state street and zip code! haha
2011_12_01_19:05:42.009   071.218.114.xxx   Littleton CO
2011_12_01_19:06:42.196   069.247.130.xxx   Gallifrey. That is all.  :D
2011_12_01_19:06:56.787   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Greatings from the Republic of Boulder! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_19:08:56.310   184.166.236.xxx   HI ERIN & KYLE
2011_12_01_19:11:41.402   031.016.048.xxx   juhuuuuuuuuuuu
2011_12_01_19:12:56.149   068.224.073.xxx   Alek, do you have that little box across the 240V sides that passes X10? (22)
2011_12_01_19:15:41.822   031.016.048.xxx   hi alek, viele gr______e aus deutschland ___)
2011_12_01_19:21:19.555   070.241.069.xxx   text cr
2011_12_01_19:22:41.364   067.160.196.xxx   Awesome! cr
2011_12_01_19:25:11.653   031.016.048.xxx   yes...
2011_12_01_19:31:27.309   068.109.231.xxx   hello!!!
2011_12_01_19:35:41.726   071.105.124.xxx   Helloooooooooooooo
2011_12_01_19:39:11.658   024.009.105.xxx   Happy Holidays
2011_12_01_19:40:28.301   068.009.089.xxx   off
2011_12_01_19:41:02.199   068.009.089.xxx   everyone hot off/deflate
2011_12_01_19:42:03.897   024.009.105.xxx   Hi Alek!
2011_12_01_19:48:10.914   068.224.073.xxx   Alek, looks like they have a device that plugs into a dryer outlet (23)
2011_12_01_19:48:22.290   156.034.188.xxx   Y do u use the Halloween items ?
2011_12_01_19:48:47.584   068.224.073.xxx   and sends the X10 signal to the other side of the 240V (24)
2011_12_01_19:49:46.474   074.243.132.xxx   Winston Salem NC
2011_12_01_19:50:33.895   068.224.073.xxx   I know you have the signal booster but that is on one side of the 240V (25)
2011_12_01_19:53:48.918   068.224.073.xxx   You could also try putting the signal booster on the OTHER side of the 240V (26)
2011_12_01_19:54:44.091   068.224.073.xxx   from the command xmiter with the booster as close to the main panel as possible (27)
2011_12_01_19:55:58.435   068.224.073.xxx   The booster would pick up the X10 signals hopefully from the main wiring being  (28)
2011_12_01_19:56:39.537   068.224.073.xxx   main wiring being so close by and re-transmit them to the other side of the 240V (29)
2011_12_01_20:06:05.170   098.249.047.xxx   where is Santa
2011_12_01_20:09:18.438   068.009.089.xxx   doing it with Ms. Clause
2011_12_01_20:10:26.043   098.249.047.xxx   Can Santa come inside?
2011_12_01_20:17:38.652   074.208.016.xxx   Happy December 1st!
2011_12_01_20:23:03.597   024.098.133.xxx   Hi Everybody
2011_12_01_20:26:42.508   099.040.193.xxx   this website is awesome
2011_12_01_20:27:15.391   024.098.133.xxx   it is pretty cool
2011_12_01_20:31:37.498   173.017.230.xxx   happy holidays all
2011_12_01_20:34:20.353   098.223.242.xxx   i see u
2011_12_01_20:38:33.708   174.020.120.xxx   Just found out about this.  What a great cause!
2011_12_01_20:38:57.179   072.081.062.xxx   Woo Hoo! Lookin Crazy Good out there, Alek!
2011_12_01_20:40:19.938   173.245.064.xxx   Alex , when was the last time you talked to chris pirillo ??
2011_12_01_20:41:19.455   173.245.064.xxx   Sorry Alek , NOT alex
2011_12_01_20:43:24.841   173.017.230.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2011_12_01_20:44:14.362   173.245.064.xxx   Happy Festivus !!
2011_12_01_20:46:12.706   173.017.230.xxx   Happy Holidays From Alabama Crimson Tide!!
2011_12_01_20:47:13.853   068.009.089.xxx   I am so tired
2011_12_01_20:47:46.428   173.245.064.xxx   You look tired . lol
2011_12_01_20:49:12.835   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Re-installing Vista on an old laptop would make anyone tired! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_20:49:55.464   068.224.073.xxx   Linux Ubuntu would have been easier! (30 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_20:50:09.160   098.223.242.xxx   Alek: How long does it take to put your lights up?
2011_12_01_20:50:26.278   068.009.089.xxx   so that's what your doing over there with that labtop
2011_12_01_20:50:37.410   068.224.073.xxx   Scroll down - Link to FAQ ! (31)
2011_12_01_20:50:47.288   173.245.064.xxx   Any one have a copy of windows 3.1 ..lol
2011_12_01_20:51:28.237   068.224.073.xxx   I have a DOS floppy for you or CP/M (32)
2011_12_01_20:52:18.392   068.009.089.xxx   Get Windows 7___ best one they've made so far.
2011_12_01_20:52:32.269   068.224.073.xxx   I've got a Apple II Monitor ROM somewhere, need that? (33)
2011_12_01_20:53:51.662   068.224.073.xxx   They stole 'r yobs! (34)
2011_12_01_20:54:34.118   068.224.073.xxx   Anyone hiring a guy who can type fast on a teletype? (35)
2011_12_01_20:55:21.419   173.245.064.xxx   80 Words A Min , On a teletype machine No Way !!
2011_12_01_20:55:26.950   068.224.073.xxx   110 baud is screaming! (36)
2011_12_01_20:57:31.907   068.224.073.xxx   Used to be 50 baud but we turned up the motor sp**d (37)
2011_12_01_20:58:08.513   068.224.073.xxx   s p** d - what is so wrong with that word? (38)
2011_12_01_20:58:56.318   173.245.064.xxx   Really you got 110 baud out of a 56k modem ..NO Way Really ?
2011_12_01_20:59:08.221   068.224.073.xxx   s---p**---d (39)
2011_12_01_21:00:17.071   068.224.073.xxx   s -- pea -- d  spelled a little different (40 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_21:01:15.032   173.245.064.xxx   Sp**d ..
2011_12_01_21:01:55.761   068.224.073.xxx   THis isn't sci-fi, they don't make 56K modems, nothing can go that fast! (41)
2011_12_01_21:01:59.105   173.245.064.xxx   Spoon = Sp**d ..
2011_12_01_21:02:33.575   068.224.073.xxx   I went the fastest spead that I could! (42)
2011_12_01_21:03:00.073   173.245.064.xxx   Oh well , Happy Festivus Alek ...Yahoo.... (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_21:04:58.234   068.224.073.xxx   Zone 4 and 1 works almost every time, strange (43)
2011_12_01_21:06:13.068   173.245.064.xxx   Let's put alek in the dark , lights off ever one now ! (11)
2011_12_01_21:06:17.135   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 is just bizzare sometimes! ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_21:07:00.620   068.224.073.xxx   I bet*** the 240V crossing problem, read above (44)
2011_12_01_21:08:09.378   068.224.073.xxx   And it's going to be much colder in a while so if it's temp that's a big problem (45)
2011_12_01_21:10:47.331   068.224.073.xxx   You could put heat wire / pipe wrap around a box where X10 units are outside (46)
2011_12_01_21:11:34.194   068.224.073.xxx   WINDOWS!! REBOOT!!! Every other hour ! (47)
2011_12_01_21:12:02.385   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I actually have a XTB-IIR/III X10 signal booster from JV Digital Engineering that works well ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_21:13:07.013   068.224.073.xxx   I understand the booster, but that doesn't cross to the 240V other side see pre (48)
2011_12_01_21:13:11.885   173.245.064.xxx   Microsoft said that Windows 8 , Will not have anymore Bsod Screens.. (12)
2011_12_01_21:13:36.623   068.009.089.xxx   what's Bsod?
2011_12_01_21:13:36.778   068.224.073.xxx   previous msgs (49)
2011_12_01_21:13:42.731   068.150.161.xxx   so then what happens when it crashes? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_21:14:15.864   068.224.073.xxx   Now it will be the Red Screen Of Death! (50 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_21:14:36.784   068.150.161.xxx   they need to create an OS that fixes itself (11)
2011_12_01_21:15:09.313   068.224.073.xxx   X10 signals have to travel all the way to main transformer and back with 240V (51)
2011_12_01_21:15:43.707   068.224.073.xxx   Linux, uptime 150 days NO REBOOT! (52)
2011_12_01_21:16:33.584   173.245.064.xxx   Microsoft said Will Replace the Bsod with a SAD face ..lol what a joke .lol (13)
2011_12_01_21:16:46.617   068.224.073.xxx   Meaning 120V on one side travels up to transformer to get to other 120V side (53)
2011_12_01_21:17:53.705   068.224.073.xxx   Macintosh had a sad face, can't billy boy gates think of his own stuff? (54)
2011_12_01_21:19:13.773   173.245.064.xxx   You ever watch the movie called pirates of silicon valley 68.224 (14)
2011_12_01_21:21:10.507   173.245.064.xxx   Microsoft has 90___ of the market in OS's , Windows Rules the world (15)
2011_12_01_21:24:11.624   024.016.001.xxx   Waving to Alek!!
2011_12_01_21:24:46.083   068.150.161.xxx   why doesn't someone ask Alek something new once? :) (12)
2011_12_01_21:24:47.013   024.016.001.xxx   How ya doin' this year, Alek?
2011_12_01_21:25:57.244   024.016.001.xxx   Hello to all from the shadow of the Space Needle! :)
2011_12_01_21:28:44.282   068.150.161.xxx   Space needle in Seattle hey? cool (13)
2011_12_01_21:30:03.960   024.016.001.xxx   yep, Seattle!
2011_12_01_21:30:16.439   068.150.161.xxx   rainy or clear? (14)
2011_12_01_21:30:42.431   024.016.001.xxx   kinda foggy lately
2011_12_01_21:31:00.369   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** All the circuits are on the same side of the main ***ALEK***
2011_12_01_21:31:02.662   068.150.161.xxx   i see, got any snow at all? (15)
2011_12_01_21:31:20.995   024.016.001.xxx   high today was 39 in Seattle!
2011_12_01_21:31:42.546   024.016.001.xxx   nope, no snow yet
2011_12_01_21:32:49.480   068.150.161.xxx   ok!  good to hear (16)
2011_12_01_21:33:19.963   024.016.001.xxx   but I WANT snow!!
2011_12_01_21:34:36.525   068.150.161.xxx   ya.. you say that now (17)
2011_12_01_21:34:58.333   024.016.001.xxx   LOL!
2011_12_01_21:36:05.466   024.016.001.xxx   where do u live? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_21:36:39.984   068.150.161.xxx   Edmonton, Alberta.. snow and cold (18)
2011_12_01_21:37:12.105   024.016.001.xxx   ahh....I bet! ooooh Canada... (11)
2011_12_01_21:37:51.354   068.150.161.xxx   ya it's actually above normal for the last while, been warm. but*** going to ch (19)
2011_12_01_21:38:18.550   024.016.001.xxx   global warming? (12)
2011_12_01_21:38:28.738   068.150.161.xxx   no this is typical (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_01_21:38:54.608   024.016.001.xxx   ahhh...ok (13)
2011_12_01_21:39:41.236   068.150.161.xxx   ya we'll be much colder a week from now (21)
2011_12_01_21:39:50.890   024.016.001.xxx   this is my 3rd or 4th year visiting this site (14)
2011_12_01_21:40:50.490   068.150.161.xxx   i've seen it since 2007 but I didn't visit as often (22)
2011_12_01_21:41:17.069   024.016.001.xxx   kewl! (15)
2011_12_01_21:42:01.352   068.150.161.xxx   ya funny, last year this site, there was no snow! (23)
2011_12_01_21:42:20.678   024.016.001.xxx   Have u seen the movie "Hugo" 3D? It's purdy kewl! (16)
2011_12_01_21:42:42.313   068.150.161.xxx   no, haven't had the ability to see anything the last few weeks (24)
2011_12_01_21:42:59.730   024.016.001.xxx   I gave it a 7 outta 10 (17)
2011_12_01_21:43:42.832   024.016.001.xxx   watched "Water for Elephants" last nite...liked it! (18)
2011_12_01_21:43:46.838   068.150.161.xxx   well I may watch it on DVD.  I have a few others first (25)
2011_12_01_21:58:01.728   070.178.149.xxx   18 degrees F?? Yikes!
2011_12_01_21:59:03.606   070.178.149.xxx   I may have to check the Weather Channel to see if that is heading my way!
2011_12_01_21:59:08.492   068.224.073.xxx   Balance the electrical loads! (55)
2011_12_01_21:59:59.068   068.224.073.xxx   Last post for LED lights! (56)

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