910 christmas text messages on 2011/1206

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 20,031 times that day including 14,882 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1206

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_12_06_16:37:41.749   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Firing up the X10 Controls a bit early for the UK viewers ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_16:38:36.745   092.023.179.xxx   well done 1st visit this year
2011_12_06_16:39:47.158   098.216.184.xxx   homer is not deflating properly
2011_12_06_16:41:07.785   098.216.184.xxx   there we go!
2011_12_06_16:41:16.770   068.063.048.xxx   wheeeeeee :)
2011_12_06_16:41:24.895   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I just deflated Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_16:41:44.654   095.146.189.xxx   love the snow, from the south east of**
2011_12_06_16:41:55.789   098.216.184.xxx   yes weird
2011_12_06_16:44:15.796   095.146.189.xxx   your power bill must be huge!
2011_12_06_16:45:00.529   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scroll down the webcam page - power bill isn't that bad at all ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_16:45:59.883   095.146.189.xxx   wow! didnt see all the stats at bottom of page
2011_12_06_16:46:14.559   070.120.217.xxx   Thank you for doing this!
2011_12_06_16:46:34.095   098.216.184.xxx   what is a burrito reindeer?
2011_12_06_16:46:36.992   068.063.048.xxx   cheap fun for us
2011_12_06_16:48:46.218   095.146.189.xxx   its  getting dark fast
2011_12_06_16:49:26.791   095.146.189.xxx   its 1149pm here in england
2011_12_06_16:51:24.815   098.216.184.xxx   I love the backwards clock in santa's office (far right upper corner) :-
2011_12_06_16:52:05.119   095.146.189.xxx   where is every one from?
2011_12_06_16:52:30.956   095.146.189.xxx   uk here
2011_12_06_16:52:59.299   199.067.140.xxx   NEW YORK NEW YORK
2011_12_06_16:55:12.979   095.146.189.xxx   gets dark so quickly
2011_12_06_16:55:32.564   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Going outside to adjust the Santa Heli ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_16:55:58.262   082.046.228.xxx   merry christmas all from the uk. love the site alek
2011_12_06_16:56:41.336   067.086.008.xxx   soooo COOOL!!
2011_12_06_16:57:24.230   068.063.048.xxx   didnt see you there alek !!!!
2011_12_06_16:57:29.470   067.086.008.xxx   love the website!
2011_12_06_16:58:38.729   068.150.161.xxx   wooo
2011_12_06_16:59:04.628   082.046.228.xxx   was that the hulk i seen in garden or alek
2011_12_06_16:59:11.001   098.216.184.xxx   Alek, do you have a favorite decoration this year?
2011_12_06_17:01:09.352   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** The LED reindeer family (garage sale this summer) is kinda cool ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_17:04:08.805   076.104.253.xxx   Woohoo, nice work, Komar! - Spicy
2011_12_06_17:07:56.004   068.150.161.xxx   take a day take a week
2011_12_06_17:08:28.655   068.150.161.xxx   so FOX news thinks the Muppets are brainwashing kids
2011_12_06_17:09:04.114   208.126.066.xxx   merry christmas from iowa
2011_12_06_17:10:31.667   068.150.161.xxx   type 1121231 to turn everything to hyper deflate/inflate
2011_12_06_17:11:05.728   068.150.161.xxx   he needs like 5 more inflatables
2011_12_06_17:13:35.422   098.245.026.xxx   Brilliant work Alek! Thanks for everything you do.
2011_12_06_17:16:18.192   149.076.002.xxx   we hate celiacs disease!!!!!!
2011_12_06_17:19:40.996   067.240.229.xxx   Down with Wheat!!!!
2011_12_06_17:19:52.606   076.004.197.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone! 18 Days To Go!
2011_12_06_17:20:21.315   067.240.229.xxx   Wheat is Evil!!
2011_12_06_17:23:07.291   096.252.184.xxx   hi santa
2011_12_06_17:23:55.994   072.171.000.xxx   Santa's Not Coming this Year
2011_12_06_17:24:10.989   069.205.253.xxx   merry x-mas from NY
2011_12_06_17:25:09.327   069.205.253.xxx   merry christmas kim
2011_12_06_17:25:22.393   090.197.152.xxx   merrrrrry christma**s
2011_12_06_17:25:37.130   072.171.000.xxx   Merry CMAS from South Louisiana
2011_12_06_17:30:56.164   068.150.161.xxx   OH Christmas Tree oh Christmas tree.......... .....
2011_12_06_17:31:28.408   094.013.087.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone from Dover, Kent, UK
2011_12_06_17:31:32.506   108.035.175.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS
2011_12_06_17:32:02.677   068.150.161.xxx   Abasneezer Scrooge
2011_12_06_17:37:59.252   068.150.161.xxx   yay for prest
2011_12_06_17:38:32.580   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** 5 more inflatables Homer Simpsons would be pretty funny - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_17:40:44.644   094.013.087.xxx   an amazing website the kids would love to see it just a shame it is 12.40am in 
2011_12_06_17:42:24.260   068.150.161.xxx   Grandma got run over by a reindeer
2011_12_06_17:52:41.114   068.150.161.xxx   this place has 164 people, yet no talking (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_17:56:53.631   050.041.103.xxx   Merry Christmas Barbie and friends
2011_12_06_17:57:32.619   068.150.161.xxx   ARE WE DRUNK YET???? (11)
2011_12_06_17:58:12.984   050.041.103.xxx   Are the dolphins in the jacuzzi yet?
2011_12_06_17:59:13.613   068.150.161.xxx   Does a bear          in the woods? (12)
2011_12_06_17:59:54.169   071.225.132.xxx   Hello
2011_12_06_18:00:15.299   068.150.161.xxx   ring a ding ding (13)
2011_12_06_18:01:55.473   050.041.103.xxx   Hello Barbie, Violet, and friends
2011_12_06_18:03:24.674   075.163.189.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone ...from Riley
2011_12_06_18:04:33.316   068.040.233.xxx   Merry christmas from michigan!
2011_12_06_18:16:03.255   068.150.161.xxx   Happy 25th (14)
2011_12_06_18:16:46.058   068.150.161.xxx   car stopped!!! (15)
2011_12_06_18:17:30.890   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just pulled into the garage - thanks whoever turned on Homer for me! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_18:17:56.289   050.041.103.xxx   Merry Christmas Gwyn and Jasper
2011_12_06_18:18:24.929   024.056.233.xxx   hello markoh
2011_12_06_18:20:41.170   064.017.082.xxx   Greentings from Carlsbad NM.
2011_12_06_18:21:23.184   064.136.232.xxx   Hello from Kalamazoo, Michigan !!
2011_12_06_18:21:25.666   024.056.233.xxx   Merry Christmas from Michigan
2011_12_06_18:22:20.503   064.136.232.xxx   It's hard work making all these toys, I'm whipped !
2011_12_06_18:22:36.125   024.186.074.xxx   Awesomeeeee
2011_12_06_18:22:46.751   068.103.157.xxx   Merry Christmas from KS!
2011_12_06_18:22:59.616   068.150.161.xxx   imagine if Alek dressed up in a crazy christmas outfit.. (16)
2011_12_06_18:23:17.088   094.003.009.xxx   OHAI LINK DELETED!
2011_12_06_18:23:31.255   068.150.161.xxx   and went outside and stood within the displays? (17)
2011_12_06_18:23:54.050   075.189.142.xxx   Merry Christmas Caitlyn!
2011_12_06_18:23:56.692   094.003.009.xxx   FOLLOW @JONNYROWNTREE on Twitter?
2011_12_06_18:24:18.093   064.136.232.xxx   I love you Lacey Weber !
2011_12_06_18:24:21.242   068.150.161.xxx   no.. (18)
2011_12_06_18:24:42.395   075.189.142.xxx   Merry Christmas Connor and lily!
2011_12_06_18:24:51.444   068.150.161.xxx   wow 216 people.. very nice (19)
2011_12_06_18:24:53.054   068.043.129.xxx   I LOVE AIMEE
2011_12_06_18:24:58.109   064.136.232.xxx   Raquel, I wish you were my wife !
2011_12_06_18:25:20.113   068.150.161.xxx   from Raquel, "thank GOD i'm not!" (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:25:47.350   075.130.058.xxx   Hello form Knoxville, TN!
2011_12_06_18:25:53.422   070.052.103.xxx   Hi from Sherbrooke, Qu___bec, Canada
2011_12_06_18:26:01.207   099.252.143.xxx   Blow me
2011_12_06_18:26:06.306   068.043.129.xxx   this sign intentionally left blank
2011_12_06_18:26:17.974   075.189.142.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2011_12_06_18:26:18.867   068.150.161.xxx   that's what santa said (21)
2011_12_06_18:26:23.205   067.193.155.xxx   Yeeeeeehaw!
2011_12_06_18:26:33.196   099.252.143.xxx   Keith's Beer RULES!!!!
2011_12_06_18:26:41.007   070.052.103.xxx   Hi from SHerbrooke
2011_12_06_18:26:45.061   075.130.058.xxx   Apply within.
2011_12_06_18:26:47.845   099.146.250.xxx   Hello!
2011_12_06_18:26:55.572   068.150.161.xxx   SHEbrook? (22)
2011_12_06_18:27:13.289   088.104.188.xxx   This is awesome
2011_12_06_18:27:25.420   067.176.083.xxx   O_O
2011_12_06_18:27:28.894   050.053.118.xxx   Just so you know, this site is amazing.
2011_12_06_18:27:28.945   091.015.198.xxx   ahoi
2011_12_06_18:27:36.490   075.130.058.xxx   Learned about this on G+ from Chris Pirillo
2011_12_06_18:27:52.629   090.214.102.xxx   Hello everyone from Scotland!!!
2011_12_06_18:27:55.136   068.150.161.xxx   this sight brought to you by PBS.. donate today! (23)
2011_12_06_18:28:00.477   199.048.147.xxx   lol
2011_12_06_18:28:22.372   174.100.120.xxx   Very Cool! 0-0
2011_12_06_18:28:22.919   088.104.188.xxx   I remember seeing this last year, still as awesome as ever. Greetings from Engl
2011_12_06_18:28:23.138   098.213.249.xxx   HI WARREN
2011_12_06_18:28:23.778   090.214.102.xxx   So did I, Christ Pirillo Rules!!
2011_12_06_18:28:29.110   199.048.147.xxx   LOL
2011_12_06_18:28:46.832   096.249.234.xxx   ho ho hummm
2011_12_06_18:29:00.106   068.150.161.xxx   no, you're fired.  it's HO HO HO (24)
2011_12_06_18:29:02.674   091.015.198.xxx   chuck testa was here
2011_12_06_18:29:20.124   098.249.231.xxx   Hello
2011_12_06_18:29:33.526   199.048.147.xxx   Hello
2011_12_06_18:29:40.967   068.150.161.xxx   don't swear!!!!!!!! (25)
2011_12_06_18:29:48.391   064.136.232.xxx   Get back to work you filthy elves !  Your coffee break is over !!
2011_12_06_18:29:56.427   096.249.234.xxx   hi, mom. merry christmas. -chad
2011_12_06_18:30:05.416   091.015.198.xxx   ()___)_________)#___:'______
2011_12_06_18:30:15.071   098.249.231.xxx   Maydelin
2011_12_06_18:30:17.335   074.182.083.xxx   Ocnorb hungers!
2011_12_06_18:30:23.479   068.150.161.xxx   tickle everyone Elmo...  didn't sell well, went to jail (26)
2011_12_06_18:30:29.439   091.015.198.xxx   ls -la
2011_12_06_18:30:40.052   064.136.232.xxx   It's a Merry Festivus for the Rest of Us !!
2011_12_06_18:30:46.950   050.053.118.xxx   This is the best website ever.
2011_12_06_18:30:52.287   086.139.108.xxx   YO!
2011_12_06_18:30:57.405   068.150.161.xxx   stop with the curse words!  grow up (27)
2011_12_06_18:30:58.674   091.015.198.xxx   i'm root now
2011_12_06_18:31:13.375   024.128.053.xxx   Merry Christmas
2011_12_06_18:31:22.774   064.136.232.xxx   root beer?
2011_12_06_18:31:28.286   130.113.015.xxx   eh yo merry christmas homies
2011_12_06_18:31:31.993   068.150.161.xxx   STOP IT, or you'll get banned (28)
2011_12_06_18:32:01.583   064.136.232.xxx   Merry Christmas from Bronners Christmas Store in Frankenmuth, Michigan !
2011_12_06_18:32:14.117   088.104.188.xxx   stop swearing man, its for charity
2011_12_06_18:32:20.276   091.015.198.xxx   chuck norris was here
2011_12_06_18:32:24.955   068.150.161.xxx   no, you stop being like that.  get a life (29)
2011_12_06_18:32:30.477   067.190.197.xxx   RAMMSTEIN was here
2011_12_06_18:32:53.610   199.048.147.xxx   cool
2011_12_06_18:32:59.982   064.136.232.xxx   Michael Jackson wishes you a very merry, Heee Heeeee !!!!
2011_12_06_18:33:11.589   068.150.161.xxx   from the Grave? (30 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:33:13.473   174.052.148.xxx   Parker! CR
2011_12_06_18:33:26.964   067.190.197.xxx   Michael Jackson loves you all and wishes Merry Christmas from heaven
2011_12_06_18:33:39.357   075.130.058.xxx   Ditch Facebook and join Google+!!!!! :)  Merry Christmas!
2011_12_06_18:33:55.963   064.136.232.xxx   No, his frozen brain is hooked up to a computer and he still exists virtually ! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:33:58.909   109.152.137.xxx   I LOST THE GAME!
2011_12_06_18:34:03.285   174.052.148.xxx   I agree with Google+!
2011_12_06_18:34:06.161   091.015.198.xxx   ditch social networks
2011_12_06_18:34:12.029   072.186.020.xxx   Google+ Rocks!
2011_12_06_18:34:26.361   076.004.035.xxx   Wow
2011_12_06_18:34:29.267   068.150.161.xxx   STOP IT!  don't ruin a good thing (31)
2011_12_06_18:34:30.159   199.048.147.xxx   im sure it is
2011_12_06_18:34:33.507   174.052.148.xxx   I lost the game...
2011_12_06_18:34:38.975   064.136.232.xxx   Merry Confabulations to all, and to all a good night ! (11)
2011_12_06_18:34:40.721   067.190.197.xxx   I LOVE DALE
2011_12_06_18:34:54.549   076.004.035.xxx   WHEEEEEEEW
2011_12_06_18:34:55.965   068.150.161.xxx   Dale don't love ya back! haha (32)
2011_12_06_18:35:07.975   064.136.232.xxx   Merry Confabulations to all, and to all a good night ! (12)
2011_12_06_18:35:32.385   109.152.137.xxx   CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL
2011_12_06_18:35:33.231   076.004.035.xxx   Chris Pirillo sent me here!
2011_12_06_18:35:43.560   067.190.197.xxx   Dr. Conrad Murry is rotting in jail. Merry Christmas Michael
2011_12_06_18:35:59.326   075.130.058.xxx   Ereka is on RIGHT NOW!
2011_12_06_18:36:15.054   174.052.148.xxx   Chris sent me as well
2011_12_06_18:36:17.815   064.136.232.xxx   I hope Santa sends him Soap on a Rope for Christmas then. (13)
2011_12_06_18:36:19.717   024.014.240.xxx   Hello World
2011_12_06_18:36:20.834   072.186.020.xxx   Happy Christmahanakwanzika
2011_12_06_18:36:22.982   067.190.197.xxx   Dale does love Sandy, Jerk!
2011_12_06_18:36:25.808   076.004.035.xxx   OFF!
2011_12_06_18:36:45.678   075.130.058.xxx   Christmas lights for sale!
2011_12_06_18:36:48.066   109.152.137.xxx   sudo rm light
2011_12_06_18:36:53.531   067.190.197.xxx   can i have megan fox santa?
2011_12_06_18:36:53.916   076.004.035.xxx   ON!
2011_12_06_18:36:55.402   089.163.171.xxx   to bad
2011_12_06_18:37:14.193   075.130.058.xxx   Go Vols!
2011_12_06_18:37:31.120   068.150.161.xxx   god, some people just never get the hint! (33)
2011_12_06_18:37:48.673   109.152.137.xxx   H4CK TH3 PL4N3T!
2011_12_06_18:38:09.637   071.229.058.xxx   i like feet
2011_12_06_18:38:14.673   068.150.161.xxx   want your computer hacked, moron?  stop the cursing (34)
2011_12_06_18:38:16.661   075.130.058.xxx   Going to watch new episode of Ereka!
2011_12_06_18:38:24.865   067.190.197.xxx   GO PITTSBURG STEELERS!!!
2011_12_06_18:38:27.706   101.118.045.xxx   Merry Xmas
2011_12_06_18:38:33.313   079.097.024.xxx   This is Excellent ! Happy Xmas from Ireland!
2011_12_06_18:38:41.624   071.229.058.xxx   billy wright is awesome
2011_12_06_18:38:50.593   109.152.137.xxx   this is so fun
2011_12_06_18:38:53.928   068.150.161.xxx   now, if you had SAID that, probably couldn't understand it (35)
2011_12_06_18:38:54.833   075.016.170.xxx   Ping? Pong! Happy X-Mas from TX
2011_12_06_18:39:04.984   098.065.187.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2011_12_06_18:39:17.885   067.190.197.xxx   all i want for christmas santa is Obama outta office :)
2011_12_06_18:39:22.998   068.150.161.xxx   can we hit 300 people tonight?? (36)
2011_12_06_18:39:24.490   075.130.058.xxx   Merry Christmas TO Ireland from Tennessee, USA
2011_12_06_18:39:29.253   071.076.018.xxx   heuyyyy
2011_12_06_18:39:46.489   074.084.107.xxx   KD0PTM Testing...
2011_12_06_18:39:49.887   024.002.091.xxx   Merry Christmas from Tysonbrooks.net
2011_12_06_18:39:53.763   068.150.161.xxx   what, you'd rather want Fatso Newt Gingrich? sheesh (37)
2011_12_06_18:40:26.607   096.018.098.xxx   Happy Holidays from HomieLive!
2011_12_06_18:40:28.566   064.136.232.xxx   People, please donate until it hurts, thanks ! (14)
2011_12_06_18:40:29.004   074.084.107.xxx   KC0GIK
2011_12_06_18:40:41.905   109.152.137.xxx   Doing it for teh lulz.
2011_12_06_18:40:42.554   075.130.058.xxx   Hi Savannah! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:40:49.331   079.097.024.xxx   thx Tennese :) many Happy returns
2011_12_06_18:41:04.760   067.190.197.xxx   I GOT THIS
2011_12_06_18:41:09.131   071.229.058.xxx   abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890
2011_12_06_18:41:14.409   075.130.058.xxx   Hi Savannah! (11)
2011_12_06_18:41:24.063   064.136.232.xxx   I wish Raquel was my wife ! (15)
2011_12_06_18:41:35.863   071.229.058.xxx   savannah georgia
2011_12_06_18:41:36.521   075.016.170.xxx   Best Wishes to All, and to all a wonderful holiday season!
2011_12_06_18:41:38.818   067.190.197.xxx   WHAPAHH (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:42:17.036   064.136.232.xxx   A Merry Festivus for the Rest of Us ! (16)
2011_12_06_18:42:23.775   071.229.058.xxx   chris pirillo lockergnome
2011_12_06_18:42:38.211   109.152.137.xxx   ITS LIKE I'M REALLY THERE!
2011_12_06_18:43:04.312   068.150.161.xxx   why must you feel the need to swear here?  are you like (38)
2011_12_06_18:43:11.542   064.136.232.xxx   Only 2 1/2 weeks to go !! Yip**eee !!! (17)
2011_12_06_18:43:37.954   068.150.161.xxx   are you likely mentally unstable or something? (39)
2011_12_06_18:43:54.352   064.136.232.xxx   I hope you Elves are making me something good ! (18)
2011_12_06_18:44:17.425   067.176.083.xxx   Hello, world!
2011_12_06_18:44:42.348   064.136.232.xxx   Oh, can you Elves make me a wife that looks like Miranda Cosgrove? (19)
2011_12_06_18:44:55.328   068.150.161.xxx   Miranda who? (40 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:44:59.400   096.228.043.xxx   Applegeek
2011_12_06_18:44:59.971   109.152.137.xxx   #include ___iostream___
2011_12_06_18:45:03.946   067.176.083.xxx   Testing...
2011_12_06_18:45:09.957   064.136.232.xxx   Miranda Cosgrove (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:45:27.863   173.065.237.xxx   p****land___
2011_12_06_18:45:28.658   095.148.185.xxx   This is funky CR
2011_12_06_18:45:29.443   067.176.083.xxx   OHAI
2011_12_06_18:45:32.340   068.150.161.xxx   who is that ? (41)
2011_12_06_18:45:52.275   080.237.226.xxx   067, really?
2011_12_06_18:45:58.706   095.148.185.xxx   Booger CR
2011_12_06_18:46:23.253   064.136.232.xxx   Scientists just said that in 5 years, we'll have cloned Wooly Mammoths (21)
2011_12_06_18:46:42.804   068.150.161.xxx   ya right Newt will get blown out of the water... (42)
2011_12_06_18:46:50.695   074.192.120.xxx   East Texas Food Bank
2011_12_06_18:46:55.893   067.176.083.xxx   ############################
2011_12_06_18:47:17.891   072.081.062.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2011_12_06_18:47:20.069   086.029.029.xxx   text cr
2011_12_06_18:47:24.972   074.192.120.xxx   Feeding America
2011_12_06_18:47:38.072   101.118.045.xxx   Cool. .
2011_12_06_18:47:49.020   072.081.062.xxx   YAY!!! The Lava Lamps are back!
2011_12_06_18:47:52.165   204.195.141.xxx   Hello Renee Merry Christmas
2011_12_06_18:47:57.898   098.216.200.xxx   So nice to see this back!!!
2011_12_06_18:48:01.152   086.029.029.xxx   I love this webcam
2011_12_06_18:48:08.769   064.136.232.xxx   Don't touch them, they're flaming hot ! (22)
2011_12_06_18:48:42.650   086.029.029.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2011_12_06_18:48:44.235   204.195.141.xxx   Hi renee
2011_12_06_18:49:07.219   076.121.246.xxx   Hello...this is very cool
2011_12_06_18:49:21.037   072.081.062.xxx   Never Shake A Lava Lamp!
2011_12_06_18:49:28.865   064.136.232.xxx   I wish Lacey Weber was my wife ! (23)
2011_12_06_18:49:37.224   068.063.048.xxx   Word up
2011_12_06_18:49:38.667   086.029.029.xxx   Knock Knock
2011_12_06_18:50:07.308   068.063.048.xxx   I like pie
2011_12_06_18:50:08.996   050.133.136.xxx   hey im back...i was on from yesterday
2011_12_06_18:50:11.203   050.053.118.xxx   Where does this guy live?
2011_12_06_18:50:12.128   064.136.232.xxx   You'll shoot your eye out ! (24)
2011_12_06_18:50:27.112   074.192.120.xxx   Don't be so afraid to fail that you miss an opportunity to succeed!
2011_12_06_18:50:32.449   076.004.035.xxx   Hi!!!
2011_12_06_18:50:45.056   068.063.048.xxx   Ohhhh fuddddggggeeee....
2011_12_06_18:50:45.325   086.029.029.xxx   hey
2011_12_06_18:50:55.717   072.081.062.xxx   Good Advice
2011_12_06_18:51:02.097   064.136.232.xxx   Frageely (25)
2011_12_06_18:51:05.394   091.015.198.xxx   printf "___s" "hello world"
2011_12_06_18:51:12.687   090.194.169.xxx   Happy XMAS from the United Kingdom Alek !
2011_12_06_18:51:43.152   064.136.232.xxx   I'd like four fried chickens and coke. (26)
2011_12_06_18:51:45.050   050.133.136.xxx   where did he go
2011_12_06_18:51:49.716   067.176.083.xxx   HIHIHIHHI
2011_12_06_18:51:59.268   090.194.169.xxx   hello !
2011_12_06_18:52:04.933   091.015.198.xxx   (___)-o
2011_12_06_18:52:06.947   072.081.062.xxx   LowLowLow!
2011_12_06_18:52:13.884   050.133.136.xxx   he was on yesterday
2011_12_06_18:52:41.184   091.015.198.xxx   ------(______)-o (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:52:47.011   050.133.136.xxx   where is alek today?
2011_12_06_18:52:57.161   098.095.186.xxx   hey
2011_12_06_18:53:04.163   072.081.062.xxx   Having dinner?
2011_12_06_18:53:08.892   067.176.083.xxx   Hello, world
2011_12_06_18:53:13.708   173.076.030.xxx   CHRISTMAS
2011_12_06_18:53:21.071   050.133.136.xxx   mabey?
2011_12_06_18:53:28.925   064.136.232.xxx   Elves please make me a wife that looks like Kristin Kreuk for Xmas (27)
2011_12_06_18:53:56.452   067.176.083.xxx   Foobar!
2011_12_06_18:54:02.433   091.015.198.xxx   ___  ___  ___ (11)
2011_12_06_18:54:04.799   074.192.120.xxx   I know if you are sleeping ___)
2011_12_06_18:54:22.125   064.136.232.xxx   peeping Tom !! (28)
2011_12_06_18:54:29.931   173.019.100.xxx   I am mr Timn
2011_12_06_18:54:48.273   074.192.120.xxx   MWags was here!
2011_12_06_18:54:49.936   173.076.030.xxx   JAMES ANTONELLIS
2011_12_06_18:54:57.982   068.063.048.xxx   I could go for a beer
2011_12_06_18:55:03.607   050.133.136.xxx   jack kane
2011_12_06_18:55:29.037   050.040.144.xxx   Helloo Woorld!
2011_12_06_18:55:29.167   128.010.025.xxx   sdf
2011_12_06_18:55:29.752   098.112.053.xxx   hello
2011_12_06_18:55:35.444   050.133.136.xxx   jack kane...brb
2011_12_06_18:56:00.224   067.176.083.xxx   15840
2011_12_06_18:56:34.114   173.076.030.xxx   HELLO
2011_12_06_18:56:40.763   067.176.083.xxx   31946 (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:56:42.008   064.136.232.xxx   People, please donate until it hurts, thanks ! (29)
2011_12_06_18:57:00.590   067.176.083.xxx   24727 (11)
2011_12_06_18:57:11.591   050.133.136.xxx   jackkane...im back
2011_12_06_18:57:31.454   072.081.062.xxx   Yes! Don't forget to donate to Celiac Research!
2011_12_06_18:57:50.258   050.133.136.xxx   i will...jackkane
2011_12_06_18:58:31.304   050.133.136.xxx   omg look (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_18:58:42.652   067.176.083.xxx   25459 (12)
2011_12_06_18:58:47.314   068.150.161.xxx   donate to the US Needs Jobs funds (43)
2011_12_06_18:58:47.478   068.063.048.xxx   Lights on
2011_12_06_18:59:12.276   050.133.136.xxx   lights off (11)
2011_12_06_18:59:28.550   071.076.018.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone
2011_12_06_18:59:54.289   050.133.136.xxx   merry chritsmas (12)
2011_12_06_19:00:11.347   068.150.161.xxx   s***** to be Merry (44)
2011_12_06_19:00:27.510   069.234.133.xxx   hello
2011_12_06_19:00:44.063   068.063.048.xxx   Santa's coming to your town
2011_12_06_19:01:14.401   050.133.136.xxx   bye (13)
2011_12_06_19:02:10.248   091.015.202.xxx   X-)
2011_12_06_19:02:13.780   092.238.202.xxx   The Yarl of Riverwood!
2011_12_06_19:04:05.192   068.150.161.xxx   quit it!! (45)
2011_12_06_19:04:31.410   068.150.161.xxx   stop acting like a child (46)
2011_12_06_19:04:41.390   069.234.133.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING ON!!!
2011_12_06_19:05:04.088   173.076.108.xxx   POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOp
2011_12_06_19:05:38.863   092.238.202.xxx   EVERYONE DO THE HICKSTER WAR CRY!
2011_12_06_19:06:11.190   092.238.202.xxx   DO THE HICKSTER WAR CRY!!
2011_12_06_19:06:33.630   076.121.246.xxx   Go Oregon Ducks!!
2011_12_06_19:06:36.923   068.063.048.xxx   Auburn baby! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:06:38.530   173.076.108.xxx   I heard you did this for b* money
2011_12_06_19:06:43.334   068.150.161.xxx   sigh, some people are so immature (47)
2011_12_06_19:06:48.009   092.238.202.xxx   ___ THESE LIGHTS s****
2011_12_06_19:07:14.507   173.076.108.xxx   Gamec***s are awesome ahahah
2011_12_06_19:07:20.671   071.076.018.xxx   southcarolina gamec***s are da best
2011_12_06_19:07:25.813   092.238.202.xxx   DO A BARREL ROLL!!
2011_12_06_19:07:56.236   098.236.182.xxx   This is so cool!
2011_12_06_19:07:57.907   173.076.108.xxx   Who the h**** would ever do this dumb a**es
2011_12_06_19:08:00.584   092.238.202.xxx   DO A BARREL ROLL!!
2011_12_06_19:08:36.088   068.063.048.xxx   Barrel rolls... (11)
2011_12_06_19:09:31.275   068.150.161.xxx   you aren't cool buddy.  you're trying to create attention (48)
2011_12_06_19:10:04.213   092.238.202.xxx   Moleman investigates!
2011_12_06_19:10:57.174   092.238.202.xxx   Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage
2011_12_06_19:11:17.713   068.150.161.xxx   76 115 072 needs to be banned (49)
2011_12_06_19:11:17.614   081.187.145.xxx   Hello from the UK!
2011_12_06_19:11:44.659   068.150.161.xxx   Ban him Please Alek. (50 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:11:59.178   092.238.202.xxx   If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.
2011_12_06_19:12:27.874   024.009.105.xxx   Hi Alek! Nicely done, as usual -- Wayne S., Boulder
2011_12_06_19:12:42.516   092.238.202.xxx   RECEPTIONIST (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:12:44.561   173.076.108.xxx   Sup nerd guy u look hot
2011_12_06_19:13:22.367   076.110.185.xxx   HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011_12_06_19:13:46.482   092.238.202.xxx   oooh, show me that s** y binary (11)
2011_12_06_19:13:46.983   098.239.056.xxx   Hello from Madison, MS
2011_12_06_19:14:00.995   173.076.108.xxx   Wanna hit me up bra and we can go to your place in that inflatable
2011_12_06_19:14:27.288   092.238.202.xxx   WELCOME TO ASDA, HOW MAY I HELP (12)
2011_12_06_19:14:29.785   173.076.108.xxx   waVE Hunny
2011_12_06_19:14:50.061   068.150.161.xxx   that  guy too (51)
2011_12_06_19:14:52.367   024.128.145.xxx   Ho Ho Ho!!!
2011_12_06_19:15:08.097   076.110.185.xxx   Whats up man!
2011_12_06_19:15:22.223   069.254.244.xxx   ANYBODY NEED BUD? This guy sells nug.
2011_12_06_19:15:25.549   068.150.161.xxx   86 015 236 needs to be banned too (52)
2011_12_06_19:15:39.052   076.110.185.xxx   trolololololololololol
2011_12_06_19:15:48.471   173.076.108.xxx   ban ur mom
2011_12_06_19:16:03.548   068.150.161.xxx   oh you're getting banned unless you stop with the curses (53)
2011_12_06_19:16:07.021   076.110.185.xxx   What is it!!!?????????/
2011_12_06_19:16:15.817   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa brings coal to potty-mouths! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_19:16:30.831   098.239.056.xxx   Had a tough day alek???
2011_12_06_19:16:59.269   068.150.161.xxx   sigh...  I wish these "jokers" would leave already (54)
2011_12_06_19:16:59.898   173.076.108.xxx   hey Jerry Sandusky hmu
2011_12_06_19:17:13.725   098.145.077.xxx   Thanks for this!
2011_12_06_19:17:23.010   069.234.133.xxx   hi jerry
2011_12_06_19:17:27.045   173.076.108.xxx   Hey Bernie Fine hmu (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:18:07.323   199.106.103.xxx   San Diego Super Chargers!!!!
2011_12_06_19:18:11.454   098.145.077.xxx   What do you use as your main control system for all of this??
2011_12_06_19:18:13.875   068.150.161.xxx   is there something seriously wrong with you??? (55)
2011_12_06_19:18:42.615   173.076.108.xxx   No there is something wrong with your mom (11)
2011_12_06_19:19:13.242   068.150.161.xxx   this is for charity and a family site, leave the crap off (56)
2011_12_06_19:19:16.856   199.106.103.xxx   I LOVE IT!!!
2011_12_06_19:20:08.436   092.238.202.xxx   omai, santa with a jetpack (13)
2011_12_06_19:20:13.346   068.150.161.xxx   Alek 173 076 108 is just being bad, get rid of him (57)
2011_12_06_19:20:17.426   065.048.186.xxx   Much love from BIM!
2011_12_06_19:21:03.108   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** You don't like my Santa hat?!? ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_19:21:20.152   173.076.108.xxx   No its g** looking dude (12)
2011_12_06_19:21:29.023   068.150.161.xxx   it's awesome Alek, he's just being a 2 yr old (58)
2011_12_06_19:21:49.248   173.076.108.xxx   p****SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (13)
2011_12_06_19:22:19.629   173.076.108.xxx   its super duper g** actually (14)
2011_12_06_19:22:28.373   184.006.212.xxx   LVP 4 LIFE
2011_12_06_19:23:18.581   071.076.018.xxx   omg heyyyy alek
2011_12_06_19:23:46.339   184.006.212.xxx   R.I.P. Patrice Oneal - O&A PARTY ROCK
2011_12_06_19:23:58.854   076.027.240.xxx   Go ducks
2011_12_06_19:24:48.277   098.145.077.xxx   awesome display bro!
2011_12_06_19:25:51.399   068.063.048.xxx   Whoa (12)
2011_12_06_19:26:48.338   099.038.200.xxx   Merry christmas from Quentin
2011_12_06_19:28:26.573   096.237.164.xxx   Go Patriots!
2011_12_06_19:28:28.367   156.034.188.xxx   nice hat Alek :)
2011_12_06_19:28:38.720   071.076.018.xxx   Hey im Alden Lebov and im
2011_12_06_19:29:08.047   173.076.108.xxx   19 Alice Road BurlingtonConnecticut benn smelly Kelly residence (15)
2011_12_06_19:31:30.658   086.161.228.xxx   Awesome as it is every year!
2011_12_06_19:31:55.796   098.206.235.xxx   I used to like christmas, then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:32:36.182   086.161.228.xxx   Was it fired by an elf?
2011_12_06_19:32:41.297   068.061.031.xxx   this is epic!
2011_12_06_19:32:57.335   208.114.036.xxx   Hello form Oklahoma! Merry Christmas!
2011_12_06_19:33:11.325   072.081.062.xxx   Alex is rockin a Santa Hat tonight!
2011_12_06_19:33:14.361   068.063.048.xxx   Rummy eggnog.  Yummy! (13)
2011_12_06_19:33:37.738   072.081.062.xxx   Alek, Sorry!
2011_12_06_19:33:56.741   067.216.140.xxx   komar /b/rothers ftw!!!!!!!
2011_12_06_19:34:08.369   099.187.140.xxx   hi mac
2011_12_06_19:34:16.142   068.040.014.xxx   Rules 1 + 2 f*****
2011_12_06_19:34:34.553   099.187.140.xxx   hi carson
2011_12_06_19:34:51.225   075.190.147.xxx   NEWS FLASH: Santa is an hero
2011_12_06_19:35:01.756   068.150.161.xxx   it's 7:34 (59)
2011_12_06_19:35:05.596   081.032.173.xxx   Hola holita
2011_12_06_19:35:17.229   086.161.228.xxx   Thanks for the wave Alek!
2011_12_06_19:35:26.259   075.190.147.xxx   NEWS FLASH: Santa is an hero
2011_12_06_19:35:37.592   068.150.161.xxx   ENOUGH! man, some people just don't LEARN!.. (60 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:35:46.035   081.032.173.xxx   os voy a matar a todos. santa
2011_12_06_19:35:58.538   156.034.188.xxx   Deleted
2011_12_06_19:36:27.798   068.040.014.xxx   R.I.P. Santa Claus. 1864-2011
2011_12_06_19:36:34.342   068.150.161.xxx   I so can't stand it when idiots come on and start crap (61)
2011_12_06_19:36:38.925   066.122.067.xxx   FUS RO DAH
2011_12_06_19:36:42.142   092.238.202.xxx   Submission removed (14)
2011_12_06_19:36:50.640   206.074.133.xxx   trolled
2011_12_06_19:37:09.524   060.226.028.xxx   Never gonna give, never gonna give
2011_12_06_19:37:21.273   173.174.088.xxx   Mrmister is a furry
2011_12_06_19:37:26.457   068.040.014.xxx   This is what happens when you invite the internet.
2011_12_06_19:37:36.366   099.187.140.xxx   hi tammie
2011_12_06_19:37:36.382   066.122.067.xxx   I am t3h dragonborn!
2011_12_06_19:37:53.761   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** A big Santa Hello to Chris Pirillo and his fans! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_19:38:00.912   173.174.088.xxx   Mike is s** ually attracted to dragons.
2011_12_06_19:38:06.757   082.210.118.xxx   Help! I'm being trapped in Santa's workshop. Call 911!
2011_12_06_19:38:19.428   066.122.067.xxx   _______
2011_12_06_19:38:29.039   096.226.190.xxx   trolololol
2011_12_06_19:38:37.742   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Nice to see the ever-so-polite 4chan crowd show up ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_19:38:38.667   099.187.140.xxx   hi tammie
2011_12_06_19:39:06.578   096.226.190.xxx   is it bad that this is how i'm spending my tuesday night?
2011_12_06_19:39:07.684   092.238.202.xxx   ..-. ..- -.-. -.- /  --- ..-. ..-. (15)
2011_12_06_19:39:08.837   208.114.036.xxx   were is the christmas spirit?
2011_12_06_19:39:17.315   066.122.067.xxx   Oatmeal?! Are you crazy?!
2011_12_06_19:39:24.328   060.226.028.xxx   All hail the great bearded sky wizard! He is always watching
2011_12_06_19:39:38.442   068.040.014.xxx   FREE CLEAVELAND STEAMERS!
2011_12_06_19:39:39.091   092.238.202.xxx   ..-. ..- -.-. -.- /  --- ..-. ..-. (16)
2011_12_06_19:39:44.100   173.174.088.xxx   Inflate dat ballone boy and homer simpson
2011_12_06_19:39:44.432   099.187.140.xxx   hi tommy
2011_12_06_19:39:44.940   096.226.190.xxx   ceiling cat sees what you did thur
2011_12_06_19:40:15.025   099.187.140.xxx   hi tommy
2011_12_06_19:40:23.916   092.238.202.xxx   FREE CANDY INSIDE! (17)
2011_12_06_19:40:24.079   060.226.028.xxx   Man in santa hat put shoe on head
2011_12_06_19:40:25.946   173.174.088.xxx   Mods are asleep, post christmas
2011_12_06_19:40:26.401   076.200.130.xxx   I came to party and eat cookies...and I'm all out of cookies
2011_12_06_19:40:27.466   096.226.190.xxx   o hai mark
2011_12_06_19:40:43.439   092.238.202.xxx   FREE CANDY INSIDE! (18)
2011_12_06_19:40:44.052   068.040.014.xxx   MOAR DUBSTEP
2011_12_06_19:40:44.500   092.022.211.xxx   fox be tripping over some words
2011_12_06_19:40:51.994   082.024.152.xxx   OHOHO. Its not working
2011_12_06_19:40:53.641   096.226.190.xxx   this is so grate
2011_12_06_19:40:54.829   060.226.028.xxx   Christmas was an inside job
2011_12_06_19:41:02.432   067.220.017.xxx   hi /b/!
2011_12_06_19:41:03.700   184.059.165.xxx   _________ h omo____________
2011_12_06_19:41:10.669   076.200.130.xxx   IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...
2011_12_06_19:41:18.419   099.187.140.xxx   hi  tammie
2011_12_06_19:41:18.732   189.149.064.xxx   Eva Malcolm lost the game!
2011_12_06_19:41:21.081   068.150.161.xxx   if it were me, I'd just ban them all (62)
2011_12_06_19:41:23.258   173.174.088.xxx   Skrillex is trash
2011_12_06_19:41:28.934   173.088.038.xxx   Finland
2011_12_06_19:41:29.044   060.226.028.xxx   whose scrillex? is he gud?
2011_12_06_19:41:35.736   114.077.018.xxx   Hi From Melbourne Australia
2011_12_06_19:41:43.078   068.040.014.xxx   We're all mutha'uckas 'ucking with your shi'
2011_12_06_19:41:49.359   092.238.202.xxx   Light Hacking in Progress.... (19)
2011_12_06_19:41:56.815   173.174.088.xxx   Invite the internet, gonna have a bad time.
2011_12_06_19:41:58.937   076.200.130.xxx   WHAT THE ROCK...(air sniff)...ISSSSSS COOKIN'
2011_12_06_19:41:59.896   096.226.190.xxx   derp
2011_12_06_19:42:00.346   092.022.211.xxx   fox of yarlwood died by who's smelly feet
2011_12_06_19:42:11.657   082.024.152.xxx   Hai from Derbyshire UK! :D
2011_12_06_19:42:11.730   086.149.158.xxx   wait***?!
2011_12_06_19:42:18.467   099.187.140.xxx   hi tammie
2011_12_06_19:42:26.987   092.238.202.xxx   Haz u got sum bangin tunes? (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:42:26.923   074.199.102.xxx   sdfndg
2011_12_06_19:42:27.935   068.009.245.xxx   Dragonbourne kills alduin
2011_12_06_19:42:33.275   189.149.064.xxx   Eva Malcolm lost the game!
2011_12_06_19:42:33.296   061.006.140.xxx   freal
2011_12_06_19:42:37.881   098.206.235.xxx   mfw live feed is now /b/
2011_12_06_19:42:43.915   173.088.038.xxx   Red Leader Standing By
2011_12_06_19:42:47.288   086.163.092.xxx   rule 34 demands friends/band of brothers pix
2011_12_06_19:42:51.612   068.040.014.xxx   I'll take S-WORDS for ___2000, Alex.
2011_12_06_19:42:53.666   076.200.130.xxx   LOOK AT ALL THE DUBS I GIVE!
2011_12_06_19:42:54.251   092.238.202.xxx   haz u got sum bangin tunes on ur MP3 Player? (21)
2011_12_06_19:42:59.401   068.009.245.xxx   You All Lost The Game
2011_12_06_19:43:08.866   096.226.190.xxx   red sneaker standing by
2011_12_06_19:43:09.300   173.174.088.xxx   ___invite internet, gonna have a bad time.
2011_12_06_19:43:12.192   098.206.235.xxx   red fox standing by
2011_12_06_19:43:17.512   184.059.165.xxx   dilla rulez!
2011_12_06_19:43:22.062   108.011.190.xxx   Hey, Jonah here and i trolled all you guys
2011_12_06_19:43:27.463   084.115.151.xxx   red leader standing by
2011_12_06_19:43:32.224   086.163.092.xxx   somebody stole your sweetroll?
2011_12_06_19:43:34.839   184.233.082.xxx   inb4 s***storm
2011_12_06_19:43:34.994   096.226.190.xxx   red rider standing by
2011_12_06_19:43:37.028   082.027.043.xxx   haha i turned your s*** off! :D CR
2011_12_06_19:43:44.509   189.149.064.xxx   What in the unholy name of a55 is this fucl___ness?
2011_12_06_19:43:48.528   068.040.014.xxx   Remember Rules 1 + 2
2011_12_06_19:43:51.196   072.188.195.xxx   ___mfw john marston dies at the end of rdr _______
2011_12_06_19:43:59.061   076.200.130.xxx   rudolph the red nose reindeer standing by
2011_12_06_19:44:06.991   092.022.211.xxx   santa's workshop has tiny blackout!!!!!!!!!!
2011_12_06_19:44:07.310   086.163.092.xxx   awww, somebody stole your sweetroll?
2011_12_06_19:44:17.335   189.149.064.xxx   Eva Malcolm lost the game
2011_12_06_19:44:18.087   067.193.053.xxx   WAT IS THIS
2011_12_06_19:44:18.109   128.120.167.xxx   IT WAS HIS SLED
2011_12_06_19:44:18.923   084.115.151.xxx   Red Dragon standing by
2011_12_06_19:44:19.091   082.027.043.xxx   Red october standing by..
2011_12_06_19:44:22.575   097.100.211.xxx   why cant i hold all these presents
2011_12_06_19:44:30.152   096.226.190.xxx   ___mfw jesus DIDN'T die for your sins
2011_12_06_19:44:39.305   068.040.014.xxx   Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Sixth Sense.
2011_12_06_19:44:42.476   108.011.190.xxx   Zack Stone is my hero
2011_12_06_19:44:43.189   067.220.017.xxx   red all of twilight standing by
2011_12_06_19:44:52.784   189.149.064.xxx   Eva Malcolm lost the game!
2011_12_06_19:45:00.226   128.120.167.xxx   If you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing.
2011_12_06_19:45:01.531   068.150.161.xxx   ya so?  that's nothing new about Sixth Sense (63)
2011_12_06_19:45:10.978   082.027.043.xxx   red stain on your beds**** standing by..
2011_12_06_19:45:18.223   092.238.202.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (22)
2011_12_06_19:45:30.123   108.011.190.xxx   Zack Stone is my hero
2011_12_06_19:45:35.325   189.149.064.xxx   your mother
2011_12_06_19:45:40.536   096.226.190.xxx   you all just made love to your cousin. who saw it? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:45:42.977   086.163.092.xxx   leonard from big bang theory, look at the camera
2011_12_06_19:45:43.436   068.040.014.xxx   I'm getting head behind this counter. (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:45:44.918   098.206.235.xxx   everyone gets for christmas
2011_12_06_19:45:50.895   072.188.195.xxx   ___komar being witty
2011_12_06_19:46:09.724   092.238.202.xxx   GIRFFF RAGE!!! (23)
2011_12_06_19:46:10.010   184.059.165.xxx   how much do we have to donate ?
2011_12_06_19:46:10.056   068.150.161.xxx   sigh....  some people on here are so ignorant (64)
2011_12_06_19:46:13.063   086.163.092.xxx   leonard from big bang theory, look at the camera
2011_12_06_19:46:15.533   068.009.245.xxx   WE ARE ARNOMONOOSE WEEZ ARE LEEESHUN'
2011_12_06_19:46:22.306   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Here is something for the 4chan gang ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_19:46:24.868   068.040.014.xxx   I think someone told.... (11)
2011_12_06_19:46:25.283   096.226.190.xxx   the ob*ect to your left just exploded. how F_________ed are ya? (11)
2011_12_06_19:46:27.093   072.188.195.xxx   Cole phelps dies at the end of la noire
2011_12_06_19:46:32.574   092.238.202.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam! (24)
2011_12_06_19:46:39.248   098.206.235.xxx   ( . Y . )
2011_12_06_19:46:39.480   086.163.092.xxx   leonard from big bang theory, look at the camera
2011_12_06_19:46:44.463   092.022.211.xxx   call 911 i be dead in a hour if not!
2011_12_06_19:46:45.672   067.216.140.xxx   Merry Christmas!! _______
2011_12_06_19:46:54.761   189.149.064.xxx   Eva Malcolm keeps losing the game.
2011_12_06_19:46:55.341   024.056.195.xxx   Santa has a lil w*****
2011_12_06_19:46:56.895   092.238.202.xxx   GIRFFF RAGE!!! (25)
2011_12_06_19:46:57.569   096.226.190.xxx   HIPSTER! HIPSTER! YOU ARE HIP AS F_________L! (12)
2011_12_06_19:46:57.664   068.040.014.xxx   Yay beer! (12)
2011_12_06_19:47:00.900   173.174.088.xxx   Camera guy pretty cool gai
2011_12_06_19:47:03.035   060.226.028.xxx   only cool people drink pabst
2011_12_06_19:47:14.722   173.028.024.xxx   I used to work in santa's workshop then I took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:47:19.687   086.163.092.xxx   bruce willis is a ghost
2011_12_06_19:47:24.281   108.011.190.xxx   Jonah Mowry, here, and i trolled errybody
2011_12_06_19:47:29.595   082.027.043.xxx   something fat just blocked the screen...
2011_12_06_19:47:31.151   216.170.004.xxx   Hello! CR
2011_12_06_19:47:31.296   096.226.190.xxx   you drink Pabst. you ARE the definition of Hip (13)
2011_12_06_19:47:33.460   098.206.235.xxx   ( . Y . )
2011_12_06_19:47:38.200   060.226.028.xxx   The Planet of the Apes was Earth all along.
2011_12_06_19:47:39.088   173.174.088.xxx   I used to drink 3rd party beer, then I took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:47:44.511   068.040.014.xxx   I like this guy. He drinks PBR and doesn't afraid of anything. (13)
2011_12_06_19:47:44.666   076.101.110.xxx   Turn off All the things!
2011_12_06_19:47:46.898   189.149.064.xxx   Stop this s***ness, m0f0
2011_12_06_19:47:50.192   173.088.038.xxx   I WANT THAT R2 D2
2011_12_06_19:47:51.365   092.022.211.xxx   ok you like to drink beer and look @ star wars WE GET IT
2011_12_06_19:47:57.143   068.009.245.xxx   i use to like star wars, until i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:47:57.336   090.195.156.xxx   C3P0!!!
2011_12_06_19:47:58.730   068.150.161.xxx   how about something that we DON'T KNOW (65)
2011_12_06_19:48:03.640   096.226.190.xxx   Pabst = hip. (14)
2011_12_06_19:48:05.924   076.090.098.xxx   I used to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, then I took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:48:10.393   069.234.133.xxx   Hello I am on a screen LIVE
2011_12_06_19:48:14.088   189.149.064.xxx   Analfudge
2011_12_06_19:48:18.034   108.011.190.xxx   Neutral Milk Hotel=My fave band
2011_12_06_19:48:18.615   068.040.014.xxx   I drink PBR and don't afraid of anything. (14)
2011_12_06_19:48:18.805   076.101.110.xxx   Keep all the things off!
2011_12_06_19:48:28.848   072.188.195.xxx   arrow in the knee jokes are so mainstream now
2011_12_06_19:48:32.808   068.150.161.xxx   yawn...  all the little naughty children here.. (66)
2011_12_06_19:48:35.846   173.174.088.xxx   I used to have Celiac disease then I took an arrow to the knee. (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:48:51.920   173.028.024.xxx   i used to send text to santas workshop then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:48:59.863   076.101.110.xxx   I use to keep the lights on for christmas like you. But then I took an arrow to
2011_12_06_19:49:03.564   098.206.235.xxx   ( . Y . )
2011_12_06_19:49:06.162   068.040.014.xxx   I used to take arrows to the knee until a sni- (15)
2011_12_06_19:49:10.628   076.090.098.xxx   i wish i knew how to type
2011_12_06_19:49:13.636   067.216.140.xxx   OH HAI
2011_12_06_19:49:19.032   082.042.249.xxx   happy birthday jake and hudson
2011_12_06_19:49:33.233   173.028.024.xxx   I used to take arrows to the knee then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:49:37.471   068.150.161.xxx   there's always a small bunch of stupids in a group (67)
2011_12_06_19:49:38.064   076.101.110.xxx   TURN OFF ALL THE THINGS!
2011_12_06_19:49:47.428   173.174.088.xxx   I used to turn on the the lights, then I took an arrow to the knee. (11)
2011_12_06_19:49:55.575   096.226.190.xxx   TURN YOURSELF OFF :D (15)
2011_12_06_19:49:56.246   068.040.014.xxx   Hulk yelled at me. :( (16)
2011_12_06_19:50:07.309   068.150.161.xxx   komar ROCKS (68)
2011_12_06_19:50:07.329   173.028.024.xxx   I used to be blue text then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:50:20.418   173.169.076.xxx   They told me I could be anything, so I became the internet!
2011_12_06_19:50:30.644   082.042.249.xxx   simply CP
2011_12_06_19:50:31.247   076.090.098.xxx   P3N1___ L0L0L0L0000LOOO
2011_12_06_19:50:32.380   068.150.161.xxx   all the people at 4chan are losers (69)
2011_12_06_19:50:47.894   068.040.014.xxx   They told me I could be anything, so I took an arrow to the knee. (17)
2011_12_06_19:50:50.962   096.226.190.xxx   YFW his name was robert paulson (16)
2011_12_06_19:50:52.897   072.188.195.xxx   mw3 is better than bf3. deal with it nerds.
2011_12_06_19:50:53.912   173.174.088.xxx   And the the internet was invited and christmas was derailed. (12)
2011_12_06_19:50:58.363   076.101.110.xxx   To the owner of this website. This is God speaking. Shut off the lights or I wi
2011_12_06_19:51:19.815   173.169.076.xxx   They told me I could take an arrow to the knee, so I took an arrow to the knee.
2011_12_06_19:51:20.550   060.226.028.xxx   Hi Bronte! Skyrim 4eva
2011_12_06_19:51:25.730   096.226.190.xxx   shut 'em off or sharpie in the pooper (17)
2011_12_06_19:51:38.588   173.028.024.xxx   i used used to have curved swords then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:51:41.349   068.040.014.xxx   t*** or GTFO (18)
2011_12_06_19:51:51.297   173.174.088.xxx   I used to be the thing then I took an arrow to the knee (13)
2011_12_06_19:51:52.390   076.101.110.xxx   Oh god. It's my mother inlaw.
2011_12_06_19:51:56.023   076.090.098.xxx   the thing ___ hulk
2011_12_06_19:51:55.908   067.159.005.xxx   its clobbering time!
2011_12_06_19:52:02.946   096.226.190.xxx   MOVE YOUR S___IT AWAY FROM THE CAMERA! (18)
2011_12_06_19:52:04.817   216.170.004.xxx   Hello!!!!! HOw are you CR
2011_12_06_19:52:05.950   060.226.028.xxx   Hi Bronte! Skyrim 4eva
2011_12_06_19:52:07.921   072.188.195.xxx   hurr
2011_12_06_19:52:09.762   068.009.245.xxx   ALDUIN DIES WHEN YOU GO INTO HIS REALM WITH 3 OTHER HEROS
2011_12_06_19:52:12.514   082.042.249.xxx   i used to go on komar then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:52:26.007   068.040.014.xxx   no noe cares about your s***. Wanna see posts! (19)
2011_12_06_19:52:28.502   068.150.161.xxx   so many lame people posting here. 4chan are lame (70 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:52:42.140   072.188.195.xxx   o_____O
2011_12_06_19:52:45.122   076.101.110.xxx   Reddit for life!
2011_12_06_19:52:47.713   092.022.211.xxx   omfg blackout pl0x
2011_12_06_19:52:50.264   096.226.190.xxx   YFW santa is the man in the white van (19)
2011_12_06_19:52:59.003   076.090.098.xxx   i like turtles
2011_12_06_19:53:02.136   068.040.014.xxx   c====3 (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:53:21.496   173.028.163.xxx   yowza!!
2011_12_06_19:53:22.236   092.022.211.xxx   ( . Y . )
2011_12_06_19:53:22.322   068.009.245.xxx   I Like Trains :3
2011_12_06_19:53:22.617   082.042.249.xxx   i used to have celiac disease, then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:53:23.193   068.150.161.xxx   time to dance, time to sing, time to move! (71)
2011_12_06_19:53:29.610   060.226.028.xxx   HI BRONTE (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:53:39.509   096.226.190.xxx   i used to have life. then i took an arrow in the knee (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:53:46.852   068.040.014.xxx   Go eff yourself Bronte (21)
2011_12_06_19:53:58.025   082.042.249.xxx   this guy is g** ______
2011_12_06_19:54:00.172   068.150.161.xxx   this arrow to the knee joke is pathetic.  grow up (72)
2011_12_06_19:54:02.425   092.022.211.xxx   hey you guys
2011_12_06_19:54:03.664   068.009.245.xxx   nope, chuck testa
2011_12_06_19:54:03.858   076.101.110.xxx   Can God make a burrito so hot that he can't even eat it?
2011_12_06_19:54:03.733   122.108.123.xxx   I AM AWESOME - MICK
2011_12_06_19:54:04.736   173.169.076.xxx   Please stop with all of these hateful messages!
2011_12_06_19:54:05.196   096.226.190.xxx   i used to spam santas workshop, then i took an arrow to the knee (21)
2011_12_06_19:54:24.355   072.188.195.xxx   ctrl + w to be able to post faster
2011_12_06_19:54:26.783   060.226.028.xxx   Chuck Norris knees arrows. (11)
2011_12_06_19:54:27.876   068.150.161.xxx   maybe you should take an arrow to the head (73)
2011_12_06_19:54:31.141   092.238.202.xxx   buggy HTML ftw (26)
2011_12_06_19:54:37.067   082.042.249.xxx   the message after this one is a lie
2011_12_06_19:54:38.561   096.226.190.xxx   THE TIME IS...VERY LATE (22)
2011_12_06_19:54:42.943   092.022.211.xxx   and they tell me to turn my skybox off when i go to sleep...what a derp
2011_12_06_19:54:55.130   068.042.092.xxx   I shall call it GROOSELAND
2011_12_06_19:55:03.011   096.226.190.xxx   DERP DERP DERP DERP (23)
2011_12_06_19:55:05.477   069.234.133.xxx   fdfghjkjgfsdfghjhgfsdfghjdfghjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjklgdfsob*dfoabvijofbvfd___
2011_12_06_19:55:24.048   068.150.161.xxx   you guys are boring (74)
2011_12_06_19:55:30.527   072.188.195.xxx   ur all fgts
2011_12_06_19:55:33.422   060.226.028.xxx   DO THE HAMSTER DANCE (12)
2011_12_06_19:55:40.517   069.234.133.xxx   i no fit geriwghiugunfifijvnefndfnjdfnosidrcowsfcordenmoerndmomnewod
2011_12_06_19:55:42.634   122.108.123.xxx   MEOW!
2011_12_06_19:55:46.361   096.226.190.xxx   nyan.cat (24)
2011_12_06_19:55:51.852   092.022.211.xxx   "tmf who can smd, derp" (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:55:57.810   068.040.014.xxx   I ___3 Party Girls (22)
2011_12_06_19:55:58.949   173.169.076.xxx   Dubs get!!
2011_12_06_19:56:13.838   072.188.195.xxx   dubs check em' (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_19:56:17.799   060.226.028.xxx   rollan (13)
2011_12_06_19:56:21.169   122.108.123.xxx   HI DEION
2011_12_06_19:56:22.673   068.009.245.xxx   Trips, check'em
2011_12_06_19:56:28.814   068.150.161.xxx   very sad... (75)
2011_12_06_19:56:31.767   064.252.137.xxx   Merry Merry
2011_12_06_19:56:33.928   068.040.014.xxx   I used to get dubs until I took an arrow to the knee. (23)
2011_12_06_19:56:44.268   099.246.146.xxx   What is this
2011_12_06_19:56:55.433   072.188.195.xxx   EPIC WIN GUYS XXDDDDD (11)
2011_12_06_19:57:03.526   096.226.190.xxx   I'M FED UP WIF DIS WURLD (25)
2011_12_06_19:57:07.949   075.090.239.xxx   David Davidson
2011_12_06_19:57:11.444   068.040.014.xxx   Who am I? (24)
2011_12_06_19:57:21.184   122.108.123.xxx   hi deion
2011_12_06_19:57:27.461   096.226.190.xxx   i used to spam santas workshop, then i took an arrow to the knee (26)
2011_12_06_19:57:33.997   072.188.195.xxx   My name is David, what's yours? (12)
2011_12_06_19:57:35.577   069.234.133.xxx   hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
2011_12_06_19:57:44.616   068.040.014.xxx   Rules 1 + 2 (25)
2011_12_06_19:57:45.093   199.079.170.xxx   Sam everything will pull through
2011_12_06_19:57:46.050   075.090.239.xxx   is this occupy christmas?
2011_12_06_19:57:47.442   097.092.174.xxx   Hi Mr.Chrismas
2011_12_06_19:57:47.694   173.061.142.xxx   I LOVE SOMB
2011_12_06_19:57:51.639   082.042.249.xxx   i used to have celiac disease, then i took an arrow to the knee
2011_12_06_19:57:56.286   096.226.190.xxx   i didnt even want trips (27)
2011_12_06_19:58:14.279   075.090.239.xxx   looks legit
2011_12_06_19:58:17.681   122.108.123.xxx   I WANT CANDY!
2011_12_06_19:58:21.996   068.040.014.xxx   Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (26)
2011_12_06_19:58:25.161   075.134.035.xxx   Merry Christmas Christy!
2011_12_06_19:58:34.008   096.226.190.xxx   awesome :D (28)
2011_12_06_19:58:41.537   068.009.245.xxx   Hey Guys, EFG hurr
2011_12_06_19:58:47.284   071.023.070.xxx   ___3 Mootles
2011_12_06_19:58:49.009   122.108.123.xxx   SANTA IS NOT REAL!
2011_12_06_19:58:58.197   075.090.239.xxx   wheres he going?
2011_12_06_19:59:00.028   199.079.170.xxx   Sam everything will pull through
2011_12_06_19:59:13.544   075.134.035.xxx   Merry Christmas to my beautiful wife!
2011_12_06_19:59:31.907   075.090.239.xxx   how do i triforce?
2011_12_06_19:59:41.512   068.040.014.xxx   I used to have a beautiful wife until I took an arrow to the knee. (27)
2011_12_06_19:59:48.475   122.108.123.xxx   woof
2011_12_06_19:59:48.946   075.134.035.xxx   Happy Holidays Christina!
2011_12_06_20:00:01.727   096.226.190.xxx   WHAT IS LOVE (29)
2011_12_06_20:00:19.118   173.061.142.xxx   JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL
2011_12_06_20:00:20.280   075.090.239.xxx   (_(_):::: D
2011_12_06_20:00:39.943   096.226.190.xxx   BABY DON'T HURT ME (30 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_20:00:51.703   122.108.123.xxx   NO MORE
2011_12_06_20:00:55.917   068.042.092.xxx   My kids have an autoimmune disorder called FAIL
2011_12_06_20:01:04.847   173.061.142.xxx   JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL LIVING IN A..........................
2011_12_06_20:01:07.734   075.090.239.xxx   it's 10pm here
2011_12_06_20:01:20.144   071.023.070.xxx   You know the rules...and so do I...
2011_12_06_20:01:34.073   199.079.170.xxx   Sam everything will pull through
2011_12_06_20:01:50.405   071.023.070.xxx   We're no strangers to love...
2011_12_06_20:02:01.230   209.169.205.xxx   Allowing this to happen was the biggest mistake. Too bad he's a roody-poo.
2011_12_06_20:02:24.926   071.023.070.xxx   Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down
2011_12_06_20:02:42.838   173.061.142.xxx   a/s/l????
2011_12_06_20:02:55.849   071.023.070.xxx   Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry
2011_12_06_20:03:03.964   209.169.205.xxx   This has to be eye r**** for anyone who's nearby.
2011_12_06_20:03:32.408   071.023.070.xxx   Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
2011_12_06_20:04:25.610   068.042.092.xxx   5867nmg564yt7ujgvrj676rfh74reh7fy6reg7hvber5d6yhu
2011_12_06_20:04:37.715   071.023.070.xxx   We know the game and we're gonna play it
2011_12_06_20:04:54.657   173.088.219.xxx   hello
2011_12_06_20:05:03.610   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Rick's lyrics are actually "Never Gonna Give You Up" ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_20:05:16.388   209.169.205.xxx   The owner likes to smoke pole.
2011_12_06_20:05:39.577   099.091.161.xxx   i see it blowing up!
2011_12_06_20:05:41.039   071.023.070.xxx   I love you, MOOT!
2011_12_06_20:05:43.428   173.061.142.xxx   IT FEELS LIKE IM ON 56K INTERNET USING AOL
2011_12_06_20:06:01.974   209.169.205.xxx   This whole site is filled with g**.
2011_12_06_20:06:59.032   071.214.175.xxx   :D!
2011_12_06_20:06:59.671   209.169.205.xxx   Give the candya** points for having a word filter.
2011_12_06_20:08:12.679   173.061.142.xxx   I ___3 GRIZZ MINT
2011_12_06_20:08:53.819   209.169.205.xxx   I'm glad that the people he's trying to earn money for is diseased.
2011_12_06_20:09:31.332   173.088.219.xxx   hello
2011_12_06_20:10:18.654   076.184.097.xxx   komar is cool
2011_12_06_20:15:36.160   074.178.237.xxx   Keep up the good work, Alek, love it!!
2011_12_06_20:15:43.740   086.011.236.xxx   This is awsome
2011_12_06_20:17:28.399   024.125.103.xxx   shabba doo shabba dee
2011_12_06_20:17:37.710   108.011.190.xxx   Hey man, love what you're doing. I wish i had money to donate 
2011_12_06_20:17:43.953   086.011.236.xxx   hello man in the hat!
2011_12_06_20:18:18.372   108.011.190.xxx   Merry Christmas and i hope you are able to drink beer and eat pizza with your k
2011_12_06_20:18:23.766   024.125.103.xxx   dont pick your nose
2011_12_06_20:20:05.090   072.171.000.xxx   Hello from KIYU
2011_12_06_20:22:06.925   173.088.219.xxx   should get a Tebow inflatable
2011_12_06_20:22:47.578   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** A Tebow inflatable would be pretty cool! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_20:23:17.935   072.171.000.xxx   BLIZZARD AND WINTER STORM WARNINGS HAVE BEEN ISSUED.
2011_12_06_20:23:20.716   173.088.219.xxx   id keep him away from hulk just in case
2011_12_06_20:23:56.179   199.048.147.xxx   Never gonna give you up'
2011_12_06_20:24:25.641   199.048.147.xxx   never gonna let you down
2011_12_06_20:24:51.302   076.104.253.xxx   never gonna run around and
2011_12_06_20:24:56.119   199.048.147.xxx   never gonna run around and desert you
2011_12_06_20:25:24.158   076.104.253.xxx   rick rolling fool
2011_12_06_20:25:26.841   199.048.147.xxx   never gonna tell a lie
2011_12_06_20:26:11.807   199.048.147.xxx   trolololol lolol lol lol trolololol
2011_12_06_20:27:04.452   199.048.147.xxx   WHEN I WAS
2011_12_06_20:27:32.128   199.048.147.xxx   A YOUNG BOY
2011_12_06_20:27:59.468   199.048.147.xxx   MY FATHER
2011_12_06_20:28:28.592   199.048.147.xxx   TOOK ME INTO THE CITY
2011_12_06_20:28:58.898   199.048.147.xxx   TO SEE A MARCHING BAND (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_20:29:40.154   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST (11)
2011_12_06_20:29:53.364   099.228.120.xxx   Hello
2011_12_06_20:30:09.562   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST (12)
2011_12_06_20:30:44.586   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BES (13)
2011_12_06_20:31:14.117   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST (14)
2011_12_06_20:31:42.567   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST (15)
2011_12_06_20:32:12.693   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST (16)
2011_12_06_20:32:46.714   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BES (17)
2011_12_06_20:33:14.670   199.048.147.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST (18)
2011_12_06_20:35:17.955   173.032.221.xxx   David D. Davidson here.
2011_12_06_20:35:34.886   096.054.169.xxx   I can't let you do that Dave
2011_12_06_20:35:35.713   024.246.084.xxx   LOL PONIS
2011_12_06_20:35:56.946   099.232.138.xxx   I'm a stalker___
2011_12_06_20:36:38.900   099.232.138.xxx   Lol the guy above this screen is wack
2011_12_06_20:36:55.817   173.032.221.xxx   schvetty buhginas
2011_12_06_20:37:04.313   093.114.044.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST
2011_12_06_20:37:09.839   098.214.232.xxx   NEVER GONNA GIVE-NEVER GONNA GIVE!
2011_12_06_20:37:46.119   173.032.221.xxx   trololololol
2011_12_06_20:37:48.102   071.201.002.xxx   hello?
2011_12_06_20:38:08.733   099.232.138.xxx   uh hi?
2011_12_06_20:38:18.590   098.214.232.xxx   The neighbors can't like this.
2011_12_06_20:38:35.800   071.201.002.xxx   So I heard this place leiks mudkips
2011_12_06_20:38:39.558   099.232.138.xxx   I've gotta agree. so bright at night
2011_12_06_20:38:46.698   024.246.084.xxx   The day someone made /b/ smile
2011_12_06_20:39:07.848   099.232.138.xxx   /b/tards
2011_12_06_20:39:42.756   071.201.002.xxx   This is now a spiderman thread
2011_12_06_20:40:22.628   068.043.225.xxx   Hello Happy Holidays
2011_12_06_20:41:46.077   024.246.084.xxx   WHEN I WAS
2011_12_06_20:42:03.689   071.201.002.xxx   Operation Black Christmas is a go
2011_12_06_20:42:11.463   024.246.084.xxx   A YOUNG BOY
2011_12_06_20:42:12.597   024.019.234.xxx   hi!
2011_12_06_20:42:32.901   099.058.245.xxx   God Bless You and Your Family, my oldest daughter is surviving cancer.  Have a 
2011_12_06_20:42:35.565   024.246.084.xxx   MY FATHER
2011_12_06_20:42:55.675   098.214.232.xxx   Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtan
2011_12_06_20:43:00.663   024.246.084.xxx   TOOK ME INTO THE CITY
2011_12_06_20:43:26.799   024.246.084.xxx   TO SEE A MARCHING BAND
2011_12_06_20:43:35.047   123.002.148.xxx   8======D s**** this kids
2011_12_06_20:43:41.079   076.174.168.xxx   i pooped myself
2011_12_06_20:43:58.000   098.214.232.xxx   Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtan
2011_12_06_20:44:07.278   123.002.148.xxx   SANTA IS NOT REAL
2011_12_06_20:44:17.713   071.201.002.xxx   lets give the neighbors seizures
2011_12_06_20:44:19.438   024.246.084.xxx   (___'.')___    KIRBY APPROVES!
2011_12_06_20:44:57.507   024.246.084.xxx   @@@@:___     vampire marge (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_20:45:06.994   098.214.232.xxx   Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn
2011_12_06_20:45:34.021   024.246.084.xxx   You must post ITT if you didnt donate :( (11)
2011_12_06_20:45:40.119   098.214.232.xxx   Cthulhu R'lyeh fhtagn
2011_12_06_20:45:48.905   024.005.072.xxx   I don't like ham, but I love bacon!
2011_12_06_20:46:27.683   024.246.084.xxx   HAM AND BACON HAM AND BACON HAM AND BACON HAM AND BACON HAM AND BACON (12)
2011_12_06_20:46:40.243   098.214.232.xxx   Boxxy is forever queen!
2011_12_06_20:46:52.468   076.174.168.xxx   THERE IS POOP EVERYWHERE
2011_12_06_20:48:07.518   024.005.072.xxx   Coded message follows:
2011_12_06_20:48:28.110   084.197.240.xxx   LANarea dot EU
2011_12_06_20:48:30.385   097.088.036.xxx   HO HO HO
2011_12_06_20:48:33.417   098.214.232.xxx   Boxxy lives, comerades!
2011_12_06_20:48:38.489   024.246.084.xxx   ( o Y o )  LOL (13)
2011_12_06_20:48:55.006   097.088.036.xxx   haha
2011_12_06_20:49:06.084   084.197.240.xxx   (-.(-.-).-)
2011_12_06_20:49:23.425   024.246.084.xxx   WE ARE ANUNEMUS WE R LEGIN (14)
2011_12_06_20:49:33.274   084.197.240.xxx   Visit LANarea.eu NOW
2011_12_06_20:49:39.905   024.001.070.xxx   OCCUPY SANTAS WORKSHOP
2011_12_06_20:50:00.501   084.197.240.xxx   Any gamers around here? :D
2011_12_06_20:50:15.969   024.005.072.xxx   CIndy, the movie starts at 8:20 - meet you there
2011_12_06_20:50:24.229   084.197.240.xxx   Hi Mom!
2011_12_06_20:50:32.019   024.246.084.xxx   KEEP THE LIGHTS ALIVE (15)
2011_12_06_20:50:50.597   084.197.240.xxx   I saw his b**** :___
2011_12_06_20:50:58.611   024.001.070.xxx   im jewish what is this
2011_12_06_20:51:10.541   068.038.164.xxx   squiz is here
2011_12_06_20:51:13.511   024.005.072.xxx   mi monkeei kant tipe gud
2011_12_06_20:51:25.588   084.197.240.xxx   Hey Santa, you have glasses :o
2011_12_06_20:51:25.822   099.160.163.xxx   HELLO? EAT MY TARTS?
2011_12_06_20:51:26.419   076.104.253.xxx   Raiiiiniiieeeeeeerrrrrr Beeeeeerrrrrrrr
2011_12_06_20:51:46.695   024.246.084.xxx   WHY IS HULK TELLING ME TO BREAK (16)
2011_12_06_20:51:50.901   076.104.253.xxx   Love.
2011_12_06_20:52:18.379   076.104.253.xxx   LOVE. One Love.
2011_12_06_20:52:23.003   068.038.164.xxx   squiz is here
2011_12_06_20:52:32.969   098.214.232.xxx   In Soviet Russia, Hulk break you!
2011_12_06_20:52:39.065   084.197.240.xxx   Could you help me get stuff to do this? :P
2011_12_06_20:52:44.583   076.104.253.xxx   LOVE.
2011_12_06_20:53:15.911   076.104.253.xxx   Love.
2011_12_06_20:53:30.669   024.001.070.xxx   b***ies
2011_12_06_20:53:39.130   084.197.240.xxx   The word 'bed' looks like a bed.
2011_12_06_20:53:40.500   076.104.253.xxx   Love.
2011_12_06_20:53:44.636   024.246.084.xxx   I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK (17)
2011_12_06_20:54:09.604   084.197.240.xxx   The word 'bed' looks like a bed. (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_20:55:28.692   024.001.070.xxx   operation lights on overlord here
2011_12_06_20:55:31.144   098.214.232.xxx   Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtan (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_20:55:46.137   084.197.240.xxx   xD my thing stood there for super long (11)
2011_12_06_20:56:02.264   098.214.232.xxx   Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn (11)
2011_12_06_20:56:14.631   024.246.084.xxx   EBAUMS WORLD 4TW (18)
2011_12_06_20:56:22.700   076.104.253.xxx   ___3 (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_20:56:23.414   084.197.240.xxx   Put this on Blogtv! (12)
2011_12_06_20:56:30.866   024.001.070.xxx   ___.___
2011_12_06_20:56:36.525   098.214.232.xxx   Cthulhu R'lyeh fhtagn (12)
2011_12_06_20:56:58.757   024.001.070.xxx   hooray for tumblr
2011_12_06_20:56:58.901   186.053.089.xxx   /b/, the secret has been told
2011_12_06_20:57:00.362   084.197.240.xxx   119 IP IS POWNED (13)
2011_12_06_20:57:07.284   076.104.253.xxx   ___:o)___ (11)
2011_12_06_20:57:28.540   076.185.229.xxx   Peace & Prosperity to All!
2011_12_06_20:57:36.639   024.001.070.xxx   tumblr yeah!
2011_12_06_20:57:46.178   084.197.240.xxx   It's 4.57am over here :( (14)
2011_12_06_20:58:08.999   098.214.232.xxx   Boxxy lives. (13)
2011_12_06_20:58:15.374   076.104.253.xxx   Boogie Woogie Puddin' and Pie! (12)
2011_12_06_20:58:16.519   084.197.240.xxx   Belgium Represent :/ (15)
2011_12_06_20:58:22.193   186.053.089.xxx   Sometimes i like to stand in a corner and pretend im a banana
2011_12_06_20:58:42.974   084.197.240.xxx   Forever Alone! (16)
2011_12_06_20:58:49.807   076.104.253.xxx   You Recently Im'd (13)
2011_12_06_20:59:15.315   084.197.240.xxx   You're all ForeverAlone. (17)
2011_12_06_20:59:47.496   084.197.240.xxx   Am I on this too much? :P (18)
2011_12_06_21:00:06.409   076.104.253.xxx   Yummy Yummy Cocoa Puffs (14)
2011_12_06_21:00:23.207   072.085.042.xxx   optic marky
2011_12_06_21:00:46.254   076.104.253.xxx   ddwaefgewlitjrwf*ednasbhcdiholknew,fascjhdkvjn, (15)
2011_12_06_21:00:57.278   084.197.240.xxx   I kidnapped my mama___ pay me a million ___ (19)
2011_12_06_21:01:10.502   024.001.070.xxx   derpa derpa derpa derpa derpa derpa
2011_12_06_21:02:44.841   084.197.240.xxx   Get that mad ascii of this (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_21:03:05.749   072.085.042.xxx   optic marky
2011_12_06_21:03:14.199   084.197.240.xxx   twitterme@xewl (21)
2011_12_06_21:04:11.023   074.192.120.xxx   "I'm sorry, Mr. The Grouch, but the First Amendment does not entitle you to occ
2011_12_06_21:04:13.596   098.214.232.xxx   Boxxy is goddess (14)
2011_12_06_21:04:16.483   067.185.228.xxx   Happy Holidays!!
2011_12_06_21:04:24.091   084.197.240.xxx   Boxxy is hot indeed. (22)
2011_12_06_21:04:26.439   074.171.035.xxx   Merry Christmas
2011_12_06_21:04:48.892   074.192.120.xxx   Search #gopmuppethearings
2011_12_06_21:05:10.180   074.171.035.xxx   Merry Christmas from Mississippi
2011_12_06_21:05:53.578   076.069.131.xxx   Hello World!
2011_12_06_21:06:09.995   084.197.240.xxx   Goodbye Cruel World. (23)
2011_12_06_21:07:15.929   074.171.035.xxx   too much
2011_12_06_21:07:19.696   084.197.240.xxx   WE NO NEED NO EDUKASION (24)
2011_12_06_21:09:26.212   084.197.240.xxx   DUh, they can't see them. (25)
2011_12_06_21:13:40.616   084.197.240.xxx   095.211.040.xxx knows it best. (26)
2011_12_06_21:14:17.265   084.197.240.xxx   Hahaha, we sure do :D (27)
2011_12_06_21:15:50.466   084.197.240.xxx   We host Cops and Police. (28)
2011_12_06_21:16:47.053   084.197.240.xxx   Bad advertising is good advertising too. (29)
2011_12_06_21:17:59.166   084.197.240.xxx   Well hello sir, how can I help you? (30 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_21:18:29.750   074.171.035.xxx   too much
2011_12_06_21:19:01.865   084.197.240.xxx   Too much what... (31)
2011_12_06_21:19:05.199   098.214.232.xxx   Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy (15)
2011_12_06_21:19:29.880   084.197.240.xxx   Boxxybabee ______ (32)
2011_12_06_21:19:31.781   074.171.035.xxx   too much fun
2011_12_06_21:19:59.471   084.197.240.xxx   Glad to see/read (33)
2011_12_06_21:21:27.155   084.197.240.xxx   ___I Hate You___ (34)
2011_12_06_21:22:14.100   084.197.240.xxx   Just kidding :) (35)
2011_12_06_21:23:32.183   084.197.240.xxx   Kill Cancer, Save Kids. (36)
2011_12_06_21:24:13.459   074.171.035.xxx   Who is this man
2011_12_06_21:26:14.961   075.066.178.xxx   He is the long lost man from never never land
2011_12_06_21:26:53.478   074.171.035.xxx   really are you kidding
2011_12_06_21:33:27.095   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa brings coal to potty-mouths! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_21:35:22.809   094.023.255.xxx   CHINA IS DOOMED
2011_12_06_21:38:53.497   068.150.161.xxx   Have they gone away yet? (76)
2011_12_06_21:44:18.988   208.008.125.xxx   i have blisters down there
2011_12_06_21:50:54.446   067.198.066.xxx   Hi Allec
2011_12_06_21:52:34.372   098.080.106.xxx   you dont look as tired tonight Mr.Alek
2011_12_06_21:53:09.030   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually more tired tonight - hitting the sack after lights out at 10! ***ALEK***
2011_12_06_21:53:18.420   098.214.232.xxx   BOXXY TIEM! BOXXY BOXXY BOXXY BOXXY BOXXY!! (16)
2011_12_06_21:53:32.666   098.080.106.xxx   lol I understand I have 7 children
2011_12_06_21:53:59.954   068.150.161.xxx   Wow! 7? (77)
2011_12_06_21:54:17.345   098.080.106.xxx   yes Sir all 16 and under
2011_12_06_21:55:07.587   068.150.161.xxx   Hehe is it 1950? (78)
2011_12_06_21:55:34.907   098.080.106.xxx   4 girls 3 boys 16, 14, two, 13 yr olds 11, 9, and 3
2011_12_06_21:56:23.473   098.080.106.xxx   and now it's a nightly thing to come see Mr. Alek's lights
2011_12_06_21:56:44.314   068.150.161.xxx   And it's hard for us with 2! (79)
2011_12_06_21:57:12.736   098.080.106.xxx   lol it's a blessing, didnt never think I would be a momma to 7
2011_12_06_21:57:47.914   068.150.161.xxx   Well that's cool.  Hopefully the oldest helps out (80 IM's so far today)
2011_12_06_21:58:21.483   098.080.106.xxx   yes sir she does!
2011_12_06_21:58:50.175   068.150.161.xxx   Nice, like a 3rd parent (81)
2011_12_06_21:59:16.572   098.080.106.xxx   well it's 2 mins.till and we will see you again tomorrow night!
2011_12_06_21:59:54.098   068.150.161.xxx   Nighty night from Canada! (82)

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