197 christmas text messages on 2011/1208

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,000 times that day including 1,385 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1208

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_12_08_17:00:49.463   082.046.228.xxx   HELLO FROM THE UK . IAM FIRST   YIPp**EE
2011_12_08_17:01:30.176   076.217.035.xxx   hello from usa
2011_12_08_17:02:38.761   024.222.187.xxx   merry christmas from nova scotia with no snow
2011_12_08_17:02:43.348   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello from HULKville! ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_17:04:38.225   081.033.238.xxx   Season's Greetings from Spain! Great setup!
2011_12_08_17:04:49.416   076.217.035.xxx   OUTTA CONTROL!
2011_12_08_17:05:44.923   024.222.187.xxx   Ho Ho Ho
2011_12_08_17:06:24.248   024.222.187.xxx   merry christmas alicia
2011_12_08_17:06:55.230   024.222.187.xxx   callum go to bed
2011_12_08_17:08:35.339   082.046.228.xxx   alek will you put my light up 4 me..... lol
2011_12_08_17:08:39.402   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Taking a few quick pictures before it gets dark ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_17:09:33.354   056.000.143.xxx   Hello from the PA PO
2011_12_08_17:10:23.716   082.046.228.xxx   good work alek your doin your charity and country proud.
2011_12_08_17:11:48.441   056.000.143.xxx   Hello Jeff and Bob
2011_12_08_17:15:03.550   071.218.045.xxx   hello from china
2011_12_08_17:15:18.419   002.124.108.xxx   Merry Christmas from the UK
2011_12_08_17:15:46.365   056.000.143.xxx   Merry Xmas from Mechanicsburg, PA
2011_12_08_17:16:34.382   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Done taking pictures - control returned back to the Internet! ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_17:16:59.847   071.218.045.xxx   hi from drew jeff
2011_12_08_17:19:08.539   068.150.161.xxx   so I guess you won't be able to replace the fans this year..
2011_12_08_17:19:35.273   071.218.045.xxx   hi again from drew and jeff
2011_12_08_17:22:24.933   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Drew and Jeff - you guys are regulars around here! ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_17:23:02.850   068.150.161.xxx   so next year you'll fix Frosty's Fan hey?
2011_12_08_17:26:35.633   002.124.108.xxx   Love the lights! RPD from the UK
2011_12_08_17:27:52.680   068.150.161.xxx   Christmas Carol night
2011_12_08_17:30:14.364   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, I'll be looking for a new Frosty at the post-holiday sales! ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_17:34:19.285   094.003.147.xxx   hello from a windy scotland
2011_12_08_17:37:38.246   066.211.073.xxx   hello from Bad Axe, MI & Merry Christmas
2011_12_08_17:43:52.191   071.076.018.xxx   hey alec
2011_12_08_17:59:51.124   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Internet! ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_18:02:40.458   086.147.189.xxx   Hey!
2011_12_08_18:11:55.029   065.027.192.xxx   Merry Christmas, Leks
2011_12_08_18:12:53.480   065.027.192.xxx   Merry Christmas, Leks
2011_12_08_18:14:41.127   068.198.158.xxx   jifwgejqfigehuhijptiejejiirigeriojgoreoiqoigeriooijgoqiergijogiojqqreiojqgiojgi
2011_12_08_18:18:21.485   075.191.239.xxx   burgers?
2011_12_08_18:19:14.324   075.191.239.xxx   battles oh ok
2011_12_08_18:19:20.941   074.177.056.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2011_12_08_18:20:13.890   074.177.056.xxx   7:19 in Dyersburgorkshop Cam!
2011_12_08_18:20:21.696   075.191.239.xxx   semper fi
2011_12_08_18:21:00.271   074.177.056.xxx   Ho ho ho
2011_12_08_18:21:11.629   067.084.075.xxx   How are you?
2011_12_08_18:23:39.236   074.177.056.xxx   I ___3 Reese's minis!!!
2011_12_08_18:24:31.896   174.253.072.xxx   Happy Christmas harry!
2011_12_08_18:24:48.713   068.150.161.xxx   1 2 3 4 tell me that you love me more..
2011_12_08_18:25:36.302   068.150.161.xxx   it's only 6:25
2011_12_08_18:26:50.784   068.150.161.xxx   Where's the Brandy?!?
2011_12_08_18:31:28.484   068.150.161.xxx   ABCD
2011_12_08_18:34:36.910   068.150.161.xxx   I see things have calmed down quite a bit tonight
2011_12_08_18:35:14.816   074.177.056.xxx   i like to eat bacon.
2011_12_08_18:37:35.405   050.047.208.xxx   Merry Christmas
2011_12_08_18:37:40.278   067.246.028.xxx   so do i
2011_12_08_18:38:02.092   067.246.028.xxx   bacon cake and pie are good
2011_12_08_18:39:03.919   068.150.161.xxx   Hey Alek, do you have any Christmas Brandy around??
2011_12_08_18:40:04.949   068.150.161.xxx   what did that say? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_08_18:41:46.649   068.150.161.xxx   Brandy chocolates for christmas are yummy! (11)
2011_12_08_18:41:47.377   067.246.028.xxx   cake
2011_12_08_18:43:42.035   067.142.130.xxx   Cake & Beans together ! mmm
2011_12_08_18:44:28.242   067.246.028.xxx   weird but ok
2011_12_08_18:45:07.570   067.246.028.xxx   jhgcbnm,l___.kjkhgjhfghjkjhgfdsfgyuikjyutrdg**tyhuijkhgfdfgg
2011_12_08_18:45:12.223   068.003.148.xxx   pass the brandy chocolates!
2011_12_08_18:45:42.539   068.150.161.xxx   ok! (12)
2011_12_08_18:45:55.454   067.246.028.xxx   u yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  ektrfgyhujmjnhutyrf
2011_12_08_18:46:18.214   068.150.161.xxx   let's play a game. a counting game.  i'll start!!  then someone else (13)
2011_12_08_18:46:31.705   067.246.028.xxx   kk___
2011_12_08_18:47:33.069   076.217.035.xxx   hi!
2011_12_08_18:47:37.143   067.246.028.xxx   am i awesome???????????
2011_12_08_18:47:39.789   068.150.161.xxx   one (14)
2011_12_08_18:48:03.255   067.246.028.xxx   am i awesome????????????
2011_12_08_18:48:18.835   068.150.161.xxx   no!!! you aren't! (15)
2011_12_08_18:48:37.838   067.246.028.xxx   why not (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_08_18:48:54.982   068.150.161.xxx   anyone who declares themselves cool, are dq'd (16)
2011_12_08_18:50:13.114   068.150.161.xxx   you have to be appointed, not self a**igned (17)
2011_12_08_18:50:39.866   067.246.028.xxx   alright then (11)
2011_12_08_18:52:09.129   068.150.161.xxx   ok do or write something cool, and I'll declare you cool :D (18)
2011_12_08_18:52:11.708   067.246.028.xxx   who here likes apple pie (12)
2011_12_08_18:52:31.634   096.243.182.xxx   DXHR FTW :D
2011_12_08_18:52:38.237   067.246.028.xxx   or chocolate cake (13)
2011_12_08_18:52:59.728   068.150.161.xxx   I like chocolate apple (19)
2011_12_08_18:53:28.739   067.246.028.xxx   that is good for u (14)
2011_12_08_18:53:31.240   068.150.161.xxx   so Alek, I guess that was Brandy hey?  cool bottle (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_08_18:54:13.774   067.246.028.xxx   who is brandy (15)
2011_12_08_18:55:20.128   068.150.161.xxx   no, not who.. what (21)
2011_12_08_18:55:54.008   067.246.028.xxx   ok what is brandy (16)
2011_12_08_18:57:05.522   096.008.113.xxx   So, hb that VT shooting?
2011_12_08_18:57:19.808   068.150.161.xxx   Brandy is an alcoholic Drink, yummy!! (22)
2011_12_08_18:58:12.138   096.008.113.xxx   so that's what your doing over there with that labtop
2011_12_08_18:58:46.356   067.246.028.xxx   ummmmmm (17)
2011_12_08_18:59:10.678   068.150.161.xxx   Cherry Brandy is great.  mixed with vodka and coke (23)
2011_12_08_18:59:32.198   096.008.113.xxx   What's the difference between a black and a snow tire?
2011_12_08_19:00:03.771   096.008.113.xxx   A snow tire doesn't sing when you put chains on it.
2011_12_08_19:04:05.930   096.008.113.xxx   How come there aren't any m******* on Star Trek?
2011_12_08_19:04:46.069   096.008.113.xxx   They don't work in the future, either!
2011_12_08_19:05:46.345   072.240.101.xxx   R.I.P. Olivia Ward - Age 13 - You'll be missed this year
2011_12_08_19:09:10.362   068.150.161.xxx   time is now 7:09pm.. BEEP!! (24)
2011_12_08_19:10:30.803   098.216.184.xxx   I donated in appreciation for these lights. Thanks Komarnitsky family!
2011_12_08_19:14:19.616   096.008.113.xxx   Why did they cancel drivers-ed in Mexico?
2011_12_08_19:15:33.964   096.008.113.xxx   The donkey died.
2011_12_08_19:17:31.298   098.216.184.xxx   the car is watching
2011_12_08_19:17:59.722   024.015.243.xxx   Hello from Elk Grove Village, Illinois!
2011_12_08_19:18:40.407   070.181.018.xxx   Alec how old are your kids now?
2011_12_08_19:18:44.509   024.015.243.xxx   Go Chicago Blackhawks!
2011_12_08_19:19:28.772   098.216.184.xxx   Go cook county taxes lol
2011_12_08_19:19:45.185   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Check out the Santa Skier pics on the blog ... and thanks for the Celiac donation ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_19:20:26.401   176.031.158.xxx   Only one in a million works
2011_12_08_19:22:36.241   070.181.018.xxx   Alec how old are your kids now?
2011_12_08_19:25:59.558   068.150.161.xxx   why would you say such a stupid thing like that??? (25)
2011_12_08_19:30:22.241   070.181.018.xxx   lots of idots tonight
2011_12_08_19:31:12.509   070.181.018.xxx   ho ho ho!!
2011_12_08_19:31:58.675   070.181.018.xxx   hello from the north pole!
2011_12_08_19:32:33.154   070.181.018.xxx   santa is watching you
2011_12_08_19:32:37.089   176.031.158.xxx   It rubs off the cop cars! -bonz
2011_12_08_19:33:40.360   070.181.018.xxx   elf on a shelf!!!
2011_12_08_19:34:31.931   070.181.018.xxx   Merry Christmas all you scrooges
2011_12_08_19:37:14.777   068.150.161.xxx   ringle rells ringle rells, ringle rells rock (26)
2011_12_08_19:37:22.799   098.213.076.xxx   Hello
2011_12_08_19:40:57.569   070.181.018.xxx   ho ho ho
2011_12_08_19:42:00.897   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** And a HO-HO-HO back to you! ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_19:42:09.637   070.181.018.xxx   Barry Obama here! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_08_19:42:57.893   070.181.018.xxx   JUSTIN BEIBER HERE (11)
2011_12_08_19:44:10.977   174.253.181.xxx   Hi Jessie and Mandy
2011_12_08_19:45:13.550   174.253.181.xxx   Santa bring Jessie and Mandy lots of presents!
2011_12_08_19:52:39.982   204.195.030.xxx   I miss you Jessyka ___)
2011_12_08_19:54:13.602   204.195.030.xxx   Matt misses Jessyka!! RAWR
2011_12_08_19:56:57.316   204.195.030.xxx   Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Lily =)
2011_12_08_19:57:23.278   098.209.231.xxx   Hi Cathy!!
2011_12_08_19:58:11.707   098.209.231.xxx   Richard ___3's Cathy!!
2011_12_08_19:58:56.217   204.195.030.xxx   Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Lily =)
2011_12_08_19:59:48.149   204.195.030.xxx   Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Lily =)
2011_12_08_20:01:26.455   071.086.122.xxx   merry christmas lily
2011_12_08_20:02:24.903   071.086.122.xxx   ylil samtsirhc yrrem
2011_12_08_20:04:26.625   050.039.171.xxx   hello!
2011_12_08_20:05:48.337   050.039.171.xxx   talk to  me!
2011_12_08_20:06:35.879   050.039.171.xxx   I love christmas lights!!
2011_12_08_20:08:33.954   050.039.171.xxx   talk to  us!
2011_12_08_20:09:35.508   050.039.171.xxx   I love silly people!!
2011_12_08_20:09:53.055   074.089.215.xxx   This is amazing. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
2011_12_08_20:10:47.120   050.039.171.xxx   Merry Christmas to you too!!
2011_12_08_20:12:15.396   050.039.171.xxx   I'm pretty silly!!
2011_12_08_20:12:55.861   074.089.215.xxx   Silly is fun. :)
2011_12_08_20:18:32.624   050.039.171.xxx   hello!
2011_12_08_20:22:29.277   067.142.130.xxx   Galena, Alaska
2011_12_08_20:22:45.298   099.174.160.xxx   I Love You Merle, Shelby, Wezy, Annie, J.R., Blake and Allie!!
2011_12_08_20:23:20.904   050.039.171.xxx   oh great!
2011_12_08_20:25:17.400   050.039.171.xxx   bye guy (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_08_20:25:32.354   068.150.161.xxx   wow 7 people... that's a lot of lovin (27)
2011_12_08_20:26:38.608   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello Shadow up in Galena, Alaska - how is the snow up there? ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_20:33:15.447   069.247.130.xxx   Oooh, lights.
2011_12_08_20:33:28.292   096.255.114.xxx   Oooooh.
2011_12_08_20:34:03.968   096.255.114.xxx   The Piper has entered the building! Over!
2011_12_08_20:34:16.988   069.247.130.xxx   Oh crayola, she's back.
2011_12_08_20:34:58.556   069.247.130.xxx   I kid, I kid, Piper.  =)
2011_12_08_20:36:34.812   069.247.130.xxx   Wheee.
2011_12_08_20:40:53.615   068.046.218.xxx   hi mom
2011_12_08_20:41:24.879   068.046.218.xxx   Hi everyone
2011_12_08_20:45:57.081   138.210.199.xxx   Nice lava lamp...
2011_12_08_20:47:41.417   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** That would be the GROOVY Lava Lamp! ***ALEK***
2011_12_08_20:47:51.186   124.168.003.xxx   meow
2011_12_08_20:48:13.824   096.255.114.xxx   Scotland got winds of 165... Kilts and cabers FLY!
2011_12_08_20:54:35.589   068.224.073.xxx   CAR SLOWING DOWN!!!
2011_12_08_20:57:24.372   068.150.161.xxx   Now you may ask yourself, "how did I get here??" (28)
2011_12_08_21:00:40.241   068.224.073.xxx   I got here by bus!
2011_12_08_21:00:55.869   174.062.085.xxx   YESSSSS I LOVE THE CHRISTMAX WEBCAM!!!!
2011_12_08_21:01:23.231   068.224.073.xxx   Muppets have a new MOVIE!
2011_12_08_21:02:37.978   174.062.085.xxx   NICK GET YOUR b**** DOWNSTAIRS ITS DINNER TIME
2011_12_08_21:04:01.527   068.224.073.xxx   No dinner - IT'S KOMAR! And Homer is OFF I have to make him on!
2011_12_08_21:04:42.160   174.062.085.xxx   grrrrrr dinner time!
2011_12_08_21:04:58.920   068.150.161.xxx   it's been nice and quiet here.  so enjoyable (29)
2011_12_08_21:05:20.975   068.224.073.xxx   Not for long!
2011_12_08_21:06:09.043   068.224.073.xxx   a**oon as the wind kicks up Homer and Elmo will...
2011_12_08_21:06:57.245   075.172.092.xxx   Hello!! Christy
2011_12_08_21:07:45.076   068.224.073.xxx   I love you Joe, Christy
2011_12_08_21:08:28.060   174.062.085.xxx   awww joe and christy you are adorable
2011_12_08_21:09:29.543   068.224.073.xxx   Wait, is this Sam? Did you forget we just broke up? Christy
2011_12_08_21:11:48.791   174.062.085.xxx   lololol no...
2011_12_08_21:16:55.844   174.062.085.xxx   What do you want for Christmas this year? I want a pony...
2011_12_08_21:17:19.164   068.150.161.xxx   who here has the Christmas Sweater? (30 IM's so far today)
2011_12_08_21:17:45.531   174.062.085.xxx   i have a sweater with a nutcracker on it
2011_12_08_21:18:12.223   068.150.161.xxx   cooooool (31)
2011_12_08_21:18:31.861   174.062.085.xxx   bought it on ebay last year for 5 dollars
2011_12_08_21:18:43.591   068.150.161.xxx   i see, nice. (32)
2011_12_08_21:18:58.244   174.062.085.xxx   whats your name?
2011_12_08_21:19:12.393   068.150.161.xxx   you asking me? (33)
2011_12_08_21:19:28.448   174.062.085.xxx   yes you! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_08_21:19:52.936   068.150.161.xxx   ok.  my name is Russ - I'm from Alberta Canada (34)
2011_12_08_21:22:28.746   068.150.161.xxx   right now, I'm watching Winter Wipeout on tv (35)
2011_12_08_21:25:14.852   068.150.161.xxx   This site should be like advertised on Norad (36)
2011_12_08_21:30:51.971   050.039.160.xxx   Poop
2011_12_08_21:31:58.056   050.039.160.xxx   Metallica rules
2011_12_08_21:32:36.797   098.219.001.xxx   Merry Christmas from happy LINUX user!!
2011_12_08_21:32:48.645   064.017.082.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad, NM
2011_12_08_21:38:27.305   050.039.160.xxx   I see u
2011_12_08_21:42:22.023   050.039.160.xxx   Hoe hoe hoe
2011_12_08_21:45:25.826   050.039.160.xxx   I love processed cheese
2011_12_08_21:49:55.702   068.150.161.xxx   I love Shrimp, especially at christmas time. mmm (37)
2011_12_08_21:54:07.592   050.039.160.xxx   :-)
2011_12_08_21:55:52.951   166.250.064.xxx   lol
2011_12_08_21:56:46.636   050.039.160.xxx   Bumhug

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