354 christmas text messages on 2011/1212

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,737 times that day including 1,154 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1212

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_12_12_17:01:57.007   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Had some power outages today - everything should be reset and OK ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_17:02:49.647   098.238.034.xxx   Alek,check out LINK DELETED
2011_12_12_17:03:26.324   092.019.037.xxx   hi Alek from the UK
2011_12_12_17:03:36.896   108.129.032.xxx   Hey Alek! I pray for kids every day. Please give a shout out to Presley so she 
2011_12_12_17:03:37.124   098.238.034.xxx   Google Planet Monkman Xmas, Alek....think you'll like it
2011_12_12_17:04:15.726   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Planet Monkman is COOL - hats off to their fund raising efforts too! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_17:04:21.681   108.129.032.xxx   Hey alek. i pray for kids everyday!
2011_12_12_17:04:27.746   098.238.034.xxx   180,000 lights at the monkman's in cape coral,fl
2011_12_12_17:05:23.845   108.129.032.xxx   Please give me a shout out so my little cousin will stop bugging me. Her name i
2011_12_12_17:09:58.793   108.129.032.xxx   Alek, where r u? my kids are dieing to see you!
2011_12_12_17:10:49.912   108.129.032.xxx   Comment on here and say I if you love the christmas lights!
2011_12_12_17:12:28.787   212.056.100.xxx   Congrats to Becky Taylor (Douglas, Isle of Man) on the birth of Chiara
2011_12_12_17:12:35.044   108.129.032.xxx   presley is awesome
2011_12_12_17:13:24.381   064.119.146.xxx   Hello World!
2011_12_12_17:19:49.222   098.026.130.xxx   hey its brian!
2011_12_12_17:20:17.824   098.026.130.xxx   Hello World!
2011_12_12_17:21:10.668   138.210.194.xxx   Hello back!
2011_12_12_17:24:24.292   098.026.130.xxx   THis is so cool Isn't it!!!!!?
2011_12_12_17:31:56.948   096.234.163.xxx   cows are cool
2011_12_12_17:32:47.990   098.169.098.xxx   so is bob
2011_12_12_17:33:19.477   108.129.032.xxx   Whos bob?
2011_12_12_17:33:20.950   096.234.163.xxx   so are cows
2011_12_12_17:33:42.931   098.169.098.xxx   and zombies
2011_12_12_17:33:49.641   108.129.032.xxx   What about cows?
2011_12_12_17:34:32.286   096.234.163.xxx   Sam
2011_12_12_17:34:47.233   108.129.032.xxx   Everyone! REMEMBER THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS! CHRISTmas!
2011_12_12_17:34:50.209   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'm eating some yummy ice cream - does that count as a cow?!? ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_17:35:08.064   098.169.098.xxx   wha?
2011_12_12_17:35:23.887   108.129.032.xxx   Im eating bagel bites..... does that count as a cow? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_17:35:41.061   098.169.098.xxx   cave story rocks
2011_12_12_17:36:05.219   108.129.032.xxx   Remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas! Jesus Christ! (11)
2011_12_12_17:36:51.958   108.129.032.xxx   Who beleives in jesus.... i do! i am proud of it! (12)
2011_12_12_17:37:45.424   108.129.032.xxx   UNICORNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)
2011_12_12_17:38:17.308   096.234.163.xxx   there pretty cool
2011_12_12_17:38:46.640   096.234.163.xxx   cows make funny sounds
2011_12_12_17:40:01.132   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** My kids make funny sounds ... especially when I'm driving 'em to school in the car  ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_17:40:52.752   068.150.161.xxx   not animal sounds I hope
2011_12_12_17:42:34.865   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Shortly after the "sounds", it smells bad! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_17:43:18.619   068.150.161.xxx   hahaha
2011_12_12_17:45:11.726   068.039.090.xxx   This is so much fun!  Have a great Christmas!
2011_12_12_17:47:32.460   174.147.021.xxx   Marry Christmas, Ladies and Gents!
2011_12_12_17:48:48.819   174.147.021.xxx   Who loves Statue of Liberty Ice Cream...I'm about to eat some!
2011_12_12_17:52:02.400   174.147.021.xxx   Statue of Liberty Ice Cream...yum!
2011_12_12_17:52:21.788   068.039.090.xxx   I hope Santa will bring me a bag full of money!!
2011_12_12_17:53:33.929   078.146.082.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ireland
2011_12_12_17:54:28.323   174.147.021.xxx   Merry Christmas from The Goldvein
2011_12_12_17:55:14.742   078.146.082.xxx   Virginia?
2011_12_12_17:55:37.833   174.147.021.xxx   Yup!
2011_12_12_17:56:26.836   078.146.082.xxx   nice
2011_12_12_17:57:06.578   078.146.082.xxx   where is everyone else from?
2011_12_12_17:58:54.277   078.146.082.xxx   everyone switch off the lights
2011_12_12_17:59:27.379   173.071.043.xxx   W00T!!!
2011_12_12_18:00:25.877   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOOT back to the Internet! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_18:00:43.148   107.000.083.xxx   What's that man doing?
2011_12_12_18:01:20.236   107.000.083.xxx   Creepy!
2011_12_12_18:01:38.073   174.147.021.xxx   he appears to be staring straight ahead (alek it is)
2011_12_12_18:02:13.072   107.000.083.xxx   He is displaying his profile.
2011_12_12_18:04:04.922   082.046.228.xxx   liverpool uk here
2011_12_12_18:06:31.493   107.000.083.xxx   Joe's out for the night
2011_12_12_18:07:22.358   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife is out for the night - I'm at home watching the kids - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_18:08:03.004   174.147.021.xxx   Say Merry Christmas to the kids from us!
2011_12_12_18:10:50.184   082.046.228.xxx   goodnight from th uk
2011_12_12_18:18:52.150   072.220.013.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2011_12_12_18:19:29.244   072.220.013.xxx   Your website is so cool!
2011_12_12_18:29:17.508   024.250.246.xxx   Alek how many hours a night do u sit there
2011_12_12_18:29:20.541   067.142.130.xxx   Hello from Galena Alaska !
2011_12_12_18:30:02.082   024.250.246.xxx   Alek can you bring your kids into the workshop so we can say hi to them
2011_12_12_18:30:15.394   173.168.145.xxx   Its me Jerm
2011_12_12_18:30:32.416   024.250.246.xxx   can you
2011_12_12_18:31:07.094   024.250.246.xxx   r u sleeping in that chair alek
2011_12_12_18:31:11.674   173.168.145.xxx   cant wait for Santa
2011_12_12_18:31:40.317   096.226.190.xxx   THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST
2011_12_12_18:32:00.606   024.250.246.xxx   abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
2011_12_12_18:32:35.617   096.226.190.xxx   you still drinking your hip beer alex?
2011_12_12_18:32:48.690   173.168.145.xxx   _____________________
2011_12_12_18:32:49.943   024.250.246.xxx   Alek do you ever type on the message thing
2011_12_12_18:33:23.908   096.226.190.xxx   WHEN I WAS
2011_12_12_18:33:31.943   173.168.145.xxx   thats what we are here for
2011_12_12_18:33:35.988   024.250.246.xxx   FTJYHIOKPCFGHVb*KIOPRTUYDHKLPIOUY&___RTDHb*KNIOJKNLIOU___(DRTYCFGVH
2011_12_12_18:33:48.714   096.226.190.xxx   A YOUNG BOY
2011_12_12_18:34:18.538   173.168.145.xxx   its 80 here
2011_12_12_18:34:58.380   096.226.190.xxx   it's the 80's here
2011_12_12_18:35:54.100   096.226.190.xxx   I SEE YOU ON YOUR PHONE. YEAH YOU
2011_12_12_18:36:58.028   099.067.077.xxx   Komar Christmas Lights - Best Time of the Year! No offense ...
2011_12_12_18:37:51.042   096.226.190.xxx   I LOVE ME AND I'M GLAD I DON'T HAVE CELIAC DISEASE :D
2011_12_12_18:39:28.317   173.168.145.xxx   go home
2011_12_12_18:39:51.669   012.165.188.xxx   hi!
2011_12_12_18:40:02.060   079.196.013.xxx   i go sleep now
2011_12_12_18:40:03.510   173.168.145.xxx   hey
2011_12_12_18:40:27.002   012.165.188.xxx   whats up!
2011_12_12_18:40:30.901   079.196.013.xxx   i go sleep now
2011_12_12_18:41:49.211   173.168.145.xxx   may the Force be with you
2011_12_12_18:42:25.106   079.196.013.xxx   thank you
2011_12_12_18:43:14.135   156.034.188.xxx   Scrooge just kicked Belle to the curb, ouch
2011_12_12_18:45:59.792   173.168.145.xxx   Good night Alek
2011_12_12_18:46:47.919   173.168.145.xxx   im giving you a tumbs up to the camera (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_18:53:20.272   099.067.077.xxx   Hi everyone. Snow is fun and nice! No?!
2011_12_12_18:55:48.592   099.067.077.xxx   Not nice.
2011_12_12_18:55:58.171   099.058.016.xxx   thanks for sharing
2011_12_12_18:56:39.743   099.067.077.xxx   Not nice
2011_12_12_18:56:49.460   099.058.016.xxx   potty mouth
2011_12_12_18:56:58.876   068.209.169.xxx   LOL
2011_12_12_18:57:02.723   096.234.163.xxx   turn everything off
2011_12_12_18:57:34.344   068.209.169.xxx   Don't eat the yellow snow cone!
2011_12_12_18:57:50.349   099.058.016.xxx   hi im 2
2011_12_12_18:58:23.079   068.209.169.xxx   Is Santa ever gonna get to where he's climbing?
2011_12_12_19:00:00.311   096.234.163.xxx   Turn Everything  Off!!!!!!!!
2011_12_12_19:00:17.384   068.209.169.xxx   TURN EVERYTHING ON!!!!!!!!
2011_12_12_19:00:54.730   096.234.163.xxx   Turn Everything  Off!!!!!!!!
2011_12_12_19:01:19.103   068.209.169.xxx   Greetings from Floyd County, KY
2011_12_12_19:01:52.141   068.209.169.xxx   I be a hillbilly!
2011_12_12_19:02:25.092   068.209.169.xxx   Don't fall off the latter Santa
2011_12_12_19:02:50.725   099.003.100.xxx   Paging doctor Herman.
2011_12_12_19:03:32.359   068.209.169.xxx   Santa's Workshop? That don't look like Stanta at the desk.
2011_12_12_19:04:57.673   068.209.169.xxx   Car driving by! Its a drive by! Hit the floor!
2011_12_12_19:05:31.982   099.058.016.xxx   what?
2011_12_12_19:05:58.304   068.209.169.xxx   Do u smell what I smell? A pan of chicken frying on the stove. (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_19:06:19.795   099.058.016.xxx   i wish
2011_12_12_19:08:13.116   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I actually made Salmon in the oven tonight ...  ___-) ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_19:10:34.461   068.209.169.xxx   All I want for XMAS is a Rossi Circuit Judge rifle. (11)
2011_12_12_19:11:40.086   068.209.169.xxx   Someone buy me a Rossi Circuit Judge (12)
2011_12_12_19:12:25.498   098.227.023.xxx   I LOVE ELIZABETH
2011_12_12_19:13:17.512   068.209.169.xxx   I LOVE AMBER LESLIE! (13)
2011_12_12_19:13:34.721   173.067.180.xxx   Merry Christmas from Gettysburg Pennsylvania
2011_12_12_19:13:36.778   098.227.023.xxx   I LOVE ELIZABETH
2011_12_12_19:13:50.042   068.209.169.xxx   I LOVE AMBER LESLIE! (14)
2011_12_12_19:14:36.631   098.227.023.xxx   Smelly Feet
2011_12_12_19:15:11.043   068.209.169.xxx   I thought I smelled something. (15)
2011_12_12_19:15:35.227   098.227.023.xxx   probably this guy ___
2011_12_12_19:15:43.538   174.022.141.xxx   Kelly is beautiful!
2011_12_12_19:15:50.836   068.209.169.xxx   LMAO (16)
2011_12_12_19:16:33.575   068.209.169.xxx   My Amber is the s** iest in the land. (17)
2011_12_12_19:16:47.750   098.227.023.xxx   Cool Display
2011_12_12_19:17:05.426   068.209.169.xxx   Display Cool (18)
2011_12_12_19:17:32.740   174.003.083.xxx   hello
2011_12_12_19:18:01.066   068.209.169.xxx   olleh (19)
2011_12_12_19:19:26.606   098.227.023.xxx   racecar
2011_12_12_19:19:38.124   068.209.169.xxx   All I want for XMAS is a Rossi Circuit Judge rifle. (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_19:21:05.096   068.209.169.xxx   ALL YOUR BASES ARE BELONG TO US... (21)
2011_12_12_19:26:35.172   065.190.180.xxx   this is cool, is it forreal?
2011_12_12_19:27:04.278   072.255.053.xxx   nice lights
2011_12_12_19:29:24.609   065.190.180.xxx   how do we know these are pictures previously taken?
2011_12_12_19:30:15.927   065.190.180.xxx   other than "santas" cam they all could be faked
2011_12_12_19:35:36.651   065.190.180.xxx   tsteelcity-----sktpe
2011_12_12_19:36:20.011   065.190.180.xxx   tsteelcity-----skype
2011_12_12_19:40:42.795   065.060.128.xxx   Peace, out!
2011_12_12_19:46:34.570   071.049.218.xxx   Have a holly, jolly Christmas
2011_12_12_19:47:42.443   065.190.180.xxx   don't let me f***ing cuss on here
2011_12_12_19:47:42.444   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - we won't let you cuss around here! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_19:48:06.716   071.049.218.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2011_12_12_19:52:07.180   050.046.246.xxx   Tina loves u also
2011_12_12_19:56:46.691   071.049.218.xxx   I see a person in Santa's Workshop!
2011_12_12_19:56:56.872   098.216.184.xxx   It's amazing how disrespectful ppl can be!
2011_12_12_19:57:24.872   071.049.218.xxx   I agree
2011_12_12_19:58:00.200   098.216.184.xxx   I mean the guy put this up at his expense in this economy.
2011_12_12_19:58:27.956   071.049.218.xxx   Yeah...
2011_12_12_19:59:05.419   068.150.161.xxx   yeah
2011_12_12_19:59:32.621   071.049.218.xxx   Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?
2011_12_12_19:59:39.882   098.216.184.xxx   Show some thanks and be thoughtful. He doesn't have to do this!
2011_12_12_19:59:44.008   068.150.161.xxx   yeah
2011_12_12_20:00:04.402   071.049.218.xxx   Me too
2011_12_12_20:00:38.129   068.150.161.xxx   yeah me three
2011_12_12_20:01:45.239   098.216.184.xxx   And donate- immune disease suck-I know personally!
2011_12_12_20:01:49.577   099.067.077.xxx   My employer just gave me a gravy insurance plan today.
2011_12_12_20:01:52.575   068.150.161.xxx   so who here has their shopping done
2011_12_12_20:02:08.035   071.049.218.xxx   Haha
2011_12_12_20:02:50.776   099.067.077.xxx   All cream gravies are covered at 80___, brown gravy ... FREE!
2011_12_12_20:04:17.422   070.242.113.xxx   Bunions
2011_12_12_20:04:20.795   099.067.077.xxx   No gravy co-pays! Jackpot!
2011_12_12_20:04:57.041   071.049.218.xxx   Everyone, turn the lights all on!
2011_12_12_20:05:03.942   070.242.113.xxx   Gravy co-pays can be expensive
2011_12_12_20:05:27.576   071.049.218.xxx   Turn all the lights on! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:05:31.435   099.067.077.xxx   Tell me abouts its!
2011_12_12_20:05:38.680   070.122.242.xxx   so can fried turd burgers
2011_12_12_20:06:19.754   099.067.077.xxx   What's the deal with snow? It's cold and it's on the ground!
2011_12_12_20:06:24.056   068.150.161.xxx   lets try and have as few overloads as possible!!
2011_12_12_20:06:38.857   071.049.218.xxx   Why??? (11)
2011_12_12_20:06:54.369   098.216.184.xxx   Is Elmo hacker on tonight?
2011_12_12_20:06:54.680   099.067.077.xxx   You ever put snow on a bunion?!? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:06:55.532   070.122.242.xxx   hello friends
2011_12_12_20:07:09.492   070.242.113.xxx   do the copays cover conditions like gravy knees?
2011_12_12_20:07:13.929   068.150.161.xxx   see how efficient we can be in our inflating
2011_12_12_20:07:38.869   098.216.184.xxx   it's funny when cars stop and watch!
2011_12_12_20:07:45.094   071.049.218.xxx   Keep everything on and inflating (12)
2011_12_12_20:07:46.417   070.242.113.xxx   gravy knees!
2011_12_12_20:07:46.631   099.067.077.xxx   Gravy knees?!? Sounds delicious. (11)
2011_12_12_20:07:58.077   068.150.161.xxx   of course but it would be fun to see how good we can get
2011_12_12_20:08:25.809   099.067.077.xxx   Let's get serious people. We are not good at anything. (12)
2011_12_12_20:08:39.712   068.150.161.xxx   right now we're under 1,000 overloads.. see how long (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:08:58.109   099.067.077.xxx   Is it just me, or does Komar get more handsome every year?! (13)
2011_12_12_20:09:06.859   070.122.242.xxx   what's and overlord?
2011_12_12_20:09:12.307   068.150.161.xxx   we can keep it under 1,000 (11)
2011_12_12_20:09:29.875   098.216.184.xxx   Oh, is there an Alek fan club?
2011_12_12_20:09:35.055   070.122.242.xxx   It's not just you!
2011_12_12_20:09:45.926   070.242.113.xxx   Bunion gravy?
2011_12_12_20:09:46.300   099.067.077.xxx   Komar is like Superman with the glasses! Take them off! Take them off! (14)
2011_12_12_20:10:02.935   070.178.149.xxx   Slow nite...59 folks...
2011_12_12_20:10:15.754   098.216.184.xxx   Soon his wife will monitor this nightly lol
2011_12_12_20:10:32.480   099.067.077.xxx   I call 59 folks a typical college Friday night. (15)
2011_12_12_20:10:33.044   070.122.242.xxx   lmao
2011_12_12_20:11:06.042   068.150.161.xxx   that's pretty good we're 1241 inflates without overload (12)
2011_12_12_20:11:16.812   071.049.218.xxx   What is he doing!!?!?!?! (13)
2011_12_12_20:11:31.631   099.067.077.xxx   Calm down!! (16)
2011_12_12_20:11:32.604   070.122.242.xxx   Anybody from Arkansas out there?
2011_12_12_20:11:36.816   098.216.184.xxx   he can see the chat and outside I think
2011_12_12_20:11:38.264   070.242.113.xxx   i almost had a wreck on the way home today thinking about neighbors birthday ca
2011_12_12_20:12:17.747   098.216.184.xxx   He does respond to the chat here and there (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:12:22.868   099.067.077.xxx   Neighbor, marshmallow, bowling league. (17)
2011_12_12_20:12:37.877   098.216.184.xxx   Alek answered one of my questions real time (11)
2011_12_12_20:12:45.549   070.122.242.xxx   This is like computer verets
2011_12_12_20:12:52.364   070.242.113.xxx   Uncle, french fries, curling
2011_12_12_20:13:04.884   071.049.218.xxx   Who is from Las Vegas on here? (14)
2011_12_12_20:13:06.659   099.067.077.xxx   Verets!?!? (18)
2011_12_12_20:13:21.297   070.242.113.xxx   Verets!!!! haha
2011_12_12_20:13:31.497   070.122.242.xxx   It's a thing
2011_12_12_20:13:48.880   099.067.077.xxx   Vegas - what stays there happens there ... or something. (19)
2011_12_12_20:14:09.893   071.049.218.xxx   IS anyone on here from Vegas or any part of Nevada (15)
2011_12_12_20:14:33.951   070.122.242.xxx   Is Texarkana in Nevada?
2011_12_12_20:15:18.419   071.049.218.xxx   no. I think its in TexaS (16)
2011_12_12_20:15:35.990   070.242.113.xxx   Is Nevada in Texarkana?
2011_12_12_20:15:42.337   099.067.077.xxx   Texarkana - I spent a month there one weekend. (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:15:55.787   071.049.218.xxx   Wow (17)
2011_12_12_20:16:09.988   070.122.242.xxx   Smile time fun laughs (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:16:21.988   070.242.113.xxx   I hear there is beer in Texarkana (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:16:32.314   099.067.077.xxx   Laughy fun times (21)
2011_12_12_20:16:45.916   068.150.161.xxx   Alek was outside fixing something! (13)
2011_12_12_20:17:01.570   070.122.242.xxx   Hey-0! (11)
2011_12_12_20:17:13.980   099.067.077.xxx   I am a friend from Texarkan that doesn't drink beer! GIGGLES (22)
2011_12_12_20:17:32.516   071.049.218.xxx   Lol (18)
2011_12_12_20:17:41.536   156.034.188.xxx   Mebbe Alek was chasing away dingos
2011_12_12_20:17:51.429   099.067.077.xxx   "Fixing something" good one! (23)
2011_12_12_20:17:57.922   070.242.113.xxx   A dingo was after his baby? (11)
2011_12_12_20:18:06.975   071.049.218.xxx   He's back! (19)
2011_12_12_20:18:39.347   070.122.242.xxx   So am I if you catch my drifts (12)
2011_12_12_20:18:41.835   099.067.077.xxx   No, a coyote ate Santa's dingy. (24)
2011_12_12_20:18:45.342   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Was just outside checking on Elmo and Homer - D'OH! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_20:19:10.851   099.067.077.xxx   Coyotes get Elmo!?!?! (25)
2011_12_12_20:19:45.367   099.067.077.xxx   I once took a coyote into the vet for bunion surgery. (26)
2011_12_12_20:20:15.826   099.067.077.xxx   Imagine a coyote getting bunions! Who knew?!?! (27)
2011_12_12_20:20:41.153   071.049.218.xxx   lol (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:21:29.902   071.049.218.xxx   I can't believe people cuss on here. It's HORRIBLE!!!! (21)
2011_12_12_20:21:52.077   099.067.077.xxx   People are the worst. (28)
2011_12_12_20:22:06.207   070.242.113.xxx   People, who needs them (12)
2011_12_12_20:22:11.360   070.122.242.xxx   They're the bunions of people (13)
2011_12_12_20:22:28.857   071.049.218.xxx   Yepp. It's a family website for goodness sakes! (22)
2011_12_12_20:22:57.081   099.067.077.xxx   An old Colorado saying: People make mountains look like foam. (29)
2011_12_12_20:23:02.227   071.049.218.xxx   My mom has a bunion (23)
2011_12_12_20:23:09.523   070.122.242.xxx   dingo vs coyote with verets...go (14)
2011_12_12_20:23:44.250   071.049.218.xxx   Gtg people. NO CUSSING! (24)
2011_12_12_20:23:57.434   099.067.077.xxx   Who is cussing!?! (30 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:24:12.868   070.122.242.xxx   wait, who cussed? (15)
2011_12_12_20:24:22.360   071.049.218.xxx   There was one person like 1 hour ago (25)
2011_12_12_20:24:36.623   099.067.077.xxx   Alek please don't stress out. We like Linux, snow, and lights. (31)
2011_12_12_20:24:40.766   070.122.242.xxx   again with the people (16)
2011_12_12_20:24:56.670   076.189.041.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless
2011_12_12_20:25:23.875   070.122.242.xxx   wait, this isn't amazon is it?! (17)
2011_12_12_20:25:35.419   099.067.077.xxx   Yes, Merry Christmas! God Bless Everyone! (32)
2011_12_12_20:26:00.339   068.150.161.xxx   Dog bless everyone! (14)
2011_12_12_20:26:13.376   099.067.077.xxx   Amazon ... rookies. (33)
2011_12_12_20:26:14.493   070.122.242.xxx   Mer, mer, mer, merra, merra, merry christmas (18)
2011_12_12_20:26:44.680   099.067.077.xxx   Wow! Lot of mer mer mer's ... turrets?!?! (34)
2011_12_12_20:27:25.487   070.122.242.xxx   Anybody know where I can get a nice gravy boat? (19)
2011_12_12_20:27:47.514   099.067.077.xxx   Amazon has them ... and they have a bucket of air biscuits, too. (35)
2011_12_12_20:28:16.457   070.242.113.xxx   I would love a tub of air biscuit gravy (13)
2011_12_12_20:28:21.472   070.122.242.xxx   I hope they taste just like they sound....delicious! (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:29:35.213   099.067.077.xxx   Gary Busey has some good air biscuits. Especially when he drinks. (36)
2011_12_12_20:30:02.135   070.242.113.xxx   Does air biscuit gravy cause verrets? (14)
2011_12_12_20:30:36.377   099.067.077.xxx   Sounds oozy and doughy! (37)
2011_12_12_20:31:12.000   070.122.242.xxx   D'oh-ee, Hahahahaha!!!!!! (21)
2011_12_12_20:31:12.239   099.067.077.xxx   Superman!!!! (38)
2011_12_12_20:32:18.013   070.122.242.xxx   It truly is a very Linux x-mas (22)
2011_12_12_20:35:15.212   070.242.113.xxx   and a happy Unbuntu! (15)
2011_12_12_20:35:30.245   070.122.242.xxx   Anybody every get a rash from your computer? (23)
2011_12_12_20:35:53.892   070.242.113.xxx   from a desktop and a tractor (16)
2011_12_12_20:35:54.102   076.014.037.xxx   I once took a trip to manhattan.
2011_12_12_20:36:19.709   099.067.077.xxx   Rashes can be good for your soul. (39)
2011_12_12_20:36:44.872   024.017.099.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2011_12_12_20:36:46.499   070.122.242.xxx   but not your pole (24)
2011_12_12_20:37:02.275   076.014.037.xxx   Check the news, Justin Bieber just got in a car accident!!!
2011_12_12_20:37:12.061   099.067.077.xxx   Oh dear heavens (40 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:37:51.960   076.014.037.xxx   Hey Alek, what kind of program / script do you use to stream webcam?
2011_12_12_20:38:20.384   099.067.077.xxx   I use Ices2. (41)
2011_12_12_20:39:54.188   070.242.113.xxx   Lets kick it off (17)
2011_12_12_20:39:59.630   099.067.077.xxx   Ear muffs!? How cold IS it in Colorado!??! (42)
2011_12_12_20:40:32.705   076.014.037.xxx   They could be headphones.
2011_12_12_20:40:35.014   024.017.099.xxx   Where is Hulk!?
2011_12_12_20:40:46.660   070.122.242.xxx   This guy is really facinated with Alek, say no? (25)
2011_12_12_20:40:53.668   099.067.077.xxx   Headphones of course. I am not street smart. (43)
2011_12_12_20:41:23.654   099.067.077.xxx   HEY! You lay off my fascination with Alek!!!! (44)
2011_12_12_20:41:27.069   070.242.113.xxx   Merry Chrimbus (18)
2011_12_12_20:41:36.878   076.014.037.xxx   Oh do ho ho.
2011_12_12_20:42:03.308   099.067.077.xxx   HEY! You lay off my fascination with Alek!!!! (45)
2011_12_12_20:42:21.446   070.122.242.xxx   I'm sorry!!!! (26)
2011_12_12_20:42:35.979   064.017.082.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad, NM  USA
2011_12_12_20:42:54.644   070.122.242.xxx   Are you Winterman?!?! (27)
2011_12_12_20:43:09.877   099.067.077.xxx   Alek plus Linux = Mer Mer Merrrry Christmas! (46)
2011_12_12_20:43:10.840   070.242.113.xxx   Devee (19)
2011_12_12_20:43:19.210   173.088.219.xxx   helloooo!
2011_12_12_20:43:42.247   099.067.077.xxx   I did it! I just made my first pair of snow globe pants! (47)
2011_12_12_20:43:53.762   070.242.113.xxx   Wright Patman (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:44:05.218   070.122.242.xxx   Wow how do those work? (28)
2011_12_12_20:44:07.398   173.088.219.xxx   13 days, yayo
2011_12_12_20:44:10.055   099.067.077.xxx   HAHA (48)
2011_12_12_20:44:49.945   099.067.077.xxx   Plug in pants, watch it snow. It's simple. (49)
2011_12_12_20:45:20.872   070.122.242.xxx   You're right.....again.  I'm very stupid. (29)
2011_12_12_20:45:46.254   070.242.113.xxx   You are not stupid (21)
2011_12_12_20:46:02.666   099.067.077.xxx   That't not a corn cob nose!! HEY O! (50 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:46:12.421   070.122.242.xxx   This laptop is really "heating up" (30 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_20:46:41.783   099.067.077.xxx   About time for brown gravy? (51)
2011_12_12_20:47:04.630   070.122.242.xxx   Way to take it here guys (31)
2011_12_12_20:47:26.048   099.067.077.xxx   If it wasn't for Komar, then I wouldn't be alive ... probably. (52)
2011_12_12_20:48:31.101   070.242.113.xxx   Probably? At least not socially tollerable (22)
2011_12_12_20:49:22.534   099.067.077.xxx   Nobody really likes me or my miserable Linux servers. (53)
2011_12_12_20:50:11.163   070.242.113.xxx   How would we know when our work server is down without you (23)
2011_12_12_20:50:43.137   099.067.077.xxx   I have got to get a new hobby. (54)
2011_12_12_20:51:24.609   070.242.113.xxx   Good nights? (24)
2011_12_12_20:51:44.863   099.067.077.xxx   Alek: Is Balloon Boy a reference to crazy balloon family from CO? (55)
2011_12_12_20:52:55.414   099.067.077.xxx   Alek: Cough once if you can see this. (56)
2011_12_12_20:53:49.040   099.067.077.xxx   Was that a cough!?! WAS THAT A COUGH!?!?! (57)
2011_12_12_20:54:50.463   099.067.077.xxx   This reminds me of my first date: Me staring at a guy staring at a monitor. (58)
2011_12_12_20:55:33.914   099.067.077.xxx   Good night to all! Thanks Komar and staff! (59)
2011_12_12_21:00:47.436   068.150.161.xxx   slow night tonight! (15)
2011_12_12_21:01:40.185   068.224.073.xxx   SHOW NIGHT! See that car out there?
2011_12_12_21:02:39.934   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Santa Balloon is a "play" on the Balloon Boy nutty saga! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_21:04:30.893   068.224.073.xxx   ..... CAN ....... I ...... DO ..... THIS ?
2011_12_12_21:05:47.499   068.224.073.xxx   .......... CAN ........... I ............ DO .......... THIS ?
2011_12_12_21:06:52.170   068.224.073.xxx   .......... CAN ........... I ................ DO .............. THAT ?
2011_12_12_21:08:04.193   068.224.073.xxx   .......... CAN ........... I ............. TRY ........... DOTS ?
2011_12_12_21:10:18.162   068.224.073.xxx   .. .. .. YES .. .. .. .. I .. .. .. .. CAN .. .. .. DO STUFF !
2011_12_12_21:11:49.981   068.224.073.xxx   .. .. .. YES .. .. .. .. .. .. .. I .. .. .. .. .. CAN .. .. .. .. CENTER IT !
2011_12_12_21:12:54.988   068.224.073.xxx   .. .. .. YES .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. I .. .. .. .. .. .. .. CAN .. .. .. .. CEN
2011_12_12_21:13:27.990   068.224.073.xxx   Guess I can't center it that way...
2011_12_12_21:14:16.036   068.224.073.xxx   Playing with the Komar laptop! (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_12_21:22:11.563   068.224.073.xxx   Anyone else watching the Occupy Oakland livestream . com thing? (11)
2011_12_12_21:22:48.749   173.074.070.xxx   Nope, watchin' Bill OReilly
2011_12_12_21:25:25.705   173.074.070.xxx   GREAT site! Merry Christmas!
2011_12_12_21:25:45.815   070.180.214.xxx   Ham Sammich
2011_12_12_21:26:24.865   070.180.214.xxx   Tim Tebow
2011_12_12_21:29:06.032   068.224.073.xxx   I learnt everay thang I kneow frum manestream medea news!! (12)
2011_12_12_21:29:12.962   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Denver got an early Christmas present - Tebow! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_21:39:38.040   068.150.161.xxx   too early to say (16)
2011_12_12_21:41:29.703   184.046.019.xxx   help!
2011_12_12_21:42:01.593   173.245.064.xxx   Tim Tebow is g**
2011_12_12_21:44:10.999   068.224.073.xxx   Elmo is a old man... (13)
2011_12_12_21:45:24.709   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Elmo has gotten inflated/deflated a LOT - you'd feel old and tired too! ***ALEK***
2011_12_12_21:51:41.121   068.150.161.xxx   Tebow, how will he do vs New England?? (17)
2011_12_12_21:55:15.812   068.224.073.xxx   Elmo needs a walker... (14)
2011_12_12_21:56:01.705   068.224.073.xxx   Elmo use to be young and vibrant*** a shame... (15)
2011_12_12_21:56:54.942   068.224.073.xxx   Elmo started eating at McDonalds every day and now look at him! (16)
2011_12_12_21:57:51.968   084.106.161.xxx   Hello from the netherlands, nice website :)
2011_12_12_21:57:55.182   068.224.073.xxx   Elmo is a good example kids, TAKE YOUR VITAMINS EVERY DAY! (17)
2011_12_12_21:58:48.753   068.224.073.xxx   Poor elderly Elmo, he barely makes it by on food stamps and SS (18)
2011_12_12_21:59:19.827   068.224.073.xxx   LAST POST! (19)
2011_12_12_21:59:55.908   068.224.073.xxx   NO REALLY - LAST POST! (20 IM's so far today)

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