125 christmas text messages on 2011/1214

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,640 times that day including 2,595 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1214

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_12_14_16:15:58.305   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning X10 controls on early ... since we were offline due to Comcastic yesterday ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_16:21:24.960   072.189.247.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!  From Florida
2011_12_14_16:23:50.283   088.189.072.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek :)
2011_12_14_16:26:35.252   064.017.082.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad, NM   USA!
2011_12_14_16:27:50.071   075.171.241.xxx   are you as drunk as a skunk ... fart!
2011_12_14_16:28:04.873   064.017.082.xxx   ...
2011_12_14_16:32:01.458   068.082.209.xxx   hello
2011_12_14_16:32:41.943   024.160.163.xxx   hello sherbie!!
2011_12_14_16:34:55.216   024.160.163.xxx   merry christmas lancaster ohio!!!
2011_12_14_16:35:49.828   074.235.132.xxx   Merry Christmas from Forest City, NC!!!!
2011_12_14_16:35:57.841   075.171.241.xxx   hi its drew and jeff
2011_12_14_16:39:03.554   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Drew and Jeff - how are your inflatables looking? ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_16:44:52.377   024.160.163.xxx   how is wveryone?
2011_12_14_16:45:37.376   074.235.132.xxx   Great-this is awesome!
2011_12_14_16:46:30.462   195.093.021.xxx   hello everyone
2011_12_14_16:57:01.613   071.077.032.xxx   pumkin outside wont stand up when inflated
2011_12_14_16:58:33.824   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Pumpkin Jack had too much to drink last night! ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_17:02:33.785   141.154.034.xxx   HO HO HO
2011_12_14_17:03:17.743   068.150.161.xxx   nice to see ya back after a day of No internet
2011_12_14_17:11:40.663   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea - hard to have live webcams and X10 controls w/o Internet connectivity ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_17:38:28.701   096.240.097.xxx   Tanya-( Happy Holidays Babe-Love You!) 6.20.09___3
2011_12_14_17:39:14.781   098.216.184.xxx   Congrats on ___70,000!
2011_12_14_17:39:37.667   096.240.097.xxx   To Benny-( Happy Holidays Babe-Love You!) 06.20.09
2011_12_14_17:52:26.611   065.027.192.xxx   Hello, KAT!
2011_12_14_18:01:01.497   065.027.192.xxx   Hello, Leks
2011_12_14_18:01:28.957   065.027.192.xxx   Merry Christmas, Leks
2011_12_14_18:02:04.147   065.027.192.xxx   Leks, you have a foxy mom.
2011_12_14_18:02:47.526   072.061.169.xxx   Merry Christmas,
2011_12_14_18:07:08.837   072.061.169.xxx   Merry Christmas from The Goldvein!
2011_12_14_18:09:22.660   072.061.169.xxx   hi alek :)
2011_12_14_18:10:08.259   099.228.120.xxx   Good Evening eh!
2011_12_14_18:10:36.751   173.033.084.xxx   Hey hey!
2011_12_14_18:10:47.014   099.228.120.xxx   Did you win KFC for a year again!!!
2011_12_14_18:11:33.855   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** No KFC contest ... so no extra crispy. Know of any lights contests? ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_18:11:56.227   071.188.019.xxx   THis Is stuped
2011_12_14_18:12:34.466   173.033.084.xxx   I love this! and look forward to it every season!!
2011_12_14_18:13:00.232   099.228.120.xxx   Do you work with computers?  I am a Technical Specialist and Support Citrix ..
2011_12_14_18:13:33.759   099.228.120.xxx   Support Citrix Environments..
2011_12_14_18:14:20.649   099.228.120.xxx   We are about to release a Virtual Desktop Solution
2011_12_14_18:15:22.964   159.053.046.xxx   Hi Alek from Paula in Irvine
2011_12_14_18:19:08.771   099.228.120.xxx   Looks like a Green Christmas in Canada
2011_12_14_18:19:37.973   099.228.120.xxx   Spring like Tomorrow
2011_12_14_18:24:31.676   066.044.253.xxx   merry christmas from nc
2011_12_14_18:25:31.462   066.044.253.xxx   it's 8:25pm in yadkinville nc
2011_12_14_18:26:16.994   066.044.253.xxx   I hope you all have an awesome Christmas
2011_12_14_18:27:32.666   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Ditto that everyone on the Internet have a great Christmas ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_18:28:14.325   066.044.253.xxx   I like this site
2011_12_14_18:29:00.766   066.044.253.xxx   have a great day & christmas ")
2011_12_14_18:31:03.195   066.044.253.xxx   i like the blow ups!!!!!
2011_12_14_18:31:57.836   066.044.253.xxx   cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011_12_14_18:35:11.400   066.044.253.xxx   waz up people!
2011_12_14_18:38:08.750   066.044.253.xxx   FIREED
2011_12_14_18:39:49.823   079.196.009.xxx   abc
2011_12_14_18:40:16.279   079.196.009.xxx   cba
2011_12_14_18:40:40.786   079.196.009.xxx   cab
2011_12_14_18:41:08.236   079.196.009.xxx   loooooooooooooooooool
2011_12_14_18:41:36.835   079.196.009.xxx   loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
2011_12_14_18:45:05.227   066.044.253.xxx   waz up peeps (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_14_18:47:34.828   068.150.161.xxx   oh my the Pope has come!
2011_12_14_18:48:13.292   066.044.253.xxx   this is fun!!!! (11)
2011_12_14_18:48:54.490   068.150.161.xxx   no swearing
2011_12_14_18:49:16.534   066.044.253.xxx   yeah no swearing (12)
2011_12_14_18:49:42.993   203.125.174.xxx   hi from singapore :)
2011_12_14_18:55:35.474   066.044.253.xxx   it's 8:55 in yadkinville nc (13)
2011_12_14_19:05:44.635   068.150.161.xxx   this place is a rockin
2011_12_14_19:08:09.771   071.225.107.xxx   Merry Christmas From North Wayne!
2011_12_14_19:17:30.526   067.159.036.xxx   All units, respond to Alek's House for a noise complaint.
2011_12_14_19:20:13.503   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** All units, please respond to that Internet user! ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_19:24:13.003   072.081.062.xxx   Less people tonight. You can tell it's getting closer to Christma**!
2011_12_14_19:24:45.979   072.081.062.xxx   Was that Mrs. K?
2011_12_14_19:25:01.897   156.034.188.xxx   Was that the Alekette ?
2011_12_14_19:25:24.504   067.159.036.xxx   Roger, it twas indeed.
2011_12_14_19:25:47.633   072.081.062.xxx   Season's Greetings My FB Peeps!
2011_12_14_19:36:26.251   174.025.230.xxx   hello
2011_12_14_19:37:03.749   174.025.228.xxx   it rained in Minnesota today - No SNOW!!
2011_12_14_19:38:31.535   098.145.075.xxx   Merry Christmas! Have a Blessed Year!
2011_12_14_19:50:15.571   072.081.062.xxx   Heya Lady! Merry Christmas!
2011_12_14_19:52:25.861   024.162.123.xxx   Thanks for putting on an awesome display!
2011_12_14_19:53:55.643   068.150.161.xxx   you can't say Christmas on here with two s's
2011_12_14_20:06:13.173   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Mrs. "K" was using my computer to watch Desperate Housewives online! ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_20:19:01.971   067.250.125.xxx   hi cr
2011_12_14_20:20:29.280   098.213.076.xxx   hello
2011_12_14_20:20:40.764   067.250.125.xxx   nice display
2011_12_14_20:23:48.801   067.250.125.xxx   Merry Christmas
2011_12_14_20:29:17.263   108.059.217.xxx   hey kaylee
2011_12_14_20:30:59.910   108.059.217.xxx   hey amanda
2011_12_14_20:31:37.603   108.059.217.xxx   hey daddy and kaylee
2011_12_14_20:34:15.744   024.127.006.xxx   Energystormzolts on youtube check it out
2011_12_14_20:35:46.295   108.059.217.xxx   good nite :)
2011_12_14_20:43:31.818   024.127.006.xxx   YEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!
2011_12_14_20:44:36.844   024.127.006.xxx   Dave Hester you out there!!!
2011_12_14_20:45:39.599   024.127.006.xxx   watching storage wars right now.
2011_12_14_20:46:52.063   024.127.006.xxx   nope. its hoggin time.
2011_12_14_20:47:23.871   024.127.006.xxx   any merry christmas
2011_12_14_20:48:22.063   024.127.006.xxx   any time of day i will help out santa deliver toys and gifts.
2011_12_14_20:50:05.656   024.127.006.xxx   night.
2011_12_14_20:51:18.347   024.127.006.xxx   snowing rightnow
2011_12_14_20:54:01.610   024.127.006.xxx   you need sound so we can here whats going on? (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_14_20:58:28.837   068.082.209.xxx   hello
2011_12_14_21:02:12.112   156.034.188.xxx   hmm elmo looks a bit depressed
2011_12_14_21:19:31.371   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Elmo's fan doesn't work as well as it used too ... ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_21:19:55.198   068.040.209.xxx   alek, the balloon seems to be dead too
2011_12_14_21:22:41.610   068.040.209.xxx   not inflating all the way it looks like, anyway
2011_12_14_21:23:25.201   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Sometimes the ropes holding it down get stuck - I'll go out there to check! ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_21:26:53.110   068.040.209.xxx   Alek: whatcha find out?
2011_12_14_21:28:23.575   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** One rope was kinda stuck on a branch ... plus I need to fix some leaks in it! ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_21:29:09.967   068.040.209.xxx   Ahh ok, good work nonetheless though! They're running strong!
2011_12_14_21:30:02.630   068.150.161.xxx   excellent, Elmo works! :)
2011_12_14_21:32:22.302   068.150.161.xxx   Homer Simpson is down!
2011_12_14_21:32:47.151   068.150.161.xxx   hehe
2011_12_14_21:33:59.738   068.150.161.xxx   Homer goes up! Homer goes down.. Homer goes up!
2011_12_14_21:34:22.078   098.216.184.xxx   down
2011_12_14_21:34:36.146   068.150.161.xxx   bed goes up bed goes down bed goes up bed goes down (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_14_21:41:57.757   075.150.193.xxx   It's Comcastic!  Boogie Woogie Woogie! ___-)
2011_12_14_21:42:35.718   108.208.169.xxx   Thanks Alek for this!
2011_12_14_21:43:14.397   024.128.177.xxx   Happy holidays everyone
2011_12_14_21:43:29.656   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the thanks ... and Merry Christmas to 'ya! ***ALEK***
2011_12_14_21:47:08.190   075.150.193.xxx   Nooo, don't turn off the lights!
2011_12_14_21:56:37.701   068.150.161.xxx   pump it up!! (11)
2011_12_14_21:57:20.408   068.150.161.xxx   someone's got the toggles up (12)
2011_12_14_21:57:44.464   068.150.161.xxx   they're flying (13)
2011_12_14_21:57:45.434   067.176.047.xxx   STOP DEFLATING FROSTY.
2011_12_14_21:58:34.343   067.176.047.xxx   what's good.
2011_12_14_21:59:02.923   067.176.047.xxx   Don't turn off the lights!
2011_12_14_21:59:34.544   067.176.047.xxx   come back!

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