208 christmas text messages on 2011/1215

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,715 times that day including 1,050 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1215

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2011_12_15_16:40:36.348   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning stuff on early since Santa's Elves have invaded my workshop ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_16:43:37.725   050.090.178.xxx   crazy kids lol
2011_12_15_16:43:49.154   209.099.193.xxx   Hi Oliver
2011_12_15_16:44:18.620   064.017.082.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad, NM   USA
2011_12_15_16:44:56.366   050.090.178.xxx   we want to see the giant space lazer
2011_12_15_16:46:03.219   209.099.193.xxx   Hi Zachary, Oliver, Brett & Sara
2011_12_15_16:47:27.182   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** our names are kyle drew and jeff ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_16:47:54.250   209.099.193.xxx   it's Harry Potter
2011_12_15_16:49:31.101   070.178.005.xxx   having fun?
2011_12_15_16:50:02.281   209.099.193.xxx   look the clock in the back right goes backwards
2011_12_15_16:52:10.962   209.099.193.xxx   o.z
2011_12_15_16:59:12.678   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** yo! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_17:02:13.784   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** this beer can has two golfballs in it instead of beer ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_17:02:28.738   098.216.184.xxx   boy alex lost 30 years in one day!
2011_12_15_17:02:56.970   071.086.122.xxx   wave at the camera
2011_12_15_17:03:02.692   098.216.184.xxx   alek oops
2011_12_15_17:03:31.902   092.024.123.xxx   Great opening night of the World Darts Championships
2011_12_15_17:07:48.614   098.216.184.xxx   Have you two been good this year?
2011_12_15_17:08:36.527   092.024.123.xxx   Happy Christmas Planet Earth! Nath, Portsmouth, England
2011_12_15_17:09:03.972   209.099.193.xxx   Hi Zachary & Oliver
2011_12_15_17:10:21.389   024.192.167.xxx   test
2011_12_15_17:10:57.096   066.044.253.xxx   hi little kids
2011_12_15_17:11:09.818   209.099.193.xxx   LMFAO rules
2011_12_15_17:11:36.007   209.099.193.xxx   s** y and i know it
2011_12_15_17:11:37.171   024.192.167.xxx   Holler!  :)
2011_12_15_17:12:50.333   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Time to make dinner for Santa's Elves ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_17:13:58.961   209.099.193.xxx   o.p.c.z.
2011_12_15_17:14:13.114   066.044.253.xxx   Merry Christmas from Wyo NC!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011_12_15_17:15:29.218   098.216.184.xxx   bbbbbbbbbbbburp!
2011_12_15_17:15:39.747   209.099.193.xxx   LMFAO YES (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_17:16:06.055   209.099.193.xxx   oliver (11)
2011_12_15_17:18:31.002   066.044.253.xxx   santa
2011_12_15_17:19:06.787   066.044.253.xxx   oliver
2011_12_15_17:20:15.555   066.044.253.xxx   oliver vs hulk
2011_12_15_17:20:27.168   098.219.001.xxx   Merry Christmas from happy LINUX user!!
2011_12_15_17:22:06.871   068.150.161.xxx   hi, i'm from the future and in our day we use...
2011_12_15_17:22:29.778   074.196.174.xxx   merry christmas from oklahoma
2011_12_15_17:22:47.253   068.150.161.xxx   Windows 14.  and it's all internal, no more hardware
2011_12_15_17:24:24.218   074.196.174.xxx   may allyour season be bright with long wavy buttcheeks
2011_12_15_17:25:27.182   074.196.174.xxx   gimme a george foreman hamber!
2011_12_15_17:25:40.275   098.218.096.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!
2011_12_15_17:25:58.412   074.196.174.xxx   all you ever wanna cook is pasta
2011_12_15_17:26:33.954   074.196.174.xxx   gilled cheese sandwhiches in not a meal ?
2011_12_15_17:27:14.966   074.196.174.xxx   have a verry merry christmas with your long wavy buttcheeks
2011_12_15_17:28:01.464   074.196.174.xxx   on the twelvth day of christmas i had a bunch of poop XD
2011_12_15_17:28:12.118   067.234.210.xxx   This is SO FUN!
2011_12_15_17:28:27.610   074.196.174.xxx   like your mom XD
2011_12_15_17:28:55.837   067.234.210.xxx   I wish I could make my lights do this!
2011_12_15_17:30:20.478   012.173.075.xxx   way to go!!
2011_12_15_17:30:56.503   067.234.210.xxx   How much is your electric bill?  LOL
2011_12_15_17:32:31.156   066.044.253.xxx   homer simpson D'OH
2011_12_15_17:34:16.058   067.234.210.xxx   Balloon Boy & Homer Simpson keep following my cursor around!!!!!!!!!!!!   L
2011_12_15_17:34:22.900   066.044.253.xxx   you are so FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011_12_15_17:34:49.116   076.219.169.xxx   Love my Celiac Kids!
2011_12_15_17:35:32.594   066.044.253.xxx   aint this a cool site yall?
2011_12_15_17:35:54.912   067.246.028.xxx   maybe yaaalllllllllllll
2011_12_15_17:36:03.033   076.219.169.xxx   I love Christmas
2011_12_15_17:36:42.284   098.169.098.xxx   so does bob
2011_12_15_17:36:49.491   067.246.028.xxx   who dosent
2011_12_15_17:37:14.167   067.234.210.xxx   The Grinch Doesn't
2011_12_15_17:37:20.224   098.169.098.xxx   probably the grinch XD
2011_12_15_17:37:55.844   098.169.098.xxx   and bob!
2011_12_15_17:38:14.888   067.234.210.xxx   I'm sure Bob doesn't like Christmas
2011_12_15_17:38:36.008   098.169.098.xxx   Puny Human try to control Hulk  Hulk not controllable Hulk get mad Hulk SMASH P
2011_12_15_17:38:41.313   066.044.253.xxx   who in the world is bob?
2011_12_15_17:39:02.011   098.169.098.xxx   beats me
2011_12_15_17:39:11.705   024.126.020.xxx   bob the builder
2011_12_15_17:39:56.852   024.126.020.xxx   and now yu know
2011_12_15_17:40:16.145   098.169.098.xxx   yea :D
2011_12_15_17:40:28.771   024.126.020.xxx   hi hanna
2011_12_15_17:40:52.796   098.169.098.xxx   I am not hanna!
2011_12_15_17:41:18.429   067.234.210.xxx   me either!
2011_12_15_17:41:34.783   098.216.184.xxx   The poor display gets a 15 minute break ya know
2011_12_15_17:41:55.085   024.126.020.xxx   so i did not send that
2011_12_15_17:42:04.661   067.234.210.xxx   I would highly doubt it.   XD
2011_12_15_17:42:23.008   024.126.020.xxx   me too
2011_12_15_17:42:40.211   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** BOB would be SpongeBob - lower right side of Webcam #1 ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_17:43:10.171   098.216.184.xxx   Bob Saget?
2011_12_15_17:44:20.862   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** And oh yeah, BOB's last name is SquarePants! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_17:44:22.367   024.126.020.xxx   yu know the cartoon
2011_12_15_17:44:23.186   066.044.253.xxx   how about bob crachit (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_17:44:43.486   066.044.253.xxx   hi alek (11)
2011_12_15_17:45:08.549   082.046.228.xxx   hello from the uk
2011_12_15_17:45:30.137   024.126.020.xxx   alek  hi
2011_12_15_17:45:59.306   067.234.210.xxx   alek just left his "office"
2011_12_15_17:46:45.788   024.126.020.xxx   he has a lava lamp
2011_12_15_17:47:07.186   098.216.184.xxx   I bet he get inflatables for xmas lol
2011_12_15_17:47:36.895   024.126.020.xxx   me too lol
2011_12_15_17:48:26.669   098.216.184.xxx   "oh the rudolph inflatable I've always wanted! How did u know?"
2011_12_15_17:48:46.621   068.150.161.xxx   I want a big 16ft inflatable Snowman :D
2011_12_15_17:49:47.439   098.216.184.xxx   An inflatable Alek would rock! Someone could make it :D
2011_12_15_17:51:30.158   067.234.210.xxx   yeah, that would be cool (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_17:52:26.128   067.234.210.xxx   my favorite thing is the thing that someone just turned off (11)
2011_12_15_17:54:46.527   067.234.210.xxx   Where is everybody (12)
2011_12_15_17:55:33.268   098.216.184.xxx   MA here (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_17:57:53.754   108.082.205.xxx   Good evening from Northern California! Merry Christmas!
2011_12_15_18:00:52.525   024.126.020.xxx   merry  christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_18:01:22.110   024.126.020.xxx   to yu all (11)
2011_12_15_18:06:54.266   071.118.086.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2011_12_15_18:08:20.830   024.126.020.xxx   happy holidays to yu to (12)
2011_12_15_18:09:45.554   071.118.086.xxx   Happy Holidays from Victorville, CA
2011_12_15_18:10:05.932   095.154.230.xxx   New Haven County (Ansonia) ___ Major Accident ___ Main St @ Kingston Dr ___ U/D
2011_12_15_18:10:23.971   024.126.020.xxx   thank yu (13)
2011_12_15_18:11:09.087   095.154.230.xxx   HULKVILLE is Alek's address
2011_12_15_18:11:47.959   095.154.230.xxx   turn off his light manually
2011_12_15_18:11:49.243   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just finished dinner - I feel like an Inflatable Alek! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_18:12:11.970   024.126.020.xxx   me too (14)
2011_12_15_18:13:01.273   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - gotta go do the dishes now before the wife gets home at 6:30 ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_18:14:03.865   173.217.104.xxx   yeah better go check my grill my steaks almost ready...lol
2011_12_15_18:17:08.995   173.217.104.xxx   hellooooooooo
2011_12_15_18:17:38.250   068.114.230.xxx   Go PACKERS!!!!
2011_12_15_18:17:55.875   173.217.104.xxx   GO SAINTS!!!!
2011_12_15_18:19:52.150   066.044.253.xxx   i like the steelers (12)
2011_12_15_18:20:22.528   066.044.253.xxx   steelers rule right (13)
2011_12_15_18:22:17.059   066.044.253.xxx   hi alek whats your kids names? (14)
2011_12_15_18:23:18.205   068.200.235.xxx   GO BUCS
2011_12_15_18:24:10.460   095.154.230.xxx   wow, only in  Hartford___ FD was O/S of a 3 car MVA___ 1 car into a house and t
2011_12_15_18:26:54.970   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife should be home in the next 5-10 minutes - watch garage door on webcam1 ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_18:31:13.732   138.210.194.xxx   There's a thought... hook the garage door opener into the X10 controls.
2011_12_15_18:36:00.893   173.217.104.xxx   I LOVE YOU NAT NAT
2011_12_15_18:36:17.216   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Allowing people on the Internet to open/close my garage - BAD IDEA!  ;-) ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_18:37:08.815   138.210.194.xxx   Your garage door repairman would like the idea though.
2011_12_15_18:37:15.343   173.217.104.xxx   I love you too daddy
2011_12_15_18:37:32.788   190.010.197.xxx   Feliz Navidad desde Quito
2011_12_15_18:46:07.643   024.142.051.xxx   Hello from Nova Scotia!!
2011_12_15_18:48:47.984   090.207.160.xxx   hello from scotland :)
2011_12_15_19:05:28.204   071.056.089.xxx   Hey there!! XD
2011_12_15_19:05:54.994   072.081.062.xxx   Hey Alek!
2011_12_15_19:07:03.748   075.084.144.xxx   First year viewing these on my brand new MacBook Pro
2011_12_15_19:07:36.065   075.084.144.xxx   happy to be a Mac user now
2011_12_15_19:09:42.133   098.218.096.xxx   Merry Christmas Isabelle!!!!!
2011_12_15_19:11:44.601   156.034.188.xxx   Mac users tend to be too smug
2011_12_15_19:12:59.295   098.218.096.xxx   I love Santa!!!!!
2011_12_15_19:13:35.719   071.056.089.xxx   Alek, ur soo cool. :D
2011_12_15_19:31:14.453   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll tell my wife that the Internet says I'm cool ... that will impress her! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_19:37:59.875   074.226.093.xxx   LOLS
2011_12_15_19:50:59.705   076.105.115.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL FROM GEORGIA!!
2011_12_15_19:52:32.676   076.105.115.xxx   Support the Troops
2011_12_15_19:55:30.636   173.017.146.xxx   Hi computer dude with glasses
2011_12_15_19:56:07.354   173.017.146.xxx   Nice lava lamp
2011_12_15_19:56:46.362   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hey Internet User sitting at your computer watching me with my glasses! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_20:18:26.366   095.154.230.xxx   why does life s**** so much?
2011_12_15_20:21:41.942   071.191.042.xxx   Happy holidays to my babies:)
2011_12_15_20:21:43.461   075.172.092.xxx   because
2011_12_15_20:22:37.500   075.172.092.xxx   I love you Kim!
2011_12_15_20:24:33.818   064.017.082.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad, NM  USA
2011_12_15_20:26:50.429   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas Carlsbad! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_20:30:31.991   098.113.175.xxx   This is Great
2011_12_15_20:33:48.131   184.018.229.xxx   sweet
2011_12_15_20:34:13.480   024.127.006.xxx   EnergyStormZolts at youtube. check it if you like storms or strange things happ
2011_12_15_20:34:48.152   024.127.006.xxx   things happening around your area.
2011_12_15_20:36:25.416   024.127.006.xxx   when is your next trip to the panguin  island?
2011_12_15_20:38:02.238   024.127.006.xxx   Happy Feet 2 starts christmas day
2011_12_15_20:40:11.117   024.127.006.xxx   And goodnight
2011_12_15_20:42:07.714   067.167.052.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!!
2011_12_15_20:42:46.177   067.167.052.xxx   Santa Claus is coming to town!!!!!!
2011_12_15_20:44:49.436   024.127.006.xxx   :3 Night
2011_12_15_20:45:43.922   024.127.006.xxx   im plastering facebook sometime late tonight.
2011_12_15_20:46:25.091   067.167.052.xxx   HO HO HO!!!!!!!!
2011_12_15_20:46:25.399   024.127.006.xxx   who has Facebook?
2011_12_15_20:47:09.472   024.127.006.xxx   i'm the mouse with the usa flag.
2011_12_15_20:47:17.423   067.167.052.xxx   Anybody want some holdiay fruitcate?!?
2011_12_15_20:47:40.440   024.127.006.xxx   sure (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_20:48:17.242   024.127.006.xxx   how much? (11)
2011_12_15_20:48:18.708   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** Fruitcake is GOOD! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_20:49:17.435   024.127.006.xxx   yep had 2 all ready. (12)
2011_12_15_20:50:31.576   067.167.052.xxx   I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!
2011_12_15_20:50:43.499   024.127.006.xxx   well i got to go. work is coming up. later. (13)
2011_12_15_20:53:22.073   024.127.006.xxx   1 hour, 7 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF at 10:00 PM MST (14)
2011_12_15_21:07:47.749   098.213.076.xxx   hohoho
2011_12_15_21:08:18.686   098.213.076.xxx   merry christmas
2011_12_15_21:16:53.671   068.224.073.xxx   Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is a reindeer with a glowing red nose.
2011_12_15_21:18:55.228   068.224.073.xxx   Pop them on!
2011_12_15_21:21:55.653   108.082.205.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2011_12_15_21:23:10.057   108.082.205.xxx   What do you do while your lights are up and running"
2011_12_15_21:26:49.261   068.224.073.xxx   Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Chr
2011_12_15_21:28:42.880   068.224.073.xxx   AND THE KIDS GO WILD!
2011_12_15_21:28:57.505   098.216.184.xxx   what a joker! (11)
2011_12_15_21:29:32.878   068.224.073.xxx   It's so relaxing when all the lights are OFF!
2011_12_15_21:29:55.461   098.216.184.xxx   you must be a neighbor :D (12)
2011_12_15_21:30:52.628   068.224.073.xxx   I like knowing the electric meter is spinning SLOW
2011_12_15_21:31:56.510   068.224.073.xxx   ______ YOU ______ ARE ______ ARE ____ SAVING !!!
2011_12_15_21:32:42.575   068.224.073.xxx   ______ YOU ______ ARE ______ NOT _______ SAVING !!!
2011_12_15_21:33:06.686   046.013.046.xxx   Hi :)
2011_12_15_21:33:53.127   068.224.073.xxx   Now we are saving power! Saving the planet
2011_12_15_21:35:21.519   068.224.073.xxx   Having fun wastes power, kills the planet, go plant a tree (10 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_21:36:09.898   098.216.184.xxx   does camera 1 malfunction cuz of weather? (13)
2011_12_15_21:36:18.597   068.224.073.xxx   Hug a tree and also put everything on power strips (11)
2011_12_15_21:37:35.017   068.224.073.xxx   Power company charged me dollar extra for ENERGY SAVINGS! WTF? (12)
2011_12_15_21:38:44.765   098.216.184.xxx   hey .68.224- ship Alek a solar converter then! (14)
2011_12_15_21:38:50.806   068.224.073.xxx   I just saved .001 cents of power! YES! But you just turned it back on! (13)
2011_12_15_21:39:04.624   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** webcam is somewhat protected from the elements - wind will pus*** around though ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_21:39:10.308   069.027.199.xxx   Merry Christmas! God bless us everyone!
2011_12_15_21:41:12.421   068.224.073.xxx   ALL ON? You guys are way too fast! Power meter turning like mad! (14)
2011_12_15_21:42:07.387   068.224.073.xxx   Oh wait*** not my power meter! GO AHEAD - ALL ON! (15)
2011_12_15_21:44:57.639   068.224.073.xxx   Are we sure that when we press ON here it doesn't go on OUR power bill? (16)
2011_12_15_21:45:52.161   068.224.073.xxx   If the internet runs down the same pole as the power, ARE YOU SURE? (17)
2011_12_15_21:46:15.378   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** We need more power Scotty! ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_21:47:02.149   068.224.073.xxx   I just called the power company and they said my power bill is going up! (18)
2011_12_15_21:47:54.799   068.224.073.xxx   My power bill is going up right now! I just checked the meter! (19)
2011_12_15_21:48:10.964   076.244.128.xxx   Go Blackhawks
2011_12_15_21:48:38.025   068.224.073.xxx   Every time I hit a ON button here I go outside and the meter is spinning! (20 IM's so far today)
2011_12_15_21:49:52.953   076.244.128.xxx   I want ROMY back , for Christmas
2011_12_15_21:53:42.550   076.244.128.xxx   Smile alek
2011_12_15_21:54:47.862   076.244.128.xxx   Lets go til midnight!
2011_12_15_21:56:38.086   074.055.007.xxx   ***ALEK*** We'll save Midnight for Christmas Eve ***ALEK***
2011_12_15_21:57:49.028   076.244.128.xxx   Awesome. Well be there after santa passes chicago
2011_12_15_21:59:55.936   068.224.073.xxx   LAST POST - Now saving power all night! (21)

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