197 christmas text messages on 2012/1128

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 4,854 times that day including 2,674 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1128

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_11_28_17:00:06.637   098.109.182.xxx   First
2012_11_28_17:00:23.578   072.200.220.xxx   Whats sup party peeps?
2012_11_28_17:00:27.185   098.236.074.xxx   Second
2012_11_28_17:00:29.560   098.109.182.xxx   Oh yea
2012_11_28_17:01:03.442   072.200.220.xxx   Fus RO DAH! FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS SEASON
2012_11_28_17:01:31.878   068.002.186.xxx   roti reindeer!
2012_11_28_17:01:32.784   098.236.074.xxx   Wave Alex
2012_11_28_17:02:00.966   068.002.186.xxx   rito reindeer
2012_11_28_17:02:30.780   075.068.175.xxx   the baloon boy one isnt blowing up
2012_11_28_17:02:52.662   098.236.074.xxx   Alex any media attention yet?
2012_11_28_17:03:02.917   068.002.186.xxx   Hey Leah!!Can you see me?
2012_11_28_17:03:16.083   077.099.234.xxx   alright babs how we doin?!
2012_11_28_17:03:17.740   071.238.086.xxx   whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2012_11_28_17:03:57.170   068.002.186.xxx   LEAH!!!! Mom here!
2012_11_28_17:03:59.153   072.200.220.xxx   I am Mr.?
2012_11_28_17:04:00.027   076.021.014.xxx   Hi Mom
2012_11_28_17:04:02.779   077.099.234.xxx   how we doin?!
2012_11_28_17:04:27.676   068.002.186.xxx   iS THAT YOU lEAH?
2012_11_28_17:04:39.290   072.200.220.xxx   Leah?
2012_11_28_17:04:43.280   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Balloon Boy isn't hooked up yet - probably tomorrow ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_17:04:46.673   098.236.074.xxx   merry christmas from WV
2012_11_28_17:04:47.493   076.021.014.xxx   Yeah, it's me! Lol. And Richter.
2012_11_28_17:05:06.922   068.002.186.xxx   HEY!  There's Leah!
2012_11_28_17:05:38.181   068.002.186.xxx   Is Eric here too?
2012_11_28_17:05:57.349   076.021.014.xxx   Nope, still at work. Inspections this week.
2012_11_28_17:06:03.841   063.076.228.xxx   NO but Kina Is.
2012_11_28_17:06:14.369   068.002.186.xxx   Hi Ricter! Gramma Loves you!
2012_11_28_17:06:27.450   072.200.220.xxx   Knock, Knock Who's There? Creeper Creeper who? CreeperSSsss... BOOM!
2012_11_28_17:06:34.042   063.076.228.xxx   Hi Alek
2012_11_28_17:06:42.467   076.021.014.xxx   UoM needs to find a cure, so I can have donuts.
2012_11_28_17:06:44.752   098.236.074.xxx   Wave Alex
2012_11_28_17:07:44.262   072.200.220.xxx   I used to be a awesome guy like alex then i took a arrow to the knee
2012_11_28_17:07:49.965   075.068.175.xxx   dance
2012_11_28_17:07:50.548   063.076.228.xxx   It isn't Christmas without your lights.  Love Them!
2012_11_28_17:08:07.009   090.199.117.xxx   Hello man!
2012_11_28_17:08:59.885   024.011.196.xxx   hey alek wave olease
2012_11_28_17:09:04.436   071.238.086.xxx   yayya
2012_11_28_17:10:00.105   024.011.196.xxx   hey britt
2012_11_28_17:10:08.998   090.199.117.xxx   !!!
2012_11_28_17:10:31.350   024.111.064.xxx   Phanuel is awesome!
2012_11_28_17:11:09.731   075.068.175.xxx   domonick th donkey
2012_11_28_17:11:40.331   075.068.175.xxx   do a dance alex
2012_11_28_17:13:19.725   098.216.184.xxx   ladder santa going strong!
2012_11_28_17:13:27.444   024.011.196.xxx   tell your sons i said Hi!
2012_11_28_17:13:29.631   075.068.175.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012_11_28_17:14:20.730   075.068.175.xxx   OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!:D
2012_11_28_17:14:54.954   098.085.145.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012_11_28_17:15:43.944   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** That would be STEPPING SANTA going up and down that ladder! ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_17:15:54.470   075.068.175.xxx   on dasher,dancer prancer,vixen comet etc
2012_11_28_17:16:29.018   075.068.175.xxx   please do a dance
2012_11_28_17:17:05.907   024.111.064.xxx   Let there be light
2012_11_28_17:17:16.080   063.076.228.xxx   Stepping Santa really moves.
2012_11_28_17:17:20.472   075.068.175.xxx   wanna' muffin? hehehehehe
2012_11_28_17:18:22.560   075.068.175.xxx   HOla, feliz navidad amigos! (10 IM's so far today)
2012_11_28_17:19:03.362   098.236.074.xxx   Mexico
2012_11_28_17:19:29.336   075.068.175.xxx   i am a united states-ian (11)
2012_11_28_17:20:06.671   075.068.175.xxx   ican make you laugh he he he heheheheheh (12)
2012_11_28_17:20:53.908   075.068.175.xxx   smile and wave alex you are on christmas cam (13)
2012_11_28_17:21:30.930   098.236.074.xxx   All of us want you to wave
2012_11_28_17:21:54.309   075.068.175.xxx   please wave !!!!!!! (14)
2012_11_28_17:22:04.565   090.199.117.xxx   WAAAVE!!!
2012_11_28_17:22:33.102   075.068.175.xxx   wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (15)
2012_11_28_17:23:38.094   090.199.117.xxx   WWWAAAVVVEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012_11_28_17:24:03.476   075.068.175.xxx   wave to us (16)
2012_11_28_17:24:43.416   098.236.074.xxx   Wave Alex
2012_11_28_17:26:01.638   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for turning my lights on and off! ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_17:26:39.989   098.236.074.xxx   Morgantown
2012_11_28_17:26:52.066   075.068.175.xxx   its my plesure to turn your lights on and off (17)
2012_11_28_17:29:26.363   075.068.175.xxx   alex go bye bye (18)
2012_11_28_17:30:25.548   075.068.175.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (19)
2012_11_28_17:35:58.032   070.178.077.xxx   Merry Christmas from Nubs the Bulldog!
2012_11_28_17:38:33.241   099.046.112.xxx   Merry Christmas :3
2012_11_28_17:39:47.433   094.005.116.xxx   merry xmas to jo and dan from adam a mel xxxxxxxx
2012_11_28_17:42:37.916   079.196.012.xxx   merry d***head
2012_11_28_17:44:05.731   099.046.112.xxx   Love this site ___.___
2012_11_28_17:44:27.827   079.196.012.xxx   alek is king
2012_11_28_17:48:25.000   079.196.012.xxx   i want a house like this
2012_11_28_17:51:40.117   082.046.228.xxx   jetsijohn2006 on youtube
2012_11_28_17:56:35.429   079.196.012.xxx   tareq alsaadi
2012_11_28_17:56:58.635   098.223.248.xxx   merry christmas
2012_11_28_17:59:30.029   098.236.074.xxx   4 hours to go (10 IM's so far today)
2012_11_28_18:00:38.772   098.236.074.xxx   watch the WVU-VMI game (11)
2012_11_28_18:04:10.845   156.034.025.xxx   Rockefeller tree lighting tonight !
2012_11_28_18:05:03.684   097.071.022.xxx   why can't I control the hot air ballon?
2012_11_28_18:05:43.653   156.034.025.xxx   Must be broke, Homer works
2012_11_28_18:16:13.209   098.223.248.xxx   This Victoria girl is making my ears bleed
2012_11_28_18:17:38.626   098.236.074.xxx   merry christmas from WV (12)
2012_11_28_18:20:32.469   072.200.220.xxx   Garage looking better tonight Alex
2012_11_28_18:21:00.123   072.200.220.xxx   Homer is my fave glad to see him up
2012_11_28_18:22:19.682   096.002.107.xxx   merry christmas from Princeton, MN
2012_11_28_18:22:28.220   096.237.160.xxx   hey there from lakeville ma!
2012_11_28_18:23:05.403   096.237.160.xxx   glad to see this is back once again
2012_11_28_18:23:32.012   068.103.014.xxx   Hello from great bend, ks, I visit at lease once every year
2012_11_28_18:24:24.429   096.237.160.xxx   Jake says hello
2012_11_28_18:25:22.941   206.248.177.xxx   bing!
2012_11_28_18:25:50.021   096.237.160.xxx   jake
2012_11_28_18:28:18.309   066.169.149.xxx   Alek is so handsome
2012_11_28_18:32:03.663   159.053.046.xxx   Alek is shutting down earlier than usual -must still be working
2012_11_28_18:33:32.426   098.223.248.xxx   what time is everything shutting off
2012_11_28_18:34:46.000   159.053.046.xxx   It's usually 11 or 12 MST, I though
2012_11_28_18:36:02.140   024.052.018.xxx   Greetings from Carlsbad. NM
2012_11_28_18:36:36.660   159.053.046.xxx   Greetings Alek and family from Irvine, CA
2012_11_28_18:37:24.612   159.053.046.xxx   Great job with the lights as usual!!  All in 1 afternoon by 1 elf!
2012_11_28_18:41:40.906   098.213.076.xxx   on chistmas eve go to noradsanta.org and track santa
2012_11_28_18:41:50.613   071.038.190.xxx   Xmas tradition of staring at the computer commencing!
2012_11_28_18:48:39.180   098.213.076.xxx   hiiii
2012_11_28_18:51:09.090   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Normal shut-down time of 10:00 tonight (?) ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_19:00:38.271   098.223.248.xxx   Nope. Will be off in 30 mins
2012_11_28_19:03:11.237   156.034.025.xxx   Wrong
2012_11_28_19:11:23.093   184.036.186.xxx   All your base belong to us.
2012_11_28_19:13:58.434   209.169.080.xxx   ___All your base are belong to us
2012_11_28_19:15:16.023   074.236.246.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Lane family!
2012_11_28_19:15:19.386   184.036.186.xxx   20320___22909___
2012_11_28_19:15:42.854   074.236.246.xxx   I love Travis
2012_11_28_19:16:05.686   184.036.186.xxx   I love Cheese!
2012_11_28_19:18:38.020   074.236.246.xxx   I love Liz
2012_11_28_19:19:12.975   076.235.222.xxx   I love Renee
2012_11_28_19:19:37.724   076.235.222.xxx   Deezer D
2012_11_28_19:20:39.472   074.236.246.xxx   Homer!
2012_11_28_19:22:50.129   012.159.056.xxx   doh!
2012_11_28_19:23:09.614   074.236.246.xxx   puny simpson
2012_11_28_19:24:44.623   074.236.246.xxx   SNL Christmas Special!
2012_11_28_19:25:09.655   098.223.248.xxx   Adam Sandler!!!
2012_11_28_19:25:53.195   074.236.246.xxx   And Steve Martin!
2012_11_28_19:28:19.829   086.179.162.xxx   Plane with twin spinning propellers?
2012_11_28_19:28:29.609   074.236.246.xxx   Hulk smashed me
2012_11_28_19:29:32.174   076.077.124.xxx   Merry Christmas to my good friend, Dan Reveal
2012_11_28_19:30:29.538   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep, that's a twin-prop plane above the garage on zone #1 ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_19:30:46.906   129.033.049.xxx   HULK WALK IN TO BAR. PUNY BAR SMASH LIKE EVERYTHING HULK WALK INTO!
2012_11_28_19:31:18.722   129.033.049.xxx   EVERYTHING HULK WALK INTO!
2012_11_28_19:32:13.704   129.033.049.xxx   HULK NEED WORK ON TIMING.
2012_11_28_19:33:07.590   076.077.124.xxx   Hello to my good friend Dan Reveal of Seymour Indiana. ___Crystal
2012_11_28_19:34:02.076   129.033.049.xxx   HULK LAUGH AT LIGHT BULB JOKE!! "PUNY HUMAN" HA HAH HA.
2012_11_28_19:35:21.686   086.179.162.xxx   Alek - Just noticed the propellers on the plane are not spinning!
2012_11_28_19:36:43.240   076.077.124.xxx   Dwayne Dobson is a Scrooge!
2012_11_28_19:43:45.256   086.179.162.xxx   My fault - propellers are hard to see
2012_11_28_19:45:52.077   098.223.248.xxx   Lights will be off in 10 minutes
2012_11_28_19:47:54.214   184.036.186.xxx   I remixed a remix, it was back to normal.
2012_11_28_19:48:30.208   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just checked the Props outside - they are spinning - hard to tell in dark ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_19:59:20.641   173.027.196.xxx   I love you Kimberly McHenry
2012_11_28_19:59:26.377   069.196.190.xxx   awesome, first visit but def not last, Merry Christmas
2012_11_28_20:00:16.801   173.027.196.xxx   Alek every year our family cannot wait till your cams go live
2012_11_28_20:03:56.556   108.082.202.xxx   I love the cams!
2012_11_28_20:08:27.042   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you enjoy the show ... although you are the ones doing it! ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_20:09:29.869   068.150.161.xxx   CSI Christmas
2012_11_28_20:09:34.272   096.025.118.xxx   Merry Christmas from Greece NY
2012_11_28_20:09:52.458   086.179.162.xxx   Don't the x10 modules ever break?
2012_11_28_20:11:07.152   068.150.161.xxx   Happy Wednesday
2012_11_28_20:11:35.247   096.025.118.xxx   Alek showed a video a while back of a broken x10
2012_11_28_20:12:15.968   068.150.161.xxx   I ate it
2012_11_28_20:13:51.347   014.202.136.xxx   text
2012_11_28_20:14:02.645   068.150.161.xxx   Yesterday, all my troubles were so far away
2012_11_28_20:14:19.661   014.202.136.xxx   you s****
2012_11_28_20:14:55.061   014.202.136.xxx   yankee infidels will all die
2012_11_28_20:15:02.176   068.150.161.xxx   No you s****
2012_11_28_20:15:54.996   014.202.136.xxx   praise be to ala
2012_11_28_20:16:50.395   014.202.136.xxx   osama lives, praise be to ala
2012_11_28_20:17:34.680   014.202.136.xxx   yankee scum will burn in the fires of h****
2012_11_28_20:18:18.362   068.150.161.xxx   Yawn....
2012_11_28_20:22:47.373   098.213.076.xxx   merry christmas
2012_11_28_20:23:27.738   014.202.136.xxx   yankee scum !!
2012_11_28_20:27:12.211   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa probably won't be bringing much to 014.202.136 ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_20:27:13.880   068.150.161.xxx   Give it a rest, child
2012_11_28_20:27:20.220   014.202.136.xxx   Praise allah down with christmas
2012_11_28_20:28:31.935   108.082.202.xxx   Do you have to take a break each evening for dinner?  =-)
2012_11_28_20:34:00.190   068.150.161.xxx   Looks like our little wannabe terrorist is in Australia
2012_11_28_20:39:33.907   071.075.239.xxx   :  )
2012_11_28_20:42:13.603   068.123.152.xxx   great setup
2012_11_28_20:45:17.928   208.102.053.xxx   really cool
2012_11_28_20:45:52.227   208.102.053.xxx   that has to be kinda expensive to set up
2012_11_28_20:48:07.825   096.002.107.xxx   I hope the NHL lockout ends soon.
2012_11_28_21:10:01.452   096.025.118.xxx   I heard a rumor it is and will have a 48 game season,let hope
2012_11_28_21:19:33.232   099.155.188.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AS IN CHRIST, JESUS CHRIST
2012_11_28_21:23:54.559   014.202.136.xxx   ALLAH
2012_11_28_21:27:18.948   173.051.191.xxx   goeasy62
2012_11_28_21:27:34.849   099.155.188.xxx   CHRIST
2012_11_28_21:28:30.629   173.051.191.xxx   this is cool
2012_11_28_21:28:54.609   099.155.188.xxx   The lights or the messages??
2012_11_28_21:28:56.470   173.051.191.xxx   where is this
2012_11_28_21:29:23.812   173.051.191.xxx   the whole thing
2012_11_28_21:29:29.731   099.155.188.xxx   Your not in Kansas anymore.
2012_11_28_21:30:13.551   173.051.191.xxx   manghera
2012_11_28_21:31:24.796   173.051.191.xxx   Pirozzi
2012_11_28_21:32:13.934   173.051.191.xxx   To all my facebook friends Merry Christmas.....Jerry
2012_11_28_21:32:51.921   076.077.124.xxx   Santa Knows that Dwayne Dobson Was Bad - Starla
2012_11_28_21:32:59.340   002.125.159.xxx   love this :) from UK - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! XXX
2012_11_28_21:33:26.718   099.155.188.xxx   Merry Christmas England
2012_11_28_21:34:31.869   076.077.124.xxx   Starla is Giving Dwayne Dobson a Lump of Coal this Year
2012_11_28_21:36:04.404   173.051.191.xxx   Merry Christmas from Lake Elsinore california
2012_11_28_21:41:12.583   173.051.191.xxx   Merry Christmas from San Pedro California
2012_11_28_21:46:59.297   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas from Hulkville! ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_21:47:57.754   071.169.099.xxx   hello  from  Huntingdon ,Pa
2012_11_28_21:53:54.124   099.155.188.xxx   Merry Christmas from Overland Park, KS
2012_11_28_21:54:47.647   071.169.099.xxx   where is  the  snow globe  at
2012_11_28_21:59:18.534   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Will be hooked up tomorrow ***ALEK***
2012_11_28_21:59:28.442   068.150.163.xxx   Ooh I have a new toy
2012_11_28_21:59:34.903   071.169.099.xxx   thanks  and God Bless youo

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