288 christmas text messages on 2012/1205

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,334 times that day including 4,728 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1205

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_12_05_17:00:06.411   090.199.117.xxx   FIRST
2012_12_05_17:00:45.773   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** As noted on website, 20+ MPH winds ... so 15' Balloon and 12' Santa unplugged for now ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_17:00:51.685   002.025.129.xxx   hi all
2012_12_05_17:02:06.888   002.025.129.xxx   brian here from uk hi scooby networks creaw and rest
2012_12_05_17:02:43.175   002.025.129.xxx   hi glen
2012_12_05_17:03:21.256   002.025.129.xxx   hi danny
2012_12_05_17:03:50.438   002.025.129.xxx   merry xmas all happy new year
2012_12_05_17:08:15.514   024.052.018.xxx   greetings from Carlsbad, NM
2012_12_05_17:09:23.305   092.237.196.xxx   happy christmas from Edinburgh, Scotland
2012_12_05_17:10:34.541   099.059.220.xxx   hi katelyn & Caleb
2012_12_05_17:12:07.571   002.025.129.xxx   whats up with the lights
2012_12_05_17:12:58.188   071.126.045.xxx   Congratulations great job
2012_12_05_17:14:19.573   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks ... lets just hope this wind doesn't blow 'em to Kansas! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_17:16:54.916   002.025.129.xxx   well done alek
2012_12_05_17:17:42.354   002.025.129.xxx   could you impove refseh rate to 2 secs as it bit glitcty sum times
2012_12_05_17:18:10.399   068.032.003.xxx   hey my peoples
2012_12_05_17:19:19.257   076.030.073.xxx   great to have you back for another holiday season.
2012_12_05_17:19:49.966   002.025.129.xxx   nice pictures bye way off airshow
2012_12_05_17:20:42.129   068.032.003.xxx   cheese!
2012_12_05_17:21:00.807   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** FYI that webcam #1 looks fuzzy due to shaking from wind and long exposure ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_17:21:13.527   002.025.129.xxx   ahh i see (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_17:21:35.225   068.032.003.xxx   lol
2012_12_05_17:21:38.231   002.027.000.xxx   Hey Buck & Bri having fun u 2
2012_12_05_17:21:51.323   002.025.129.xxx   you yer (11)
2012_12_05_17:22:12.851   068.032.003.xxx   how are you alek?
2012_12_05_17:22:13.709   081.135.018.xxx   oioi peps and bri
2012_12_05_17:22:20.516   002.025.129.xxx   how bout you danny (12)
2012_12_05_17:22:44.797   081.135.018.xxx   we did says peps lol
2012_12_05_17:23:13.725   081.135.018.xxx   bitty
2012_12_05_17:23:25.098   068.032.003.xxx   HULK ___GRRRRR!
2012_12_05_17:23:43.911   081.135.018.xxx   baps
2012_12_05_17:24:15.332   002.025.129.xxx   ill get the buuter (13)
2012_12_05_17:24:16.723   081.135.018.xxx   bacon
2012_12_05_17:24:34.970   068.032.003.xxx   guess what im eating?
2012_12_05_17:24:46.859   081.135.018.xxx   fishy
2012_12_05_17:25:03.851   002.025.129.xxx   ill have nice bap sandiwch yummy imhurgey fancey trucky (14)
2012_12_05_17:25:19.221   174.237.066.xxx   Merry Christmas from Iraq! Allahu Akbar!
2012_12_05_17:25:32.456   081.135.018.xxx   nono nice bacon baps
2012_12_05_17:25:45.769   068.032.003.xxx   i wis*** was christmas :(
2012_12_05_17:26:04.418   081.135.018.xxx   arelas
2012_12_05_17:26:04.719   002.025.129.xxx   send us sum over then (15)
2012_12_05_17:26:39.380   081.135.018.xxx   brown sauce or red
2012_12_05_17:27:01.404   002.025.129.xxx   alek you heard of camfrog should come on forg (16)
2012_12_05_17:27:13.307   081.135.018.xxx   reds to messy (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_17:27:28.406   002.025.129.xxx   so brown (17)
2012_12_05_17:27:52.968   081.135.018.xxx   but brown is is a bit ewwwww (11)
2012_12_05_17:28:29.220   002.025.129.xxx   so red gets every were (18)
2012_12_05_17:28:54.300   081.135.018.xxx   runs down her legs (12)
2012_12_05_17:29:34.743   081.135.018.xxx   slop slop (13)
2012_12_05_17:30:24.046   002.025.129.xxx   sen you mop (19)
2012_12_05_17:30:52.743   081.135.018.xxx   i would say use his hair but wot hair (14)
2012_12_05_17:31:10.771   002.025.129.xxx   o ddear (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_17:31:25.850   081.135.018.xxx   looooooooooooool (15)
2012_12_05_17:32:09.861   002.025.129.xxx   weres all merry ho  ho (21)
2012_12_05_17:33:04.548   065.025.170.xxx   Just pinned your site, Alek. Thanks for another year of fun.
2012_12_05_17:33:05.494   081.135.018.xxx   on the corners lol (16)
2012_12_05_17:33:44.239   002.025.129.xxx   you should know lol (22)
2012_12_05_17:34:11.084   081.135.018.xxx   i found out from u how much was it again (17)
2012_12_05_17:34:14.367   068.032.003.xxx   im eating ice cream
2012_12_05_17:34:27.232   002.025.129.xxx   yummy (23)
2012_12_05_17:34:54.234   081.135.018.xxx   lol (18)
2012_12_05_17:35:00.960   068.032.003.xxx   guess what flavor?
2012_12_05_17:35:03.942   002.025.129.xxx   bit clod init for ice cream (24)
2012_12_05_17:35:32.098   002.025.129.xxx   what faluor (25)
2012_12_05_17:36:03.975   068.032.003.xxx   choconilla (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_17:36:20.335   002.025.129.xxx   ewwwwwwwwwww (26)
2012_12_05_17:36:29.075   068.032.003.xxx   lol (11)
2012_12_05_17:37:05.504   002.025.129.xxx   my p**** cat say hi (27)
2012_12_05_17:37:38.541   081.135.018.xxx   stop playing with it lol (19)
2012_12_05_17:37:43.103   076.007.235.xxx   Just tuned in. Re the winds... if the lights reach Kansas I will return them af
2012_12_05_17:38:05.121   002.025.129.xxx   send my way lol (28)
2012_12_05_17:38:35.357   002.025.129.xxx   ill use it for my disco suft (29)
2012_12_05_17:38:36.434   068.032.003.xxx   i have been craving ice cream allll week (12)
2012_12_05_17:39:06.798   002.025.129.xxx   might be prengent (30 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_17:39:13.594   081.135.018.xxx   ice with ur cream ewww (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_17:39:38.460   081.135.018.xxx   tut tut (21)
2012_12_05_17:39:55.210   068.032.003.xxx   im not pregnant (13)
2012_12_05_17:40:09.411   081.135.018.xxx   :p spunky (22)
2012_12_05_17:40:20.131   002.025.129.xxx   ewww (31)
2012_12_05_17:40:36.116   081.135.018.xxx   ahahahahahhaahhaha (23)
2012_12_05_17:41:05.309   081.135.018.xxx   ewww he getting off on it (24)
2012_12_05_17:43:09.988   081.135.018.xxx   he loves it long time (25)
2012_12_05_17:44:09.717   008.028.150.xxx   Who's parked out front?
2012_12_05_17:44:36.411   024.046.090.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2012_12_05_17:44:36.588   068.032.003.xxx   every time i get near egg nog i sneeze i dont get it (14)
2012_12_05_17:45:02.395   024.046.090.xxx   Who is parked out front is that a spectator?
2012_12_05_17:47:32.132   024.046.090.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and Family!
2012_12_05_17:48:42.803   024.046.090.xxx   blackout!
2012_12_05_17:50:27.217   024.128.024.xxx   first time in forever that I've been able to control the lights since there are
2012_12_05_17:51:02.102   024.046.090.xxx   hello! hola! bonjour! ni hao! chao!
2012_12_05_17:52:08.269   024.046.090.xxx   Who is on the roof?
2012_12_05_17:53:38.440   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** That would be Santa Skier on the roof - may have snow this weekend for him! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_17:58:12.939   069.068.169.xxx   Hello from Gatesville TX
2012_12_05_17:59:20.066   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Winds are dieing down - just hooked up BIG Santa and Balllon - zone 7 and 8 ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_17:59:24.378   069.068.169.xxx   Hey dude on the computer
2012_12_05_17:59:41.137   068.032.003.xxx   his name is alek (15)
2012_12_05_18:01:26.310   068.032.003.xxx   20 more days til christmas! (16)
2012_12_05_18:02:37.873   069.068.169.xxx   Woot Woot 20 days Till Christmas!
2012_12_05_18:03:43.870   082.046.228.xxx   love this webcam..... from liverpool uk
2012_12_05_18:04:27.058   173.049.159.xxx   Playing from Wilmington, Delaware
2012_12_05_18:04:45.749   068.032.003.xxx   im the hulk GRRRRRR! (17)
2012_12_05_18:05:23.572   218.186.019.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2012_12_05_18:05:30.801   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 068.032 is my type of Puny Human - GRRRRRR! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_18:06:16.251   068.032.003.xxx   yay (18)
2012_12_05_18:06:54.508   082.046.228.xxx   love wecam alek... 4th  year watching for me
2012_12_05_18:07:05.375   068.032.003.xxx   alek what are you drinking? (19)
2012_12_05_18:09:04.996   069.035.200.xxx   merry christmas to all
2012_12_05_18:09:21.131   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Finally finishing off the Peppermint Chocolate Eggnog from Halloween - yummy! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_18:10:41.314   068.032.003.xxx   how is it? (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_18:10:56.111   099.003.100.xxx   HAPPY HOLIDAYS... HAPPY HOLIDAYS
2012_12_05_18:11:20.300   068.032.003.xxx   its my birthday (21)
2012_12_05_18:12:38.835   173.049.159.xxx   Happy  birthday, Kelly Gremban!
2012_12_05_18:13:14.842   068.032.003.xxx   thanks (22)
2012_12_05_18:15:44.621   024.019.027.xxx   Go Komars!!!!!
2012_12_05_18:17:11.521   068.032.003.xxx   jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock (23)
2012_12_05_18:17:17.000   024.019.027.xxx   COngrats. Great site!!
2012_12_05_18:18:11.878   070.247.164.xxx   Awesome display!!
2012_12_05_18:19:18.803   068.032.003.xxx   is santa here? (24)
2012_12_05_18:20:43.573   068.032.003.xxx   just kidding (25)
2012_12_05_18:22:47.943   024.128.024.xxx   I wish my speakers worked so I could listen to some Christmas music
2012_12_05_18:23:49.701   068.032.003.xxx   im the hulk GRRRRRR! (26)
2012_12_05_18:24:51.250   068.032.003.xxx   im a girl girl girl (27)
2012_12_05_18:24:59.628   098.236.074.xxx   Merry Christmas
2012_12_05_18:25:36.902   068.032.003.xxx   im a girl girl girl in a world world world! have a merry christmas! (28)
2012_12_05_18:27:20.992   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Someone keeps turning everything OFF - is Al Gore online?!?  ___-) ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_18:28:49.749   068.032.003.xxx   i turnec it on (29)
2012_12_05_18:29:25.600   068.032.003.xxx   ___i turned it on (30 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_18:29:45.986   173.068.194.xxx   Hi Alex
2012_12_05_18:30:36.257   124.170.074.xxx   Hulk says have a smashing Christmas!
2012_12_05_18:30:58.026   068.150.161.xxx   Survivor
2012_12_05_18:31:59.336   173.068.194.xxx   Malcom
2012_12_05_18:33:08.229   124.170.074.xxx   Give us a wave Alek!
2012_12_05_18:34:47.155   173.068.194.xxx   Where do you get city translation from IP address?
2012_12_05_18:37:04.325   068.061.245.xxx   I hope you didn't do all this on our account Clark
2012_12_05_18:38:58.276   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, it is the Clark Griswolds on the Internet controlling the display - D ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_18:41:51.473   068.061.245.xxx   It's a beaut Clark !!... it's a beaut !!
2012_12_05_18:43:54.048   173.068.194.xxx   Audrey's frozen from the waist down
2012_12_05_18:59:00.099   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Try to keep zone #8 ON ... helps the 15' Santa Balloon - thanks! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_18:59:45.809   068.040.209.xxx   Alek: can't you lock zone 8 on (to where no one can turn it off) ?
2012_12_05_19:00:39.566   068.040.209.xxx   Alek: or at least plug it in so the balloon doesn't shut off (plug it in direct
2012_12_05_19:01:40.146   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I could do that ... but figure the balloon should go up and down a few times! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_19:02:19.354   068.040.209.xxx   ___nods___
2012_12_05_19:02:27.175   173.014.021.xxx   Weee, it's homer xmas!
2012_12_05_19:06:01.595   024.078.098.xxx   @chrispenney HULK SMASH!
2012_12_05_19:07:21.842   173.086.193.xxx   Merry xmas!
2012_12_05_19:10:01.425   024.078.098.xxx   If there are other people in here, let turn everything off!!
2012_12_05_19:11:32.651   024.078.098.xxx   yay, it worked!
2012_12_05_19:15:10.804   050.081.104.xxx   I love kim
2012_12_05_19:15:39.576   050.081.104.xxx   :) :)
2012_12_05_19:16:31.059   050.081.104.xxx   Check out ogerfink's airbrush on facebook and click like
2012_12_05_19:16:58.151   050.081.104.xxx   Merry Christmas
2012_12_05_19:17:30.417   050.009.247.xxx   i cant
2012_12_05_19:17:44.368   050.081.104.xxx   Hi Alek :)
2012_12_05_19:18:02.762   050.009.247.xxx   my name tyer
2012_12_05_19:18:37.107   050.009.247.xxx   tyler
2012_12_05_19:19:05.163   050.009.247.xxx   yes
2012_12_05_19:19:35.417   050.009.247.xxx   please stop
2012_12_05_19:21:29.883   075.183.183.xxx   inflate the homer
2012_12_05_19:22:23.859   098.216.184.xxx   will hulk blow away with the wind?
2012_12_05_19:25:02.796   174.253.019.xxx   Happy Holidays from Arthur Illinos....ariana cherry
2012_12_05_19:26:13.756   067.058.253.xxx   Merry Christmas From Arthur IL...skye shearer
2012_12_05_19:26:53.405   067.058.253.xxx   I ___3 this plus its for a great cause
2012_12_05_19:27:59.032   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** HULK will SMASH the wind if it tries to blow him away! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_19:29:22.978   067.058.253.xxx   HI! This is sooo cool
2012_12_05_19:34:57.829   076.097.077.xxx   Evening Sir Alex
2012_12_05_19:35:52.680   076.097.077.xxx   good evening to all from balmy Ga
2012_12_05_19:38:19.106   098.192.224.xxx   I love you Jeff & Aubrie___3 -Heather
2012_12_05_19:40:10.612   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good evening from Hulkville!    ___-) ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_19:42:06.263   076.097.077.xxx   gn from ga
2012_12_05_19:45:50.140   173.245.064.xxx   Hail Hail 147.435 LA Repeater. Now Go Kick Rock's.
2012_12_05_19:46:48.698   098.223.248.xxx   seriously grow up
2012_12_05_19:47:04.483   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa is bringing you coal for Christmas dude! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_19:50:52.422   173.245.064.xxx   Ghostery, is telling me alek that you are letting facebook social plugin, stumb
2012_12_05_19:54:03.071   068.040.209.xxx   The guy that said kick rocks needs the coal - especially someone who's supposed
2012_12_05_19:55:57.363   067.165.218.xxx   HI CHARLOTTE M
2012_12_05_19:56:02.486   173.245.064.xxx   068.040.209, You get nothing again. and still ain't is not a word.
2012_12_05_19:57:22.283   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hulk SMASHES the Spammers and Santa puts them on his Coal list! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_19:57:31.243   068.040.209.xxx   You're a disgrace for a ham operator, if you are indeed one!
2012_12_05_20:00:48.308   173.245.064.xxx   RRI, Is the biggest clown on 435. don't you think 068.040.209
2012_12_05_20:02:32.963   098.223.248.xxx   what is wrong with you people
2012_12_05_20:03:10.789   071.208.024.xxx   Cool site!
2012_12_05_20:03:49.052   099.140.249.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2012_12_05_20:05:12.935   024.255.183.xxx   Let it snow! Let it snow!  LET IT SNOW!
2012_12_05_20:05:06.068   173.245.064.xxx   what's your call sign 098.223.248 just asking ?
2012_12_05_20:06:36.242   098.067.093.xxx   Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen.
2012_12_05_20:06:53.835   099.140.249.xxx   Alek's the coolest dad ever
2012_12_05_20:08:18.292   070.072.180.xxx   Alek  - Tried to tweet but the tweet comes up as Halloween
2012_12_05_20:08:55.293   098.216.184.xxx   awesome alek!
2012_12_05_20:10:09.066   068.040.209.xxx   LOL ALEK!!
2012_12_05_20:10:44.397   068.040.209.xxx   Hm, are you allowing us to get drunk with you on Christmas? ___-)
2012_12_05_20:10:54.951   098.216.184.xxx   This commercial is brought to you by Pabst beer1
2012_12_05_20:11:04.879   108.196.153.xxx   Greetings from Austin, TX Looks Great!!
2012_12_05_20:12:55.470   173.245.064.xxx   Bro Code Article 14: Bros DO NOT make eye contact while at urinals, and DO NOT 
2012_12_05_20:14:14.616   098.216.184.xxx   There are children under 10 here
2012_12_05_20:14:05.273   173.245.064.xxx   Bro Code Article 15: A bro never catches a cold. Only women catch colds, bro___
2012_12_05_20:16:39.605   070.072.180.xxx   Hello from Calgary Canada Alek
2012_12_05_20:19:01.845   098.216.184.xxx   blue burrito reindeer kul!
2012_12_05_20:24:49.599   074.179.250.xxx   Wowwowwowwowcr
2012_12_05_20:27:54.974   070.072.180.xxx   Wow that was quick Alek! Tweeted - Wil
2012_12_05_20:28:45.619   046.246.116.xxx   Hello all!
2012_12_05_20:29:49.911   070.072.180.xxx   Boot
2012_12_05_20:30:03.864   098.223.248.xxx   hahaha
2012_12_05_20:37:05.823   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for pointing out the coding error Wil - Santa brings you extra this year! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_20:38:19.675   173.224.125.xxx   your source code is a mess
2012_12_05_20:39:16.376   173.224.125.xxx   try using some style sheets
2012_12_05_20:40:26.224   173.224.125.xxx   poo poo
2012_12_05_20:40:44.552   208.107.115.xxx   hello
2012_12_05_20:41:08.054   173.224.125.xxx   go away
2012_12_05_20:41:43.860   065.128.019.xxx   hi santa
2012_12_05_20:45:25.091   074.196.060.xxx   wat
2012_12_05_20:47:16.410   050.090.229.xxx   Merry Christmas to all
2012_12_05_20:48:38.563   173.208.216.xxx   trayvon martin died luls
2012_12_05_20:52:46.462   076.126.087.xxx   inb4 everything explodes
2012_12_05_20:53:00.428   173.208.216.xxx   columbine
2012_12_05_20:53:35.299   173.208.216.xxx   THESE NUTS
2012_12_05_20:54:11.616   050.092.018.xxx   Shoutout to Raf Recavarren and Matt Young
2012_12_05_20:54:41.196   173.208.216.xxx   shout out to these nuts
2012_12_05_20:55:47.151   173.208.216.xxx   man, lava lamps dont even have anything to do with christmas
2012_12_05_20:56:03.893   050.092.018.xxx   Hi mom
2012_12_05_20:58:17.841   173.208.216.xxx   9/11
2012_12_05_20:58:19.217   050.092.018.xxx   Hi Sean
2012_12_05_20:59:05.999   050.092.018.xxx   so do I
2012_12_05_21:13:52.365   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Possible snow in the next day or two ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_21:14:35.117   173.181.038.xxx   Hi From Jeff in Calgary Canada
2012_12_05_21:17:30.654   156.034.025.xxx   i know Jeff S from Calgary
2012_12_05_21:30:42.809   024.120.114.xxx   ______ YOU ______ ARE ____WASTING ____ POWER !!!
2012_12_05_21:35:29.749   068.096.205.xxx   You're no longer wasting power!
2012_12_05_21:36:08.975   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Al Gore must be back turning everything OFF! ***ALEK***
2012_12_05_21:37:04.851   024.120.114.xxx   Al Gore is my god
2012_12_05_21:37:22.459   068.096.205.xxx   ALL UR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2012_12_05_21:37:40.571   068.150.163.xxx   Then I'm the anti-Christ! Hahaha
2012_12_05_21:37:51.964   068.096.205.xxx   ALL UR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2012_12_05_21:38:15.378   024.120.114.xxx   What is wrong with you ON people? try OFF for a change!
2012_12_05_21:38:45.914   068.150.163.xxx   Better on than off, I say
2012_12_05_21:39:10.524   024.120.114.xxx   Off is so nice and relaxing
2012_12_05_21:39:29.783   068.096.205.xxx   OFF is like a donation
2012_12_05_21:39:51.745   068.150.163.xxx   On is life
2012_12_05_21:40:00.752   068.096.205.xxx   ALL UR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2012_12_05_21:40:12.897   024.120.114.xxx   Get off my wife!
2012_12_05_21:40:28.617   068.150.163.xxx   Your grammar is awful
2012_12_05_21:41:14.557   068.096.205.xxx   google it friend ALL UR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2012_12_05_21:41:33.769   024.120.114.xxx   It's Russian !!
2012_12_05_21:41:59.270   068.150.163.xxx   Speak english then
2012_12_05_21:42:26.884   024.120.114.xxx   All your lights are belonging to Russians
2012_12_05_21:43:02.382   068.150.163.xxx   It's all your lights belong to Russians.. No are and Inge
2012_12_05_21:43:43.780   024.120.114.xxx   You really should try to use google sometime
2012_12_05_21:44:14.932   068.150.163.xxx   You use very poor grammar
2012_12_05_21:44:48.088   068.096.205.xxx   google it friend ALL UR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2012_12_05_21:44:53.262   024.120.114.xxx   GOOGLE IT DUDE MAN LIKE HEY MAN
2012_12_05_21:45:15.143   068.150.163.xxx   Why?  It's bad grammar.
2012_12_05_21:45:55.470   024.120.114.xxx   Hi, I'm the spelling and grammar NAZI of the internet! OBEY! (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_21:46:48.065   068.150.163.xxx   To cant say belonging to aremrussians
2012_12_05_21:46:59.607   024.120.114.xxx   Google will punish you if you type bad grammar into the search box (11)
2012_12_05_21:47:26.467   068.150.163.xxx   You say lights belong to Russians (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_21:47:49.249   024.120.114.xxx   ALL YOUR TVs ARE BELONG TO US! (12)
2012_12_05_21:48:09.730   068.150.163.xxx   NO ARE!!! (11)
2012_12_05_21:48:25.302   068.096.205.xxx   ALL UR SANTAS ARE BELONG TO US
2012_12_05_21:49:01.196   068.150.163.xxx   This is America, you don't say are belong (12)
2012_12_05_21:49:20.278   068.096.205.xxx   GOOGLE: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2012_12_05_21:50:15.795   068.150.163.xxx   Great, whatever its broken Englis***'s wrong (13)
2012_12_05_21:50:26.183   068.096.205.xxx   If you don't google it you'll never know (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_21:50:50.728   076.170.171.xxx   If you have to google it, you'll never understand.
2012_12_05_21:50:56.049   068.150.163.xxx   I did.  It's stupid.  Is horrible English (14)
2012_12_05_21:50:58.669   024.120.114.xxx   That's what makes it so funny! GOOGLE IT HARD HEADED DUMMY (13)
2012_12_05_21:51:18.606   068.096.205.xxx   It's a YOUTUBE my friend. google it to find out (11)
2012_12_05_21:51:27.707   068.150.163.xxx   There's nothing funny about it (15)
2012_12_05_21:52:03.908   068.150.163.xxx   I did google it.  Broken English (16)
2012_12_05_21:52:13.625   024.120.114.xxx   It's horrible English -- bad grammar! HAHAHA (14)
2012_12_05_21:52:23.664   068.096.205.xxx   you did not google it. it is a youtube link (12)
2012_12_05_21:52:52.299   068.150.163.xxx   I did google it.  I saw some stupid link and a picture (17)
2012_12_05_21:52:55.945   024.120.114.xxx   No sense of humor I guess.... (15)
2012_12_05_21:53:18.272   064.216.032.xxx   Could you two take your internet argument elsewhere?
2012_12_05_21:53:30.853   068.150.163.xxx   It's funny to young people only (18)
2012_12_05_21:53:39.413   024.120.114.xxx   This is the internet (16)
2012_12_05_21:54:19.087   068.096.205.xxx   we're all friends here for a good cause (13)
2012_12_05_21:55:41.772   098.245.167.xxx   Hi Alek... Gracias por el show!
2012_12_05_21:56:03.334   068.150.163.xxx   No worris pal (19)
2012_12_05_21:56:18.488   068.096.205.xxx   OK God Bless All (14)
2012_12_05_21:57:11.714   024.120.114.xxx   I da no haw ta spel ither (17)
2012_12_05_21:57:23.343   068.096.205.xxx   Seriously the "ALL YOUR BASE..." is a YOUTUBE video (15)
2012_12_05_21:57:59.098   068.150.163.xxx   I know! I saw!  I really don't care anymore :) (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_21:58:26.427   024.120.114.xxx   Yourtub is a place fer bad graar peopel (18)
2012_12_05_21:58:27.126   068.096.205.xxx   OK friend. Sorry. Just saying for all... God Bless (16)
2012_12_05_21:59:10.566   024.120.114.xxx   2 minutes (19)
2012_12_05_21:59:29.073   068.150.163.xxx   It's all god, no harm done! (21)
2012_12_05_21:59:39.815   024.120.114.xxx   LAST POST (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_05_21:59:55.311   068.096.205.xxx   LAST POST (17)
2012_12_05_21:59:57.931   068.150.163.xxx   Nope this is (22)

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