100 christmas text messages on 2012/1215

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,427 times that day including 1,728 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1215

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_12_15_17:01:34.989   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 10 more days to Christmas! ***ALEK***
2012_12_15_17:02:23.548   024.016.195.xxx   greetings from a raw goat milk dairy in Washington!
2012_12_15_17:03:16.365   076.025.250.xxx   HO HO HO from Kate
2012_12_15_17:05:17.434   076.025.250.xxx   Peace Out!!
2012_12_15_17:05:24.371   209.087.255.xxx   hey all! merry christmas!
2012_12_15_17:05:56.658   024.016.195.xxx   hi Bethany!
2012_12_15_17:08:38.976   098.213.076.xxx   merry christmas hohoho
2012_12_15_17:09:33.771   076.025.250.xxx   hi Kate
2012_12_15_17:36:11.824   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Are you saying HI to Kate Winslet or Kate Middleton ***ALEK***
2012_12_15_17:44:12.509   068.040.209.xxx   the answer is yes
2012_12_15_17:45:13.636   002.100.079.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2012_12_15_17:48:42.935   002.100.079.xxx   lights off everyone
2012_12_15_17:50:22.159   067.160.121.xxx   Santa Claus is coming to town!
2012_12_15_18:01:19.439   174.051.160.xxx   turn off lights and inflatibles for a minute
2012_12_15_18:01:29.608   083.081.198.xxx   Controls are broken :(
2012_12_15_18:02:37.771   086.179.161.xxx   Certainly are! :(
2012_12_15_18:02:45.450   067.160.121.xxx   Why are they broken?!
2012_12_15_18:04:07.430   168.122.015.xxx   Reppin' Boston University!!!!
2012_12_15_18:06:31.975   168.122.015.xxx   Nothing seems to be working :(
2012_12_15_18:06:55.183   067.160.121.xxx   Go Washington!
2012_12_15_18:07:16.855   168.122.015.xxx   UW Huskies?
2012_12_15_18:07:32.242   086.179.161.xxx   Alek - We need your help!  X10 has died :(
2012_12_15_18:13:45.117   002.100.079.xxx   is anything working?
2012_12_15_18:14:38.800   168.122.015.xxx   No, unfortunately.
2012_12_15_18:32:49.838   083.081.198.xxx   Blargh blargh
2012_12_15_18:36:19.940   098.216.184.xxx   Not working
2012_12_15_18:42:37.014   068.150.161.xxx   Yup, the lights won't shut off
2012_12_15_18:43:42.218   024.170.236.xxx   Hey there
2012_12_15_18:45:00.353   099.003.100.xxx   the lights wont shut off.
2012_12_15_18:45:33.003   098.216.184.xxx   Alek? Did u drink too much egg nog?
2012_12_15_18:46:26.204   099.003.100.xxx   it truly is the end of the world
2012_12_15_18:52:09.396   050.136.119.xxx   is someone at the workshop
2012_12_15_18:54:21.242   050.136.119.xxx   Is someone  there
2012_12_15_18:57:16.234   050.136.119.xxx   is alek there
2012_12_15_18:59:57.208   050.136.119.xxx   yes i wonder if he will show up in the office
2012_12_15_19:00:26.741   050.136.119.xxx   yes i wonder if he will show up in the office
2012_12_15_19:02:04.555   174.055.224.xxx   Troy is great guy
2012_12_15_19:02:29.217   050.136.119.xxx   is alek there
2012_12_15_19:02:39.786   066.214.218.xxx   hello from nevada
2012_12_15_19:02:43.949   099.003.100.xxx   I like cheese.
2012_12_15_19:02:54.729   050.136.119.xxx   is someone at the workshop
2012_12_15_19:03:03.129   066.214.218.xxx   i like burritos
2012_12_15_19:04:05.970   050.136.119.xxx   is alek there
2012_12_15_19:12:22.222   099.003.100.xxx   my cats breath smells like cat food
2012_12_15_19:17:26.361   076.025.250.xxx   Merry Christmas J-Bird
2012_12_15_19:17:54.773   098.216.184.xxx   Where is alek?
2012_12_15_19:18:28.317   050.136.119.xxx   my cats breath smells like cat food
2012_12_15_19:18:45.214   076.025.250.xxx   Merry Christmas J-Bird!!!!!
2012_12_15_19:19:16.938   050.136.119.xxx   no whats your name' (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_15_19:23:01.312   068.040.209.xxx   Alek !!!!
2012_12_15_19:23:21.287   068.040.209.xxx   You need to reset your ilghts
2012_12_15_19:23:34.887   076.025.250.xxx   hip hip horay
2012_12_15_19:24:08.515   068.040.209.xxx   They've been hung for almost 2 hours or so now
2012_12_15_19:24:14.561   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** X10 Controller had to be rebooted - working now! ***ALEK***
2012_12_15_19:28:51.160   076.025.250.xxx   happy christmas
2012_12_15_19:32:00.950   076.025.250.xxx   happy halldays
2012_12_15_19:47:57.827   076.104.253.xxx   Hi Alek! From Ted & Carrie Milburn :)
2012_12_15_19:50:17.065   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Hello "smackdown" Milburns! ***ALEK***
2012_12_15_19:56:07.626   068.150.161.xxx   Mistletoe! Oh Alek, that's what you need in the office!
2012_12_15_19:58:35.763   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, now that would be nice! ***ALEK***
2012_12_15_20:05:33.967   174.016.218.xxx   this rocks
2012_12_15_20:33:51.454   074.105.155.xxx   Holy moly
2012_12_15_20:38:22.351   074.005.110.xxx   Hi Eddie! Porkchop loves you!!
2012_12_15_20:52:31.157   075.109.086.xxx   Hello From WV
2012_12_15_20:57:21.243   099.238.046.xxx   I see you alek!
2012_12_15_20:59:27.736   050.136.119.xxx   do you still have the halloween skeleton in the office (11)
2012_12_15_21:01:15.924   050.136.119.xxx   alek do you still have thr halloween skeleton in thr office (12)
2012_12_15_21:06:58.433   050.136.119.xxx   what webcam do you use (13)
2012_12_15_21:18:12.406   076.097.077.xxx   evening all
2012_12_15_21:18:35.444   076.097.077.xxx   (or yall as we say down here in Ga)
2012_12_15_21:18:47.391   050.136.119.xxx   what webcam do you use (14)
2012_12_15_21:19:04.487   024.220.026.xxx   I just got a new gun S&W M&P 9 pro series shoots nice
2012_12_15_21:20:30.658   050.136.119.xxx   what webcam do you use (15)
2012_12_15_21:21:00.226   050.136.119.xxx   do you still have the halloween skeleton in the office (16)
2012_12_15_21:21:24.365   076.097.077.xxx   tks A for another fine light show. Gn.
2012_12_15_21:21:52.870   050.136.119.xxx   do you still have the halloween skeleton in the office (17)
2012_12_15_21:22:43.063   024.220.026.xxx   less than a week till doomsday ahh!!!!! lol!!!!
2012_12_15_21:25:54.022   068.150.161.xxx   No doomsday coming
2012_12_15_21:26:03.202   024.220.026.xxx   spare the duct tape spoil the job
2012_12_15_21:28:19.623   024.220.026.xxx   love the controls and lights alek
2012_12_15_21:32:04.413   071.045.157.xxx   NO SNOW?
2012_12_15_21:32:58.499   024.220.026.xxx   bring it on
2012_12_15_21:38:57.652   076.025.250.xxx   HoHOHO J-Bird
2012_12_15_21:39:29.220   050.136.119.xxx   my cats breath smells like cat food (18)
2012_12_15_21:40:55.583   067.255.243.xxx   god bless the komar family
2012_12_15_21:42:57.518   050.136.119.xxx   18 minutes untill off (19)
2012_12_15_21:43:26.017   076.025.250.xxx   Hulk Smash (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_15_21:43:54.941   050.136.119.xxx   whats your name' (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_15_21:45:11.526   076.025.250.xxx   Merry Christmas MaMa (11)
2012_12_15_21:45:35.153   076.025.250.xxx   Love JBIRD (12)
2012_12_15_21:45:38.934   067.255.243.xxx   Santa Komar!!!!
2012_12_15_21:46:13.697   050.136.119.xxx   do you still have the halloween skeleton in the office (21)
2012_12_15_21:47:57.550   067.255.243.xxx   love this place :-)
2012_12_15_21:48:07.014   076.008.105.xxx   whats on your computers
2012_12_15_21:50:16.494   067.255.243.xxx   10 minutes until X10 CONTROLS OFF
2012_12_15_21:50:47.327   067.255.243.xxx   Temperature: 31.9___F
2012_12_15_21:52:29.552   067.255.243.xxx   41 people viewing Christmas Lights
2012_12_15_21:54:32.594   067.255.243.xxx   good night everyone
2012_12_15_21:58:05.324   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Good night and Merry Christmas! ***ALEK***
2012_12_15_21:59:07.425   083.100.186.xxx   Merry Christmas

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