323 christmas text messages on 2012/1221

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 7,888 times that day including 4,033 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1221

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_12_21_16:42:21.768   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 4 days before Christmas ... so firing up early ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_16:42:44.114   068.150.161.xxx   Yay!!
2012_12_21_16:44:29.217   068.150.161.xxx   Everybody sing!
2012_12_21_16:45:11.933   068.150.161.xxx   Jingle bells jingle bells, it's Christmas time in the cut
2012_12_21_16:45:42.934   068.150.161.xxx   Er city
2012_12_21_16:46:17.077   068.150.161.xxx   Dingaling, hear them ring.... Soon it will be ...
2012_12_21_16:46:41.532   068.150.161.xxx   Why is your message refresh rate so fast?
2012_12_21_16:46:59.735   068.040.209.xxx   spongebob isn't turning on
2012_12_21_16:47:47.297   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** garage master plug wasn't in - fixed for SpongeBob and others! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_16:48:15.406   068.150.161.xxx   I'm surprised that can type so much so quickly
2012_12_21_16:49:00.453   068.150.161.xxx   Happy holidays!  happy Holidays!
2012_12_21_16:49:26.034   068.150.161.xxx   May the merry bells keep ringing!
2012_12_21_16:49:45.967   068.150.161.xxx   Happy holidays to you... (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_16:49:59.918   074.215.029.xxx   Yo Dawg Merry Christmas
2012_12_21_16:50:13.829   068.150.161.xxx   All is calm, all is bright! (11)
2012_12_21_16:50:35.518   068.150.161.xxx   Round young v****** mother and Child (12)
2012_12_21_16:50:48.373   149.169.147.xxx   Homer must be deflated.
2012_12_21_16:51:17.179   068.150.161.xxx   Kissing Santa Claus is fun for girls (13)
2012_12_21_16:51:22.519   074.215.029.xxx   At first I thought the website was outdated and these were gifs
2012_12_21_16:51:34.704   074.215.029.xxx   then i realized the truth
2012_12_21_16:51:46.962   068.150.161.xxx   I love typing this much (14)
2012_12_21_16:52:05.422   068.150.161.xxx   It's wildly fun (15)
2012_12_21_16:52:10.892   184.090.078.xxx   It would be funny if we just kept all of the lights and things off
2012_12_21_16:52:45.505   068.150.161.xxx   Yes it would (16)
2012_12_21_16:53:12.305   024.006.188.xxx   this is awesome
2012_12_21_16:53:56.779   074.215.029.xxx   Omg theres a guy
2012_12_21_16:54:15.794   074.215.029.xxx   Wave at the camera if you see this, guy. Also sweet lights
2012_12_21_16:54:24.315   068.150.161.xxx   He's the king of Kolorado (17)
2012_12_21_16:54:48.000   074.185.020.xxx   You are awesome guy-in-the-glasses!
2012_12_21_16:55:00.515   074.215.029.xxx   He doesn't know we're here... Wait YAY!!!
2012_12_21_16:55:02.877   068.150.161.xxx   The Lord of the lights! (18)
2012_12_21_16:55:31.588   074.215.029.xxx   Master of magic (lights)!
2012_12_21_16:55:39.675   074.185.020.xxx   This is what Geek Christmas is all about.
2012_12_21_16:56:07.213   068.150.161.xxx   The Chancelor of Christmas (19)
2012_12_21_16:56:14.892   074.215.029.xxx   Wait, is this his normal computer that he always uses?
2012_12_21_16:56:36.331   068.150.161.xxx   The Duke of Decorating! (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_16:56:51.694   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, I normally let people on the Internet type here for me!!! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_16:57:03.379   074.215.029.xxx   Emperor of Empires... yeah ok I'm bad at this
2012_12_21_16:58:03.951   068.150.161.xxx   The Father of Frosty (21)
2012_12_21_16:58:36.314   068.150.161.xxx   The Guru of gifts! (22)
2012_12_21_16:58:41.911   074.215.029.xxx   Grandfather of the Grinch (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_16:59:28.444   068.150.161.xxx   The jack of all jello (23)
2012_12_21_17:00:02.778   068.150.161.xxx   The sire of sockets (24)
2012_12_21_17:00:05.125   074.215.029.xxx   The Keiser of Kristmas (11)
2012_12_21_17:00:28.882   068.150.161.xxx   The toast of Tinsel (25)
2012_12_21_17:00:47.498   074.215.029.xxx   So he should add a flamethrower that we can control (12)
2012_12_21_17:01:41.910   068.150.161.xxx   The Admiral of anticipation (26)
2012_12_21_17:01:54.158   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Those are some pretty darn funny comments 068 and 074 - you guys should write for Letterman! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_17:02:23.422   074.215.029.xxx   @Admiral Anticipation: It's a Tree! (13)
2012_12_21_17:03:14.122   068.150.161.xxx   The boss of boxes (27)
2012_12_21_17:03:57.760   068.150.161.xxx   The heir of holidays (28)
2012_12_21_17:05:39.069   074.215.029.xxx   The Noble of New Years! (14)
2012_12_21_17:06:47.122   098.151.131.xxx   Thank you!
2012_12_21_17:07:00.631   094.224.231.xxx   'sup
2012_12_21_17:07:24.785   098.198.132.xxx   hello all
2012_12_21_17:07:39.047   072.200.220.xxx   Mommy loves you Emma! You are my hero.
2012_12_21_17:07:40.243   092.022.054.xxx   Merry Xmas to all!
2012_12_21_17:08:13.753   072.200.220.xxx   Mommy loves you Emma! You are my hero.
2012_12_21_17:14:05.787   086.152.073.xxx   LIGHT UP THE NIGHT
2012_12_21_17:18:37.836   068.150.161.xxx   I don't mind slash dot as long as they behave (29)
2012_12_21_17:21:38.120   074.215.029.xxx   I just got hulked (15)
2012_12_21_17:23:12.714   174.115.005.xxx   I lovou Joan!
2012_12_21_17:23:17.716   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Would you like a Corona with that HULKed! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_17:24:43.710   174.115.005.xxx   I love you Joan!
2012_12_21_17:25:28.391   194.144.004.xxx   What the heck
2012_12_21_17:26:57.364   194.144.004.xxx   Merry Christmas
2012_12_21_17:28:41.685   080.109.084.xxx   Best project ever!
2012_12_21_17:31:14.240   066.226.046.xxx   Merry Christmas from NC!
2012_12_21_17:35:38.014   070.113.022.xxx   Howdy
2012_12_21_17:37:49.095   070.113.022.xxx   Beef wafers
2012_12_21_17:42:33.216   071.118.029.xxx   DDDRRRAAAAAVVEENNN
2012_12_21_17:45:47.924   075.010.118.xxx   Hulk wear salmon color pants!
2012_12_21_17:52:07.933   098.252.077.xxx   Hulk thirst ___this big___
2012_12_21_18:01:33.242   083.227.145.xxx   hello world
2012_12_21_18:01:46.836   174.050.024.xxx   Hi Back!
2012_12_21_18:02:17.899   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife has to head out - moving Big Santa in front of the garage soon! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_18:05:01.945   068.040.209.xxx   For what its worth Alek, spongebob is still unplugged
2012_12_21_18:08:32.724   160.033.043.xxx   Hello world!
2012_12_21_18:10:01.213   067.217.127.xxx   Scooby Doo
2012_12_21_18:11:15.376   069.143.181.xxx   Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2012_12_21_18:12:26.148   076.084.221.xxx   poop
2012_12_21_18:15:50.983   216.239.087.xxx   Yay!!
2012_12_21_18:16:50.654   216.239.087.xxx   This is awesome!  :D
2012_12_21_18:17:03.526   083.081.198.xxx   I survived Dec 21st and all I got was a cold
2012_12_21_18:17:38.209   070.231.229.xxx   Bah Humbug!
2012_12_21_18:19:29.232   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa brings coal to Scrooge! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_18:20:19.796   070.231.229.xxx   Scrooge burns coal.
2012_12_21_18:20:35.124   068.040.209.xxx   HULK SMASH SCROOGE
2012_12_21_18:20:38.175   083.081.198.xxx   Yeah! Lets burn scrooge!
2012_12_21_18:21:48.004   070.231.229.xxx   Ouch....scrooge be flat.
2012_12_21_18:22:19.844   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL on the Scrooge comments! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_18:22:20.320   099.069.124.xxx   happ christma-hanu-kwanz-ika
2012_12_21_18:24:17.436   058.145.148.xxx   merry xmas liz :)
2012_12_21_18:24:37.916   066.061.118.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Wkorkshop Cam!
2012_12_21_18:26:48.677   070.067.015.xxx   this site feels straight out of 1998, amazing
2012_12_21_18:27:05.336   083.081.198.xxx   GO SANTA GO! CLIMB THAT LADDER!
2012_12_21_18:27:33.682   076.176.201.xxx   AWESOME
2012_12_21_18:27:35.285   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** That would be STEPPING SANTA going up and down that ladder! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_18:29:10.285   098.085.112.xxx   224 people wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooo
2012_12_21_18:30:30.414   058.007.053.xxx   Holy Blinking LIghts Batman!!!
2012_12_21_18:31:57.322   079.097.073.xxx   Wow I have hands!
2012_12_21_18:32:56.908   071.231.106.xxx   The clocks in this photo are out of sync
2012_12_21_18:33:13.530   058.007.053.xxx   No they are not
2012_12_21_18:33:23.715   066.108.109.xxx   hello
2012_12_21_18:33:42.596   083.081.198.xxx   Hello
2012_12_21_18:33:56.603   066.108.109.xxx   Woopsie is cool
2012_12_21_18:34:36.138   069.254.222.xxx   Far Lands Or Bust!
2012_12_21_18:34:56.617   066.108.109.xxx   Woopsie is cool!
2012_12_21_18:35:25.682   071.088.193.xxx   Hello World!
2012_12_21_18:35:43.139   066.108.109.xxx   I said Woopsie is cool!
2012_12_21_18:35:51.373   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Look VERY carefully at the Clocks ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_18:36:12.619   066.108.109.xxx   What's special about the clocks?
2012_12_21_18:36:32.542   068.040.209.xxx   what are we supposed to be looking at?
2012_12_21_18:37:02.352   066.108.109.xxx   It's 6:36 and the guy just left, so he's on mountain time.
2012_12_21_18:37:29.392   066.108.109.xxx   ahh! the red clock on top right is backwards.
2012_12_21_18:37:39.850   059.167.159.xxx   This is cool. That is all.
2012_12_21_18:38:01.843   066.108.109.xxx   i think i want one of those backwards clocks
2012_12_21_18:39:00.106   071.061.094.xxx   hi alek
2012_12_21_18:39:04.513   076.099.000.xxx   oh my goodness
2012_12_21_18:39:35.834   098.177.133.xxx   hi Alek. From Surprise,AZ
2012_12_21_18:40:15.185   079.097.073.xxx   I'mmmm dreaming of a white christma**ssss
2012_12_21_18:41:38.853   058.007.053.xxx   Rice is great when you're hungry and you want 2,000 of something
2012_12_21_18:45:30.856   216.121.149.xxx   Thanks from Canada, eh!
2012_12_21_18:45:56.760   096.061.168.xxx   Thank you, this was quite Fun!
2012_12_21_18:46:28.859   058.007.053.xxx   Hi from Australia
2012_12_21_18:46:47.923   216.239.087.xxx   Hullooooo!
2012_12_21_18:47:09.521   024.247.189.xxx   Yo, Yo Yo!
2012_12_21_18:50:19.824   069.206.171.xxx   Happy Kewelmas from NY!!!
2012_12_21_18:54:18.842   069.254.222.xxx   Chrysalis is best pony
2012_12_21_18:58:02.601   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just put 074's hilarious comments on the Blog - well done! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_18:58:29.357   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife coming home about 7:15 ... moving Big Santa! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_18:58:57.210   075.133.024.xxx   Ho HO HO
2012_12_21_18:59:51.036   220.121.067.xxx   yay!
2012_12_21_19:00:08.828   108.234.233.xxx   Where is the Almighty Alec 2nite?
2012_12_21_19:04:36.515   094.002.051.xxx   This is awesome! :)  You rock! Merry Christmas! :-D
2012_12_21_19:05:51.085   108.234.233.xxx   wut a do wut a do
2012_12_21_19:06:43.164   108.234.233.xxx   whoever turned off the lites-turn them back on pls
2012_12_21_19:14:13.193   076.115.145.xxx   Yeeeesss.....lites.....
2012_12_21_19:14:39.593   174.065.135.xxx   Ho ho ho!
2012_12_21_19:14:59.509   050.030.115.xxx   No beer
2012_12_21_19:15:22.203   050.030.115.xxx   thats bad
2012_12_21_19:15:26.275   076.115.145.xxx   More beer!
2012_12_21_19:15:29.797   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Someone said they wanted a Lite? ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_19:15:55.283   076.115.145.xxx   Yes, you have been Slashdotted.
2012_12_21_19:15:56.615   050.030.115.xxx   really?
2012_12_21_19:16:51.575   050.030.115.xxx   DO u dring when u put up the lights
2012_12_21_19:18:46.911   050.030.115.xxx   WHERES SANTA?
2012_12_21_19:18:55.919   096.040.160.xxx   Woo
2012_12_21_19:19:55.499   066.195.191.xxx   Happy Holidays!
2012_12_21_19:20:48.209   174.102.068.xxx   Happy Holidays to all from Lima, Ohio!
2012_12_21_19:22:13.443   168.244.164.xxx   Hello Josh
2012_12_21_19:26:24.009   174.102.068.xxx   Alek's Christmas lights are the BEST!!!
2012_12_21_19:27:22.399   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks. Wife is back home - putting BIG SANTA back up! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_19:32:10.591   024.063.022.xxx   Merry Christmas to all! (Boston, MA)
2012_12_21_19:36:45.495   075.072.250.xxx   SUCKAS!
2012_12_21_19:37:13.315   075.072.250.xxx   dude, you got mentioned on slashdot!!!!!!
2012_12_21_19:41:10.112   107.001.129.xxx   what?
2012_12_21_19:41:43.855   075.072.250.xxx   why?
2012_12_21_19:42:13.600   107.001.129.xxx   this page reminds me of the eighties!
2012_12_21_19:44:26.563   107.001.129.xxx   stop turnin stuff off!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012_12_21_19:44:58.721   071.104.226.xxx   Wheeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
2012_12_21_19:46:25.974   098.091.058.xxx   Here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus lane.
2012_12_21_19:47:34.328   075.072.250.xxx   i wonder what the neighbors think of all this....
2012_12_21_19:47:54.985   174.102.068.xxx   I bet they love it!!
2012_12_21_19:47:57.746   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Neighbors think it is a hoot - their kids love it! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_19:48:08.895   075.072.250.xxx   looks like there is someone walking around on Cam2
2012_12_21_19:48:19.641   174.102.068.xxx   We love it!!
2012_12_21_19:53:04.297   213.213.139.xxx   hohoho
2012_12_21_19:53:39.891   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** That would be HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_19:54:39.092   068.040.209.xxx   ___-)
2012_12_21_19:54:50.016   213.213.139.xxx   H___ h___ h___ from iceland
2012_12_21_20:05:13.411   198.084.162.xxx   I ___3 Kittens!
2012_12_21_20:05:51.060   198.084.162.xxx   Merry Christmas from Canada, eh?
2012_12_21_20:12:38.064   174.050.223.xxx   vcvcv
2012_12_21_20:13:53.021   178.128.072.xxx   I LOVE You BELLA
2012_12_21_20:14:10.153   198.084.162.xxx   I love you too Edward!
2012_12_21_20:15:04.720   005.043.046.xxx   I LOVE YOU EDWARD !!!!
2012_12_21_20:15:50.360   068.032.003.xxx   4 more days till christmas! woohoo
2012_12_21_20:15:53.226   178.128.072.xxx   MARRY ME...
2012_12_21_20:15:56.494   005.043.046.xxx   FREAKY
2012_12_21_20:16:19.801   178.128.072.xxx   MARRY ME BELLA..
2012_12_21_20:16:21.029   005.043.046.xxx   I WILL MARRY YOU MY BABY
2012_12_21_20:16:50.836   068.032.003.xxx   4 more days till christmas! woohoo
2012_12_21_20:17:08.834   005.043.046.xxx   YOU ARE MY EDWARD. NO ONE ELSE'S.... :(
2012_12_21_20:17:42.957   068.032.003.xxx   005 043 you are obsessed
2012_12_21_20:18:05.289   071.169.129.xxx   boink boink boink
2012_12_21_20:18:08.506   005.043.046.xxx   NO IM NOT.
2012_12_21_20:18:17.944   178.128.072.xxx   YOU ARE MY ONLY BELLA.. :( I LOVE YOU
2012_12_21_20:18:18.889   068.032.003.xxx   yes you are
2012_12_21_20:19:06.105   005.043.046.xxx   I AM OBSESSED WITH THE ONE I LOVE.
2012_12_21_20:19:25.163   198.084.162.xxx   Santa says, "Yo!  Where my HO's at?"
2012_12_21_20:19:28.967   068.032.003.xxx   good for you
2012_12_21_20:20:03.268   005.043.046.xxx   IT is NICE SPEAKING TO YOU. :)
2012_12_21_20:22:39.722   068.032.003.xxx   to who?
2012_12_21_20:24:14.486   068.032.003.xxx   Alek i like your hair
2012_12_21_20:25:49.387   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** How about HULK's Hair - SMASHING, 'eh? ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_20:26:06.680   068.032.003.xxx   yup
2012_12_21_20:27:01.566   068.032.003.xxx   i didnt even know the hulk had hair
2012_12_21_20:28:11.215   068.032.003.xxx   i have visted 26 times (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_20:28:29.905   198.084.162.xxx   That's because the hulk waxes.
2012_12_21_20:28:51.280   068.032.003.xxx   what? (11)
2012_12_21_20:29:04.020   198.084.162.xxx   HULK WANT BRAZILLIAN NOW!
2012_12_21_20:30:22.163   068.032.003.xxx   alek are you excited for xmas? (12)
2012_12_21_20:31:25.675   076.196.011.xxx   Dave says, "Merry Xmas!"
2012_12_21_20:32:28.800   005.043.046.xxx   ...
2012_12_21_20:32:34.869   198.084.162.xxx   Hulk hoping you weren't drinking coffee when he said that.
2012_12_21_20:32:39.929   066.152.117.xxx   Steve is a dirty white dog!
2012_12_21_20:35:20.634   024.009.048.xxx   -17 in Fraser CO
2012_12_21_20:35:35.664   068.032.003.xxx   hulk is looking at me run! (13)
2012_12_21_20:36:24.200   068.032.003.xxx   knock knock? (14)
2012_12_21_20:37:43.248   067.180.084.xxx   i knew this was what s****'s lair would look like...
2012_12_21_20:41:56.854   068.032.003.xxx   that scared me the hulk just popped out of no where (15)
2012_12_21_20:42:43.633   072.078.090.xxx   Hulk likes smashing surprises!
2012_12_21_20:43:21.958   068.032.003.xxx   i love this site (16)
2012_12_21_20:43:44.776   072.078.090.xxx   Looks like you outdid yourself this year, Alek!
2012_12_21_20:43:46.071   095.147.210.xxx   me too
2012_12_21_20:44:16.434   068.032.003.xxx   i love hot cocoa (17)
2012_12_21_20:44:23.296   095.147.210.xxx   no snow here in uk this year - just rain :(
2012_12_21_20:44:42.653   072.078.090.xxx   Do your boys still help you with the lights?
2012_12_21_20:45:06.884   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Boys aren't as much into the lights ... but the "big kid" still is! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_20:45:21.873   068.032.003.xxx   i dont why but im about to cry (18)
2012_12_21_20:45:46.958   072.078.090.xxx   Awww. Guess they're approaching teen hood. Darn!
2012_12_21_20:46:49.582   068.032.003.xxx   i just love christmas sooo much (19)
2012_12_21_20:47:09.357   050.049.229.xxx   ho ho
2012_12_21_20:47:18.041   095.147.210.xxx   pity there's no audio
2012_12_21_20:48:20.951   072.078.090.xxx   I'm glad you don't do your lights to music.
2012_12_21_20:48:53.911   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Lights to music are cool too - just not my style ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_20:48:59.475   072.078.090.xxx   That would be sooo annoying.
2012_12_21_20:49:31.676   072.078.090.xxx   I guess. Someone locally does that. Not wild about it.
2012_12_21_20:50:19.396   072.078.090.xxx   If you're car radio isn't tuned in, it looks very odd.
2012_12_21_20:51:27.943   068.032.003.xxx   who loves this website say me i know  i do (20 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_20:51:28.266   072.078.090.xxx   Your lights are organic! Heh!
2012_12_21_20:53:13.204   072.078.090.xxx   Have a Merry Christmas Everybody! (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_20:53:28.955   068.032.003.xxx   last christmas i gave you my heart (21)
2012_12_21_20:54:25.632   037.153.194.xxx   Hot s**  on a stick. Happy end of the world!
2012_12_21_20:54:45.593   024.009.048.xxx   its -17 in Fraser CO
2012_12_21_20:55:31.293   072.078.090.xxx   Hey Folks! Don't forget to donate to Celiac Research! (11)
2012_12_21_20:55:46.730   065.032.253.xxx   merry christmas
2012_12_21_20:56:21.791   065.032.253.xxx   This is Fun
2012_12_21_20:56:23.803   072.078.090.xxx   Please. Hurricane Sandy victims still need help too. (12)
2012_12_21_20:57:59.891   095.147.210.xxx   How does a snowman get around??
2012_12_21_20:58:27.392   095.147.210.xxx   by icicle
2012_12_21_21:00:06.244   068.150.161.xxx   Tough as nails (30 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_21:00:33.767   068.032.003.xxx   im the hulk GRRRRRR! (22)
2012_12_21_21:00:33.890   068.150.161.xxx   Santa knows karate (31)
2012_12_21_21:00:54.287   068.032.003.xxx   lol (23)
2012_12_21_21:01:06.786   095.147.210.xxx   PC or Mac Alek?
2012_12_21_21:01:30.748   068.150.161.xxx   Miss Calus does yoga (32)
2012_12_21_21:03:14.085   190.030.067.xxx   Happy Christmas, slashdotters!!!
2012_12_21_21:06:23.838   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Windoze on the desktop - everything running Linux - IM laptop too ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_21:07:50.049   068.150.161.xxx   Happy everything (33)
2012_12_21_21:08:27.720   068.150.161.xxx   Quasi Santa (34)
2012_12_21_21:09:07.183   068.150.161.xxx   Control geek (35)
2012_12_21_21:10:19.804   068.150.161.xxx   Every day is like Christmas in North Pole (36)
2012_12_21_21:13:23.299   068.150.161.xxx   Singing in the drain, I'm singing in the drain! (37)
2012_12_21_21:14:32.295   065.000.110.xxx   hi frannie!
2012_12_21_21:15:26.493   098.213.076.xxx   merry christmas hohoho
2012_12_21_21:15:40.237   068.032.003.xxx   i cant stop singing christmas songs help what do i do? (24)
2012_12_21_21:16:25.059   068.150.161.xxx   Duct tape (38)
2012_12_21_21:16:40.693   065.000.110.xxx   merry Christmas from kossuth
2012_12_21_21:16:28.751   206.126.092.xxx   Merry Christmas
2012_12_21_21:17:35.972   068.150.161.xxx   Shanta Claus (39)
2012_12_21_21:17:36.588   068.032.003.xxx   lol duct tape (25)
2012_12_21_21:18:11.661   065.000.110.xxx   hi Mal
2012_12_21_21:18:15.421   068.150.161.xxx   Rocking around the menora (40 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_21:18:29.227   084.249.103.xxx   x10 2 does not work?
2012_12_21_21:19:23.339   068.150.161.xxx   We love wii (41)
2012_12_21_21:19:26.344   065.000.110.xxx   open grinch style!
2012_12_21_21:19:50.799   068.032.003.xxx   i am a directioner (26)
2012_12_21_21:20:07.113   065.000.110.xxx   hi santa
2012_12_21_21:20:44.732   084.249.103.xxx   Greetings from Finland, where Santa lives.
2012_12_21_21:20:45.438   065.000.110.xxx   good night peeps
2012_12_21_21:21:15.254   065.000.110.xxx   Greeting from Mississippi
2012_12_21_21:21:28.147   068.032.003.xxx   i am not a peep (27)
2012_12_21_21:22:08.867   084.249.103.xxx   Greetings from 22-Dec, world did not end.
2012_12_21_21:22:53.259   065.000.110.xxx   yay to world still existing!!
2012_12_21_21:23:38.739   065.000.110.xxx   ho ho ho merry Christmas
2012_12_21_21:24:54.905   068.150.161.xxx   Slo mo on Elmo so no dough (42)
2012_12_21_21:25:22.638   068.032.003.xxx   HO HO HO Merry Christma**anta Claus (28)
2012_12_21_21:26:03.232   068.150.161.xxx   Rod Stewart on TV right now!! (43)
2012_12_21_21:26:37.830   173.027.209.xxx   I love this site!
2012_12_21_21:26:49.090   068.032.003.xxx   me too (29)
2012_12_21_21:27:03.944   068.150.161.xxx   This site lovers you all (44)
2012_12_21_21:27:50.477   150.101.096.xxx   Awesome site.. thank you & merry Christmas
2012_12_21_21:28:32.155   068.150.161.xxx   Wait till you see it Monday night!  Wow (45)
2012_12_21_21:28:43.420   150.101.096.xxx   merry minecraft christmas
2012_12_21_21:29:12.819   068.150.161.xxx   It can get like 5000 people on it (46)
2012_12_21_21:30:45.217   068.032.003.xxx   i wish it was monday (30 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_21:31:28.092   068.032.003.xxx   i wish it was monday (31)
2012_12_21_21:31:40.160   068.150.161.xxx   It will be soon enough... Patience (47)
2012_12_21_21:32:28.279   068.032.003.xxx   im going to a church on sunday (32)
2012_12_21_21:33:11.052   068.150.161.xxx   Joy to Facebook the site is up... (48)
2012_12_21_21:33:15.938   068.032.003.xxx   they are going to have this christmas thing with food and a play (33)
2012_12_21_21:33:50.026   068.032.003.xxx   and a play (34)
2012_12_21_21:34:27.209   068.032.003.xxx   and they are going to give out toys (35)
2012_12_21_21:34:27.800   068.150.161.xxx   Ooo (49)
2012_12_21_21:35:06.559   068.032.003.xxx   im so excited (36)
2012_12_21_21:35:14.740   150.101.096.xxx   santa go on a diet
2012_12_21_21:35:29.935   068.150.161.xxx   Cholesterol (50 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_21:35:46.611   099.040.025.xxx   Lauren wins!
2012_12_21_21:35:49.356   150.101.096.xxx   EROR
2012_12_21_21:36:08.912   099.040.025.xxx   Kelin wins!
2012_12_21_21:37:01.642   068.150.161.xxx   Santa Claus on the late show! (51)
2012_12_21_21:37:45.641   099.040.025.xxx   Santa wins!
2012_12_21_21:40:07.716   068.032.003.xxx   guess what im eating? (37)
2012_12_21_21:41:36.297   068.032.003.xxx   im eating juice (38)
2012_12_21_21:42:34.324   150.101.096.xxx   ...
2012_12_21_21:43:00.958   150.101.096.xxx   text
2012_12_21_21:44:41.971   115.064.175.xxx   Cat
2012_12_21_21:46:13.476   067.061.185.xxx   Meow
2012_12_21_21:47:29.282   115.064.175.xxx   Woof
2012_12_21_21:48:24.570   074.099.153.xxx   I survived doomsday 2012
2012_12_21_21:51:04.728   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** My Christmas Display survived Doomsday 2012 too! ***ALEK***
2012_12_21_21:53:08.584   068.040.209.xxx   We are getting the snow and wind here in the Motor City :(
2012_12_21_21:53:40.441   068.040.209.xxx   I actually had to unplug my inflatanles!
2012_12_21_21:53:44.423   068.032.003.xxx   i love snow (39)
2012_12_21_21:54:02.021   068.040.209.xxx   inflatables, too
2012_12_21_21:54:02.177   115.064.175.xxx   unlucky son
2012_12_21_21:54:40.610   068.040.209.xxx   Welcome to winter! LOL ___/sarcasm___
2012_12_21_21:54:51.842   068.032.003.xxx   who loves chicken? (40 IM's so far today)
2012_12_21_21:55:11.189   115.064.175.xxx   i like chikkun
2012_12_21_21:56:50.440   068.032.003.xxx   lol chikkun (41)
2012_12_21_21:59:25.336   068.040.209.xxx   Alek: are you gonna keep the lights on longer than usual come Christmas? (10 IM's so far today)

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