46 christmas text messages on 2012/1227

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 6,066 times that day including 4,806 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1227

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2012_12_27_17:01:00.854   082.046.228.xxx   iam first
2012_12_27_17:01:11.301   074.197.147.xxx   Bless you all from Shelli in Enid Oklahoma!
2012_12_27_17:02:26.259   204.008.225.xxx   Sup Yo
2012_12_27_17:07:28.073   204.008.225.xxx   EPIC!
2012_12_27_17:10:09.992   099.227.113.xxx   Awesome
2012_12_27_17:26:05.205   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I appreciate the AWESOME comment - thanks! ***ALEK***
2012_12_27_17:48:47.285   068.150.161.xxx   The party is quiet tonight!
2012_12_27_18:00:03.574   156.034.025.xxx   Christmas is gone :(
2012_12_27_18:00:24.212   074.197.147.xxx   Komarnitsky thank you!! I also loved watching the finches hatch and grow! Thank
2012_12_27_18:02:20.854   184.037.056.xxx   Time to watch the grass grow.
2012_12_27_18:06:58.242   074.197.147.xxx   The grass growing wasn't that great. It took too long! :)
2012_12_27_18:14:59.582   068.150.161.xxx   Sure is gonna be a blast Monday!
2012_12_27_18:17:05.923   064.126.008.xxx   Is that you Alex?  I see you.  You can't hide!!!
2012_12_27_18:36:01.910   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I actually was downstairs making dinner for the family - WINGS! ***ALEK***
2012_12_27_18:44:52.067   096.002.098.xxx   Happy New Year from Princeton MN
2012_12_27_19:18:00.827   156.034.025.xxx   Which is your oldest inflatable Alek ?
2012_12_27_19:43:38.995   184.161.101.xxx   we wish you a Merry Christmas from Quebec City
2012_12_27_19:54:45.540   024.224.195.xxx   love from Amherst Nova Scotia
2012_12_27_20:09:20.218   066.066.081.xxx   God Bless the West Webster, NY Vol Fire Dept and Victims Familys
2012_12_27_20:11:29.316   066.066.081.xxx   God Bless the West Webster, NY Vol Fire Dept and Victims Familys
2012_12_27_20:12:52.441   066.066.081.xxx   God Bless the West Webster, NY Vol Fire Dept and Victims Familys
2012_12_27_20:14:08.879   066.066.081.xxx   God Bless the West Webster, NY Vol Fire Dept & Victims Fams
2012_12_27_20:19:15.787   068.150.161.xxx   We get it!
2012_12_27_20:24:00.049   068.150.161.xxx   Santa Claus announced his Retirement today
2012_12_27_20:24:48.951   068.150.161.xxx   North Pole looking for replacement
2012_12_27_20:27:12.589   068.150.161.xxx   I heard they may offer Alek the position!
2012_12_27_20:32:00.536   065.101.119.xxx   Testing 1 2 3...is this thing on?
2012_12_27_20:33:44.325   068.150.161.xxx   4 5 6... Pick up sticks a.
2012_12_27_20:35:34.728   068.150.161.xxx   Do you like Pi___a Colada?
2012_12_27_20:36:18.343   068.150.161.xxx   Or getting caught in the rain?
2012_12_27_20:36:36.709   096.018.227.xxx   Happy New Year from HomieLive.US in Boise, ID!
2012_12_27_20:37:32.887   068.150.161.xxx   Imaho (10 IM's so far today)
2012_12_27_20:38:20.237   068.150.161.xxx   What's hi in the middle and round on bth ends? (11)
2012_12_27_20:40:46.230   068.150.161.xxx   Ohio yuck yuck yuck yuck (12)
2012_12_27_20:41:36.300   068.150.161.xxx   How do you make Anit-freeze? (13)
2012_12_27_20:42:12.674   068.150.161.xxx   Anti (14)
2012_12_27_20:43:07.355   068.150.161.xxx   Steal her Night Hown! Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck (15)
2012_12_27_20:43:59.240   068.150.161.xxx   Gown (16)
2012_12_27_20:50:54.573   072.078.090.xxx   Hoping Everyone had a Merry Christmas!
2012_12_27_21:23:43.308   069.089.179.xxx   test...............
2012_12_27_21:35:43.752   074.240.086.xxx   SUPER TESTOMATIC
2012_12_27_21:36:58.853   074.240.086.xxx   if you're not an elf, then you're a human
2012_12_27_21:47:37.514   068.150.163.xxx   Santa style
2012_12_27_21:51:02.981   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Per Blog post, tomorrow night will be end the 2012 holiday season - takedown this weekend ***ALEK***
2012_12_27_21:54:41.461   068.040.209.xxx   Alek, youre not gonna wait till New Years?
2012_12_27_21:59:21.749   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'd like too ... but it's TONS more work to take stuff down if it gets buried! ***ALEK***

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