169 christmas text messages on 2013/1205

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,024 times that day including 1,224 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1205

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_12_05_16:39:08.844   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Turning on the X10 Controls early on this snowy Thursday! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_16:45:29.465   067.233.075.xxx   how cold is it there
2013_12_05_16:47:16.923   067.233.075.xxx   hi everybody
2013_12_05_16:48:10.113   067.233.075.xxx   does anybody want to play a game?
2013_12_05_16:48:53.136   067.233.075.xxx   simon says
2013_12_05_16:49:40.183   067.233.075.xxx   hey alek how cold is it there?
2013_12_05_16:52:24.898   074.176.003.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kingston Georgia
2013_12_05_16:52:53.684   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** COLD!!!!  Replacing light (no gloves) is no fun! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_16:53:34.107   067.233.075.xxx   wow, it is 70 here in va
2013_12_05_16:56:48.687   067.233.075.xxx   alek are you having a good december so far
2013_12_05_16:58:42.366   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yep ... although some wild temperature swings - gotta love Colorado! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_16:59:34.493   067.233.075.xxx   cool, i wish was snowing here.
2013_12_05_17:04:24.481   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I just posted picture of the Christmas Train on the Blog - it's BBAACCKKK!!!! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_17:04:48.073   067.233.075.xxx   ok i'll look
2013_12_05_17:07:35.080   067.233.075.xxx   that's cool (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_17:08:05.699   068.147.237.xxx   Merry Esnay
2013_12_05_17:08:22.290   067.233.075.xxx   we have a giant 8ft santa (11)
2013_12_05_17:12:06.125   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** That's a 12' Santa on the left side of webcam1 - a real PIA when it is windy! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_17:12:35.066   067.233.075.xxx   wow (12)
2013_12_05_17:13:07.502   068.147.237.xxx   Is Santa home?
2013_12_05_17:13:31.335   066.226.040.xxx   Hey ya'll Merry Christmas from NC
2013_12_05_17:13:44.664   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welllll ... the sign does say Santa's Workshop ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_17:14:00.552   067.233.075.xxx   ha ha (13)
2013_12_05_17:14:38.182   068.147.237.xxx   what's for supper ?
2013_12_05_17:15:14.693   067.233.075.xxx   has anybody ever played an instrument? (14)
2013_12_05_17:15:16.112   174.023.177.xxx   Hi Uncle Alek
2013_12_05_17:16:10.768   067.233.075.xxx   has anybody ever played an instrument? (15)
2013_12_05_17:17:08.197   066.226.040.xxx   have a happy happy happy christmas
2013_12_05_17:17:11.806   170.188.005.xxx   It's wicked cold out!!  Bbbbrrrrrrrrrr!!
2013_12_05_17:17:45.914   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Slight chance of hitting NEGATIVE 10 tonight ... ouch! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_17:18:05.112   067.233.075.xxx   wow that___s really cold (16)
2013_12_05_17:18:38.554   098.218.074.xxx   You go, Hulkster!
2013_12_05_17:18:56.361   066.226.040.xxx   hhhiiiii
2013_12_05_17:18:59.571   067.233.075.xxx   hello (17)
2013_12_05_17:19:41.994   066.226.040.xxx   beautiful CHRISTmas display
2013_12_05_17:20:53.760   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** The HULK is not too happy about the cold ... plus light snow coming down now ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_17:21:27.905   067.233.075.xxx   he doesn___t like snow (18)
2013_12_05_17:21:51.733   066.226.040.xxx   do you think you will have a white christmas this year??
2013_12_05_17:22:11.093   067.233.075.xxx   i think so (19)
2013_12_05_17:27:12.165   075.140.112.xxx   Everything looks beautiful!
2013_12_05_17:28:35.473   066.226.040.xxx   hhhhhhiiiiiiii
2013_12_05_17:29:32.664   067.080.221.xxx   Happy end of Hanukkah!
2013_12_05_17:34:13.961   207.191.154.xxx   Hello Happy Christmas from Minnesota!! - The Olsons-
2013_12_05_17:47:26.908   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!
2013_12_05_17:47:47.793   072.200.220.xxx   Merry Christmas from snowy Oklahoma
2013_12_05_17:48:11.695   096.002.098.xxx   Princeton Minnesota here!!!!
2013_12_05_17:51:17.527   072.077.212.xxx   Hey Alek from Tampa! God bless and Merry Christmas! 81f today! No Snow!
2013_12_05_17:52:38.632   072.077.212.xxx   After Happy Birthday, brother. Just turned 62...UGH!
2013_12_05_17:53:36.048   068.150.161.xxx   Nice to see the train back out!
2013_12_05_17:54:15.684   072.092.067.xxx   Yes! I was about to say the same! Yay Train!
2013_12_05_17:54:28.372   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, I forgot how good the train looks - was a ton of work to fix it - see the Blog ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_17:54:40.232   065.102.213.xxx   hi everyone!
2013_12_05_17:55:00.052   072.092.067.xxx   It looks like it was, Alek! Great Job!
2013_12_05_17:55:06.212   068.150.161.xxx   Where is everyone from?
2013_12_05_17:55:41.171   072.092.067.xxx   Northeast
2013_12_05_17:55:44.330   066.226.040.xxx   North
2013_12_05_17:56:02.540   068.150.161.xxx   Where north?
2013_12_05_17:56:15.887   072.092.067.xxx   Canada?
2013_12_05_17:57:30.523   072.092.067.xxx   Alek, do you still have those Santa bubbler lights?
2013_12_05_17:57:53.169   068.150.161.xxx   Okay
2013_12_05_17:58:04.274   066.226.040.xxx   Sorry meant to put North Carolina
2013_12_05_17:58:35.721   068.150.161.xxx   Right on
2013_12_05_17:58:56.133   066.226.040.xxx   Where are u from?????
2013_12_05_17:59:16.714   068.150.161.xxx   Alberta Canada
2013_12_05_17:59:40.829   067.233.075.xxx   virginia (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_18:00:10.218   072.092.067.xxx   Pennsylvania :)
2013_12_05_18:02:25.790   068.150.161.xxx   Awesome, spread out
2013_12_05_18:04:11.320   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 072: Oh yeah we got Santa Bubbler lights! ;-) ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_18:04:15.110   086.017.075.xxx   just as awesome as i remember
2013_12_05_18:32:27.016   142.167.010.xxx   Found reverse clocks today...made me think of your office :)
2013_12_05_18:36:09.477   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife due home any minute ... with BlackJack Pizza! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_18:52:42.872   216.099.123.xxx   mcKayden says hey!
2013_12_05_18:54:13.319   216.099.123.xxx   hi everyone, from Calabash N.C.!
2013_12_05_18:59:14.803   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pizza was GOOD!  Moving car into garage ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_19:03:16.198   065.096.133.xxx   Alek, it was nice to hear you from your youtube video.
2013_12_05_19:06:08.370   066.226.040.xxx   hi people!! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_19:06:55.958   066.226.040.xxx   How are yall doin?? (11)
2013_12_05_19:08:40.852   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** WOW ... it is COOLLLDDDDD out there! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_19:09:36.268   071.201.177.xxx   Totally radical cowabunga!!
2013_12_05_19:10:52.162   066.226.040.xxx   Alek, thx 4 doing this once again!!!! (12)
2013_12_05_19:14:02.060   066.226.040.xxx   hello (13)
2013_12_05_19:23:39.912   071.201.177.xxx   Can't wait to show the kiddos!!
2013_12_05_19:26:38.750   099.249.117.xxx   works on my android phone merry christmas
2013_12_05_19:31:52.559   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Should also work on i-Devices ... ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_19:38:09.598   024.098.072.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2013_12_05_19:39:25.525   071.201.177.xxx   Merry Christmas to ALL!!
2013_12_05_19:40:06.721   071.201.177.xxx   And to ALL a good night!!
2013_12_05_19:49:10.277   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!
2013_12_05_20:10:30.865   070.197.010.xxx   Merry Christmas Cuz.. LtCol Dronoff
2013_12_05_20:13:53.355   075.087.190.xxx   The lights are pretty chaotic tonight! :)
2013_12_05_20:23:25.265   068.227.056.xxx   87 people viewing Christmas Lights AT 3.0F !!
2013_12_05_20:29:23.392   068.227.056.xxx   ZONE 7 is mine!
2013_12_05_20:30:45.356   068.227.056.xxx   DO NOT TURN ON ZONE 7 - IT'S MINE!
2013_12_05_20:32:31.316   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Zone #7 is Big 12' Santa ... he might not like that - LOL! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_20:32:46.646   068.227.056.xxx   I OWN SNOOPY TOO!!
2013_12_05_20:33:32.053   068.227.056.xxx   That's a HO HO NO NO!!
2013_12_05_20:37:39.044   068.227.056.xxx   Spooky Santa needs some FAT!! FEED CREEPY SANTA!
2013_12_05_20:39:13.399   068.227.056.xxx   FEED STALKER SANTA! FAT! FAT! FAT! Does he even have a beard?
2013_12_05_20:43:16.277   068.150.161.xxx   90 people, wow!!
2013_12_05_20:43:39.303   068.227.056.xxx   ____YOU ____ARE __WASTING __POWER!
2013_12_05_20:46:34.833   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT
2013_12_05_20:51:57.555   079.145.036.xxx   Xaby TE QUIERO
2013_12_05_20:52:03.064   076.072.013.xxx   Hello from Lafayette, LA!
2013_12_05_20:52:33.018   079.145.036.xxx   Xaby TE QUIERO
2013_12_05_20:52:53.015   088.007.242.xxx   Te quiero Eva
2013_12_05_20:54:32.122   079.145.036.xxx   Xaby te como todo el nabo
2013_12_05_20:54:50.966   088.007.242.xxx   Hola buen hombre!!
2013_12_05_20:55:29.139   079.145.036.xxx   Hola soy un terrorista y te veo
2013_12_05_20:55:50.074   088.007.242.xxx   Good work!!
2013_12_05_20:56:53.701   079.145.036.xxx   TE QUIERO GORDI
2013_12_05_20:56:57.177   068.227.056.xxx   This is a secret NSA back door! I see what's happening at your house! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_20:57:16.184   174.108.049.xxx   Merry Christmas from NC!
2013_12_05_20:57:18.411   088.007.242.xxx   Eva Streitz. Will you marry me?
2013_12_05_20:57:33.042   079.145.036.xxx   YESSSS!!!
2013_12_05_20:58:24.069   088.007.242.xxx   merry christmas from Spain! @xabylin
2013_12_05_20:58:49.084   079.145.036.xxx   Merry Xmas from Canary @EvaStreitz
2013_12_05_20:59:14.413   088.007.242.xxx   @evastreitz love U
2013_12_05_20:59:18.471   068.227.056.xxx   Only man can create a time when you have to go buy stuff (11)
2013_12_05_20:59:36.326   079.145.036.xxx   HARLEM SHAKEEEEEEE!!!!
2013_12_05_20:59:48.966   142.167.010.xxx   No one has to buy anything
2013_12_05_21:00:04.115   068.227.056.xxx   Tell the little woman that! (12)
2013_12_05_21:01:42.727   072.211.174.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_12_05_21:03:01.168   099.140.253.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone!
2013_12_05_21:16:18.054   088.007.242.xxx   Eva, I love U
2013_12_05_21:16:19.743   068.227.056.xxx   NEW PICS! See the Christmas Blog ! (13)
2013_12_05_21:16:55.171   079.145.036.xxx   Javi pr____________ame
2013_12_05_21:17:29.160   088.007.242.xxx   pre______ame
2013_12_05_21:17:43.734   068.227.056.xxx   THAT IS HOW YOU KEEP THEM OFF! (14)
2013_12_05_21:18:17.601   088.007.242.xxx   @xabylin @evastreitz on twitter
2013_12_05_21:18:31.178   068.227.056.xxx   PUT AWAY THAT LADDER! (15)
2013_12_05_21:18:36.062   079.145.036.xxx   SPAM (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_21:19:18.046   088.007.242.xxx   Eva Streitz. Will you marry me? (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_21:19:33.859   079.145.036.xxx   Yes baaaaby (11)
2013_12_05_21:19:38.246   068.227.056.xxx   SPAM IS HAM! (16)
2013_12_05_21:23:23.093   068.227.056.xxx   SPAM I am, bahm, bam, bram, cam, camm, cham, clam, cram, dahm, dam, dram, flam, (17)
2013_12_05_21:25:29.266   068.227.056.xxx   SPAM, ma'am, scram, sham, slam, jam, pam, swam, tam, yam!! (18)
2013_12_05_21:27:05.988   068.227.056.xxx   There's SPAM at hoover dam at the hydraulic ram! (19)
2013_12_05_21:27:55.323   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa is watching - he brings coal to spammers! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_21:28:25.131   068.227.056.xxx   Your midterm exam was about a giant clam ? SPAM! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_21:30:25.091   068.227.056.xxx   Santa put a ROCK in my stocking last year! (21)
2013_12_05_21:32:12.464   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** See ... Santa is ALWAYS watching ... and perhaps your Mom too!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_21:32:26.834   068.227.056.xxx   Pics of CREEPY STALKER SANTA on Christmas Blog! YUCK! (22)
2013_12_05_21:33:39.939   068.227.056.xxx   NSA knows if you are naughty and uses that against you! (23)
2013_12_05_21:34:29.532   068.227.056.xxx   Not so worried about Santa knowing ! (24)
2013_12_05_21:35:54.032   068.227.056.xxx   Snowden is a HERO only a little leaked so far! (25)
2013_12_05_21:38:22.599   068.227.056.xxx   ____YOU ____ARE __WASTING __POWER!!! (26)
2013_12_05_21:39:19.955   068.227.056.xxx   ____YOU ____ARE __WASTING ___POWER ! (27)
2013_12_05_21:40:38.104   068.227.056.xxx   Common Energy Wasting Products ! (28)
2013_12_05_21:41:34.592   068.227.056.xxx   mobile phone plugged into a socket all the time! CUT IT! (29)
2013_12_05_21:42:23.108   068.227.056.xxx   Keep doors shut during cold weather! HERMIT! (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_21:43:50.065   068.227.056.xxx   Your TV is one of the biggest wasters of energy AND YOUR LIFE! (31)
2013_12_05_21:44:48.601   068.227.056.xxx   DVD players, set-top boxes and games consoles POWER STRIP THEM! (32)
2013_12_05_21:45:39.215   068.227.056.xxx   See? You were wasting power! GET CFLs too! (33)
2013_12_05_21:46:37.474   068.227.056.xxx   ____YOU ___WERE __WASTING ___POWER ! (34)
2013_12_05_21:46:42.834   068.009.142.xxx   BUY LITECOIN
2013_12_05_21:49:01.974   068.227.056.xxx   Bitcoin is at 1100 !! (35)
2013_12_05_21:49:49.397   068.009.142.xxx   Litecoin's ROI is greater right now!
2013_12_05_21:50:09.295   068.227.056.xxx   Seriously folks, you have 10 minutes left to play! (36)
2013_12_05_21:50:56.698   068.009.142.xxx   Seriously folks, litecoin.
2013_12_05_21:51:36.235   068.227.056.xxx   Buy a solar panels and get better ROI ! (37)
2013_12_05_21:54:16.464   068.227.056.xxx   I HIT THE BUTTON AND IT TURNED OFF! WOW!! (38)
2013_12_05_21:56:01.713   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Solar Panels wouldn't work too well at night for christmas lights! ***ALEK***
2013_12_05_21:56:18.725   068.227.056.xxx   My software says*** this one button and all off! (39)
2013_12_05_21:57:06.650   068.227.056.xxx   I got it from Joe's software emporium ! (40 IM's so far today)
2013_12_05_21:58:07.307   068.227.056.xxx   He sells a software for ALL ON too! (41)
2013_12_05_21:58:46.946   068.227.056.xxx   See? I have both! (42)
2013_12_05_21:59:09.247   074.078.055.xxx   hey hey hey
2013_12_05_21:59:28.371   107.004.171.xxx   Thanks for the display. Great job again this year.
2013_12_05_21:59:55.581   068.227.056.xxx   LAST POST AS ALWAYS! (43)

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