234 christmas text messages on 2013/1215

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,926 times that day including 1,473 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1215

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_12_15_17:00:58.010   067.190.029.xxx   It's pretty windy here in Arvada, what about there?
2013_12_15_17:03:45.084   069.014.170.xxx   let the wind blow -- look at all of the energy being created!
2013_12_15_17:06:51.622   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pretty gusty right now - 15' balloon and 12' Santa unplugged for now ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_17:26:21.743   071.113.004.xxx   this is a fake demonstration
2013_12_15_17:27:25.894   086.136.244.xxx   Super real, super fun such wow
2013_12_15_17:27:37.293   071.113.004.xxx   all of the lights are going to be turned off and the website is going to be tur
2013_12_15_17:28:20.216   071.113.004.xxx   please DONATE
2013_12_15_17:31:23.356   068.150.161.xxx   Look, another night of off and on!
2013_12_15_17:43:35.290   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** yep ... ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF! ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_17:45:58.819   070.178.076.xxx   Daisy the Bulldog says Merry Christmas!!
2013_12_15_17:50:20.809   072.208.207.xxx   Taz and Max say Merry Christmas back to you!
2013_12_15_17:54:53.465   066.245.075.xxx   TEXAS IS OK
2013_12_15_17:55:52.853   066.245.075.xxx   COLORADO ___ TEXAS
2013_12_15_17:56:53.633   066.245.075.xxx   MERRY XMAS Y'ALL
2013_12_15_17:58:04.862   066.245.075.xxx   WAZ UP?
2013_12_15_17:58:32.655   002.100.064.xxx   Merry Christmas from N. Ireland
2013_12_15_17:59:35.506   066.245.075.xxx   HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM TEXAS
2013_12_15_17:59:36.007   068.150.161.xxx   Lucky charms!
2013_12_15_17:59:48.827   002.100.064.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ireland
2013_12_15_18:00:09.394   068.150.161.xxx   Hoop
2013_12_15_18:00:46.947   066.245.075.xxx   IS SANTA REAL?
2013_12_15_18:00:48.282   002.100.064.xxx   Merry Christmas from N. Ireland
2013_12_15_18:01:32.450   002.100.064.xxx   It is 1am in Ireland
2013_12_15_18:02:05.680   068.150.161.xxx   Early morn
2013_12_15_18:04:29.488   070.127.252.xxx   jerm says Merry Christmas
2013_12_15_18:06:01.524   068.150.161.xxx   Does she now?
2013_12_15_18:08:18.073   070.127.252.xxx   Jerm was here
2013_12_15_18:13:22.680   068.150.161.xxx   1 2 3 4 show me that you love me more
2013_12_15_18:23:08.775   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 they love you ... since 8 zones! ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_18:26:22.709   075.065.019.xxx   Excited to see if this works!
2013_12_15_18:31:22.945   068.150.161.xxx   It works, I a**ure you
2013_12_15_18:39:55.807   068.150.161.xxx   This time it's personal!
2013_12_15_18:44:19.630   072.211.174.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_12_15_18:46:39.214   068.150.161.xxx   Hello
2013_12_15_18:53:14.695   092.085.088.xxx   Salutari din Romania!
2013_12_15_19:02:26.968   068.150.161.xxx   Cool Romania (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_19:04:56.766   075.012.126.xxx   You do such a great job! Merry Christmas from Calif
2013_12_15_19:13:10.049   068.150.161.xxx   So what's the unofficial light count this year? (11)
2013_12_15_19:13:27.533   071.014.138.xxx   What's the deal with snow!?Is it cold or just feels that way?!
2013_12_15_19:14:54.261   068.150.161.xxx   Very little snow in Colorado (12)
2013_12_15_19:16:01.280   068.150.161.xxx   Compared to other areas (13)
2013_12_15_19:17:27.864   071.014.138.xxx   No snow in Colorado? Say it ain't so?!??!
2013_12_15_19:17:28.667   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Scroll down on the main page - final light count is 22,000 and 70 Amps ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_19:20:10.794   068.150.161.xxx   Yeah.  What's the highest count you've ever had? (14)
2013_12_15_19:22:03.641   071.014.138.xxx   I can count to 17.
2013_12_15_19:23:03.970   071.014.138.xxx   Snow needs rain and freezing temperatures ... below 55.
2013_12_15_19:28:13.571   066.245.075.xxx   KATY TEXAS IS NOT OK
2013_12_15_19:31:30.266   066.245.075.xxx   CAN I HAVE SOME MONEY?
2013_12_15_19:32:33.198   066.245.075.xxx   OFF OFF OFF OFF OFF
2013_12_15_19:33:08.256   066.245.075.xxx   ON ON ON (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_19:33:46.788   071.014.138.xxx   What if snow was made from frozen gravy?!!?
2013_12_15_19:35:07.604   068.150.161.xxx   It wouldn't be white! (15)
2013_12_15_19:35:32.526   071.014.138.xxx   You ever seen cream gravy?!?!
2013_12_15_19:35:46.196   068.150.161.xxx   Nope (16)
2013_12_15_19:36:34.871   068.150.161.xxx   Gravy is always brown from what I know (17)
2013_12_15_19:36:55.770   071.014.138.xxx   How dare you!?!?!?
2013_12_15_19:37:24.726   068.150.161.xxx   Lights are meant to be on!! (18)
2013_12_15_19:38:57.589   070.238.200.xxx   Hello!
2013_12_15_19:39:51.590   071.014.138.xxx   Hello! Gravy: Brown or White?
2013_12_15_19:39:53.060   068.150.161.xxx   Hi there, where you from? (19)
2013_12_15_19:41:33.680   070.238.200.xxx   Texas here :)
2013_12_15_19:41:45.802   068.150.161.xxx   I'm too waxy for my car too waxy for my car... (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_19:42:30.966   068.150.161.xxx   Texas hey?  Is it warm? (21)
2013_12_15_19:42:46.781   071.014.138.xxx   Texas ... home of gravy.
2013_12_15_19:43:18.350   068.150.161.xxx   Isn't Texas home of oil? (22)
2013_12_15_19:44:04.195   068.150.161.xxx   Home of cowboys? (23)
2013_12_15_19:44:59.603   068.150.161.xxx   The alone Ranger? (24)
2013_12_15_19:45:38.075   068.150.161.xxx   Lone, not alone hahaha (25)
2013_12_15_19:48:00.652   068.150.161.xxx   Who wears short short? (26)
2013_12_15_19:49:14.051   068.150.161.xxx   He wears short shorts, (27)
2013_12_15_19:51:01.308   184.166.225.xxx   Merry Christmas from Billings, MT
2013_12_15_19:53:15.062   068.150.161.xxx   Teasing... (28)
2013_12_15_19:53:46.084   071.014.138.xxx   Yes, home of Dallas Cowboys. ___sad face___ (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_19:54:03.556   068.150.161.xxx   Well, can't win every year (29)
2013_12_15_19:54:56.089   071.014.138.xxx   We can't win the last 15 years. (11)
2013_12_15_19:55:46.831   071.014.138.xxx   After a Cowboys loss, I heat up a gravy sandwich. (12)
2013_12_15_19:56:27.145   068.150.161.xxx   Sounds tasty (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_19:57:12.817   071.014.138.xxx   Gravy cures a lot of ills, physical and emotional. (13)
2013_12_15_19:58:56.576   068.150.161.xxx   How so? (31)
2013_12_15_20:01:41.740   071.014.138.xxx   Gravy: It is warm, filling, and made with love. (14)
2013_12_15_20:01:42.033   068.150.161.xxx   So Alek, is 22,000 lights the most? (32)
2013_12_15_20:02:25.551   071.014.138.xxx   Yes, lights. A lot of them, yada yada. Back to gravy talk! (15)
2013_12_15_20:03:10.073   068.150.161.xxx   Ever been on a Gravy Boat? (33)
2013_12_15_20:03:27.976   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Want some mistletoe with that gravy?!? ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_20:03:54.836   071.014.138.xxx   Misletoe and gravy!! A new Christmas tradition!!! With rum?? (16)
2013_12_15_20:03:59.196   068.150.161.xxx   Yuck... Mistlegravy (34)
2013_12_15_20:04:55.961   068.150.161.xxx   Spellcheck please? (35)
2013_12_15_20:05:03.921   066.245.075.xxx   Razzleberry dressing
2013_12_15_20:05:44.824   071.014.138.xxx   Gravy boats: A little slice of heaven. (17)
2013_12_15_20:05:57.192   068.150.161.xxx   He shoots and scores!!! Alek Komaritsky, (36)
2013_12_15_20:06:06.137   066.245.075.xxx   Go for a ride in a gravy boat
2013_12_15_20:06:22.791   108.235.074.xxx   bowlofgravy
2013_12_15_20:06:42.668   071.014.138.xxx   Bowl? How about a tub of gravy?!?! (18)
2013_12_15_20:06:47.630   066.245.075.xxx   gravy pool
2013_12_15_20:07:16.099   071.014.138.xxx   gravy pants (19)
2013_12_15_20:07:17.484   068.150.161.xxx   Gravy train, (37)
2013_12_15_20:07:27.043   066.245.075.xxx   gravy navy
2013_12_15_20:07:30.148   108.235.074.xxx   Tony "Gravy Bowl" Romo
2013_12_15_20:07:56.588   076.185.226.xxx   Gnavy
2013_12_15_20:07:56.827   071.014.138.xxx   Come on! Don't dis gravy like that!!! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_20:08:08.594   066.245.075.xxx   Dallas Cow Gravys
2013_12_15_20:08:19.681   068.150.161.xxx   George and Gravy (38)
2013_12_15_20:08:46.213   066.245.075.xxx   Wavy Gravy
2013_12_15_20:09:03.674   068.150.161.xxx   I'm going to Gravyland (39)
2013_12_15_20:09:21.334   108.235.074.xxx   Gravy....Po-tench?
2013_12_15_20:09:26.059   071.014.138.xxx   The Lazy Gravy Inn (21)
2013_12_15_20:09:37.883   066.245.075.xxx   Gravy and Me
2013_12_15_20:10:20.965   066.245.075.xxx   Lights Out Gravy
2013_12_15_20:10:22.732   068.150.161.xxx   Gravy man (40 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_20:10:50.963   071.014.138.xxx   I want to open a diner called The Gravy Dink (22)
2013_12_15_20:11:04.879   068.150.161.xxx   Gravy at 12 gravy at 12' (41)
2013_12_15_20:11:16.932   066.245.075.xxx   Kids love X-Mas
2013_12_15_20:11:33.538   071.014.138.xxx   Four score, and 7 bowls of gravy ago ... (23)
2013_12_15_20:11:46.963   108.235.074.xxx   Who was the punter for the Broncos 1978 Super Bowl team? Gravy Dink?!
2013_12_15_20:11:54.266   068.150.161.xxx   Definitely Gravy, Definitely Gravy, oh oh, oh oh, (42)
2013_12_15_20:12:19.384   066.245.075.xxx   The Right to pursue gravy happiness (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_20:12:37.510   071.014.138.xxx   Got to be Bucky "Gravy Foot" Dilts. (24)
2013_12_15_20:12:59.669   108.235.074.xxx   Yes, Bucky "Gravy Foot" Dilts!!!
2013_12_15_20:13:28.122   066.245.075.xxx   Put some gravy on it baby (11)
2013_12_15_20:13:39.820   068.150.161.xxx   It's Dr. gravy M.D. (43)
2013_12_15_20:13:57.932   071.014.138.xxx   I wish I had gravy thumbs. (25)
2013_12_15_20:14:17.264   108.235.074.xxx   There's more to gravy than there is to grave about you
2013_12_15_20:14:32.961   068.150.161.xxx   Yes sir that's my Gravy!, no sir don't mean maybe! (44)
2013_12_15_20:14:40.680   066.245.075.xxx   Once you go gravy you never...... (12)
2013_12_15_20:14:52.240   071.014.138.xxx   I drink my gravy from sausage casings. (26)
2013_12_15_20:15:19.374   108.235.074.xxx   Watching "Scrooged" on ABC Gravily
2013_12_15_20:15:22.701   068.150.161.xxx   Mean mr. gravy sleeps in the dark, shaves in the dark (45)
2013_12_15_20:15:53.134   066.245.075.xxx   Lights out Gravy Man.......... (13)
2013_12_15_20:16:13.908   068.150.161.xxx   Sleeps with a 10 mark up his nose, trying to save up (46)
2013_12_15_20:16:33.331   071.014.138.xxx   Is that a gravy reference? (27)
2013_12_15_20:16:58.931   068.150.161.xxx   Such a dirty old man... Dirty old man (47)
2013_12_15_20:17:35.446   071.014.138.xxx   Gravy powered Christmas lights! (28)
2013_12_15_20:17:49.278   068.150.161.xxx   His sister Pam works in a shop, she never stops she's a go getter (48)
2013_12_15_20:18:12.608   076.185.226.xxx   People are really talking up this gravy
2013_12_15_20:18:40.970   068.150.161.xxx   Takes him out to look at the queen, only place that he's ever been (49)
2013_12_15_20:19:30.123   068.150.161.xxx   Always shouts out something obscene! such a dirty old man! (50 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_20:20:21.488   068.150.161.xxx   Well you should see polythene Pam! (51)
2013_12_15_20:21:07.489   068.150.161.xxx   She's so good looking that she looks like a man! (52)
2013_12_15_20:21:58.704   068.150.161.xxx   She came in through the Bathroom window!, (53)
2013_12_15_20:22:40.727   068.150.161.xxx   Protected by a silver spoon! (54)
2013_12_15_20:24:48.488   068.150.161.xxx   But now she s***** her thumb and wanders (55)
2013_12_15_20:25:32.145   068.150.161.xxx   By the banks of her own Lagoon (56)
2013_12_15_20:26:18.743   068.150.161.xxx   Didn't anybody tell her, didn't anybody see! (57)
2013_12_15_20:27:07.382   068.150.161.xxx   Sundays on the phone to Monday, Tuesdays on the phone to me (58)
2013_12_15_20:27:56.394   068.150.161.xxx   She said shed always been a dancer.. (59)
2013_12_15_20:28:37.732   068.150.161.xxx   She worked at 15 clubs a day.. (60 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_20:29:21.236   068.150.161.xxx   And though she thought I knew the answer (61)
2013_12_15_20:30:01.905   068.150.161.xxx   Well I knew but I could not say (62)
2013_12_15_20:30:55.516   068.150.161.xxx   And so I quit the police department, and got myself a steady job (63)
2013_12_15_20:31:38.846   068.150.161.xxx   And though she tried her best to help me (64)
2013_12_15_20:32:20.588   068.150.161.xxx   She could steal but she could not Rob. (65)
2013_12_15_20:33:08.092   068.150.161.xxx   Didn't anybody tell her, didn't anybody see? (66)
2013_12_15_20:34:00.123   068.150.161.xxx   Sundays on the phone to Monday, Tuesdays on the phone to me, (67)
2013_12_15_20:34:39.972   068.150.161.xxx   Oh yeah (68)
2013_12_15_20:53:04.155   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!
2013_12_15_20:53:25.910   068.150.161.xxx   Minnesota Wild? (69)
2013_12_15_20:53:52.596   096.002.098.xxx   Merry Christmas from Princeton, MN!!!!!!
2013_12_15_20:54:18.951   068.150.161.xxx   Princeton, BC (70 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_20:55:29.466   075.088.124.xxx   Evening Alek!
2013_12_15_20:55:43.019   068.150.161.xxx   Who's out there? (71)
2013_12_15_20:56:19.399   075.088.124.xxx   I'm out here
2013_12_15_20:56:35.714   068.150.161.xxx   Let's play the Alphabet game! (72)
2013_12_15_20:57:55.414   096.002.098.xxx   Watching Christmas Story right now....love it!!!!!!
2013_12_15_20:58:33.813   068.150.161.xxx   It's fun isn't it? (73)
2013_12_15_20:59:01.328   096.002.098.xxx   Yep
2013_12_15_20:59:25.524   024.220.026.xxx   it's 10pm do know where your brain is
2013_12_15_20:59:41.386   068.150.161.xxx   In my head (74)
2013_12_15_21:00:19.114   068.150.161.xxx   Alek's ba (75)
2013_12_15_21:00:45.785   075.088.124.xxx   How cold is it there Alek?
2013_12_15_21:00:56.407   068.150.161.xxx   Blah!! (76)
2013_12_15_21:00:56.484   096.002.098.xxx   Wave Alek.....I voted for you today!!!!!
2013_12_15_21:01:22.831   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Was that a good wave?  Thanks for the vote! ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_21:01:33.878   096.002.098.xxx   Thank you!!!!!
2013_12_15_21:01:41.610   068.150.161.xxx   I saw no wave! (77)
2013_12_15_21:02:07.944   075.088.124.xxx   he waved! Alek, the temp there?
2013_12_15_21:04:15.481   173.087.220.xxx   I love my wee shi'a
2013_12_15_21:04:27.394   096.002.098.xxx   Only 10 days left!!!!!
2013_12_15_21:04:36.113   069.014.170.xxx   Alek, how much snow have you guys gotten there so far this year?
2013_12_15_21:04:37.469   024.220.026.xxx   i just got my ps4 and playing bf4
2013_12_15_21:04:58.484   173.087.220.xxx   I love Weesha
2013_12_15_21:05:41.717   024.220.026.xxx   go to youtube look up battlefield friends it's very funny
2013_12_15_21:06:48.901   096.002.098.xxx   Merry Christmas from Minnesota!
2013_12_15_21:07:59.248   024.220.026.xxx   battlefield christmas from grand forks air force base
2013_12_15_21:08:38.299   068.150.161.xxx   Cool (78)
2013_12_15_21:08:53.177   096.002.098.xxx   Where is everyone else from??
2013_12_15_21:09:16.001   068.150.161.xxx   CANADA (79)
2013_12_15_21:09:48.901   024.220.026.xxx   alex love the backward clock behind you
2013_12_15_21:10:01.370   096.002.098.xxx   Cold up there in Canada?? Who's your hockey team?? (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_21:10:21.499   068.150.161.xxx   I have one too, he inspired me to get it (80 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_21:11:39.446   068.150.161.xxx   It wasn't too cold today.. My team is the Oilers (81)
2013_12_15_21:11:57.203   024.220.026.xxx   we need a chat room on here lol
2013_12_15_21:13:00.790   068.150.161.xxx   We need a button to control Alek, ha ha ha (82)
2013_12_15_21:13:32.065   096.002.098.xxx   Cool....Huge Wild fan here!!! (11)
2013_12_15_21:13:49.015   024.220.026.xxx   alex can do a timelapes video of lights again
2013_12_15_21:14:00.303   068.150.161.xxx   I see!  Yeah big hockey town (83)
2013_12_15_21:14:26.216   096.002.098.xxx   State of Hockey!!!! (12)
2013_12_15_21:14:52.692   068.150.161.xxx   Edmonton is big for hockey but we're horrible (84)
2013_12_15_21:15:10.922   024.220.026.xxx   i would be drinking beer but i have to go to work in a hour
2013_12_15_21:15:29.653   068.150.161.xxx   Too bad (85)
2013_12_15_21:16:12.593   024.220.026.xxx   i safe guard nukes at grand forks air force base
2013_12_15_21:16:34.345   068.150.161.xxx   Oh really? (86)
2013_12_15_21:16:49.521   096.002.098.xxx   Oilers are young yet and have potential! (13)
2013_12_15_21:17:17.875   068.150.161.xxx   Yeah, it's tough... (87)
2013_12_15_21:17:36.513   024.220.026.xxx   yes i 56th unmanned drone sq (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_21:19:02.182   068.150.161.xxx   Crazy (88)
2013_12_15_21:19:45.778   024.220.026.xxx   yes im drunk i think there no mission at grand forks afb (11)
2013_12_15_21:20:25.925   068.150.161.xxx   Not likely (89)
2013_12_15_21:20:56.182   024.220.026.xxx   we are just bored as h**** up here it so s***** (12)
2013_12_15_21:21:47.447   068.150.161.xxx   It's always tough, I'm sure (90 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_21:23:27.586   024.220.026.xxx   it's cold and flat and boring i want transfer to nellis afb (13)
2013_12_15_21:24:14.128   024.220.026.xxx   then i can to vegas alot (14)
2013_12_15_21:24:51.825   068.150.161.xxx   It's a great City.. Make you broke so fast (91)
2013_12_15_21:26:03.420   068.150.161.xxx   Vegas is nice, weather wise at this time of year (92)
2013_12_15_21:26:03.485   024.220.026.xxx   i don't play the casino's (15)
2013_12_15_21:26:44.188   068.150.161.xxx   Good idea (93)
2013_12_15_21:27:15.552   024.220.026.xxx   anyone else watching wwe tlc (16)
2013_12_15_21:29:23.668   068.150.161.xxx   I'm watching Survivor (94)
2013_12_15_21:30:20.301   068.150.161.xxx   How's the Wind Alek? (95)
2013_12_15_21:32:47.975   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Should not be as windy tomorrow ... ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_21:33:25.480   068.150.161.xxx   Good (96)
2013_12_15_21:34:44.317   068.150.161.xxx   Never good to have wind at Christmas (97)
2013_12_15_21:38:34.864   068.150.161.xxx   Hulu trail (98)
2013_12_15_21:39:55.906   068.150.161.xxx   Stepping Santa isn't Stepping (99)
2013_12_15_21:41:49.721   068.150.161.xxx   Is he broken? (100 IM's so far today)
2013_12_15_21:44:16.224   068.150.161.xxx   Guess he is too tired to climb (101)
2013_12_15_21:50:20.564   068.150.161.xxx   Tick rock (102)
2013_12_15_21:52:40.266   067.190.029.xxx   wow 068, 102 messages today? you must not have a life! Ha
2013_12_15_21:53:11.651   068.150.161.xxx   It's Sunday.  I multi task (103)
2013_12_15_21:54:56.176   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Oh yeah, it does look like Stepping Santa is broke - I'll look into it! ***ALEK***
2013_12_15_21:55:54.642   069.014.170.xxx   5 minutes before the lights go out - can ya do it tonight? LOL
2013_12_15_21:57:06.092   070.238.200.xxx   Hurray X'Mas
2013_12_15_21:57:25.108   068.150.161.xxx   Poied (104)
2013_12_15_21:59:47.882   068.150.161.xxx   Wow, someone is overloading (105)
2013_12_15_21:59:51.058   067.190.029.xxx   deiop

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