73 christmas text messages on 2013/1216

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 1,964 times that day including 718 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1216

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_12_16_17:00:57.798   098.202.225.xxx   wow such doge
2013_12_16_17:01:15.951   067.190.029.xxx   such lights many bright wow
2013_12_16_17:01:56.769   098.202.225.xxx   I love you monstrex
2013_12_16_17:02:23.140   184.098.235.xxx   I love you
2013_12_16_17:02:47.155   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pretty windy again tonight - 15' Balloon and 12' Santa unplugged - sorry ***ALEK***
2013_12_16_17:03:17.191   067.190.029.xxx   such wind many blow much sad wow
2013_12_16_17:03:32.420   098.202.225.xxx   Wow such forced meme
2013_12_16_17:04:59.162   067.190.029.xxx   such funny much enjoy wow so doge
2013_12_16_17:06:16.283   098.202.225.xxx   this is for my homie period
2013_12_16_17:07:07.551   067.190.029.xxx   what?
2013_12_16_17:08:46.896   098.202.225.xxx   whut?
2013_12_16_17:12:05.875   067.190.029.xxx   wat?
2013_12_16_17:12:47.520   071.056.032.xxx   Santa isn't climbing the ladder :(
2013_12_16_17:24:55.134   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, Santa's 12V DC transformer blew ... I'm trying to find another one ***ALEK***
2013_12_16_17:26:36.159   072.211.174.xxx   ...
2013_12_16_17:33:05.515   075.114.237.xxx   I just found alek a new transformer for the stepping santa for 12 dollars
2013_12_16_17:35:25.890   075.068.169.xxx   watts-a-saurus
2013_12_16_17:39:03.671   075.114.237.xxx   hey alek i sent you an email
2013_12_16_17:52:17.732   117.120.018.xxx   Show me whats in your stocking!
2013_12_16_17:52:41.511   068.062.140.xxx   Marley and Noah say Hi
2013_12_16_17:53:28.003   068.062.140.xxx   Logi Bear is in Northport Alabama
2013_12_16_18:03:46.416   108.129.125.xxx   Anyone here need a website?
2013_12_16_18:04:24.516   108.129.125.xxx   I wish your efforts the best of luck.
2013_12_16_18:23:23.253   066.169.050.xxx   Merry Christmas One And All!
2013_12_16_18:28:26.779   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife on the way home - clearing out entry to the garage! ***ALEK***
2013_12_16_18:31:38.946   096.002.098.xxx   LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!
2013_12_16_18:33:22.930   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!
2013_12_16_18:39:25.451   098.111.245.xxx   Love the lights!
2013_12_16_18:40:25.849   072.211.174.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_12_16_18:40:28.871   070.127.252.xxx   Jermfrom Fl. says hello
2013_12_16_18:41:34.267   070.127.252.xxx   _________))))))))______
2013_12_16_18:43:44.472   096.002.098.xxx   Remember to vote for Alek. Details at top of Page
2013_12_16_18:49:46.416   096.002.098.xxx   Vote once a day
2013_12_16_18:52:34.762   096.002.098.xxx   This site is one of our new xmas traditions!!!!
2013_12_16_18:53:12.201   096.002.098.xxx   Remember to vote for Alek. Details at top of Page
2013_12_16_19:01:11.416   142.167.010.xxx   Great Christmas Light Fight is on ABC now !
2013_12_16_19:10:08.069   065.096.133.xxx   why is camera 1 offline___?
2013_12_16_19:14:24.984   081.039.005.xxx   Te quiero @evaStreitz. @xabylin
2013_12_16_19:15:24.568   083.038.055.xxx   a @xabylin le aprietan los condones
2013_12_16_19:15:25.316   065.096.133.xxx   Alek: "Yes, I would love to be on light fight. TY ABC"
2013_12_16_19:16:03.657   083.038.055.xxx   a @xabylin le aprietan los condones
2013_12_16_19:16:39.337   072.239.181.xxx   is the "on" and "off" lights not working?
2013_12_16_19:19:18.852   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam #1 wireless is struggling - sorry ***ALEK***
2013_12_16_19:47:58.429   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT DAILY!
2013_12_16_20:05:04.082   108.021.121.xxx   Happy Holidays from NYC!
2013_12_16_20:06:57.606   068.227.056.xxx   Play Whack A Mole! Light ON, hit it OFF! Fun for the whole family!
2013_12_16_20:18:19.730   047.054.161.xxx   Hello from nova scotia canada
2013_12_16_20:23:32.829   068.227.056.xxx   Play Whack A Mole against Aleks RANDOM ON program!
2013_12_16_20:28:08.122   068.227.056.xxx   Confirm for yourself that there is a RANDOM ON program operating!
2013_12_16_20:29:28.523   068.227.056.xxx   You can be like Magnum PI and investigate the situation!
2013_12_16_20:31:12.246   068.227.056.xxx   You can even NARRATE to yourself while investigating! Just like magnum!
2013_12_16_20:32:24.757   068.227.056.xxx   Whack that Mole!
2013_12_16_20:53:10.738   076.099.155.xxx   Hello from Delaware!
2013_12_16_20:54:11.052   076.099.155.xxx   Happy Bday Mikayla! :)
2013_12_16_20:56:53.564   068.227.056.xxx   Jacob Marley spent his life exploiting the poor
2013_12_16_21:00:06.736   076.099.155.xxx   Ello govna!
2013_12_16_21:02:05.648   076.099.155.xxx   Mikayla loves ki-ens
2013_12_16_21:04:38.535   068.227.056.xxx   he was a lonely child whose father sent him away following death of mother in c
2013_12_16_21:04:46.533   076.099.155.xxx   We love spongebob!
2013_12_16_21:06:15.996   068.227.056.xxx   his fianc______e, Belle, left him upon realizing that money had replaced her in (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_16_21:13:10.386   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Watching the Great Christmas Light Fight - some pretty amazing houses! ***ALEK***
2013_12_16_21:37:25.287   068.227.056.xxx   Who am I talking about? (11)
2013_12_16_21:38:10.964   068.227.056.xxx   He says "if they are to die, they had better do it now, and decrease the surplu (12)
2013_12_16_21:39:55.142   068.227.056.xxx   He is a coldhearted miser with nothing but contempt for the poor (13)
2013_12_16_21:40:43.657   068.227.056.xxx   Who could that be? (14)
2013_12_16_21:43:46.024   068.227.056.xxx   His business a**ociates reveal that they had always disliked him (15)
2013_12_16_21:45:07.711   068.227.056.xxx   Marley warns that he risks meeting the same fate (16)
2013_12_16_21:46:51.189   068.227.056.xxx   Last EASY clue - He despises Christmas as a "humbug" (17)
2013_12_16_21:48:40.758   068.227.056.xxx   It's Ebenezer Scrooge !!! From the 1843 novel, A Christmas Carol! (18)
2013_12_16_21:52:37.709   068.227.056.xxx   Great Christmas Light Fight without all the BS is on youtube! (19)
2013_12_16_21:55:44.877   071.056.032.xxx   It's 52 degrees there?! It's only 37 here in Atlanta!
2013_12_16_21:59:34.735   071.056.032.xxx   Almost over for tonight! :(
2013_12_16_21:59:58.765   068.227.056.xxx   LAST POST AS ALWAYS! HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas Homer Santa! (20 IM's so far today)

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